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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  June 8, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> good morning. and thanks for waking up with us at 9 o'clock. the finest hour. i'm darya and i'm james. we've beenenjoying live reports from boston all morning long. we'll have another one here coming up as we get excited for the warriors in game 3 tonight. we'll enjoy it more if they win. but we won't get ahead of ourselves. just get ready for game 3. >> and getting ready for the heat. not getting ahead of thanks because we do have today will be tolerable. we do. john, good morning. exactly. yeah. let's focus on the moment for now. and right now it's really nice out there. tomorrow is when it
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chesa replacement. now the dean has been in office as district attorney 2020 at that time. the pandemic started. there were numerous attacks on asian americans and we saw a lot of smash and grabs since then with dean has faced criticism on how he's handled it. the group safer without boumeddiene started the initiative to have the district attorney recalled and they got thousands of signatures to get that recall
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on the ballot. and yesterday voters they spoke. people who wanted to dean out of the that he's been too soft on crime and he failed to make public safety a priority. but put blame elsewhere in his speech last night and he didn't address responsibility. take a he's not doing any reform at all. >> going back to the first weekend when he was sworn in. he basically threw a monkey wrench into the into the works into the criminal justice system, paralyzed prosecution. so many of of the district staff have left. >> i heard a righteous outrage from people who are frustrated with 2 years. the pandemic were frustrated with corruption. yeah, it's all you we're sick and tired of living their lives in masks behind closed doors having a city that fails to deliver that score promises. people are right to be frustrated. there's so much room for
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improvement. people should hold all of us to a higher standard. we must continue to do more better for people. >> now, here's a breakdown of what happens next. these results need to be sarah certified by the board of elections. and that should be done later this month. mayor london breed can then fill the d a position no. earlier than 10 days after the results have been certified. and if the recall measure is successful, we have a race for who will be the next da. the da's office will appear on the ballot this november and darya james, the person who wins the most votes in that election will serve the remainder of the term. and that term is set to last until 2023. so it's still a lot of moving parts to this. but we know that as of last night, the voters have spoken and they have chosen to recall chest of food aid as district attorney. >> back to you guys. all right. thank you. camila. >> well, let's go to the south bay now because in san jose, the race for mayor is headed for a runoff with no candidate
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getting a majority of the vote. as of this morning, santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez and san jose city council member matt mahan are the top 2 vote getters. chavez got came with 9.39% of the vote mahan with 32. so both are now headed to a runoff election in november in their bid to replace outgoing mayor sam liccardo. >> and let's take a look at some of the key races decided in the south bay, sylvia. all right. now sleeves, as for santa clara county supervisor, she is. she's got 29%. the vote right now. district attorney jeff rosen is projected to keep his seat with 59% of the vote. and as for the santa clara county sheriff's race, looks like it's headed for a runoff. robert johnson and kevin jensen, the top 2 contenders and they are on track for a runoff because neither got the majority of vote. as for the governor's race, republican state senator brian dolly is going to challenge governor newsom in november. dolly's from the reading area says he
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knows it's an uphill we see the results from newsom. he cruised through this primary with more than half of the vote. dolly says that he plans to focus on the issues facing californians. >> they can't afford to live. here leaving our state and they're just tired of getting a lot of their money spent and not getting results for. we're going to be focused on those things during this campaign gavin newsom, he is the latest democrat. he's not even well liked in his own party. he's a doesn't understand what a hardworking people in california are facing. and that's who i am. i'm a hard-working person. i'm a small business owner of been in the legislature and we're going to talking about the things that are affecting california everyday life and we'll see what happens in november. >> governor newsom didn't have a watch party last night. so we didn't get an interview, but he did release this statement saying in part, republicans are attacking fundamental rights of americans said he intends to restrict access to abortions. and governor newsom also accuses them of standing by as people lose their lives to gun violence. says california
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is about treasuring diversity, defending democracy and protecting the planet. >> and you can follow the latest election results as they continue to be counted. just go to kron 4 dot com and scanning a qr code on your screen. we'll take you to the exact page where we're collecting all of the results for every single race on the ballot. well, this year's violent crime in oakland has prompted one city leader to call for the national guard to step in and help out. the idea, though, doesn't seem to be catching on with other city leaders with kron four's haaziq mod-yoon with the story. >> take a close look at this video of a dangerous drive by shooting. witnesses say luckily no one was seriously injured. it happened sunday, june 5th near the intersection of 35th avenue and foothill boulevard in the city of oakland. here is another video recorded on 5/12/2022. at that same location. it starts as a robbery of customers waiting for their orders at a taco truck. then one of the robbers pulls out a gun and shoot one
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ot the victims opd investigators can for this shooting was deadly. the shootings are part of that accumulation of violent crime this year in oakland city, councilmember noel gallo is fruitvale district prompting him to make this call. and the only choice that i have considering what's going on in my neighborhood is called the national guard. >> the reality is, is where 100 police officers short and it's going to be a while for us to catch up. >> and but we do need this those support when it comes to safety from other governmental did reach out to the sheriff and to the highway patrol >> and they're short of staff as well. the situation is so dire that will take all the help we can get the president of the union that represents oakland police officers. barry donelan says violent crime is statistically down from this time last year and explains why last january, which had staggering numbers, which is an outlier for out. >> if you take that out,
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you've seen increasing crime each one through 2022. >> as our numbers of police officers have continued to fall asking the governor to send in the national guard is a call that can only be made by the mayor of oakland, the current mayor, libby shaft was not available, but i reached out to ask if she supported the idea to oakland city council members and mayoral candidate shane tree brewery both say they do not approve calling in the national dog council member and mayoral candidate lower taylor did not send a reply. >> has it made you kron? 4 news? >> it's 9 o 9 and for your money this morning, i can't guesses night on. i feel like it's in our future. it's already 7 something i know. it feels like every single day we've been saying we've reached a new record and we have for 11 straight days. now prices have gone up now $0.30 in the past week. that's what we're talking about. 70 bucks. i mean, it will cost you to get i know sarah has been out there all morning long talking
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about like people getting 5 or 8 gallons in a socket custom 40 bucks conference. there's tons. let's go back to you know, sarah. >> i'm in daly city talking drivers. i mean, it's getting to a point where it is devastating for families as they head to work. they can afford to pay for gas recreationally. take a look at what we're seeing at the pumps here in daly city. an array of prices with cash, of course, cheaper. 6.49. and then you head down to the premium. >> just about $7. diesel. you're for sure. $7.7. o 9, 7, 29. if you're paying with card now, take a look. you're not alone. if you're paying these prices, they also have a list of the prices on your screen was take a look in marion county. you're paying the most importantly and a marine county. you're paying $6.64 on average san francisco and napa county are $0.2 cheaper. >> but you can see at this point on average, most gas stations across the bay area
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are charging in the high $6 range and that's on averagp meeting. you'll see some below that in some above that into this $7 range, the average costs for gas across california is causing drivers $6.39 sitting about 2 weeks ago. it was $6 on the dot or less nationally. gas is expensive as well. even though california the bay area, we're paying the most nationally, people are struggling as well. paying. >> $4 or $0.92 per gallon. and these numbers just continue to climb. so we caught up with drivers at the pump. >> to hear how they're doing. >> i'm usually pay about 75. 80 $1. i get that 13 downs in my car. so it's a bit of a gut punch. but also understand that this is a there's a lot going on that's causing this. i mean, who signed up for for this? nobody. nobody asked for this. like overnight. >> it's pretty crazy. pretty ridiculous expect anyone to. you know, survivor rebound from something like this.
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>> and you may be wondering why am i having to pay these prices? well, we're hearing a lot of things. on one hand. it's a supply chain issue lingering from the war in ukraine. in the other hand, gas prices always soar as we head into the summer months. and unfortunately, no relief is in sight. some people expect the average cost of gas nationally to reach $6 a gallon sometime this summer, maybe at the end of summer. so it's getting unaffordable. it's becoming, you know, to the point where it's only people's livelihoods is affecting their families and what they can and can't afford to do. even just driving. >> even if you want do something for free, still have to pay to get there. so. james, it's it's it's not easy out there. hopefully we get some relief. >> careful. people looking for an electric car to buy something. sarah, thank you. 9.12 is the time electric car for sure more and more people
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buy those. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the department of homeland security is on alert for threats of violence from extremists. the issues they say could trigger people in the carrying out part of that act. and we could soon have a new covid-19 vaccine to choose from. tell you what you need to know about this new vaccine to know about this new vaccine from the company novavax. without the right start to your day... your morning could hit a wall. that's not the door. i got it! belvita breakfast biscuits are baked with slow-release carbs and provides steady morning energy to help you rise and thrive.
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>> 9.15, right now and we're checking out the weather. so
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let's get right we are. yeah, it's a little warm out there. come up what friday and saturday. but how's it shaping up right now? john, is people are stepping outside its beautiful. we've got the sunshine out there in full force, a little bit breezy towards the coastline. that same wind, though. it's a very welcome because it's the thing that's helping to keep us moderated. as far as temperatures go today, cold front sliding to our north. it's not going to do much for us, though. the high pressure ridge is firmly in place. it is helping to keep that high pressure ridge from building in too much today, though. and that's one more day of moderating temperatures. tomorrow is when the heat gets here. and when it gets here, it sticks around through the start of the weekend today and nothing close to the triple digits. getting a little close to the 90's inland. but as you can see in your 4 zone forecast, we're keeping the relatively cool stuff around 70's and 80's compared to where we're headed. doesn't sound bad at all. san jose. 81 fremont. you'll be nice 77. oakland at 75 closest spots to 90 will be antioch in vacaville, but still only in the upper 80's. tomorrow is
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when we'll hit those 90's and triple digits inland by friday. keep in the 90's around inland by saturday before relief early next week. reyna. tom, thanks for that. well, if you're taking 8.80, traveling from san leandro down to milpitas about 34 minutes for your drive. >> so things are busy on the southbound side. northbound side moving along pretty nicely heading into the city. 21 minutes mace that fremont street exit. let's go ahead and check on the san mateo bridge. we had a hot spot last hour just down 18 minutes now to make it across towards one o one one. 0 one. 85 in menlo park in the south bay. a 33 minute ride and the richmond center fell bridge about 8 minutes story. james, back to you. >> let's get to the election results now as we watched the major headline with yes, san francisco's district attorney chase over dean was recalled. let's talk to our political expert michael yaki. good morning, michael. >> morning, daryn, high james. it was so great units studio last night. got to tell you,
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was never change. but then they said, i want to this morning. these are not there in june here out we're still in a bubble here. we like that kind of clout parent lee. but thank you for joining us this morning. please tell us what is next because now it feels like there's a lot of instability and confusion as far as like she appoints a mayor appoints somebody, but then they can't run for reelection so that they could have a full term. what happens now? well, if it is a little but here's the cure. the mechanics she's reading last loss. >> the recall he was recalled by voters of san after the board of supervisors certifies results, which should be in 2 to 3 weeks he's immediately out of office and the mayor has 10 days to appoint an interim district attorney and that person will then and then there will be a race to fulfill the remainder of the term in november, which would be until 2024. so that's kind
9:19 am
of how are you know that the the thing about the internet being able to run? i'm not too sure actually where that comes from because the last interim did run. so i don't know if the change. i do know that there's a ballot measure that would have sort of slow down the recall process and allowed so one of year before the game. the call and that went down by the same amount of the margin that changed went down as well. well, whatever it is with the how long and who goes. >> what does it mean for safety, right? it was just with the argument in san francisco. what does it mean for crime? what does it mean for prosecution? >> well, what i think of me where i think it means for the mayor is that i think that she feels can feel she had as more of a mandate. your budget put more cops on the street more resources to those kinds of activities and sure she's going to want to find a da who was boring, too. take an aggressive stance against a kind of property crimes that
9:20 am
have been. it was scary and people services going kind of lead that to me. they're people thought it nationally. people are looking at this this is the end. the black lives matter and defund the police, etcetera, etcetera. and it really is all politics as local. and, you know, came in on a reform platform, but he never really had to perform. and when things start to change in the city during the pandemic, he didn't really adapt to that. and that by tapping to understanding where people being concerned about where they want it to be, it took him, you know, up until like 2 weeks ago to establish our nation, you know, violence task force one, the nation are coming up and asking for that for literally almost year. these kind of things that that just didn't resonate. what was going so it is will have to be sensitive to that was kind of needs and concerns and move forward. and i'm sure that's what the mayor breed is looking for and who she's going to be appointing for him in the next next few weeks.
9:21 am
and then briefly, before we let you go, we got to talk the governor's race. gavin newsom. we survive his own recall election. >> recent? it looks like if you check out at least the early numbers, a landslide win for him with 56% of the vote next closest was brian dolly at 16.8. what does this tell you as we head towards november? >> it means that governor's going to have a pretty easy walk back to the governor's mansion in january of next year. i think the more interesting races are the ones the down ballot, control. there's republicans actually, meaning all the other democrats in the comptroller's race. and so they're still which democrat will face chan after controllers going really interesting. but the governor's fine. the tenant governor is fine. i think that the the candidates pretty much for the most part, one, it a sharp division between democrat or republican. they actually supported covertly. i would who would be republicans against them rather than strongly funding in the end.
9:22 am
it's a good cause. a little bit of problem voters in california want to be a little, you know, different. but i think pretty much everyone got. 21. it. and so it's going to a straight party line push come november. okay. all right. >> well, michael, thank you so much for joining us. and i don't know if you're available later in the week. maybe friday. we could talk about it because tomorrow night in prime time, you've got the jankary 6 exactly scenting their evidence to the world in a prime time. i would say special because it is kind of partly be produced by tv executives behind the scenes. but i would love to pick your brain about area. it's a high risk and we start 8 then. risk and we start 8 then. michael, see they ca ♪♪ sure, feels good when you get it right.
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>> for your health this morning, the cdc has raised its alert level for monkeypox to level 2, which means are now recommending travelers wear masks as a precaution. there are now 31 confirmed cases here in the u.s. in san francisco, health officials, in fact, of identified what they think might be their probable first case. they did that on friday in sacramento county. we've been reporting that they have 4 suspected cases now which have been identified. public health officials say all of those cases are linked to a single person who recently traveled to europe in a comeback. health officials say the sudden appearance of monkeypox suggest that perhaps it had been spreading for a little while. it's only now, though being detected. >> there's an advisory panel for the fda that just voted to recommend emergency use
9:26 am
authorization for a new covid vaccine from the maryland biotech company called novavax. their vaccine is similar to pfizer's and moderna's. it's a 2 dose vaccine approved by the fda will be the 4th vaccine authorized for use in the u.s. phase 3 trials for the novavax vaccine showed that it was 90% effective in preventing covid. >> we will take a break here at 9.26. but coming up next, you want to stick around because we've got a live report from boston as the warriors are getting ready to take on the celtics in 3 tonight. steps feeling it. hopefully rest of the team's feeling. it too, will be right back.
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>> 9.29. right now we're checking out the weather and just getting ready for the heat. >> the big heat. we've got john standing by. will this be some of the warmest temperatures we've seen so far this year? yeah. for a lot of spots likely to even be our last little heat wave. so we go again. up up and up temperatures into the 90's, even triple digits come friday at the coast. that's going to be the popular spot to get to especially friday and saturday as people roll into the weekend and want to escape the heat. some good sunshine out at half moon bay right now and we'll hold on to sunshine for much of the day. few clouds to
9:30 am
the north as a cold front, barely skirts north of us. high pressure. ridge is going to stop it from doing too much to us. aside from help to moderate temperatures, putting up a little wind to windy at the coastline today, but that shouldn't, by too much, we'll just have to really secure those beach. umbrellas. 60's 70's for current temperatures, holding on to the 50's for ll timber on in san francisco. in the meantime, dublin, you're at 67, alameda and oakland at 63, john, thank you for that. well, if you live in the north bay, 37 to the tolls about 25 minutes. >> across the golden gate bridge this morning. so traffic is improving their we checked in not too long ago. we were at 40 minutes. a 26 minute ride into the city may so that fremont street exit. let's check on highway 24 walnut creek down to 5.80, about 12 minutes for you there to travel and how a 4th here in antioch, one, 60 to concord, about 14 minutes and leave you with a look at 6.80, doubling down to fremont. 21 minutes 80 moving a little sluggish northbound. just
9:31 am
fine. all right, james, back to you. 9.30, our time is afternoon now, boston. so maybe some warriors fans have gotten there for the big game tonight. maybe we'll have to see. we've got game 3 tonight. yes, it is happening in boston and that's where kron four's kylen mills is joining us this morning. >> freshly rejuvenated, i hear you've eaten some of cada toast this morning. so the energy is up. how's it out? >> hey, guys, the energy is high. that's right. i got some avocados toasted me. so i'm feeling good. however, i hate to disappoint you guys. i have not yet seen golden state warriors fan here outside td garden. and i've been here for more than 4 and a half hours. still, the excitement is building ahead of game 3 of the nba finals. they're just setting up some balloons on the walkway here. if you can see it off by me, the worst of the chance to go up 2 to one in the series with a win over the celtics tonight, head coach steve kerr said the biggest thing they need to do is replicate the defensive intensity. they brought in game 2 of the series. the words help the celtics to 88 points and just 37% shooting
9:32 am
from the floor. and that came on offense. >> the chef whats cooking death star steph curry finished with 29 points in just 32 minutes on 42% shooting from deep. he also dazzled the game. one of the series hitting half of his threes on the way to putting up 34 points. we're who surprisingly struggled. curry splash, brother klay thompson. he went 4 of 19 from the floor on sunday night. thompson talk to practice about trying to work his way out of the slump. he says he looks up one videos of himself for inspiration. interesting >> a member. >> in college when you go through shooting slump is quote, you know the video well, the great game of when everything seemed in eunice and your body was working so well and the ball falling off your fingertips. probably just you 2 games, his claim because there's some very high pressure situations i was in. i ended up shoot the ball
9:33 am
well, and you can do it when your back's against the wall, you know, you can do it. at any given moment just about keeping that mental strong. >> a lot of celtics fans. we've spotted out here outside of td garden. there's actually a fan shop just inside of the doors behind me. and it was passed just one and are there to see if they had any type of swag with warriors logo on it. i've not seen any sam knox from wpri, our sister station. joining me now show off what you got little vintage. >> celtics finals. nba 2022. hey, if you're covering the finals, you got it. have some proof. right? there's a little bit of warrior stuff in there, too. but it's not just warriors. you're looking for work or something. yeah, no, we're so if i could find guys, but i'm live in boston will send it back to you. you should have packed it up for you. >> he sure. yeah. that was to
9:34 am
see really they got kyle and like all week long. so and tomorrow morning post games pack her shirt yeah, she's going to wear it, but he's going a little scary. and maybe we were saying maybe the war's fans are either flying right now. >> or they arrive last night. they're sleeping in and there's got to be somebody is there. yeah, we know they're going to be at the chase center tonight. that's for sure. because they're opening up for all the fans and all the hype both outside and in. >> $25 to get inside and you can enjoy the game on the big jumbotrons there over the court. and of course, thrive. city will be packed as well as fans far and wide come together to cheer on. >> warriors go warriors game 3 tonight. >> time now is 9.34 and more than 400 people who live in a san francisco building have nowhere to live right now. 33 to it's been flooded. there was a a water pipe that burst
9:35 am
at the top of the building on friday. and now look at the mass. a lot of damage. and so some of the residents say that the management isn't handling it very well because on a daily basis, they're being offered a different place. some of them to live. but others haven't been so lucky. >> essentially become a lottery system with the building. ther reason for, you know, who who they're moving around. you know, it honestly seems like a game of chess that we're playing with the bill. it is really unfortunate that it there's just so much miscommunication and that they were not prepared for an emergency like this. the building is in the management company and that ownership is. >> you know, it. it's it's honestly the bar gets lower every single day. >> and some residents say they've been through this before because a couple explained that this happened to them in the same building in august right now, most residents were told have accommodations, but just their saturday be on that. it's up in the air.
9:36 am
>> these coming. but the has been a gun gun >> we can hear her at a loss for words or at the very and a desperate call to 9-1-1. this was an encounter in san jose. the 2 of the dash camera here capturing what happened when a woman came home to find 6, 5, to 6 men rummaging through her garage. this was tuesday around 4 in the afternoon. she called 9-1-1 saying the men were stealing from her inside and outside of the garage. now you can see them backing out and making off with the car there. san jose police say it looks like this is the same group that did something very similar about 2 hours prior at a different location. that was a home on north capitol avenue. they stole a van from the garage. in that case. so the investigation is ongoing. will keep you updated. see if they find these people. meanwhile, the department of homeland security is warning now that there is an increased chance of more domestic terrorist attacks in the
9:37 am
coming months, much like what we've seen already with the mass shootings in buffalo and new york and uvalde texas, where a total of 31 people have died. we've got evan lambert with the latest on this morning. >> the department of homeland security warns it's seen an increase of violent extremist content and conspiracy theories in online forums. all encouraging copycats of recent deadly shootings across the country. dhs also points to more disinformation being spread in the memo saying of the uvalde shooting online, extremists, quote, seized on the event to attempt to spread disinformation and incite grievances including claims it was a government staged event meant to advance gun control measures and quote, on the same day as the dhs warning, the senate judiciary committee held a hearing on domestic terrorism following the deadly buffalo supermarket shooting last month. social media is probably not made a lot of things better in america, but it certainly has not played a positive role when it comes to
9:38 am
spreading disinformation and potentially radicalizing people who do harm to others. the alert also points to the looming supreme court decision on abortion in thai immigration sentiment following an increase of migrants at the u.s. mexico border and midterm elections. all events that can be triggers for extremist violence in the next 6 months. they included a long list of possible targets including public gatherings, faith-based institutions, schools, critical infrastructure and the media, the fbi and department of homeland security found that the court. >> white supremacist extremism poses a persistent threat of lethal violence. and that since 2000. white-supremacist school responsible for more homicides than any other domestic extremist group. that was a finding by our government. white supremacists were responsible for more homicides than any other domestic extremist movement. >> that was evan lambert g r us this morning. this latest terror threat
9:39 am
bulletin will run through november. this is the 6th one they put out since january of 2021. >> it's 9.38. and still ahead on the ground for morning news, we're not the only ones dealing with a water crisis. turns out it's a majority of the west in drought the west in drought conditions, for how long. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate to severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me.
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>> and we're back at 9.41.
9:42 am
talking baseball here. the a's in atlanta taking on the braves and check it out. former braves and now current a's teammate steven voice and their vote and christian ha or patchy. they received their 2021 world series pitch. and that's about all we can say pleasantly about the game for the a's because they lost this one. >> the home runs by the braves is what it took to seal it for a final score. 3 to 2. both teams will play again today is looking to avoid a two-game sweep to see they can do it. >> the forty-niners fans can rest a little easier wide receiver deebo samuel did show up for mandatory mini camp yesterday and this is despite the ongoing contract dispute. we know he requested a trade in april after negotiations stalled and we know he's set to earn 3.9 million dollars next season, which is not enough. it's far below his market value. so he's been made it clear he's not happy with it. head coach kyle shanahan says he's not going to go into specifics. the code is he says the relationship is
9:43 am
not too far from normal. i don't know if that's code for. so let's just see if you keep showing up good news 9.42. showing up good news 9.42. we'll be right back. with a fresh cracked egg and all this crispy bacon, wendy's breakfast baconator might be the greatest breakfast sandwich of all time. and that deserves a chef's kiss it does. mwah. mwahhh. choose wisely. choose wendy's breakfast baconator. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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in lawmakers want to sound the alarm about the severe drought in the west? yeah. they say it's the worst we've seen in the last 1200 years. it's a
9:46 am
dire situation and needs urgent action. >> in order to deal with this drought and keep it from getting worse, if they can. let's go to our dc correspondent alexandra limon for the details. >> the colorado river provides drinking water for 40 million people in 7 states and serves about 5 million acres of farmland and it is running out of water. most of the western united states is experiencing severe drought. this drought is threatening our local regional and national food supply. >> and the main reason for all this is climate change. colorado senator michael bennet says it's the federal government's responsibility to help states fight the climate change that's fueling the drought. just like the government would help other states after a hurricane. but we haven't seen anything like that kind of response to the western water crisis and the miller of the colorado river water conservation district says low levels at lake powell signaled dire consequences. no water in the grand canyon.
9:47 am
>> no water for california, no water for nevada. experts say more federal funding is needed to implement new forecasting and water storage and to help farmers save water. >> but they say the root of the problem is human caused climate change. but republican senator tommy tuberville appeared to want a different answer. we know we've got a problem. why do we have a problem, too? because climate change we're seeing significant increases in temperatures. we're looking at potential low to no snow futures in wasn't going to go. >> one away because it's getting hotter. republicans and senator joe manchin have blocked meaningful legislation to fight climate change in washington. >> alexandra limon. >> well, she said at that time it's getting hotter. yeah, it is. well, and you can't fight that temperatures. you just got to deal with that fact that we didn't spend a lot of energy. it's going to get so hot. you just sick, john, especially he's really hot. and ice cream is on sale to grocery store good. probably going to be running out of that the next few days. yeah,
9:48 am
today and just get ready for and if you do have a cool place to get to the library or the coast, those are great options. just a cool down a little bit. if you don't have ac golden gate bridge looks beautiful. it is breezy out there towards the coastline. that wind, though we can give it a big thank you because we absolutely are benefiting from the cooling effect that that sea breeze pushing inland is having for us. one more day to day tomorrow. high pressure are surging across the region is going to result in that cool air just being cut off at the coastline and inland highs are about to surge upwards tomorrow. noticeably warmer than today. friday. the hottest of your forecast ahead of us to get the weekend started to. so as for today's daytime highs, very moderate compared to where we're about to be had 60 70's for san francisco 60's at the coastline and some 70's along the bay shore. really comfy day for san mateo and foster city. at 75 palo alto at 79 south bay temps, mostly in the
9:49 am
low 80's. as for the east bay 70's to a tease for you as well. hey, we're not nice. 74 oakland, 75 80's from danville. up to concord, close to the 90's for vacaville in antioch. but yeah, we're going to save that for tomorrow. holding off for one more day to day tomorrow, mid-nineties on average in wind 80's right along the base of upper 60's to low 70's at the coast, though those are your spots to get to friday are very hot us. that's the one. we could be breaking some records for saturday stays hot before we cool after that. great, john. thanks for that. you are heading into the city right now, 22 minute drive to make it. >> from the maze 2 that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge traveling across towards the peninsula. we're about 13 minutes to make it from a 80 to one o one. we have that earlier hot spot to this up to 90 minutes now. no major delays. 12 minute drive. tulsa won a one. richmond, sandra fell bridge in the south bay. if you're traveling up from 85 towards menlo park. 31 minutes to make that drive to 82 both moving at the
9:50 am
limit. crockett down towards the maze. 16 minutes as you're traveling here and let's check on highway 4 traveling from antioch, into conquered about 16 minutes started. james, back to you. >> thank you. rain is some promising insights here in the fight against cancer. there was a recent drug trial that was administered to a number of cancer patients and it had some pretty surprising results. shocking. as a matter of fact, because all the participants in this study saw their cancer disappear. jennifer jordan has more. >> it may be the first time this has happened in the history of cancer. 18 cancer patients with a particular mutation. now in remission after a groundbreaking clinical trial, the ability to have normal bowel function, which is >> not something i think all of us think about too much. but, you know, when you lose it, you know, just how valuable that was the able to preserve that. for this group of patients really a game-changer. cleveland clinic
9:51 am
oncologist, doctor sunil comment. >> reacting to the study that was conducted at memorial sloan kettering cancer center in new york with 100% success rate. >> the study detailed in the new england journal of medicine using an immunotherapy drug called ghost ali mob was administered to each patient every 3 weeks for 6 months. a 38 year-old woman was the clinical trials. first patient. and after 6 months, so her tumors disappear in the cleveland clinic trial now underway a different yet similar immunotherapy drug is being used called pd one inhibitors one that we're using is more commonly available. >> so yes, it is is an ongoing thing our institution and we're really excited to see based these results, what we might from from our trials want the risk of developing colorectal cancer is about one in 23 for men.
9:52 am
>> and one in 25 for women. the cleveland clinic trial which began just a few months ago, has not revealed how many participants or what results they've seen so far. but doctors say the results from the trial in new york are definitely promising. that's really the biggest strengthens. >> this study is that you more than likely all of these patients, if not rare few will never need surgery at all in cleveland. jennifer jordan. cleveland. jennifer jordan. >> we'll be right back.
9:53 am
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>> the kron 4 morning news is almost over. before we go, let's check in with olivia horton and see what's up with live in the bay today. high livia good morning, darya james, how are you guys doing this morning to riff? it would have you got on tap? >> oh, my goodness. we have a wonderful show coming up for you guys today on live in the bay. coming up, does the weather have your skin acting up? we have expert tips in the top products to get back on track. plus. >> food blogger, an award-winning competition, home cook, born with autism. eva marie romero joins us in studio hear how she was reaching for her dreams and inspiring others with her story. then you know her as one of the og housewives on bravo countess. luann is filling us in on all the details on how you can catch her at her cabaret this weekend. and we want to hear
9:56 am
from you. so go ahead and scan that qr code on your screen and joined the viewer voice. and in our question of the day, the new top gun movie out, we're asking what movie would you like to see? have a sequel. let us know in your answer. could be read live on the show, daria, i don't know. what do you think? what movie sequel? okay. you have to know this about me. i don't like sequels. >> so i just i think no movie should have a sequel i just like that. and james wants to see the i i second that, james. so i because the second was never as good as the first except i've heard top gun. this is really good. have you seen it yet? i haven't seen it yet, but i'm with you have heard that this one is phenomenal. so and you get to theaters for this one. yeah, ok? well, we'll see it after live in the bay. thank you, olivia, appreciate it. >> all right. and as we wrap up the show, want to remind you once again, the spca is asking for your help in finding forever homes for thisa door rubble. puppies. yes. after school animal control actually temporarily waiving adoption fees to try
9:57 am
to encourage more adoptions. so if you are interested, these are the actual dogs that are up for adoption that need. hopefully they're all just so lovable. is it bad that i'm half judging on shouting? i'm going like if there this are black. so you have to think about a couple up with and then it's all over hair all over my mind to and we're going to wish we could said there, guys. all right. we'll see it tomorrow. but
9:58 am
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