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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  June 8, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> tonight at 5.30, really scary morning for this poor woman in martinez who lives in a home. that this car drove right into. >> side of the house. there it is. just after 9 o'clock this morning, the woman's in the house working from home. car kron four's rob nesbitt spoke to the woman in has more now
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on what you think needs to done to prevent another accident. the car has been removed in the hole. it left behind, boarded up a security camera next door captured the moments before impact. you first hear it coming and then you see the car speed across this front lawn before crashing into the side of zoe tokens. home next door working from about 09:15am, in the morning and heard the crash. >> i thought it was just outside. so i came out and saw that there was a car in the building. she ran outside to find the driver fleeing the scene. kid was like getting out of the car and ran down the street. so it really a good look at martinez. police searched the area but were unable to find the suspect. >> streets were closed off while the car was pulled from the wall with the base. but on the other side, the debris flew all the way across the room to open rents the property. she says the area that was damaged as use for storage and that no one was hurt. she says vehicles often speed down all. hammer ave with the speed limit is 30 miles per hour. there needs to be like a traffic light or
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something on the street to help prevent people from going that fast. because it's families around here. there's you know, it's a residential area. people are pulling out onto the street all the time. she says crashes like this have happened before in her neighborhood. and where is that? there will be more if something isn't done. martinez police tell me that they have not been able to id a suspect. they say there are no public safety concerns in martinez. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> i don't know how you are at compartmentalizing, but we have a couple different issues to deal with. first of all. >> that tree that camera shot blowing in the wind coit tower. and really sure on this wednesday it's going to get really hot the next couple of days, ok? but lawrence was just giving us some remarkable news. yeah, we may not be done with the rate. howell says you see all this a few days here as we get to the weekend of june, it's just a slight chance. usually we're wrapping this up, right? unless you janelle, new year. but >> here we go. we're talking
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about at least touch and we'll take live in the forecast. not maybe some heavy drizzle. so, yeah, a little precipitation possibly coming our way with the winds kicking up around the bay area right now. you see that that really kind of hole in the wind out there quite hour there in the distance, as well as some high clouds and fog up there, too. we're going to see more of that on the way. up 7 really still looking very, very active for this time of year. instead of a big dome of high pressure building in really bringing an end to the rain season. well, we've got a couple storms that are turning off the coastline. they'll factor in our weather the next couple of days. here's long-range forecast models. you see the storms off the coastline. they had mainly up the pacific northwest tomorrow. that will be the beginning of the heat as high pressure settles in out ahead of this front. temperatures likely in the 90's in some of the valleys behind that we've got another weak wave that's going start to move in a little bit closer. but most that again, on friday staying to the north. so friday will be the hottest day of the week. those temperatures up in the triple digits but probably still a couple high clouds. now we get the weekend and that's where that ridge starts to weaken somewhat in head eastward. and all of a sudden
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the look like much of the starts creep a little bit closer by saturday afternoon. still pretty toasty day outside. then as we get to sunday, how about that models? a little more bullish today than they were yesterday to bring something through may be more of a heavy drizzle event. so the showers, we have to wait and see the model still picking precipitation across parts of northern california. in a little more so than yesterday. almost 3 quarters of an inch in eureka, 13, 100's of mendocino. then you're talking about hundreds of an inch or so as you make your way to the bay area. so nothing huge. but hey, that would be need to see it this time of year. keep your fingers crossed. love to see that. especially after the hot temperatures coming our way numbers for tomorrow. 70's in the san francisco, you've got 60's out along the coastline. still a couple patches of fog toward the beach, but clearing into the afternoon 80's in redwood city, the south bay enjoying those temperatures of the 80's and the 90's. it will be hot there. hot inland to the tri valley up the mid 90's. the warmest spots there. and then these numbers really going to get cranked up as you head into the interior valley, maybe some triple digits in vacaville tomorrow. next couple days going to be on the
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hot side. cooling down on saturday. slight chance of a sprinkle late saturday night and sunday with that the thank you, lawrence. 90 former olympic gymnast are now suing the f b, i for their inaction against the doctor who sexually assaulted them. larry olympians, simone biles, halley raisman and mckayla maroney. >> are among the dozens of victims seeking more than a billion dollars from the fbi. the women claim the fbi could have stopped that, sir. if fbi agents acted when the first allegations came forward in 2015. but nassar wasn't arrested until the michigan state university police stepped in in the fall of 2016. the fbi now has 6 months to respond to the lawsuit. both michigan state and usa gymnastics already agreed to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements. >> in other national news, attorney general merrick garland named a team of 9 people to review the police response to uvalde shooting.
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>> sing what happened that day. we will be doing site visits at the school. we will be conducting interviews an extremely wide variety of stakeholders. >> the team garland assembled includes an fbi official and former police chiefs who have investigated past mass shootings. they'll look at who is in command police policies, training and communication. once that review is done, a report with the team's findings will be made public. >> an 11 year-old girl gave testimony no child should ever have to give about how she survives the mass shooting. and you've all day today, she told members of congress how she pretended to be dead to avoid being shot. >> it to >> he shot. but those in school.
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>> what did you when you put that on your >> state party on >> joined by others asking congress to take action on gun violence after her testimony was played. her father told the committee. his daughter was not the same after the shooting. it was the second day in a row. the families of the victims and survivors of the mass shooting in buffalo. and you've all day testified in front of congress and public hearings and events on capitol hill to try to show the human toll of america's gun violence problem. they're trying to urge congress to act. >> the house select committee that's investigating the insurrection at the u.s. capitol is less than 24 hours away from holding its first public hearing. the initial
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hearing is set for prime time tomorrow night. 07:00pm several panel members have promised new and explosive information from those hearings. lawmakers expect to show never before seen images and exhibit. they also plan to have witnesses testify. there will be 6 hearings in total. the nine-member committee has conducted its probe for 11 months now and interviewed more than 1000 people. and kron 4 will be bringing you tomorrow's hearings on the january 6 insurrection. we're going to be doing it live. our uninterrupted coverage begins at 05:00pm and will be followed immediately by reaction from our political analysts. you can watch on the hearing rather on kron 4, our kron on our free streaming app. >> coming up, hundreds of san francisco 10, sir, looking for a place to stay after their high-rise apartment building was flooded. and san francisco pushing require all people
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experiencing homelessness to be offered shelter by the city. >> we'll explain the new (music throughout)
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>> never a good sign when you have a bunch of water in the hallway of your apartment building talking about. 400 or so residents of 33 to him and san francisco, big high rise apartment building there. all this place now can't stay there after water flooded the place. you see people out there with their pets. it's a
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mess. the destruction it's caused by a pipe on the roof of the building that burst friday water started descending according to residents, at least some of them, they say management is not handling the situation. well, some people who live there have been relocated to a new places and others say they were moved to south san francisco. people who live there say they haven't been so lucky. essentially become a lottery system with the building. there's no rhyme or reason for. >> you know who who they're moving around. you know, it honestly seems like a game of chess that we're playing with the bill. it is really unfortunate that it there's just so much miscommunication and that they were not prepared for an emergency like this. the building is in the management company and that ownership is. >> you know, it. it's it's honestly the bar gets lower every single day. >> some residents say this is not the first time this has
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happened either as one couple explained this happen to them at the same building in august, not to as many people. currently, most residents have accommodations through saturday, but beyond that. and they say things are kind of up in the air at this time. building management says they do not have a timeline for when people will be able to move back into their homes. >> in san francisco city leaders passed a new legislation aimed at requiring the city and county to offer all people experiencing homelessness. place to sleep supervisor rafael mandelman. i was the first to introduce this proposal is called a place for all mandelman says that the sidewalks can no longer serve as the waiting room for permanent supportive housing. the department of homelessness and supportive housing must now prepare to implement the ordinance by december 31st. >> after his luggage was stolen from the airport baggage claim man has been able to get back some of his
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meet three sisters learning how to spend, save, and budget. all with chase first banking. freedom for kids. ♪ ♪ control for parents. one bank with tools for both. chase. make more of what's yours. >> travelers just ship passing through the cleveland airport, home trip, but becomes the victim of theft. now, fortunately, though, is getting some justice. ed gallek from our cleveland station explains how the guy tracked down his stolen luggage and then led police right to the thief.
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>> another bag stolen from a traveler at hopkins airport. but this case not like so many others we've seen so many thieves walk off with someone's luggage disappear. but this time it happened to tyler hamilton. and this time some thief ripped off luggage from the wrong traveler. tyler spoke to us from florida. >> sold put a police report in and then i was thinking i was like what i do i was just all is to police found tyler's bag in an airport bathroom. >> but the electronics and other valuables have been taken out. so tyler started looking started looking on a popular online site, a site where people buy and sell stuff. when you're seeing online, what do you see for sale and for how much i saw spots, my controller and the extra hard drive for all of all of it was $500 that he was selling it. >> tyler got the police
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involved and they want to see the guy believed to be selling what had been stolen from the luggage. >> a man at a little shop on the west side said he had bought the goods from someone else. what did he tell you about? >> become of myself. morning? >> on over to you. when you go, >> i was just excited that i actually got the most expensive thing on the list that he stole back though. i was actually excited. a suspect has and right there the moment when tyler got back his electronics. and since then, police think they've identified the thief at the airport. so tyler also now might be traveling back to cleveland to get so. i really do. ed gallek. >> news nation. >> weather times with a live look outside right now said have lot of people heading in.
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maybe a watch. the game watch party. yeah. a chase. yeah. yeah. >> the better hurry. we're having a watch here. i guess. and we made some churros with talented last week with a this week over years. i mean, i mean, multifaceted and it flies play able i do know you make a yellow to. yeah, kent coming up at 6. but you're going to some weather. share the we've got some weather. looks like it's going to be a little extreme the next couple of watch out for that's got some heat advisories going up inside the bay showing up there in the orange. you've got excessive heat warning in solano county and of lail fairfield and vacaville. that's where the temperatures likely the sizzle in the triple digits. there. going to be hot inside the bay to probably find some 90's into the santa clara valley and parts of the north bay as well up there right now. that fog really kind of the story coast side. i think it might be the
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story right through this little heat wave is going to see that fog and that on shore breeze right along the coastlines are going to see extreme temperatures where you have the nice, 40 degree temperature drop along the coastline. we're going to be baking in that sunshine and many spots inland. temperatures outside a 63 degrees in san francisco. 68 in oakland, 79 for a high in san jose. 83 in livermore. 85 in concord. these temperatures very similar to yesterday as we head toward tomorrow, though things are going to change, going to start to heat things up. got some warm temperatures out there at least inland. now that fall keeping you cool out toward the beaches as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. expect some hot 90's, probably some mid 90's inland tomorrow, 70's navies around the bay and some cooler 50's 60's co side. next couple days we crank up that heat. triple digit heat, hottest temperatures the year so far that we cool down on saturday. more clouds a much cooler, probably 20 to 30 degrees cooler by sunday. >> i learned as we celebrate right moves, we are taking you to new jersey for a lesson of acceptance and tolerance. the
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drag queen story hour coming up.
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>> it has become an annual tradition during pride month. it is geared towards children and families talking about drag queen story hour. we've seen him around san francisco before and tonight we're going go to new jersey where organizers in that city say the event pushes themes of acceptance and tolerance and well, in some cases, it's the subject of controversy. andrew ramos has details.
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>> you >> gazing. toddlers may not be the easiest of tasks, but in hoboken on wednesday, it happened in effortless and colorful fashion. drag. queen story hour arrived. bills whistles in plenty of laughs at church square park at the helm was miss harmonica, sunbeam, armed with song smiles and a story boasting the universal theme of love. i may tell a story about a kid who has 2 moms and they tell a story. >> about a kid who has a black parent and a white parent, you know, and it's all about acceptance of yourself first and acceptance of others who may be different. it's the first time in 2 years that the annual event hosted by the hoboken public library was held in person launched in 2015. the drag queen story hour nonprofit has worked with schools, libraries in book stores too. >> host readings for children and families and it's become a regular fixture during lgbtq
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pride month. the program is not always welcomed into communities like in texas this week where a lawmaker announced plans on introducing legislation that will ban minors from attending drag related events. >> 2 harmonica. this story. our is meant to be an uplifting experience for everyone. some of that may bring their kids here because they want them to be more open-minded and accepting about this. >> other parents bring their kids here because they now are they may think that their kids are different. so they want a positive role model exposing her young son been to the idea of inclusion was why erica block came on down. people not getting the exposure to things outside of their own little circle. >> and the earlier the better to know that, you know, there's a lot outside of your backyard. >> and in this backyard, everyone is welcomed in hoboken. i'm andrew ramos. >> and that wraps up kron. 4 news at 5. being with us this hour. but keep it here. a lot more news is coming up next on kron. 4 news at 6 with no further ado here can waited 10
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more. >> grant, thank thank you both. coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 6 and election wrap-up, including the local recall campaign that got national attention. progressive san francisco da chesa boudin recall. what's next for him? reaction from mayor breed and what the analysts have to say. and arming wake-up call. a driver slammed the car into a new home and then runs off. residents. talk about what happened and what's next. plus, weather forecast with some triple digit temperatures
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> san francisco district attorney jason today was recalled last tonight. many are now turning to mayor breed to see who she will appoint to replace him until there is another election. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore ken wayne kron four's dan kerman. talk to the experts about what the mayor is. options are. >> voters were not asked to choose between criminal justice reform, done something they were given an opportunity to voice their frustration and their outrage and they took that opportunity with the recall successful in district attorney jason be dean stays in office numbered. what happens next wave? here's a likely timeline on june 23rd. the director of elections will certify the results then at


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