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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 8, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> tonight at 9, 0, it's a long road ahead for the warriors dropping game 3 on the road there to the celtics are now down 2 to one in the nba finals and they're going to face a critical game 4 on friday in boston. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. we have team coverage of tonight's big game kron. 4
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sailors sackey is at chase center where there was a watch party. >> fans snowed out going home disappointed. but first, our sports director jason dumas says in boston to break down what went wrong. jason, such a great 3rd quarter from the warriors. but then boston roared back in the 4th. now, i think everybody is hoping that steph curry's okay. >> yeah. that's the first thing on everyone's mind. grant steve kerr actually said after the game that we're going to have to wait till the morning to get an update on staff. obviously he was fell on by al horford who was kind of favoring the lake favoring kind of his chest to that was really the exclamation point on a disappointing night. i don't want to get on the warriors for lack of effort at, you know, i think they tried hard, but really this was just a rockets environment. and when you don't take care of the ball and when you give up offensive, rebound is hard to
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beat any team. really? i mean, the celtics got 15 offensive rebounds. tonight, the warriors only had 6. the warriors had 16 turnovers and it really felt like each and every turnover was at the most inopportune time. i mean, draymond green. he turned the ball over 2 separate times that just completely killed all momentum during a warriors run. and when you're working that hard to fight back and get back in the game, it's really just tough to overcome those inopportune turnover than that. when you couple it with jaylen brown and jayson tatum having really good night and this atmosphere, this boston crowd was the loudest crowd. i've heard this postseason. i've been in 3 different arenas for the postseason. so it was a lot going against the warriors tonight, guys. and they did not help themselves. now they got to shake it off and prep for friday because you've got to win one out here in boston. remember, they won a road playoff game in. 26 straight
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series. so they know the recipe and they are capable of it. we'll have to forget this practice tomorrow morning. get ready for friday night. grant. i'm not grant, hey, jason, they would come to mean >> draymond green. that crowd was mean to green, i guess you'd say you can't say with the crowd was saying about other. all yeah. go check out my twitter. you can hear the adult version of it. >> look, i'm all for rockets environments. i'm all for. >> you know, tackling in crowd and fun. i personally do think the celtics took it over board. the celtics fan i would expect the nba or or will ever leave the pa here at td garden to kind of get that to calm down for next game because quite frankly, it's not a good look. and i'm not the type who is a sensitive it's just not
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to look, we're just playing basketball so i do think it was over board the the arena white i don't think that's a good look for the fan behavior has been more criticize over the past couple years. so that's something that i would have wished the nba or pa announcer here at td garden would have cut nipped in the a little overboard. in my opinion. we all know what they're saying. we saw shirts with the same phrase on the shirts. that's not why gore and the warriors last has nothing to do with that. but, you know, i don't think that was here in those camps all night. >> all right. well, let's hope steps. okay. it's good that clay got out of a shooting funk and you figured remind is going to bounce back after a bad game tonight because he tends to do that and the warriors 10 to figure out a way it's going to be a long series. so we just have to buckle up, i guess, get ready for maybe 6 or 7 games point.
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all right, jason, appreciate it. thank you, jason. jason dumas, us live for us tonight in boston. and for warriors fans here in the bay. >> a lot of them with the chase center tonight to soak up all the hoopla. such a roller coaster, though. i mean, moments of exhilaration. moments of agony. >> oh, the agony defeat. tell exactly she was at that watch party tonight she joins us now live now. taylor looks kind of quiet, deserted. >> everything they just said quiet does or did you i think it is a testament to the mood right now. a lot of sad faces, disappointed faces leaving me chase center here tonight. and as you can see, this place was actually jam-packed. earlier, we take a look at the video that we shot. you'll see just how lively this place was. and as we mentioned, you know, that 3rd quarter was looking pretty 4th quarter, though,
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not the outcome we wanted to see now to get into this watch party fans had to pay $25 and, you not necessarily designated seating. it was just first come first serve and inside the chase center. that was one of 2 watch parties tonight. they had again, one inside the chase center playing the game on the jumbotrons and they had a second watch party on the outside of the chase center over at thrive city where we've reported from multiple times now we talked to some fans as they're on the way out of the chase center. let's take a listen. >> we put 100% hearts out there. so that's all that matters. i really wish ball looney played more of the game. but yeah, that's all the matters. i think it was unfair. there's a lot of that we wasn't good. but, you know, it's all good like, you know, anything in this game. no problem. you no big game game 4 of us. and we got it, though. i know we're going take you know, about it. you know, it is what it is past is the we about it.
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>> now, if you missed out tonight, fans can be back here again for game 4 on friday. the chase center is hosting another watch party. the doors open at 5 o'clock game starts at 6. as a reminder, though, you have to pay $25 to get inside the chase center. as for the outside thrive city section, you need to register for a spot to hang out over there. and that's the latest here. live the chase center. as you can pretty sad and lonely out here. they're back to you. guys will come back here. taylor will keep you company. to tailor. yeah. it's just tough game. warriors down 18 came back to take the lead and then. >> boston put it on a but governor newsom has a friendly wager going with massachusetts governor charlie baker about who's going to win the series. loser has to wear the other team's jersey kind of classic. there. newsom tweeting his acceptance of the bet just as the game got underway tonight saying if he wins, baker will have to wear steph curry's number 34 years, jersey. the
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right-wing billionaires. outspent u.s. 3 to one. >> they exploited an environment in which people are appropriately upset. >> also services co district attorney chase dean defending his record last night speaking to a packed house at the ramp in the city's dogpatch neighborhood. 60% of voters turned out in support of the recall. the task now falls to mayor london breed to find his in term replacement. our first and kerman spoke to the experts about her options. >> voters were not asked to choose between criminal justice reform, done something they were given an opportunity to voice their frustration and their outrage and they took that opportunity with the recall successful in district attorney jason be dean stays in office numbered. what happens next wave? here's a likely timeline on june 23rd. the director of elections will certify the results then at their meeting on june. 28, the
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board of supervisors will declare those certified results. >> once that happens, it starts the clock. and 10 days later brings us to july 8th. at that time, the da's position will officially become vacant. and the mayor's appointee can take office. when you make these decisions, you have to be comfortable with the fact that some people are going to agree with you and some people are going to disagree at a news conference wednesday, the mayor said she's made no decision yet, but numerous indicated they're interested. part of what i'm doing and going through this process is trying to give all the people who have expressed interest an opportunity to talk about. >> the possibility of this role because i think it's important to be open minded about, you know, people who may express interest doing over. >> she going to be loyal. can she win the campaign for political analyst michael yaki says those are some of the questions the mayor will have to consider when making her decision off. among those being talked about district 2
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supervisor catherine stefani, former prosecutor brooke jenkins, who was part of the recall campaign and former prosecutor nancy tung. >> who battled the dean in the 2019 election. yaki think stephanie will rise to the top of the mayor's list point. so when we now live. >> knows how to run and win elections. do you do you have a good working relationship with in terms of for the future? the da's office may be. and then you get the ability to appoint another person to be. someone who would be an ally. but ever, the mayor decides one can forget her controversial decision back in 2019, one with just 32 days before election day. >> she appointed suzy loftus to the da position only to see loftus lose the election to chase city. whoever the mayor appoints this time, we'll have to run for reelection this november. in san francisco, dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> so was it the person or the policies that is a central
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question following the recall kron four's terisa stasio takes a deeper look at that subject with some political experts and policy insiders who say jumping to conclusions could be short-sighted. >> it is in some the wrong person, the wrong moment. david mcewan, professor and chair of political science at sonoma state university on the tidal wave of voters at flung as of dha, out of office, the da's it is both a person and a policy, but it's more about the dynamic of what's going on in san francisco and the visual story that san francisco is represented the last 4, 5, or 10 years. sure. it's about the progressive da and sure it's about this move to recall and and abroad are kind of idea. but there's some nuances here about san francisco specifically the retail robberies, a break ins on cars. what's happening with the asian american community? all of those things became an excess for voters to really push on their ranks. so i
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think it would be a mistake to read too much into this election outcome. i don't think that this recall was a repudiation of criminal justice reform. ashley morris is organizing director with aclu northern california. >> she says that the data is clear. san francisco residents embraced progressive da bu dean's policies. aclu volunteers tested over 50,000 san francisco voters. and regardless of which side of the recall, those voters landed on. we heard really clear support for policies that reduce incarceration, hold police accountable when they break the law, invest in housing, mental health counseling, substance, use treatment and root out racial bias from our legal system. mcewen and all eyes will be on the next steps taken by city leaders, especially san francisco. mayor london breed. >> tasked with putting a new day into place and what policies that that and grace
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theresa on for news. >> president biden made reference to chase teens recall today before catching a flight to california unprompted. the president walked up to a group of reporters before boarding air force one. the president did not mention chase somebody by name. it was clear that the recall was on his mind. >> i think that voters sent a clear message night. both parties have to step up and do something about. as well as gun violence. >> president biden was greeted in la today by mayor eric garcetti and governor gavin newsom. the president is hosting the summit of the americas. it's a gathering of leaders from north central and south america. >> there were 4 other district attorney positions sets taken last night's primary election. we'll start telling me the county and nobody there got more than 50% of the vote. so a runoff election will happen in november between the top 2 vote getters. they are civil
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rights attorney pamela price. the most progressive candidate on the ballot. and current chief deputy district attorney terry wiley. wiley has several high-profile endorsements, including from oakland, mayor libby schaff and congressman eric swalwell also in the east bay contra costa counties, progressive district attorney diana becton won reelection last night. defeating county prosecutor mary knox with 56% of the vote and the north bay solano county, d a krishna abrams defended her seat in a landslide victory against sharon henry henry had criticized abrams leadership citing her decision to recuse yourself from investigating too high profile police killings. abrams took 60% of the vote and in the south bay, resounding win for santa clara county, d a jeff rosen. 59 1% of voters choosing to keep him in office. >> another race catching the eye of voters is the runoff or san matteo congressional seat
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district. 15 california assembly speaker kevin mullin and san mateo county supervisor. david can led the polls last night. they're vying for representative jackie spear seat, which she's had since 2008 mullen who is endorsed by spear, brought in just over 40% of the votes last night. kenneth, a for another. 25 other candidates include gusts mata mall and emily beach accounting for about 18 and 14% of votes respectively. molins in canada are expected to face each other in a runoff election this november. >> nobody got at least 50% of the vote in yesterday's mayoral race in san jose. so that's headed for a runoff in november. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez and san jose city council member matt mahan are the 2 top choices. no candidate again got a majority of the vote. chavez. 39 1% of it may hand 32% of it. chavez thanking her supporters today and said the
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people of san jose are looking for new leadership. >> if the basics of the city aren't functioning well. business doesn't too well, communities don't do well, you know, and so i i think that's what you're saying is an aching for change. >> meanwhile, matt mahan had tweeted, we need change to get san jose back on track and it is thoughtful change. we will bring through the campaign ahead from the bottom of my heart. thank you. mahan chavez are now headed for a runoff in november to replace outgoing mayor sam liccardo, who is terming out? >> you can catch up on all the election results on kron 4 dot com to scan this qr code and it will take you to the results for every race on the ballot. >> but whether time now as we get a check of 4 zone forecast taking a live look outside and it 9.16. well, it's not pitch black approaching the solstice and it's been beautiful out beautiful and warming up.
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yeah, we're going to really see some hot temperatures hottest of the season so far as high pressure really takes over head. >> supports the bay area. along the coastline, you may not be that hot. all the right now. national weather service issuing some heat advisories inside the bay. the santa cruz mountains into the santa clara valley. as we look toward friday as the hottest day of the week. that's when temperatures are going to be hovering in the 90's and the overnight lows. so really i could get all that cold from the previous night. some 60's and some 70's in spots. in fact, an excessive heat warning going up and slow county expecting some triple digit heat in some of the valley's. let's break down some of those numbers as we head toward tomorrow afternoon, you'll start to feel the effects of that heat wave. is temperatures going to be rolling in the mid 90's in the concord and live more about hot 95 in santa rosa. 91 in napa. 92 in novato. even i-74 degrees in downtown san francisco in 82 degrees in oakland. let's move it for today. into friday, the hottest day of the week. that's when we're talking about some triple digit heat.
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how about 102 and hot in conquer one. 0, one and little more one. 0, 2, in antioch. a lot of 80's and 90's around the bay and santa clara valley filled with 90's. as we head toward the afternoon, maybe size honored one in morgan hill. but i'm along the coastline. i don't think we'll see a strong offshore winds. so that on shore breeze continuing. i think we keep things much cooler along the coastline with some patchy fog and temperatures there, maybe 40 degrees cooler and in the 60's. all right. outside tonight, you're looking at some high clouds up above. you look down below or san francisco. you can see some of fog out there right now. you see the sales first building just poking through some of the fog out there right now. more that on the way overnight. tonight, some of that fog settling in along the coastline. but i think a little bit of a northerly wind likely to kick in. that's going start skies as we head in toward tomorrow. temperature wise, not bad out there back. warm valleys right now. 73 in pittsburgh. 67 in concord. 67 also in santa rosa and cool. 54 degrees in san
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francisco. the big picture looks interesting, but most of the storm clouds are going to roll well to the north as we head in toward the next couple days. high pressure building in the head. these temperatures likely to soar by tomorrow afternoon. yeah. looking at some beautiful weather. if you like the heat. we're gonna like the next couple of days. 90's in spots inland. you've got some 70's 80's inside the bay and 60's toward the coastline. much cooler weather expected over the weekend. home invasions that have disrupted the peace in a quiet south bay neighborhood. and police think the same group seen in dash cam video. >> is responsible for both can forces week. but you reports. >> these coming. but the has been a gun gun. >> killed her husband at gunpoint. >> these folks were home their home was invaded burglarized. in fact, it was one of 2 home invasions that took place back on may 31st in san jose. the first happened at around 02:00pm at a home of the 600
9:20 pm
block of north capitol avenue. san jose police investigators say as many as 6 home invaders stole personal property, including a minivan from the garage of that residence. >> and used it 2 hours later during this second home invasion summerdale drive the up in intensity. a creek in this dash cam video as the victim's wife is driving to their hold, the garage open and she sees or has been being robbed by bid wearing face mask a dark hoodies. she started talking a horde. >> and immediately called of them. my husband is gunfight. long time. >> sounds a police sergeant christian camarillo can hear in her voice is very chilling of. i've watched it several times as you know what she's seeing and you can almost hyperventilating there. but number one things don't confront them know she didn't. instead she stayed in her car us lee watched as the people
9:21 pm
what they did or hold held. her husband at got into that stolen minivan and drove away. >> unbelievably shocked shaken. my shaken scared. we're scared. we're scared. it could happen. just right. the incident has rattled nerves of at least 2 people who live in this quiet neighborhood who asked not to reveal their identities. very quiet, very safe, a snake to school. it's one of the safest place you know, you can live in. >> people walk around at night. no problem. but with this, i don't know if they'll do marc. definitely every moment we got in touch with each other more than ever before. we have to stay texting each other. whenever you seeing any suspicious activity, any suspicious person or car standing in the neighborhood for a long time. san jose police investigators say no one was hurt during the 2 home invasions. and although police have limited descriptions of the suspects other than what you see here. >> i'm sure soon we will have either an update or maybe even some arrests in this case has the met. kron 4 >> simone biles and dozens of
9:22 pm
former olympic gymnast are now suing the fbi. the bureau's alleged investigative failures that led to the billion-dollar suit, a car plows into a home in the east bay. that changes the woman who lives there says would make the neighborhood safer. and the warriors in the finals means more business for one south bay man. his story coming up. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability.
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>> street vendors getting in on some extra bucks. cashing in on the warriors finals. run, but not just in san francisco. the whole bay area has pop-up stand selling warriors gear. our conference, justin campbell spoke to a vendor in san jose. >> are hoping for another championship win and they're not the only ones when it win or sell its steve hansen cells, warriors apparel to fans in san jose. he's rooting for the warriors to win. but not by a blowout money. every day. it will help. >> because 4 out of 7 games that it's a 2 week period. if they go 7 hansen doesn't have to do the math to know the longer the finals go. the more sales he said to make. >> so far wednesday for game 3, hansen says he hasn't seen a lot of customers but says his 28 years of experience has taught him the more the warriors win, the more cash you can expect to come in a way to love that word. champion. >> we've been stressed that been through it. that word means a lot more money.
9:26 pm
>> reporting in san jose that justin campbell kron, 4 news. >> the house passes the series of gun safety bills as victims of gun violence testify on capitol hill today. the resistance, though, this legislation is expected to face in the senate. plus, a plan for the unhoused in san francisco. how soon changes could be coming to address the homelessness crisis in the city. and as governor newsom cruises to victory last night in the primary, there is another statewide race. that is anything but a lock for is anything but a lock for democrats. this fall into that this burger will blow your mind? really? how? bacon two ways... cheese two ways... any more questions? try my $5.99 double bacon cheesy jack combo. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too.
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>> well, the primary election season is now over and november races for statewide office are starting to really take shape. governor newsom and his democratic allies have a stronghold in most of the races except for one. ashley zavala explains. >> governor gavin newsom and his appointees for attorney general u.s. senator and secretary of state swept their races tuesday night. the results showing each will face a republican opponent in november and that californians realize that they need change for newsom. his opponent for governor is state senator brian dolly, i just asked voters one thing in california. >> are you can be better off in 4 more years than you are right now with gavin newsom. are you? are you ready for some change? but the governor continues to capitalize on the state's democratic majority by verbally attacking the republican party in a campaign
9:30 pm
email wednesday, newsom warned his supporters about dolly's republican record on abortion and guns. >> saying, quote, we must take this election seriously. the last thing we can afford is to get caught sleeping during a difficult year for democrats. one race in california that could be difficult for democrats. state controller. i feel very, very good about our performance last night, republican lynn each and leads the primary field full of democrats vying for the office. his likely opponent, malia cohen, trailed him by 16% as of wednesday. i think the reality is that people recognize the controller needs to be a fiscal watchdog. >> it needs to be a state official who has the taxpayers interests at heart. and it's very difficult to do that when you come from the same party and have the same partisan affiliation has every single other person. chen says he expects governor newsom to double down on supporting whichever democrat opposes him in november. they can try painting a broad brush. they can try to play the politics of cynicism, which i know governor newsom has done very well in the past. but listen, at the end of the day, we're
9:31 pm
going to be focused again on talking about the issues talking about the way i can bring independence and transparency and accountability to sacramento. it's been 16 years since california voters last elected a republican to statewide office. republican candidates this year say they're determined to change that in november. in sacramento, ashley zavala kron, 4 news, the house select committee that's investigating the insurrection at the u.s. capitol is less than 24 hours away from holding its first public hearing. >> the initial hearing is set for tomorrow night at 05:00pm. several panel members have promised new and explosive information from those hearings. lawmakers expect to show never before seen images and exhibit. they also plan to have witnesses testify. there will be 6 hearings in total. the nine-member committee has conducted its probe for 11 months now and interviewed more than 1000 people and kron four's going bring you tomorrow's hearing on the january 6th insurrection. we're going to carry it live.
9:32 pm
our uninterrupted coverage begins at 05:00pm and it will be followed immediately by reaction from our political analysts. you can watch the hearing on kron 4 or on our free streaming app. kron on. the house of representatives voted to pass a sweeping gun safety package today. >> a largely party line vote the protecting our kids act. >> it's a series of bills that would raise the minimum age for buying a semiautomatic weapon from 18 to 21. it would prohibit civilian use of ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds and it would put in place new federal criminal offenses for gun trafficking and what they call straw purchases of guns. that's when a person who cannot pass a background check get somebody else to buy a gun for them. the measure is not expected to pass in the senate. the bill's passage capped an emotional day on capitol hill as victims of gun violence testified before
9:33 pm
lawmakers calling for changes to gun laws. kron four's washington, d.c., correspondent reshad hudson reports. >> the testimony of 11 year-old mia brought lawmakers to tears wednesday he shot they are syria described what she did to survive the school shooting that killed 19 of her classmates. >> come >> felix and kimberly, rubio lost their daughter lexi in the shooting left my daughter at school. no decision will haunt me for the rest of my life. now they want lawmakers to ban assault rifles and high capacity magazines. >> we don't want you to think of like see, it's just a number. >> that message was echoed by zeneta everhart whose son was shot multiple times at the top supermarket in buffalo. >> as i cleaned his woes, i can feel pieces of that bullet in his back. shrapnel will be
9:34 pm
left inside of his body for the rest of his life. this should not be your story or my a bipartisan group of lawmakers led by connecticut senator chris murphy is working to find a compromise on new gun control measures. >> making sure that this time the answer is not nothing. >> house republicans like louisiana congressman steve scalise reject new gun control. >> immediate rushes to take away guns from law-abiding citizens. >> and some senate democrats say they want to vote on gun control measures in the senate by the end of this week reporting in washington reshad hudson, back to you. >> 90 former olympic gymnast are now suing the fbi for their in action against the doctor who sexually assaulted them. larry nassar olympians, simone biles, alley raisman and mckayla maroney are among the dozens of victims seeking more than 1 billion dollars from the fbi. the women claim
9:35 pm
the fbi couldn't stop nassar if they had acted when the first allegations came forward in 2015 nassar would not be arrested until the michigan state university police stepped in and that was in the fall of 2016. >> they allowed a child molester to go free for more than a year. and this in action directly allowed nassar's abuse to continue. what is the point? of reporting abuse if our own fbi agents are going to take it upon themselves to bury that report in a drawer. >> the fbi has 6 months to respond to this lawsuit. both michigan state and you see a gymnasts us a rather gymnastics agreed to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements. >> working from home and then boom, dangerous situation this morning in martinez after that car crashed into the side of a home on alhambra avenue causing a gas leak. gas lines
9:36 pm
to the home were shut off. streets were closed as the car was pulled from that exterior wall. luckily no one was hurt. and this incident, the driver ran away. the woman who lives there, who was in there working says people often fly down alhambra where the speed limit is just 30 miles an hour. >> there needs to be like a traffic light or something on the street to help prevent people from going that fast. because it's families around here. there's you know, it's a residential area. people are pulling out onto the street all the time. >> police have not identified the driver but say there are no ongoing public safety concerns. >> a private ceremony in the east bay today as one city flies new flag for the first time. >> and we talk about that. he waives some clouds moving along the coastline. but could some clouds bring a couple of sprinkles? the bexar this weekend? we'll show you talk about that coming up next.
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9:40 pm
now prepare to implement the ordinance by the end of the year. >> today, noon, the progressive pride flag was raised for the first time outside hayward city hall. the flag is an updated version of the pride flag designed to be more inclusive of intersex people. the rainbow pattern features a chevron with white, pink and blue as well as black and brown. the flag will be flown all month in support of pride month, which this year is commemorating the 53rd anniversary of the stonewall rebellion and kron four's always celebrating pride month. join us for our bay area. pride special love will keep us together. that airs thursday, june 23rd at 06:30pm. >> next up in sports, the warriors come up short in game 3 against the celtice. kate rooney it's going to be here with the highlights. plus, a live report from the tea gardens with them. our sports director, jason dumas, that.
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manhood looks different from guy to guy.
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but when yours bends in a different direction, you might feel bothered by it. so talk to a urologist. because a bend in your erection might be peyronie's disease or pd. it's a condition that involves a buildup of scar tissue. but, it's treatable. xiaflex is the only fda- approved nonsurgical treatment for appropriate adult men with peyronie's disease. along with daily penile stretching and straightening exercises, xiaflex has been proven to help gradually reduce the bend. don't receive if the treatment area involves your urethra, or if you're allergic to any collagenase or any of the ingredients. may cause serious side effects, including: penile fracture or other serious injury during an erection, and severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. seek help if you have any of these symptoms. do not have any sexual activity during and for at least 4 weeks after each treatment cycle. sudden back pain reactions after treatment may occur. tell your doctor if you have a bleeding condition or take blood thinners as risk of bleeding or bruising at the treatment site is increased. talk to a urologist about what your manhood could look like. find a xiaflex-trained urologist at
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. hit. >> a sad night for warriors fans after the dubs almost kept their lead in the 3rd quarter before the wheels fell off the wagon. they fell one 16 to 100 in boston against the celtics. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. >> i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. tonight was game 3 in the nba finals between


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