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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  June 10, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. >> but today's a great day as the winds are low and the waves are just the right size for this. these little guys about the little guys out >> yeah, good day at the beach. but now it's 6 a scorching start to the weekend around the bay area. some places hitting triple digits today and a lot of people headed to cooler places like that beach. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news of 6. i'm catherine heenan ken wayne. folks are enjoying the summer heat all over the bay area makes for a pretty busy day at the beach is in special kron four's. rob nesbitt has been at pacifica state beach all
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afternoon. rob, how are you? how are folks holding up out there? ken? it's been extremely comfortable throughout the day here. pacifica state beach, which is actually still packed at the 6 o'clock hour. it's kind of surprising. >> throughout the day, my car has been a temperature of around 70 degrees. it's exactly why people came out to swim surf and relax. with scorching temperatures inland. the pacific offered cool breezes and comfortable temperatures along the coast friday. it's still hot today and this particular that put beach pacifica state beach was full of kids playing in the water and building sand castles. >> pollen, a starry brought her 4 year-old daughter athena to cool off in the water. i think it's wonderful. you >> adam pacific, and we don't really have air conditioning in our house. so it's nice to be able to come here and cool right on the for some students. thursday was the last day of school. >> gibson limb and marcus mcmichael decided to spend their first day of summer vacation surfing just getting
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into the sport last year. >> how easy it is to get into it. how fun it is led by gibson's dad, edward lin, who help the boys learn the right techniques to get up on their about. >> do a surfing as a sport. is it? the water is always cold. >> so it doesn't really matter. yeah, doesn't really matter. bit with temperatures that outside the water. >> joining the crowds of surfers and beachgoers all looking for the perfect way to spend a hot date. a lot of surfers still here catching waves and joined the final hours of daylight on this friday. a lot of surfers that i spoke to said that they plan on coming back to the beach tomorrow when temperatures in some parts of the bay area could once again reach triple digits. reporting live in pacifica. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. all right, rob, thank you for that. right now there are parts of the bay area having some power issues, especially in the north bay. >> here's the pg e outage map. some communities in and around
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napa have thousands of people without power. right now. here's the power outage map that orange color means that those areas with 500 to 500,000 customers don't have power. that's how many customers are without power. it's not clear yet what caused the outage. typically it's a too many people online trying to cool down during this hot weather will bring you any new developments on power outages around the bay area as they take place. yeah, people with air conditioning and not a lot of days. i wish i had this was one of them a time for a look at the forecast as we look live over the city. yeah. that looks like a summer day in san francisco. it looks really nice out yeah. hot and part of the bay area. triple digit heat today. i think we'll see things cool down tomorrow. evening we have out there for your friday night. yeah, it's looking good out there this evening. temperatures along the coastline. just having our live there with rob. we've got 6, 7, degrees right now and civic at the coastline. 65 in the richmond. 78, though, an sfo and >> yeah, the north bay, see those temperatures in the 70's throughout much of the area. 81 degrees right now. corte
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madera. 74 at near beach. but then you start talking about some hot weather. you go further 101 degrees in vacaville. 95 in rio vista, 96 degrees in fairfield and of course, in the napa valley where they've had some of those power outages. we're talking 80's and 90's in and around that area. so a lot of heat out there right now. hot certainly in spots inland. they're just beginning to cool off a little bit inside the bay. you've got a very nice warm 77 in san leandro. 74 in san lorenzo and work your way down the baby got 79 in union city. 76 right now in hayward and the south bay filled with many 80's, even some 90's into sonny bill right now getting toward the peninsula. you've seen those temperatures to 81 degrees in san detail. 80 in foster city. there are some cooler temperatures expected on the way. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, lawrence. in oakland, a 16 year-old was killed in a shooting last night. police said happened about 6 on 64th avenue near
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concordia park. police say several shots were fired from a high powered rifle. the teenager and a man were shot. the man is believed to be in stable condition. the oakland police chief says it's a crime and the kind of crime in which the community needs to take the steps. getting guns off the streets, though, oakland remains a very tough goal to reach the question. what can city leaders actually do about it? and that is the conversation. the kron four's haaziq mod-yoon had with an east bay oakland city council member in the wake of that teen being killed. >> another teenager loses their life to gun violence in oakland, a 16 year-old shot to death thursday looks 64th avenue. it is the second juvenile killed in oakland this week. i mean, we've been in a state of emergency >> we are beyond that phase of yes, thoughts and prayers. >> but we need action. bottom line is we're well past the time for thoughts and prayers. we've got to do more here in
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our city in order to keep our pointing out the obvious need to get guns off the street feels more and more like if the rhetoric from politicians when people young and old continue to be the victims of gun violence in oakland now council member lauren taylor is aiming to move the public safety conversation in a new direction. it's not just about getting guns off the street. it's about helping change the mindset of those who are holding the guns and picking them up so that they don't actually use that. one of the things that i'm looking at is really partnering with those who have the influence, those who have the facebook likes the social media mentions like are open base recording artists like some of those ports. >> you know, star as the folks of up to. take my office increasing our dispatch, increasing our officers covering deep east. oakland has been a part of that strategy and we are seeing declines in homicides and shootings and it's not enough to increase safety. councilmember reid is advocating for funds in the
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mid cycle budget to make it safe for young people to get to and fro the city's youth center programs. that is a concern with parents. teens are having a beer, their children walking on the streets to and from. so we've got to have not just a program that we investing, but we've got to invest in the ability for that child to get to that program. >> getting as many guns off the streets of east oakland remains a priority as well. saturday. there's a gun buyback event being held at 89 15 international boulevard from 10:00am to 02:00pm. a gift card valued between $10300 will be given in exchange for each gun. >> depending on the type of gun has it made you kron 4 news. >> student led protests on gun safety and gun violence are happening in the bay area. and 11 year-old from oakland is helping to lead that movement. march for our lives. demonstrations are being held nationwide in the open march is starting at oscar grant plaza tomorrow morning. the
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event is being organized by a group of middle schoolers, including that 11 year-old alex ybarra of coliseum, college prep academy. the protests in oakland will include speeches from students and survivors of gun violence about their experiences and how mass shootings have affected them and their communities ybarra and his friends have joined forces with organizers in san leandro for the march. they're also working closely with oakland city council member at large and vice mayor rebecca kaplan and her staff. and other march for our lives. protests are scheduled to happen saturday and san francisco mountain view redwood city. >> walnut creek benicia burlgame pacifica and sonoma. >> now to a big bust in the south bay, san jose. police say they seized more than 60 illegal guns from a homicide suspects home and kron four's. grant lotus joins us live with more on that, including the fact that suspect >> is in custody. grant indeed, catherine, in kenya, so many guns, the suspect here is 38 year-old vote aye. he
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was already in police custody for a fatal shooting in south san jose. that happened earlyer this month. but this week, police searched his home on the 400 block of war. admiral avenue. that's year. great oaks park in southeast san jose. and look at this. that home is where they say they found more than 2 dozen several ghost guns. police also allegedly found several high capacity magazines and thousands of rounds of ammo. we know for a fact that more illegal guns on the streets in the hands of criminals equates to more crime. >> this seizure of over 60 firearms. 25 of them being assault weapons. any legal to own in the state of california. it's huge. >> that is huge time remains behind bars that the santa clara county main jail on the homicide charge he now faces multiple illegal weapons charges as well. if anyone has
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any information about this case, they're asked to contact san jose police said police say tips can be anonymous. we'll keep you posted here, catherine. ken, back to you. >> i'm doing everything in my power to blunt, pry site. bring down the cost of gas and food. i lead the world to coordinate the largest release of global oil reserves in history. 240 million barrels to boost supply. keep prices from rising even more. >> president biden talking about inflation today is the latest numbers were released by the labor department. inflation rose another one percent in may hitting a new 40 year high. the president is blaming high gas prices on big oil comnipaes arguing they're making record profits but not increasing production. biden is also blaming russia's invasion of ukraine. and those inflation numbers, of course, are squeezing a lot of people, including bay area residents kron four's theresa talked to
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shoppers about how they're dealing with soaring prices. >> here at lucky's in larkspur shoppers tell me enough is enough. something must be done about skyrocketing prices. very good. all around friend mckernan and others out in the heat friday sharing their stories about trying to survive inflation. much more aware of the prices you >> and checking out. prices, different stores and no longer trying to drive long distances flying wherever we can. if we can. try not to buy expensive trying to stay close to home. >> other shoppers saying despite trying to sidestep increases, it is practically everywhere shaping all aspects of their lives. gas prices, food prices. every time i go everything seems to go up. i got a copy this morning that we $0.20 from yesterday at. >> pete's inside mollie stone's. so it's.
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>> the new reality. i traded my a car from an electric bike and have a look back. we've got a cheacket to hawaii in augus0 bucks each way the camping refer it. >> so, you know, watch my thing. >> as for what is next, shoppers say more needs to be done sooner rather than later. do something about it in the north bay, theresa kron, 4 news. >> and coming up, volunteers got together for the first tab, a tab for humanity project since covid. >> and the police chief at the texas school massacre site gives his side of the story why he says it took so long for officers to respond. >> and we're out here live and thrive. city and san francisco warriors fans out here.
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>> the warriors trying to even up the score tonight in game for steph curry is playing. that's the good news. the nba finals now underway in boston. fans have gathered here in san francisco at chase center to watch the game. and that's where we find kron four's. dan thorn hanging out with the fans and the heat. with all
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the action >> and ken and catherine, yeah, we're out here at thrive city. we've got lots of fans that are hanging out outside here. lot of people filing and the chase ended. the game is underway right now, but it's been a lot of fun out here as you can here. i mean, hey, let's take a look at guys. yeah. that energetic. they're feeling it. yeah. the team is down to one right now, but they're feeling pretty confident about the warriors and coming into this game tonight, hopefully being able to point out. i mean, with that now the great even up the seriesland then come back to san francisco on monday at and it's a different series, right? a whole different feeling about what's happening here. and it's so good to have played on and staff together again. let's see if they could start land some shots. it looks like it's tough going here early. but we talked with some fans earlier out here and here's how they're feeling about tonight's game. take a listen. >> i'm not feeling confident, but i'm feeling super confident that we'll have a bounce-back game and they'll handle business on in boston tonight. we can't go down 3
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weekend. we have to tie it up come home and do we do and we have to protect the house great. i'm doing great, though. dumps i >> so there you have it with the fans. yeah. hope springs eternal, right? they're feeling optimistic about how things are are going. you know that the team has been there before. they've been down before and they've been able to come back and they've been able to win the nba finals again, we're going to be hanging out here throughout the night at thrive city. we're going to be head inside if you man because it is a it is hot out here. stay hydrated. if you're going to be hanging out watching the there's a lot of fun to be had despite the team being thousands of miles away. ken and catherine. all right, dan, thank you for that. i'm sure they're going to stay hydrated. they might actually drink probably not. i don't know. some of phone was >> looking fairly cool. but boy, depending on where you were, it was a it was hot today as we look live over the golden gate bridge. beautiful out there, lawrence. it's has
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been boiling. yeah. a little taste of summer coming our way, right. summer 11 days away now, but already feel like it outside today as the temperatures. >> well, the hottest of the week easily hottest of the season. 2 had some triple digits out there. beautiful sight out toward the golden gate bridge. nice and clear. a lot of sail boats out on the water today enjoying that sunshine. how about those temperatures? yes, something else. 85 degrees today in san francisco that 20 degrees above the average. 86 in oakland, 97 in hot and san jose. then we started to get into the triple digit numbers. 100 in live. more 100 and concord and 102, one of the hotter places around the bay area in santa rosa. look at all the numbers all around. in fact, it was 98 in mountain view today. 91 in fremont and hayward, 103 in antioch. 97 in napa and 97 degrees in the bottle. even 71 degrees. pretty comfortable out there toward the coastline. so a heat advisory remains in effect until later on this evening. temperatures still running on the hot side to all those areas shaded in orange.
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we've got an advisory very hot temperatures just keep it cool out there for tonight. get a nice cold drink. hot conditions continuing into the central valley but looks like a big change in the weather pattern. temperatures likely drop a good 20 plus degrees in some spots will tell you when coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. in san francisco, mayor london breed join city officials and community community members to kick off a series of community let events to honor the upcoming juneteenth holiday. today at city hall. the mayor said while we are celebrating the freedom and cherishing what we've learned from history. >> there are still some serious racial disparities in the city. >> that even today in 2022 disproportionally. >> in a city that used to be at its height close to 16% african americans. and now at about 5% or less, we still see significant racial disparities racial disparities and
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homelessness in the criminal justice system and housing access and you name i want you all to know that as i celebrate june that 365 days out of the year and 366 on leave here. i'm thinking about this community, its history, the challenges and army to make significant investments. in addressing those disparities. >> juneteenth is still a few days away, but events will be held starting this weekend across the bay area. you can go to our website kron 4 dot com to get more information. blips bills are officially back for habitat for humanity. east bay, silicon valley. >> the nonprofit famous for its compressed construction project. now home construction that was delayed by the pandemic. he's back on kron
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four's philippe reports from walnut creek. >> meals to wood and from still, wall says housing is desperately needed. habitat for humanity. east bay, silicon valley secured this land next to the pleasant hill, bart station from contra costa county. 6 years ago. but construction of the more than 2 acres esperanza place affordable housing development here has been delayed several times until now due to the pandemic and supply chain this week, the nonprofit organization resuming its famous blitz building for the first time in 3 years. when esperanza place is complete. it will include 42 homes for low to very low-income families. we've been living on our home for 11 years in morgan hill, california, elaine hayes and her daughter beth, are paying it forward, donating their time to help with construction coinciding with habitat for humanity's annual women's leadership. build a personal project for them knowing they benefited
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from other similar generosity 11 years ago. for those of us that are low-income and very low income or pretty invisible. >> and the silicon valley in the east bay real estate market. there's not a lot out there for us and takes creativity and volunteer ship like habitat in order to make home assembly member timothy grayson says he's pushing the legislature to include 600 million dollars in the next budget to fund housing projects like this and help lower-income families who want to own with down payment assistance. this is a game changer. this makes a difference. the esperanza place development slated for completion in 2 years will also be the nonprofits first 0 net energy development, meaning the homes will produce more energy than they consume. >> in walnut creek, felipe bowl kron, 4 >> coming up, the white house decision that will make things a lot easier for travelers flying into the u.s..
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>> well, just a few minutes ago was made official. the cdc issuing a statement to say that it will not require international air passengers to get covid tests and they also want have to show negative test results before boarding a flight to the u.s. will make things a lot easier will be effective at midnight on june. 12th this new rule correspondent alexandra limon
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has the details. >> starting sunday, international travelers no longer need to test negative for covid-19 before flying into the u.s.. i think this is a positive development. it reflects where we are in this pandemic, the travel industry and even some democrats in congress were pushing for the biden administration to with the testing requirement saying it's something many other countries have already done. the message tourism is but international terrorism is. the problem is lagging back to congresswoman dina titus says her district of las vegas. nevada was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic because of its economic dependence on tourism. and we want those international tourist because they stay longer and they spanned mower. so everything i heard was that the main deterrent was the requirement that people get tested before they come to this country. the expected increase in interna ional tourists will boost revenue. we consider that an export services which actually is a is an increase
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in our gdp. but the increase in demand could also impact. flight prices puts more pressure on prices. so that would be that may be potentially impression. are those higher prices would be on top of the already higher prices due to inflation. >> and feel cause in washington. alexandra limon. >> coming up to 14 year-old boys are dead and a 15 year-old injured in a crash that took place in the north bay. we'll have details on how this tragedy developed. wnba star brittney griner's family is now calling for more help to try to get her back into the u.s. after the basketball star's been detained in russia more than 3 months now with the family wants president biden to do. plus bay area's suffering through a hot summer this weekend force chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. tell us just how long this hot weather is going to stick
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>> now to our 4 zone forecast as we step very crowded bay bridge toll plaza. people get into the city or head west can cool off by the ocean. yeah, a lawrence is here, lawrence. i guess i'm we're not hearing about records but it kind of feels like, yeah, it's just hot enough, right? yeah. it's war that was so temperatures. yeah, triple digits. bue we've got some much cooler weather coming our way this weekend. we're going to feel that break in the temperature as early as tomorrow. the temperatures are going to start to come down but said triple digits. we're still talking some low 90's in the warmest spots out there. right now. the sea breeze has kicked into sfo. no fog there just yet. but if you lo


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