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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  June 13, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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remember to subscribe, download, and follow on apple podcasts, spotify, or wherever you listen. we will see you next time. thanks. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> tonight at 5 dubnation is ready. the nba finals are back in the bay tonight after the warriors tied up the series in boston friday. thanks. in large part to an all-time performance by steph curry dubs. now try to take the lead here tonight in game 5 as the series returns to chase center and the warriors will be in front of there. home crowd.
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much more friendly atmosphere for the worse. thanks for joining us tonight. a kron 4 news at 5. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. yeah. the warriors trying to win game 5 tonight before heading back to boston to play again on thursday. but, you know, in order to do that, they're going to do something that no team apparently has been able to do in the playoffs, beat the. >> boston celtics 2 times in a row because boston is really good. we have team coverage tonight. kron four's taylor. the second is. >> here outside chase and thrive city. but we begin with our sports director jason dumas there who was courtside with a preview of the big game tonight, jason. >> we're good. and the warriors are doing better. like you said at the top of the show, grant, they could really use some home cooking this nba finals has really been like a heavyweight title figst. each team getting their licks in thrown those haymakers each team making
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adjustments and who will make the better adjustments tonight, e warriors, they are 10 in oh, at home 10 one i'm sorry at home here in the playoffs at chase center. meanwhile, celtics in 3 on the during his postseason. neither team has lost back-to-back games during this playoff. so something has to give tonight. and that's when we get back to those adjustments will make a better one. tonight. how will draymond green be used? how many minutes will come on? looney play? well, the warriors be active on the offensive glass. so key things for the warriors. meanwhile, we look at boston. how with a guard, steph curry. he's been killing them all series with boston. hit their open shots. you just never know is all about those minor adjustments. and that's exactly what i talked to steve kerr about just moments ago. >> seems like through 4 games is really been like a series of adjustments as a coach. how do you balance making those
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minor adjustments while also staying true to yourselves? and what got guys here? >> i mean, you you know, your team at this point, you know, the team well and you you have to get to know your opponent. first couple games in a series or especially in the finals where you're playing a team you don't see often in the regular season. feel it out a little bit. but usually by this stage, i you know, it's team he's kind of figured out what what they want to do. and that's that's all part of, you know, coaching in the playoffs. you do. that's what the off days or for that's what the tape is for. >> so guy, today's june 13th in this day in history has been interesting to this franchise. had to treat it that well street steve kerr, ok, let's start with 3 years ago. that's when klay thompson tore his acl against the toronto raptors in the warriors ended up losing that
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game and losing the nba finals on that day. then 6 years ago when the warriors lost game 7 to the cavaliers, lebron james, they come back from a 3 to one lead. so to really ugly days in this franchise's history. but if you go 25 years ago today, that's when steve kerr hit the game. winning shot in game 6 of the nba finals for the chicago bulls beat the utah jazz. so 6/13/2020 to bring steve kerr and this organization. let's hope it's a win and the warriors can go back to boston up 3 games to 2. of course, we'll have more coverage throughout the night. and as soon as this one goes, final reporting from chase center, i'm jason dumas, scrum for sports. all right, jason, maybe game 6 play shows came earlier. we get a a great performance and clay tonight that would be a nice a june 13th memory. >> jason will be back as he said throughout the night.
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>> let's hope it is lucky 13 is going check in and see what the vibe is like outside chase center. our first taylor's sacking hanging out and thrive. city of right now. how's it going out there? taylor? >> vicky, what a beautiful day to be back here at thrive city. of course they had the team back at chase center. tell you, there are a lot of fans fans out here. the energy is high. let me step out of the way so you can see what's going on. you know, fans, of course, are still trickling in to get inside the game. but here on the outside of 5 city, you're looking at the area that people had to pre-register to in. of course, we've seen in playoffs. this place has completely filled up. but during the nba finals, as we've mentioned, there's only select couple of 100 people that can get into this space. and again, you know, there's going to be live entertainment out here live performances. we have food and of course, all the entertainment on that big screen tonight. many fans are hoping for a win. and of
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course, this is a big game to break. this time. we spoke with some fans earlier who are hopeful to see some performances from other players. >> a light. i think he's you know, this is like maybe a game 6 for >> going to stay out here at thrive city and bring you all the action. we expect many more fans to fill up this area. it's going to get wild is going to get loud and we're just excited to see how this night turns out. but for now, though, back to you that grant. >> i thank you, taylor. and that will be checking back with you throughout the evening. >> other news now and the house committee investigating the january 6th attack has wrapped up its second day of public hearings. >> revealing more damning testimony against former president donald trump. yeah, this morning the committee tried to prove how president trump compelled his supporters to attack the capitol on january 6 by. >> knowingly spreading lies about the election. kron four's washington correspondent alexandra limon has details.
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>> good evening. today we learned that despite being told by his own top officials that he had lost the election, president trump continued to say that he had won without any evidence to back that up. we also learned that trump used that light who allegedly defrauded his own supporters. >> the january 6 committee says even before the election and without any proof of voting irregularities, former president trump started planting seeds of distrust. the only way we're going to lose this election is if the election is rigged. remember that in its second public hearing the committee use testimony from republican witnesses who said they told trump there was no evidence of widespread election fraud. and in more than 60 court cases, even trump appointed judges reached that same conclusion will be early that i understood >> we're we're completely bogus and silly. and usually
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based on complete misinformation, former attorney general william barr said he left the administration because he couldn't fight all of the lies trump was telling about the election than it was like playing whac-a-mole. the committee members say from election night on trump aligned himself only with those who told him what he wanted to hear. follow the course recommended. >> and apparently inebriated rudy giuliani to just claim he won. the big lie was also a big rip off the committee also presented evidence showing the former president defrauded his supporters. >> by receiving 250 million dollars in donations for a so-called election defense fund. but the trump campaign didn't use the money for that. the investigation found the defense fund never existed. >> the committee members say that instead of using those millions of dollars in donations for election-related matters, the trump campaign used it for other things. even for trump's hotels reporting in washington. alexandra limon.
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>> and coming up later in this broadcast, our political analyst michael yaki joins us live with his take on whether or not the justice department has enough evidence to bring any charges against the former president. are people in his inner circle. that interview coming up tonight at around 5.30, 31 members of a white supremacist group have been charged with conspiracy to riot. they were arrested after they were discovered. >> packed into the back of a uhaul truck near an idaho pride event inside the van. police found riot gear. a smoke grenade. shin guards and shield police say that the man who came from at least 11 states were planning to cause a disturbance at the pride event. the local police chief says that he expects the men likely face even more charges. >> in the east bay, a hate crime investigation is underway after police say members of the proud boys a far right extremist group disrupted a drag queen storytime event at a library for young children. alameda county sheriff's deputies say
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the group of men entered the library shouting homophobic and anti lgbtq slurs on saturday afternoon. the sheriff's office says no arrests have been made. no one was physically heart. >> and take a look at this. santa clara county sheriff's deputies say that that traffic stop help them take guns and ammo off the streets. officers found 2 loaded guns and over 1000 rounds of ammo, along with a baton nunchucks, a lot of money and body armor. the suspect was booked into the santa clara county main jail. >> news now millbrae city councilmember anders fuis recovering tonight after he was attacked in san francisco over the weekend. he says the attack happened saturday near land's end. he says 2 men in hoodies hit him in the head with a concrete block. feng posted about the attack along with some of the pictures you're seeing on facebook. he says his family ran over demanding the suspects stop attacking. then he says one of
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the attackers gave a, quote, obscene hand gesture before running away. the u.s. park police responded to the area and looked for the attackers. fun was taken to the hospital because of the head injury. he says he's in severe pain, but is expected to make a full recovery. if you have any information about the attack, you're asked to call park police. oakland. police are investigating a carjacking in china town that saw him and dragged. >> by his own vehicle as kron four's. dan kerman tells us tonight the head of the oakland chinatown, is warning those who live in the area to take steps to avoid becoming a target. >> you're looking at video from sunday afternoon of a man outside the wonky supermarket in oakland's chinatown. he gets out of his car but leaves the motor running as he walks to the market to get some items. another man enters the car and begins to drive off the driver. seeing what's happening, grabs onto his car and is dragged before he eventually. let's go. the
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driver survived the incident with cuts and bruises. but those in the chinatown community a warning others not to let this happen to them. no matter patrols, volunteers or, you know, police presence. we still need to be very, very careful on top involvement. so pay attention. karl chan is president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. he provided this video showing the suspect walking past the market and just waiting for the right opportunity, which eventually happens. but chan says this was more than just a crime of opportunity. he says the elderly and minorities are being targeted basically because a friend of the and he's a talk. it. >> and but one minority, because i most of them may not be able to report calling 9-1-1 chances. cities must make it easier to get 9-1-1. operators who speak the language of the victim. he also says too many times suspects who are caught are back in the street the next day. >> there must be consequences
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committing crimes against not only for minorities, i guess in you. >> chan credits an increased police presence with a drop in cell phone, take pictures and sure that you call the police. and we point, you know, as soon as possible, dan kerman kron, 4 news >> still to come on the news at 5, the first shipment of baby formula arrives in california as part of operation fly formula when it's expected to actually hit store shelves. high gas prices has drivers stretching that last gallon and risking running out. we're going to tell you why you shouldn't wait until your fuel light goes on to fill up and say there's a teenager is in the hospital after being shot by a pellet gun speak with her about her ordeal. now as she
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>> san jose girl is recovering tonight after she was shot in the back with a pellet gun. yeah, rally was g home from the valley fair mall. kron four's
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rob nesbitt sat down with the 15 year old. is she tries to make a recovery. >> yeah. welcome home. >> they're just very kind sse. the signs of love and support for sitting on john of it or at least front porch monday afternoon. very kind messages when she returned home for 3 days in the icu at santa clara valley medical center. before my pain was like in 8 out of 10, it was really difficult for ambulance ride to the hospital happened friday after she was shot in the back with a pellet gun by a person driving by her near the valley fair mall. when i was shot, there wasn't that much it just kind of like. >> hit me. and i didn't really understand what happened. the 15 year-old says doctors thought it was just a shallow cut at first. but a follow-up x-ray revealed more in there like, oh, my god, there's a bull in your long. your lungs collapsed. >> and then they operated on me. a collapsed lung, fractured rib and a lot of pain. her dad, michael, that really says he found out at the hospitdl how common incidents are with pellet guns
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at santa clara valley medical center. the divulge that there. that was the 4th victim that day at that hospital. so i would imagine there's much more san jose police would not comment on the number of victims or police reports filed friday. >> only that a detective has been assigned to that of raleigh's incident but no suspects at this time. this one says likes a strong. she's feeling better during her first day home. but with some help from her parents getting around wanting the shooter to know the seriousness of the pellet gun, they were using. the bullet was literally an inch from my heart. it could kill me. >> hoping others will be spared the same pain in san jose. rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> jury selection in the kristin smart murder trial has begun in monterey county. the cal poly student went missing 26 years ago while walking home from a party. paul floors. now 45 years old is accused of killing smart during an attempted rape in his dorm room. his father, ruben flores, is believed to have helped his son hide the body. both have pleaded not
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guilty. the trial was moved to salinas after a judge ruled the suspects could not get a fair trial in san luis obispo. happening tomorrow in san jose. closing arguments begin for the former theranos coo and elizabeth holmes. ex-boyfriend. >> sunny balwani holmes and her acts were charged with the same 12 counts of fraud and conspiracy. but their trials were separate and one glaring difference between the 2 theranos childs was that holmes testified for 6 days on the witness stand in her own defense. while each chose to remain silent in court. holmes is found guilty in january of defrauding investors. she will be sentenced in september and faces up to 20 years in prison. >> a new shipment of baby formula arrived in la over the weekend. it contained 95,000 ten's of bubs australia infant formula that amounts to about 4 million 8 ounce bottles of formula. it is the first international baby formula to be hitting store shelves here with us since the baby formula
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shortage started months ago. pediatricians say that there are some differences parents need to be aware of with these international brands. >> since australia, everything's in english. that makes it easy. also, the ratio is one scoop to 2 ounces of water just like it is with the u.s. formula. however, everything in australia is the metric system like it is in most countries around the world. so there's going to be some education teaching our moms that 30 eagles so we once to 60 miles of water to make 2 ounce of inn din formula. >> now doctors say the formula is high quality, just like american brands and even includes goat milk formula for those babies who might be sensitive to cow's milk. the shipment is expected to hit short store shelves next week. >> our weather time as get a live look outside their golden gate bridge. so hot on saturday and then cool down yesterday, humid to start
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before feel real shift in the air. yeah. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now to talk about what we can look forward to this week. yeah. and the spring. how about that spring rolling to an end here already. we're getting ready for summer and looks like the temperatures. >> warm up a little bit, but i'm not going to be a huge heat wave on the horizon. temperatures. >> out there right now, very along the coastline. you've got some sunshine, a little breeze out there along the bay looking out toward the golden gate bridge this evening in looking good out there and going to stay clear, i think for tonight. yeah, the mugginess. yeah. that's kind of worked its way out that front coming by fall apart as it moved on through. now we're looking at 70's in the san jose 78 in live more very comfortable. warm in concord right now. 79 and the napa valley. you're still looking at 80 degrees in st. and 73 in the bottle off the coastline. you see high pressure out here trying to chug its way out toward the west coast. eventually going to start to settle in here after that weak system kind of moved on by. so then we are going to notice
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some changes coming our way. that sea breeze kind of blown outside right now. and we'll see more of that overnight tonight. if you're headed out and about, we're expected to what looks like some more sunshine into the evening hours and some mild temperatures to go along with that looks like we've got changes a little bit. the later in the week. we'll have more news when w
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>> gas prices hit another average high nationwide over the weekend for the first time ever, the average price for a gallon of regular topped 5
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bucks. the national average jumped $0.19 in just the past week and it's up almost $2 from this time last year. the triple a says that drivers in some parts of the country, especially here in california, are paying way more than the national average. don't have to tell you that. in they say the most expensive gas in the country can be found right here in the bay area. so here's a look at some of the gas prices around the bay. sandra fell the most expensive but $6.67. a gallon for regular san francisco drivers will pay 6.64. san jose and oakland. you'll be paying about 6.54. >> well, if you're thinking about roll the dice and getting every last drop out of your gas tank before you just coast into a ridiculously overpriced gas station. well. maybe should reconsider a triple. a representative now explains why trying to stretch that last gallon of gas is probably not worth the risk are has made reports?
5:26 pm
>> we all know that gas prices are dizzyingly high here in the bay yeah, for i just came back from a trip from arizona and gust. there was too so much cheaper than here waiting to feel up with the warning. light appears on your gas gauge. >> could it a situation like this? in the 1st quarter of 2021? aaa received 153,000 service calls for drivers being out of january. april of this year, we saw 194,000. so we've seen more triple a spokesperson. john treaters says that aaa attributes the bulk of the increase gas related service calls to more folks getting back on the road in the wake of the pandemic. but he cautions any drivers from risky running out of gas by trying to stretch the fuel to the limit between filling up. well, that little light might be a warning that you only have a gallon or so left. you want to fill up. it's not a now's the time to fill.
5:27 pm
>> mark the way for that light to go on. don't push it to the next gas station. that is the situation for some folks here in the bay area. i found 2 drivers on empty here at this chevron station in south san francisco. >> i was actually supposed to get gas on friday, i had to go home. so i waited to today to get well, i tend to push it to, you know, i have a thing comes on and says reserve feel when i'm there now, you know, within 10 miles or so, i could even though californians could not escape paying the highest gas prices in the country. >> the cost of repairing your vehicle due to running out of gas is something that can be avoid it. >> think about your car in the long run. think about the cost of getting a new fuel pump or repair the damage. a cost of a cost for service in the most important thing time. think about how much time it will be spending. if you break down the side of the roadway for cash. >> has it made you kron? 4 news? >> good points. coming up,
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amazon announces drone deliveries will begin later this year. california city the service is coming to. >> and the fda set to vote on whether to approve the pfizer vaccine for kids under 5 when the doses could be administered. and second hearing from the january 6th committee has wrapped up after the break. we'll be talking live with our political analyst. michael got about today's developments.
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