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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  June 13, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> the real estate market is seeing some big changes. real estate website redfin released figures today showing a dramatic flattening of force to resist such headed out to the east bay to get some details on this in pleasant hill. >> i'm here off of taylor road in pleasant hill. the sale pending sign is out on this property. i just spoke with the listing agent and he agrees with the findings by redfin. for example, the data shows that the market was up only 3% over last year's numbers. it is the slowest growth rate since june of 2020. >> declining budgets in higher mortgage rates are the 2 main reasons. analysts say for the flat numbers. >> inflation is shrinking, available resources to get into a new home. real term are cross dives deeper into the issue for us. >> the market's going to change is a confluence of events with the raising interest rates like the fed will do tomorrow. concerns about inflation in the economy. it also sellers are
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certainly see. the market has changed 3 more inventory, but buyers are going to pull back a little bit wonder if this is going to be a repeat of 2008. so he's going to be a little bit of a it's not could be a repeat of 2008, who's going to be the fall off on the market is going to dissipate there's still going to be a lot of interest in purchasing a home, but it's going to be dampened. it's going to change buyers and have a little better opportunity. so those are probably advise that they want to sell it's a time. >> while mark ross as concerns at a large market shakeup such as what happened in 2008 may not happen again. there are some concerns locally and nationally about a recession and that maybe playing a factor in this new market as well. this market is. >> shannon, really different than most of the markets have ever been in my 40 years of doing this. but there's still a great to me price fair and you get a good return on it.
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buyers shouldn't expect the prices are going to drop, you know, 10 to 20%, maybe 5, maybe 8% in some areas. >> the high-end market is going to change a little bit more than but the regular into global market, mid-level market is going to be some reduction that is that going to be as great as it was in >> here in pleasant hill, theresa kron, 4 news. >> sonoma county supervisors extended a moratorium on new permit applications for vacation rentals such as air b and b's for up to a year. the board of supervisors voted 4 to one on the extension, which was first issued on march 17th. this comes after growing concerns over the number of houses in sonoma county being rented out as vacation homes. now supervisors will have another year to figure out a comprehensive ordinance regulating the rentals also tackle a backlog of >> intense heat all across the west. experts say more than 100 record highs could be shattered by this wednesday.
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but death valley did not wait around for wednesday. the temperatures there reached 123 degrees on friday before cooling down on saturday to 122 degrees. still that broke a heat record set back in 1921, by one degree. and today it is a stifling hot 106 degrees. >> is there a difference between 100 to money? yeah, it's it's a dry are, you know, they're going to cool off again tomorrow by another 10 degrees or so. but i mean, still, i mean, it's still hot out there. yeah, never mind. is going to get out there and check that out? but not in this kind heat, though. 96 in death valley for tomorrow afternoon. you're still looking at 102, though, and a sizzling hot there in phoenix and 98 degrees in tucson had to change the weather pattern. we have that little area of low pressure moves through over the weekend, brought some clouds and some muggy conditions to the bay area that has moved on out the sea breeze as kick back in high pressure is going to start to build in the air in the next
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24 hours. but how about this kind of interesting here? next couple days, you've got high pressure building in, but we've got a very active system out there in the middle of the pacific and watch what happens at all that green right here. wilson will put into motion here. we get a lot of part of the week and how about that? because a spin off the coastline as we get into thursday and friday brings more clouds and temperatures going to drop a good, maybe 15, maybe 20 degrees or more in some parts of the bay area. and then as we get into saturday when this be something models once again trying to paint another chance at a few scattered sprinkles as we get the weekend that the meat a for a few more days to see if that happens. thank you, lawrence. jury selection in the kristin smart murder trial has started in monterey county, the cal poly student went missing 26 years ago while walking home from a party. >> paul flores now 45 years old is accused of killing smart during an attempted rape in his dorm room. his father, ruben flores, is believed to have helped his son hide the
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body. both have pleaded not guilty. the trial was moved to salinas after a judge ruled the suspects could not get a fair trial in san luis obispo. happening tomorrow in san jose. closing arguments begin for former theranos ceo coo and elizabeth holmes ex-boyfriend sunny baloney. >> holmes and ex-boyfriend were charged with the same 12 counts of fraud and conspiracy. but their trials were separated. one glaring difference between the 2 theron u.s. trials was that holmes testified for 6 days on the witness stand in her own defense while ball on a chose to remain silent. holmes was found guilty in january of defrauding fairness. investors. she will be sentenced in september and faces up to 20 years in prison. >> california say lawmakers today passed their version of the state budget. but debate continues between lawmakers and the governor on several issues, including relief promise to californians months ago. >> kron four's ashley zavala explains where everything
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stands. >> this again is a historic budget. california lawmakers monday sent the governor their version of the state's 300 billion dollar budget. 2 days ahead of their constitutional deadline of june 15th. but the state spending plan is not finished as negotiation continues with the governor on several items. >> republicans rejected noting the budget is incomplete. go tell the public and to purchase and say we've got a budget on time. >> can we told us it is such that we represent. what's in the budget. >> likely not state lawmakers have spent the last several weeks figuring out how to spend taxpayer dollars. that includes a historic nearly 100 billion dollar surplus. democrats applauded their budget. that would put a record amount of money to reserves. put 40 billion dollars toward infrastructure boost the state's funding formula for public schools. plus investments for housing and transportation. this is about not just this generation of california, but the next generation of californias to
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come. that's about. but republicans say the budget does not do enough to address the state's incoming crises, including drought, extreme wildfires strain on the electrical grid and a looming recession. state senator brian dolly who is running for governor, weighed in during the debate. stock markets taking some big hits. >> we're not going to see. surpluses like this. again, another unresolved piece of the state's financial puzzle, direct payments promised months ago to californians in response to rising gas prices and inflation in a budget related hearing monday, the legislature plan to move ahead with sending money based on income and family size. >> while newsom's administration told lawmakers it prefer sending money based on car ownership. this has been the same debate for months that despite administration looks forward to working with the assembly and the senate took come to a final budget agreement. the provides media and significant relief to californians in the face of rising costs. now it's still unclear when that line item will be resolved. the state's new fiscal year starts
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july first at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> still ahead, a 6 as food prices show no sign of slowing local food working harder than ever to keep families fed most difficult challenges they face.
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>> actor kevin spacey will face trial in london this week on charges that he sexually assaulted 3 men. the alleged incidents took place in london
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between 2005 2008 1 in western england. in 2013 prosecutors say spacey was question 3 years ago, but charges were only authorized last month. spacey issued a statement through a representative, the sent this statement to abc. in it. he maintained his innocence and welcome the opportunity to defend himself against the allegations. the women's basketball coach for the phoenix mercury said she expected an update from the state department on brittney griner today. >> the wnba players been detained in russia since february criner was stopped at an airport for having vape cartridges with traces of cannabis oil. she's accused of smuggling significant amounts of a na%cotic substance, which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. the state department has been trying to secure her release since it declared reiner is being wrongfully held. coming up next in sports, the stanford cardinal are heading to omaha for the college baseball world series. >> sports director jason dumas has the highlights. plus, an
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> checking in live from chase center. the energy in this building is palpable. i'm not going to lie. there was a tough act to follow in boston. it was really loud at td garden. i was kind of wonder what the atmosphere would be like when i got in that case.
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and it has not disappointed and the warriors, they rode that momentum of the fans and they're playing really well right now. they're winning 31 to 18 in the 2nd quarter. great start for klay thompson. great start for this warriors. defense and man, just going to be a good one for the rest of the way the warriors win tonight, of course, they will be just one win away from an nba championship. a lot on the line, as you know. and of course, we'll have updates from this game all night and all the postgame coverage you can handle. now, speaking of game 5 nba commissioner adam silver. he's attended every single nba finals game, but he could not attend tonight due to league health and safety protocols. he has covid-19. the league did not specify the exact results, but let you guys come to your own conclusion. silver would be here anyway. let's go to some college baseball. stanford
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hosting uconn super regional. the huskies. they jumped out to a 3, 3, nothing lead in the first innings. spend going down the left-field line for the bases, clearing double the cardinal. they got some work to do. all right. let's go to the bottom of the first cody hout. single up the middle 2 runs come in to score and just like that, it's tampered grabs that 3 to 2 lead. let's go to the 4th inning. they put this one to bed bases loaded. that is a grand slam. the cardinal celebrate attempt 5 when they go back to omaha for the college world series. opening game is saturday against arkansas. it's a whole lot of success in the bay right now. somewhat near stanford down to santa clara forty-niners quarterback trey lance. he's
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reportedly staying in the bay area for an extra week to get some extra practice reps in. voluntary mini-camp just concluded it. guess what? he wants more reps likely he will be the starting quarterback this year behind jimmy garoppolo. we don't know what's going to happen with jimmy garoppolo. he's been supposedly been on the trading block for the last year or so. so we'll see how that all shakes out. of course, lance, with the 3rd overall pick in the 2021 nfl draft and he is. staying in the bay area to get some reps. as waits to get his starting spot back. but hey, back here at chase center, we are on the 3rd floor by the budweiser legends club. a whole lot going on. we've got some new gear behind me. i need me. one of these pool party shirts. this is the newest one does come on looney looney. he's been the unsung hero for this golden state
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warriors team leads the nba postseason and offensive rebounds. that's all i have for sports. like i said, we will have reports on night from here. but for now, reporting from chase center, i'm jason dumas, us back to you guys. jason, how much are those teachers behind you? how much is the pool party shirt? >> that's a great question. let's look at it right now. how much is this pool? yes, and 35 home girl. whitney, how if people? they're 40 for 40 right, feel free to bring back some of you want. >> time and maybe maybe out flex my muscles. haha. all right. jason discount, but it landed jason. well, this friday kron and our parent company nexstar will celebrate our annual founder's day of caring. so every day this week we will shine the spotlight on the essential services which local food banks provide for
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our community. today, kron 4 sleep should all reports from the food bank of contra costa and solano. >> for more than 2 years in the pandemic in food city, in security continues to grow >> more than an hour before this drive-thru food distribution site opens cars line up in the parking lot outside the immaculate heart of mary church in hopefuls always great. i mean, it's really great. living on a fixed income in retirement. it's been challenging for matthew durkin and more than 200 families receiving produce from the food bank of contra costa and solano are in a similar boat helps run out money or you go to the grocery store and some is not there. >> you might be able to find it here. the food bank runs this distribution site twice a month, but it's trump's deliver feet in communities. 7 days a all year round when i was raising my kids, i didn't have and until recently, helen zimmer never had to rely on the food bank for nutrition. in fact, she used to volunteer
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for the organization. but as time has passed for life has become more expensive and her income that is not gas. everything. everything good coach opt for in the store gets a dollar more at the distribution. each family gets about. 25 pounds of the food passed out at each event is enough to be more than 900 people and demand is growing. overall, the food bank is serving about 60% more people a month now than it did before the pandemic. this drive-thru alone, we've seen. >> an increase of 10% each month since 2019 people. >> really? he is. and it's just the most wonderful thing that see when our community needs us. >> we're here for. >> and many of the people preparing and loading groceries are doing so out of the kindness of their hearts. in brentwood, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> monday evening, look outside tonight and looks a
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little hazy in this picture. you see the golden gate there in background as we look north. lawrence karnow standing by what's going on. it's you know, a busy night of basketball here in the bay area. first lot of folks watching the warriors game. but if you want to outside and enjoy the sunshine, you're going to enjoy a lot of sun out there all the way to the coast. no fog to speak of little breeze out there. >> as you look toward sfo right now in the off the coastline, you've got pattern out there. but high pressure going to sneak in here for another day or so. and that's going to warm up the temperatures in downtown tempe, cisco, probably some 70's tomorrow afternoon put on some 60's coast side, but will be fairly mild or no fog out of the beach. something for tomorrow. 70 millbrae 70 also in brisbane about 80 degrees in palo alto. 78 woodside, the south bay, 80's by tomorrow afternoon that some numbers of sneaking up probably in the low 90's. i think well inland. tomorrow afternoon, the tri valley, maybe a walnut creek in brentwood in discovery bay, seeing those temperatures move in the 90's, clear skies all around the bay area. that's the way it's going to stay tomorrow. and probably as we
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head in toward the following day 2 and then things really begin to change high pressure, going to weaken somewhat the clouds start to roll back in come thursday. those temperatures going to take a significant drop as we head into friday with a mixture of clouds. and yeah, a little bit of sunshine numbers as much as 20 degrees cooler heading (burke) a new car loses about ten percent of its value the minute you drive off the lot. or more. that's why farmers new car replacement pays to replace it with a new one of the same make and model. get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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>> with domestic airfares increasing as much as 30%. it may be cheaper to travel
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internationally. the travel booking platform hopper found several top destinations for american travelers. >> could be well within budget and in many cases even cheaper than flying in the united states. the survey found that international travel only increased by about 15% compared to 2019, the strength of the dollar also means you will likely be spending less money once you get to your destination. despite high inflation, you can also expect to pay more for hotels as demand grows, the ceo of hilton says the company expects to have the biggest summer it's ever seen. >> and hotel operators believe prices could get even higher. experts say 2 things are keeping demand high consumers wanting to spend money that they save during the pandemic and strong corporate revenues. marriott's ceo says hotel rooms are 25% more expensive than before the pandemic. >> this week marks a first for the golden state. the inaugural, california state parks week kicks off tomorrow. the state department of parks
6:57 pm
and recreation will host a series of in-person and virtual events honoring the state's 279 parks similar to national park week. california has the oldest state park system in the nation with 1.3 million acres, including more than 340 miles situated along the coastline. officials hope that this week encourages people to visit the golden state's great outdoors. celebration runs through saturday. we do have some beautiful. all we do the best. all right. that wraps up kron 4 news at 6. we'll see tonight at 8. have a nice evening, everybody.
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