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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 13, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> championship role. >> for the first time finals, a team wins back-to-back games and fortunately that team is the warriors. the dept, the boston a night at chase center to take a 3 games to 2 series lead. thank you so much for joining us tonight at 9, i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. the warriors now need just one more way to get another championship as the series now heads back to boston for game 6 on thursday. we have team coverage tonight on the big game. our jason dumas says inside chase center. there he is in our
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taylor. is live outside the arena at thrive city where fans have been going nuts. but we'll start with. >> jason and jason last game. it was the steph curry show. he put the team on his back this time. his teammates had his back. >> yeah, you're exactly right. this was actually the first time in steph curry's nba finals career that he failed to make a 3 pointer. but this is a team sport when the best player doesn't play well, a championship team. other people step up and tonight, andrew wiggins and klay thompson did just that. and for while grant in that 3rd quarter, when the celtics it 8 straight 3 pointers, you thought here we go again. this is reminiscent of game one. but guess what? it was a 3 pointer at the buzzer of the 3rd quarter. that kind of flip that momentum back in the warriors favor that will see in a second, like i said, well, first off, you see the chase center right now. this place was rocking tonight. td
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garden was a hard act to follow. but chase did its thing. here's that buzzer beater. i was mentioning earlier just completely snapped the momentum back after the celtics had taken a lead. klay thompson, as i mentioned, another big game. >> he knocked down some big shots in that 4th. and then. the capital affirmation on this one. andrew wiggins, he had himself a ball game. i don't have the box score from me. i believe those 26 points. 11 rebounds. andrew wiggins had himself a night and just to think when andrew wiggins came here, he had this reputation that he didn't play hard, that he underachieved. he's completely flip that reputation here in golden state, of course, winning cures. everything. the golden state warriors are just a better franchise from top to bottom. the minnesota timberwolves, that stability probably helped andrew wiggins. but man, this team, now they're just one win away from an nba championship in to
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think just a year ago, they didn't even make the playoffs the year before that they had the worst record in basketball and now they're one win away from being at the top of the mountain. have a chance to do it on the road in boston on thursday. it will be really hard. you know, those boston fans are going to be loud and proud as east coast. there grant you're an east coaster. you know, those boston fans, they have a lot of pride. so they're going to be allowed. but guess what, steph? klay dre. they've been here before. this was their 20th nba finals win, which is the most in nba history. they broke the record set by tim duncan. manu ginobili and tony parker. so a great night for warriors fans. just one more win and they'll be back on the top of the mountain geist. >> all right, jason, yeah, not going to be easy. but if we know anything about this team, they have heart gumption and they can do well, we'll see how it goes on thursday and then if needed back in chase
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on sunday for what would be a game. 7 say the couple cracks at it. appreciate j will see him later in the show. i so we go from inside to outside. send it over to taylor bisacky right center. taylor. >> i don't know you getting your that is the sound of the warriors win right now. and if there's any party in san francisco right now, this is the place to be at the right you can hear the band and see the band over playing the music just as always. it takes us back to those oracle days when they did the same thing over there. but you can see celebrations continue a lot of smiles walking out of the chase center tonight. so much much fun that people are heading out here and fans are, you know, ready for another championship. a lot of them talking about the next game in and winning in boston. now we take a look at some of thet video that we shot earlier. you'll see the moment that all
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the fans realize that we had officially won game 5 and taken back the series and out here is the right as we all watch the game ourselves. we were on our throughout the 3rd, the 3rd and 4th quarter fans, though they kept their hopes high the entire time. we spoke to some fans earlier, right, as we saw that when happened. here's what they had to say. >> i mean is exciting i'm just so glad we got this game a must-win game. and, you know, the celtics lost 2 in a row all postseason. so this was a huge win. even those that have off night, everyone stepped up. >> we can step up amazing game. and this is just such a fun experience. one win away from job to so win away from season long win 9.
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>> and the energy is still riding here high at ryde city. and i'll tell, you know, a lot of the fans, hundreds of them s4ill sticking around to celebrate with our fellow warriors fans. and that's the latest here live and thrive city. hopefully we'll see another hopeful when in the next game. now we're live and thrive. city taylor's front taylor, you know, want to turn around. it's all thank you, taylor. >> weather tite. >> this magical monday night live. look there at the golden gate bridge and those fans of a delightful weather celebrate don't say i want to be the taylor right they've got out
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there tonight. everybody. so excited and happy and >> what a neat. i'm out there to celebrate is a good night to be. i watching the games all well. not as much fun as taylor. that's sure. but enough, though, it looks like the weather, certainly a great night to continue that celebration. beautiful skies out there. how about that for a beautiful evening. the sun setting on the bay area. clear skies all the way the coastline. you can see the golden gate bridge out there right now. yeah, looking good out there as well. here's a look right from the bridge. you can see nice and clear. just a gentle breeze blowing outside. otherwise you're looking at a great night ahead. today's temperatures, were warm and spots yet. the 83 degrees in santa rosa. 82 in very nice and conquered 81 in livermore. a very nice sunny. 76 in san jose. 73 in oakland and clear skies and 67 degrees in san francisco just a little bit above the average temperatures out the door. those start to cool down near the coastline. got some 50's up toward the beaches. a lot of 60's with clear skies inside the base to hold on some 70's well inland. read
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one checking in at 76 degrees right now. 71 in pittsburgh and 70 degrees right now in concord. we're kind of in between systems here. you've got to want to push through over the weekend, brought those clouds and very muggy conditions across the bay area. precipitation out there as well. but now high pressure start to build in behind that system that up to clear out skies today and going to warm those temperatures up. i think for tomorrow to the sea breeze. yeah, blown right along the coastline. we've had some winds to 20 miles an hour plus, but more of northerly component kind of sneaking in now. and i think that's going to keep us for the most part, fog free. so high pressure taking over for tomorrow. and that is going to bring the warm weather right back into the bay area. in fact, some places inland probably sneaking into the hot side. you'll be back up in the 90's by tomorrow afternoon while on the coastline. you see sunshine. but temperatures just a little bit cooler. it's been hot, though, that dome of high pressure that brought us the hot weather this last week now making its way across the u.s. 103 in phoenix. but look at these temperatures about 98 degrees in chicago tomorrow
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about 91 in kansas city, 97 in nashville. so look at this very hot temperatures. you make your way east. well, we'll see the temperatures heating up a little bit here, but not so much is not going to be one of those deals where we get triple digit heat. high pressure is going to be building in overhead for tomorrow. keeping your skies mostly clear. as that ridge settles in. thank you for some nice weather all around the bay area for tomorrow. then we may be seeing some changes that we could see a return of some low clouds and fog. just a couple of patches co side as we get to wednesday. but overall, i think the temperatures looking good tomorrow plan and about 85 degrees in vallejo about 79 in oakland. 85 degrees in san jose. 73 downtown san francisco. you've got some 90's. well inland next couple days, keeping those temperatures up just a little bit above the average. then cooling down with more clouds on the way on thursday and friday. thanks well, we see goats all over the bay area this time a year now dealing with a >> fire mitigation issues and this heard about 450 goats
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part of this one help bring down the fire risk. jumping on that dry vegetation that has sprouted along hillside properties in oakland over the last several months. these guys are chuck's from one place to another during their annual visit to oakland. the herd is expected to clear roughly 900 acres in that area this year. and again, this goes on all over the bay. do a nice job at this point. indeed. also in the east bay hate crime investigation is underway after police say members of the proud boys the far right extremist group disrupted what they call drag queen storytime event at the library was geared towards children. alameda county sheriff's deputies say the group of men entered the library on saturday afternoon. they were shouting. >> homophobic, an anti lgbtq slurs. the host of the children's story program bay area drag queen panda dolce wrote about the incident on social media. she also sent us
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a statement that reads in part, quote, what happened in san lorenzo is merely the most recent link in a chain of premeditated homophobic and transphobic violence. and this event will be far from the last sunday afternoon. congressman eric swalwell who represents the district where it happened, responded on twitter saying in part, quote, these quote, proud boys are cowards and they have nothing to be proud of. he went on to say they're trying to bully the wrong people. we stand against hate in the east bay and this afternoon, castro valley pride held a rally outside the library in support of the lgbtq community. i first met heart. is there. >> the rally started with a group of just a few people but grew to a larger group. they were holding signs of support and waving flags. they tell me they wanted to counter a negative message with a positive one. the library is the public's library and the public really means everyone include the lgbt community.
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>> people honked their horns in support of a group rallying for the lgbtq community. castro valley pride leaders say they organized this rally to counter the message from a group of men that entered the library saturday afternoon. >> during drag queen story hour shouting homophobic, an anti lgbtq slurs. every family deserves an opportunity to to feel safe in their community. they feel safe to take their kids to to an event to building and we're not going to sit here and let some convoys come on and said it proud. boys are terrible. negative rubin. >> we had to come down here. billy bradford came out to support the rally. he says lgbtq people. >> are an important part of the community where your friends, your family, your neighbors, we're part of the fabric of this country and the people that would use their hate to divide us and bring us down. >> they won't last. there was one protester who stood across the street from the lgbtq support rally. >> he was at the national straight pride coalition. we
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have to fight for the but austin bruckner with castro valley pride says protesters give them even more reason to have a rally like this one, having a presence in our community and showing folks that you're okay here. you castro valley pride organizers tell me they will continue to support the lgbtq community any way they can. >> in san lorenzo amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> a carjacking in oakland's chinatown with the man who was dragged by his own vehicle. this is video from sunday outside the one key supermarket in it. you see a man get out of his car, but he leaves the engine running then another man gets into that car because to drive off with a car owner grabs onto his car, he is dragged before he does eventually finally let go. he suffered from some cuts and bruises, but he has survived. carl chan with oakland chinatown, chamber of commerce says older american adults are becoming more vulnerable to
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these kinds of crimes. >> basically, that's a finding that and east. talk it. and but one minority because i most of them may not be able to calling 9-1-1. >> chan credit an increased police presence with a drop in crime in oakland's chinatown. but says it's still happening and residents have to be aware and avoid actions that may put them at risk. >> yet another small businesses fallen victim to burglary. it happened over the weekend. this skate shop in oakland suspect he's a torch to heat the glasses we've seen before. now the owners of the skate shop say. >> the community is stepping in to help them out. but the thief is still roaming the street our for sale. so the money and talk with the owners. he joins us now live in the newsroom with their story. grant for friends open 8 ball skate shop near lake merritt last spring. it's been a pretty smooth ride going into business together up until this sunday. >> the co-owner who you see in this video tells me that at
9:15 pm
around 4.20, in the morning, a guy broke into their store on 15th street between webster in harrison. the thief heated up the front door with a torch, as you said, and then threw something at the door to shatter the glass. well, that set off an alarm. so he backed off only to come back again about 40 minutes later to finish what he started when the thief got in. he managed to swipe an ipad, some skate boards and clothing and about 3 trips to and from his truck. so take a look. it's a white flatbed with either a burgundy or brown attachment on top. pretty specific. and although we can't see the guy's face, he was wearing red shoes, black pants, a light gray sweater and a gray baseball cap with a black crossbody bag. the owners say they don't really recognize him, but they do want to recognize the generous community who stepped in to help them out by donating funds and sending the merge. >> financially and morally. a little we'll get into it right
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now for the community. we actually set up a gofundme. and we're getting a lot of people who actually helping which is amazing. >> so somebody walking by actually ended up calling the police first to report the burglary. apparently the thief trying to hit up another business just across the street before ending up targeting a fall. so anyone who spots a truck or the suspect is asked to call opd and if you need another look, we're going to be posting this up on kron 4 dot com live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank you. ella. >> san jose girl meanwhile, is recovering tonight after she was shot in the back with a pellet gun. 15 year-old john of a rally was shot friday while walking home from the ball. she says the doctors thought that her wound was just a little shallow cut at first. but then a follow-up x-ray revealed the bullet was in one of her lungs, which had collapsed. >> there wasn't that much it
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just kind of like hit me. and i didn't really understand what happened are like, oh, my god, there's a bull in your long your lungs collapsed. and then they operated on me. >> yikes. san jose police say they are investigating 2 other pellet gun shootings. both of which happened on friday. the 42 year-old a woman in one of the cases was shot in a parking lot of a walmart. the one on stevens creek boulevard. and he also had a 9 year-old girl who was shot in the back near the westgate mall >> the alameda police department sent out a warning about a dangerous tiktok challenge that can seriously hurt somebody. it's called the orbeez or splatter ball challenge and it calls for people to shoot at bystanders with water pellets from airsoft guns. i mean, you can't tell me the police say they responded to a call about a group of teens shooting each other and luckily nobody was hurt police nationwide have seen reports of pellets
9:18 pm
striking victims in the eyes causing other injuries and raising community concerns. police are asking parents to have thoughtful conversations with their kids about the danger and possible consequences are participating in those internet challenges. >> a traffic stop helped santa clara county sheriff's deputies take guns and ammo off the streets. officers say they found 2 loaded guns and more than 1000 rounds of ammo along with a baton. and i'm a lot of money and body armor. the suspect was booked into the santa clara county main jail and a man suspected of shooting and killing his wife in stockton has been arrested in nebraska. 52 year-old sergio munguia, the san joaquin sheriff's office says move fled to nebraska. police say he was founded arrested after he got pulled over for running a stop sign and a records check showed that he had a warrant out for homicide is now waiting to be extradited.
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>> well, today the house select committee held their second day of public hearings on the january 6 riots. and today we learned that despite being told he had lost the election by his top aides, former president trump continued to say that he had one with no evidence to back that up. we also learned that he allegedly used that lie to defraud his own supporters. former attorney general bill barr said that he left the administration because he couldn't fight all the lies that the former president was telling about the election. >> it was an avalanche of all these allegations of that built up over a number of days. and it was like playing whac-a-mole because something would come one day and the would be another issue. also, i was influenced by the fact that will be early that i understood. >> we're we're completely bogus and silly. and usually based on complete misinformation. >> the committee also presented evidence showing the
9:20 pm
former president defrauded his own supporters by receiving some 250 million dollars in donations for a so-called election defense fund. but instead of using the donations for election-related matters, the money the trump campaign raised actually went to other things like. trump's hotels. m% according to the committee. today's hearing was just the second one in several more sessions are expected to come. our first justine waltman got some insight and analysis into how the proceedings are going. >> the january 6 committee in its second public hearing tried to show a divided white house, according to political analyst michael yaki. i never thought that. >> there would be 2 teams to the white house medical team, normal one called team crazy that he was little shocking when they talk about people question. believe that trump may could have won the election and those who are saying them, but he really wasn't with new testimony. the committee tried to show former
9:21 pm
president trump aligned himself with people who would tell him only what he wanted to hear like former mayor rudy giuliani followed the course recommended. >> and apparently inebriated rudy giuliani to just claim he won. the big lie was also a big ripoff video clips also showed this former white house advisor. >> was against trump's voter fraud claims. i said to him, are you out of here? >> mind. >> could i only want to hear 2 words coming out of your mouth for now on. orderly >> santa barbara, the committee is trying to show trump went with the stolen election theory even when he knew he had lost says san jose state's political science lecturer donna and i think that state of mind is is something that the department of justice especially will be looking at in order to be convicted of criminal
9:22 pm
offenses. you have to do the deed and you have to have meant to do the deed. >> there are more public hearings this week on wednesday and thursday. we will bring them to you live right here. >> on kron 4 in the newsroom. i'm justine waltman kron. 4 news. >> california lawmakers have passed their version of the state budget. but many of the big details still need to be worked out. the legislature passed the 300 billion dollar plan just 2 days ahead of the deadline. negotiations continue on several items, including how to spend the nearly 100 billion dollars in surplus. >> the stock market's taking some big hits. we're not going to see. >> surpluses like this again, this is about not just this generation of california, but the next generation of californias to come. >> democrats want to spend tax rebates based on income and family size. the governor prefer sending a top high gas based rebate to car owners. straight ahead, the hot market
9:23 pm
for homes is cooling down. why home sales are on the decline. >> also, how eye exams can help detect the risk for heart attacks will explain there. attacks will explain there. and why stretching that last when a truck hit my son, attacks will explain there. and i had so many questionst about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. >> but thing about taking the risk of running out of gas before stopping to fuel up. you might want to think again, triple a representative explains why trying to stretch that last gallon of gas or
9:26 pm
tablespoon gas is really not worth the risk. but first visit with you has details. >> we all know that gas prices are dizzyingly high here in the bay yeah, for i just came back from a trip from arizona and gust. there was too so much cheaper than here waiting to feel up with the warning. light appears on your gas gauge. could it a situation like this? in the 1st quarter of 2021? aaa received 153,000 service calls for drivers being out of january. april of this year, we saw 194,000. so we've seen more triple a spokesperson. john treanor says that aaa attributes the bulk of the increase gas related service calls to more folks getting back on the road in the wake of the pandemic. >> but he cautions any drivers from risky running out of gas by trying to stretch the fuel to the limit between filling
9:27 pm
up. well, that little light might be a warning that you only have a gallon or so left. you want to fill up. it's not a now's the time to fill mark the way for that light to go on. don't push it to the next gas station. that is the situation for some folks here in the bay area. i found 2 drivers on empty here at this chevron station in south san francisco. >> i was actually supposed to get gas on friday, i had to go home. so i waited to today to get well, i tend to push it to, you know, i have a thing comes on and says reserve feel when i'm there now, you know, within 10 miles or so, i could even though californians could not escape paying the highest gas prices in the country. >> the cost of repairing your vehicle due to running out of gas is something that can be avoid it. >> think about your car in the long run. think about the cost of getting a new fuel pump or repair the damage. a cost of a cost for service in the most important thing time. think about how much time it will be spending. if you break down
9:28 pm
the side of the roadway for cash. >> has it made you kron? 4 news? >> next, a mcdonald's look alike goes live in. russia will hear about the compan when it comes to cybersecurity, the biggest threats don't always strike the biggest targets. so help safeguard your small business with comcast business securityedge™ it's advanced security that continuously scans for threats and helps protect every connected device. the choice is clear. get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. so you can be ready for what's next. get started with a great deal on internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2 -year price guarantee. call today.
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>> an agreement has been reached by the group of senators working on gun safety legislation. yeah, the bill includes mental health resources improvements to school safety and prevents the mentally ill from buying
9:31 pm
firearms. kron four's basil. john reports now on how lawmakers think this will help address the issue plaguing our country. >> the most significant piece of anti gun violence legislation in nearly 30 years. how do we keep our children safe? west virginia democrat joe manchin in connecticut, democrat chris murphy are part of the bipartisan group of senators with a new proposal for gun safety. we are very proud to have an agreement. between 10 republicans and 10 democrats. the bill provides funding for school safety and mental health resources and of enhanced review process for gun purchases made by anyone under the age of 21. we'll check the juvenile records to make sure there's no serious crimes or serious mental capacities. they may have been dealing with that. we didn't know about the bill also encourages states to create laws allowing the removal of guns from judge says are a danger to themselves or
9:32 pm
others. >> law abiding gun owners will not be subject to any new restrictions. >> the biden administration says the framework is a good step forward. the president is going wants to see congress act. he wants to see this on his desk. many democrats like virginia senator tim kaine say the plan doesn't go far enough but are still offering their support. we shouldn't really be thinking about next steps until we get this thing done send a powerful senators hope to get this legislation on the floor in the coming weeks. >> reporting in washington, i'm basil, john. >> wednesday marks the 10th anniversary of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program known as dhaka. the program protects migrants from deportation who were brought to the u.s. as children. but dhaka is only a temporary program. democrats are calling on congress to find a legislative solution to permanently protect migrants. but republicans are not on board arguing any immigration bill congress takes up needs
9:33 pm
to also focus on securing the border last year. a u.s. federal judge in texas ruled the docket is illegal. the ruling prevents the department of homeland security from approving new dhaka applications but allows current recipients to continue to reapply every 2 years. >> 3 months after mcdonald's suspended operations in russia, a new russian own replacement restaurants have reopened. >> the fast food chain is been renamed, but the cha ge still uses a sullen, a similar. >> logo and store layout. hundreds of people crowded moscow's pushkin square to attend one of 15 grand openings, mcdonald's and its service in russia earlier this year as a protest over the nation's military operation in ukraine. the new owners plan to open 200 branches by the end of this month. 62,000 former mcdonald's employees were also retained. >> the real estate market is seeing some big changes. redfin releasing figures today
9:34 pm
showing a dramatic flattening of sales kron four's terisa stasio was in the east bay today and she got some details on this. she reports from pleasant hill. >> i'm here off of taylor road in pleasant hill. the sale pending sign is out on this property. i just spoke with the listing agent and he agrees with the findings by redfin. for example, the data shows that the market was up only 3% over last year's numbers. it is the slowest growth rate since june of 2020. >> declining budgets and higher mortgage rates are the 2 main reasons. analysts say for the flat numbers. >> inflation is shrinking, available resources to get into a new home. real term are cross dives deeper into the issue for us. >> the market's going to change is a confluence of events with the raising interest rates like the fed will do tomorrow. concerns about inflation in the economy. it also sellers are certainly see. the market has changed is more inventory. but
9:35 pm
buyers are going to pull back a little bit wonder if this is going to be a repeat of 2000. it. so he's going to be a little bit of a it's not could be a repeat of 2008. there's going to be the fall off on the market is going to dissipate there's still going to be a lot of interest in purchasing a home, but it's going to be dampened. it's going to change buyers to have a little better opportunity. so those are probably advise that they want to sell it. it's a time. >> while mark ross as concerns at a large market shakeup such as what happened in 2008 may not happen again. there are some concerns locally and nationally about a recession and that maybe playing a factor in this new market as well. this market is. >> shannon, really different than most other markets have ever been in my 40 years doing this. but there's still a great to me price fair and you get a good return on it. buyers shouldn't expect the prices are going to drop, you know, 10 to 20%, maybe 5,
9:36 pm
maybe 8% in some areas. >> the high-end market is going to change a little bit more than that. but the regular into global market, mid-level market is going to be some reduction that is that going to be as great as it was in >> here in pleasant hill, kron, 4 news and in the north bay, sonoma county supervisors extended a moratorium on new permit applications for vacation rentals like air bnbs for up to a year. officials say that a growing number of houses in sonoma county are being rented out his vacation homes. one person in favor of ending the freeze on new permit application says that the moratorium will do nothing to stop illegal rentals. now supervisors will have another year to consider new zoning requirements that will also address issues like parking and wildfire risks. >> well, it's last full week of spring. we've got a little heat coming your way and a major cool down to will explain. coming up next. plus, it was not another epic steph
9:37 pm
curry performance. but andrew wiggins. a career game for clay at some key shots, draymond stepped up. the fans loved it and the warriors brought force with sports director jason dumas live at chase. he has highlights and reaction from the big game 5 tonight.
9:38 pm
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> and now kron 4 sports.
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>> on a night where draymond green steph curry and klay thompson became the winningest trio in nba finals. history. the warriors are just one win away from winning their 4th nba championship in the last 8 years in the crowd at chase center brought it tonight. let's roll the highlights and see how it all went down. steph curry said about draymond green before this game high. i q guys usually figure it out and guess what dream. i figured it out. early on. he fakes the handoff gets the dunk. smirking at the crowd aggressive should stand. is andrew wiggins night fade away jumper over derrick white. >> warriors up 11 after one. let's go to the 2nd quarter. the warriors defense. they had the clamps on all night bp to get the steal ahead to staff to wiggins who finishes in transition. 49, 38 warriors.
9:41 pm
now. how about steph curry with the dry circus shot off the glass step at 10 points in the 1st half. but will we get to let them with 16 points dug up by 12 at the break. but the celtics they came out strong in the 3rd. jason tatum. he hits the 3. we get them within 2. he's yelling at the chase center crowd shortly after al horford. it's reminiscent game one. the celtics made 8 straight threes after missing their first 12 late in the 3rd jalen brown finishes with the left and the foul celtics go up to. but this is the play that snapped the momentum back for golden state. jordan poole hits the trey. the bank is open at the buzzer. tongue out for the fans for years. go up one into the fore. how about clay marcus? smart goes down. he knocks down the 3 pointer.
9:42 pm
klay thompson had 21 points on the night. celtic start to unravel a little right here. jordan poll sells the marcus smart. lets the refs hear about it. and marcus smart gets teed up right there. now, more weekend across the lane. beautiful floater dumped up 11. how about a little pediatric draymond trying to get the ball from jason tatum. him gp to follow tatum into the huddle. this was the exclamation point. andrew wiggins with the dunk wiggins. had himself a night. 26 points. 13 rebounds. 2 steals to assist. going get he's coming into his own. he had been easily the second best player in this series for the warriors after the game. steve kerr had nothing but high praise for andrew wiggins. >> i think throughout the playoffs you know, he's
9:43 pm
rebounded and well i think it's just a sense of, you know, what's needed and as and on this team where he's got veteran guys who are are, you know, helping him to understand what we need from him and he's using his in a lot of different ways and he's just he's just been fantastic. not just in this series, but throughout the playoffs. >> alright, the dubs were the only show in town tonight. stanford playing in the super regional championship game hosting uconn uconn jumped out to a 3 o lead in the first inning. ben humor goes down the left-field line and another to cardinal looking like you're in some trouble. but bottom of the answer, 2 runs come in to score and just like that stamper, it grabs the lead. 43 4th inning. put
9:44 pm
this one to bed bases loaded hops. grand slam. now that is the way to send your steam to omaha, nebraska, for the college world series. stanford winds 10 to 5 big play on saturday against arkansas in their opener. all right. before we get out of here, trey lance. he has decided to stay in santa clara over the next week or so even after mandatory mini camp. and it he will continue to practice at the niners hq. get some reps up with his teammates. that is the type of leadership you want to see from qb one in all signs point to him being qb one. yes, i know jimmy garoppolo is still on this roster, but he is on the trading block. all signs point to trey lance being the future of this franchise. but let's bring it back out here to chase center. this was the main, course, tonight warriors
9:45 pm
get the win. they're now just one win away from an nba championship. seems like a crazy thing to say. 2 years ago, worse record in the nba last year. didn't even make the playoffs a lot of adversity. but now they're standing. there did just got a bus that door open. how sweet would it be to do so in boston and have bill russell hand them. the larry o'brien trophy in an arena where he won so many championships for the boston celtics. boy, would that be nice? more win. that game is on 3rd day. of course, we'll have continuing coverage leading up to that game on thursday. i take off for boston on wednesday morning. we'll have all the action you can handle right here on kron 4 sports. but that's all i have chase center will be back at the top of the hour. >> stay with us. you want it all, just like i do... well now there's a new way to save with xfinity.
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>> for your help tonight, researchers in scotland they have discovered a way to detect risk of a heart attack through a routine eye exam. they found the retinal imaging can help them look closer at veins in the eyes, which can predict heart attacks up to 5 years in advance. the scientists were able to determine genetic risks related to heart attacks. based off of these images, along with factors like bmi and blood pressure, signs of other illnesses like a stroke were also detected. the study shows that eye doctors could
9:49 pm
potentially give heart related advice to patients if they detected unusual behavior in their target has issued a nationwide recall for a pair of kids pajamas that >> could be burn hazards. the item call the jack the cat and jack unicorn. cozy pajamas set and you see it here features the blacktop and ivory bottoms with pictures of unicorns and stars. however, apparently they pose a burn risk because the pj's do not meet flammability standards. nobody's been injured. but if you have these pajamas, you are being encouraged to take them back to target for a full refund after. >> one e 7 years of service, microsoft is packing up internet explore. the tech company launched the browser back in 1990, 95. is it add-on package for windows? 95 at one point in the early 2, thousands, if you recall, it
9:50 pm
was the most popular web browser. but over time after its user base started to decline drastically. it became the browser that you used to install other browsers. the company says the will be completely phased out on june 15th to incorporate its replacement. microsoft edge. >> some of us are old enough to remember early thousands. you know? i yeah, weather time here city hall, yellow and blue for the dup's. what a game. it was 9. yeah. beautiful night out there. a lot of folks probably still celebrating out of cheese. >> this why not? i mean, we just got some beautiful conditions all around the bay area. high pressure building over head. i think the next couple days we're going to warm these temperatures up nicely. kind topsy-turvy, though, this week ahead. you've got a ridge of high pressure trying to build in off the pacific at the same time, you can see thing still pretty active out there in the pacific, unusually active for this time of year. but here we go. i think we put this in motion. you'll notice that sea
9:51 pm
breeze is going to be more of a northerly sea breeze overnight tonight. and that should keep most of that fog away. and so we're going to wake up tomorrow morning with mostly clear skies even along the coastline, maybe a hint of a patch or 2 of fog, but not much. and then it looks like we're off and running with some nice temperatures by the afternoon. low forecast this work. it's fascinating. of course we had that weak system move through over the weekend. that's moved on out high pressure trying to sneak its way in here. you get the ark of that ridge starting to settle in across california, bringing a nice clear skies for tomorrow. it's warm temperatures to go along with that. then all of a sudden things begin to weaken a bit. and all of a sudden this low begins swirling off the coastline. how about that as we get into thursday and friday that is going to drop the temperatures a good 10, maybe 20 degrees running well below the average. i think as we head into thursday and friday and this next weekend. look at this. how about that models once again trying to bring at least a chance of light sprinkle in the bay area will keep our fingers crossed for that. that's a long way out in the forecast. meantime,
9:52 pm
though, high-pressure going to kind of settle in for tomorrow. a plan on some nice weather all around the bay area. warm temperatures to go along with that, too, specially away from the coastline up toward the beaches. me rather mild. but get inside the bay looking very nice overnight lows going to be mainly in the 50's tomorrow. we're off and running on a clear day and temperatures will be soaring in the 60's and 70's in the san francisco. a lots of 60's out toward the immediate coastline as you get inside the bay. 71 in burlingame, 69 in south san francisco about 80 in san carlos. 82 in redwood city and lots of 80's filling up the south bay by tomorrow afternoon. going to be a little bit hot spots inland, not real scorching hot, but still about 90 degrees and live more. but 89 in pleasanton 90, a walnut creek, 89 in danville about 89. also in san ramon, oakland, checking in with a sunny 79. and as you head through the bay, those temperatures to be running the 80's and some 90's well inland but should be nice and clear by tomorrow afternoon and out along the coastline, beautiful day out toward the beaches. those temperatures generally in the 60's. 91, though, a
9:53 pm
little bit hot in the center of next couple days will keep things a little bit toasty as we get in toward thursday and friday. those temperatures really cooling down. and that be something having that every every it's funny how sick leak weather can be sometimes. but we've got this little weak system coming in. it will be a lot cooler. at least okay. >> steer saying maybe rain. >> i say maybe a sprinkle drizzle. yeah. that translates as he i mean, we had like 300 and this last one. so, yes, ok, cool. we'll take it ok? >> thanks. we'll be right back.
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
looks like a wolf kaye
9:56 pm
also looks like a nobody knows. but it is exactly i can see. texas officials want your help figuring out what's going on. gerald bailey has the story. look at this. it's an image the city of amarillo posted online surveillance cameras at the amarillo zoo caught a bizarre figure lurking in the dark in the early morning hours on may. 21st. >> city officials say this image resembling a wolf. ma'am, is real. and they're confused by the mysterious appearance. they're so confused. they are asking for the public's help to figure out what it is posting on social media. is it a person with a strange had who likes to walk around at night a chupacabra or what in the unidentified amarillo object?
9:57 pm
could it be in the community is come up with some interesting answers ranging from sonic the hedgehog and rocket raccoon from the guardians of the galaxy to a young where wolf. all like somebody just put a. >> you we're at halftime, a guy. i guess. we may never know. may never know. but we'll keep you posted for sure. that wraps up 4 news at 9. but there's a lot more news coming up in the next hour. yeah, that's just in. amarillo can. here are the lookahead kron. 4 news at 10. the big foot's long-lost cousin who knows right behind you there, mister. it goes on and on and on. grant. vicki, thank you both. >> coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 10 taking a stance against hate. >> community in the east bay came together today after a far right extremist group rated a drag queen of plus,
9:58 pm
the warriors are celebrating their first back-to-back win in the nba finals. and this time they did it without relying completely on staff. >> alright, kylen mills will join us live from chase center of the highlights of tonight's fun game. what's next? the from 4 news at 10 next. manhood looks different from guy to guy. but when yours bends in a different direction, you might feel bothered by it. so talk to a urologist. because a bend in your erection might be peyronie's disease or pd.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. on season law.


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