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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 13, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. on season law.
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>> one win away. >> haha now at 10 detonation is pumped up. the warriors beat the celtics at home tonight. the final score one '04 to 94 that he now just one win away from the nba championship title. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. i want that guy still has his voice with their a game 5 when the dubs are also making history. >> as the first team to win back-to-back games in the nba finals. kron four's kylen mills at chase center with highlights from quite a game. kylen. >> hey, guys, it was quite the game. what an impressive team win for the golden state warriors. they shot just 22% from 3. their star steph curry didn't make a single triple this entire game for the first time in 211 games. still, the words found a way to get it done in to beat the celtics head coach steve kerr said defense was the key for the
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worst. tonight they held the celtics to less than 100 points for the second straight game in this series. however, boston won a major 3rd quarter run, making 8 straight threes will grabbing the lead. golden state didn't waver. they responded by locking down on defense, forcing 9 celtics turnovers down the stretch. shooting guard klay thompson was critical for the warriors weathering that push from boston making 16 of his 21 points in the 2nd half. however forward andrew wiggins was outstanding. the entire game he finished with 26 points and 13 rebounds. both team highs. he also played physical defense often tasked with containing celtic stars, jason tatum and jaylen brown. here's reaction from his teammates on performance. >> for what andrew did in i i mean, if we don't get you don't we don't get more excited. then when ways dunks on somebody's mean mugs and that that really uplifts the whole team and the bay area and i mean, jordan poole is
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coach carey paying the second? i mean, i go to a list. we just had. contributions from coal roster. >> all of the warriors players were asked in postgame about what it means and how they feel being just one win away from an nba championship. they all said we've been here before 2016. we're not going to get ahead of ourselves. this series now heads to boston for game 6 on thursday and closing this one out against a very talented celtics team is not going to be easy. live at chase center kylen mills kron. 4 news. all right. cuyler more from you later. thank you. deb fans, of course, have gathered outside chase center, kept the celebration going their party and kron four's dan zack e was in thrive city and has more from the fans there. >> hundreds of fans are sticking around here and drive city outside of the chase center to celebrate that win game 5. and as you can see, this is the place to be after that win in san francisco. when you take a and that's what you'll see that the band
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is performing. fans are dancing. fans are singing and we're having a great time outside here at drive 5 of this series celebrations remain high out here at drive. city energy fans are hyped up and let me tell you, they are bringing the energy back for game 6. now we spoke to some fans earlier just as the warriors at one. this is what they had to say. >> what is so exciting i'm just so glad we got this game a must-win. you know, the celtics lost 2 in a row all postseason. so this was a huge win. even those that have been off night, everyone stepped up. >> we can step up mazin game. and this is just such a fun experience. one win away from job to so win away from season
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long win now the warriors will head back to boston for game number 6. if you missed all the action here at thrive city are inside the chase center for game 5. no worries. there will be a watch party here on thursday for game number 6. >> at drive city and also inside the chase center. but another reminder got to pre-register for that. and you'll also have to pay to get inside. twenty-five dollars for that watch party. >> that's the latest here at drive city on taylor's sacking kron. 4 news. >> taylor, thank you. well, coming up later in this hour, more highlights from this game and what we can expect from the dubs as they head to boston for game 6 are sports anchor jason dumas, us. we'll cover it all in tonight's hoop session at 10. 45? >> when teams to because the warriors, there's blue on the skyline as we and blue and yellow, blue and gold at city hall tonight as the city
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celebrates a big win tonight. that's right, lauren. so you have to bring the right weather. oh, man. it was been what a day and one evening around the bay area to celebrate that victory and be up for probably still is still celebrating right now at chase center. clear skies all the way the coastline now, that's what's going to stay overnight tonight for the most part of the exception, maybe a patch duval not mean much. we see it all out toward the golden gate bridge. a beautiful evening. they're kind of quiet across the golden gate bridge to temperature wise. you've got 50's out along the coastline but to get inside the bay very comfortable 60's out there right now. and some places still upper 60's like concord and pittsburgh. even 70's in the brentwood, 69 sailing and 64 degrees. very nice and comfortable in santa rosa. kind of between systems. we have this one week system move through over the weekend, brought a lot of clouds, some drizzle, some measurable drizzle out there across parts of bay area, light precipitation. but now high pressure begin to build in still a very active pacific out. they're going to be interesting. i think as we get in toward the latter part of the week. but right now, more of a northerly component. see
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the arrows here. more of a northerly north north westerly component right now along the coastline. so that's going to keep your skies mostly clear overnight tonight and then we're off and running with looks like some very nice weather by tomorrow afternoon. high pressure going nuts its way in here for tomorrow. that will bring some warm temperatures all across the board, a mild along the coastline. and then you start to get a little bit hot inland. you'll be in the upper 80's low 90's, the warmer spots there. otherwise some very nice comfortable temperatures around the bay area plan on about 77 degrees in hayward, 79 in oakland. you're looking about 82 and sunny in fremont. 73 degrees and sunny in san francisco about 82 redwood city. some of the valleys, though, still going to be on the toasty side. we're going to sneak up to maybe about 90 degrees in concord, about 90 in livermore. get the idea a little bit, the host in those spots. otherwise it's a very comfortable weather. but this kind of a topsy-turvy week ahead. we're going to start out of the warm side this the last week of spring. we're going get some really extreme weather near the end of the week and some much cooler temperatures. we'll talk about
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that in a few minutes last week of i know. all right, lawrence will touch you later, ok? well, this is just into our newsroom tonight. oakland police need the public's help in finding this woman. >> who suffers from dementia? this is 63 year-old cheryl lane. police say she was last seen about 2.30, this afternoon in the area of 13th avenue and east 34th avenue. she is believed to be walking without any shoes is barefoot. she's where they believe he's wearing a tanned some hat and a burgundy sweatshirt. anyone with more information is asked to contact oakland police as soon as possible. >> another small businesses fallen victim to a burglary over the weekend. this time was a skate shop in the thief, used a torch to eat the glass. it's a technique we've seen before. and now the owners of skate shop say that the community has stepped in to help them out. but the thief is still roaming the streets.
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grapplers ella sogomonian talk with the owners. she joins us live from our newsroom tonight with their story. l a. >> ken and pam for friends opened a fall skate shop near lake merritt last spring. >> it's been a pretty smooth ride going into business together up until this past sunday. the co-owner who you see in this video tells me that at around 4.20, in the morning, a guy broke into their store on 15th street between webster in harrison. the thief heated up the front door with a torch, as you mentioned, then threw something at it to shatter the glass. well, that set off an alarm. so he backed off only to come back about 40 minutes later to finish what he started when the thieves got in. he managed to swipe an ipad, some skate boards and closing in about 3 trips to and from his truck. take a look at some white flatbed with either a burgundy or brown detachment at the top. pretty specific. and although we really couldn't see the guys face, there is also a picture of him wearing red shoes, black pants, a light gray sweater and a great baseball cap with a black
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crossbody bag. the owners don't really recognize him. they wonder if he's ever come in before, but they do want to recognize a generous community. chris stepped in to help them out by donating both funds and sending the merchandise. >> financially and morally. a little we'll get into it right now for the community. we actually set up a gofundme. and we're getting a lot of people who actually helping which is amazing. >> somebody walking by called police to report that burglary. apparently the thief tried to hit up another business just across the street before targeting a ball. anyone who spots that truck or the suspect is asked to call opd and if you need another look, we're posting this up to kron 4 dot com live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news thank you. >> san jose girl is recovering tonight after 3 days in the hospital. intensive care unit.
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she was taken there after being shot in the back with a pellet gun. tna really was shot on friday while she was walking home from valley fair mall kron 4 nesbit sat down with the 15 year-old to find out exactly what happened. >> yeah. welcome home. >> they're just very kind message. the signs of love and support. we're sitting on john of it or at least front porch monday afternoon. very kind messages when she returned home from or 3 days in the icu at santa clara valley medical center. before my pain was like in 8 out of 10, it was really difficult for ambulance ride to the hospital happened friday after she was shot in the back with a pellet gun by a person driving by her near the valley fair mall. when i was shot, there wasn't that much it just kind of like. >> hit me. and i didn't really understand what happened. the 15 year-old says doctors thought it was just a shallow cut at first. but a follow-up x-ray revealed more in there like, oh, my god, there's a bull in your long. your lungs
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collapsed. >> and then they operated on me. a collapsed lung, fractured rib and a lot of pain. her dad, michael, that really says he found out at the hospital how common incidents are with pellet guns at santa clara valley medical center. the divulge that there. that was the 4th victim that day at that hospital. so i would imagine there's much more san jose police would not comment on the number of victims or police reports filed friday. >> only that a detective has been assigned to release incident but no suspects at this time. this one says likes a strong. she's feeling better during her first day home. but with some help from her parents getting around wanting the shooter to know the seriousness of the pellet gun, they were using. the bullet was literally an inch from my heart. it could kill me. >> hoping others will be spared the same pain in san jose. rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> and in fact, san jose police say they are investigating 2 other pellet gun shootings. both happened on friday. a 42 year-old woman was shot in the parking lot of a walmart on stevens creek
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boulevard. and a 9 year-old girl was shot in the back near the westgate mall. the alameda police department sent out a warning about a dangerous tiktok challenge that can seriously hurt somebody. >> it's called the orbeez or spider ball challenge the calls for people to shoot it. bystanders with water pellets from airsoft guns. alameda police say they responded to a call about a group of teenagers shooting each other and fortunately nobody was hurt in that incident. police nationwide have seen reports of pellets striking victims in the eyes causing other in treason, raising some concerns. police are asking parents to have some conversations with their children about the dangers and possible consequences of participating in internet challenges. >> oakland police are investigating a carjacking that happened in chinatown. video shows a man dragged by someone in his vehicle as kron four's. dan kerman tells us the head of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce is warning those who live in the area.
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>> on sunday afternoon, just before one a man seen here in this video gets out of his car in front of the one key supermarket in oakland's chinatown, but leaves the motor running and i'm never would have. we believe that, you know, he would be a big time because it was so many people in too. >> area. and, you know, not maybe take 10, 15 seconds to loading up the 87 rice who is caught. >> but in those seconds, another man gets into his car and begins to drive off. the driver, grabs onto his car and is dragged before he eventually. let's go. the driver suffered cuts and bruises but survived. this is a it's more than get karl chan with the oakland chinatown, chamber of commerce is warning those in his community, the minorities and the elderly are continuing to be targeted. >> most of them, they realize that, you may go bust, don't speak out people monday and they think that, you know, we are not strong enough to defend ourselves and all screaming they know. but i
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call and try to get access to language. it's a late channe who provided this video showing the suspect walking past the market just waiting for his opportunity. >> says cities must make it easier to get 9-1-1. operators who speak the language of the victim. he also says there must be greater consequences for those who prey on these communities until that time, he says the community must take extra steps to protect themselves. moment of doubt up patrols, volunteers, all, you know, police presence. we still need to be very, very involvement. so pay attention. dan kerman kron, 4 news. happening tomorrow in san jose. closing arguments begin for former theranos coo and elizabeth holmes ex-boyfriend sunny balwani. >> home center ex boyfriend were charged with the same 12 counts of fraud and conspiracy. but their trials were separated. one difference between the 2 thermals trials was that holmes testified for
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6 days on the witness stand in her own defense while along chose to remain silent, holmes was found guilty in january of 2 friday. theranos investors. she will be sentenced in september and faces up to 20 years in prison. >> the fda is one step closer to approving the first covid vaccine for children under the age of 5. federal regulators say doses of pfizer's covid vaccine appeared to be safe and effective for younger children. a panel of outside experts will vote on wednesday on whether to approve the shots for 18 million of the nation's youngest children last week. the fda cleared moderna's shots for children under age 6. if regulators clear the shots by one or both of the companies, vaccinations could begin as soon as next week. >> as the investigation into the u.s. baby formula shortage continues. newly obtained records show the 3 biggest manufacturers. we're never inspected during twenty-twenty. according to the associated press,
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thousands of routine annual inspections were canceled in 2020 because of the pandemic. when regulators visited the abbott nutrition plant in michigan after a two-year gap, they say they found standing water and lack sanitation procedures, but they did not issue any warnings instead offering voluntary suggestions they returned 5 months later, one for babies suffered bacterial infections after consuming powdered formula from that plant that led to the 4 months shut down. and a nationwide baby formula shortage. >> a hate crime investigation is underway in the east bay. police say members of the proud boys which is a far right extremist group disrupted a drag queen story time at a library for children. alameda county sheriff's deputies say the group of men entered the library saturday afternoon, shouting homophobic and >> anti lgbtq slurs. the host of the children's story program bay area drag queen panned wrote about the incident on social media. she
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also sent us a statement that reads in part, quote, what happened at san lorenzo is merely the most recent leak in a chain of premeditated homophobic and transphobic violence. and this event will be far from the last sunday afternoon. congressman eric swalwell who represents a district responded on twitter saying in part, quote, these proud boys are cowards and they have nothing to be proud of. he went on to say they're trying to bully the wrong people and he says we stand against hate in the east bay earlier today, castro valley pride held a rally outside that library in support of the lgbtq community. and kron four's amanda hari was there. >> the rally started with a group of just a few people but grew to a larger group. they were holding signs of support and waving flags. they tell me they wanted to counter a negative message with a positive one. the library's the public's library and the public really means everyone include the lgbt community.
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>> people honked their horns in support of a group rallying for the lgbtq community. >> castro valley pride leaders say they organized this rally to counter the message from a group of men that entered the library saturday afternoon. >> during drag queen story hour shouting homophobic, an anti lgbtq slurs. every family deserves an opportunity to to feel safe in their community. they feel safe to take their kids to to an event to building and we're not going to sit here and let some cowboys came on and said it proud. boys are terrible. negative rubin. >> we had to come down here. billy bradford came out to support the rally. he says lgbtq people. >> are an important part of the community where your friends, your family, your neighbors, we're part of the fabric of this country and the people that would use their hate to divide us and bring us down. >> they won't last. there was one protester who stood across the street from the lgbtq support rally. >> he was at the national
10:20 pm
straight pride coalition. we have to fight for the but austin bruckner with castro valley pride says protesters give them even more reason to have a rally like this one, having a presence in our community and showing folks that you're okay here. you castro valley pride organizers tell me they will continue to support the lgbtq community any way they can. >> in san lorenzo amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> still ahead on kron 4 news at 10, the house committee wraps up its second hearing on the january 6 capitol riots. what we're learning from today's testimony. but first, russia's president vladimir putin getting support from an unusual source. the latest world leader to show support to russia's invasion of ukraine.
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. north korean leader kim jong hoon is now expressing support for russia and president putin's war in ukraine. >> meanwhile, russian forces are now in control of most of severed on that. don asks the city is the last stronghold in eastern ukraine. russian troops have been trying to encircle and take the city for some time. it would be a key victory for russia's control of the donbas region. there are fears that civilians could soon be cut off and unable to escape with only one bridge into the city. still standing. meanwhile, ukrainian officials have discovered another mass
10:24 pm
grave. they say it contains the bodies of citizens killed by the invading russian army. >> ukraine's national police chief says they are investigating the killings of ashley more than 12,000 people since russia wage war on ukraine starting on february. 24 authorities are examining bodies from this latest mass grave discovered in a forest. they say the hands of several of the victims were tied behind their backs. adding some had been shot in the knees showing evidence of torture. the state department meets with phoenix mercury, giving the basketball team and update on brittney griner's detention in russia. the w nba player has then held in russia since february griner was stopped at a russian airport for allegedly having vape cartridges with traces of cannabis oil. however, she was accused of smuggling significant amounts of a narcotic substance, which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. the state
10:25 pm
department has been trying to secure her release since declaring griner wrongfully held. officials have not released information about what was said in today's meeting. >> coming up next on this hour of kron, 4 news as food prices show no sign of slowing down local food banks to working harder than ever to keep families fed the hardest challenges they face. and skies are clear now, but they could soon be filled with clouds. and this last week of spring, we'll talk about that. >> weather is coming up next. another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready.
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news at top story at 10, 30 investigating the january 6 insurrection. the house committee wrapped up its second hearing on the capitol riot today. the committee heard testimony from former attorney general bill barr, the former president's campaign chief and others. they said they told president trump numerous times there was no evidence of widespread election fraud. >> but former president persisted with his claims of fraud. house members say the capitol insurrection was directly tied to those stolen election claims. justine waldman has some insight into how the hearings are proceeding. >> the january 6 committee in its second public hearing tried to show a divided white house. according to political analyst michael yaki. i never
10:29 pm
thought that. >> there would be 2 teams to the white house medical team, normal one called team crazy that he was little shocking when they talk about people question. believe that trump may could have won the election and those who are saying them, but he really wasn't with new testimony. the committee tried to show former president trump aligned himself with people who would tell him only what he wanted to hear like former mayor rudy giuliani followed the course recommended. >> and apparently in need related. rudy giuliani to just claim he won. the big lie was also a big ripoff video clips also showed this former white house advisor. >> was against trump's voter fraud claims. i said to him. are you out of here? mind? >> could i only want to hear 2 words coming out of your mouth for now on. orderly >> santa barbara, the committee is trying to show trump went with the stolen
10:30 pm
election theory even when he knew he had lost says san jose state's political science lecturer donna and i think that state of mind is is something that the department of justice especially will be looking at in order to be convicted of criminal offenses. you have to do the deed and you have to have meant to do the deed. >> there are more public hearings this week on wednesday and thursday. we will bring them to you live right here. >> on kron 4 in the newsroom. i'm justine waltman kron. 4 news. >> this week there will be more public hearings. the next to schedule wednesday and thursday. you see the information on your screen. we will bring them to you live right here on kron 4 and we have full details always from the hearings posted on our website kron 4 dot com. >> a bipartisan group of senators has reached a deal on legislation responding to the latest string of deadly mass shootings. the bill provides funding for school safety and mental health resources and
10:31 pm
enhance review process for gun purchases made by anyone under the age of 21. the bill also encourages states to create laws allowing the removal of guns from judge says are a danger to themselves or others. the biden administration says the framework is a good step forward. >> the president is going wants to see congress act. he wants to see this on his desk. law abiding gun owners will not be subject to any new restrictions. >> senators say they hope to get this gun safety bill on the floor for a vote in the coming weeks. >> you may already know this gasoline prices another average high across the nation over the weekend. with the first time ever, the average price for a gallon of regular gas tops $5 in the united states. the national average jumped $0.19 in just the past week and it is up almost $2 from this time last year. triple a says drivers in some sections of the country, especially here in california,
10:32 pm
are paying a lot more than the national average. in fact, triple a says the most expensive gasoline in the nation can be found right here in the bay area. here's a look at some of the average gas prices around the bay area. sandra fell is the most expensive averaging $6 and $0.67 a gallon for regular gas in san francisco. drivers will pay $6.64. and san jose and oakland will pay on average 6.54. well, we know gas prices are high here, but if you wait to fill up when the warning light on your >> gas gauge comes off, it could leave you in a difficult situation in the 1st quarter of 2021. triple a says it received 153,000 service calls for drivers being out of gas. the agency attributes the bulk of the increase in gas related service calls. a lot more folks getting back on the road in the wake of the pandemic. aaa spokesman john trainer cautious cautions drivers from risking running out of gas by trying to stretch sure fuel to
10:33 pm
the limit beach >> well, that little light might be a warning that you only have. again, are so wrapped. you want to fill up. it's not a now's the time to fill mark the way for that light to go on. don't push it to the next think about your car in the long run. think about the cost of getting a new fuel pump or repair the damage. a cost of a cost for service in the most important thing time. think about how much time it will be spending. if you break down the side of the roadway for cast. >> he goes on to say even though california is can't escape, paying the highest gas prices in the country, the cost of repairing your vehicle due to running out of gas is something that can be avoided. >> the real estate market is seeing some big changes. redfin releasing figures today showing a dramatic flattening of sales. the data show the market was only up 3% over last year's numbers. it is the slowest growth rate since june of 2020 analysts say declining
10:34 pm
budgets and higher mortgage rates are the 2 main reasons. we'll to mark ross says inflation is shrinking available resources. >> the market's going to change is a confluence of events with the raising interest rates like the federal to tomorrow. concerns about inflation in the economy. it also sellers are certain to the market exchange has 3 more inventory, but buyers are going to pull back a little bit wonder if this is going to be a repeat of so he's going to be a little bit of a it's not could be a repeat of 2008, who's going to be the fall off on the market is going to dissipate there's still going to be a lot of interest in purchasing a home, but it's going to be dampened. it's going to change buyers and have a little better opportunity. so those are probably advise that they want to sell it. it's a time. >> he also has concerns locally and nationally about a recession may be playing a key factor in the market as well.
10:35 pm
>> habitat for humanity is launching a new multimillion dollar initiative aimed at bridging the racial gap in homeownership, the nonprofit will pump 25 million dollars into programs to address the disparity. census data show black homeownership rates are nearly 30% less than whites. it's the widest gap in 40 years. habitat says it hopes to help 3 million black americans own homes by the year 2030, the initiatives harshly possible because of mackenzie. scott's 436 million dollar donation in march, sonoma county supervisors extended a moratorium on new permit applications for vacation rentals such as air b and b's for up to a year. the board of supervisors voted 4 to one on the extension, which was first issued on march 17th. this comes after growing concerns over the number of houses in sonoma county being rented out as vacation homes. now supervisors will have another year to figure out a comprehensive ordinance. the
10:36 pm
regulating the rentals and also tackling backlog of permit applications >> today, california state lawmakers passed their version of the state budget but debate continues between lawmakers and the governor on several issues, including relief promise to californians months ago kron four's ashley zavala has more. >> this again is a historic budget. california lawmakers monday sent the governor their version of the state's 300 billion dollar budget. 2 days ahead of their constitutional deadline of june 15th. but the state spending plan is not finished as negotiation continues with the governor on several items. >> republicans rejected noting the budget is incomplete. go tell the public and to purchase such a we've got a budget on time. >> can we told us it is such that we represent. what's in that budget? >> likely not. state lawmakers have spent the last several weeks figuring out how to spend taxpayer dollars. that includes a historic nearly
10:37 pm
100 billion dollar surplus. democrats applauded their budget. that would put a record amount of money to reserves. put 40 billion dollars toward infrastructure boost the state's funding formula for public schools. plus investments for housing and transportation. this is about not just this generation of california, but the next generation of californias to come. that's about what republicans say. the budget does not do enough to address the state's incoming crises, including drought, extreme wildfires strain on the electrical grid and a looming recession. state senator brian dolly who was running for governor, weighed in during the debate. stock markets taking some big hits. >> we're not going to see. surpluses like this. again, another unresolved piece of the state's financial puzzle, direct payments promised months ago to californians in response to rising gas prices and inflation in a budget related hearing monday, the legislature plan to move ahead with sending money based on income and family size. >> while newsom's administration told lawmakers it prefer sending money based on car ownership. this has
10:38 pm
been the same debate for months that despite administration looks forward to working with the assembly and the senate took come to a final budget agreement. the provides media and significant relief to californians in the face of rising costs. now it's still unclear when that line item will be resolved. the state's new fiscal year starts july first at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> we want to talk about heat. intense heat across the west. more than 100 record highs could be shattered by this wednesday. however, death valley did not wait for wednesday. the temperatures there reached 123 degrees on friday before dropping one degree on saturday to 122 degrees. still that broke a heat record set back in 1921, by one degree. and today, death 106 degrees. all right. let's check on forecast now taking a live look out at the beautiful golden gate bridge on a clear night where it's
10:39 pm
only about 50 degrees cooler than now, lawrence is here with the latest. yeah, guys, looking very nice out there tonight. we've got. >> clear skies. so for the most with the coastline, looking good out there as we get ready for some nice weather to start out this weekend. looks like that's going to stick around at least through monday and tuesday and possibly the first part of wednesday. but you can still see off in the distance there. we've got a rather active. the a pattern even for june. now you've got several storms have been developing here. we've been watching this play out so far. and how it looks on our computer models. see all the green there. you see a little swirl low in the gulf of alaska. and then as we head toward tomorrow, high pressure building in lots of sunshine coming our way. a nice day all around the bay area. then things change as we get towards thursday and friday, the slocum swirling in along the coastline, maybe some showers in far northern california. watch what happens as we take in the weekend. again, how about this? in the 3rd week in a row, the model's been trying to paint some precipitation possibly moving into the bay area, actually had 300's of an inch of
10:40 pm
precipitation. san francisco over the weekend. so how about that? well, tomorrow should be a nice day. no threat of any precipitation. all got 70's in the san francisco. 74 in the mission about 62 degrees. cooler as you make way inside the bay, you'll find warmer numbers. of course, 70 degrees in millbrae about 76 in foster city. 78. it would side the south bay enjoying lots of 80's by tomorrow afternoon. that will start to get a little hot spots inland. upper 80's, some low 90's in places like the tri valley about 78 in castro valley. 89 in danville, about 90 hot. >> in walnut creek, see the idea these temperatures pretty toasty inland, nice out along the coastline. but the next few days, can you believe that taking to the end of spring in looking toward summer? of course, we've got dad's day this weekend. got a big cool down coming our way through friday and saturday father's day looks very nice. and there's that slight chance we could see a light sprinkle early some drizzle over the all right. thank you. all right. this week marks a first for the golden state, the
10:41 pm
inaugural, california state parks week kicks off tomorrow. >> the state department of parks and recreation will host a series of in-person and virtual events honoring our 279 state parks is kind of similar to national park week. california is the oldest state park system in the country. we have 1.3 million acres of state parks, including more than 340 miles situated along the coastline. officials say they hope this week encourages people to visit all of our great outdoor state parks. the celebration runs through saturday. >> this friday kron and parent company nexstar will celebrate our annual founder's day of caring. so every day this week we're going to share the spotlight on the essential services that local food banks provide for our communities. tonight, kron forcefully to go reports from the food bank of contra costa and solano. >> we're more than 2 years into the pandemic. food insecurity continues to grow. >> more than an hour before
10:42 pm
this drive-thru food distribution site opens cars line up in the parking lot outside the immaculate heart of mary church in hopefuls. always great. i mean, it's really great. living on a fixed income in retirement. it's been challenging for matthew durkin and more than 200 families receiving produce from the food bank of contra costa and solano are in a similar boat helps run out money or you go to the grocery store and some is not there. >> you might be able to find it here. the food bank runs this distribution site twice a month, but it's trump's deliver feet in communities. 7 days a all year round when i was raising my kids, i didn't have and until recently, helen zimmer never had to rely on the food bank for nutrition. in fact, she used to volunteer for the organization. but as time has passed for life has become more expensive and her income that is not and gas. everything. we think coach opt
10:43 pm
for in the store gets a dollar more at the distribution. each family gets about. 25 pounds of the food passed out at each event is enough to be more than 900 people and demand is growing. overall, the food bank is serving about 60% more people a month now than it did before the pandemic. this drive-thru alone, we've seen an increase of 10% each month. >> since 2019 people. >> really? he is. and it's just the most wonderful thing that see when our community needs us. >> we're here for. >> and many of the people preparing and loading groceries are doing so for out of the kindness of their hearts. in brentwood, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 for those food banks. that's it for kron. 4 news tonight at 10. thanks for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow night. have a good night.
10:44 pm
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talk to a urologist about what your manhood could look like. find a xiaflex-trained urologist at >> you're >> watching. kron 4 hoopsession. >> just one more win and the warriors win their 4th nba championship in the last 8 years. welcome to kron four's hoopsession road to the championship edition. i'm jason dumas. this is kylen mills. what a night here in chase center. what a night. here at chase center. jason, an impressive team win from the were shooting. just 22%
10:47 pm
from 3. >> also their star, steph curry, not making a single 3 pointer for the first time in 211 games. if they find a way to get it done. >> 211 games and he was still all smiles after the game was roll. the highlights it. see how it all went down. steph said about draymond green. >> the high i q guy usually figure it out. and guess what? dream on. he figured it out 1st quarter. he fakes the handoff. and boom. he gets the dunk. later. andrew wiggins. nice dump from him ames, 14 point game early. more good defense from the warriors. the steal. but up to curry to another dunk right there. all righty and half curry with the drive. and this circus shot
10:48 pm
off the glass step at 10 point at the half. but it was wiggins who led them with 16 and up to 51. 39 at the break. >> this game isn't over. the celtics come out strong in the 3rd jayson tatum nails the triple to get them within 2. shortly after ford out horford. getting the ball from deep hits this 3. the celtics made 9 straight treys after missing their first 12 late in the 3rd jalen brown. the drive the bucket. and 1, 3 point play celtics up to time running out in the quarter. jordan poole. looking to get something the bank is open. that was huge. that was massive for the momentum to end that celtics run 4th quarter. now, marcus smart goes down. klay thompson wide open from 3 dubs up 80 to 74 celtics getting frustrated. smart picked up a technical.
10:49 pm
it was called for this fall on jordan poole. pull deserves an asset or for the acting job. smart. can't believe it weakens across the lane for the beautiful floater dubs. now up 11 draymond gets in on the act. tatum doesn't want to give him the ball. green gives hard time shaking his head right in his mouth like he does benches clear. boston frustration fully set in at this point. then wiggins with the exclamation point on this game. what a dunk from wigs right down the middle. the one-handed slam. 26 points and 13 boards for him. worst win this game one. 0, one. 94 golden state takes a 3, 2 series lead staff goes oh for 9 from deep. but his teammates picked him up. here's reaction from head coach steve kerr and the warriors players. if you >> it's something i've jumped for sure. you the in the league and you know, this is all to mitt ultimate stage.
10:50 pm
i'm going to get bigger than so i that is being aggressive. and, you know, it's good game. i think it's just a sense of. >> you know, what's needed and as and on this team where he's got veteran guys who are are, you know, helping him to understand what we need from him and he's using his in a lot of different ways and he's just he's just been fantastic. not just in this series, but throughout the playoffs. >> i went out, you know, he had the road, you know, the guard, best guy for extended periods of time. and he took the challenge on any and he's doing a both cheese. he's doing the best he can on defense and he's playing, you know, tremendous on offense making plays for us. but, you know, he just stepped up into challenge. we're won one game closer, we still got another 48 to go out there and play stay locked station, be focused and look at our
10:51 pm
adjustments and find ways to get better. got to go get a big win on the road in. >> we feel as if are fully capable it ever. you know, joe biden, you know, when we're being want to doesn't mean anything. if i go out there live in a in a couple days or a few days. so. i'm just excited to build on it. and wow, just going to be some time. never been so excited to. boston will tell you on the been happier. >> for whatever type night. just on the context of that. again, the other ways you try to impact the game and the fact that, you know, you had 4 guys step up and meaningful ways to help us win offensive so all that stuff yeah. the fire burned and i want to make shots with the rest of it is just about how you win the game. win is a win. was stephanie's 40 through 10, 4. >> or whether he finishes. with 16. 0, it's over to to
10:52 pm
shoot a win is a win. you're going to keep shooting and we're going to keep doing all that we can to get him shooting. that's good for us. you know, he was o for 9 from 3. he's going to be live. it going into game 6. exactly what we need. >> all smiles after this warriors when we have to talk about andrew wins. so don't ever question the guy's talent whose former number one pick. but people are often under well with his production came towards a lot of question marks. but after 5 games of the nba finals, he has been their second best player this postseason. kyle, what have you seen out of andrew? >> andrew wiggins was so impressive tonight in attacking the basket. he didn't make a single 3 in this game. he scored by driving the lane 2 monster dunks and then getting on transition and making some easy layups. he didn't make himself. it's a backdoor cuts. i mean, the dunks, though, to me, that was so huge momentum, swing dunks, especially that one with 2 minutes to go in the 4th quarter you just saw right here. that one really put the
10:53 pm
exclamation point on this win is klay. thompson said after the game, you love to see a wiggins dunk and then the stare down that gives the were so much confidence. he's just been really impressive. they're a nice midrange floater. he's been scoring all different ways. i just thought it was interesting. you didn't make a single 3 tonight that he's able to put up 26 points. that's impressive to me. jason, what have you seen? got a couple of body this proceeding against memphis. he dunks from brandon clarke. yeah. yeah. against dallas and don'ts on. >> luka doncic and his daughter was wearing that dunk on her or has long really good morning. and he's just been so impressive. and he is coming up for the warriors of the biggest moment. game 4. he has 17 points, 16 rebounds tonight. 26 and 13 andrew wiggins is showing he belongs in this league and here finally doing what everyone thought he was capable of when drafted. number one overall, about 8 years ago. now we are finished just yet. we have a little more to get to. we'll be right back after a quick
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
kron four's hoopsession. so the warriors had a disastrous 3rd quarter. outscored by 11 celtics make 8 straight 3 pointers. and like they usually do. i know they're going to start the 4th with
10:57 pm
steph curry on the bench. and i tweeted this could be the 12 minutes that the side, the warriors season and those not steph minutes. the guys came through. >> yeah, you were wrong with that tweet. jason, give yourself some to me. key to the 4th quarter was the warriors defense. they put together a string of stops. the celtics didn't score until 4 and a half minutes into the quarter. that makes it a lot easier on your offense to take some of the pressure off when you're getting stops in forcing turnovers. >> that is exactly right. and now they're one win away. how sweet would it be to get a win in boston and have bill russell a celtics legend hand them that larry o'brien trophy. >> pretty sweet doors aren't getting ahead of themselves. so jason, we heard postgame. they said, let's not talk about it yet. the job isn't done. >> not finished. thanks for tuning in. will see you all next t
10:58 pm
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