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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  June 14, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins a snag here. a little bit of the wind blowing in that video. that's not a good sign. not at all. in the wind really. >> picking up that afternoon. sea breeze right now. so we've got winds blow over 20 miles an hour on an active fire. and you saw the brush out there. very, very brown. look at some winds in and around the bay area right now, 20 to 25 miles an hour. >> in the san francisco. so get blustery out there right now. yeah, where that fire is located. ample amounts of a brush in that area. so you've got that whole spot there. a mclaren that you're looking plenty brown brush. you've got to some mountainous regions to which the fires like to climb up a bit. and in general that's pushing in a more of an easterly fashion. so that is going to send the fire and the flames and the smoke generally in this direction over this hill. and this is what we're watching here is the golf course in around that area as well. so something to watch out for is that fire will likely continue to blow in that direction. the smoke downhill in that direction as well. so places along the sunnyvale avenue get brookdale
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avenue. those areas probably experience some smoke right now. news definitely want to shelter in place. shut the windows. if you're in those areas that smoke will continue to pile in your direction until firefighters could put that fire out. guys, back to you. an incident like this is a very traumatic experience for young person. >> we want to help not just the survivor victim that we're dealing with in the specific case, but we fully anticipate that there may be many others. >> another big story we're following tonight. san jose police detailing the arrest of the owner of a martial arts studio who they believe sexually assaulted a 14 year-old child at an after-school program. and again, thank you for joining us tonight at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. the suspect is now behind bars and facing a number of charges related to the >> alleged assault of a minor grant. lotus is here in the studio with more on this investigation. and i guess the big question is, could there be other victims in this case if the allegations are true
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with this one kid, you just hope that it is into a widespread thing here and we don't know that yet. but 54 year-old ernest ramirez. >> he operated extreme martial arts on elm street. he also ran an after-school program for trace elementary in san jose. been in the business for more than 20 years. and here's video showing the outside of that martial arts studio. police say the teenager in question here, the alleged victim attended the after school program from august 2020 to june 2021. at times. and that is when ramirez met the 14 year-old alleged victim in police say carried out the assaults. ramirez was arrested june 9th. he faces multiple charges now, including 4 counts of rape of a child under 14. police say as you heard, they are expecting more victims to come forward. >> this is a lot of years having contact with very young people as has been
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demonstrated in the past. often people like this have more than one victim. any victims want to come forward. please get a hold of our detectives. it doesn't matter how much time has elapsed if the incident happened 5, 10, 15 years ago. we want to hear from you want to make sure that the suspect faces maximum sentence. it is allowed and he's held accountable for every act that he is committed. >> after reporting the incident, the 14 year-old alleged victim moved out of the state is now living in idaho with family ramirez. meanwhile, is now being held at the santa clara county elmwood correctional facility. he is scheduled to appear in court next on friday. we will continue to follow this case as it unfolds. ken pam, now back to you. all right, grant, thank you. also in the south bay, a 28 year-old man has been arrested after he allegedly inappropriately touched teenage girl in downtown mountain view. >> this happened last friday in the 200 block of castro street. police say the suspect approached the 16 year-old was
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walking with a group of other teens and then touched her inappropriately and ran away. that is when the victim's sister who was walking with her chased after the suspects pictured here is identified as andrew garcia. she recorded him as he ran away. and because of that video, officers say they were able to find the suspect in the parking lot of a nearby countering station was arrested and booked into the santa clara county jail. we're learning more about the investigation into alleged members of a far right extremist group accused of disrupting a pride month event at an east bay library. police say this is a sign of a rise in white nationalist hate groups here in the bay area. tonight, investigators with the fbi confirmed they are aware of this incident forces. un has the latest details on the investigation. >> i don't want people to be fearful that there's a tremendous amount of hate in the bay area community. i think that this is a small
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group. did these members of the far right extremist group, the proud boys cross the l from first amendment protected free speech into committing a hate crime with a disrupted the drag queen storytime reading our at the san lorenzo library over the week is based on initial reports. >> that triggered our. he crime protocol are hate crime investigation. we'll see where that goes. the incident possibly being a hate crime. also elevated it to the purview of the fbi, francisco field office. the fbi sent kron four's statement that reads in part, quote, the fbi is aware of this incident and we are in regular contact with the alameda county sheriff's office. >> if in the course of the local investigation information comes to light of a potential federal violation, the fbi is prepared to investigate at this time. we do not have the information to indicate that there is a credible threat of violence in the bay area, 2 little girls
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and my support and i love that will never allow them to take because we live in the bay area, such a diverse area. we're not used to seeing this type of activity as much as as other parts of the country. >> there's a small group in this particular group. we know they are. we know where they are affiliated and where they where they are, where they're from. we'll share that information with our law enforcement partners. but do the proud boys have a right to access that public space to do what they did? they they have a right to access that public space. >> they don't have a right to disturb annoy or harass children and a library. >> they don't have a right to make criminal threats against the person. so all that's being looked at how kron, 4 news. >> in light of recent events involving suspected far right groups in san lorenzo. and in idaho, san francisco police are working to ensure that pride month is safe for the lgbtq+ community. as deputy says it is in constant
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communication with local, state and federal law enforcement partners and as they are staffed to handle all calls for service throughout the city, sapd says there are no known credible threats to the city, but if you see something say something by calling 9-1-1, we have learned that tomorrow's hearing on the january 6 capitol riot has been postponed to thursday. >> the 3rd public hearing was originally set for 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. former acting attorney general jeffrey rosen was set to testify tomorrow. the committee says that thursday scheduled hearing will still take place and will begin at 10:00am our time. >> turning now to our covid coverage. some covid-19 survivors have persistent symptoms months after they've tested negative. and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to who gets the long covid course. just in waltman joins us now live from our newsroom after talking with ucsf, chair of medicine whose >> personally dealing with his wife's long covid illness. just
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>> ken and pam, the world health organization defines long covid as symptoms lasting at least 2 months after infection. it can include brain fog exhaustion in really bad headaches. but how long is long and what can be done to help people recover? doctor bob wachter, professor and chair of medicine at ucsf joined us on kron. 4 news at 3 to talk about this today. he told us that his wife, katie, is not doing great weeks after getting covid and she was fully vaccinated and boosted and took paxlovid so he has now started to wear a mask again in order to avoid getting sick with covid. >> i think people need to understand that even if you are fully vaccinated and boosted and your risk of getting the severe acute infection has gone down tremendously. this is still possible outcome for covid. and that's still a good reason to try try recently hard not to get it. it's it's not any fun. >> doctor wachter wants people to know with each new variant. it depends how many people
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will get infected with long covid there right now. looks like one in 5 people with covid experience these persistent symptoms, at least one month, if not more after their initial infection. live in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman, kron 4 news testing. thank you. >> a panel of food and drug administration says that moderna's covid-19 vaccine can be used for children, ages 6 through 17, currently children over the age of 6 can only receive the pfizer vaccine. the moderna vaccine is expected to receive full authorization in a matter of days. the same panel will meet tomorrow to consider whether both pfizer and moderna's vaccines should be allowed for children 6 months to 5 years. the fda has already determined that both appear to be safe and effective for younger children. >> matter. the price of run up. republicans in congress are doing everything they can.
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so stop my plans to bring down costs for an ordinary families. that's why my plan is not finished. and while the results aren't finished, either. >> president biden focuses economic message on workers today in front of a union crowd in philadelphia. president said jobs are being created at a robust pace and unemployment is low, but more needs to be done to curb inflation. he told the crowd that republicans plan to battle inflation bite targeting workers benefits and giving tax cuts to the wealthy. the president also said he wants to lower drug and child care costs for the middle class. most stocks fell lower again today as the bear market continues. continued downturn comes a day before the federal reserve is expected to hike interest rates to get a hold on inflation. tonight, kron four's dan kerman. talk to experts about what that means for the economy and for your retirement. >> that freefall on wall street continued for most stocks on tuesday, due in large part. >> to an upcoming move by the
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federal reserve and an increasing rise in consumer prices. >> stock market to hates inflation or beyond a certain point, hates inflation. it means that incomes are being squeezed, that we can all feel that now with fuel prices, rising food prices rising. and it also puts the federal reserve on guard prepared to and in fact, beginning to raise interest rates. in fact, the fed is expecting to announce a 3 quarter point hike on wednesday in hopes of cooling off inflation and rebalancing supply with demand. >> but there's also fear the fed attempt to cool inflation will slow the economy too much. >> we do think that growth will be slowing during the balance of the year and the economy will become very vulnerable to a recession around the turn of the year's? well, in the short term, none of that is good for the stock market or for individual investors. >> some of whom have seen their 4 o one k retirement accounts drop as much as 20% since the start of the year. don't panic.
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>> understand that. what's occurring now temporary in nature. you know, we talk about declines are temporary and growth is long-term over too. >> financial planners and investment managers say history shows us the stock market will recover. typically in 2 to 3 years time, meaning most with a diversified portfolio should stay the course and not to any panic selling or repositioning of investments until that recovery begins. and that advice could also apply to those whose retirement is around the corner. let's just say i my retirement date is a year out. >> or or 24 as difficult as it may be, the or your portfolio will be in better shape. 12 or 24 months from now than it is today. if you let it if you maintain your discipline, dan kerman kron, 4 news.
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years ago. an 84 year-old asian american man died after an attack on the street. >> today, his family and members of the aap i calling for justice isewhat they say needs to be done. also, why security guards in san francisco in oakland say they're facing more danger than ever. >> what they're demanding at a rally. plus, following the league's supreme court draft opinion that would ban abortion rights. california is taking another step in a series of efforts to become an abortion sanctuary state. when it comes to cybersecurity, the biggest threats don't always strike the biggest targets. so help safeguard your small business with comcast business securityedge™ it's advanced security that continuously scans for threats and helps protect every connected device.
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>> now to some breaking news this time out of the east bay. firefighters are working to put out a 10 acre vegetation fire. this is burning in pittsburgh right now. >> is burning on gulf coast and gulf club road at leland. you can see how dry the land is out there. how brown the brushes cal fire is now assisting the contra costa. fire crews. the firefighters are asking people to avoid the area. no word on evacuations at this point. of course, this is a developing story. we will have more updates and more information as soon as it comes into the newsroom. and as we mentioned at the top of the newscast, we are also keeping an eye on a fire that's burning in san francisco right now at mclaren park. a couple fights to keep an eye on tonight. state lawmakers are pushing ahead with their effort to enshrine the right to an abortion in
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california's constitution. the measure cleared its first hurdle today at the state capitol kron four's. ashley zavala explains what's next. >> california lawmakers tuesday begin formal debate on a constitutional amendment to guarantee the right to an abortion and contraception in the state california. we cannot stand by as women and families are left vulnerable as our highest court case to strip away our right to put countless people in harm's way. senate pro tem toni atkins introduced 10 in response to the united states supreme court's leaked draft decision that signaled the court may soon overturn abortion and privacy protections in roe versus wade. >> he is in the next few weeks. we are facing a supreme court decision that will impact over half the country. we're talking about 26 states 30 over 35 million women that will be impacted and will have to travel outside of the state that they currently live in in order to receive fundamental care. democratic lawmakers would like to get this to voters on the november ballot. but in order to do that,
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they'll need to get the proposal through the legislature by june, 30th, california, on a fast track timeline. the bill had 2 hearings tuesday. >> the measure passed 9 to one of the state senate judiciary committee with one republican rejecting and another not voting. then it cleared the senate committee on elections and constitutional amendments 3 to one for life groups, including the california catholic conference spoke out in c 10 is on necessary. >> it is a california already has some of most accommodating abortion laws and services in the nation. the bill is now set for a hearing in the senate appropriations committee thursday at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> here in the bay area, san mateo county supervisors voted to approve 1 million dollars in funding to support planned parenthood. that money will go towards equipment and technology to improve access to reproductive health care in the county. the county's plan also includes creating a buffer zone around planned parenthood clinics in unincorporated sections of the county to protect patients and
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employees from harassment. san mateo counties racy for more planned parenthood patients. if roe v wade is overturned by the high court. other news now, it has been 500 days since an 84 year-old asian american man died after he was pushed to the ground in san francisco is family another aap i community members gathered in the city today for a rally kron four's rob nesbitt reports on their calls for justice for all victims of anti asian hate crimes. >> these chance were called out on the steps outside the hall of justice in san francisco, calling for justice in the case of each of town of the 84 year-old died in january of last year after he was pushed to the ground in the end of this the neighborhood and he did nothing wrong. he did not provoke anyone. >> what happened to him was just the rally was held on bryant street ahead of a preliminary hearing for the suspect charged in the case. 20 year-old antwon watson, amy retama park the join the calls
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for justice for her father tuesday morning. issue number. you be said to be treated equally. >> that is that the probe is up to him got a life. >> how community he said safety, several acts of violence against elderly asian americans and pacific islanders have a committed by younger black men. doctor carolyn scott stood up tuesday to call for unity between the 2 communities to establish justice. >> i'm here to ensure domestic tranquility. the piece that we need amongst ourselves. i am here from activist to politicians. those in attendance of the asian justice rally have promised to gather every time there's a court date for the in support of a ton of pot. these family. >> we will look past our differences, our own personal agendas, a political views, a cultural backgrounds from fight to fight for what is right. >> together in san francisco, rob nesbitt kron. 4 news new at 6, an archivist in new york
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was searching through small documents. 20 uncovered pieces of history to know is in his possession. pretty amazing find they were court documents filed nearly 200 years ago by abolitionist and women's rights advocates. sojourner truth. >> she had filed the case under the name. isabella van wagenen in the 18, 100's when she was trying to get custody of her son. peter, who had been sold into slavery, her deposition and the rest of the court documents were then boxed up stored and nearly completely forgotten says she could not write or read. she had signed the papers within the next one of the things that's striking to me. >> it is. this small little mark. this little acts. >> this is sojourner truth's handling. this is her dna left behind on this document and the rest is legally is in all of that. this is sojourner truth. this is where she shows up in this story.
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>> part of american history. she ultimately won the case and gained her son's freedom. it is believed that this was the first case in which a black woman successfully sued a white man and one. coming up on kron. 4 news at 6. the sonoma county says its short-term rental ban tell you what the board of supervisors is looking to change next. >> temperatures, a little warm, even hot in some parts. the bay area today tomorrow the bay area today tomorrow may see the same. but after it's started. somewhere between a cuddle and a struggle, it's...the side hug. tween milestones like this may start at age 9. hpv vaccination - a type of cancer prevention against certain hpv-related cancers, can start then too. for most, hpv clears on its own. but for others, it can cause certain cancers later in life. you're welcome! now, as the "dad cab", it's my cue to help protect them. embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. ask their doctor about hpv vaccination today. (music throughout)
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embrace this phase. help protect them in the next.
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>> vacation rentals in the wine country are facing an extended moratorium. a board of supervisors just approved the extension preventing new permits on those rentals. many of the people who showed up were not pleased with that decision ground force to re-assess your reports from sonoma with more on this. >> how we got a spike in applications. sonoma county officials say that they recently received around 200 new applications to turn residents. >> and a vacation rentals so many they wanted to put the process on pause. while the county works out, a brand new ordinance. >> with its award-winning wines, a gorgeous scenery. a visit to sonoma wine country is a lifelong dream for many and hosting those visitors buoys the local economy. however, bouncing tourism with residents needs. officials say we are also vital people want to come here and tourism is an important part of our economy,
6:26 pm
but also we have a housing prices and understand win over concentration of vacation rentals can do to making less you know, creating some a nuisance is for. >> the people that want to live in sonoma county full time. so we're looking at ways to balance the needs of the communities. also, you know, the you know, need to have tourism. the old moratorium was set to expire. so it was recommended to extend it. >> up to a year until that new ordinance governing rentals is voted on. so this but the debt ceiling, megan perkins, with the russian river home says. >> it's been incredibly complicated and confusing to navigate the regulatory process, especially as she says, the rules keep changing. so that homeowners to but that but in their heart and into this and hope that to get a permit for the application was
6:27 pm
and then people that they can't play anymore. of the kids and for them and that's very best for the for the owners. but us. but the people that present on the county board of supervisors is set to vote on a new ordinance in august. some of the issues that they plan to update included tackling. >> noise, complaints and parking as well as putting some kind of restrictions in place about rentals in densely populated areas. and sonoma county, theresa kron, 4 news. >> coming up, why the world health organization is planning to rename the monkeypox virus. a farmer's market in the south bay is working around the clock to try to help families make ends meet the issues, making it hard to keep their food bank stocked with food. plus, a postal worker attacked and robbed while making her rounds in the east bay. what police are saying about the
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>> up to $50,000 in reward money for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those who attacked and robbed the u.s. postal service letter carrier in walnut creek ca forcefully to go reports. the assault and seth happened in broad daylight. >> while making routine deliveries to business offices at the executive center complex off camino diablo and creek monday. the u.s. postal inspection service confirms a u.s. postal service. mail carrier was attacked and


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