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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 14, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> today tonight said was a police say they've arrested the owner of a local martial arts studio for the alleged assault of a 14 year-old at an after-school program. thank you for joining us kron. 4 news at night. everybody. i'm grant lotus, police say that they're worried there could be more victims card for us. hari spoke to some people in the neighborhood about what's alleged to have happened. >> i've spoken to several people as they walk by trayce elementary school behind me here and told them about the man arrested for assault of a minor and his connection with the school. and they said the story was disturbing. shocking and awful. acceptable. the san jose police department has arrested earnest ramirez for multiple charges related to aggravated assault of a minor
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incident. like this is a very traumatic experience for young person. police say ramirez met the victim an after-school program at trace elementary. >> the victim attended the after school program between august 2020 and june 2021. police say that's where the assaults happened. we fully anticipate that there may be many others. police say they believe there are more victims. ramirez also owns and operates extreme martial that has been in existence for over 20 years. so we can imagine how many contact he's had with young people. in those 20 years. i spoke to one man that lives near the school. he says these situations are heart you can do is pray for them and get them help as it police are asking if anyone knows more incidents of abuse to come forward, want to make sure that the suspect faces maximum sentence is allowed and he's held accountable for every act that he is committed. police say there's no statute of limitations on crimes like this one. so if something happened 20 years ago >> or last week, it is still
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valid in san jose amanda hari kron. 4 news, a 15 year-old boy is dead after being shot in east palo alto. this is video of the scene. >> you can see officers are conducting investigations in the area. the shooting happened about 9 o'clock last night on manhattan avenue. when police arrived, they found the boy with gunshot wounds. he later died at the hospital. >> 2 police officers have been shot and killed in los angeles county today happened around 5 o'clock late this afternoon at a motel in el monte. just southeast of pasadena officers were responding to a report of a stabbing at a motel when they were attacked, ambushed. an unidentified suspect was also killed in the ensuing exchange of shots. the monte police department has not yet released the names of the officers killed the city released a statement saying leaders there saddened and shocked by the tragic shooting. >> up to $50,000 in reward money for information leading
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to the arrest and conviction of the people who attacked and robbed a u.s. postal service letter carrier. it happened in walnut creek kron four's fleet to call reports the assault and theft happened in broad daylight. >> while making routine deliveries to business offices at the executive center complex off camino diablo in walnut creek monday. the u.s. postal inspection service confirms a u.s. postal service. mail carrier was attacked and robbed in around 12, 30 in the afternoon in broad day. kind it kind of hit the right to run for has learned the victim was a woman during the initial police response. it was believed she was pistol whipped. but the postal inspection service, which is the law enforcement arm of the postal service, has not confirmed if a weapon was used. what >> roberts of an after. are the keys. postal inspector geoff fix says 2 thieves were involved. the person who stole the carriers, male keys were a
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black hoodie, but fix as the possible description of the driver and the car involved are being withheld at this time. we've had other robberies in oakland and san francisco. we've had robberies and berkeley. over the last 2 years. 6 says the mere possession of coastal keys is a felony, adding that the suspects face multiple felony charges because of the assault. >> terrell whole works for delivery company. in the same complaints item was worried about it. i was messing around with the mail. carrier was treated for her injuries and is expected to make a full recovery in walnut creek, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> police in santa clara are looking for a man who allegedly assaulted a vta operator. authorities released these photos of the man who they say is the suspect. police say the assault happened at the milpitas bart transit center. anybody with information here is asked to call the santa clara county sheriff's office. >> all right. well, doctors say now that there's a
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lesser-known technique you might want to use while testing for covid at home. that's an order, you know, to get more rezaei a reliable result. you want reliability in addition to swapping your nose, right? experts say. >> you might also want to try swabbing the back of your throat kron four's taylor bisacky joins us live in studio with more on this taylor. i don't know you, you know, feel well. so the new test, mike might have some gunk in your nose and then you've got to go in your throat. i mean, it's it just sounds like kind of a gross. >> yeah, kind of gross. and you know what? i did tried earlier and mind the were yes, the results. but i yes, both swabbing i did the throw to first for the nosec just is that the recommended that's probably the best will at the lesser version. and so you could do both samples at the same time. but you can also use 2 different tests. that's what doctors are now in order to get those results, of course. and you know, a lot of
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us have been seeing some friends and family again, testing negative, but still having those symptoms. so this is why doctors are saying this might be a better way to test and have more reliable results. >> many people across the country confused by negative covid-19 test results despite having symptoms feeling symptoms throughout the entire week, starting from monday. >> and i kept on taking home and they all came back negative. bob in shaw says he took up to 7 at home tests yet not a single one came back positive. >> says it wasn't until he got a pcr test that his results revealed. he had covid think i found out that i covid probably was by the time i was about a week and actually having covid thankfully in shots case, he says he proactively quarantine back in may when he first felt symptoms. but others aren't as cautious. raising concerns for infectious disease specialist at ucsf doctor peter chin. hong, he says these false negative test results can happen for several reasons.
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>> the first having to do with the immune system in those who are vaccinated. they new system is already wrapped up from all that. >> those antibodies flooding around from the vaccines. you've gotten tense out that at-home testing the engine test more than virus particles to 10 positive. so you can imagine that you start feeling sick earlier than having unifier pick up a positive on a test. doctor chin-hong says. >> at-home test results can also vary depending on where you take the sample from its really >> starting out in the lodge airways and back in the throat before moving up to the nose. so in this particular variant, it turns out that most of the action is happening in the throat. >> that's why he recommends swabbing the back of the throat. in addition to your nose when using antigen tests combine a sample from mia throat nose apart from the it
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factor, it's something that has spots by the uk for some time. now, however, the most accurate test results. doctor chin. hong recommends taking a pcr test once you start feeling symptoms. >> well, the u.s. has officially come out and said swapped throat and nose. doctor chin-hong says there is nothing actually scientifically wrong with doing so. so he says it will only improve the sensitivity of your at-home tests, but again, above all, he recommends taking a pcr test earlier on an infection until second reporting. back to you. good information. thank you, taylor. a panel of food and drug administration advisers says moderna's covid-19 vaccine. >> can be used for kids 6 through 17, currently children over the age of 6 can only receive the pfizer vaccine. the moderna vaccine is expected to receive full authorization in just a matter of days. the same panel will meet tomorrow to consider whether both pfizer and moderna's vaccines should be allowed for children 6 months
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to 5 years old. the fda has already determined that both appear to be safe and effective for younger children. some covid survivors have persistent symptoms months after they have been testing negative n. >> there seems to be no real rhyme or reason as to why someone gets this long covid that they're calling it the world health organization defines long covid is some of symptoms lasting at least 2 months after infection. that can include brain fog exhaustion, headaches. but you know how long is long for this and what can be done to make people recover? well, doctor bob wachter, professor and chair of the department of medicine at ucsf joined us live on kron. 4 news at 3 to talk about this. he told us is wife katie is not doing great after getting covid weeks ago. >> i don't think we know what its impact is on long covid yet my wife did take it when she had or acute infection and she has developed her these persistent symptoms. so i
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think it's up in the air whether packs of does help lower the probably long covid. the thing we do know helps is vaccination and studies of people who have been vaccinated and have a breakthrough infection, their chances of developing long covid are significantly lower than those who are unvaccinated but not 0. and my wife was fully vaccinated and boosted and still having these troubling symptoms. now, more than a month out. >> doctor wachter says he wants people to know with each new variant. it's not clear how many people will get infected with long covid. but right now it looks like one in 5 people with covid experience persistent symptoms, at least a month, if not more after their initial infection. >> crews worked to extinguish a brush fire on the border of san jose and milpitas today. this is a time lapse video of the blaze from earlier this afternoon. it happened on mccarthy boulevard by east has been drive just west of 8.80, san jose fire says that they have deployed 20 units, 70
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firefighters to put out this fire. there were no reports of any injuries and a four-acre fast-moving fire was quickly contained today in san francisco's mclaren park. >> video here from the citizen app showing the smoke. the fire burned close to the crocker. amazon soccer fields there. the fire was contained just after 6 o'clock. firefighters say the cause as accidental. >> in pittsburgh, crews contain a grass fire this evening that burned over 18 acres. that blaze broke out shortly before 06:00pm at a homeless encampment near golf club. court in golf club drive. it put out about 8.15. no evacuations were ordered. but officials say that that fire burned in the yards of some people's homes. there are no reports of injuries or damage to any of those homes. firefighters say that they remain at the scene just in case to watch for any flare ups and the time lapse makes it look. >> extra windy. but it was the windy out there get those sea breeze blow, especially this time of year in these pop-up fires or some are going to be
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dealing with throughout the season. now on a second in weather out there. so, yeah, it's going to be a dry season ahead. summer just around the corner. and here we go. got to be extra careful of the fires out there right now. working on a gorgeous evening outside the sunset. guess what? the sunset time now 8.33, that's only we're getting in the season here. so yeah, long days and a little beautiful summer head looks like a little bit warm, though, as we head around the bay area today. in fact, hot still in the but that sea breeze still kicking up around 20 to 24 miles per hour. blustery conditions out there in the afternoon that we're going to see repeat itself as we head toward tomorrow afternoon and many of those summer days, you get all the hot temperatures in the central valley that hot air rises and then it's replaced by the cool air along the coastline sweeping on shore. that's where we get those sea breezes on and off throughout the summer season. so right now, kind of interesting, though, it doesn't look like a whole lot. some in the middle of the city actually got impressive. look at the system out there right now. mostly energy head up in the pacific northwest to bring them some more rain. but temperatures today, not bad.
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67 degrees downtown san francisco, oakland, checking in at 78 degrees and warm. 86 in san jose. 88 livermore 90 getting hot in concord. 87 degrees in santa rosa number still on the warm side, well inland, it will be that way for at least one more day, but enjoy it while we have these temperatures really going to tumble those numbers that you're looking at now, maybe more like the high temperatures we get in the days ahead as we're going to see a unusually cool air mass begin to rotate into the bay area tomorrow. high pressure start to slide a little further to the east, but it's certainly behind some warm weather force least for one more day. then you see that cold front getting a little bit closer. that's going to encroach in toward the bay area. maybe get to cool things down along the coastline for tomorrow would be all at all surprised. see a little fog forming out toward the beaches tomorrow. but in the valleys in the bay, temperatures go to stay warm. some plays get near 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon. some spots in them. the forecast model showing things stay mostly clear tonight with the exception of maybe a patch or 2 of fog, cau side tomorrow morning. but you see that
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front getting a little bit closer as we head throughout the day tomorrow. and then on thursday, you start to see some of those clouds moving in. temperatures likely going to drop a good 10, maybe 15 degrees on thursday all around the bay area. so much cooler weather is on the way overnight. lows going to be the 50's around the bay area. tomorrow we're off and running again. still some a hot 90 showing up in the interior valleys. lots of 70's navies around the bay cooler coast side in the 50's and the 60's. then watch what happens here we go last week of spring. you're going to cool the temperatures down well below the average on thursday, especially on friday in the first part of the weekend. even a chance of a couple love, light sprinkles. maybe some drizzle coast side on saturday father's day. we'll start to warm things up. a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures. thanks, lauren. si ukrainian official says russian forces now control about. >> 80% of the key city of severodonetsk. the official says russians destroyed all 3 bridges out of the city. ukrainians are still trying to evacuate wounded fighters. russia reportedly says it
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would give ukrainian fighters holed up in a chemical plant. a chance to surrender ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky says ukrainian forces suffered painful losses in that city and in the kharkiv region, he repeated his calls for more modern antimissile weapons. >> tomorrow's hearing on the january 6 capitol riot has been postponed to thursday. the 3rd public hearing was originally scheduled for 7 tomorrow morning. former acting attorney general jeffrey rosen was scheduled to testify tomorrow. the committee says that thursday's scheduled hearing will still take place and it will begin at 01:00pm eastern. that is 10:00am our time. and we're learning more about the investigation into alleged members of the far right extremist group accused of disrupting a pride month event at an east bay library. police say that this is a sign of a rise in white nationalist hate groups here in the bay area. tonight, investigators with the fbi have confirmed they're aware of this incident looking into it. kron 4 says he you
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reports. >> i don't want people to be fearful that there's a tremendous amount of hate in the bay area community. i think this is a small group. did these members of the far right extremist group, the proud boys cross the line from first amendment protected free speech into committing a hate crime with a disrupted the drag queen storytime reading our at the san lorenzo library over the week is based on initial reports that triggered our. hate crime protocol or hate crime investigation. we'll see where that goes. the incident possibly being a hate crime. also elevated it to the purview of the fbi, francisco field office, the fbi's and kron four's statement that reads in part, quote, the fbi is aware of this incident and we are in regular contact with the alameda county sheriff's office. >> if in the course of the local investigation information comes to light of a potential federal violation, the fbi is prepared to
9:17 pm
investigate at this time. we do not have the information to indicate that there is a credible threat of violence in the bay area, little girls and my support and i love what i will never love to take because we live in the bay area, such a diverse area. we're not used to seeing this type of activity as much as as other parts of the country. >> there's a small group in this particular group. we know they are. we know where they are affiliated and where they where they are, where they're from. we'll share that information with our law enforcement partners. but do the proud boys have a right to access that public space to do what they did? they they have a right to access that public space. disturb annoy or harass children and a library. >> they don't have a right to make criminal threats against the person. so all that's being looked at how kron, 4 news and in light of recent events in say lorenzo and idaho.
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>> san francisco police are working to ensure pride month is safe for the lgbtq+ community. >> police say they're in constant communication with local, state and federal law enforcement partners and they say their staffs to handle all calls for service throughout the city. as apd says there are no known credible threats to the city. but if you see something, say something by calling 9-1-1, and the lgbtq community apparently more vulnerable to taking up a. >> a nasty habit of cancer causing habit smoking. so there is a local nonprofit that is trying to change that kron four's. ella sogomonian is live with us in the newsroom. >> with details there hile and their grant and vicki. so more americans who identify as, bisexual or transgender. >> apparently smoke cigarettes compared to their heterosexual counterparts, according to the cdc. now employees with a local nonprofit initiative called lgbtq minus smoking, explains that it's a coping mechanism they launched last year and they are working hard
9:19 pm
to educate the community on the health risks. they just hosted their first ever pop-up tents at the san francisco current of all. and they will be posted up again at the pride event at the civic center at the end of this month. the group is also pushing for smoke-free bar patios in san francisco and oakland where that is still legal. >> we're working on the bar patio issue because we really want to get the point across that, you know, these are spaces that. historically been safe we're talking about community bars in clubs, spaces where the community goes to feel safe from the outside world. >> davis explains that this will also protect employees from secondhand smoke. 50 cities in the bay area have adopted measures to make bar patio smoke-free. but san francisco and oakland haven't so most recently, the sense
9:20 pm
saloon over on polk street in san francisco voluntarily made a commitment to prohibit smoking in their patio. live in the newsroom, ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. >> still to come tonight, you've heard of climbing the corporate ladder. what about climbing the corporate building? how one man's unique brand of protest got him arrested again today. amazon taking over the skies of a small california town. why some people living there say they welcome the new robots flying over their heads. a moratorium on new vacation rentals in sonoma county has been extended. the additional regulations. the county's board is now looking at implementing.
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>> new vacation rental approvals in wine country are facing a hiatus as the sonoma board of supervisors just approved an extension of an existing moratorium. first theresa reports. >> we've got a spike in applications. sonoma county officials say that they recently received around 200 new applications to turn residents and a vacation rentals. so many they wanted to put the process on pause while the county works out, a brand new ordinance with its award-winning want a gorgeous scenery. a visit to sonoma wine country is a lifelong dream for many and hosting those visitors buoys the local economy. however, bouncing
9:24 pm
tourism with residents needs. officials say are also vital. people want to come here and tourism is an important part of our economy, but also we have a housing prices and understand win over concentration of vacation rentals can do to making less you know, creating some a nuisance is for. >> the people that want to live in sonoma county full time. so we're looking at ways to balance the needs of the communities. also, you know, the you know, need to have tourism. the old moratorium was set to expire. so it was recommended to extend it. >> up to a year until that new ordinance governing rentals is voted on. is but the debt ceiling, megan perkins with the russian river home says. >> it's been incredibly complicated and confusing to navigate the regulatory process, especially as she says, the rules keep changing.
9:25 pm
so that homeowners with work that for that, but in their heart and soul into that place and hope that they were to get a permit for the application with that. and then the hope that they play anymore. we can for them and that's very best they can for the owners with us. but the people that live in present on the county board of supervisors is set to vote on a new ordinance in august. some of the issues that they plan to update include tackling. >> noise, complaints and parking as well as putting some kind of restrictions in place about rentals in densely populated areas and to noma county, theresa kron. 4 news. >> a rally today for an 84 year-old asian american died after being attacked in the street nearly 2 years ago with his family says still needs to happen in order for justice to be served. plus, people close to retirement age or still in the pitches. bear market just continues on wall street. what
9:26 pm
is next for the economy and your 4 o one k california is moving to try to it. protect a woman's right to choose in the state constitution. the potential hurdles that still remain for the fast track legislation. keep wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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>> state lawmakers are pushing ahead with their effort to enshrine the right to an abortion in california's constitution. for the measure cleared its first hurdle today at the state capitol in kron
9:29 pm
four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what's next. >> california lawmakers tuesday begin formal debate on a constitutional amendment to guarantee the right to an abortion and contraception in the state california. we cannot stand by as women and families are left vulnerable as our highest court case to strip away our rights and put countless people in harm's way. senate pro tem toni atkins introduced 10 in response to the united states supreme court's leaked draft decision that signaled the court may soon overturn abortion and privacy protections in roe versus wade. >> he is in the next few weeks. we are facing a supreme court decision that will impact over half the country. we're talking about 26 states 30 over 35 million women that will be impacted and will have to travel outside of the state that they currently live in in order to receive fundamental care. democratic lawmakers would like to get this to voters on the november ballot. but in order to do that, they'll need to get the proposal through the legislature by june, 30th,
9:30 pm
california, on a fast track timeline. the bill had 2 hearings tuesday. >> the measure passed 9 to one of the state senate judiciary committee with one republican rejecting and another not voting. then it cleared the senate committee on elections and constitutional amendments 3 to one for life groups, including the california catholic conference spoke out in c 10 is on necessary. >> it is a california already has some of most accommodating abortion laws and services in the nation. the bill is now set for a hearing in the senate appropriations committee thursday at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron, 4 news, san mateo county supervisors voted to approve 1 million dollars in funding to support planned parenthood. the money will go towards equipment and technology to improve access to reproductive health care in the county. >> the county's plan also includes creating a buffer zone around planned planned parenthood clinics in unincorporated parts of the county to protect patients and employees from harassment. 17 counties bracing for more planned parenthood patients.
9:31 pm
if roe versus wade is overturned. >> the man who scaled the sales force tower last month as part of an anti abortion protest is at it again. take a look. the guy who calls himself the prolife spiderman scaled this 700 foot tall building in oklahoma this morning. a sunday show student use any climbing gear and was arrested by police once he got to the top last month. the also scaled the new york times building and according to his website, he climbed to a hotel in las vegas last year to protest. nevada is covid mandates. >> that matter. the price of run up. republicans in congress are doing everything they can. so stop my plans to bring down costs for an ordinary families. that's why my plan is not finished. while the results aren't finished, either. >> president biden focusing his economic message on workers today in front of a
9:32 pm
heavy union crowd in philadelphia. the president says jobs are being created at a robust pace and unemployment is low, but more needs to be done to curb inflation. president telling the crowd the republicans plan to battle inflation by targeting workers benefits and giving tax cuts to the wealthy. the president also says that he wants to lower drug and child care costs for the middle class. most stocks fell lower today as the current bear market seems to. >> persis the continued downturn comes a day before the federal reserve is expected to hike interest rates to try to get a handle on this inflation mass. tonight, kron four's dan kerman talks to experts about what this means for the economy and 4 people's retirement accounts. >> that freefall on wall street continued for most stocks on tuesday, due in large part to an upcoming move by the federal reserve and an increasing rise in consumer prices. >> stock market to a hates
9:33 pm
inflation or beyond a certain point, hates inflation. it means that incomes are being squeezed, that we can all feel that now with fuel prices, rising food prices rising. and it also puts the federal reserve on guard prepared to and in fact, beginning to raise interest rates. in fact, the fed is expecting to announce a 3 quarter point hike on wednesday in hopes of cooling off inflation in rebalancing supply with demand. but there's also fear the fed attempt to cool inflation will slow the economy too much. we do think that growth will be slowing during the balance of the year and the economy will become very vulnerable to a recession around t t t turn of the year's well, in the short term, none of that is good for the stock market or for individual investors. some of whom have seen their 4 o one k retirement accounts drop as much as 20% since the start of the year. don't panic. >> understand that. what's occurring now temporary in nature. you know, we talk
9:34 pm
about declines are temporary and growth is long-term over too. >> financial planners and investment managers say history shows us the stock market will recover. typically in 2 to 3 years time, meaning most with a diversified portfolio should stay the course and not to any panic selling or repositioning of investments until that recovery begins. and that advice could also apply to those whose retirement is around the corner. let's just say i my retirement date is a year out. >> or or 24 as difficult as it may be, the u.s. or your portfolio will be in better shape. 12 or 24 months from now than it is today. if you let it if you maintain your discipline, dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> what are national treasures is inundated with water. statewide disaster is declared a montana due to massive flooding. there. >> and storms continue to spin around that location. more
9:35 pm
severe weather on the way. plus, we'll check out your local forecast coming up next. just need one bore headed out of town today for their final business trip of the season as they look to close out the celtics in game 6. >> in boston thursday, sports director jason dumas says reaction from the dogs coming reaction from the dogs coming up. alright. shortest roost fry drives next. ♪ worth it. ♪ my $4.00 roost fries with 100% all-white-meat chicken, melty cheese, and good good sauce. order on the jack app today. when a truck hit my car, melty cheese, and good good sauce. the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth,
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the boarded a plane this morning around 10:00am for their final road trip of the season. some smiles, some very focused demeanor is, as you see clay, they're traveling to boston looking to clinch an nba championship. they're all settled and be town now and they'll practice tomorrow afternoon ahead of game 6. they'll have 2 cracks at it at winning this title. it they can't win on thursday. of course, it will come back home for ad sigh sieve game 7 on sunday with steph and company didn't want to come back home and play another game. they don't want to play with their food. they're looking for that kill shot in boston. >> we've had opportunities and fire series to, you know, that first time to try to close the series you know, struggling a little bit. but i think our energy and needs special. the last 2 games has been amazing on both ends of the floor. and
9:39 pm
that's all you want is an opportunity to, you know, play hopefully best game of of the year. that has be perfect but play the best game of in terms of intensity focused execution and no word one more win means so you can talk about it. you can embrace it base. that challenge. you know, a lot of you guys and are not going to be here before, but just got to go do it. it's so exciting to be part of the finals again. >> you know, i think this this whole season. this kind of led to this, you know, a lot of individual stories, guys getting better guys getting you know, here we are. we have we have a chance. we get to to crack said getting one win. but we also know how difficult it's going to be. nobody celebrating. but we're we're excited to be in this spot. and we want to take advantage of. >> the giants hosting the royals, get pumped up. my tank
9:40 pm
hit bottom of the 6 giants up a run to offer darin ruf. that one is into the gap in right center. wilmer flores comes into score giants extend their lead to 2 top of the 7th 3, nothing. logan webb in a jam with 2 he gets. kyle is bell looking. he would get out of jam unscathed. he threw 7 shutout innings and struck out 9 game is still in progress. giants up. 42 top of the 9th camillo dough ball is in looking for the same. let's head out to fenway aids in boston just like the for warriors and boston. red sox. bottom of the 3rd boston up to jd martinez center. that straight away. it goes on. that's not the green monster was almost three-run lead. then next, 2 field evers that he gets all of this one.
9:41 pm
boston just pouring it on. they go on to win 6 to one game. 2 of that series tomorrow. and guess who's going to go to that game? i'm going. yeah. got green monster tickets and never never even been to fenway. so the flight what tomorrow morning? yeah, i get in boston like for piano is like a 07:00pm game. time to get cleaned up and out and have some shouted. >> yeah, i'm not a big child or get a lobster. roll up. and yeah, you can't go to boston. i know. i know people are going to boston and that thursday, the main event, of course. but we hopefully the warriors can just take care of business, you know, and >> the sunday game 7, anything could happen is a coin flip. even though the warriors have home court advantage, you know, they know a lot. we've seen him get hot one quarter and this beat the warriors like that. nobody wants that kind of stress on father's day. no, no. white.
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>> it is been 500 days since an 84 year-old asian american man died after he was pushed to the ground in san francisco is family another aap i community members gathered at city hall today. for a rally kron four's rob nesbitt reports on their calls for justice for all victims of anti-asian hate crimes.
9:45 pm
>> these chance were called out on the steps outside the hall of justice in san francisco, calling for justice in the case of each of town of the 84 year-old died in january of last year after he was pushed to the ground in the end of this the neighborhood and he did nothing wrong. he did not provoke anyone. >> what happened to him was just horrible. the rally was held on bryant street ahead of a preliminary hearing for the suspect charged in the case. 20 year-old antwon watson, amy retama park the join the calls for justice for her father tuesday morning. issue number. you be said to be treated equally. >> that is that the probe is up to him got a life. >> how comm nity he said safety, several acts of violence against elderly asian americans and pacific islanders have a committed by younger black men. doctor carolyn scott stood up tuesday to call for unity between the 2 communities to establish justice. >> i'm here to ensure domestic
9:46 pm
tranquility. the piece that we need amongst ourselves. i am here from activist to politicians. those in attendance of the asian justice rally have promised to gather every time there's a court date for the in support of a ton of pot. these family. >> we will look past our differences, our own personal agendas, a political views, a cultural backgrounds from fight to fight for what is right. >> together in san francisco, rob nesbitt kron. 4 news a rally in oakland today. union leaders representing security guards on both sides of the >> their members are finding themselves in more dangerous situations than they ever have. they're demanding more workplace protections says they're increasingly being asked to do more like intervene in violent robberies, deal with people suffering from mental illness, cleary, homeless people from in front of buildings and enforcing covid safety measures. they're asking for hazard, pay more training and
9:47 pm
planning from employers to deal with violence as it happens. >> well, today we hear you're a tea officer pay better conditions on train number on the job. better workers have experienced to the security of spirits like anywhere and they've seen as not just now, but over the course of the pandemic. >> on this front line, training, better pay better >> a tragic example of the risks security officers face the shooting death. the security guard kevin nishita last november. he was protecting a kron. 4 journalists in oakland when that happened, 3 people have been charged in that case. >> as cases of monkeypox continue to rise. the world health organization is planning to rename the virus more than 1600 people globally have recently tested positive for this virus. scientists
9:48 pm
from around the world are pretty concerned about stigmatizing and discriminatory connotations associated with the name. also, it does not align with the who guidelines that recommend avoiding geographic regions and animal names. similar concerns were raised around the terms used to describe covid-19 as the pandemic was just beginning. >> that is insane. is it big cabin swept away right off the banks of the yellowstone river as torrential rain and a rapidly melting snow pack have led to historic flooding in and around yellowstone national park, all entrances to the park are closed indefinitely. electricity in hope ark is out and drinking water is now considered unsafe in many areas. montana's governor has declared a statewide disaster. want to check in now with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow,
9:49 pm
who is tracking the systems in that area. yeah, not done yet either. you can see the swirl in the atmosphere. that's the center of the low spiraling around here, bringing the storms back in and around that area. so >> more stormy weather is on the way and they've already got a flood warning still in effect along the yellowstone river. that will continue until wednesday at noon. the river is expected to recede somewhat and stay within its banks after that. but i think it more rainfall, of course, that could change still the severe weather going to have a little further to the east. in fact, you can kind of get the idea right now. we've got some tornado watches up now across parts of nebraska tomorrow, really the hot spot will be across the great lakes, maybe into the chicago area again and all the way down across much of the south as we're going to see the possibility of more severe thunderstorms and the possibility more severe weather by tomorrow afternoon. the meantime, taking back out west, you can see we've got nice little swirl off our coastline to that. some of the storm system out there, mostly energy from
9:50 pm
that expected to head up in the pacific northwest. but then that whole low that's in the gulf of alaska, that's going to start to drop down into the bay area's. you can imagine all that cool air up in the gulf of alaska. all of a sudden that starts to drop our way, of course, of the moderate somewhat by the time it gets here. but it's really going to change the temperatures as we head toward a lot of part of this week. all right. you can see that system right now all picked up by our computer models that headed mainly to the north for tomorrow. they're going to more 7 northwest further south in the bay area. we've got a lot of sunshine. they become patches of fog along the coastline. and then here comes that big swirl. that area of low pressure spinning down the coast as we get into thursday. that's good. said temperatures down a good 10 to 15 degrees by thursday afternoon. maybe colder as we head into friday, too. and it's really interesting. the models trying to bring in a couple of raindrops in far northern california getting close in parts of the north bay, too, that continuing into saturday as well. not going to be much, but still for this time of year. that's pretty impressive. temperature wise around the bay area for
9:51 pm
tomorrow. you're going to see a cool down. i think right along the immediate coastline. that's where we'll see the sea breeze developing. wouldn't be surprised to see a couple patch of fog developing there as well. 50's and 60's co side inside the base to looking good. got a lot of 70's and some 80's and still some hot 90's in places like concord. also in livermore, you could be up in the 90's as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. but that's it. after that things change, they're going to watch these temperatures coming down on thursday and friday with some partly cloudy skies. more of those clouds kind of spinning through a look at the high temperatures as we head into friday and saturday may be topping out in the low 70's. so quite the change in our weather pattern coming our way as we wind down on spring weather. of course, we've got father's day this weekend. looks like for that, that is a good day for dead of there's no basketball game. maybe a little golf. maybe little barbecue in the backyard. it. yeah. treat your dad right? have dad the burger all right. >> an asteroid worth an astronomical amount of money and it's in our solar system.
9:52 pm
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for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2 -year price guarantee. call today.
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>> amazon's drone delivery program is launching in the small town of lac for about 30 miles south of sacramento. it is called amazon prime air a company spokesperson says that people living in lock for there being contacted right now to see if they're interested in drone delivering it. so if they are an amazon
9:55 pm
rep will come to their home to designate a safe landing zone. some people are already welcoming the new form of delivery service, especially in their rural town. >> i think really cool because know a lot of people that order from amazon. >> we stuff like we'll be better at the end of that. i'm out here. haven't had the chance to actually buy for >> so here's how it works. packages weighing 5 pounds or less. they can be delivered in as little as an hour. at least that's the idea. amazon says it's been working on this technology for close to a decade. the estimated value of this hunk of metal is 200 million times. jeff bezos's net worth. >> let that sink in. this rare asteroid known as 16 psyche is about the size of massachusetts. and it's made entirely of iron and nickel.
9:56 pm
it's worth 10 quintillion 1 quadrillion dollars. that's the number 10 followed by 18 zeros. as in 70,000 times, the global economy or if you really love numbers. 1.3 billion dollars for every person on the planet. currently it is somewhere between mars and jupiter. so if you want it and again, it's like the size of mass. all you have to do is let's go get a sense. the whole race for space now, space rise a corral that puppy that's it for kron. 4 news at night. thanks for being with good luck getting it. that moore and ken wayne are here now with the. >> i mean, it's it's pretty formidable where you put it when you get isn't that kind of the theme of don't look up? >> i want to able to get away. they have year. yeah, worth a lot. one iron and nickel. lot
9:57 pm
rickles. >> thank you very thank you both. coming up next, at 10 o'clock, it may be harder than you think to get an accurate at-home covid diagnosis. what the experts are now saying you should do when testing yourself for covid. plus a mail carrier is attacked and robbed while delivering mail in walnut creek. what investigators are saying about the attack and the reward money is being offered for information. well, stories and (music throughout)
9:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news. it's really the >> starting out in the lodge airways and back in the throat before moving up to the nose. >> now at 10, doctors have new advice for at-home covid testing that may just be the difference between a positive and a negative covid result. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. if you think there's a chance you might have covid-19, there's a new technique you should be using while testing for covid at home. in addition to swabbing your nose, experts are now saying you should also try swabbing the back of your throat cough or say that. the second joins us live here in the studio with more on all of this >> pam and ken, i know it may sound gross depending on the order that you do that, you'll probably want to do your throat before your nose. but some doctors are now


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