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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  June 15, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> hey, good morning. and thanks so much for joining us on the kron. 4 morning news. it's wednesday, june 15th. i'm stephanie lin. it start this morning off with a check of the weather with main rv. hey, good morning. morning, stephanie. and it is a beautiful day. look at the moon. if you're just waking up outside, we've really beautiful views of the moon for the past 3 days and also warmer conditions. so it was a little difficult to get to sleep last night. tomorrow shouldn't be an issue because we're going to finally start to gradually cool down.
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currently looking at the radar outside right now and things are quiet this morning. dry conditions across the bay area, at least until sometime next week. let's get a look at current temperatures. so if you're heading out the door right now, 59 down in san jose mid to lower 50's and fremont. 67 in pittsburgh. 58 in timber on san francisco. you're about 55 up in petaluma. 48 and santa rosa. it your at 53. now let's go ahead and get a look at your bridge cam this morning. if you are traveling into the city maze to that fremont street exit will be about 10 minutes to make that drive. so no major issues or delays. let's head over look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. a little under 13 minutes for you as you're traveling there. well, richmond center fell about 9 minutes as you're traveling out of richmond across towards san rafale and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes. stephanie, back to you. developing news now in
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the east bay contra costa county deputies took someone into custody last night after a shelter-in-place order was sent out to people living in rodeo. >> now investigators say they're looking into a possible homicide investigation but did not say how the person involved might have died. the shelter-in-place was issued a little after 06:00pm for people living in the area of allay and mariposa avenues. the sheriff's office saying they will release more information about this incident later today. san jose police say they've arrested a man for sexually assaulting a minor. investigators say the man met his victim that an after-school program and officers are worried there could be more victims. kron four's amanda hari brings us reaction from some people in the neighborhood. >> i've spoken to several people as they walk by trayce elementary school behind me here and told them about the man arrested for assault of a minor and his connection with the school. and they said the story was disturbing. shocking
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and awful. >> fortunate. you know >> that happened. the san jose police department has arrested earnest from near as for multiple charges related to aggravated assault of a minor. an incident like this is a very traumatic experience for young person. police say ramirez met the victim an after-school program at trace elementary, the victim attended the after school program between august 2020 and june 2021. police say that's where the assaults happened. we fully anticipate that there may be many others. police say they believe there are more victims. ramirez also owns and operates extreme martial arts that he's been in existence for over 20 years. so we can imagine how many contacts he's had with young people. in those 20 years. i spoke to one man that lives near the school. he says these situations are heart you can do is pray for them and get them help as it police are asking if anyone knows more incidents of abuse to come forward, somebody like this is an absolute predator. we're glad he's in jail. police say there's no statute of
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limitations on crimes like this one. so if something happened 20 years ago >> or last week, it is still valid in san jose amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> a 28 year-old man is accused of inappropriately touching a teenage girl in downtown mountain view. investigators believe it happened last friday on the 200 block of castro street. that's in the downtown area. police say the man approached the 16 year-old girl who was walking in a group with 2 other teens at the time. and investigators say that the man touched a woman inappropriately and ran away. that's when the victim's sister who was walking with her chased after the suspect, andrew garcia and video recorded him as he ran away. officers using the video were able to find the suspect in the parking lot of a nearby caltrain station. police arrested and booked garcia into the santa clara county jail. santa clara police are looking for a man who they say assaulted a vta operator.
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authorities released photographs of the suspect. you can see on your screen there. police say the assault happened at the milpitas bart transit center. anyone with information is asked to please call the santa clara county sheriff's office. in the east bay. investigators now offering up to $50,000 in reward money for information leading to the arrest of someone who allegedly attacked and robbed a u.s. postal service worker. this happened in walnut creek as kron four's relieved to reports. the assault happened in broad daylight. >> just a stone's throw away from highway. 24, it appears thieves took advantage of a quick getaway in walnut creek monday after attacking and robbing a u.s. postal service mail carrier making deliveries in a business complex on camino diablo freeway interest is both ways >> noses. it thing is going to get out of hand. investigators are looking into the possibility. the victim who kron 4 has learned was a woman. >> was pistol whipped by a person wearing a black hoodie,
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although the recovery of a weapon has not been announced. one individual got out the vehicle. >> rob, the letter carrier took a postal keys. the mere possession of those keys is a federal felony. and if left in the wrong hands could lead to more victims and further loss of property. >> the keys are used by poll school workers to enter buildings to deliver the mail for us. one robbery is one too many. >> and these are active ongoing investigations for these different robberies have taken place in the past 2 years. the u.s. postal inspection service, which is leading the investigation into the assault and robbery. >> says it is investigating several other similar cases reported in san francisco, berkeley. >> and oakland, the past 2 years and reward money is available in each case up to $50,000 for information leading to arrest and conviction. again, both them is what they've since the victim in this most recent case is expected to fully recover from her injuries.
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>> the postal inspection service has not released a description of the driver. >> we're car involved in walnut creek. called kron 4 news. >> and now to a major endorsement for the u.s. senate's bipartisan gun deal. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell announced his support boosting momentum for the modest but know where the action in congress watch. >> if this framework becomes the actual piece of legislation, it's a step forward. step forward on a bipartisan basis and further demonstrate to the american people. that we can come together, which we have done from time to time on like infrastructure and postal reform to make progress for the country. >> the kentucky republican said he would be comfortable voting for the deal as long as it did not change significantly from what was announced on sunday, the proposed legislation cracks down on gun trafficking expands background checks for people under 21 and provides
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funding to encourage states to enact red-flag laws getting guns out of the hands of unstable people. the deal also provides money to improve mental health programs and school safety. something state democrats say is essential. >> that's what the house democratic caucus is concerned about. will this save lives of young people who are affected by gun violence? >> lawmakers emphasizing that even though this latest deal does not address all their concerns, some action is better than nothing. and we're learning more about the east bay investigation into alleged members of a far-right extremist group accused of disrupting a pride month event. police saying this is a sign of a rise in white nationalist hate groups here in the bay area. kron four's haaziq mod-yoon reports. >> i don't want people to be fearful that there's a tremendous amount of hate in the bay area community. i think that this is a small
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group. did these members of the far right extremist group, the proud boys cross the line from first amendmeet protected free speech into committing a hate crime with a disrupted the drag queen storytime reading our at the san lorenzo library over the week is based on initial reports. >> that triggered our. he crime protocol or hate crime investigation. we'll see where that goes. the incident possibly being a hate crime, also elevated it to the purview of the fbi. francisco field office. the fbi sent kron four's statement that reads in part, quote, the fbi is aware of this incident and we are in regular contact with the alameda county sheriff's office. >> if in the course of the local investigation information comes to light of a potential federal violation, the fbi is prepared to investigate at this time. we do not have the information to indicate that there is a credible threat of violence in the bay area, 2 little girls
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and my support and i love that will never allow them to take because we live in the bay area, such a diverse area. we're not used to seeing this type of activity as much as as other parts of the country. >> there's a small group in this particular group. we know they are. we know where they are affiliated and where they where they are, where they're from. we'll share that information with our law enforcement partners. but do the proud boys have a right to access that public space to do what they did? they they have a right to access that public space. >> they don't have a right to disturb annoy or harass children and a library. >> they don't have a right to make criminal threats against the person. so all that's being looked at how kron, 4 news. >> in light of the recent events in san lorenzo and idaho, san francisco police are working to ensure pride month is safe for the lgbtq+ community police say they are in constant communication with local state and federal law enforcement partners and say
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their staff to handle all calls for service throughout the city as apd telling kron 4 news, there are no known credible threats to the city. but if you see something, please say something by calling 9-1-1. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. how long is too long for typical covid symptoms? >> we hear from a doctor on what can be done to help people have fewer symptoms months after infection. and a moratorium on new vacation rentals in sonoma county has been extended. the additional regulations. the county's board is now looking at implementing. plus, the fed expected to announce today higher interest rates for millions of americans. we have the latest information in a live report.
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>> hey, good morning and welcome back. let's get another check of the weather with manohar be live in our weather center. hey, in a good morning, stephanie. if you're just waking up, make sure you get a look at the full moon this morning. it's a beautiful sight. it's going to your ride into work, clear skies this morning. we start to gradually continue our warm-up. today, we hit our peak in that high pressure that's been building over the course of the last
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few days. tomorrow, it's going to finally cool down. we have a trough that arrives. it's going bring with it. some onshore winds that brings with it. cool temperatures over the next few days just in time for father's day weekend. highs today across the bay area. so 66 in mission district san francisco, you're at 62 along the coast. mid 50's 60's down in half moon bay. burlingame, you're at 60 to south san francisco mid to lower 60's palo alto mountain view. 63 72 and the south bay, much cooler than yesterday. we were in 80's across the mat. now in our mid 70's from campbell, morgan hill is probably the hottest at 78. 76 out a little more your in the mid 60's hayward. 68 their glee, oakland, san leandro mid to upper 60's concord, 80 degrees, vacaville 87 and not feel you're at 82 santa rosa, upper 70's along the coast mill valley. 69 for your
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forecast today. we talked about it being one of the warmest days. you can see this in lynn in areas are going to see 90's and then we're going to cool off because of that trough come thursday, mid 70's throughout the week. and then just in time for father's day, we warm up just a bit, but certainly not as hot as it is going to be today about 82 for your father's day forecast now long of a short your in the mid to lower 70's. you get the 60's come friday and along the coast, the mid to lower 60. so, stephanie, it's a really nice week. a really hot day for sure. i know it's really early. so i'm just assuming there's little to no traffic on the bridge is out there right? >> yeah, you know, let's take a here's a look at the bay bridge out there. traffic moving pretty slowly, not too many cars. as you just mentioned, let's take a look over at the san mateo bridge. also looking pretty clear out there. some people getting their morning commute start a bit early. and now let's take a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge also looking pretty empty out there. and
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finally, a quick look at the golden gate virtually no cars out there right now at this hour right now, alright, state lawmakers now pushing ahead with their effort to legalize abortion rights in california's constitution. the measure clearing its first hurdle yesterday at the state capitol kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what's next. >> california lawmakers tuesday begin formal debate on a constitutional amendment to guarantee the right to an abortion and contraception in the state california. we cannot stand by as women and families are left vulnerable as our highest court case to strip away our rights and put countless people in harm's way. senate pro tem toni atkins introduced 10 in response to the united states supreme court's leaked draft decision that signaled the court may soon overturn abortion and privacy protections in roe versus wade. >> he is in the next few weeks. we are facing a supreme court decision that will impact over half the country. we're talking about 26 states
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30 over 35 million women that will be impacted and will have to travel outside of the state that they currently live in in order to receive fundamental care. democratic lawmakers would like to get this to voters on the november ballot. but in order to do that, they'll need to get the proposal through the legislature by june, 30th, california, on a fast track timeline. the bill had 2 hearings tuesday. >> the measure passed 9 to one of the state senate judiciary committee with one republican rejecting and another not voting. then it cleared the senate committee on elections and constitutional amendments 3 to one for life groups, including the california catholic conference spoke out in c 10 is on necessary. >> it is a california already has some of most accommodating abortion laws and services in the nation. the bill is now set for a hearing in the senate appropriations committee thursday at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news >> an archivist in new york and cover some pretty notable pieces of history. he discovered court documents filed nearly 200 years ago by
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abolitionist and women's rights advocates. sojourner truth. she filed the case under the name is avello. what van wagenen in the 1800's when she was trying to get custody of her son. peter, who have been sold into slavery, her deposition and the rest of the court documents were boxed up stored and nearly completely forgotten since truth could not read or write. she signed those court papers with an x. >> one of the things that's striking to me, it is. this small little mark. this little acts. this is sojourner truth's handling. this is her dna left behind on this document and the rest is legally is in all of that. this is sojourner truth. this is where she shows up in this story. >> incredible discovery. truth ultimately won the case and gave us so it is believed that this was the first case in which a black woman
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successfully sued a white man and one. russian prosecutors extending brittney griner's detention for a 3rd time. the wnba star now remains in custody until at least july 2nd. russian officials giving no timeline for griner's trial. they arrested her in february for alleged drug smuggling russian airport. authorities claiming they found cannabis products in her luggage. the u.s. state department says graner is being wrongfully detained. and in a move to slow down inflation, the fed announcing today or rather it's expected to announce new higher interest rates today. the highly anticipated announcement coming as inflation rates reach a 40 year high and are showing little sign of stopping. raquel martin joins us live now with the latest. good morning, rick. howe. good morning, stephanie. will volatility in the stock market only got worse yesterday in anticipation of today's announcement. >> today, top economists are predicting the bet could raise
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interest rates. 3 quarters of a percentage of the highest in decades. meanwhile, here in washington, democrats and republicans still clashing over how to bring americans relief. >> wednesday, the federal reserve is set to announce new higher interest rates in an effort to slow skyrocketing inflation. inflation sapping the strength of a lot of families tuesday in a speech to labor leaders in philadelphia, president biden acknowledged the price surge impacting americans but blame republicans for not helping what solutions everything they can. >> so stop my plans to bring down costs on ordinary families. republicans on capitol hill, blaine, president biden. >> and democratic spending for the crisis. washington democrats have been wrong about inflation from the very beginning. top gop senator john says that's why republicans are rejecting the economic policies president biden is demanding. we have a very different vision about
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how to >> get the economy growing expanding, get inflation under control, says not of. >> more big government. and the meantime, wall street is in turmoil as investors anticipate the fed to significantly spike interest rates to try and bring spending and borrowing to a stall be worried. republicans like arizona congressman davis, white cart says he fears of the fed goes too high too fast. they're going to >> mid-market a small businesses. >> he and top economists fear that could trigger a recession. the white house rejecting that projection. today the fed chair will hold his press conference at 02:30pm, eastern time for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you, stephanie. yeah, we'll see what happens. thanks so much. that live report workout. coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news relief may be on the way for california drivers. >> lawmakers proposing an 8 million dollars gas rebate in the preliminary state budget proposal.
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for your money this morning. state lawmakers send a preliminary budget proposal to governor newsom calling for 8 billion dollars in gas rebates that comes out to about $200 per taxpayer. governor newsom saying he wants to offer an even bigger rebate which state lawmakers have opposed for
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that reason. it's not known if the gas rebate will still be included in the final budget. domestic airline bookings dropped once again for the second month in a row this year, according to a new adobe report, u.s. flight bookings fell more than 2% in may from april. this comes as airfares are up 30% compared to 2019 levels. high fuel prices. labor shortages and rising pent-up demand for travel are some of those factors. now, industry analysts say some consumers have been able to stomach that higher fare, but more people are also rethinking their appetite for getting on a plane. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a rally for an 84 year-old asian american who passed away after being attacked on the street nearly 2 years ago. >> with his family says still needs to happen in order for justice to be served.
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god is such a faithful father. nothing that happens to us isn't without his eye upon it.
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>> welcome >> back. it is for 29 is wednesday morning. let's get another check of the weather with reyna harvey. she's live for us now in the weather center. good morning, good morning, stephanie. you know, it's been a warm week. monday was really warm tuesday was a hot one. and now wednesday,
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another seasonably warm day tomorrow. thankfully we're getting a much-needed break. r home this morning live look outside right now. san francisco and you can see the pretty much from across the bay area. it's illuminating your drive into work this morning. well, we have dry conditions. no rain in the forecast. that's what radar showing us. and if you are heading out right now may be trying grab a light jacket, you won't need it for the bulk of the day. 54 down in fremont upper 50's in hayward. alameda oakland, mid 50's out there out in pittsburgh. you're at 66 already starting to warm up in brentwood at 71 novato. you're 52 petaluma. 48 and looking out in cloverdale your 61. so those are the current temperatures right now. hopefully the commute. stephanie is a pretty light on this wednesday morning. go ahead and take a look at that. now taking a live look now at the bay bridge. traffic still continuing to move. >> nice and smooth out there.


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