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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  June 15, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning. and thanks for waking up with us. i'm darya. >> and i'm stefani live in that start this thing. this thing off with a check exactly a check of our weather forecast. yeah, i guess is going to be warm again. yesterday is pretty hot right now. it's going to be a hot one. can i just acknowledge that that light beam behind you to beautiful shows the city bless. that was going to like, that means yes. yeah. it's also going to be a warm day. unfortunately, we hit our peak in terms of temperatures today and the wind gust to cool us off. we're going to see that tomorrow is when that cooldown happens. we're looking forward to that currently outside right now. radar shows you quiet picture. so no rain in the forecast. if you're leaving the house right now, current tips mid 50's in the south bay. 53 in fremont hayward 50 up in novato petaluma york. 48 and up in santa rosa at 51. we've been tracking your weather all this
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week. a hot one today. we'll tell you just how hot it's going to get. but stephanie and daria, how the roads looking at? well, let's see if they're holding up of the bay bridge is the first check because for the most people are usually had a but look, 6 o'clock. this isn't bad at all for this hour. just starting to do a little stop and go thing right. when you hit the approach to the toll plaza there. >> at the san mateo bridge has been pretty busy. lots of sunshine and actually right now looks terrific. if you want to get out of the house. >> and that is your commute. you're going have an easy ride. the richmond center fell still a breeze and easy way to go from the east bay into marion county right now is that bridge? and then if you have to keep going into san francisco, one car, but and they're gone. so the road is yours. say free and clear, but it's not free. it's just clear. yeah, spent but it just back in the area. >> and our top story this morning, the national weather service is warning about an increased risk of fire wildfires because of dry and windy conditions. so we start to get nervous right when you feel the heat, feel the wind and 3 fires.
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>> broke out just yesterday. so we are keeping an eye on what's going on. kron 4 sarah stinson is live in contra costa county with more. sara? >> that's right. it's going to be another hot day coupled with the dry temperatures that we see across the bay area here in concord can see the dry brush. but that's also going to be coupled with these northerly winds that are coming in today. so it's a basically a recipe for a wildfire. we saw these types of conditions yesterday when at least 3 fires broke out across the bay area. let's start with the one that happened in san francisco deemed an accident near mclaren park. you can see it on your screen right now. this happened yesterday and it was a close call because is a fast-moving fire. fortunately, it was contained to 4 acres. no structures burned. no injuries, but definitely. >> a close call there was also fired in milpitas that fire department, the fire department there along with
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san jose fire department worked to put it out and that was on mccarthy boulevard. another fire sparked in pittsburgh contra costa county fire work to put that fire out near golf club. drive. it started in a homeless encampment and it grew to 18 plus acres goes to show you how one small spark can start a large wildfire. here are some tips to make sure you avoid starting a fire from the national weather service and that includes properly disposing of cigarettes and matches. we don't even like those up near dry brush at peak temps do not use equipment that is known to create sparks, including lawn mowers. right now it's a bit cool. so you could probably milan. but as we get into the morning and into the afternoon, it just gets too hot. now these fire danger temperatures and weather are expected to continue until tomorrow. so be aware of that. but they expect a cool down to occur into friday. i'm sarah stinson reporting live in
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concord. back to you. maybe it's because we're doing the story, but i'm starting to feel it like they're >> that's got to be wrong. how house how you breathing out there, sarah, fine. no, it is dry, definitely dry feeling. and then also when you're just surround dry brush. >> just feel that drying. it's is not good for high temperatures and wind. thanks a lot, sir. >> well, this year's fire season in the u.s. is already on track to be the most devastating in over a decade. statistics from the national interagency fire center paid a pretty alarming picture. nearly 30,000 wildfires have burned 2 and a half million acres this year already. that's the fastest pace in 10 years 2022. is wildfire season now on track to be the 3rd worst since records started tracking this data in 1960, that spurt say climate change is turning fire season in 2 fire years. daria. >> another developing story that we're following is in the east bay, where contra costa
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county deputies took a person into custody last night after a shelter-in-place order went out to people who live in rodeo. the police are investigating a homicide, but they won't say at this point how the person died. that order was issued for neighbors to shelter in place around 6 o'clock. if they lived in the area of lay on mariposa avenues. but then they lifted that they are going release more information about this later today. so we'll keep you posted. >> and happening today in the east bay, former san jose mayor norm. that is remains will return to the city to rest in honor at city hall norman, the net a died last month at the age of 90 and today ceremony will honor his national and local accomplishments. kron four's will tran is live at the san jose mine at airport with more. good morning. well, >> not many people get an airport named after them, especially when they are still alive. this airport was change international back in 2001,
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mister men at a even joked that it was funny that his parents named him after an airport. he was born in san jose and he will be laid to rest in san jose. he is arriving here and several hours from now. his remains will be escorted through the streets of san jose stopping by. japantown is a prominent japanese american and then he will be sitting. his remains will be at city hall for the public to pay their final respects before private ceremonies tomorrow, norman is special for the bay area. the south bay and also in particular asian americans. he was mayor of san jose from 1971. to 1975. he died back on may 3rd in maryland at the age of 90. his career did not end after serving as mayor of san jose. he would go on to be secretary of commerce under president bill clinton and then even though he was a democrat, he also served as
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secretary of transportation under president george w bush when the 9.11 attacks happened. he helped form the tsa. he is beloved throughout the bay area corps and he will have a motorcade with his remains going through the streets of san jose mayor sam liccardo. he will also be live streaming the that once it happens. reportedly, president clinton will also be in town to eulogize his friend. we do expect a lot of traffic problems when it happens. a lot of san jose police officers already here knowing that he will arrive in several hours from now. again, a giant in the south bay, but probably an even bigger giant with an asian american community. and on a personal note, guys, i actually interviewed him back in 2002 at mineta, san jose after it was i thanked him and gracious said you're welcome. he fully knew what he meant to all of us. back to you. >> yes, it's a tremendous legacy. he leaves behind sam. thank you. will 6, 0, 7, right
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now in the south bay, a man who ran an after-school program at an elementary school is facing multiple charges related to child assault. san jose police say that he met the victim at an after-school program and officers are worried there could be more children. kron four's amanda hari has reaction. >> i've spoken to several people as they walk by trayce elementary school behind me here and told them about the man arrested for assault of a minor and his connection with the school. and they said the story was disturbing. shocking and awful. >> you know >> that happened. the san jose police department has arrested earnest ramirez for multiple charges related to aggravated assault of a minor. an incident like this is a very traumatic experience for young person. police say ramirez met the victim an after-school program at trace elementary, the victim attended the after school program between august 2020 and june 2021. police say
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that's where the assaults happened. we fully anticipate that there may be many others. police say they believe there are more victims. ramirez also owns and operates extreme martial arts that he's been in existence for over 20 years. so we can imagine how many contact he's had with young people. in those 20 years. i spoke to one man that lives near the school. he says these situations are heart you can do is pray for them and get them help. police are asking if anyone knows more incidents of abuse to come forward. somebody like this is an absolute predator. we're glad he's in jail. police say there's no statute of limitations on crimes like this one. so if something happened 20 years ago >> or last week, it is still valid in san jose amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> police arrested a 28 year-old man after they say he inappropriately touched a teenage girl in downtown mountain view. this happened last friday on castro street. officers say andrew garcia,
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the suspect approached a 16 year-old girl who was walking in a group with 2 other teens at the time and he touched the victim inappropriately and ran away. that's when police say the victim's sister who was walking with her chased after garcia and recorded him as he ran away, officers found the suspect sometime later in the parking lot of a nearby kell train station. he was booked into the santa clara county jail. santa clara police are looking for a man who they say assaulted a vta operator. authorities released these photos of the suspect. the assault happened at the milpitas bart transit center on may 25th investigators say the operator was taking a break when the man not the operator to the ground. that vta operator soft suffered a concussion. the dta says within the past 3 months, passengers or public members of the public assaulted 10 bus operators and we're learning more now. but the investigation into alleged members of a far-right extremist group who disrupted
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a pride month event and an east bay library. >> police say it's a sign of a rise in white nationalism and the bay area. investigators with the fbi confirmed they are aware of what happened. a spokesperson for the alameda county sheriff's office says they are also keeping an eye on the proud boys. >> because we live in the bay area, such a diverse area. we're not used to seeing this type of activity as much as as other parts of the country. there's a small group in this particular group. we know they are. we know where they are affiliated where they where they are, where they're from. we'll share that information with our law enforcement partners. >> sheriff's office as well. these men did have the right to access the library. they did not have the right to disturb or harass children the way they apparently are accused of doing. >> and in light of the recent events in san lorenzo and idaho, san francisco police are ramping up patrols ahead of pride celebrations in the city. they want to ensure pride month is safe for the
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lgbtq+ community and people coming to celebrate pride. police tell kron 4 news they are in constant communication with local state and federal law enforcement partners and say that their staff to handle all calls for service throughout the city. sfpd saying there are no known credible ahreats to the city at this time. but if you see something, please say something by calling 9-1-1, 6.12, right now. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, a rally for an 84 year-old asian american man who died after he was attacked on the street. >> nearly 2 years ago. we'll tell you what his family says still needs to be done. so that justice served. >> and the federal reserve is about to announce higher interest rates and that's going to affect millions of americans. what does it mean for the economy and for you moving forward?
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for 2 years for about the same price you could pay other providers for one unlimited 5g line. it's all part of a new xfinity 3 for 1 bundle. switch today! >> 6.50, right now and we're checking out the weather and i woke up in. i was tests, you take the dogs >> was pretty nice. the moon was still kind of full, but it's starting to wane a yet was at the big strawberry moon. it was what day before easter. so did you see it? so i did so beautiful >> like spotlight, right? i now in the be the best thing is when you're driving to work really early like we do, kind of to drive. so you can say things, especially if you really see on the road. well,
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today is the peak in terms of the heat. we've been tracking for the past 3 days, clear skies behind me. as you take a look at the east bay hills, you can definitely see a lot of people still waking up this morning that high pressure system bills today and then a trough arrives tomorrow. that's going to cool us down with that onshore wind. and definitely we've had been waiting for that on shore when highs across the bay area today. so again, gradually building like 68 in mission district here along the coast, like pacifica and half moon bay mid 60's along bayshore upper 60's. 73 down in burlingame foster city, palo alto mountain view, all upper 70's across the mat in the south bay, low 80's in milpitas santa clara. you're 84 90 down in morgan hill and then inland, we travel livermore, pleasanton all mid 80's across the map up in union city. you're castro valley, san leandro, oakland, mid 70's. 73 up in berkeley. you continue to get warm up in richmond around 90's. 91 of
6:17 am
pittsburgh, antioch, you're in the low 90's, fairfield, 92 napa at 89 and sonoma. 85 santa rosa, 86 and the bottle. 79 and sandra phil adjacent to that or i inland temperatures today in the 90's, cooldown starts tomorrow. so mid to lower 70's as you in out the week. 80's. bayshore 74 today and then upper 60's tomorrow. so again, we are cooling down and things are looking up for us across the bay area along the coast. 60's throughout the week and you dip into the mid 60's towards monday and tuesday of next week. so if you look at this forecast warm today, we get a break and then come monday of next week, stephanie and aria, unfortunately, that we're already entering back into the 90's. so i don't know for days the break. will you bought the fan, right? i got up and we've got the area. do you have you need to hold on, you know, so get rid of them just yet. okay. the shorts. ready to
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take a live look now at the bay bridge. wow. it's gotten a lot busier since our last check in lots more traffic as they approach that that the toll plaza. >> that said take things over over to the san mateo bridge for a live look out there. not as packed, people are certainly heading out on their morning commute at this hour. now. let's check in on the richmond. sandra fell bridge. also few cars out there. not as crazy as the bay bridge, but people are certainly getting their morning started. and now the golden gate bridge where things are looking pretty easy, roadways, pretty clear out there. okay. domestic airline bookings dropped once again for the second month in a row this year. people have been backing off and they're wondering why maybe is the price of tickets. there's a new report from adobe. >> and it shows flight bookings went down about 2% in may from april. airfares were up 30% compared to 2019. so
6:19 am
casa lot for ticket these days. and that's because of high fuel prices. labor shortages and the rising pent-up travel demand. so they figure, travel and again, we're going to charge you. industry analysts say that some consumers have been able to by those higher airfares. others are thinking all do something else for travel. but the problem is you can't even drive, right? because gas is so much. so a lot of people are just choosing to stay home. so expensive right now when also happening today in a move to slow down inflation, the fed is expected to announce new higher interest rates and that's supposed to happen today. it's been a highly anticipated announcement as the rates have reached 40 years high. >> and the showing little signs of stopping the ickes. yeah. raquel martin joins us live with the very latest. hey, good morning. >> good morning. will volatility in the stock market only got worse yesterday in anticipation of today's announcement top economists predict that the fed could raise interest rates. 3
6:20 am
quarters of a percentage of the most in decades. meanwhile, here in washington, democrats or republicans still clashing over how to bring americans relief through it all. >> wednesday, the federal reserve is set to announce new higher interest rates in an effort to slow skyrocketing inflation. inflation sapping the strength of a lot of families tuesday in a speech to labor leaders in philadelphia, president biden acknowledged the price surge impacting americans but blame republicans for not helping what solutions everything they can. >> so stop my plans to bring down costs on ordinary families. republicans on capitol hill, blaine, president biden. >> and democratic spending for the crisis. washington democrats have been wrong about inflation from the very beginning. top gop senator john says that's why republicans are rejecting the economic policies president biden is demanding. we have a very different vision about how to >> get the economy growing expanding, get inflation under
6:21 am
control, says not of. >> more big government. in the meantime, wall street is in turmoil as investors anticipate the fed to significantly spike interest rates to try and bring spending and borrowing to a stall be worried. republicans like arizona congressman davis, white cart says he fears of the fed goes too high too fast. they're going to >> mid-market a small businesses. >> top economists fear that if the fed is too aggressive, it could trigger a recession. the white house, of course, is pushing back on that projection today that that chair is expected to speak at 02:30pm, eastern time. we're now in washington, raquel martin, back to you guys know. we'll see what happens. thanks so much for co 6.21. right now and for your money, the stock market saw a freefall on wall street because of the increase of interest rates. we've been talking about. >> financial experts say the market is being hit hard because of the fed raising rates and the increased rain on people's income. and
6:22 am
they're afraid that raising interest rates are going to slow the economy too much resulting in layoffs and a possible recession. >> we do think that growth will be slowing during the balance of the year and the economy will become very vulnerable to a recession around the turn of the year's. well, don't panic. >> understand that what's occurring now temporary in nature. you know, we talk about declines are temporary and growth is long-term over too. >> history shows the stock market will recover in 2 to 3 years time. that's how it goes. so experts warn don't panic. don't you know, celery thing because you're so afraid because you see it plummeting. the problem is, of course, for those who have to live off of it, you know, if you're retired and you know, when you take it, you take it because you're using that money. now. >> if you're younger, plenty of time. so like rob black says, just hold for the ride 6.22. right now after the
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break, security guards in san francisco to open rally >> they face a disturbing spike in violence and they want to be paid for. they also want to better training. we'll have more coming up. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability.
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so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ >> security guards in san francisco and oakland rally. they say they face a
6:26 am
disturbing spike in violence and they want to be paid for a union leaders representing security officers in both cities say their members are finding themselves in the middle of dangerous situations more than ever. and those situations include violent robberies and being attacked as they were trying to clear the homeless from the front of buildings or trying to, you know, do workplace protections they would like hazard pay and more training. >> well, today we hear security officer pay better conditions on train number on the job. better workers have experienced to the security of spirits like anywhere and they've seen as not just now, but over the course of the pandemic. >> on this front line, training, better pay better >> a tragic example of this is what happened to our own kron. 4 security guard. he was shot
6:27 am
and killed. kevin nishita. he was killed last november. well, protecting a kron. 4 news crew in oakland in broad daylight. 3 people have been charged. and as the union members are rallying yesterday, they say that they're bringing several proposals for better conditions to the bargaining table as well. so we'll keep you posted if we see some of those improvements made for them. >> and 2 police officers were shot and killed in la county. it happened yesterday evening at a motel in el monte. just southeast of pasadena officers were responding to reports of a stabbing at the motel when they were attacked. an unidentified suspect was also killed in the shootout. the el monte police department not yet releasing the names of those officers killed. the city did release a statement saying leaders are saddened and shocked by the tragic shooting. >> now just ahead of san jose steps up its patrols in
6:28 am
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these things are different. you kids a live look outside and we are looking at just a really nice day, a really warm day. so a couple of things you should do. limit your time outdoors today. if you can make sure you stay hydrated and check on your neighbors because it's going to be a warm one last warm day over the next 5 days. we get a much-needed break. radar shows us quiet conditpons. no rain in the forecast. current temperatures if you're heading out right now, mid 50's down in the south bay. 58 out in livermore east bay. you're still in the mid to upper 50's right now. fairfield at 57 up in petaluma. 48 in fairfax, 49, we are keeping track with. when is it going to start to finally cool down and we get that much needed break. daria and stephanie, the roads. last time we checked in there, picking up just a bit. yeah, let's get a little more crowded. the bay bridge. hello, yup. that's where the party is now. as you can say, i wish it was as fun as a party, but you've got to wait in the toll plaza trying to get into san francisco. let's
6:32 am
take a peek at the san mateo bridge. usually moves a little better, all wowed now. that's nice and plenty of sunshine there. the rain was talking about which is going to heat things up today. the richmond, sandra fell bridge is still building. but okay, just a little bit of a line. a little bit of a wait for you as you go from richmond into sandra fell and head into marion county. and then if you're going from county over the golden gate bridge into san francisco. that is a bright and sunny. an easy commute at this moment. yes, smooth sailing there. daria and new this morning, san jose will soon be adding new police foot patrols after the city council approved the mayor's budget proposal last night. kron four's camila barco is following this from the newsroom. camilla, what's going on? >> well, daria, stephanie, the san jose police department will now have funds to hire 20 more police officers and these officers are going to be dedicated to put to patrolling the streets of san jose on. but now this is the first time in decades that people will see officers on foot patrol in
6:33 am
san jose. those foot patrol officers are going to be walking through downtown san jose and in neighborhoods where they're needed the most. mayor sam liccardo says that this will help build relationships between the officers and the community. the money from the budget will also add for officers to the department's mobile crisis assessment team and those 4 officers are going to be paired with mental health professionals to help them better respond to mental health situations. now, according to look he and other city council members never defunded its police department, but he says that san jose pd continues to be the most thinly staffed police department compared to other big cities like heart of projdcts at san jose's police force will grow another 95 officers over the next 5 years. and we've reached out to look to see when these funds will be distributed and we're still waiting to hear back. but stephanie, daria, as of this morning, his budget proposal has been approved and
6:34 am
people in san jose within about the next year can expect to see more police officers patrolling on foot. back to you guys. all right. thanks, camilla. >> 6.33 is the time. and it's been 500 days since an 84 year-old asian american man died after he was pushed to the ground in san francisco. his family and other members of the community rallied on tuesday, demanding justice for all victims of anti-asian hate crimes. kron four's rob nesbitt has the story. >> these chance were called out on the steps outside the hall of justice in san francisco, calling for justice in the case of each of a ton of pok d the 84 year-old died in january of last year after he was pushed to the ground in the end of this the neighborhood and he did nothing wrong. he did not provoke anyone. >> what happened to him was just the rally was held on bryant street ahead of a preliminary hearing for the suspect charged in the case. 20 year-old antwon watson, amy retama park the join the calls for justice for her father
6:35 am
tuesday morning. issue number. you be said to be treated equally. >> that is that the probe is up to him got a life. >> how community he said safety, several acts of violence against elderly asian americans and pacific islanders have a committed by younger black men. doctor carolyn scott stood up tuesday to call for unity between the 2 communities to establish justice. >> i'm here to ensure domestic tranquility. the piece that we need amongst ourselves. >> i am here from activists to politicians. those in attendance of the asian justice rally have promised to gather every time there's a court date for the in support of a ton of pot. these family. >> we will look past our differences, our own personal a political views, a cultural backgrounds from fight to fight for what is right. >> together in san francisco, rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> in the east bay up to $50,000 in reward money is on the table for information
6:36 am
leading to the arrest of the people who attacked and robbed a u.s. postal service letter carrier in walnut creek. that incident happened on monday at a business complex on camino diablo avenue. authorities say the victim was a woman and that thieves robbed her and pistol whipped her. the u.s. postal inspection service says it is investigating several other similar cases reported in san francisco, berkeley and oakland over the past 2 years. >> one individual got on the vehicle. rob, the letter carrier >> took a postal keys. the mere possession. those keys is a federal felony. >> the victim in this most recent case is expected to fully recover from her injuries. the postal inspection service has not yet released a description of the fees or the car involved. and russian prosecutors extended brittney griner's detention for a 3rd time. the wnba star now remains in custody until at least july 2nd special. a
6:37 am
russian officials giving no timeline for her trial. they arrested griner in february for alleged drug smuggling russian airport. authorities claiming they found cannabis products in griner's luggage. the u.s. state department says graner is being wrongfully detained. >> time now 6.36, the lgbtq community is more vulnerable to taking up a smoking. this is according to the cdc that actually did a study and found that a local nonprofit called lgbtq minus smoking is trying to change that by educating the community about the risks of smoking. and they just go to the first pop up at the san francisco carnival. they're going to be doing that again. pride as well at the civic center at the end of the month. the group is also pushing for smoke-free bar patios in san francisco and oakland, where smoking on the patios is still legal. >> these are spaces that. historically been safe we're
6:38 am
talking about community bars in club space is where the community goes to feel safe from the outside world. unfortunately, their spaces where smoking is a regular thing. >> the project's director explains it will also protect employees from secondhand smoke. most recently, the synched saloon on polk street made a commitment to prohibit smoking on their patty. it's 6.38 right now for your health. what happens when you're really feel sick? but you keep testing negative for covid? >> well, there is a new technique that you can use with those at-home test ground for taylor sackey has the details. >> many people across the country confused by negative covid-19 test results despite having symptoms feeling symptoms throughout the entire week, starting from monday. >> and i kept on taking home and they all came back negative. bob in shaw says he took up to 7 at home tests yet not a single one came back
6:39 am
positive. >> says it wasn't until he got a pcr test that his results revealed. he had covid think i found out that i covid probably was by the time i was about a week and actually having covid thankfully in shots case, he says he proactively quarantine back in may when he first felt symptoms. but others aren't as cautious. raising concerns for infectious disease specialist at ucsf doctor peter chin. hong, he says these false negative test results can happen for several reasons. >> the first having to do with the immune system in those who are vaccinated. they new system is already wrapped up from all that. >> those antibodies flooding around from the vaccines. you've gotten tense out that at-home testing the engine test more than virus particles to 10 positive. so you can imagine that you start feeling sick earlier than having unifier pick up a positive on a test. doctor chin-hong says. >> at-home test results can also vary depending on where
6:40 am
you take the sample from its really >> starting out in the lodge airways and back in the throat before moving up to the nose. so in this particular variant, it turns out that most of the action is happening in the throat. >> that's why he recommends swabbing the back of the throat. in addition to your nose when using antigen tests combine a sample from mia throat nose. >> apart from the it factor, it's something that has spots by the uk for some time. now, however, the most accurate test results. >> doctor chin hong recommends taking a pcr test. once you start feeling symptoms. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> some covid-19 survivors have persistent symptoms months after they test negative something experts describe as long covid. that's when the symptoms last at least 2 months after infection. and it can include brain fog exhaustion and headaches. his doctor, bob wachter, professor and chair of medicine at ucsf.
6:41 am
>> i don't think we know what its impact is on long covid yet my wife did take it when she had or acute infection and she has developed her these persistent symptoms. so i think it's up in the air whether packs of does help lower the probably long covid. the thing we do know helps is vaccination and studies of people who have been vaccinated and have a breakthrough infection, their chances of developing long covid are significantly lower than those who are unvaccinated but not 0. and my wife was fully vaccinated and boosted and still having these troubling symptoms. now, more than a month that. >> and the doctor also wants people to know with each new variant. it's not clear how many people will get infected with long covid. but right now it looks like one in 5 people with covid experience persistent symptoms. at least one month, if not more after their initial infection. as cases of monkeypox continue to rise. the who is planning to rename the virus more than 1600 people globally have
6:42 am
tested positive for monkeypox scientists from around the world expressing concern about discriminatory connotations associated with the virus is name. still ahead, lawmakers continuing efforts to protect state abortion rights. >> the latest on the effort to legalize abortions in california.
6:43 am
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>> that is insane. >> it is a cabbage is swept away right in front of your eyes. that's the yellowstone river, torrential rain and rapid melting snow pack has led to historic flooding in and around yellowstone national park. look at this. washed out roadway and how it's flowing. all of the entrances to the park been closed indefinitely because of this. electricity is out through the entire park. drinking water is considered unsafe in many areas there. the montana national guard has been called out. they sent 2 helicopters to help with evacuations because there were some local still trapped inside the park. thankfully, nobody has been hurt. can you imagine that the house is just
6:46 am
gone now? what a scary situation and hate to be the although we would love rain. we have not had historic rain. we continue historic drought. reyna. exactly. it has been historically dry over the past few months. >> and today's going to be the warmest day over the next 5 days. so we get a little break wish i could say we had some rain, but we don't. a live look at the east bay hills. you can see pretty clear skies for the most part. so a lot of you are going want to get get outside and enjoy the day. but i'd say limit your time outdoors if you can stay hydrated, drink some water and make sure to check on those neighbors who might be living by their cells. well, a high pressure system hits its peak today and it starts to fall tomorrow as a low pressure trough moves into the bay area and cools us down over the next week into the weekend. highs across the map may be in the south bay. if you're in morgan hill or san jose, 96 down there, low 80's inland livermore. we're looking at antioch, 93 out there. 88 concord, you're 90 well over
6:47 am
the east bay, mid 70's and oakland down in hayward and then moving along the coast mid to upper 60's san francisco. 68. so that's pretty warm for us mill valley at 78 novato. 79 up in santa rosa. 85. well that 7 day forecast 90's today. and then when that trough arrives, 76 tomorrow we continue that cool down monday and tuesday of next week. we start to get warm yet again along the bay shore. you're 74 today. 69 tomorrow, mid to upper 60's for the rest of the week until you hit the upper 70's monday and tuesday. again along the coast, low 60's for most of the week. that's a look at your forecast. how are the roads and bridges let's take a start off with the bay bridge year. a lot of traffic out there as people head close to the toll plaza. >> something to be aware of as you head out the door this morning. let's take a look over at the san mateo braids. traffic still moving along there, though, as things continue throughout the day, the situation might change
6:48 am
quite a bit. let's take a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge traffic also moving along there, though, a bit slower compared to 04:05am, hours and then finally a look at the golden gate bridge where there doesn't appear to be too much traffic at all. things looking easy-breezy moving along pretty nicely out there. and take a look at this. officers found 2 loaded guns as well. and as part of an effort to get guns and ammo off of the street, officers also found over 1000 rounds of ammo along with a baton and none show can a lot of money and body armor. a suspect is now in custody in the santa clara county main jail. >> it's 6.48. state lawmakers are pushing ahead with their effort to enshrine the right to an abortion in california's constitution. the measure cleared its first hurdle yesterday. ashley zavala has more. california lawmakers
6:49 am
tuesday begin formal debate on a constitutional amendment to guarantee the right to an abortion and contraception in the state california. we cannot stand by as women and families are left vulnerable as our highest court case to strip away our rights and put countless people in harm's way. senate pro tem toni atkins introduced 10 in response to the united states supreme court's leaked draft decision that signaled the court may soon overturn abortion and privacy protections in roe versus wade. >> he is in the next few weeks. we are facing a supreme court decision that will impact over half the country. we're talking about 26 states 30 over 35 million women that will be impacted and will have to travel outside of the state that they currently live in in order to receive fundamental care. democratic lawmakers would like to get this to voters on the november ballot. but in order to do that, they'll need to get the proposal through the legislature by june, 30th, california, on a fast track timeline. the bill had 2 hearings tuesday.
6:50 am
>> the measure passed 9 to one of the state senate judiciary committee with one republican rejecting and another not voting. then it cleared the senate committee on elections and constitutional amendments 3 to one for life groups, including the california catholic conference spoke out in c 10 is on necessary. >> it is a california already has some of most accommodating abortion laws and services in the nation. the bill is now set for a hearing in the senate appropriations committee thursday at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news >> san mateo county supervisors voted to approve 1 million dollars in funding to support planned parenthood. the money will go towards equipment and technology to improve access to reproductive health care in the county. the county's plan also includes creating a buffer zone around planned parenthood clinics in unincorporated parts of the county to protect patients and employees from harassment. san mateo county officials also bracing for more planned parenthood patients. if roe v wade is overturned. and fisher price and the u.s. product us
6:51 am
safety regulators that are warning parents to not let their children fall asleep in certain rockers. let's take a look at this. the these rockers are the ones in question there on your screen right now. the warning comes after 13 infants died in these rockers between 2009 2021. officials say that these walker should never be used children asleep in and children should not be left unsupervised or unrestrained in these specific models. officials would like to remind parents that these products should also not be used infants when they're trying to fall asleep. a similar rockers were recalled in 2021, however, there has not been an official recall for the ones shown on your screen. just caution you to leave them up like on a counter. never put some let you have that on the floor. don't have it up on the kind of work and fall maybe give all that kind of thing. yeah. >> let's talk sports giants hosting the royals for series
6:52 am
game 2. >> and you can see what happens here as we continue on. go ahead and move the proper for bottom of the 6. that was what we saw during rough on the plate. there. logan webb had a great game. that was an amazing performance, which and a fueling the giants. and let's go to the end. he threw 7 shutout innings and struck out 9 and the giants won it. 42 and they are going to go for the sweep today. first pitch is at 12. 45 the a's? those struggling in boston. plus it was up 2, nothing. bottom of the 3rd and this home run. it's going make it 3 its and then the bottom of the 4th, another home run for boston and the final score ended up well downhill from there. it was 6 to one, the red sox, one and game 2 of that series starts today at 4.15. our time.
6:53 am
6:54 am
♪ girl you know it's been way too long ♪ ♪ i got to get back in my zone ♪ ♪ ooh wee ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ alright ♪ ♪ come on ♪ ♪ come on ♪ ♪ 3... 2... 1... ♪ ♪ you know i'm feeling too good to be cooped up ♪ [ music stops ] ♪ hey ladies, don't we look good? ♪ ♪ we came to have a good time baby ♪ ♪ said i'm feeling too good to be cooped up ♪
6:55 am
♪ me and all of my girls gonna tear it up ♪ >> 6.55. right now. and it is time for summer concerts and coachella is already in the works. looking ahead to next year selling tickets. the music festival their lineup for 2023 for coachella, which happens april 14 16. and 21 to 23 and you can buy presale
6:56 am
tickets this friday, frank ocean who was supposed to headline the 2020 show. he is the only confirmed act. and one at that. you should not expect to see a coachella is the k-pop group bts. that's because they're announcing a hiatus. they're taking a break, a little work on their own things. the band members, you know, they've been doing obviously well together, but they want to do something apart as well. i guess, you know, been together for 9 years. >> they just deserve a little me time. yeah. yeah. enjoy all that hard earned money. >> and as if the a global sensation squid game, we're not terrifying enough. life is about to imitate art. netflix is turning the korean series into a reality show. the streaming service promises it will offer the biggest cash prize in television history with an estimated 4 and a half million dollar jackpot to the winner. and netflix is now taking applications for contestants online for one of the 456 spots in this
6:57 am
competition. dark 8. wait a minute. did you watch squid i did ok limit. are these people going to ali show? it was. it was blood and horrible and everyone was killed. it was pretty violent. it's not a reality show. it won't be they're not doing maybe you should i much of their beef, but i don't know. this can't be maybe some fun obstacle courses. thank you. yeah, that sounds delightful. stephanie, thanks to fund. hopefully all right, 6.57 right now coming up in the next hour. >> the national weather service is warning of the increased risk of wildfires. we know it's warm. it's windy and there's already been some fires were going to have the latest live. and former san jose mayor norman will be honored at san jose city hall today. we're going to take a
6:58 am
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meet three moms who each like to bank their own way. luckily they've all got chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm daria, along with stephanie because james gets to sleep in today, think is still sleeping 7 o'clock. >> yeah, well, it has taken advantage of the right sleep in a little bit. yeah, a little sleep in a little bit for us as well. reyna used at end of the 2. you get up 3, 3, 4, i live very dangerously on the edge and i sleep in snooze until 03:00am. wow. a little while is a long way. fillon with for john. and so like i you know, i may ay


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