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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  June 15, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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[applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> covid shots for infants, toddlers and preschoolers in the u.s. moved a step closer to reality today an fda panel voted in favor of authorizing the moderna and pfizer vaccines for children as young as 6 months old. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us on this monumental night. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. today's vote could clear the way for regulators to authorize both pediatric vaccines on an
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emergency basis later on this week. kron four's justine waldman joins us now live in the newsroom to explain more justine. >> good evening. kids under 5 are that last remaining group in the united states to get vaccinated and a lot of parents have been anxious to protect their little children. the 2 vaccines use the same technology. but there are some differences. so let's go over them. here is how the 2 vaccines our different pfizer's vaccine is for children. 6 months to 4 years old. moderna's vaccine is for 6 months to 5 years. pfizer shots are just one-tenth its adult dose shots or one quarter. the dose of the company's adult shots moderna has a 2 dose series. it was 30 to 40% effective at preventing mild infections. pfizer has 3 shots and is 80% effective in protect preventing symptomatic coronavirus infections vaccine. experts say the shots have not been tested against each other. so there's no way to tell if one is better than
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the other. now side effects. there are some that does include fever and fatigue. it was generally minor with both and less common than in adults. and according to the fda will only 3% of us covid cases are in this age group, 6 months to 4 years hospitalizations and death rates in that group are higher than those for older children. >> we have to be careful that we don't become known to the number of pediatric deaths because of the overwhelming number of older down every is important and up a vaccine. preventable deaths are ones that we would like to try to do something about. >> so the centers for disease control and prevention is going to decide whether or not to give these 2 vaccine doses the formal recommendations. and it's it's advise ers are meeting on friday and saturday. so if that does happen by this weekend, the shots could be ready by tuesday. live in the newsroom.
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justine waldman kron 4 grant. vicki, back to you. news from her parents tuesday soon. alright, thanks, justine. and then coming up later, we're going to be speaking with ucsf infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong. >> on the approval of vaccines for kids under the age of 5. that is coming up at 5.30. health officials in san mateo county say they are ready to administer the covid vaccine to kids 6 months of age. >> through 4 years old again, the fda and the cdc still to issue final approval before the vaccinations can begin. but that is expected. and if approved vaccinations could begin, as we said as soon as next week, tuesday, the county says it does not plan to offer large scale vaccination sites for kids under 5. but they say they will support pediatric providers in vaccinating kids. health providers, including kaiser permanente and stanford health care that county have confirmed they're ready to offer vaccinations to those kits. doctor anthony fauci,
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the white house chief medical adviser and one of the leading figures of america's covid pandemic response. >> has tested positive for covid. the national institute of health put out a statement saying that the 81 year-old is experiencing mild symptoms, but he's going to continue to work from home. they also say that fauci has been vaccinated. he's been boosted twice and he's not been in close contact with president biden or any other government officials. >> the east bay had disturbing act of vandalism. a man is caught on camera and he is taking down an american flag and a pride flag at a school happened to john swett elementary in martinez kron four's terisa stasio reports caught on camera. >> watches this person first cuts the rope on the flag pole. and when that doesn't do the trick, he goes back to make sure that the flags come down. we're convinced he pulled those flags down because it was the pride flag. somewhere. somehow this has been in this individual's field of view. couldn't get right with it. superintendent
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charles miller tells kron 4 the flags went up just recently. its genesis was with the voice of our kids. intending to make a statement, which is they want an inclusive connected belonging environment in their schools. so they decided to fly the pride flag. so it's up in all of our school sites. this individual decides to bring it down. so the the intent there's to silence the voice of our kids. but that's not where we're going to allow. so then this happened late tuesday night, not more than 24 hours after the flags were yanked down. the local fire department came out and replaced the rope and the flax. and while they're lifting the flag, all of the neighbors here applauded even one neighbor set off fireworks. miller says that they handed over the video to the contra costa sheriff's department to investigate the crime. the community is not going to stand for it either. mean, this this person is in the minority. i'm to the point where they're so they have to
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come in and do this 11 o'clock at night. if they want to really make a statement come on down to our board meeting, get up there in public comment. make your coming aboard. will hear you out. may not agree with you. the board will always side on the side of students on the voice of kids. but this is not an act of courage. this is bigoted. it is discriminatory and it's not going to stand here besides handing over that surveillance video. the superintendent says a forensics team came out here into dna evidence off of >> the flag pole and deputies are going out into the community to see if there is any additional video of this crime here in rodeo, theresa kron, 4 news. in the meantime, president biden declares war on what he calls 300. >> extreme magath laws that target members of the lgbtq+ communities across the country. the white house, the president signed an executive order that included a, quote, full court press against the discredited practice of
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conversion therapy. he also said he would roll back anti lgbtq+ laws. >> i have to tell you about the alter, my good agenda, attacking families and our freedoms. 300 discriminatory bills introduced in states across this country and texas knocking on front doors to ras investigate parents. we're raising transgender children in florida going after mickey miles, for god's sake. >> president biden's executive order is likely a anything too, that florida law that band lessons on identity and gender orientation for students. 3rd grade and younger opponents of that bill branded it. the don't say bill. >> san mateo police arrested a man for allegedly selling illegal fireworks. and that's thanks to an operation designed to crack down on the sale and use of explosives in the city. police say jose
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gonzalez was selling fireworks in san mateo county. the unrest was made after an officer posed as someone trying to buy fireworks and explosives. the suspect sold the undercover officer 5 and 100's, which are explosives, various other fireworks pan added some marijuana to the mix. a bomb squad agents collected the m 100's for evidence processing and testing. hot temps today paired with dry and breezy conditions there leading to elevated fire concerns in some parts of the bay just yesterday, high temps allowed a spark to start a brush fire near mclaren park in san francisco. fortunately, though, the accidental fire was contained at 4 acres. no structures burned her and no injuries, but definitely a close call. also a fire in milpitas. the fire department there along with san jose firework put that went out. it was on mccarthy boulevard and another fire sparked in pittsburgh contra costa county fire work put out that when
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your golf club drive started at a homeless encampment, grew to about 20 acres. there are enhanced fire concerns right up through thursday. and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now. we just heard about a new fire today in el sobrante. so we're working to >> figure out the details on that doesn't seem extremely large are concerning. but what is concerning 3 yesterday, another today. and you know, here we are here. we are in june, but we can control this. most of these are human cause, right? mostly is over 90% of the fire's cause. so we have a big role in if we see those fires or not. but the conditions weather wise. yeah, you get those winds blowing. we've got that afternoon breeze blowing right now. some 20 some 30 mile an hour gusts around the bay area and that certainly strong enough. >> the push those fires long. we do have some fog developing along the coastline. that's going help out a bit. as you can see, a little more moisture in the atmosphere the next couple of days. but here's your fire weather forecast right now. and you can see the areas yellow and orange. those elevated to a moderate conditions in those areas. even high as you make
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your way, just to the southeast of a little more. but overnight tonight, things of course, will quiet down. the winds will subside. the fire danger will subside as well. and then by tomorrow afternoon, here we go again. you start to see those perry show up once again and we're going to see that strong sea breeze kicking by the afternoon. the fire danger will once again be on the rise in the meantime, though, there's little hope on the horizon. you've got a cold front out there. this one is going start to factor in our weather tomorrow. that is going to cool down the temperatures all around the bay area and much cooler weather expected in the coming days. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. all right, lawrence, an upset in the race for alameda county sheriff incumbent greg. >> hearn was first elected alameda county sheriff. it in 2006 has conceded. this comes after 25 year. alameda county sheriff's office veteran. yes, and yes, sanchez declared victory while there is on site have not been certified yet. here are the latest numbers with all precincts reporting. sanchez has more than 52% of the vote herds. 31%, something
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that holds their of their would be no need for a runoff today. kron four's dan kerman spoke with sanchez about her plans as alameda county's next top cop. >> it's a new day for alameda county use sanchez. a 25 year veteran of the alameda county sheriff's office who is overseeing the santa rita jail for the last 2 years has declared victory in a race for sheriff history. i want to be most known for is as the reformer who clean up the sheriff's office and delivered. >> on my promises and platform, sanchez says she will be a different sheriff than incumbent hearn who was first elected 16 years ago. with me at the helm, i will be president. i will be personally accessible to the communities that i can hear their concerns on how we can better provide services to them. among your plans, changing how the department interacts with u.s. immigration authorities. the sheriff's office would only communicate with immigration
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and customs enforcement only than individual who i had a criminal warrant that was signed by a federal magistrate sanchez says she also plans to continue reforms that the santa rita jail increasing accountability among her deputies and bringing more services to inmates to reduce recidivism. we need to get people into jobs that will sustain them. living in alameda county and their families and be able to have benefits and representation. so though those are those are services that we will be providing in the jail with her victory. sanchez is one of 2 latina as who will become a california sheriff. a first for the state and something that means a lot to her be impossible became possible. and it really speaks to if you have the drive and the effort just to pursue your goals. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> and as mentioned, it's the alameda county sheriff greg ahern conceded just a short time ago he released a statement that reads in part,
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quote, it has been my honor and privilege to serve as your sheriff for the past 16 years. i will retire from office at the end of my term on january. 3rd, 2023 after nearly 43 years of public service, my administration will work to ensure a smooth transition. coming up next on kron, 4-news at 5. a sobering new poll shows that almost half. >> of all americans believe. the u.s. might cease to be a democracy in the future. explain next. the city of san jose approves new police foot patrols when you can expect to actually see the change. and san jose honors the life of norman minetta. we'll tell you about (music throughout)
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are you ready to du more with less asthma? ashes of former san jose mayor norman mineta arrived in that city today. >> lying in rest at san jose city hall before his memorial service tomorrow morning for rob nesbitt now spoke with mayor sam liccardo and other people. >> who knew the beloved politician? well. >> in his 90 years, norman mineta accomplished a lot here in san jose and in washington, d.c., it's how he made people feel that he'll be remembered for most. >> norman minute is ashes arrived at the airport that bears his name wednesday morning before they were carried to san jose where he served as mayor from 1971. to 1975. want always be broad.
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era dawns spoke at san jose city hall about minute as many accomplishments locally. but such is a long list that doesn't come close to what he'll remember most about his friend of 55 years. he's here. sincere can sear sincere concern about how i felt it was a member of the u.s. house of representatives and wawaa cabinet member under president bill clinton and president george w bush, san jose mayor sam liccardo was an intern from in washington, d.c., when he was 18 years old never and he had such a connection to the people said it was very and everybody had a story. there are a lot of first highlighted wednesday that it was the first asian american mayor of a major u.s. city and the first asian american cabinet member in day in the city soon a legacy in the bay area and country that reverend gerald second moto says everyone can learn from and be
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inspired by it was really which to proceed an sure work towards try find collaboration working together for remarkable man for not just what he did >> a public memorial service will be held from an eta tomorrow at the bill graham civic auditorium at 10:30am, several prominent figures are scheduled to attend, including former president bill clinton. >> in san jose, i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> we'll stay in the south bay for the first time in decades. san jose will soon be adding new foot patrols. the city council approved mayor liccardo's budget last night. the officers are going to be patrolling downtown san jose and neighborhoods where the police chief deems they're needed most. the city will also add new officers to the department's mobile crisis assessment team. those 4 officers are going to be paired with mental health professionals to try to better response to mental health situations. people can expect
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to see officers more officers patrolling the streets within the next year. >> in national news tonight, check out this video is released by the house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection. it shows georgia republican barry loudermilk giving a tour of the capitol the day before the attack. >> the video also shows one man on the tour taking pictures of hallways, tunnels and security checkpoints later on video show that's a man at that capitol on january 6th, the making threats against democrats, including house speaker nancy pelosi. the committee's next hearing is set for tomorrow. if you're worried about the future of democracy in the u.s., this will not help. but new. >> yahoo. news you gov. poll finds that almost half of americans thank u.s. may not be a democracy in the future. and more than 1500 adults were surveyed and you're 55% of democrats and 53% of republicans who are saying
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they think the u.s. will likely fail to remain a democracy. one day at in independence and people who say they do not identify with a political party and you have total 49% of everyone surveyed believing the same sobering thing and the highlight our increasingly polarized political climate, a majority of people surveyed say they would describe people in the opposite party has, quote, out of touch with reality, a threat to america, the moral or threat to me personally. and this poll, as we said, comes ahead of tomorrow's latest january 6th committee hearing. >> and we have developing news right now in the east bay. we had been talking about this earlier in the newscast. firefighters. they are working to put out a grass fire is off there in the distance there. this is in el sobrante a viewer sent this video in some of the smoke in the area and they say it is are in road your advice to, of course, steer clear of that.
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>> don't appear to be homes or buildings in the area or at least that many that smoke looks to be off in the distance. there. lawrence is back with us. how the winds yeah, been working the map so quickly here to check out the fire. but the other gusty right now, we've got some 20 some 30 mile an hour gusts right in and around that fire right now. you see the gust el sobrante 19, some 20 mile an hour gust out of the west. >> least that's a moist when but that wind blowing strong enough that that fire moving to that dry brush. it doesn't take much to move in a hurry. taking in for a closer look. now you can see a marine road right there and you can see all that area in and around. and you can see all the brush and the trees in and around that area. but then you get outside of that. and that's where the fire is going to push is going to be pushed east. we've got more homes and urban areas to the east of that. so that's one of the firefighters going want to jump on right away to keep that from doing any further damage. so we're going to keep our eyes on that for you right here. kron 4 throughout the evening. but in the meantime, the winds again picking up all around the bay area. again, a
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blustery afternoon, probably a little stronger than what we had yesterday. you're seeing some winds even in the san francisco gusting over 30, almost 40 miles an hour. 25 at sfo to 21 in fairfield that strong sea breeze kicking in now. and that breeze is going to be with us for a while. much cooler temperatures are on the way. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. all right, lauren, still ahead is the 10 year anniversary of dhaka. >> that's the program to protect young migrant. why? it's not a celebration. >> and the warriors will try to end the nba season boston tomorrow as they try to win their 4th championship in 8 years. could force kylen mills will join us live. well, how the elves are preparing for another tough matchup in beantown.
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one bank with tools for both. just a little over 24 hours away from night, although county right to have the worst been waiting for trying to end this thing they need that one more win and steph curry has been magical and he got that win in game 4, essentially by himself. but then he at help from his buddies in game 5 in san francisco. now the series as the warriors 73 to lead shifts back to boston. yeah, the warriors could secure that 4th nba title in 8 years with a win tomorrow at td garden. >> our first kylen mills joins us live from the newsroom with how the team was feeling practice today. highland.
5:26 pm
>> grant vicki of the workers are feeling any nerves. they sure didn't show it at practice today. it was really interesting. steph curry, klay thompson and draymond green when they spoke to the media, all seemed really cool, calm and collected. >> you want to be able to tell that that warriors big 3 is on the brink of winning their 4th title in 8 years. all 3 of said they're not trying to get ahead of themselves. they've been here before in 2016 that season, the worst loss, the nba finals to the clot, cleveland cavaliers despite being up 3, 2, in the series right now, the words are focused on the moment and doing what it takes to close out boston tomorrow. curry is looking for a bounce back game after not making a single 3 in game 5, which was a first in his playoff career. there's also the lore of game 6 clay thompson has played in 12 games, sixes in his career. he's averaging 20.7 points per game on nearly 50% shooting from 3 curry says the veterans on this team know how difficult a close out game can be and they're going to be ready.
5:27 pm
>> have been here 6 times and been in a lot of different clothes out type of opportunities. you just understand what did the nerves are like? so? you rely on that experience for sure. we understand the specifics of how we need to approach the game from. the physicality perspective. our our game plan adjustments from game 5 of game 6. understanding what the building is going to feel like, you know, that energy and being prepared for it. so because it's going to be the hardest game you probably ever played in your because of what the stakes are. >> game 6 tips off at td garden tomorrow. at 6 o'clock here. pacific time will be at watch parties all over the bay area. also sports director jason dumas says in boston he'll be reporting live. so you've got to join us right here on kron. 4 will be a crazy night. you guys at the war's end up winning it all. send it back to you. >> all right, thanks. all right, kyle. and coming up
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next, the federal reserve raises interest rates in an effort to combat inflation will explain why officials are now concerned about a recession and gallon of gas for $0.69. well, a simple mistake cost a sacramento area. gas station, $20,000 and station manager, his job. and up next, health expert peter chin. hong, the doctor joins us to discuss covid vaccines us to discuss covid vaccines why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. hide my skin? not me. and for kids ages 6 and up that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch. with dupixent, you can change how their skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe.
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