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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  June 16, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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kron. 4 morning news >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm darya and i'm james on this thursday morning. we are prepared for the warriors were excited for the warriors to play tonight. so we shall see. we'll have a live report in a minute. and we also want to take a look at the weather for you because it feels a lot different out there already reyna. it already does much cooler this morning. if you're just waking up live, look at san francisco behind us and you can still see. >> a fulbright moon. now we do have some clouds scattered across the bay area today. some hats, a tremendous change in where we were yesterday. we're also seeing more winds they picked up yesterday evening. and you can see along the coast and inland, we're definitely seeing some winds this morning which are cooling us down today. current temperatures outside right now, if you are heading now, mid 50's across the boards of oakland. 53 alameda. 55 up in petaluma. 48. and then along the coast pacifica, 52, we're talking about that cool down and then that immediate
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warmup. we'll have a look at that in just a few minutes. tara, james, back to you. let's take a peek at the traffic or not. it's fine here. there's no trouble for you at the push to the bay bridge. >> this was a little stubborn james yesterday. yeah. yeah. tell you all about it later. okay. that's the 9 o'clock hour. 5 o'clock early birds get the worm. it's easy. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge, which is a terrific drive for you as well. if you got to get up early, this is the benefit is that you can just wizz to work. and let's take a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge also very quiet. just a couple of cars. you can even count them. and the golden gate bridge. it looks like there's one car that's also plenty room for you. >> our top story this morning, as i mentioned a moment ago, the warriors just one win away from another nba championship and they're going to play in game 6 of the finals tonight. >> in boston, fans are hoping that steph curry bounces back from his in game 5. and as for
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steve kerr, he's already called it. he said we're finishing this in boston. got to put it to best care since and joins us live with more on the big game. hi, sarah. >> please put it to bed for my sleep schedule for my anxiety, my voice. i mean, this this series has really just tested all of us, including the team. of course, this is a do or die game. so we're out here at 5 o'clock in the morning saying >> or no one is awake right now. hopefully someone is watching because we've got to get pumped up for this game. 6 o'clock tonight. >> and we are and for do or die. if we win tonight, we can clinch this championship title. if we don't, at least we have one more chance and that kind of gives us a little bit of hope there. >> take a look at video from the last game. i mean, what a game that was. it was steph curry. you know, we're hearing that he's going to get his groove back tonight. draymond green says he's going to come back into 6 game 6 livid and
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says that's what we need to win last game. steph only scored 16 points with the game before that he scored 43 points. it's not get this wrong. he's still one of the best shooters in the league. but tonight we will see that to be true. andrew williams picked up his lack last game shooting. 26 points pool had a great game as well. there's still a lot of missed threes in general by replace him by klay thompson, who still made us 21 points. now the celtics found their magic in the 3rd quarter, making it a close game. but in the end, we won by 10 points. it was close. and you know, tonight's going to be just as nerve wracking, if not more, the celtics have found themselves. one loss away from going home 3 times in this year's nba playoffs. so they know this pressure. they know what to do under it and it always find a way to extend their season. that's why tonight the warriors need to step it up. >> haven't been here 6 times and been in a lot of different clothes out type of opportunities. you just understand what did the nerves
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the likes of? you rely on that experience for sure. we understand the specifics of how we need to approach the game from. the physicality perspective. our our game plan adjustments from game 5 game 6. understand what the building is going to feel like, you know that energy and being prepared for it. so because it's going to be the hardest game you probably ever played in your because of what the stakes are. 2. >> that's right. it's a big high chance for the warriors to win their 4th title in 8 years. and of course, they'll be playing in boston. if you're lucky enough, you'll be partying in and cheering them on from td garden. but if you're not like most of us will be watching the game at home or at a bar with friends, thrive. city at chase center has really become the most popular spot to watch the warriors in the city. it is sold out. you had to register online and even so it is first come first serve. and since he's the nba finals its way
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stricter, you cannot bring a stroller. it says all bags are prohibited. and, you know, that means i'm going to i i can bring what i can bring with it looks like you pretty much can't bring anything. no cans, no bottles >> it's pretty strict, daryn, james, but it's going to be a good time. it's one of the loudest places you can go in the city. >> and again, it opens at 5 o'clock first come first serve if you didn't register, would not recommend going. and tipoff is at 6 o'clock in boston. but hey, daryn, if they don't win tonight, they will come home and they will win. we're going to win no matter what, right? it's going to be intense. but if they don't win the stress levels, going to go through the roof for game 7. >> i do want thank you, sarah. >> him. yeah. i-5, 0, 5. right now. a major political upset in the race for alameda county sheriff. use any of sanchez declare victory against incumbent hearn. her was first
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elected alameda county sheriff in 2006. while the results have not yet been certified. we do have the latest numbers with all precincts reporting. sanchez has more than 52% of the vote hearn 31%. their snow obviously need for a runoff because that's a decisive win. kron four's dan kerman talk to sanchez about her plans. >> campaign is over now. the real work begins. use any of sanchez, the division commander with the alameda county sheriff's office has declared victory in a race for sheriff. she says the voters have spoken. we are a very diverse community and we haven't had that representation, least with the sheriff's office ever. >> so this is something that they've been looking towards and the times are to move away from old traditional values. really and to move into. >> new. >> passer, new approaches and law enforcement sanchis. a 25 year veteran of the sheriff's office and says she'll be a different kind of sheriff. the
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incumbent hearn, who was first elected 16 years ago. i'm not afraid to say that. i the folks in the jobs that you know they do and show them that i appreciate them. i will not be leading them by fear. >> a type of side, you know, leadership style that that tells them that get it done and i don't care how you do it. in addition to less cooperation with federal immigration authorities, sanchez says her focus will be on reform, making sure that we're accountable. i'm having a higher level of accountability, which will include making sure that our internal affairs unit is autonomous. sanchez has been in charge of the santa rita jail for the last 2 years. >> and as sheriff, she says she plans to continue making changes there, including bringing more services and job opportunities to inmates to reduce recidivism. if we have a way or a mechanism to have
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them touch. >> services or opportunities that they never thought of or never have been exposed to. that really is what will be key in preventing crime as alameda county's next sheriff. >> sanchez becomes one of 2 latina. so will become a california sheriff. it's a first for the state and something she's proud of. >> the impossible became possible. and it really speaks to if you have the drive and the effort just to pursue your goals. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news and as mentioned, alameda county sheriff greg ahern has conceded he released this statement that reads partly unquote. it's been my honor and privilege to serve as your sheriff for the past 16 years. i will retire from office at the end of my term on january. 3rd, 2023 after nearly 43 years of public service, my administration will work to ensure a smooth transition.
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>> happening today, former san jose mayor norman eta will be laid to rest. he died last month at the age of 19. he is been lying in honor at city hall. and many have come to remember him and his accomplishments. kron four's will tran joins us live in san jose with more. will. >> it's going to happen in about 5 and a half hours from now. yesterday, the public got a chance just a few blocks from this location to say goodbye. but today it will be family and friends, including former president bill clinton. he is in town and some nearby hotel will come down here and be the heavy hitters far as giving the eulogy along with mayor sam liccardo norman here's a picture of him. his beloved in the bay area, 90 years old. he died back on may 3rd in maryland and he finally came back to his birthplace in san jose yesterday when he was >> flown into an airport named after him international airport, which was named back in 2001. they had a procession
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leading from the airport through the streets of san jose's back to his childhood home, went through japan town. it's a prominent japanese american. he and his family were interned during world war. 2, but it did not stop him. he would go on to be mayor of san jose from 1971. to 75. >> he served in the u.s. as the u.s. representative. he also served for 2 presidents, talked about president clinton. he also served for republican president george w bush. he was transferred terry secretary under bush during the 9.11 attacks and he helped form the tsa. so he's had a very decorated career. but norm, as many people call them and he wanted to be called norm was san jose's favorite son. and that is according to current mayor sam liccardo. >> and then never and he had such a connection to the people said it was very important to and everybody had
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a story. just incredible breaking barriers, not for himself, but for so many others who could then follow. >> breaking barriers is exactly right. obviously he is a famous son of san jose, but he is just cherished in the asian american community. and i told this yesterday i had a chance to interview mister mandetta back in 2002 at the airport. like i said, there was named after him and told him how much he meant to me. he was very gracious in that. >> there was a long line throughout the streets of san jose yesterday with young and old holding up signs and again, they will have this private memorial coming up at 5. that skews me about 5 and a half hours now at 10, 30 and hoping actually to talk to president clinton as he arrives because he served with president clinton as the commerce secretary during his time in the white house. back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot. we'll 5.11, is the time students from birmingham,
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alabama, traveling to the bay area with a nonprofit organization of become. now the latest victims in a smash-and-grab. this time at a san leandro in and out founders of a nonprofit group they were traveling with known as cultivating hope foundation says the thieves made off with about $18,000 worth of equipment and electronics from 2 of their vehicles. co-founders alan bron bron do its. and steve douglas say that it happened on the very first day of their trip. a witness says they saw 2 suspects commit the crime. >> not only did they feel safe enough to do that, but they also felt secure enough to go ahead and do it to a second car and then go ahead and pull out of the parking lot and then go drive from our understanding all the way south of san jose and hit multiple more cars. >> douglas and rocco would say that it wasn't just a learning lesson for the students, but also for visitors to the bay area to never leave their belongings in their cars. >> 5.12 still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news, california lawmakers have not come up with a deal on gas
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lorenzo theater later this morning. and it will kick off a new phase of the theater's renovation. crews have been rebuilding from a fire that happened. it happened 2 years ago. 2 fires actually in 2020 that signing they're going actually sign of you know, would and 9 o'clock this morning, the community leaders are going to be theirs to support the theaters. roof. because every building james, the needs are really needs a roof and beams to support that. i've never i mean, never heard about that. you know, when you do the little concrete, the i s i with you're gonna. >> beam that will hold up the roof of the dog's paws in the kids paws out. we've got rain is standing by. just thinking of that. talk about pavement. remind me want to get super hot. obviously. don't put your dogs on the pavement and looks like extended forecast. as you it's super hot extended. okay. we have a little bit few days here. we have a few days today
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before we get ahead of ourselves. >> it is a cooler day. we've been talking about how hot it's been for the past few days. we finally start to cool down this morning. a live look at the east bay hills. and you can see we do have a few clouds out there. that's another change from the clear conditions we've been seen that high pressure came and it went and now we have that low pressure system that arrives late yesterday evening. and now cooling things down for us today into tomorrow and over the next few days, current highs across the bay area significantly cooler than we saw over the past few days. like along the coast, low 60's down in half moon bay along here along the bay shore, south san francisco, mid 60's. 64 down there as you're traveling to foster city. 68 mountain view and palo alto mid to lower 70's here in the south bay. we in our mid 80's yesterday. now we're looking at temperatures in the mid to low 70's. so santa clear, 73 morgan hill, you're at 77
5:18 am
pleasanton little more inland where we typically see higher temperatures all in the mid to low 70's here in hayward and union city. low 60's berkeley years. 69 richmond, 72 concord, 79 up their valais whole benicia all mid 70's across the board. santa rosa, 77 and down in mill valley, 70 degrees. okay. now we cool down today that warm up starts to happen sunday father's day is one that warm up starts to continue here. so 78 for you inland. 84 on sunday along the bay shore mid to lower 70's upper 60's there. and then sunday, you return to the mid 70's along the coast. low 60's to end out the week. now that's a look at the how the roads doing right now. well, actually, not that bad. here's the bay bridge approach rain and you can see traffic is moving >> without any issue. yeah, it is picking up at least in terms of volume. but obviously you're not slowing down. you can see the traffic zipping on by the camera position here, which is right next to the toll plaza. so you're breezing right through it and on into
5:19 am
san francisco. let's check the san mateo bridge to the south highway. 92 connecting the east bay and the peninsula. and you can see traffic is flowing. well, no problems, no slowdowns. the chp lot clear. you're making good time. the richmond, sandra fell bridge in our last check. only had a handful headlights and that continues to be the case this early morning. not a lot slowing you down here as you're making your way from richmond out towards sandra fell and for our north bay commuters heading down into san francisco, the right along 1, 1, southbound across the golden gate bridge has been smooth so far this morning and still is boy, that's a gorgeous shot. looks like we're in for a as rain. us showed us a nice day to day weather wise. >> 5.19, is the time u.s. representative eric swalwell is going to speak out today against the disruption that happened at a pride event and a library in san lorenzo. a proposed members of the proud boys started shouting homophobic, an anti lgbtq slurs. while barry, a drag queen was reading stories to children swallow represents
5:20 am
the district where this happened and he says he wants to show his solidarity with the lgbtq community and talk to law enforcement to figure out how to keep the community safe from this sort of thing. the press conference is going to be outside the san lorenzo library at 10. 45 this morning? today, lawmakers hold their 3rd hearing looking at more evidence says that former president donald trump played in the violent january 6 riot at the capitol. raquel martin, take us to look at what we can expect today. >> good morning will today. we'll hear directly from 2 former advisers of the former vice president mike pence, who will likely be able to provide more insight over how things played out in flight. the white house following the 2020 election. pence, of course, was a target on january 6th as rioters going after him for refusing to stop the certification of the election. thursday, the january 6 select committee kicks off day 3 of
5:21 am
public hearings. >> digging into former president donald trump's role leading up to the assault on the capitol was very clear that what we have laid out so far is that donald trump was at the center. a coordinated strategy. to overturn the results of a free and fair election. democratic congressman pete aguilar is one of 9 lawmakers on the committee. he says the 2 previous hearing which featured recorded and in-person testimony for the president's former campaign manager's daughter, ivanka trump and former attorney general william barr show despite their warnings and the days after the 2020 election, donald trump refused to accept the election results and claimed the vote was stolen. despite there being 0 evidence of widespread fraud based on complete misinformation feel the committee found trump allies you the claim to raise 250 million dollars in donations forward to the continuing the work of the committee right now. many republicans on capitol hill remain opposed to the effort
5:22 am
to can't say that. i've watched a single men, missouri republican senator josh hawley says he believes the entire investigation is politically motivated. this is an extended democrat campaign commercial. >> to try to change the subject from what americans actually care about, which is the fact that they can't afford gas. they can't afford groceries. today's panel will begin at 01:00pm eastern time. there are 2 more hearings to follow. >> the big question is will there will be criminal charges brought to the former president, the chairman of the committee says that will be up to the department of justice to decide. for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. all right. thank you very much, rick held 5.22. we'll take a break coming up on the kron 4 morning news. it's been one hole years since california reopened after the pandemic. >> we're going to take a look back at how we fared so far and what's still to come. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it.
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>> we're back at 5.25. and it's not a done deal yet. but an fda panel has recommended the approval of the moderna and pfizer vaccines for children as young as 6 months old pfizer's vaccine for children 6 months through 14 moderna's vaccine is approved for 6 months to 5 years or at least recommended by this panel. moderna has a 2 dose series that was 40 to 50% effective in preventing mild infections. pfizer's regiment is 3 doses. so 3 shots and that gives you 80% protection from symptomatic coronavirus
5:26 am
infections. the biden administration is already preparing for the approval by pre ordering millions of doses. an advisory panel for the cdc will be meeting later this week to talk about covid vaccines for that young age group as well. >> california reopened by lifting most pandemic restrictions a year ago now. and while a lot has changed, some things are the same. massive come off and then they went back on in some counties in settings, proof of vaccine requirements faded away and surges have come and gone and come again as we know treatments are also becoming were available for those who get sick. there are things you can take now like paxlovid. >> we're getting better at treating people with serious disease. but again, we don't know what's going to hit in the fall. i personally, i don't think it's going to be that we won't deal with. well, an unfriendly overall, the bay area, we've hunkered down really well for 2 years. so if there's any time to take a
5:27 am
little bit more arrests, but still protect itself is right now because we have so many tools available. >> health experts say that more booster shots may also be in store for us in the fall. >> now just ahead, fifa officials are expected to announce the host cities for the world cup in 2026. we're live with how the bay area another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both.
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>> 5.29, this is funny. just once on the moon, ok? so you know, that was bin a late lead with the strawberry moon and then the full moon. yeah. so in every each day like 3 days to come out and there's the big moon, right, that rate get to this level. today. i came out and i was like, oh, the mood is call because james, it was go. i'm telling you, it was it was not in this whole. i said it was just i had to really look was way higher and over to the left so if you look at, yeah, i was in the left you're looking at. i knew it wasn't on the yeah. i mean, but i but i did. i did find it. and i found it. it in the shoulder. good morning. it is. is really nice. the mood has been really nice waking up every morning as we wake up so early. it's still pretty dark and it just kind of leuven eight-year drive into work. things are looking great and it's another great day where you don't have to limit your time outdoors because we're not going to be as hot as we've been the past 3 days. let's get a look at what's happening currently on our
5:31 am
radar. we are seeing more clouds and more winds throughout the next few days. so that's cool us down a bit. a low pressure system arrives and high pressure system already moving out of the bay area today. current temperatures across the board. if you're leaving your house right now, 50's. so in redwood city 50's there mid 50's in oakland, berkeley, alameda up in the north bay petaluma. 48 nevado 50 along the coast low 50's. we are tracking that cool down because we are going to warm up at some point. we'll have a look at that coming up. but the roads, it's still pretty light right? yes, they are. let's check. it's good to keep checking you know that moon story you never know. so keep checking. the bay bridge is fine and don't worry. we'll keep our eye on that for you. but no traffic jam, nothing in your way. there. the san mateo bridge probably also okay. but you do have a lot more company. a lot of people have gotten up the last 15 minutes or so and out on the roads and the richmond center fell bridge. that was also wore a trafficking at the moment is that work is just a
5:32 am
few more cars and nothing in your way. but just it looks like everybody set their love for the same time and the golden gate bridge still very sleepy right now. all right. time now is 5.31. beautiful one san francisco supervisor wants to put more police on the streets now crackdown on drug problems near where the city's treatment facilities are. supervisor matt dorsey's plan is call right to recover. the idea is to have officers focus on arresting. >> drug dealers and confiscating drugs in areas where people are seeking help with recovery. supporters of this say that it would create a safe space by creating a place where, you know, people can feel like they're not vulnerable to being offered drugs. >> it's something really need it. it's really hard to abstain from something that you're addicted to all around. you. >> and the initiative is not going to change any drug laws, but it does have police taking a >> bigger role in tackling the
5:33 am
problem? >> well, it was a somber day in los angeles county wednesday as the el monte police department released the names of the officers killed in the line of duty police people stopped by a growing memorial to pay their respects to these 2 officers. you can see video here. those officers identified now as corporal mitchell padres and officer joseph santana both killed tuesday while investigating a possible stabbing at a motel. police say they were in essence, ambushed. santana was a rookie officer and a former public works employee. he survived by his wife, his daughter and twin sons. officer padres, a longtime veteran of the department is survived by his wife and daughter and son. we have some a shocking sight here in the south bay to see that box truck go by looping. it is on fire. >> it's on fire. dropping smoldering debris as it drove down the street. wow. yeah. it was seen driving throughout the san jose and santa clara area including on highway one
5:34 am
o one. just driving around with this giant fire behind. i mean, it was eventually parked on a street in sunnyvale, a little shell of its former self. no word on what caused that fire. why the driver continued to drive a long as that truck was. why would that what? what? and you got to know that's behind you. that's not like a little clearly investigating. this will get to the bottom of it. now. it's now been 3 months since governor newsom and democratic leaders promised to send relief to californians because of all the high gas prices and inflation, everything costing more all sides of this issue say they want to get something done quickly. gas prices keep rising as we republicans are continuing in their push to suspend the state's gas tax. that is $0.54 a gallon starting july 1st. so that would be somebody say that idea continues, though, to be a nonstarter for democrats and for the governor because they say suspending the gas tax would not guarantee gas companies would pass along
5:35 am
those savings to us at the pump. >> families are being forced to make tough financial decisions as the state's coffers are overflowing with cash, we will be able to reach a resolution on those 2 versions within the next. >> coming days or prior to the new fiscal year beginning on july, the first discussions were very they'll continue. but the governor made it very clear that is continuing goal is as much relief as possible as many as possible as fast as possible. >> democratic leaders continue to clash over their separate proposals as well. the governor wants to stand a $400 debit card to all california car owners while legislative leaders want to send $200 payments making of to 2 people who make less than $125,000 a year. when we could see any of this happening. still to be determined what we do know, it will be september at the earliest. so we have to get through the whole summer here
5:36 am
without a little fortunately. all right, 5.35 layoffs have reportedly begun at tesla less than 2 weeks after the ceo, elon musk announced that they would have to do a 10% reduction. >> in workforce, given the current economic climate. now, the company's fremont factory employs some 22,000 people. so these layoffs could very well affect thousands of bay area workers, according to business insider 13 former tesla employees have posted the link to end that they have been laid off. the workforce stood at a total of 100,000 employees at the end of last year. so tesla, one of the many companies now beginning to tighten its belt. all right. happening today, fifa will announce the site that will host the world cup games in 2026 here. levi stadium, one of many sites of for consideration. >> kron four's camila barco is live in san francisco. so we have a chance. >> that's the question, daria. today we will find out bay area. soccer fans are awaiting
5:37 am
this announcement from fifa. fifa officials are expected to tell us where the soccer matches are going to be play here during the world cup in 2026 and it looks like some of the soccer match matches could take place here at levi stadium. want to know why? well, back in october, take a look the fa officials took a tour of levi stadium. they were joined by local city mayors, companies and levi stadium. officials to show why the bay area should host 7 games. and today fifa plans to announce the sites for the world cup in 2026. from here at levi stadium. the u.s. will host 60 of the 80 games. the others will be played in mexico and canada. now exactly where they will be played. well, we will find out today. there will be 16 groups of 3 nations. each team will play 2 first-round games instead of 3 and the tournament will take place between mid-june some mid july. now. this won't be the first time the united
5:38 am
states has hosted a world cup. the world cup was last held in the united states in 1994. world cup matches were played at 9 venues, including here in california like the rose bowl in pasadena at the stanford stadium in palo alto and darya. james, according to the u.s. soccer team, the world cup in 1994. was the most successful event in fifa history. that time and now we're doing it all over again in 2026, the world cup will be played here in the united states, mexico and canada. and there's a possibility that some of these games could be. he played here at levi stadium later this afternoon. we will hear from fifa officials where exactly the soccer matches will be played. and of course, we'll bring you all that information on air and online at kron 4 dot com. for now, back to you. >> okay. so let's hope this time tomorrow. we're talking about a warrior win and a win for levi's stadium. all riiht. thank you. camila.
5:39 am
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>> 5.41 is the time. and the fda says that a homeopathic allergy medicine for kids is being voluntarily recalled. now over concerns of elevated levels of yeast and mold. you
5:42 am
see the brand on the screen. it's the allergy be gone. for kids nasal swab remedy. it's made by buzz ago incorporated. and during fda testing that product came back as testing positive for yeast and malt. so it's a concern if you have this product, you need to stop using it, throw it away or take it back to where you bought it and get a refund. >> ford is recalling about 3 million vehicles that could roll away. even if you put it in park. the automaker says that the problems with the transmission and it will seem like the cars in part. but really it's not the national highway traffic safety administration says so far. there have been 4 reports of people actually getting hurt from this 6 reports of property damage. the recall involves the escape c max fusion transit connect and edge models. the years range from 2013 to 2021. if your car is involved, you'll get something in the mail. we'll be right back.
5:43 am
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5:46 am
empire food bank kitchen. mainly i want to pack as much nutrition into the meals that i can as much fresh ingredients is i can chef nolan in a group of volunteers whip up hundreds of meals a day using donated ingredients that otherwise might not get used. today we're making its a kale and caramelized bow line e which is like an afghanistan flatbread retake that donated food that was otherwise not going to make it in the marketplace. >> we actually make it better than it ever was. when it arrives, ceo of the food bank, david goodman worked with chef nolan to create the on the spot nutrition program and rather than >> simply providing them with groceries. i coming prepare, decided that we wanted to few >> typically we do one dish all week. so we'll do about 2500 meals of the same item. those fresh made meals are then packaged up and headed to the distribution center where they're handed out on the
5:47 am
spot. shiloh neighborhood church in santa rosa is one of many distribution sites. while folks wait in line for food. >> they're being fed to. i think it's brilliant because i haven't eaten today. so this that's going to hit the spot for sure. thank you, veronica. volunteers for the food bank. but when the pandemic hit, she found herself in that distribution line. this was her first time getting a meal on the enjoying this quite a bad. i don't know what's in this size, but it takes really nice. it's like yogurt and carrots. and i love both of redwood empire food bank is currently feeding about 18,000 households per month. that's up from 10,000 prior to the pandemic with inflation and gas prices. so high, the food bank is once again seeing an increase in need. >> we use are people that actually have nothing all the way up to what would seem like a reasonable amount income
5:48 am
except that it's costly to live in this area. volunteers are handing out meals and grocery bags at over 300 distributions each month. jeff nolan says making the fresh meals is more than gratifying. you know, we all cook with our hearts and our souls. and when we make a meal for someone, it shows that we care for in sonoma county, noelle bellow. >> kron, 4 news. all right. i great weather today to volunteer at a food bank and we're going to be doing that tomorrow here on the kron. 4 morning news. >> so make sure you stay tuned in to that. a live look outside of the east bay hills. we've seen an increase in cloud cover. a lot of stratus out there today. we're also seeing an increase in wind so yesterday evening we have that low pressure system pass to the bay area. cooling us off a bit. and you're seeing those winds this morning, especially inland along the coast here in san francisco. those wind speeds are taking up highs across the bay area today. we're seeing highs much cooler
5:49 am
than we have the past few days. so along the coast, low 60's 70's here in the south bay, low 80's out inland. and then 69 in oakland up in novato mid to lower 70's that 7 day forecast for you starting with today. 78 this week, the national weather service is saying throughout the bay area, it's been kind of like a roller coaster. we've been up and down up and down. we're going down now. that will be up starting sunday. and then we continue that trend of getting warmer and warmer as next week goes on along the bayshore 70's today, mid 60's. he did back up into the 70's come sunday along the coast mid to low 60's star ian james, how are rhodes fairing and the bridges doing this actually not bad. here we are at 5.49, we're still looking at some pretty light conditions that you're bay bridge approach. >> this is the westbound 80 camera at the bay bridge toll plaza in oakland. and as you can see, moving well, no problems heading into san francisco just yet the san mateo bridge to the south here connecting the east bay and the peninsula down there. hey, we're looking at a nice ride
5:50 am
so far. traffic moving at the limit. nothing slowing you down. so all is good. there. the richmond, sandra fell bridge to the north connecting richmond in. sandra fell. also looking good here. the stretch of westbound 5.80, not slowing down at all at the toll plaza and nothing slowing down on the span, either. and we're looking at a fantastic commute so far on southbound 1 one across the golden gate bridge no issues, no concerns. >> and what about air travel summer 2022? is on its way to becoming the busiest travel season. that's the air has seen since 2019. this is according to an online travel site called hopper at sfo. air travel is close to prepandemic levels. now kron four's gayle ong has more. >> everyone seems to be happy we feel like life is coming back to normality. this traveler and her husband at san francisco international airport are heading back to australia after visiting their daughter in the bay area >> to send his day in the san
5:51 am
francisco to tip your own right on the ferry. let's above the moves that a trip that was delayed for 2 and a half years because of the covid. i mean, it changed everything for one last that procedurally with all of the. >> it a national vaccination certificates in the crew from the uploading of documentation. >> but it works also flying to australia. jeanne thompson might just been waiting until. >> just recently,severything opened up again. and so i can travel really excited to have the new granddaughter that's there. so i'm excited to see according to hopper in online travel site, about 24% of travelers will be taking to the skies for the first time since the pandemic airport officials at sfo say june is at about 75% of prepandemic levels. >> last june was a little under 50%. but as a foe is expected to get full prepandemic levels until 2023 at the earliest. while travelers wednesday, jetting off for their summer vacation. we nor is flying for business.
5:52 am
going to the philippines today. >> specifically to do a good guy. the purchase an air bnb. i see opportunity to buy property. >> after 2 years of being shut down, i think the tourism industry is hurting. i think the land values are at an all-time low. so i think there's some opportunity. i'm 72 and ready to retire. i want to have some fun. i think this is where to do it. >> and as you head to your summer destination, the tsa is suggesting you get to the airport early, at least 2 hours for domestic flights. 3 hours. if you're flying international reporting from sfo, gayle ong kron, 4 news. we'll be right back.
5:53 am
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>> 5.55 right now. let's baseball a's in boston taking a i couldn't say boston like let's take a look at this game was all boston from the start. so boston, the a's get never got the offense going and they ended up losing. >> and to one they're going to try today. they're going to try not to get swept. that's right. the warriors are going. we're is going to make it right tonight in boston there, revenge the revenge tonight. meanwhile, the giants, they're hosting the royals. bottom of the 4th we go, brandon belt, look at that was deep to center field. it's gone. that
5:56 am
was a home run. >> and that made it a one-run game in the 8th inning with the game tied. the royals managed to retake the lead, unfortunately. so the royals go on to win. final 3 to 2 giants now head to pittsburgh. take on the pirates starting tomorrow. it's 5.55. in coming up in the next hour. let's get back to the game for the warriors who are in boston. >> we're going hear how the players are feeling ahead of this high stakes game. >> and we're remembering a community leader and former mayor of san jose will see how the city is paying respects norman mineta. >> and this year's election already marking firsts in the bay area, including the first latina sheriff for alameda county.
5:57 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ treat dad to father's day at lowe's.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a thursday. i'm james. its warrior thursday. we'll be talking more about that coming up in a minute. and we're also approaching father's day weekend. >> yes, we are. it's somewhere in the midst of father's day week or whatever you like the dump more than a day for janet is and the weather looks like it's going to be perfect. >> good morning. good morning. hey, we have been waiting for this day. a lot of you have waiting for a much-needed break. >> in the heat, cooler conditions today, we're also seeing an uptick in winds out there. so that's cooling us


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