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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  June 16, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> tonight it is game 6. the warriors have a chance to win yet another championship. that would be the team's 4th title in the last 8 years. a remarkable run for this dynasty. it could get even better. tonight. the dubs. we'll have to get it done, though. and one of the toughest road environments in the nba. thanks for being with us tonight on kron. 4 news at 5. i'm grant lotus. >> and i'm vicki liviakis. we have team coverage for you tonight. kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills in
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yellow. the standirg by chase with excitement from the fans werk first. we're going go to boston where the game will tip off. tonight. our sports director, a dapper jason dumas says at td garden. hey, jason. >> winning a road playoff elimination game is probably the hardest thing to do in basketball. those are the words of andre iguodala, the warriors, elder statesman. he would know. so it's steph curry. klay thompson, draymond green and they have all echoed andres sentiments over the past couple of days. they've been here before they know what it takes. they know just how difficult this feat is. but collectively, this warriors team actually hasn't fared all that well in road elimination games, their own 3, this postseason with losses in denver, in memphis and in dallas. meanwhile, the celtics there know this postseason in
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elimination games. but guess what? none of that matters on this night because of the warriors get a win, they'll be spilling champagne all over boston tonight while he's boston fans will be going home contemplating their season in thinking about next year. and i want to shoot around this morning and there was com get focused demeanor. this team, you know, they usually have the same demeanor day in day out. but today seemed a little different. there were some old school classics, glaring on the sound system. a little johnny gill. >> a little michael jackson. but as i said, you could really tell since monday, really that this team is making a point of it to win tonight. they do not want this series to extend. >> it would love to do it on the road here in boston as well. a place that has so much history and let's be honest. these fans, this city. there's been a lot of chirping over the last few weeks. the warriors have noted all of
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that chirping and id love to shut these fans up and they know even though game 7 would be at home. it's a coin flip. we all know they lost a game 7 at home in the finals in 2016. so look for a locked in warriors team tonight. a team that knows just how challenging this will be. >> the guys all know what's at stake and it's a great opportunity. so as a coach, you're trying to help prepare the the guys mentally for what's you know, you have to go out and play with the desperation. you know i got you this far. but without the anxiety that can come with, you know, thinking about clinching you count kept. think about any of that. you've got to just think about it. executing one minute a time. you know, one play at a time. and that's the focus tonight. >> now, just moments ago, steve kerr spoke to us the media and someone asked him,
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steve, this is your guys is 100 in the 5th game of the season. feel any collective fatigue. steve kerr almost cut the reporter offense at. there's no time for that is too late for that. we are ready to play and it's not like we were tied after games. 89 or 90. we've been tight for a while now, but we are ready to get a win tonight and try to win an nba championship. so that is the mindset of this group. they are ready to get a win. and as i said earlier, they're not trying to play on sunday grant. you told me earlier this week you don't want to thank yous father's day, right? yeah, that's dress. yeah. especially the night game. you have the whole day thinking about and you never want to be pessimistic. but as we know, anything can happen. >> in a game 7, so best to take care of business tonight. thanks, jason. and we want to continue our team coverage that was boston. but >> but to kron 4 sports
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reporter kylen mills. she joins us now live from chase for the doors. just opened for the watch party. lot of excited fans. guys, excitement is building here at chase center had a tip off or a watch party will be getting underway momentarily. so much excitement from fans to be able to come here. watch game 6 and cheer on the dubs hopefully to a championship. tonight. the stage is set here. by the way, we've just seen the first couple of fans trickling in their way often some of the seats up photographer daniel villareal will try to give us a little look. but we're just getting underway here at chase center. the music is going. we've got dj. be sharp in the building. lights are going there. surely going to be a great atmosphere for game 6 tonight. warriors fans so excited and so appreciative of what this dynasty has accomplished over the last 8 years, bringing the bay area 3 championships and they're hoping a 4th tonight. fans also been telling me all season long. they truly appreciate the greatness. that
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is where your star steph curry. he's been incredible throughout the season and especially during this nba final series, a scoring 43 points in game 4. he has been just such a joy to watch for the fans. >> really excited to come on in here and get loud here in san francisco, even though they can't be there in boston. it's a long trip and still excited to just get together here on the unhelpfully watched them bring home a victory in game 6. no one wants to see the series go to 7 games. that's what fans have been telling me here tonight. you can start to hear some of the cheers out enough. you can hear him off behind seeing fans coming in with their warriors jerseys on some of them wearing their yellow gold. what at t shirts going to be? a lot of excitement here inside chase center tonight. we'll be checking in with you throughout the night right here on kron. 4 news for now live in san francisco. i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> all right, kyle the anticipation. haha, we'll check in with you. meantime, you know, as we've been telling you, you have the warriors, they could take home the big prize tonight if they're victorious in boston.
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>> if that happens, the streets of san francisco will likely fill up with people who are going to be celebrating. but history shows us that those fan celebrations sometimes can get out of hand as our kron four's. dan kerman tells us tonight, san francisco police are vowing to make sure that doesn't happen this time. >> it was in october of 2014 when the giants last won the world series. unfortunately, what started as a celebration took a turn for the worse bon fires being set, bottles being thrown and random acts of vandalism, especially in the mission district when the giants won the world series 2 years earlier, the situation was similar. more chaos only in 2012, a muni bus was also vandalized and set on fire. we're not going to tolerate any level of violence. we're not going to tolerate property destruction. we want people to be out and celebrate along
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with the warriors organization. >> however, we want them to celebrate in a civil and responsible manner. san francisco police say celebrating his one thing, but they have 0 tolerance for destroying the city will have additional officers additional patrols, specialized units. we're going to have extra officers at the chiefs arena in and around that area already thursday afternoon, you could see teams of motorcycle officers in and around the chase center for the viewing party of the warrior game. but police say officers will be keeping an eye out everywhere in the city. there is a place that we're not going to go to. and there isn't a place that we're not going to be looking at as far as problems that might arise in san francisco. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> to the east bay. now the city of oakland rejecting a proposal from the oakland a's for more money to help build the teens proposed waterfront ballpark. oakland a's said that they would use the money to help pay for infrastructure upgrades at the howard terminal site. but mayor libby
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schaff says that he was already set to receive millions of dollars. oakland a's president dave carroll didn't specify how much the team had asked for the team had already agreed to the city's terms that 15% of the housing units built are designated as affordable housing shops office tells kron 4 that the mayor's extremely confident the deal will move forward and will be completed. also in the city of oakland, officials laid out safety measures for big gatherings over the juneteenth holiday weekend. city officials say they want to keep lake sure avenue. >> at lake merritt say for drivers and pedestrians, one of the biggest concerns the traffic jams could make it tough for emergency vehicles to access the area. officers will be temporarily closing off streets to prevent traffic congestion. beacon street bowden way, brooklyn avenue, wayne avenue and head over as well. all be closed this weekend. we have the specifics
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on the street closures on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> the tenderloin center dedicated did such things is helping people with substance abuse and housing. we'll be closing for good. mayor london breed says that the money in her proposed budget will instead be used to help the community. through other means. other means kron four's rob nesbitt reports on the closure and what it means for people struggling with. >> addiction and housing. the tenderloin center open at the beginning of the year and will close its doors for good at the end of the year. >> mayor london breed says the building located in un plaza was always a short-term plan from the beginning. the tenderloin linkage center was at the center of controversy meant to be a safe harbor for people struggling with addiction, offering hot meals, showers and referrals to mental health and addiction treatment. >> but complaints started within 10 days of opening about the amount of drug use happening on site, which is not conducive, obviously to recovery itself. tom, wolf is a recovering addict who was homeless in 2018. he says the tenderloin center was doomed.
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the second they opened their doors. if you're struggling with addiction, especially with illicit fentanyl. >> you know, you need to use pretty much every 2 hours. so if you're there in the facility and you see people using now, you're going to want to use to last month, the least for the tenderloin center on market street was extended to the end of 2022, according to mayor london breed services will end when the least sense saying the next 6 months will be used to determine a more long-term plan for providing overdose prevention and other health and human services support. mayor london breed's office released a statement saying, quote, the city remains committed to continuing the work of saving lives through overdose prevention and is undertaking a rapid planning process to take the best elements of the tlc to new programming in the community. >> the goal is to continue to partner with communities and the committed community providers to provide the services in ways that are effective and cost-efficient. the center has been operating at a high volume serving about 400 people a day, wolf says there's a clear need in the city, but he would like to see more therapeutic communities
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allows medically assisted treatment. so people using methadone, it's a box and. >> but also offer someone stable, transitional housing and life skill development to help them turn their life around. mayor london breed's office says her proposed budget includes 4 million dollars for public realm improvements and added staff dedicated to long-term planning for the tenderloin. >> in san francisco, i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. as the drought worsens, one bay area water district is implementing a temporary surcharge for its customers. >> the contra costa water district will begin charging customers a 15 per cent surcharge set to begin july 1st for the average customer using about 260 gallons a day. the surcharge amounts to an extra $0.28 per day household using fewer than 200 gallons will not be affected by the rate increase. the district says they're also seeking a 15% reduction in water use from people compared to 2020.
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whether time now as we get a live look outside clear day in the bay, a beautiful shot there of the golden gate bridge and the marine headley. and maybe it's clear because all the wind was kind of pushing everything out of the what kind really kicked in some of those hot 90's bringing those temperatures down a more reasonable around the bay area today in the 70's this the beginning of some much cooler weather. in fact, tomorrow. >> see these temperatures may be lucky to get in the low 70's in some spots. so they are outside right now. beautiful look toward the golden gate bridge. you see a couple high clouds up above and that sea breeze blowing down below the temperatures here in the 50's in a place like pacifica and half moon bay. but check out the valleys yesterday. they're in the 90's right now. 71 in livermore 76 and warm and talk about much cooler than yesterday. 69 in dublin. 65 in berkeley. and 66 degrees in petaluma winds. they have been kicking up again. some of those over 30 miles an hour closer to the coastline. you're seeing that in the san francisco sfo. you're in the mid 20's there as well. that's not carlos. he pretty breezy conditions in
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the san jose with mid 20's there as well. so a pretty healthy sea breeze overnight tonight that is going to help to further cool down the temperatures. and how about this? a low pressure coming to town. got a cold front out here bringing the rain well to the north of the bay. i think northern california going to see some showers out of. there's a slight chance you might see a sprinkle in the north bay, but not much. but the is going to get to drop down and dragged off the coast. i remember that ridging in the gulf of alaska. bring all that cool air right across the bay area that we're settling in for for tomorrow. these temperatures as much as 10, maybe 20 degrees below the average by tomorrow afternoon. it's not going to be freezing but numbers coming way down. heading out the door this grab a jacket, a little breezy coast side. the clouds will continue to thicken up becoming mostly cloudy as we head in towards 7 8 o'clock tonight. thanks large. still to come from our nation's capital to the bay area. >> a community to denouncing hate after the proud boys storm, a local library. and
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>> new tonight at 5 president biden says the recession is not inevitable and pointed to the nation's 3.6% unemployment rate and strength on the global stage. he made those comments in an interview today. he also pushed back on criticism that covid aid from last year was the main driver
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of inflation raising the interest rate this week has helped cause the financial markets to slump and led many economists to warn of a potential recession next year. however, the president is encouraging americans to stay patient. the january 6 committees, public hearings continue today with a focus on how former president trump >> mounted both a public and private pressure campaign. our washington, d.c., correspondent alexandra limon has more. >> good evening. the january 6 committee showed evidence and testimony to try to prove that after former president donald trump lost the election and the court battles that followed, he then turned to trying to pressure his own vice president to overturn the election for him. the january 6 committee laid out evidence showing former president donald trump turn to illegal measures to try to remain president. he latched on to a completely nonsensical and anti democratic theory. >> that one man. his own vice
5:19 pm
president, could determine the outcome. >> of the election. >> trump and his lawyer, john eastman came up with a plan to pressure vice president mike pence to reject the presidential election results. >> john, he's ever first, you know, in front of the president. yeah, his proposal would violate the electoral count act. i believe you did on the force. >> republican lawyers testified that pence told trump the constitution didn't give him the authority to overturn the election. there was no way that they would have put in the hands of one person. >> the authority to determine who is going to be president of the united states. still on january 6, trump called pence directly to push him further. >> and pressured him in public and a private mike pence is going to have to come through for us. the vice president's lawyers say despite his public silence, pence always refuse to do trump's bidding. vice
5:20 pm
president pence understood that his oath of office was more important than his loyalty. >> to donald trump, witnesses said even after rioters came within 40 feet of mike pence when he was taken to a secure location. trump's lawyer again asked pence to reject the election results. >> and now the january 6 committee says it will try to talk to virginia, thomas, the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas about her efforts to try to help overturn the election results in washington. alexandra limon. >> from the nation's capital to the east bay members of the right wing hate group, the proud boys that are under investigation in alameda county, 5 men affiliated with that group disrupted an lgbtq event in san lorenzo over the weekend. crowd forcefully to call now. >> shares how congressman eric swalwell is responding to what he calls and aboard attack. >> in response to 5 men with the right-wing extremist
5:21 pm
group, proud boys disrupting a pride event that the san lorenzo library saturday when the group wrote homophobic remarks while drag queens read to children. >> congressman eric swalwell of whom are hate crimes. prosecutor for the alameda county district attorney's office says a line and they have been criminally crossed. the goal from the proud boys was for us to run away from this fight. we are running toward. >> more qualities says he will not sit silent and instead stands in solidarity with the lgbt community making that after meeting with the quality and law enforcement at the library. for 75 minutes thursday morning. want to be a country of free speech but would not free speech crosses into the round threatening physical violence. that's where it should be. investigated him again right now it's under investigation. the alameda county sheriff's office said in on thursday's meeting with well, lieutenant ray kelly says the men have been identified and says although they are affiliated
5:22 pm
with the group currently under investigation for its role in the attack at the nation's capitol, january 6th of last year. >> the men live in the bay area. we're going to stand with the >> with the people of our community it inclusive. we're going to make sure that if this is a safe space for everybody in our community, no matter who you are, the library's isn't here. continue to hold monthly pride events for the rest of the year. and the sheriff's office intends to be president. you will find the proud boys going. >> to a catholic church or to a karate class. you find them attacking the lgbtq community because we're different. we come in every race, religion. >> class in and dot is a threat to the far right groups in this nation because we represent what's possible in america. the fbi and sheriff's office have been in touch about saturday's incident in san lorenzo. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> take a look at evidence of a massive drug bust in the
5:23 pm
east today. yeah, all i mean so much right. officers found 30 pounds of fentanyl, a pound of meth, 6 ounces of crack cocaine and an ar 15. the alameda county sheriff's office says large amounts of drugs like this often come from drug dealers to stash the stuff in homes and then sell it to street level dealers. still ahead, we continue to celebrate pride month. aids victims honored. >> in golden gate park with a quilt display. what that
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>> we're celebrating pride month here at kron 4 and the aids quilt has been on display in golden gate park. >> that it has around 3,000 panels spread across robin williams meadow sharing the stories of those who have died of the virus. kron four's rob nesbitt gives us a closer look at the largest community art project in history. >> eric? joan, john, it's an impressive sight to see the aids quilt sprawled across the grass of golden gate park. the first time it's been on full display since 1996 when it cover the national mall in washington, d.c., cleve jones came up with the idea for the quilt 35 years ago during a candlelight march in memory of supervisor harvey milk and mayor george moscone e it was november 1985. and the aids death toll in san francisco hit 1000. it only because so
5:27 pm
many people shared my need to express our grief and our anger. >> our outrage at the lack of government response. what started as an idea to memorialize the men and women dying of aids still lives on to this day, growing to more than 50,000 panels with more than 100,000 names of those who have died of the virus. it doesn't matter what other people say because police everybody told me this was the stupidest thing that ever heard of. you know, it went on to become one of the world's largest community arts project history. the quilt is overseen by the national aids memorial weighing roughly 54 tons and growing. i have some red thread for its 35th anniversary quilt volunteers like michael been joining and joni just are gathered once a week in san francisco's castro district to help create new panels and repair old ones that use hot. michael has had to go through the motions of making a panel for friend several times like the one covered in pink tool for his friend, james. he was one of those people that
5:28 pm
>> so smart. but he also nothing stopped him and he would step over the bounds. each time the quote is taken out of storage and displayed. there's a reading of names, cherry change, people are able to see the lights represented and hear who they were over the loudspeaker. and we news. that your emotions exploding. call high 35 years since the they're ill activism being done by the founders of the aids memorial quilt and those who carry on its mission. the group is shedding light on how hiv and aids affects people of color and other minorities who don't have access to lifesaving medications. health care should be for everyone. now each. is the first step. it's why new panels are sewn every day and added to the biggest display of the quilt ever seen in san francisco represents a great deal of
5:29 pm
love and the power of love. the power of community. what family really means for generations to understand why the first reds were stitched. baker in san francisco, rob nesbitt kron. 4 news and we sure hope you join us for our bay area. pride special love will keep us together. >> it's hosted by our very own john shrable and taylor bisacky. it airs thursday june 23rd at 0pm. >> up next pg and e started a massive proct to prevent their pment from becoming a problem during wire season. the new way thacrs are building power lines and what the biden administratio is now doing to prepare for future pandemics. plus, the san francisco bay area has been named as one of the host cup. we have details on what we can
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