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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  June 17, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> just like have back on top of the golden state warriors, your 2022 nba champions. it was an emotional night to be sure. we've got full coverage just ahead. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news >> steph curry there holding his head holding back it was quite an emotional night in an exciting one for the warriors and all of their fans here in the bay area will have complete coverage will take you around the bay. take a look at some of the watch. parties will be a good time and see what's next for the
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weekend and for the parade on monday. good morning. ran a good morning. hey, it's a day to celebrate in the bay area. we have a lot to be happy and proud of. >> especially the warriors. if you are going to head out, i would grab a light jacket because we are cool throughout the bay area today. you can see some clouds out there that's going to stick around for today and tomorrow, as you can see, radar showing us those clouds, no rain in the forecast come sunday and monday is where we start to warm up again. we have a high pressure ridge that's going to start building back and that will be hot for most of next week. so enjoy today. and tomorrow, current temperatures across the bay area mid to low 50's at this hour. so livermore, 57 oakland, 57 down there in san jose mid to upper 50's napa. your 53 delay health. 54. we're keeping a close eye on the weather because again, we've got these 2 days to enjoy the cool and then you warm up again as the traffic still friday, light of hope. and that the warriors gave us this gift of light traffic. that's got to be hit because the bay bridge has been deserted all morning.
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it's 08:00am yes, it could be just friday light. it's a big weekend. you know, maybe people are taking extra long weekend. >> taking advantage of father's day jail, i know you like spread out. taking a look here. the rich incentive. i meet emma taylor ridges. look at find the richmond center fell bridge is looking pretty good. just a few cars lined up here and the golden gate bridge has been golden, as are the warriors. yes, and because that's what the trophy looks like. it is golden. and you can there's are >> it was like a mosh pit on court last night after the game. but yeah, the warriors your 2022. champions in the nba and making history. no team has gone from worst to best in 3 short years. it has been an amazing ride. >> especially for steph curry couldn't hold back his tears as he was celebrating his first finals mvp. let's begin our coverage in boston kron. 4 sports director jason dumas from the court. >> oh, how sweet it is. the golden state warriors at the
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top of the mountain once again. and this team. they wanted to do it in this building. they've been very privy to what has been said about them. what the fans have been saying, this story lines in there, it is. they love dubnation. they love san francisco. they love chase center. but there's nothing more that they want it then to shut up this crowd in boston, massachusetts, and they did it to the tune of step curry winning his very first finals mvp. >> injuries too. no, it's changing of the guard. the rosters. coming to young guys. kerry and believe that we can get back to the stage and when even if it didn't make sense to anybody. when we said it all, that stuff matters. and now. you've got 4 championships. you know me ray. clay and andrea, i got that that way. special. just
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all the work that went into it out of the faith and belief and everybody in the locker room this, you in spray champagne around the locker everybody mattered in that just about everybody without him. >> none of this happens, you know, and that's not taking anything away from. joanne peters ownership because they're amazing built an incredible organization. myers held the gm and, you our players. we've had so many great players. but steph. ultimately is, you know, why this run has much like jimmy in san antonio. and so i'm happy for everybody, but i'm thrilled for staff to me. this is his crowning achievement in. what what's already been an incredible career. the parties really just getting started here in boston. the warriors will fly back to san francisco. >> on friday and then on
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monday they will be a parade in this city. san francisco back at the top of the mountain. top dubnation a party in this city. everyone's invited. you can catch all the coverage right here on kron 4 sports. but for now, that's all i have from td garden. i'm jason dumas. >> for boston, then let's go to well, the bay area where we had a lot of watch parties kylen mills joins us from the chase center where the dubs took the which talks to a fan. >> elation here at chase center after the final buzzer sounded fans just thrilled to see the warriors become the 2022. nba champions. they beat the celtics in 6 games. fans laughing, crying, hugging after the game wrapped up. and i'm actually joined by a fan right now, a meal. doctor, thank you so much for being with us. you said you've been a fan of the team for a while. what was your reaction after this game wrapped up it hit you. the worries are champions. so i mean, obviously we've been here before we we felt this before,
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but i it's it's a new feeling because we were we've been written off after after kevin durant left the team. >> and after we had the worst, the worst record in the league. a lot of a lot of the analysts, a lot of people around the sport said there was over. we were we were never going to be back on top. the dynasty was over. and now just when that buzzer sent last year, we already saw that we were we're getting better. we're getting to that point and then played joined us. we had a couple of veterans on reporter bjelica and 2 good young guys as well. but finally, it really feels like we're back where we belong. we're just and it's it's definitely a new road. it's a new experience of all to say that she meant its. we've gone through new obstacles with injuries, cetera, that we just haven't experienced before. so it's definitely a new i knew emotions that >> what did you think of steph curry's performance in this series? the 40 10 game in game 4 becoming the second oldest player to put up those numbers in the nba finals. how impressive was he at the age
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of 34? i mean, absolutely unspeakable. absolutely phenomenal. he and obviously had a little bit of rough game. 5, but it's tied is i believe he shoots 55% from 3 after games with no threes made. and he showed that tonight. i believe he had 6 or 5 and didn't miss more than 3 times >> and i mean, that just shows the brilliance even after an horrific shooting game. he has the ability to bounce back at the age of 34 were most players the very most players redress and become that the fall off of their careers steph curry was just almost getting better in some aspects defensively. he's getting stronger every year and it's just amazing to see. and i think we're always going to take it for granted until your tires. and then we're going to see what we we will have missed. >> what was it like being out here with other fans at thrive city and chase center during the game. so actually watching the game at my house and then after the game and we drove over here and the police blocked a lot of exits. and then when we got here, we just
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immediately felt felt embrace the family, even on the way to the highways. people on the highway. people were honking. >> chanting warriors playing the 40 songs. you know, representing us as like a community. and i just always i'm especially after times of covid and separation and now we really feel the sense of community again. and we're really together. and it's just it's beautiful. >> last question for you. how much are are you looking forward to the next couple days of being able to really celebrate this? soak it in and a parade on monday in san francisco. so i've never been to the right because i always had school and i'm finally done with that. i finally got high school. so i'm definitely able to go to that. and i just obviously there's like that's off your mind. now. you are the champions. we're on top of the basketball there's no one that can really touch us at this at least till. >> october november, october. and i think that's we're just all going to have a really good time and bracing for as long as we can. >> also, thank you so much.
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appreciate the time. fans now just going to enjoy themselves until the parade takes the streets of san francisco on monday from chase center. i'm kylen mills kron. 4 news hire that guy for us we're seeing here is amazing. and he is a super fan as is the entire city. as you can see. >> coit tower all lit up early this morning. when i came in, i looked in the sales force tower was just this massive beacon. oh, yeah. blue and gold. it was pretty cool to see coming in and a lot of other buildings around the city to bathe in. >> warrior colors, celebrating reveling and preparing for what's going to be a pretty rowdy and exciting parade come yeah, we're going to take you through the morning known early on the air when there's first of the ferry building, a big gathering and then through the streets of san francisco. >> for the big parade, camila barco standing by live with more on that. good morning. camila. >> good morning. you guys. so yeah, the warriors, they are coming home as n b a chance and we all get to celebrate
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with them. and this is pretty special because for the first time the warriors will celebrate their national. they're excuse me, their nba championship here in san francisco. it is their new home. if you remember, the warriors has celebrated their past nba championships in oakland. that was their previous home. but for from 1970, from 1971, to 2019. that's when they played at oracle arena. and here's a few shots from the previous parades on monday. however, the parade is going to be held in san francisco. this is the first final season chase center for the warriors. they defeated the celtics 103 to 19 last night and they clinched. >> the first championship since moving from oakland to san francisco in 2019 curry, klay dre, the entire warriors organization. they're going to show off that nba championship trophy and the most valuable player. steph curry will also
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carry. he's the mvp trophy. the warriors organization will parade down the streets of san francisco on buses. oats and cars. and here's a look at the parade route. it kicks off at market and main street that goes down market and finishes at market and 6th street. it's a little more than a mile long and it should. and around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. but deiah james, like any celebration, we should get there early and plan ahead. the parade starts at 11, 20 monday morning. like i said, it starts at market street and monday is a federal holiday. so chances are there will be more people that have time to go to the parade this year. so of course, people should try to get there as early as they can. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot of camilla. and you know, if you don't want to we'll have it all right here. so you bring into your living could tune into the kron 4 morning news monday morning and monday, by the way, the federal recognition of juneteenth. so that's the federal holiday that that is
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talking 11 right now. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news getting back to the community that socom 4 is doing today with our founders day event. we're going to be at the are in san francisco food bank. thank you. and also on capitol hill, gun reform, which was supposed to be a bipartisan bill that was going to move forward. >> looks like it's already stalled. we'll tell you what the issue is now.
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>> 14 right now and a brush fire overnight in pittsburgh
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prompted some evacuations. we're zoomed in on this map showing you where that affected north of jacqueline drive south of west leeland road and west of san dream away. and here is video when it first broke out. you can see the glow of the flames and all that smoke last night. it appears that the firefighters got a good handle on pretty quickly, which is great. they stopped it from progressing. we got the word earlier this morning that all the evacuation orders have been lifted. people can get back into their homes now and that's a good thing because when you see all the fuel that can go up, you know how dry we are in a drought and how windy it was yesterday. you get scared that you said it was really windy your neighborhood. it was really blustery at times during the afternoon. some hoping that's going calm down a little bit today. yeah, you know, we're still seeing really strong wind they were stronger last night. i'm just telling people to enjoy this. >> because it's going to be hot next week a breeze for the wind coming next week. you're going to want that when to stick around. so. >> hopefully today you take advantage of that. all you need to do is bring a light jacket with you. you've got this. you celebrated the
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warriors today. a live look outside of the city and you can see out in the distance, we do have a few clouds that when the james just mentioned, you're seeing it further inland along the east bay here in the city, especially nevada. you're getting some wind gusts as well. and our cooling you down throughout today and tomorrow, highs across the bay area significantly cooler today than what we saw at the start of the week monday and tuesday, especially look at this. if you're along the coast or along the bay, sure, you're seeing temperatures in the low 60's mid-sixties here south bay now moving down a little further along the peninsula, upper 60's in palo alto campbell, san jose, 70 69 also moving a little further inland. so no out of livermore. 68 70 hayward union city, all upper 60's. and then when you get to berkeley, richmond, oakland, all mid to lower 60's across the mat out in antioch, you're still in the 70's vacaville. 74 sandra fell 62 and a bottle. your in the mid 60's. all right. so
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today, the cooldown, we like the temperatures today like i mentioned, just bring a jacket with you tomorrow. also still pretty cool and then sunday. so you've got father's day juneteenth. also the parade. things are going to start to warm up here next week. look at that tuesday wednesday, triple digit temperatures. so you definitely got to be missing friday and saturday as weather along the bay shore mid 60's to start you dip into the upper 70's come monday and cool throughout the week. low 60's mid to low 70's. hey daryn. james, i'm assuming if i had to traffic still pretty light right? >> looks that way the bay bridge approach. it's been pretty simple all morning long. as you can see, not a happening here. just taking a quick look at the traffic maps of area wide. it's all green. so there is nothing slowing it down. the san mateo bridge has been flowing just fine. no backups are really slowdowns at all. you're at the limit, even though the volume has picked up on the right side, heading out towards the peninsula, nothing getting in
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your way. you're making good time. the richmond, sandra fell bridge. boy, this is a big improvement. it was backed up a little bit in our last few updates, but nothing more than usual. and here you can see it certainly has cleared out. and our final stop, the golden gate bridge. if you're going to be traveling southbound, looks like it's all open for you. the lanes reconfigured for the morning commute with the majority of them heading down into san francisco. the traffic heading up the marin county. as you can see streaming along, just fine. all right. at 8.18, we have some new information just in this morning. the fda has authorized the first covid-19 shots for infants and preschoolers, which will pave the way now for those vaccines to begin becoming available next week. so the fda's action follows its advisory panel's unanimous recommendation for the shots from moderna and pfizer. this means that kids under 5, which are roughly about 18 million children across the country are now eligible to get their vaccine. >> the abbott baby formula plant that reopened less than 2 weeks ago has now had to
8:19 am
stop production again because of severe storms. and that's caused flooding inside the plant. and this is amid the nationwide baby formula shortage was caused in the beginning when that plant in michigan to big supplier was shut down fo months because the found some bacteria and several area areas. the company said that the formula production now is likely going to be delayed for a few weeks. and we're still dealing with the shortage. the biden administration is flying. and 44,000 pounds of specialty formula from switzerland. and when it gets in the u.s., then that will supply primarily hospitals, home health companies and wic programs. at first getting the regular supply back on the shelves at retailers could still take weeks. the senate passed a health care measure to cover for millions of veterans with cancer and lung problems linked to burn pits. the house is also expected to pass this
8:20 am
next week. veterans advocates have long said that this is a problem burn pits used in summer, a toxic waste at overseas military facilities led to a range of health issues including cancer that killed president biden's son, beau biden both served in iraq, spending much of a year near a 10 acre burn pit. >> well, momentum around a bipartisan federal gun safety bill may now be running into a roadblock in capitol hill after initially promising to push forward a bipartisan plan this week. lawmakers still don't have a bill on the table now. raquel martin takes a closer look at what's happening. >> good morning. the republican and democratic senators who helped broker this original deal are still hoping to push it forward by next week. but the top gop negotiator, texas republican senator john cornyn says he's growing frustrated and concerned the 2 sides can't get past some key differences. the bipartisan gun safety plan designed to curb gun violence
8:21 am
across the country. >> has hit a snag on capitol hill. we don't know what the specifics are. thursday, texas republican senator ted cruz said the bipartisan group of senators who brokered a deal sunday have failed to introduce a real plan at this point. we have a one page talking points of bullet points. the framework includes new mental health and school safety investments will require anyone. 21 and under to undergo a more stringent review process before purchasing a gun includes more money to help states adopt red flag laws which allows family members to petition a judge and how the guns of someone dewmed a danger temporarily removed for republicans like cruz in missouri. senator josh hawley. that's a deal breaker. i've got major problems. >> with most all of the red flag laws across the country, red flag laws can be used to disarm law-abiding citizens. in the end, only 10 republicans are needed to pass the plan in the senate. >> and democrats remain
8:22 am
optimistic. continued confidence lead democratic negotiator chris murphy says that he believes the 2 sides can agree on a text by next week. all we have to do is write checks. that is true to the framework thursday speaker nancy pelosi is that the house is ready to act once the senate finishes the bill granting pair fully. >> lawmakers at the negotiating table say they've been able to forge a path forward when it comes to the red flag. law provision. but the real sticking point remains a provision to close the so-called boyfriend loophole, which which banned domestic partners convicted of abuse from purchasing guns. for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> thank you. kelly is a 22 coming up on the kron 4 morning news. we're learning that former president trump pressured vice president mike pence to overturn the results of the election even after rioters stormed the capital will have that and more coming up.
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so help safeguard your small business with comcast business securityedge™ it's advanced security that continuously scans for threats and helps protect every connected device. the choice is clear. get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. so you can be ready for what's next. get started with a great deal on internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2 -year price guarantee. call today. >> it's a 25 and a national news. the january 6 committee's public hearings continue to focus on how former president trump mounted both public and private pressure campaign to overturn the election results. yeah. the testimony has been pretty compelling. our washington correspondent alexandra limon has the very latest now from dc. >> the january 6 committee showed new evidence and testimony to try to prove that after former president donald trump lost the election and then lost the court battle
8:26 am
that followed, he tried to force his vice president to overturn the election results. the january 6 committee laid out evidence showing former president donald trump turn to illegal measures to try to remain president. he latched on to a completely nonsensical and anti democratic theory. >> that one man. his own vice president, could determine the outcome. >> of the election. >> trump and his lawyer, john eastman came up with a plan to pressure vice president mike pence to reject the presidential election results. >> john, he's ever admit. first, you know, in front of the president. yeah, his proposal would violate the electoral count act. i believe that on the force. >> republican lawyers testified that pence told trump the constitution didn't give him the authority to overturn the election. there was no way that they would have put in the hands of one person, the authority to
8:27 am
determine. >> who is going to be president of the united states. still on january 6, trump called pence directly to push him further. >> and pressured him in public and a private mike pence is going to have to come through for us. >> the vice president's lawyers say despite his public silence, pence always refuse to do trump's bidding. vice president pence understood that his oath of office was more important than his loyalty. >> to donald trump, witnesses said even after rioters came within 40 feet of mike pence when he was taken to a secure location. trump's lawyer again asked pence to reject the election results. >> and now the january 6 committee wants to talk to virginia, thomas. she's the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas. the committee wants to talk to her about her involvement in trying to overturn the 2020 election in washington. alexandra limon.
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>> 8.30, right now and it is a beautiful morning is shaping up to be a great weekend to is. yeah, weather wise couldn't ask for better. we've got rain. harvey standing by
8:31 am
going to the inside and i like we'll get a break in the heat fell or when it's warm and i have a way to keep cool. so just depends on that. >> today's going to be a cool day. monday and tuesday. we started off hot. we have this low pressure system arrives late into the evening yesterday. cooled us off today and tomorrow that warm up starts again sunday into monday. if you're along the coast 60's there, 70's inland. a live look outside san francisco. you can see so clouds behind me. that's pretty much the day for us here. you can look at those clouds all across the bay area and those are going to stick around pretty much today into tomorrow. current temperatures outside if you are heading out a little further out inland upper 50's to start to warm up a bit. 61 here in a bottle delay hill. 55, the east bay mid to lower 50's. we're talking about that warm up when it happens along it sticks around. we could even see triple digits as early as tuesday of next week daryn. james, how the roads bridges in a well. we've got an issue with as we take a look at some of these bridges. i'll tell
8:32 am
you, bart tweeted out 12 minutes ago there's apparently a major delay on the dublin pleasanton line in the dublin pleasanton and daly city directions. they've got to. >> disabled train apparently between castro valley on the west dublin pleasanton station. so that's going to be an issue. give yourself plenty of time to get through that. it's going to take a bit as they clear out that disabled train. but when it comes to driving, i mean, as you can see this image, a ridge is a breeze. it's very easy commute there. all of the bridges look clear. this is the richmond center fell bridge. >> the golden gate bridge has also been wonderful all morning long. i just will add on the bay bridge because that's been a breeze to really friday light. >> a 32 right now and the big story of the morning is the bay area's celebrating the golden state warriors. 4th nba championship in 8 years. pretty incredible. yeah. the warriors winning that last night in boston. one. 0, 3, to 90. the final score in game 6. there. the warriors on the road doing this right now, much harder that is, but they clinch this best of 7 series and it was well, it was a it
8:33 am
was a moving evening for the team. they haven't been to the playoffs and the final since 2019 and they moved to oakland, steph curry was the team's high score. 34 points but big contributions from klay thompson, draymond green, andrew wiggins pool. they all had double digits on the night. thousands of warrior fans also celebrating both there. and here and steph curry talked about just getting to this point. >> less 2 months in the playoffs. last 3 years. last 48 hours, every bit of it. there's been a emotional roller coaster. on and off the floor. you care and all of that. on a daily basis to try to realize a dream and a goal that we did tonight. you get goose bumps just thinking you know, all those snapshots. so that we went through to get back here. >> everything that went
8:34 am
through, right? you clay came back from injury. the words come back from being the worst team in the nba all of it. so it's really incredible. and there's going to be a huge celebration. fans are going to be in the streets is watching the royer's parade victoriously through market street in san francisco that starts at 11 20 in the morning. we'll be covering live here on the sorry. yes, on monday 11:20am, on monday. you're going to have to get up a lot earlier than that. if you want to get a good the best. but the house will be in your house if you watched here on the prom because we're going to cover it from start to finish. and we're told that before the parade, they're going to have a thing on stage with the 2 of the speeches and all that stuff. so we'll have more details at kron 4 dot com throughout the weekend. it's also a big day for kron 4 and our parent company nexstar because we're celebrating founders day. yeah, it's a in the year that we all. >> chip in get back to the community and we're doing that by helping volunteer at a food bank and kron four's will tran is out there before we are. in
8:35 am
fact where a lot of our co-workers are there now. good morning. will. >> yes, and i've never seen them work so hard. always wondering what they did. and now i guess i don't have to doubt anymore. but you can see our fellow co-workers hard at work helping the community there on the assembly line, putting together all the goodies. but you know what? before they can work, they need the supplies writing this way. the san francisco-marin food bank. they're asking people if they can go on their web site and donate because it is top. let's face it. rising gas prices, inflation living in the most expensive place, perhaps in the entire world makes getting all these goodies very difficult. but they are making it happen. and so our fellow friends and coworkers like to fear. >> i've never seen or work so its groove right? i do work hard ever to. the work sites is being says. she says when it's just working. so lots
8:36 am
going on, there's 10:00am just in case you're wondering, she's the one who makes it happen for all of us will walk around and show you san francisco-marin food bank. they take so much pride in getting the food to the people because let's face it, the warriors my when every few years or so for an 8, not that i'm keeping track, but hunger happens every day and never goes away. and that's why food banks are so important for look at that. there is a look at that. we're doing we're there you go. everybody is doing it. even talk to some people. i know who butters my bread. here's jim rose. it will boss here. i know i've mama didn't raise no dummy. jim, why is it so important for next star in crime to do this? well, first and foremost, get have to say it's written into the constitution that broadcasters serve the public interest. in addition to covering our communities like you do each and every day support you get back to our communities as well next. our parent company, along with kron 4. it's it's it's part of
8:37 am
the fabric and the nature of what we do. >> so happy to spend time with my friends and coworkers today to get back to the community. what we call internally founders say sunday that next our parent company was founded. so getting that community is part and parcel of that. that and, you know how hard it is in the bay area. you've been here for a couple years so expensive live here, expensive to live here. but i can tell you cross the food insecurity is one of the biggest problems facing our nation. it's especially acute here. anything any one of us can do to help eradicate that? there's no one should go hungry in a nation like this. absolutely. i know you're busy. he's much appreciate its over and i will talk to off camera by getting a better parking spot for me. he's laughing about that. you can come down here and help as well. if you can go online, give them some money because they say they can make one dollar. >> $2 because they have deals with distributors. back to
8:38 am
you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll can't wait to join you out. there are whole kron. 4 morning news team will be working away. absolutely. all right. can't wait to be there. >> so more on that to come. in the meantime, other headlines this morning, police have arrested 4 men in sonoma county after officers seized more than 140 pounds of methamphetamine and 40,000 in cash. >> it's the result of a year-long investigation into a drug trafficking ring that investigators think is distributing meth throughout the santa rosa area. the dea began serving search and arrest warrants on wednesday evening through thursday. and the case is now being handed over to the sonoma county district attorneys office for prosecution. we'll take a break here at 8.38. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. santa clara has been named one of the host cities for the 2026 world cup. >> we'll have details on that coming up after the break.
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the choice is clear. get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. so you can be ready for what's next. get started with a great deal on internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2 -year price guarantee. call today. >> it's a 41. and as the drought continues to get worse, one bay area water district is implementing a new temporary surcharge on customers. the contra costa county water district is going to start charging customers a 15% add-on charge that begins july 1st. so for the average customer who uses about 260 gallons of water per day. that will amount to $0.28 more per day. households that use less than 200 gallons per day. they will be affected by this. the district aims to reduce water usage by 15% compared to the 2020 usage. pacific gas and
8:42 am
electric has started a massive project to bury 10,000 miles of power lines. >> the goal is to try to prevent wildfires caused by sparking or fallen power lines. utility is starting in the highest risk areas. first in northern california, the project was first thought to be too costly, but changed its mind after suffering some legal losses after their equipment was found to have started some of the deadly and destructive wildfires that we've seen in recent years pg e is hoping to get about 175 miles worth of power lines very this year. the whole project is expected to take about a decade to complete. we'll be right back. (music throughout)
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>> the biggest name in football of the biggest championship is coming levi stadium. and mean, our football know the rest of the world football. yes, football, fifa announcing that the bay area will actually host one of the matches in the 2026 world cup and kron four's. justin campbell has more. we were on the field. >> watching the jumbotron live from new york when they made the decision that the bay area would be a host city. here's a reaction. >> the golden gate city of san francisco and the bay area. so he's great for selfies in the great sports town. and we really were able to demonstrate that we will come together to deliver the best
8:46 am
world cup in communicate that grew up in fremont, california. you know, you only dream of this and to have it back here in the bay area at levi stadium. beautiful venues. incredible. >> former soccer players and many others excited that fifa selected the bay area as a whole city. >> vancouver, seattle and los angeles will also host games on the west coast, the 2026 world cup will be hosted by the u.s. canada and mexico. the u.s. hosted the man's world cup in 1994. 94 with santa clara university hosted. >> the brazilian national team for 6 weeks and what that did to me as a soccer player. but what all what it also did for our community like los gatos. i mean, that thing was turned yellow, blue and green for let 6 weeks and it was insane. officials say being a host city will bring in millions of dollars to the bay area community and much more from engine of soccer in this community. we will all be
8:47 am
there going forward to what look like in the community in the u n. >> no word yet from officials on how many games will be played here. they say that will come at a later date reporting here at levi stadium. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> and the perfect weather to celebrate whatever sport you like, whether it be football or basketball. the warriors for the win. a live look outside gray skies today. much cooler conditions than we had at the start of our week. we have that low pressure system that is here right now will be here today into tomorrow and then a high pressure system arrives that starts to build aver sunday into next week. so certainly warm us up. so if you're along the coast today, you're seeing highs in the low 60's and inland in the mid to low 70's. here we go. 16 apple bay, san francisco. you're at 63 up in a bottle mid-sixties their nap at 69 antioch in the 70's conquered. 68 oakland, 64 and down in fremont 67. if you are in san jose looking at
8:48 am
temperatures in the upper 60's there, 71 inland here. those are what we're seeing in terms of highs as the week goes on. you can see we start to warm up come monday just in time for father's day and june teen. if you're going to be out, lots of celebrations happening across the bay area this weekend. now monday and tuesday of next week inland. wow. that's when we really start to dip into those much warmer conditions. triple digits tuesday into wednesday. bay shore mid 60's here friday into saturday, low 70's sunday. and then monday, 69 80's for your tuesday through thursday. and then along the coast, 60's at the start and then you dip into the 70's by tuesday. that's a look at your weather. how the roads doing this morning. >> okay. at the bay bridge to the issues, the bart system. they've got a major delay going on right now. and that's going to be a problem for just a little bit. bart saying that it is recovering at this point from an earlier problem. but there is a 20 minute delay right now on the dublin pleasanton line in the dublin
8:49 am
pleasanton in daly city directions. they had a disabled train there between castro valley and west dublin stations. but again, they say things are improving. they are recovering from that earlier prom and couldn't be any better if you're taking a car, by the way, because look at the bay bridge approach has been a breeze. all of the bridges. >> traffic has been extra life, but especially at the bay bridge. all 49 is the time back to the headlines now in juneteenth celebrates the end of slavery in the united states. it's by the national museum of african-american history and culture as our nation's second. >> independence day, we're going to be celebrating at this weekend in crawford says it takes us inside the history of the day and shows us how it's now connected to the ongoing fight for social justice. the emancipation proclamation with the stroke of a pen, president abraham lincoln declared that all slaves are free. it was january 18. 63, unfortunately black slaves out west in galveston, texas didn't get word of it until union troops
8:50 am
delivered the message over 2 years later. >> june 18, 65 was not only 2 and a half years after the emancipation proclamation, but also months after the civil war itself had ended. >> that was june 19th 18. 65 better known today as juneteenth uc davis associate professor of history. just in le roy explains why it was a relatively short-lived cause for celebration for the freed slaves by the 18 70's. >> you know, white supremacists had retaken the governments of the south and in the context that violence, the celebrations stopped. >> civil rights workers reached the end of the bridge where the carton of troopers stand. it was 100 years later during the 1960's black power and civil rights movements when june teen would be celebrated. once again, a
8:51 am
reminder of how the metaphor of emancipation has resonated across the centuries for all all different types of black freedom juneteenth experienced another national resurgence in the new millennium with the black lives matter movement in the 2020 murder of george floyd by minneapolis police officer derek chauvin, americans of all races marched in protest demanding justice professor would point to that being a part of juneteenth legacy and the reason it can be celebrated by everyone today, emancipation, but struggle against slavery, people in black abolitionists were worse central to that. but it was also a >> highly interracial social movement. it was a social movement in which women were heavily involved and led directly to women's rights movements. and so you not sense. and that's up haitian
8:52 am
and june teen is for for everyone. has it made kron 4 news. the city of oakland laid out safety measures for the big gatherings for the juneteenth holiday. >> and what they're saying is they want to keep lakeshore avenue at lake merritt, safer drivers and pedestrians. one of the big concerns is traffic. if it jams up a can make it difficult for emergency vehicles, ambulances to get through that area. so they're going to be temporarily closing off streets to prevent congestion. beacon street voting way, brooklyn avenue, wayne avenue and hanover avenue. all of these on your screen, they'll all be closed. and if you didn't jot that down or you're not sure where it is, we've got the full list of the closures and how it might affect you on kron. 4 dot com. it's a 52 will be right back.
8:53 am
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>> here comes here comes here. comes on the that's >> a little bit but you have to chuckle, right? this isn't a very angry bird. it's a good. it's a good use. a canadian goose is a matter of fact that utah couple saying they've been held hostage in their own home for while a while now for weeks because of that so what's the story? well, the couple says that a mother duck begin nesting her
8:56 am
eggs in their backyard, which is the view that we're seeing here. and this canadian could use became somewhat of a protector and started scaring off anybody who came by didn't matter who like you say, young people fast here. they had to come out with an umbrella just to protect themselves as they try to tell people just right on by in any event, the the ducklings finally hatched mama duck and the babies look like they're doing, ok? and so now this protective goose has decided it's time to move on to services are needed elsewhere. love his shield with the umbrella. typically with birds. you want the umbrella over your head? yeah. you know. >> things that can drop from the sky. but in thanks flying right at well. all right, check this out. as you're talking about things flying. >> love is in the air. a couple has gone viral because they had a wedding proposal. a marriage proposal 30,000 feet up. take a look.
8:57 am
>> okay with it feels >> how about that? >> and the next flight they're going to take is maybe maybe for their honeymoon may be one of the pilot was a flight attendant. yeah. both for alaska airlines may be the flight will a fly free with the yeah. it's 57 right now. lots of the kron. 4 morning is the big story of the day. is the winning the nba championship? we are live with everything you need to know. another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both.
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>> how from worst to first in 3 years, no team has ever done with the warriors did last night and the bay area is so excited to celebrate their 4th nba in a year's step is emotional. we've got everything you need to know about how you how you can get in on the celebrations, too. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news. at know. >> feels good to a covid champion, doesn't it? and we didn't even have to play basketball. >> but all you had to do was watch. it was very exciting. we've got


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