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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  June 17, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. look forward to everyone have to see some of nation this weekend. >> it says the bay area celebrates the warriors championship some after party fun turned deadly in oakland last night-and with juneteenth celebrations also set for the weekend. there are some concerns about safety. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. the city of oakland is taking steps to try to avoid the kind of violence that marred. >> last year's juneteenth event, kron four's dan kerman has that story. >> thousands are expected to fill lake merritt in oakland this sunday for june. teen festivities. >> it's about the community coming together and celebrating and you have the ability to do it safely and free of fear last year. what started off peacefully ended in gunfire, a half dozen
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wounded and one person dead after gangs from outside the area showed up and confronted one another. >> these holidays should be joyous, not tragic. >> to that end, the city of oakland is taking steps to ensure a peaceful juneteenth this year. there will be more police officers out there as well city resources. we will officers working the lake and the nearby and additional resources injuries are in reserve. in case we do have to respond in a critical incident adding the last year's problems was the inability of ambulances to make their way through crowds to those injured this year will be different. the city of oakland disclosing lakeshore avenue between macarthur in east 18th and several streets that feat in the lakeshore will also be closed. the embarcadero will be closed as well. and a single eastbound lane along grand avenue will also be closed. dan kerman kron, 4 news.
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>> celebration did turned deadly in oakland. that's where a number of people were injured during a shooting after last night's game conference. has it been doing has details on the investigation. >> man died in a shooting thursday night in the 300 block of 14th street in downtown oakland. it happened just before 10:30pm. the investigation appears to be centered around the location of the halftime sports bar where people gather to watch the warriors played the celtics in game 6 of the nba finals. >> oakland police officials say officers and paramedics provided medical aid to the shooting that them but he eventually died at the scene from his injuries. investigators also found an adult female with multiple gunshot wounds. she was taken to a local hospital and is listed in critical but stable condition. according to police. there are more victims in the shooting. oakland police say not long after the female was hospitalized for her injuries. 3 additional men arrived at a local hospital, also suffering from gunshot wounds. the preliminary
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investigation confirmed the 3 men were also injured during the same shooting that occurred on 14th street. >> yet last night was a horrible tragedy in downtown oakland. >> the incident happened a short distance from oakland city hall. oakland mayor libby talked about a violence reduction plan involving community-focused events at city parks called town nights. it was developed by the department of violence prevention an age to reduce gun violence this summer, a time when the city typically experiences a surge in shootings. >> town nights has come out of good evidence and data that looks at when gun violence tends to go up and that's summer and weekend evenings. and that's why these events are on friday night during the summer. we have data from los angeles that shows that this can dramatically reduce >> violence oakland police investigators released no information regarding any possible suspects or motives in the 14th street shooting
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the name of the deceased victim is being withheld pending notification of next of kin. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police has mug. kron. 4 news. >> the golden state warriors are the 2022 nba champions. you might heard about this now we're getting ready to celebrate with a big parade monday. it's fun. just to say that money to champions the ducks won their 4th championship in the steph curry era. look at that guy smiling their 17th title in franchise history. grant lotus is our basketball with one foot in the sports department has a recap. >> on last night's big game and what to expect when the warriors get here. grant say one more time for me 2022 nba champions. okay. warriors like that. yeah. the team is still in the air right now. flying back to town title trophy in tow. they're set to land it. sfo around 06:45pm. tonight? kron four's gayle ong is standing by there to bring us live coverage is the champs
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walk off the plane that will be begin. here's what it looks like on the play. the team tweeting out picks of the squad with the larry o'brien trophy. you see the whole bunch there on the left. and then steph, with his mvp trophy finals mvp, it's his first one shutting up the haters out there who somehow considered that something that was lacking on his stellar resume. now they can say anything and dubs fans. well, they are just still ecstatic. after last night's epic, when steph curry was dominate in the 3 games in boston, he led all scorers with 34 last night clay dre wiggins, jordan poole. they were also in double digits. look at the emotion. that's how much it means. people didn't think maybe the worries could get back to the mountaintop without kevin duran, dell curry steph's dad wouldn't embrace. imagine that feeling for the 2 of them. the dubs
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actually fell behind to start the game yesterday, but the warriors then went on a crazy 21 to nothing run to take control of the game in the 1st half, the celtics didn't give up and key shots by steph draymond and wiggins late in the 4th quarter. that really help seal the win. and since game for the worries, defense has just been outstanding. frustrating. a very talented celtics team. less. >> 2 months of the playoffs. last 3 years. last 48 hours, every bit of it. has emotional roller coaster. on and off the floor. you care and all of that. on a daily basis to try to realize a dream and a goal that we did tonight. >> yeah, some people's these athletes say i do read with the the pundits say, well, steph admits that he reads, he listens. he know the haters are saying. and back here in
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san francisco last night, thousands of fans gathered for a watch party inside chase center. and even more people were celebrating outside at thrive city. the plaza there inside, though it almost felt like there was a game happening. everybody watching on the big screen, the nba broadcast on the jumbotron. we heard from a fan who told us about his experience last night. >> well, actually, we're watching the game at my house and then after the game and we drove over here and the police blocked a lot of exits. and then when we got here, we just immediately felt felt embrace the family, even on the way to the highways. people on the highway. people were honking, chanting warriors playing the 40 songs. you know, representing us as like a community. >> too short, too. i'm sure. and the rest of the bay area hosted watch you know, just so much love for the dubs and they had a game to play with. so wasn't really stressful because had to worry or somehow lost last night, he still would have had game 7 here back in the bay. so it's kind of a stress free game 6
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last night and the worries took care of party time. and if past recent championships have taught us anything in this could be different because this will be in san francisco instead of oakland. we might be able to expect about a million people to hit the streets monday for that parade down market street. let's take a look at the parade route. 8 kicks off at market and maine and then heads down market street finishing up at market and 8th. the parade set to start at 11 20 monday morning. and don't forget, monday is a federal holiday now with juneteenth. it's a little more than a mile long and it should end around 2 o'clock, they say in the afternoon. but hey, anything can happen with these things. delays and the like like any celebration. officials are saying plan ahead. get there early. try to avoid driving public transit is going to be your best bet. they say market street will close on sunday night as they get everything set up. cross streets will remain open until
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8 o'clock monday morning. and then after that. they block those off to. we will have everything for you on monday on kron 4. we're going to have live parade coverage will show you the whole bit. also, the ceremonies, the speeches, the party continues all weekend and it culminates on monday should be exciting. ken and catherine, back to you. yeah. just the fact that they're even thinking maybe a million people. boy, that's that's amazing. thank you. grant. >> warriors fans obviously have a lot to celebrate. they want people to know about it. kron four's for leave to go reports from pleasant hill where fans are buying the teams. victory swag. >> a championship parade wouldn't be right without the right fit to you. i need i need a sure every every time dick's sporting goods in pleasant hill had the victory year laid out the moment the golden state warriors clinched their 4th nba title in 8 years. and then people were in line this morning at 04:00am for our 07:00am opening the
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season, ending in a title deeply emotional for some fans. i felt like crying with curry and extremely personal for others, but it just passed away saturday bay be the most popular item is the championship hat which sold out within hours. more are expected over the weekend. and sporting goods says there are enough championship shirts for everyone. we're going to pay. money would take the ferry man. >> first time and never been to a parade was my first time you go into so i have to call out work. happens to be a federal holiday. and the day after father's day, we have a first time dad. >> and a longtime dad. so happy father's day certainly will in pleasant hill. billy kron, 4 >> a new shot in the fight against covid-19. the fda has authorized moderna and pfizer vaccines for children age 5 or younger. this was the only age group left that was not previously eligible for a
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covid-19 vaccine. cdc officials will meet on saturday and are expected to sign off. and if they do, vaccinations could start as early as next week. the biden administration says it secured enough of the vaccines for babies, toddlers and young children and made them available for states to preorder the dosage amounts are a quarter to a 5th. the adult doses. but moderna shots require 2 applications several weeks apart. in addition to the approval, the fda also authorized moderna's version of the vaccine for school-age children and teenagers. but florida is an exception. florida governor rick desantis says his state will not preorder vaccines for children under 5 children's hospital clinics, pharmacies and community health centers can still order them directly from the federal government, but don't need to do so quickly to avoid delays. contrary to the guidance from the cdc for as florida's department of health does not recommend the covid vaccine for children under the age of 17, florida averages
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more daily covid deaths and hospitalizations than any other state. >> here in the bay area, santa clara county health officials say they've been preparing for this moment for weeks. they say they are ready to start vaccinating young as soon as the doses arrive. >> the shipments of the vaccine may be arriving as early as monday. if that were to happen, we would open appointments on monday afternoon and start first shot and arms on tuesday. if however, that vaccine does not arrive on monday, we will be ready to go whenever it does. >> it is expected that as many as 1000 shots a day will be administered across santa clara county. meantime, the county's health officer, doctor sara cody, says that covid rates and santa clara county are still high. in fact, according to wastewater data, the amount of covid spread in the county is approaching levels not seen since the omicron winter surge
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and she's reminding people to continue with the basic precautions like wearing masks indoors, but did not say anything at this point anyway about whether a mask mandate to might return. coming up, oakland's mayor sits down with kron four's rob nesbit for a one-on-one interview. what she's saying about the progress being made on the howard terminal. thousands of flights canceled ahead of father's day weekend. what's causing this tribal backlog? >> also, what president biden wants from big oil companies and what he's threatening to do if they don't listen.
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>> us energy secretary is calling an emergency meeting with oil executives next week as tensions between the biden administration and big oil. grover soaring gasoline president biden has sent a letter to the oil companies urging them to boost output. >> and he threatened to use emergency powers. if that doesn't happen. a spokesperson for oil companies says that since biden's first day in office, he is introduce policies restricting american oil and gas companies from doing their job. >> it cut off pipeline projects. they proposed tax increases on american producers competing globally. we need to change course on those policies. >> president biden also wants big oil to explain why more fuel is not being put on the market that says companies continue to make huge profits.
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white house officials are reportedly considering sending gas cards to americans in an effort to fight high gas prices. >> that's according to the washington post. the biden administration consider this several months ago before determining the chip shortage would make it difficult to produce enough of those debit cards. meanwhile, oil prices dropped to a four-week low today which is expected to bring down gas prices. but when it comes amid the economy overall is slowing down and that even a recession is a possibility. it is turning into another difficult day for airline travelers in the u.s. airlines canceled more than 1000 flights today alone as they try to recover from storms. it hit the central and eastern parts of the country that falls more than 1700 canceled flights on thursday. all of this happening while the number of passengers continues to rise with the beginning of summer summer vacation season. transportation secretary pete buttigieg met with airline ceos to go over steps of the airlines are taking to try to
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operate smoothly over the rest of the summer at sfo, more than 30 flights have been canceled in the last 24 hours. 4 flights were canceled at oakland airport. with millions of americans relying on them. airport workers say that they are overworked and underpaid. >> some lawmakers agree. they say the workers deserve better. a new bill has been introduced. that would require federally funded airports to set a higher wage and also a higher benefits standard for airport workers and it would allow them to establish a union. >> airplanes don't fly without pilots. our aviation system would collapse without airport service workers. >> some republicans are questioning the idea of forcing all airports to follow a national standard. they say airports need flexibility based on local demands. and you're wondering what we're doing, catherine, we're we're
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making panel my movements. okay to doing. we're talking about the parade forecast. we have some big thing. i'm reading the script and and they're going. >> you're doing the marching. have can't kids my partner in whole thing over here in but i like your talking about the war. yes, we're about pork. and i'm like that is how about that? the warriors, again, the champions. and here we go. yeah. if you want to head out to the parade that takes place on monday, about 11 o'clock or so start to march and it's going to be a great time and temperatures for the weather is going to be perfect. mostly sunny skies and temperatures probably mid 60's by then just a bit of a breeze. if you're sticking around into the afternoon to celebrate. but no rain in the forecast to be a great time for that festivity. outdoor the golden gate bridge. we do have partly cloudy skies out there right now. you've got a couple of cumulus puffs moving on through the golden gate, but just a gentle breeze at this hour last 24 hours again,
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we've got this cooler air that is really rolled in another 10 degrees cooler in concord. that's on top of another 30 degrees cooler yesterday. so they really dropped the last few days. and that's when the 90's are long gone. so highs today. yeah, the warmer spots. 64 degrees in san francisco. 67 in oakland, 72 degrees in san jose. and check out a little more just the other day. they were talking about numbers in the 90 69 degrees for a high today. only 70 in concord is 69 in santa rosa. you can see the reason why, though, the clouds moving across the sky. you got that low pressure center that came out the gulf of alaska moving across the state, bringing us that nice cool ocean air and that's bring with it. a couple scattered showers. even some thunderstorms in far northern seen some lightning strikes near the red bluff area. things settling down a little bit. now just some scattered showers. but overall, most that moisture staying to the north. but that low continue to spin off the coastline. that's bringing that cool air not only for today, but i think tomorrow the temperatures still running a bit below the average. you can take a little while for system
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to make its way out of the bay area. so temperatures tomorrow planning on numbers a little bit warmer. maybe mid 70's inland. lots of 60's and 70's around the bay and cooler 50's and 60's coast side and look at over the holiday weekend. we've got a father's day on sunday to temperatures running up in the 80's. and guess what? summer begins on tuesday. right on time. we've got a heat wave rolling into town. >> thank you, lawrence. still ahead, this weekend marks the first federal observance of juneteenth. we'll talk about the history as well as what it means to people today. with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? hide my skin? not me. dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema,
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>> happening sunday, it's june takes the day that celebrates the end of slavery in the u.s. it is described by the national museum of african american history and culture of the countries. second independence day kron four's haaziq madyun reports on the history of that day and how it's now connected to the ongoing fight for social justice. >> the emancipation proclamation with the stroke of a pen, president abraham lincoln declared that all slaves are free. it was january 18. 63, unfortunately black slaves out west in galveston, texas didn't get word of it until union troops delivered the message over 2 years later. >> june 18, 65 was not only 2 and a half years after the emancipation proclamation, but
6:25 pm
also months after the civil war itself had ended. >> that was june 19th 18. 65 better known today as juneteenth uc davis associate professor of history. just in le roy explains why it was a relatively short-lived cause for celebration for the freed slaves by the 18 70's. >> you know, white supremacists had retaken the governments of the south and in the context that violence, the celebrations stopped. >> civil rights workers reached the end of the bridge where the carton of troopers stand. it was 100 years later during the 1960's black power and civil rights movements when june teen would be celebrated once again, a reminder of how the metaphor of emancipation has resonated across the centuries for all all different types of black
6:26 pm
freedom juneteenth experienced another national resurgence in the new millennium with the black lives matter movement and the 2020 murder of george floyd by minneapolis police officer derek chauvin, americans of all races marched in protest demanding justice professor would point to that being a part of juneteenth legacy and the reason it can be celebrated by everyone today, emancipation, the struggle against slavery, people in black abolitionists were worse central to that. but it was also a >> highly interracial social movement. it was a social movement in which women were heavily involved and led directly to women's rights movements. and so you not sense. and that's up haitian and june teen is for for everyone. has it made kron 4 news? >> coming up, former president trump responded to the january 6 hearings for the fi
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weeks. the bay conservation and development commission is going to vote on the fate of the oakland a's. and today the commission >> released its final staff report on whether a stadium will be built at howard terminal kron four's rob nesbitt talks with one-on-one with mayor libby schaff about that report. as more what she has to say about the importance of keeping the a's in oakland. in their final
6:30 pm
report, staff with the bay conservation and development commission recommended that the howard terminal be released from port priority use so that a new ballpark can be built there. they'll have their final vote on june 30th. if the commission approves than the planning process continues for the a's to move to howard terminal. >> if it's a no, and the project is over, according to mayor libby shaft, she's confident that the commission will give the green light since the project isn't just about baseball, 400 room hotel. >> a new performing arts center, 3,000 units of housing and the parks. she says 1000 of those units will be dedicated to affordable housing a's. president dave kaval agreed to have 50% of the housing on-site be affordable in exchange for tax money generated a term that the city rejected. they put out a proposal that does not work for us, but we will be giving them an alternative idea very soon. mayor schaff says the ballpark itself at howard terminal will cost around 1 billion dollars to build and will be paid for by the a's. she's heard estimates of ar


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