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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 17, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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we're eating and drinking foods and beverages that are very acidic. it can soften the enamel. pronamel repair, what it's doing is driving more minerals deep into the enamel surface, that's going to help actively repair. pronamel is taking it to another level.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news for the pfizer vaccine. it will be at pre microgram dose which is going to be given over a 3 shot sequence and for the moderna vaccine. that will be a quarter of the adult dose that will be given over to shot shot sequence. >> now 10, a new shots in the fight against covid-19. the fda is authorizing moderna and pfizer vaccines for children age 5 or younger. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. children under 5. that was the only age group. >> left to left standing not eligible until now for a covid vaccine. cdc officials will meet tomorrow. they are
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expected to sign off on this idea if it happens. vaccinations could begin as early as next week. the biden administration says it secured enough of the vaccines for babies, toddlers and young children and made those available for states and counties to preorder as is the case in the south bay, santa clara county is preparing to administer doses next week pending that cdc approval and kron first, justin campbell has more on the plan to begin those vaccinations. as a doctor. and as a parent, the very first thing i looked at is are these vaccine safe for our young ones? assistant health director doctor sarah redmond says the vaccines are safe for kids and found just typical side effects are babies were fussy and a little sleepy in didn't eat as much right after their shot. sometimes santa clara county health says covid cases are on the rise. and with 100,000 kids ages 5 and under that live in the county. >> they're prepared if the cdc gives the go ahead to start
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vaccinations on children ages 6 months and older, starting on tuesday with a lower dose for the pfizer vaccine. it will be a tree microgram dose which is going to be given over a 3 shot sequence and for the moderna vaccine. that would be a quarter of the adult dose that will be given over to shot shot sequence. you have to make an online appointment. no walk-ins will be allowed at the current county vaccination site in the county will also be opening up a new vaccination site in mountain view at the san antonio shopping center. >> reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> in the bay area, santa clara county health officials say they've been getting ready for this moment for weeks now. they are ready to begin vaccinating young children as soon as the doses arrive. the shipments of the vaccine may be arriving as early as monday. >> if that were to happen, we would open appointments on monday afternoon and start first shot and arms on tuesday. if however, that
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vaccine does not arrive on monday, we will be ready to go whenever it does. >> it is expected that as many as 1000 shots a day will be administered across santa clara county children in the state of florida will be the exception. florida governor ron desantis says his state will not preorder vaccines for children under 5 children's hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and community health centers can still order them directly from the federal government. but they'll need to do so quickly to avoid delays. contrary to guidance from the cdc, florida's department of health does not recommend the covid vaccine for children under 17, florida, by the way, averages more daily covid deaths and hospitalizations and any other state. new research suggests that people infected with the omicron variant are less likely to have long covid cyst symptoms. the study analyzed about 5 million people, 4 and a half percent of people with the omicron variant said they had
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long covid symptoms. that's compared to almost 11% for people with the delta variant omicron is more contagious. so experts warn there will be a lot of people struggling with long covid symptoms. everyone in the study had been vaccinated. today. santa clara county sheriff deputies arrested a vta employee for threatening acts of gun violence at work. the sheriff's office identified him. >> as 64 year-old douglas he is being held in the santa clara county jail. no bail on charges of criminal threats. union president john courtney says the man made threats because he was facing termination for refusing to get vaccinated. and the vta said in the statement that it has 0 tolerance for this type of threatening behavior and we'll continue to treat any similar incident with an urgent response. it has been about a year since a vta employees shot and killed 9 workers and himself at the
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rail yard that was may of 2021. after today's incident, trauma counselors were made available. >> the tsa is working with our partners to try and do whatever we can to provide the services and support services. >> the vta and the sheriff's office, they've done workplace violence training part of an effort to prevent future gun violence at the rail yard. >> we are following some breaking news at sfo. 3 people were injured in an attack in the international terminal tonight. and kron four's gayle just got to the scene and has the latest kale. what do we know? it? >> katherine kendall, the scene has now clearly want to give you a close look here. i'm told this happened inside the airport, pre security. here's what we know. san francisco police say around 06:00pm an adult male drove a vehicle to the airport and enter the terminal and the
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male walked around the departure terminal and pulled out an edged weapon. i did speak to a worker who described that weapon as a machete. the male proceeded to assault 3 victims, according to police who are all adult males. when officers arrived, they detained a suspect that suspect was taken into custody without any other incidents. and the 3 victims were injured due to that assault and were medically treated and released at the scene for non life threatening injuries at this time. they have not released the identity of the suspect. and it appears that. all is clear here. and passengers are just checking into their international flights. i did see the area. where was it was just right around where people will be checking in their flight. so this is not over insite security. this is pre security. but as you can see, it is a business usual here at sfo. gayle, you can. >> gail, do you happen to know whether or not the victims were airport employees or were
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they passengers trying to get through security? >> i did ask one of the workers. i was just talking don't know at this time, but now worker described the incident as maybe being so he did say he saw a machete. that man holding a machete. but we're still waiting to hear details from officials and law enforcement about who was targeted and the circumstances surrounding the stabbing, ok, and just been told in my ear that they were passengers. but obviously there's still a lot to sort out through this thing, gayle, if we get anything new tonight, we'll back to you. >> for an update. thank you. gayle ong live at sfo. >> in national tonight, 3 senior citizens are dead after a gunman opened fire inside an alabama church. this happened during a potluck dinner at the saint stephen's episcopal church in a suburb of birmingham last night. police say the suspect was an occasional attendee of the church. someone at the dinner was able to hold the 71 year-old gunman until police arrived. that gunman now faces
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capital murder charges. the man suspected of opening fire at an orange county church that killed one person and wounded 5 others has now been charged with a hate crime. investigators say they believe david chao targeted his victims because they were taiwanese and he harbored anti taiwan sentiments. the las vegas resident allegedly opened fire inside the geneva presbyterian church laguna woods last month. he's being held without bail is due back in court in august, parts of yellowstone national park could reopen as soon as next week following that flooding that devastated parts of the park and nearby towns. the unprecedented flood close the entire park and force evacuation of about 10,000 visitors, roads, bridges, and even some homes were lost to the high water. the record flooding was fueled by heavy rain and rapid snowmelt. some nearby towns are left with major cleanup ahead of the normally busy summer travel season. >> all right. time to take a look at the 4 zone forecast on
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this lovely friday night. and is that fog? but what a pretty shot as we're looking live over san francisco kind of dramatic, lawrence. it looks like the opening shot of horror movie. offered hitchcock man. yeah, yes. something else out there right now is that fog has started to creep back on shore. the atmosphere starting to stabilize and kylie issue day today. we have that cooler air moving in overhead and also some puppy clouds. the cumulus clouds rolling in early on. but the temperatures really taken a major hit again for the second day in a row number dropped 13 degrees yesterday in concord. anher 10 degrees cooler today. so so those hot 90's in some spots. how about that? only 70 degrees in concord today. that is a good 15 degrees below the average. a 69 was all they can do in livermore. 72 degrees in san jose. 67 in oakland, 64 degrees in san francisco. 69 in santa rosa outside tonight. going to be seeing some coolol than normal temperatures to
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numbers dropping off in the 50's quite rapidly tonight for most of the bay area. but i think we're headed down in the 40's in some spots tonight as that cool air mass kind of sits overhead. so ye, get you ready for the weekend. we're still up with a w showers back to get some heavier storms making their way across northern california, numerous lightning strikes rotating througug this area into this chico, just the south in yuba city. in fact, still look for the possibility of some floodidihere as we have got some heavy rain that moved through some of the rain rates being estimated by the doppler radar, sean, one to 2 inches falling f fm those clouds. so, yeah, i could definitely give rise to some of those smaller creeks and tributaries there and flood watches continue there untnt at least 1 o'clock tonight, the meantime, though, you can see the storm kind of chururng through that low pressure center making its s off the gulf of alaska sliding right down coastline in california and ushering in that rather cool day across much of the bay area for this time of year. that low will continue to track a little further the same with thehefront as a kind of fades away. but t t e trough is left behind and that is
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bring in with its still some of that cool air. the b b brs t report tomorrow not to be cold. t't'let's call it mild around most of the bay area. some warm temperatures still inland, probably a little bit warmer. the what we had today. forecast models show you this low kind of spinning around off the coastline is still la behind. not a really good fog bank. when the atmosphere gets this co is just really hard to establish a really strong fog. good news is you've got patchy fog tomorrow morning that lots of sunshine into the afterononmaybe even better news for father's day. more sunshine and warmer temperatures as high pressure begins to build back in so overnight lololo. yeah, they will be a little bit chilly in spots down the mid 40's. it's an rose about 47 degrees in the napa valley and about 48 degrees in half moon bay. as we look toward tomorrow afternoon, though, we're enjoying some sunshine and temperatures probably going to rebound just a little bit. maybe some mid 70's. instead a low 70's in spots in lot of 60's inside the bay in count some 50's toward the coastline. next couple days, though, of the end of spring. and we're talking about the beginning of summer next tuesday. we've got a heat wave
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on the rise. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. thanks. once. >> i was trying to say what is he saying that couldn't quite make it he t'said that's what said. time last ararnight warri head coach steve deserves to feel really great. even if he's a little worse for the wear. he's basking in that championship after goal. a lot of us s are after winning the nba title in boston last night. the warriors are now back home. the arrived at sfo a few hours ago and kron four's gayle ong. was there. >> the golden state warriors returning to thehehe area as nba champions. draymond green stepping off telta airlines flight with klay thompson by his s wasting the larry o'brien trophy, steph curry, the >> the team was greeted by what your staff on the tarmac.
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san francisco mayor london breeeehugged and congratulated coach steve kerr. >> a day after beating the boston celtics. >> it one of the they work a lot of doubters. a lot of with pop and mask all about our city and everything well, i don't hear him talking anymore because i what are champion? and they >> and the lawyers are going to take the weekend for some much needed rest and they will be back to celebrate where the parade on monday reporting from sfo, gayle ong kron. 4 news. well, speed of the parade up nation will be hitting the streets by the thousas, maybe hundreds of thousands for the championship parade in san francisco. >> as a matter of fact, at least a million people are expected to attend. let's take a look at the parade route. it kicks off at market and main streets and then heads up market and finishes at market
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and 8th street right through the heart oitthe city. the starts at 11. 28 monday morning. and n't forget, monday is a federal holiday. it's june 18th. it's a little more than a mile long on that route. it should end around 2 o'clock in the afternoon and like any celebration, you're asked to plan ahead, try to get there early and try to take public transit because it's going to be very crowded. market street will be sunday night for the preparations. we'll have it all covered for you monday. what is happening right here on kron. 4 will have extended coverage of the parade. yeah, that's beginning at 10 in the morning. monday will show the championship ceremony at 10, 20. >> we'll bring you the warriors parade. all of the parade that will start 11 20. that figure will wrap up about 2 o'clock. >> other news tonight, u.s. energy secretary is calling an emergency meeting with oil executives next week as tensions between the biden administration and big oil grow over those soaring
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gasoline prices. earlier this week, the president sent a letter to the oil companies urging them to boost output. he also threatened to use emergency powers if they didn't. a spokesperson for oil companies says since biden's first day in office, he has introduced policies restricting american oil and gas companies from doing their jobs. >> it cut off pipeline projects. they proposed tax increases on american producers competing globally. we need to change course on those policies. >> at the same time, the president wants big oil to explain why the companies are not putting more fuel on the market as they continue to reap windfall profits. >> the biden administration reportedly is again considering sending gas cards to americans to help with high prices. that's according to the washington post and they have considered this before. it was determined. the chip shortage would make it tough to produce enough cards. apparently they're going to try again. meantime, oil
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prices dropped to a four-week low today that might lower gas prices. but it is all happening amid high inflation and concern a recession could happen. air travelers have been hit with thousands of cancellations this week. it is not a good sign for the summer travel season. more than 1500 flights were canceled yesterday. that was because of bad weather and staffing shortages. democratic lawmakers have introduced a bill. meantime, to get airport workers better pay and benefits. one bill would require federally funded airports just set a higher standard for wages and benefits. it would also allow the workers to establish a union. senate majority leader chuck schumer says everybody will suffer if it doesn't happen. >> paying airport workers a living wage benefits, consumers cause. >> the service is better to security is better. the safety is better. >> some republicans are questioning the idea of congress forcing airports to follow a national standard.
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they argue airports need flexibility. >> today marks the 50th anniversary of the infamous watergate break-in. then president richard nixon mounted a cover up after burglars broke into the democratic headquarters at the watergate office complex in washington. 40 government officials were indicted. nixon resigned before the house could vote to impeach him. americans all over the country tuned in to watch the hearings which lasted 51 days. you can stream those hearings online for free through the american archive of public broadcasting. also happening today, the decade long legal battle of wikileaks founder julian assange is one step closer to a conclusion the united kingdom government has approved his extradition to the u.s. with the home secretary signing that extradition order this morning. assange still has 14 days to appeal and his wife has vowed to fight it. he's facing 17 charges of espionage that could be sentenced to
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lead him to be sentenced to up to 175 years in prison if he's convicted. american prosecutors allege that in 2010 assange helped a former army private obtain and publish military records and classified documents. officials say the release of those documents put lives in danger. >> the oakland zoo has stepped in to help rescue tigers with connections to the infamous joe exotic for big cats were saved from what's described as deplorable conditions at an animal habitat in oklahoma this week. 2 of those tigers will be getting a new home right here in the bay area. kron four's dan thorn has the story. >> wife is getting a lot better for a pair of tigers forced to live in poor conditions. their former home a rundown roadside zoo in oklahoma with connections to joe exotic, also known as the tiger king. they'll now be living thousands of miles away in oakland, getting the care they need. they were living.
10:20 pm
>> been horrible situations in a cage on a cement floor without the proper food and medicine and care and water didn't have any straw or hay or anything. oakland zoo's ceo nick to a says it's thanks to a whistleblower for tipping them off with help from 2 other big cat sanctuaries. the zoo was able to get the animals out of harm's way. we need to stop and put an end to roadside zoos. these are facilities that are licensed by the usda. unfortunately are not getting the care proper instruction all the time. lola, who was a crossbreed between a lion and a tiger and mia, who is full, tiger will be making their home at this habitat. the zoo has kept it open as a place for rescued tigers for the last 30 years. it's a big change from the filthy backyard cages. they were kept in in northeast oklahoma to a g s as the popular netflix show. tiger king is something that should
10:21 pm
not be celebrated. >> he's happy the documentary raised awareness about the issues of exotic animal ownership and cub petting. but people like joe exotic need to be stopped. these individuals should not be celebrated. >> we need to move away from treating animals as entertainment treating animals for our enjoyment. a spokesperson for the oakland zoo says the tigris is are both being cared for at the zoo's animal hospital and will remain in quarantine for at least 30 to 40 days. >> the public will then be able to see them in their new environment reporting in oakland, dan thorn kron. 4 news in less than 2 weeks. the bay conservation and development commission will have their final vote, which will decide the fate of the oakland a's. >> today that the cdc is it's called put out its final staff report in it. it recommends that the howard terminal be released from a port priority. use so that the new ballpark could be built there. kron 4
10:22 pm
spoke with local mayor libby schaff about the recommendation that she's in support of. she says the project will include 18 acres of public parks, a 400 room hotel and 3,000 units of housing. more than 1000 of those units will be dedicated to affordable housing if approved by the b cdc. the next key vote will be on july 5th, but the mayor has some issues with that. the city council will take up this question about whether to put an advisory measure on the ballot. i'm in my opinion. this is a ploy by the opposition to just further spread the misinformation. >> as well as to delay the project and really to cost the taxpayers money. ballot measures actually cost tax dollars to place on the ballot. >> the president of the oakland a's dave campbell agreed to build the amount of housing and affordable housing requested by the city in exchange for tax money generated by it. the city rejected those teams terms. >> still ahead, as the city of
10:23 pm
oakland gets ready to celebrate juneteenth this weekend, police are trying to prevent the kind of violence that happened last year. >> warriors fans getting ready for monday's celebratory parade. how those left. some stores completely sold out of dubs merchandise and the debate over how to help californians deal with high gas prices will have the latest on what the governor is being asked to do. you want it all, just like i do... well now there's a new way to save with xfinity. now, get unlimited internet, wifi equipment and a free streaming box... ...risk free with no term contract and a 2-year rate guarantee for just $30 a month when you add xfinity mobile. learn how you can get all this and one unlimited line of mobile for 2 years for about the same price you could pay other providers for one unlimited 5g line. it's all part of a new xfinity 3 for 1 bundle. switch today! >> tech: cracked windshield? schedule with safelite, and we'll come to you to fix it. >> tech vo: this customer was enjoying her morning walk.
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>> gas prices dipped a little bit today. not a significant difference, but we'll take what we can get. you know, we will of meantime, no consensus yet in the state legislature on exactly how to help californians who need to fuel up kron four's ella sogomonian is in the newsroom and has more. >> well, the cost of gas in the bay area went down by just 2%. so that's not much. and state lawmakers are still trying to take new action in response to the pain that we're feeling at the pump. >> gas prices in northern california dropped between a penny or 2 per gallon, but it still hovering at about $6. and $0.42. >> any movement down is significant because we really haven't seen any numbers decreased since early may. >> meanwhile, a group of 13 assembly democrats sent a letter to the governor and megislative leaders saying the cost of doing nothing is unacceptable. they're urging that the state postpone a $0.3 inflationary increase to the
10:27 pm
state's gas tax for one year. republicans have been calling for that temporary suspension for months saying their counterparts have taken too long to act on relief for california's drivers in need action. now we've been calling since january. >> to suspend the gas tax. the quickest. easiest way to provide relief to every california consumer on gas prices. right now, the group noting that californians are paying an average of one $1.80 more per gallon of gas. >> than they were 4 months ago. a nearly 40% increase in a short amount of time. so aaa recommends doing a few things to help get the most mileage out of your gas. make sure tires are fully inflated. make one efficient trip to minimize getting around and slow down. >> democrats plan to have a press conference this coming monday to discuss the gas price investigation, which will look into some evidence whether there is any price manipulation for now, try to compare public transportation costs, too, getting around the
10:28 pm
gas guzzler. we have a lot of options here in the bay area, depending on your commute. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. ellis, thank you. coming up next on this hour of kron, 4 news, 5 people shot at an oakland sports bar. >> what we know so far about the case. and partly cloudy skies around the bay area. now, what can we expect for the weekend? what about that warriors break? we'll talk about that. >> coming up with your next. when it comes to cybersecurity, the biggest threats don't always strike the biggest targets. so help safeguard your small business with comcast business securityedge™ it's advanced security that continuously scans for threats and helps protect every connected device. the choice is clear.
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>> a warrior celebration turned deadly in oakland. a number of people were shot and injured. one person was killed. it happened after last night's game. kron four's haaziq mod-yoon has the latest on the investigation. >> and died in a shooting thursday night in the 300 block of 14th street in downtown oakland. it happened just before 10:30pm. the investigation appears to be centered around the location of the halftime sports bar where people gather to watch the warriors played the celtics in game 6 of the nba finals. >> oakland police officials say officers and paramedics provided medical aid to the shooting that them but he eventually died at the scene from his injuries. investigators also found an adult female with multiple gunshot wounds. she was taken to a local hospital and is listed in critical but stable condition. according to police. there are more victims in the shooting. oakland police say not long after the female was hospitalized for her injuries. 3 additional men
10:32 pm
arrived at a local hospital, also suffering from gunshot wounds. the preliminary investigation confirmed the 3 men were also injured during the same shooting that occurred on 14th street. >> yet last night was a horrible tragedy in downtown oakland. >> the incident happened a short distance from oakland city hall. oakland mayor libby talked about a violence reduction plan involving community-focused events at city parks called town nights. it was developed by the department of violence prevention, an aims to reduce gun violence this summer. a time when the city typically experiences a surge in shootings. >> town nights has come out of good evidence and data that looks at when gun violence tends to go up and that's summer and weekend evenings. and that's why these events are on friday night during the summer. we have data from los angeles that shows that this can dramatically reduce
10:33 pm
>> violence. oakland police investigators released no information regarding any possible suspects or motives in the 14th street shooting the name of the deceased victim is being withheld pending notification of next of kin. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police has it you cry on for news. >> with the juneteenth celebrations coming up, the city of oakland is taking steps to try to avoid the violence that marred last year's event. big crowds are expected to sunday at lake merritt in oakland last year. what began peacefully did and and gunfire, rival gangs from outside the area opening fire. one person was killed. 6 people were injured. police say they are taking steps to try to prevent more violence. >> our goal is to provide a venue, beautiful lake until around the community in or visitors to enjoy the festivities of the weekend safely will be more police officers out there as well city resources. we will
10:34 pm
officers working the lake and the nearby and additional resources in reserve in reserve. in case we do have to respond in a critical incident. >> the city of oakland is closing lakeshore avenue between macarthur and you state teen some streets that feed into the lakeshore area will be closed along with the embarcadero and a single eastbound lane along grand avenue >> tuskegee airman colonel charles mcgee was laid to rest today at arlington national cemetery. mcgee was a member of the first black unit to fly combat planes in world war. 2. the again received an honorary promotion to the rank of brigadier general before getting a standing ovation during president trump's state of the union. the sun says mcgee served his country during a time of conflict both abroad and at home in the u.s.. but the always maintained his humility. >> he talked about buying the
10:35 pm
double war-fighting or also fighting racism a person on his accomplice the maze >> over his 30 year military career mcgee successfully completed more than 400 combat missions and landings. he today he's at his final resting place next to his wife of 50 years. children say they're proud of their father's military legacy as work to tear down racial barriers. >> all right. time for another look at the forecast as we look live over the bay bridge. another dramatic view. yeah. is it the lights from the city or the moon? i think and it might be the moon because there was kind of a close to a full moon last night. and coming up now looking beautiful out there tonight. >> yeah, looking rather golden kind like the warriors right? exactly. as we've seen that championship game. and now they were getting ready for that parade. that parade taking place on monday and it should be spectacular. we're going to see some great conditions for the parade. if
10:36 pm
you're headed out there. that starts just after 11:00am probably want to get there suspect to the streets are going to be packed. temperatures going to be in the mid 60's, mostly sunny skies just a bit on the breezy side of the afternoon. if you're sticking around for all of festivities, should be a beautiful day. all and all out there looking nice at the airports. in fact, we had no delays, even though we've had some cloud cover rolling in. here's your getaway forecast for you in the monterey bay. if you're headed that direction this weekend about 60 degrees and cool in carmel plan on some patchy fog early in the morning. lots of sunshine, but a bit of a breezy afternoon southern california. these temperatures rather mild for this time of year. still 73 degrees in los angeles, 70 degrees in long beach. and then in the high country, we're talking some cooler than normal temperatures. slight chance of a sprinkle to with some partly cloudy skies and the temperatures could be on the cool side numbers generally in the 50's in south lake tahoe in truckee about 64 degrees in reno. time you plan on sticking around for the weekend, those temperatures
10:37 pm
going to start to warm up as early as sunday and by monday, i think we start to crack the 70's again in the high country and then talk about some much warmer temperatures coming our way. read the bay area for tomorrow. we've got 50's and 60's in the san francisco breezy coast side will keep those numbers on the cool side as well. numbers generally in the 50's 60's inside the bay of plenty of sunshine all day long about 69 in redwood city. 67 degrees in woodside. a few 70's begin to pop up in the south of this pretty mild for this time of year. and the east bay mud. that's not bad at all. in fact, mid 70's, they're still running a good 5, maybe 10 degrees below the average in many spots. there. a 67 degrees in san leandro about 70 degrees in hercules. and 76 degrees in concord. watch out for a few clouds rolling in late in the day in parts of the north bay. still some warm temperatures outside. 74 napa, this high 77 degrees in fairfield while back toward the coastline. we've got those numbers run in the 50's in the 60's, a little breezy out the coast with a couple of patches of fog in the morning giving way to some sunshine. all right. we're talking about lots of sunshine
10:38 pm
coming our way as we head into father's day. in fact, sunday is father's day looking good. plenty of sun. and how about that? here's your 10. 10 as we look towards summer here, the first day of summer on tuesday, expecting some hot temperatures to roll into town. triple digit heat on tuesday and wednesday of next week. thank you, lawrence. if passed victory parades taught us anything we can expect at least a million people to hit the streets monday, the golden state warriors championship parade in the city. the nation has a lot to celebrate and con first felipe calderon ports from pleasant hill where fans have been buying the team's victory swag. >> the championship parade wouldn't be right without the right fit to you. i need i need a sure every every time dick's sporting goods in pleasant hill had the victory year laid out the moment the golden state warriors clinched their 4th nba title in 8 years. and then people were in line this morning at 04:00am for our 07:00am opening the season, ending in a title deeply emotional for some
10:39 pm
fans. i felt like crying with kerry and extremely personal for others, but it just passed away saturday bay be the most popular item is the championship hat which sold out within hours. more are expected over the weekend. and sporting goods says there are enough championship shirts for everyone. we're going to pay. money would take the ferry man. >> first time and never been to a parade was my first time you go into so i have to call out work. also happens to be a federal holiday. and the day after father's day, we have a first time dad. >> and a longtime dad. so happy father's day. it certainly will in pleasant hill. billy kron 4 >> next in sports, the warriors return to the bay area with their latest prize. the larry o'brien trophy to take another look at their triumphant return. >> also, a little trolling by steph and draymond at the expense of celtics fans. that's coming.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> another one for the bay, the 4th championship in 8 seasons for the warriors. >> how about it? they arrived back in the bay friday night led by. >> the 3 cornerstones of this historic run.
10:43 pm
>> yeah, they've been partying says last night. they're going to keep it going through monday. yeah. the big 3 got the larry o'brien trophy clay's right behind him. and then steph, they touch down about 7 o'clock friday night. yeah. raise that high at sfo just a day after. >> winning their latest nba championship. this one in boston at the historic venue beating the celtics in game 6 of the nba finals. one '03 to 90 celtics fans. as we know, haven't been the kindest to the warriors. so steph and dray couldn't resist having a little fun. kerry tweeted this picture with both the larry o'brien trophy and the finals mvp trophy with his now famous knight, knight pose for celtics fans. he also posted this pic with the icy kerry. t-shirt that had become popular in boston. what a
10:44 pm
restaurant put a little sign outside that said it. and then there's this pic of draymond celtics t-shirt outing. they're 17 titles with the blank space for what they hope to be the 18th. but dre, things got jokes writing warriors, no, maybe in 23, maybe next year. maybe the worse actually when it again next year in the celebratory locker room. the team jokingly chanted f you my last night mocking the celtics fans who had been chanting that in boston throughout the series and maj and how much fun that was for as well, the so it's a baseball giants. it picturesque pnc park in pittsburgh, taking on the pirates. 3rd pitch of the game. luis gonzales leadoff home run. >> it's a leadoff home run high and deep to right. one, nothing giants. and that was all carlos rebel natives here. he gave up no runs only 2 hits over 8 innings of work,
10:45 pm
striking out 8 pirates jock peterson, very native, also added a solo shot. giants win it 2, nothing. it's their 6th win in 7 games. despite fewer than 9,000 fans friday night at the coliseum. hey. these 2 haven't funded. make up for everybody. hosting the royals if you haven't to the a's all season. here's a snapshot of how it's going. you've got you've got it. matt davidson, elvis not to you. >> well, if we just don't talk about it, that nobody can catch the ball. run scores to add insult to injury for a's pitcher frankie montas. it's ruled a single. and an rbi that should be an error on both of them. a's lose 5 one. it's their 14th loss in 16 games. ouch. >> okay. 49 is gun safety jaquiski tartt. he's agreed to terms on a one-year deal.
10:46 pm
>> with the eagles, a second round pick in 2015 target has played his entire seven-year career with the niners starting 64 games keep pace played in started 14 games for the team. >> last season round 2 of the u.s. open phil mickelson has his mind on his money and his money on his mind since defecting to the saudi funded live he's allowed to play in this usda event. but it was bad shot. a 73 missed the cut. rory mcilroy, fresh off his big win last week for 6 making putts. continue to stellar play with a one under 69. he's a stroke behind the co-leaders, one of whom cal product, colin moore, he shot up from 13th place entering the day shot a 4 under 66. he's now tied for the lead at 5 under with joel dame that's a look
10:47 pm
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talk to a urologist about what your manhood could look like. you like to be able to have a little sushi and tokyo and then get there and about an hour, a houston startup called venus aerospace, as that might be possiblu some day. >> it is trying to develop a mock 9 hypersonic craft that could make the trip from la to tokyo in about an hour mach 9 would mean it can travel at 6900 miles an hour. wow. the company will first test or smaller drone version of the
10:50 pm
aircraft over the next year. >> if lawmakers get their way, it could put an end to that tangled med of cords needed to charge all your electronic devices and probably save you some money, too. lawmakers want to make one common charging standard for everything apple users have long had to buy that special charger with there lightning ports, but others have adopted a common usb dash c standard and said in fact, the european union has already adopted a common standard and forced smartphone manufacturers to comply by 2024. american senators are pushing the commerce department to encourage tech companies to embrace one port and reduce all of that. the way story. >> commissioner. >> there goes. spacex launched more starlink satellites is satellites were deployed to low earth orbit after being carried on the company's two-stage falcon 9 rocket for
10:51 pm
its record. 13th launch the rocket's first stage returned to earth and landed on a drone ship in the atlantic. spacex is set to launch more satellites this weekend from florida and here in california, down at vandenberg. >> for the first time since before the pandemic, stonehenge in england is going to celebrate the summer solstice. the ancient monument is a focal point for spiritual rituals. on the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, the soul sis is the highlight of the year for thousands of druids and revelers. some people believe the circle has spiritual significance on the summer solstice. the sun will reach its highest point in the sky. that will happen on tuesday. the first day of summer, june. 21st. today was a special day for kron 4. our parent company nexstar giving back to the community. >> our team volunteered at the san francisco marine food bank packing food to be delivered to thousands of families. kron
10:52 pm
four's terisa stasio takes us there. >> great these days with inflation. and then the continued fallout from the pandemic. the need is bigger than ever. and so that as why we're here, kron 4 news came out to make a difference today. staff packed 2000 bags. those facts will go out to seniors, people with disabilities, pregnant women. >> families with children under 3 and families with children with disabilities. erica, offer as with the food bank shared about the growing needs of the community going to be delivering over 1800 1800 households that have a buy, the groceries by 06:00pm today. that also means that our need for volunteers has increased weekly. we allocate over 2000 volunteers for all of our programming. that includes our warehouses. >> that includes a pop-up pantries deliver where we're packing grocery bags for participants to pick up that has for team kron. they talked about why it is significant to give back. why do you like
10:53 pm
giving back here? >> i tell people i get back because it's really selfish because when you get back and you're done, feel really, really good. and it's almost it's almost wrong to feel that good. that's why give back what i'm really thinking about is the family that's going to open up this bag tonight and make this food for dinner. i have it for breakfast and i'm just trying to picture them and trying to pick out something really special for them, but also try to keep line moving. at the same time coming out here, just giving back even on my own time. it's what people really need right now. i think it's really important to do this. i think it helps a lot of people. and as we now, it was really need to be for covid. and now this is needed even more. here are some harsh facts that we all know too. well, right now, prices keep soaring. grocery prices have gone up 13.9% from april of 2021. to 2022 and >> diesel costs to deliver goods have gone up to 21% in
10:54 pm
that time frame. >> so monetary donations are greatly needed right now. the food bank, it's $400,000 over budget trying to keep up with the demands and dealing with inflation, a worthy cause to be here. and we are proud to do so. and san francisco to recess stasio kron. 4 news >> alright, weather time, folks. if you're looking for some fun things to do this weekend, of course, we've got dad's day, right, father's day. and hey, how about taking dad to a car show? they would just love that. that is going to be taking place. this one in antioch, a lot of cars to get out there and enjoy some sunshine to go along with that. it starts at 9 o'clock in the morning on sunday. so make sure that as a good cup of coffee before you go, temperatures running low 80's as we head toward the afternoon. plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures just a bit of a breeze. as we look toward the afternoon. this also fun. you know, boy, you just cannot beat that-hawaiian music. that hawaiian flavor, the foods, the dance. that's all going to
10:55 pm
be good. this is that the hawaiian dance festival that is your way to gardens in san francisco that start at 1 o'clock on saturday. good time. good food and temperatures cooperating as well. mid 60's there, mostly sunny skies and those temperatures are going to be on the mild side of the afternoon. we'll get a little breeze going as well. this one just flat out q. how about that? the summey corgi of the summer cordon caught and they're saying there could be 1000 plus corgis hitting the beach at ocean beach. that should be quite the sight to see. that starts at 10 o'clock in the morning on saturday. temperatures going to be in the upper 50's will be a little bit cool. coast side and you're likely to run into a couple clouds early on that some sunshine as you head to the middle of the day and the afternoon. a lot of happy dogs out there at the beach. all right. here's the foam onto this is the north beach festival. if you've ever been there, there's just a lot to see out there. a lot of great music. and of course, just a ton of that wonderful food that starts at 10 o'clock on saturday. that is a two-day event continuing on sunday as
10:56 pm
well. the temperatures going to be nice. low 60's as we head in saturday. i think warmer, though, as we look towards sunday with plenty of sunshine all day long enough. you've got an idea for for fun things. we should be in the mail in at kron 4 dot com. we like the future that right here on kron 4. all right. out there tonight. we do have some low clouds and fog that have made their way inside the bay is the atmosphere kind of settles down just a little bit. going to be a cool night around the bay area probably felt that already we've got an area of low pressure that has been rolling it along the coastline. still some showers popping up in northern california and parts of the valley there to the north. in fact, with the thunderstorms rotating through, you can see that the afternoon really picking up over the last few hours. strikes there near yuba city and chico that making its way up in the foothills and eventually some of that moisture head up in the sierra nevada where you might get a couple snowflakes overnight tonight and tomorrow morning that front is going to start kicking eastern as that front moves out of town. we've still got trough of low pressure
10:57 pm
kind of camping out along the coastline here. and that is going to keep the cooler air in place for tomorrow. so it will be a little bit warmer tomorrow, but not as warm as it could be as those temperatures running only the mid 70's. so a little bit below the average of the warmer spots inland plan on some 60's out the coastline overnight lows will be a little bit chilly, most temperatures in the 40's by day tomorrow, though, enjoy that sunshine should be really nice into father's day. much warmer weather expected then on monday and tuesday, we're getting ready for a heat wave. those temperatures up into the triple digits. the first date of summer. we love the court to back straight. happy father's day. thank you very much. see you monday. thanks for joining us.
10:58 pm
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