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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  June 19, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. >> we hope you're getting ready to celebrate the city of san francisco. sure is putting the final preparations in place for tomorrow's warriors championship parade up market street. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm dan thorn and i'm noelle bellow. market street will shut down about 2 hours all in preparation for tomorrow's parade. the street will remain closed until tomorrow night. kron fours camila barco is in san francisco with more details. >> thousands of people are expected to go to the parade on monday and getting there is going to take some time. the number one tip avoid driving there because parking is going
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to be limited. the stage is set for the golden state warriors sunday morning. preparations were underway for their championship victory parade. >> on absolutely. wouldn't miss it. and warriors fans like mike are ready to cheer them on going to get there early. get a good seat. >> got to get a high 5 for maybe staff. the parade will kick off at 11:20am. at market and main street. it will stretch a little more than a mile long. >> and end at market and 8th. >> i don't know. yeah, i'm actually asking my parents say they want to go people like ronald san jose haven't decided whether they're going as a million people are expected to attend. >> i'm i'm pretty sure he's going to be crazy and it's going to be a lot of people. the streets will be closed for the party and won't reopen until 6 o'clock monday afternoon. >> so public transportation might be your best spent getting there and leaving some things you should know if you
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write bart masks are required at all bart stations and trains lines will not stop at montgomery street and plan ahead because bart parking lots could get fool. there will be extra staff and officers at the stations to ensure everyone gets to the parade safely. and on time and clipper is waiving the $3 new card fee for riders who added on their phone through apple or google pay. expect their busiest times to be at 09:00am. until about 11:00am. and then from one to 03:00pm. muni is rerouting some of its line starting at 03:00pm sunday. the only drop off passengers at mart muni stops. ac transit is running their san francisco bound transbay bus lines on monday as scheduled. however, they could be slow down coming in and out of the sales force transit center. but no matter how you get there, warriors fans will be flocking to san francisco
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to cheer on the 2022 nba champs. you know, we make it this year. so we're all excited for the separate. >> best fans in the world, no matter what charles barkley says, you know. >> in san francisco, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> this was the line at dick's sporting goods at the fairmont, the mall in daly city courtesy of our kron 4, sarah stinson. as you can see, dozens of people lining up trying to get their warriors championship gear ahead of tomorrow's parade. one of our web producers, aaron, says he wants to shops all over the mall today and could not find anything in his size. so stores are selling out fast. you might have to get a little creative with show kron 4 is going to have extended coverage of the parade beginning at 10:00am tomorrow. we will show the championship ceremony at 10:20am, and then bring you coverage from start to finish. so be sure to tune in with us. >> san leandro police are
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investigating anti-asian graffiti found on a home that is up for sale as a hate crime. sometime last night, a realtor sign-on inverness street was found spraypainted with an anti-asian epithet this morning. the same racist message was found spray painted on the garage. the realtor, the most recent tenants of the home and the property owner are all of asian descent. police say crimes of this nature are not tolerated and they are devoting extra resources to hold. whoever did this accountable. >> a suspected dui driver has been arrested after a crash that killed one person and injured 4 others on the bay bridge happened just before 3 o'clock this morning. police say a car carrying 4 people slowed down before then being rear ended by a pickup truck. 22 year-old antioch man in that car was killed. 2 others were seriously injured. the driver of the car. 22 year-old san francisco woman was hospitalized and later arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. the driver of the truck was
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hospitalized for minor injuries as the centers for disease control prevention clears the way for covid-19 vaccinations for young children. >> stanford children's health will begin offering the shots this week. >> kron four's gayle ong joins us live now from the newsroom with more details on those offering scale. stanford children's health is offering pfizer vaccines based on availability. patients can begin scheduling an appointment at one of their 25 pediatric clinics across the bay area. >> it's very clear that vaccines can protect children and adults against severe disease, hospitalization and death. stanford children's health pediatric infectious diseases. doctor grace lee relieve the last age group can finally get vaccinated. children under the age of 5 have been directly impacted by covid-19 infection and particularly during the omicron wave. >> we've seen over 2 million cases documented over 20,000 hospitalizations and over 200 deaths. advisers get the centers for disease control and prevention are
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recommending covid-19 shots for children under 5. the food and drug administration authorized the first covid pfizer shot for infants and preschoolers. the fda also approved the moderna vaccine for children aged 6 months to 5 years old. it's going to change the quality of life, not just for the kids, but for the families. kids are going to be able to do a lot more things now. >> and >> not only the kids, but the parents are going to feel a lot more comfortable about them doing things. uc berkeley, infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg adds the vaccines will help with crowded settings. if there's an outbreak. >> in schools, for example, this exposure, ys. >> everything's going to change day care. situations will be much better and so on. >> and as for side effects from the shot, doctors say one in 5 children get a fever and body aches. children can also expect soreness at the site of injection. but overall, nothing different than what we've seen with adults in the newsroom. gayle ong kron, 4 news. >> all right, gail, thanks. a lot. happel store employees in maryland have voted to
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unionize a first for the cupertino based tech giant employees in a baltimore suburb voted to unionize by nearly a 2 to one margin. once that vote is certified, apple and the union can negotiate a contract. however, it may not be that simple. employers have several ways they can rejected unionization bid in recent months. there have been isolated incidents of workers at starbucks. amazon alphabet and ari, i voting to unionize so far. apple has not commented on this action. >> want to get your check of your forecast this evening. taking a live look outside from our mount tam cam towards san francisco. you can see the sun is definitely still shining at this hour. but the cameras shaken. so, you know, it's a little any of their but is also very high up, right? yeah. meteorologist jenny hahn joining us now with a look at what to expect a and hi guys. yeah. temperatures have warmed really nicely today around average for most locations on father say. >> we're seeing plenty of sunshine out there. still a little breezy as both noel and
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dan mentioned temperatures, though, today. let's check out these numbers much better if you like the war on san francisco getting at the 71 today. it's above the average high of 67 open warming up to 77 san jose getting up to 85 degrees. 84 livermore santa rosa getting up to 83 degrees. so a lot of temperatures are a little above average for most locations. right now, a look like seeing 80's and conquer 70's in san jose. for our friends in oakland, we're looking at 68 degrees. low 60's now in san francisco. already down to 59 half moon bay and redwood city. you're still sitting at 80 degrees stormtracker 4 showing us high pressure building back in starting today and into the next couple of days. and this means triple digit heat on the way by tuesday and wednesday. >> we'll also talk more about the kron. parade forecast for the warriors parade tomorrow. more details on that coming up. also, the chance for some increase fire danger as well. >> coming up a little bit later, back to you. sammy.
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coming up here on kron. 4 news at 6. the historic to historical significance of juneteenth and how people in the bay area celebrated the holiday today. and a new grade school is coming to san francisco. we're talking to that district supervisor. >> after the break.
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>> welcome back to san francisco. board of education has approved a new school in mission bay going offer
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education to more than 500 pre kindergarten through 5th grade students. >> we need to build housing there anyway and we can have something that would be a life sciences. biotech. cluster. this is really important to the bay area economy and part of that is having a mission bay school. this is a an emerging neighborhood that is mixed residential and and i think school is a great part of that. >> construction on this new school is expected to begin at the end of next year. >> well, today was the last day of this year's north beach festival will show you the sights and sounds from san francisco. coming up.
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>> welcome back. 6.15, on this sunday evening. and celebrations took place all over the mu took place all throughout the day. looks like fun up there. absolutely will. some people are also commemorating juneteenth by reflecting on what it truly means to be free and equal in the u.s. the international civil rights museum holds some of the most important pieces in history, one of which is the woolworth lunch counter where in 1960, for black college students defied segregation. laws sat down and asked to be served. this very spot is where many are bringing the difficult questions about race in the country to the table. reverend
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odell cleveland, who grew up during the civil rights movement, says these questions are especially important to ask. now. i wasn't allowed to eat discount. so we talk about june teeth and move forward and where we've got to so now you and i could sit down and eat together. we can break bread together. >> cleveland also says juneteenth this for all americans to celebrate because slave lee slavery is an evil, demeaning. all people. >> well, the north beach festival is back. thousands of people celebrating the 66th annual event in san francisco this weekend. kron four's taylor was out there. she's bringing us the sights and sounds. >> tens of thousands of people packed into san francisco's north beach neighborhood over the weekend to celebrate the 66th annual north peach festival. in addition to live music at 3 different stages performances and delicious food. dozens of vendors line 6
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blocks offering everything from crafts and jewelry to original hats. just very unique even country. so it's it's really much dennis arriola and blanca espinosa traveled from modesto for the festival this weekend. meanwhile, bridget padilla is a business owner here in san francisco. i assume that use is green in the studio. and i just starting out. >> i love here every year. we always great community just so close, and it's just a great environment. but diaz says the festival brought in big sales for store brands in clover's. >> in addition to many other local stores, it's been great. i'm very happy. i chose a school to then that. and so i really have the festival was put on by the north beach business association, which claims this is the very first outdoor street festival in the
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country. many visitors are glad to see the festival's return after 2 years of cancellations. the north beach business association says all proceeds from the festival go to local community organizations that provide free meals after school activities and job training, temporary housing and more in north beach. taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> looks like a beautiful day to be out of any sort of festival or celebration are taking a live look outside now at the embarcadero and this wonderful tree. then, course, is our tree right to start writing right there and trying to get out there in park and arrow. yeah, i'm looking really nice out there and he joining us any how's the weather? >> hey weather. if you like the warmer weather today, she's been really nice. not too hot. not too cold as temperatures will start their warm-up today and we'll continue the next couple of days. a live look here in downtown san francisco. lots of sunny skies, a little breezy out there. and it's really been actually pretty nice for father's day for much
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of the bay area. hey, the big parades tomorrow for the warriors starting 11, 20 as you're getting out there early in the morning, temperatures will be starting off in the mild side already expecting low 70's by 11, 20 for the start of the parade under sunny skies, a little so really nice day for a parade in san francisco. temperatures right now we're at a sitting we've cooled off to low 60's in the city, upper 60's in oakland, san jose. good evening to you. you're at 77, low 80's in concord and 83 in santa rosa. the wind gusts will continue to back off tonight and into the overnight hours tomorrow morning. we'll see some lighter winds. they will pick up throughout the morning hours, but nothing too extreme. it actually feel like a nice breeze under those sunny skies tomorrow and even warmer conditions for your monday overnight lows look like this lot of 40's and 50's out there for tomorrow morning. here's how your highs breakdown for tomorrow. so warming up more mid 70's expected in downtown san francisco to low 80's and oakland farther inland,
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looking at low 90's in concord n livermore, 90's, also morgan hill and 88 up north in santa rosa. let's check out our next 7 days. so temperatures really start to climb tuesday for the first day of summer. and then wednesday, still looking at hot conditions and then temperatures will slowly kind of back off by the end of the week and into next weekend with this increased heat means also some increase fire danger also for tuesday and wednesday as that. also, keep in mind, i mean, that triple digit at the start of summer. i like 100 degree weather. summer sizzle is on by tuesday. man. >> andy, thank you. well, parts of yellowstone national park could reopen as soon as next week following devastating flooding. the unprecedented flood cause the entire park and fort sta, the evacuation of close the entire park and forced the evacuation of 10,000 visitors. >> roads, bridges, some homes were lost to that high water. the record flooding was fueled by heavy rain and rapid snowmelt according to
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yellowstone officials, the floods cost upwards of a billion dollars in damage to the park. some nearby towns are left with some major cleanup ahead of the normally busy. >> summer travel season >> coming up in sports, the giants going to the series sweep against the pirates in n highlights coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports.
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>> all right. well, the giants are 10 games above 500 for the first time this season. that happened yesterday. but today they were going for the three-game sweep of the pirates and the steel city. let's go out there dog day afternoon in pittsburgh. the giants trying for their 8th win in 9 games. san francisco loading the bases away in the first and jock peterson and of hitting this dribbler that get through the infield. luis gonzalez and mike yastrzemski. they come around to score a liv >> as inside 3, 3, but in the bottom of the frame, giants lose. so when ski, his three-run game, a home run game. but this shot. all
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right. beautiful father's day at the coliseum. the a's hosting the royals. bottom of the first seth brown going deep to left for a solo home th nothing a's. yeah. that was a bomb with the a's starter. gerrit conan. well, he ended up pitching 5, 2, thirds innings of shutout ball. he got out of a 2 on jammer to run jam or 2 on jamming or want to call brown making a nice basket catch in foul territory. he ends up ending the inning web gem there. let's go to the 6th inning now. oh, yeah, not very happy about that. sean murphy stairs a. hiwillthe a's actuall solving one of 3 games winning this one for nothing in this series. all right. let's go out to the u.s. open. it's father's day there. yeah, let's celebrate dad. this is the final round in brookline, massachusetts. just outside of
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boston. 18 told matt fitzpatrick up a stroke with a great shot out of the sand trap and it would land. all right. nice boy would end up hitting a 2 putt to the hole. he saves par and remains in the lead and he would eliminate the world. number one, scottie scheffler. so the san francisco native will zalauoris can force a playoff if he makes his birdie putt, just schools to the left of the man, another heartbreaker for zalatoris who lost the pga championship in a playoff last month. fitzpatrick hugging his dad. it's the first major title for the print. >> trading role reversal here got down here just like 30 seconds. i showing i show up late for my sports cast and dan thorn the eye not. i'm not showing moss up. jason foreign tonight. nice. nice, possibly
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did a phenomenal job i did. felt like i yeah, a little and i'm not great. mention. one thing is jordan poole's 23 yeah. probably probably still in vegas yet. pool party out there and parade tomorrow which is yeah, a whole lot of fun and starts at 11 goes main and market market. well, we're going to coverage here on kron. 4 will continue coverage all night tonight. maybe they will switch back places we have to tune in to then.
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