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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 19, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> now at 9, a hate crime in san leandro happening not once but twice in one weekend. thanks for joining us here for this hour of kron. 4 news. >> i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn san leandro. police say they're investigating a hate crime at a home near inverness street and burkhardt avenue. police say there was an anti-asian message spray painted twice this weekend. kron four's amanda hari has the story. >> everything here is cleaned up now, but there was first an anti-asian message written on the realtor's sign which has been removed. then that same message was written on the garage and it has been washed off. >> san leandro police say they responded to this vacant home twice in less than 12 hours for spray painted anti-asian messages. i spoke to a
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neighbor who didn't want to appear on camera for safety reasons. she says she's lived in this neighborhood for 60 years and even rides her bike up and down the streets every day. never seen it like this before. no, not never, because she's out. and about often, she says it was easy for her to recognize suspicious behavior. so a young man taking the for sale sign off the. the stand. the post. and i some take it off and run to his backyard. and i thought, well, that's you know. it was odd that he was running. she says she had this for sale flyer at home and decided to call the realtor peace. told me i guess the previous sign head. someone had painted an x over his face. she says she thought it may have been a hate crime. she called police and initially the officer was unsure if it was a hate crime. and he said, ok, thank you for a statement. i'm gonna call the agent now and talk to him.
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>> and so but that 5 minutes later, the policeman same officer calls me again and says, you know, i want to apologize. it was a hate crime. after talking to the agent, didn't tell me what the agent said that after talking to the agent, it was a hate crime. police say their investigation is in the early stages. no one has been detained yet and they expect more information to come out this week in san leandro. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> and oakland, fire crews working to put out a fire at a weigh station afternoon. this happening at the california waste solutions on wood street. the material burning was primarily cardboard at last check. the fire wasn't a threat to anything nearby. >> a suspected dui driver has been arrested after a crash on the bay bridge left one man dead and injured 4 others. it happened just before 3 o'clock this morning. police say a car carrying 4 people slow down on the road and was rear ended by a pickup truck. a 22 year-old antioch man seated in the back seat of the car was killed. 2
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others were seriously injured. the driver of the car. a 22 year-old san francisco woman was hospitalized and later arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. the driver of the truck was hospitalized with minor injuries. san francisco's new a supervisor is proposing a new plan to address the drug overdose problem in the city supervisor matt dorsey is a recovering addict and alcoholic. he says the city did a great job in responding to the covid-19 public health crisis. >> but has fallen short on addressing drug overdose deaths. he says since the pandemic, the city has lost nearly twice as many people to drug overdoses as we did to covid. he's proposed new legislation to create drug enforcement zones around treatment centers. >> so i would like to have something that we're calling a right to recovery block or right to recovery zone. that would basically asked police that if anybody is doing drugs outside of these kinds of sober living environments or
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clinics that they be subject to confiscation of their trucks time. this is a priority enforcement zone. and if there's drug dealers whoi are out there preying on, you know, drug addicts are trying to get that they would be subject to immediate arrest. >> the policy would not change any penalties for illegal drug use, but does have police taking a stronger role in tackling the problem? >> we want to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast 9, 0, 4 on father's day sunday. it is absolutely beautiful outside. maybe now have a drink with data on the patio really nice out there. yes, it back. download the kron on app and just pull this out exactly what you can take us anywhere. yeah. as you have the app, beautiful. all right. and he hung joining us now with a look at what to expect weather any. if you like the heat, you're going to like this forecast. you might have noticed today was quite a bit warmer for most locations, including san francisco, warming up to 71 degrees today. >> above your average high of
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67 oakland. you also got to around 77 few degrees above your average. high of 72 santa say hitting the mid 80's conquered. also mid 80 santa rosa. you got to 83 degrees this afternoon for your father. say stormtracker 4 showing us high pressure building back in and boy can really feel it come tuesday and into wednesday. we're triple digit heat is going to be expected for our inland locations, even the bay shoreline, seting 80's and 90's on tuesday. so make sure you've got some plans to stay cool in that heat overnight. lows will be in the 50's for most locations with the exception of happen. big getting down to 48 by early tomorrow morning. here's how your forecast is shaping up for your monday. temperatures in the mid 70's for downtown san francisco, low 80's in oakland will see a lot of low 90's for our inland locations, including 91 in livermore, upper 80's in san jose to low 90's. farther south in morgan hill, far north bay friends, 83 in mill valley and low 90's in napa. let's check out our 7 day forecast. temperatures
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really on the rise on tuesday just in time for the first day of summer. triple digit heat expected inland. but check out the bay. we'll see upper 80's to low 90's on tuesday. it's also scorcher for our bay shoreline locations, also the coast. if you want some relief, you don't have access to a pool, then go to the coast, but still warming up into the low 80's. now, those notice on wednesday and thursday, temperatures will still be hot, but they'll kind of gradually decline a little bit wednesday and thursday will back off on the heat. still plenty of sunshine. but with this heat were also weak. going to be watching the increase in fire. danger is also chance for some thunderstorms to pop up in the sierras. by wednesday. it will keep an eye on that as well. but otherwise, yes, the heat is on, especially for tuesday. back to you. >> well, it wasn't just father's day. today is also june teen. the holiday celebrates turning points in the emancipation of enslaved african americans. celebrations rang out all across the bay area this
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weekend over in livermore, bankhead plaza hosted a free event celebrating black culture. as you can see their music drumming dancing storytime events even taking place all throughout the day. san francisco mayor london breed released a statement about juneteenth celebrations saying in part, quote, we owe it to our ancestors to the mothers, fathers, grandmothers and caretakers, who raised us. but most importantly, we owe it to ourselves. >> to continue to support and uplift one another as we work to create a more fair and just city that we can proudly call home and quote, now, june teen is described by the national museum of african american history and culture as our nation's second independence day. kron four's haaziq madyun takes us inside the history of the day and shows us how it's now connected to the ongoing fight for social justice. >> it was sometime around june 19th 18 65 when enslaved black people in galveston, texas received word albeit late that
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president abraham lincoln set the 3, 2, years earlier with the mets. a patient proclamation 156 years later, president joe biden immortalize juneteenth as a national american holiday. >> great nations don't ignore their most painful moments. >> they embrace june 1920. 22 marks the first anniversary of that historic talk about from a historic perspective. why june came to such a significant day for >> people. the black community, we have to be. remember for the suffering that we have heard to our people. take that just a small. small effort to make sure that we don't for you know, here we are years and years later. now we still have racial issues that are affecting us. this is too long to be find the same kind of problems. >> this year, the list of bay
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area cities and counties observing the national juneteenth holiday is growing. the president of the oakland branch of the n a a c p george holland had these thoughts about the city of oakland being notably absent from that list. we have been recognized by the national government. >> that we have a day of imports. so see that we should also. >> recognize this day of importance. she's going have smaller populations. but after there's an oakland and they recognize him in team. >> i think that the entire council felt that it was the right thing to do. even though the neighboring town of the renn does african american population hovers around one percent, according to the most recent u.s. census bureau statistics or us pay explains why this year and is joining the list. the bay area cities observing juneteenth. they have to realize that we live in a larger community of these say that includes cities with much larger african american populations. them letter end up. and we're just part of that larger community. i
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reached out to the oakland city administrator's office requesting the reason why the city is not observing the juneteenth holiday. >> i received this statement that reads in part, quote, holidays are mandatory subject. the bargain in designated in our labor agreements during labor negotiations, the city and its labor groups are discussing the opportunity to add the juneteenth holiday. for now, it is not yet been designated as a paid holiday has it. but you crowd for new. >> straight ahead here, hearings on the january 6 insurrection continue this week on capitol hill. we've got details on what you can expect. one apple store on the east coast is voted to unionize. more on that story ahead. plus, preparations underway for the warriors parade across san francisco tomorrow. we're taking a closer look next.
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>> as the centers for disease control and prevention clears way for covid vaccinations for young children. stanford children's health will be offering those shots this week. kron four's gayle ong has details. >> stanford children's health is offering pfizer vaccines based on availability. patients can begin scheduling an appointment at one of their 25 pediatric clinics across the bay area. >> it's very clear that vaccines can protect children and adults against severe disease, hospitalization and
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death. stanford children's health pediatric infectious diseases, doctor grace lee relieve the last age group can finally get vaccinated. children under the age of 5 have been directly impacted by covid-19 infection and particularly during the omicron wave. >> we've seen over 2 million cases documented over 20,000 hospitalizations and over 200 deaths, advisors get the centers for disease control and prevention are recommending covid-19 shots for children under 5. the food and drug administration authorized the first covid pfizer shot for infants and preschoolers. the fda also approved the moderna vaccine for children aged 6 months to 5 years old. it is going to change the quality of life, not just for the kids, but for the families. kids are going to be able to do a lot more things now. >> and >> not only the kids, but the parents are going to feel a lot more comfortable about and doing things. uc berkeley, infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg as the vaccines will help with crowded settings. if there's an outbreak. >> in schools, for example, disclosures.
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>> everything's going to change day care. situations will be much better and so on. >> and as for side effects from the shot, doctors say one in 5 children get a fever and body aches. children can also expect soreness at the site of injection. but overall, nothing different than what we've seen with adults in the newsroom. gayle ong kron, 4 news. >> well, the january 6 hearings will be continuing on tuesday with the committee hearing from georgia officials, georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger and his deputy are set to that hearing will focus on how former president donald trump and his allies pressured officials in key battleground states in an effort to overturn the 2020 election results. political analyst michael yaki says that he hopes the american people are paying attention to these hearings as there have already been shocking. revelations made so far. >> the most chilling part was the revelation in in form and in the in the proud boys said that they were to take mike
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pence and nancy pelosi that they were going to kill them and that to me shows that threat. that we were facing to american democracy on january 6th, far beyond what people could have done. >> tuesday and wednesday's hearings will begin at 06:00am local time and go on until about 10 o'clock in the morning. >> back here at home, thousands of people expected to show up at the warriors championship parade on monday. and that means getting there is going to take some time. the number one tip avoid driving to the parade because parking is going to be limited. thousands of people are expected to go to the parade on monday and getting there is going to take some time. the number one tip. >> avoid driving there because parking is going to be limited. the stage is set for the golden state warriors sunday morning. preparations were underway for their championship victory parade. >> on absoluteey. wouldn't miss it. and warriors fans
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like mike does are ready to cheer them on going to get there early. get a good got to get a high 5 for maybe staff. the parade will kick off at 11:20am. at market and main street. it will stretch a little more than a mile long and end at market and 8th. >> i don't know. yeah, i'm actually asking my parents say they want to go people like ronald san jose haven't decided whether they're going as a million people are expected to attend. i'm i'm pretty sure he's going to be crazy and it's going to be a lot of people. the streets will be closed for the party and won't reopen until 6 o'clock monday afternoon. so public transportation might be your best spent getting there and leaving. >> some things you should know if you write bart masks are required at all bart stations and trains lines will not stop at montgomery street and plan ahead because bart parking lots could get fool. there will be extra staff and officers at the stations to ensure everyone gets to the
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parade safely. and on time and clipper is waiving the $3 new card fee for riders who added on their phone through apple or google pay. expect their busiest times to be at 09:00am. until about 11:00am. and then from one to 03:00pm. muni is rerouting some of its line starting at 03:00pm sunday. the only drop off passengers at marked muni stops. ac transit is running their san francisco bound transbay bus lines on monday as scheduled. however, they could be slow down coming in and out of the sales force transit center. but no matter how you get there, warriors fans will be flocking to san francisco to cheer on the 2022 nba champs. you know, we make it this year. so we're all excited for the separate. >> best fans in the world, no matter what charles barkley says, you know. >> in san francisco, camila barco kron. 4 news.
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>> time now to take a live look from our downtown san francisco sutro camera. i'm absolutely beautiful night. i guess the sun has set on us officially now. yes, super bright lights. as you can see there. it looks like the city hall here in san francisco lit up in june. teen callers. yes, juneteenth. and then i think it looks like sales force is still going a little blue and yellow for. >> for the warriors. so we've got a mix of everything. happy father's day to everyone out there. we do want to get you a check of your forecast, though, because as we inch closer to summer. >> it's going to hot tne. good evening, everyone. yes, everyone's excited for the warriors parade tomorrow. what are we expecting? temperature wise? well, it's going to be pretty mild >> the parade starts at 11, 20 and we'll have sunny skies. low 70's already expected around that times. yes, bring out the hats and the sunscreen and the sunglasses. a little breezy with a westerly wind at around 10 to 15 miles. i would say very ideal conditions for a parade, especially for downtown san francisco storm
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tracker. 4 still quiet. we're not seeing any showers or storms for tomorrow. now, the difference, though, might be tuesday and wednesday. we are tracking some tropical moisture off the baja coast that could bring in and fire up some storms. the sierra nevada, which does mean increased fire danger as respecting increase heat and also low humidities. but temperatures for monday looking like this. 74 in golden gate park to mid 70's for san francisco and the mission district. we'll see some low 70's in half moon bay warming nicely. there. low 80's in burlingame and the peninsula looking at 84 in san carlos to upper 80's in mountain view with lots of sunshine. we'll see some more 90's for our south bay locations, including 90 in campbell. temperatures warming up into the upper 70's and 80's in fremont to low 90's in pleasanton and livermore. so still heating up for the alameda county fairgrounds. 92 is your high. while the creek to 84 and are end up plenty of sunshine for you. low 90's in napa, some heating up 5 north bay friends. 83 in san anselmo to 83. also in mill valley.
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let's check out our next 7 days. so summer starts on tuesday. and this is where we're going to see temperatures really peak, probably around triple digits on tuesday for our and then locations. you'll notice temperatures start to gradually back off on wednesday and thursday. one also point out the bay shoreline on tuesday pushing upper 80's to low 90's. so much of the bay area, whether you're inland, the bay or the coast of the feeling that heat on tuesday. but temperatures will start to cool off gradually, especially by the end of the week and into the weekend. back to you. >> well, today was the last day of this year's north beach festival will show you the sights and sounds from san francisco. ourse,
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to the pandemic. yeah, this weekend actually marks the 66th time the festival would happen. kron four's taylor has more. >> tens of thousands of people packed into san francisco's north beach neighborhood over the weekend to celebrate the 66th annual north peach festival. in addition to live music at 3 different stages performances and delicious food. dozens of 6 blocks offering everythingarrio
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blanca. espinosa traveled from modesto for the festival this weekend. meanwhile, bridget padilla is a business owner here in san francisco. i assume that cream in the studio and i just starting out. >> i love here every year. we always have great community just so close, and it's just a great environment. but diaz says the festival brought in big sales for store brands in clover's. >> in addition to many other local stores, it's been i'm very happy. i chose a school to then that. and so i really have the festival was put on by the north beach business association, which claims this is the very first outdoor street festival in the country. many visitors are glad to see the festival's return after 2 years of cancellations, happiness. the
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north beach business association says all proceeds from the festival go to local community organizations that provide free meals after school activities and job training, temporary housing and more in north beach. taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> coming up, check your medicine cabinets. there's a recall on certain kinds of pain relievers. we've got the details for you coming up. >> and as the war in ukraine continues to drag on a new warning that an end to the conflict may be further away than previously hoped.
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>> as we mentioned earlier, the u.s. house committee is the investigating the january 6th attack in the capital and they will be holding 2 public hearings this week. >> gaynor hall takes a closer look at what we can expect. >> it is essential at this moment that we get a grip on this and figure out how to defend our democracy. while the house select committee investigating the january 6th insurrection continues to lay out its case to the public. >> this morning, illinois congressman adam kinzinger, one of 2 republicans on the committee was asked whether former president trump should be prosecuted. i certainly think the president is guilty of knowing what he did. seditious conspiracy being involved in these. >> you know, kind of different segments of eressuring doj,
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vice president, etcetera. obviously, you know, we're not a criminal charges committee. so i want to be careful and specifically using that language. but i think what we're presenting before the american people certainly would rise to a level of criminal involvement by a president and definitely failure of the oath. thursday's hearing honed in on how trump tried to pressure former vice president mike pence. >> and in rn appearance on friday, trump defended himself and continued to criticize pence for refusing to block the certification of the 2020 election results. i say it's sad because i like them. >> but mike did not have the courage. to act. he's essentially saying, yeah, i do it again. >> the committee will hold 2 hearings this week on tuesday and thursday. the first one will focus on the pressure campaign on state election officials and efforts to submit fake electoral college certifications from battleground states will show
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evidence of the president's involvement in the scheme. >> well, so show about what his own lawyers came to think about this game. and we'll show courageous state officials who stood up and said they wouldn't go along with this plan to either call in to slater's back in the session or decertify the results for joe biden. georgia's secretary of state brad raffensperger and his deputy gabe sterling are expected to testify. >> that was gaynor hall reporting for us tonight. meanwhile, we are continuing to learn new details about the horrific mass shooting at robb elementary school in uvalde, texas. it happened almost a month ago already. and once again, the story police initially told about what happened is changing. a gunman killed 19 children and 2 teachers at that school. >> a source now says surveillance video shows police never tried to open the door to a classroom where the gunman killed those. 21 people also uvalde city officials are
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now using a legal loophole to prevent the release of police records related to the shooting. it's called the dead suspect loophole. it enables officials to deny the release of information because the suspect died in police custody. >> now to the latest on the war in ukraine. it's been almost 4 months of war in the country. and today the leader of nato warned it could last for years. nato secretary general jens stoltenberg's comments come as the war continues to impact gas and food prices stoltenberg urge allies not to weaken their support for ukraine, even if the costs are high. meanwhile, the war is taking a toll on the troops. there are reports of russian and ukrainian soldiers deserving russian units have allegedly complained about poor conditions on the front line. some have even refused orders. >> the head of nato also saying now with proper military aid, ukraine can
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begin to take back territory in the east that it's been losing to russia in the meantime, ukraine's president zelensky left the capital of kiev for the black sea coast to tour the embattled city of mykolaiv as well desa. he gave out medals, visited hospitals and towards scenes of destruction all the while trying to boost morale. >> we will not give away the south to anyone to turn everything that's always and the sea would rainy and unsafe. >> family members of 3 former u.s. service members are speaking out now about the possibility there. family members have been captured by russia. so far the state department is not giving any official confirmation on the status of those 3 americans, but they are repeating a warning issued by president biden that americans should not travel to ukraine. >> well, closer to home, soaring inflation is also impacting infrastructure projects across the country. it's taking a big bite out of
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the 1 trillion dollar infrastructure law signed by president biden last november. those dollars will no longer go as far as the cost of materials go as far as the cost of materials continues to spike inflation has resulted in the price projects rising and in some cases, nearly doubling many state. local officials say that has forced to scale back on some projects or postpone them for several years. another frustrating day for airline travelers on this holiday weekend. more than 1000 u.s. flights were canceled just today. that's according to flight aware that say flight tracking website more than 15,000 domestic flights were canceled or delayed on friday and saturday airlines are expecting our rather experiencing a shortage of pilots and other staff, rough weather and infrastructure challenges. >> we want to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast tonight. taking a live look there at sfo. >> where and how to problem
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might lays some issues in the sky. but i don't know why that, you know, it seems like the weather was pretty good yeah, we're not dealing with any weather issues out here. we are going to be dealing with some hot temps, though. kron 4 meteorologist any hong joins us with more. >> good evening. hopefully you got to enjoy some of the warmer weather with dad today on this father's day. check out our highs for today. much warmer, including san francisco, low 70's open. 77, the average high for you this time of year. 72 degrees. san jose got to 85 degrees and santa rosa getting up to 83 degrees. the winds will be dying down overnight and into early tomorrow morning. and we're not seeing as much of a sea breeze which is going allow temperatures to really climb up, especially on monday, tuesday and into wednesday. we'll still see some breezy conditions tomorrow morning. but those winds will not be a strong, especially by the afternoon compared to the last several days overnight. lows look like this. we'll see mostly 50's and 60's including 60 in concord, low 50's in
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livermore. 59 in san jose early tomorrow morning. upper 40's in half moon bay of the cool spot. and we're looking at 53 for santa rosa. let's check out our highs for your monday. so temperatures warming up into the mid 70's in downtown san francisco. i say for the warriors parade, maybe even kind of on the warm side, low 80's in oakland, father, and we will see a lot of 90's, including 93 in antioch, 91 in livermore. so be a kind of a hot one drought for the alameda county fair in pleasanton upper 80's in san jose to low 90's in morgan hill with lots of sunshine expected. nice and mild for the coast. low 70's in half moon bay and our north bay low 90's, an app up and wine country to 87 in nevado. let's check out our next 7 days. so temperatures really is continue to climb not just tomorrow but into tuesday. our hottest day, 100 degrees still feel that summer sizzle, especially inland, even the bay shoreline. we're talking temperatures in the upper 80's to low 90's. even the coast
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low 80's. i know that's where people had to go to cool off, but going to be feeling hot at the coast as well. relatively speaking. temperatures still hot on wednesday will back off a little bit on. the temperatures will see a little bit of cooling and some relief from that heat by the end of the week and into the weekend. back to you. well, the internet is a wide open digital landscape. and for parents that can be pretty frightening. >> when it comes to your kids and their devices. but there is a way you can regulate where your kids can go online without them even knowing brian loftus has more on how website white listing works. >> know. >> parents see if you feel like you have little to no control over the content on your child's device. this is for you. one thing that you can do and this might not make, you know, your child's favorite, but i do with my kids. you can actually lock down for missions, websites on their their phone. it's called website white listing a cybersecurity tactic to manage devices. you can actuay create a child. i cloud
9:38 pm
account. it's kind of a sub count of your own and then you can set parental permission zahn that countless online tutorials will walk you through the process of white listing websites. the end result. is you. the parent have compiled a list of preapproved web sites. your child can access. it might sound mean but fight for my teenage children on their cell phones. their only allowed to go to about 20 different websites that i put on the you decide be it. wikipedia, educational websites, school content, some social media news sites. it's all your call. if they want to go to website where they're actually ordering a purchasing things outside of amazon actually have to have our permission to be able to add whitelist that website. >> the risk is unfettered internet access leading to your kid being exposed to inappropriate or violent content online bullying or ordering something dangerous as seen with the recent overdoses of kids who purchase fentanyl on lines. a lot of our dealers are using. >> these web platforms and
9:39 pm
social media platforms to get on. and so the drugs that you can wait list, the websites they like, and that will really prevent them from getting on the web sites where they could be ordering things that, you know, could end up being a life white listed websites can be added or deleted as you and your child see what is necessary. important educational and safely enjoyable. >> apple store employees in maryland have voted to unionize. it's a first for the cupertino based tech giant employees in a baltimore suburb voted to unit unionize. nearly a 2 to one margin. once that vote is certified, apple and the union can negotiate a contract. however, it may not be that simple. employers have several ways they can reject a unionization bid in recent months. there have been isolated incidents of workers at starbucks, amazon, apple and r e i who voted to unionize. so far apple has not commented on this action. >> parts of yellowstone national park could reopen as soon as next week following
9:40 pm
devastating flooding. the unprecedented flood closed the entire park and forced the evacuation of 10,000 visitors, roads, bridges, some homes even were also that high water. the record flooding was fueled by heavy rain and rapid snowmelt. according to yellowstone officials. those floods cost upwards of a billion dollars in damage. some nearby towns are left with major cleanup ahead of the normally very busy summer travel season. we have some good news to share on this father's day. a new study shows fathers are more engaged with their kids. now. >> the never before a team of sociologists at byu and ball state say this generation is more likely than the last to show up at ball games. and piano recitals. they say today's dads spend more time and provide more love and care than ever before. many dad saying they see themselves playing an equally important role in helping their kids as mother stu. the study also
9:41 pm
suggests men are redefining masculine norms and are more emotionally available to their children as well. happy father's day to all. absolutely. well, still ahead, the one simple change you can make in your diet that may reduce your risk of cancer. >> and coming up in sports, the giants go for the series sweep against the pirates in pittsburgh. we've got sports director jason dumas swat. the highlights next. (music throughout)
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> all right. there's a lot of talk about this parade tomorrow. rightfully so. let's get into the details. it starts on market in main street right up there ends all market in 8th. >> around 02:00pm. so starts at 11 ends around too. the whole route is just a little more than a mile long market street is already closed. so keep that in mind for your morning commute. the city is encouraging you to use public transportation. you will not want to drive. it will be a pain. get there yet. you see me there don't be a stranger. let's have some fun dubnation. you deserve it. and guess what? if you can't make the parade or just want to take it in from the comfort of your own home. we will continue to bring you the most extensive warriors coverage of all the local news stations here in the bay. we've got you covered on kron 4. we'll have extended wall to wall coverage of the parade beginning at 10:00am.
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on monday. our live coverage will begin at 06:00am from the parade route with live reports will tran kylen mills serious tense in myself and many more. we've got you covered out there and that parade show special, which i said starts at 10. kate rooney will be anchoring the coverage from right here in the studio. they'll have to couch out. you won't want to miss it. all right. the giants, they got 10 games above 500 for the first time this season on saturday sunday, they were going for the three-game sweep of the pirates in the steel city wanted and thorns favorite stadiums, a dog day afternoon. look at the little season. cute pup. all righty. san francisco loaded the bases right away in the first and jock peterson scored. he brought a couple luis gonzalez and mike yastrzemski are the beneficiaries of that dribble or in the infield 2, nothing top of the 9th do 3 to 2.
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>> tyro estrada drives one deep to left field. that's a solo home run were tied up in pittsburgh. but in the bottom of the frame, jaxa winskiwarren against tyler rogers. giants lose. 43. get this. the whiskey first rookie to cap a 3 game three-homer game. i'm sorry with a game ending. walk-off home run. that's something to brag to the kids about. all right. a beautiful father's day at the oakland alameda coliseum. the a's hosting the royals. bottom of the first seth brown. even one of the bright spots for the a's this year. that's a solo shot. his 9th home run of the season. just like that. it's one nothing a's. a starter. jared he pitched 5, 2, thirds innings of shutout he got out
9:47 pm
of a two-on jam here in the 4th with brown making a nice over the shoulder basket catch in foul territory. let's go to the 6 sean murphy put this one away with one swing of the bat. that's a three-run blast into the stairs. his 8th home run of the season. a's win 4 to nothing. they salvage one of 3 games in that series. good for them. alright, father's day. at the u.s. open final round in brookline, mass. let's go right to 18th hole. matt fitzpatrick up a stroke. what a shot out of this and trapped he would to put the whole to save par and remain in the lead. in the process. eliminate world number one, scottie scheffler. it's up to the san francisco native will zalatoris. he's been so good in his young career, kenny force, a playoff. look at this. you think you think it? at his golf, a centimeters, another
9:48 pm
heartbreaker for zalatoris. he lost the pga championship just last month in a playoff. he will get his major soon enough. he still young fitzpatrick, though, hats off of his pops. that's his first major title. all righty. that is your look at sports. back to you guys. jason, thank you. we want to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast tonight. taking a live look out at coit tower. >> it is still lighting up blue and yellow. do. transition for the warriors getting prepared for tomorrow's big excited for it and he joining us now with a look at what to expect. weather wise. >> the warming trend is on and we're really going to feeling over the next couple of days. so get ready for some scorching temperatures, especially if you're inland. stormtracker 4 showing us high pressure building back into the region. that means warmer conditions. plenty of sunshine and even an increase in fire danger because we may see some showers and some storms being
9:49 pm
a kind of produce in the tahoe area over the next couple of days as tropical moisture is kind of drawn in from the south. we'll keep an eye on that over tuesday and wednesday. high temperatures for your monday. boy, look at these numbers. lot of 70's for our san francisco locations, including 74 in the sunset to 75 in the marina. and also in downtown san francisco. low 70's expected for half moon bay. temperatures really warming nicely into the burlingame area. low 80's are expected mid and upper 80's for the peninsula will see also upper 80's and some low 90's, far south bay friends with plenty of sunshine, including 90 in cupertino, 79 for union city, upper 80's in dublin. our randi. we'll see a high of 84. we'll see low 90's in walnut creek. 2, 83 in danville, 90's, all suspected for napa to low 90's in benicia for our north bay friends. here's how things look when talking 90's in santa rosa to 83 in san anselmo, upper 60's instance and beat the big day for the warriors parade is tomorrow.
9:50 pm
the start time is at 11, 20. what to expect by them. plenty of sunshine already. low 70's expected by that hour. of course, lot of folks heading out earlier so maybe grab a jacket or or light sweater. if you're heading out early in the morning find that perfect spot for the parade, otherwise expect plenty of sunshine, a little breezy with westerly winds, 10 to 15 miles an hour. you will want this unrest, sunglasses and the sun spann. good hat for tomorrow for that, right? ok? let's check in at 10 day forecast. boy, you're going to feel the heat tuesday and wednesday. increasing fire danger as well with some thunderstorms possible in the mountains. temperatures will start to, you know, back off on the heat by friday and into the weekend with a gradual cool down into. also early next week. back to you. well, 2 big retailers are recalling pain relievers because the packaging is not child resistant. >> check your medicine cabinets here. kroger is recalling more than 200,000 bottles of drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen. meanwhile,
9:51 pm
walgreens is recalling over 130,000 bottles of the same medicine. the poison prevention act requires over the counter drugs to be child-resistant. consumers should contact walgreens and kroger for refund information. >> scientists from university and france say women eating mostly plants and having a plant based diet have a lower risk of developing cancer. the team studied more than 65,000 women for 21 years. and they found those women who followed a diet with a notable amount of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts had a 14% lower risk developing cancer. >> all right. coming up here, we're going to take a look at some of the most photographed places in america. here's a hint. a lot of them right here in the bay area. but the number one spot might actually surprise. we've got the details next.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> well, yelp is come out with a list of the most photographed places in the country, broken down by state and the bay area is well represented. now about park, which is in san diego, actually took the top spot yelp, says it actually comes in first place nationally as well. but number 2 goes to alcatraz in san francisco right here. number 3 is hearst castle in san simeon. and that's followed by the iconic golden gate bridge. the anaheim packing district and the palace of fine arts in san
9:55 pm
francisco very well represent our state is home to a whopping 17 of the top 50 most photographed places across america. >> and canada compile. i think we were both surprised and golden gate you figure? yeah, i'm guessing that some of our national parks here in beaches and all that good stuff, but also also be on the left. yeah, yeah. but i would think golden gate bridge just because it's so perfect rescue now. >> man in australia has broken the world record for most push ups. and in our australian athlete, daniel scally. did 3,182 push-ups in an hour. that's not something i would ever try and break. the guinness world says he surpassed the previous title holder by 100 push-ups added another world record to his portfolio. he also holds the title for the longest time in the abdominal abdominal.
9:56 pm
abdominal plank position. number one, everyone was playing king all along. but they like cars and building. yeah. it wasn't your normal, like, hey, let's check out my abstract. it was more like what's the most ridiculous thing? i could lay anchor desk like people were yelling at him on news stations and stuff. but >> yeah, he can go ahead and hold that that yeah. long as he'd >> alright, dinosaurs, bring in big bucks. just drastic parc des mannion are drastic. world dominion continues to dominate at the box office. the final movie in the jurassic world sci-fi trilogy took in nearly 59 million bucks from north american theaters over this weekend. it was expected to be toppled from its number one spot at the box office by light year, which is the newest toy story spinoff of light year had been predicted to take in 70 million bucks when it premiered this weekend. but instead, those ticket sales were just over 50 million.
9:57 pm
there's a lot of controversy around that movie, too, for multiple reasons. so i'm not surprised. yeah, i really like the it wasn't. tim allen voicing the character people like a big deal. and yeah, want speaking of movies, though, a sealed vhs copy of back to the future has become what is likely the most expensive cassette. >> expensive video cassette tape ever sold it previously belonged to actor tom wilson who played beth in the back to the future trilogies. >> this a vhs fetch $75,000 and a vhs on the auction last week. the sale featured more than 200st edition copies of beloved films from the 70's and 80's, which also included a copy of the goonies as well as jaws. those sold for 50,032 $1000 respectively. each item was factory sealed in the original packaging. most buyers seem to be interested in first editions, the auction house says that doesn't mean less pedigree. versions of the hs tapes, but the end of
9:58 pm
interest and the coming years, i have so many vhs tapes. so i'm wondering how many of them are still like neatly in their package? yeah, i do. again. that's the thing i don't i don't know if we had any, but like venues to be able to just like. >> you wouldn't burn that. what would you call it like we would like, brooke. >> where you you could record something. dhs tapes and you can have like that was the way like where you can say i movie all the time, you know, and there, you know, you just remember that the what if something like more concern that you don't have any vhs tapes will talk about that during the break. we've
9:59 pm
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