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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  June 20, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> you know, come back to kron. 4 special coverage of the warriors, nba title parade. they are rolling down market street be and there are hundreds of thousands of people watching this parade in person and you get the best. see the house watching here on kron 4 heat don't have to know right air condition. and see we've been joined watching from upstairs for the last a couple hours. obviously you guys been doing a great job. all michael up to date on going on here with them because we were talking during the commercial break there with everybody. your unique connection. we said what's with the i actually went to high school with klay thompson. we went to santa margarita catholic high school down in southern california. and he was your younger than me. this was probably even more quiet that because he
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knows better than, you just quiet. he's a quiet guy. very nice. super super was games. why was the song leader cheerleader? so yeah, i you know out there we're always, you know, cheering for him and his brother mikey, who i think actually kind of works with the warriors now, so he was you're older than means. but so but yeah, coach now his brothers, they add that staff and his brother-in-law. yeah. all the family with one of the buses. so yeah, all of their families are on there with them got their big face plastered on the bus and they keep rolling by and we get to see them. the fans get to see them in look up, which is a great way because, you know, this crowd 50 de price point. you kno , they haven't really hopped off to say hello to and what just yet, right? okay. got another hour and a half to go here. so don't want to do i'm glad they're taking opportunities to stop for a moment. otherwise because
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really short and what mayor breed, she's, you know, waiving have really their ha. yeah, we ya. it's packed. it's hot, but it is so exciting out there on the floor we've got we've been to all of our live reporters and >> everybody who's there and they are how far back in the crowd there. so thrilled the energy has not stopped. since i started watching this morning, even you know, early early when you've guys have been on, it much an famous company people out there who showed up 05:00am today knew they were going for the long writer g ready to go. here's our angler. somebody stopped. that is all. >> well, i'm looking at with it leaves all the way he's right it wasn't this to me is sure really became a fan favorite this year. everything he went through with breaking that elbow. yeah. back in time to finally, people just for
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these kids are seen times, get so much air with those amazing dunks that just energize the crowd bright on occasion. was now you see when you see him, he's right in the front row, shaking hands with people as he was biking what the fans wanted. they wanted this opportunity. that's why they got there at 05:00am that's solute a spot where all the way. it's incredible. and we're hoping this is not just the first player that there are many more after this to get i'm sure they feed off of it. i mean, we're talk about play a little bit earlier. he talks a lot about just how much he loves the fan base here and how it really has made him feel. >> home being here, you know, over the last. >> what is it? decade? 11 years. he said love it and he was honest about the fact that there were some bad dark days. you know, when you're spending 2 years in rehab, not no, not walk a shooter, do anything right. and your senior team go without you feel like they need you and you can't do anything. it's been hard for him and then for him to return and such a great way like this. i mean. that like invest drivable all right. yeah. san
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jose outgoing mayor sam liccardo just passing through. so this really entire bay and so let me show the oakland and that's one thing about the warriors. no matter what side of the bay there on right, the entire bay area takes ownership and tears along with fact everybody seems to identify with the war while they're still in the bay area. james didn't go to i here we've always had 2 football teams will maybe not always. but now we're down to 1, 2, baseball teams hopefully won't be down to one. but there's always just been one nba one team that has spanned every bridge and every freeway in every pocket of the mayor. and what part of the bay are from, right? everybody is a warrior fan. well, i feel like it is very unique for up here. as in terms of california, just because being from southern california, you know, you have the lakers and the clippers, right? so you have that light above. yeah, of fans. but >> what for everyone to be able to just focus on this one team and give them all the
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love that they're getting today. it's can't somebody else's i'm following >> 0 where rally held up and with media theaters are going to see whole lot didn't see in the not the was that's got say that's how you work. the crowd. all those people they showed up at 5.30, or earlier worth it to shirt front of the road, but be prepared to be that the long as you get the last one to leave we sadly they're saying the rest of the day here. >> he's pointing at them and there the >> well, like the who was it that that was a dream. and he was talking earlier and he said, you know, you, you live these moments of your first,
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you know, championship through the it's their first one whatnot. so that energy is really there for a lot of steam. but we haven't steps bus since the very beginning. but i did see him lighting up go back live to the parade ground once again. our sports director. >> jason dumas standing by. there's a there's a bit of a delay between when we finished austin him when he hears but take it away. jason. and so we're out here on market street. and guess what? we draymond green. we're going to walk towards him right now. drummond. he's holding trophy as we speak. he's backed his back is to us great mind. it. >> he's he's the polls up this organization. we know steph curry is the face of the organization. draymond green. he's the polls and a
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heartbeat. his organization here comes by. right now. >> look at time on and one an incident. visitors god, we got >> a brownie we've got right there. we got dream on. we've got a lot of people up here. so, you know, it. it's one stop in list. let's keep walking here. we mayor mayor london breed. >> i think we're do we have jason back is jason. all right. looks like we're dealing with some cell phone coverage and it's i james have been here since the beginning of the morning a 4, 5 o'clock this morning. we're letting
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them go here, but we're going to keep on rolling just as the parade keeps rolling down market street this afternoon. absolutely beautiful day. all those balloons we were trying to get jason. he was trying to. draymond there. hopefully we can get his connection back. but like we've been talking about the amount of people that are out there this afternoon is its electric. you can. >> these people are just so fired up to be here, potentially maybe get a selfie with shake hands with your favorite right thank you. to everyone kept saying, you know, every the person will sarah, everyone who is talking to. they were like we want to see, steph, want to see, steph, but then, you know, we have those who are like what party they want to the amount of people who are there to see jordan poole. he really pulled it out for these warriors this year. we're talking about a guy people are starting to call him people on the cusp calling him a draft. but >> and now here he is. people
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are looking to the future of franchise. oh, yeah. didn't make it to the finals of the nba's most improved player award that spreads a lot of people. they thought he should have been nearly a very important part of this championship team in some of the fans really love and are excited the part of i mean, without him, i do not. they would not be here at this point. i don't know if it's hard hold out. some really clutch entire playoff series. and then, of course, there for the finals. i'm not sure his bus. that is a cat. as the bus is slowly make their way down. the so it's it's a very short routes that they're going down today. >> and they say it's going to go on until about 2 o'clock this afternoon. so like we saw there in inching all the way. but how great is that? the fact that it's such a short route gives everyone real
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chance to potentially interact with their players because they don't have to hurry. they run this route that they wanted to get back rush to get back on their bottles. cool off a little bit a lot of fun. i love that. he's got a water gun out there. you great. would it be to be someone who was in the direct stream of gpt? so refreshing and fun. they're still going up back there. you see it on and that he just going off the amount of confetti that i've noticed on the on the ground here. >> 2 days. pretty impressive. you know, with when it comes to players like dream on. and we were hoping to hear from him with with jason a little bit earlier, the energy that they bring to the crowd is just kind of indescribable little bit because you never
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know what he's going to say, what he's going to do. so the the way people react when he's coming shores going to be. a sight to earlier today, james use the phrase colorful. yeah. talking to the crowd and that's a great way to describe it. >> he's such a polarizing figure throughout the country. among these bay area where can will let the end i think our camera got a little of the little bit of that come here. hopefully we'll on. hopefully we'll see some of other players. but for now, we're going to great.
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>> welcome back. warriors. 2022 championship parade. it is rolling down market street right now. we are bringing it to you live this afternoon. myself novello kate rooney here. >> we are are just as excited as ever. think. but the energy that they're all feeding off of is a is pretty i mean, you can hear the sounds of these fans. some of have been out there since as early as they were telling our reporters and this is the moment that they have all been waiting for. it's kind of a party atmosphere all morning because you're surrounded by all these other warriors fans. once you actually see the warriors team members and the players and their families come through on these buses. just. surreal moments. it is. and, you i think you said earlier, it's
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like, you know, one of those once-in-a-lifetime things. but for fans of this team, the last what 8 years they won before. so, for time like commonplace almost too. but >> still, you can't helping realize how special it is, even though they have done it before. and course, this is the first warriors parade in san francisco. yes, it is. and we've got robbed as we've got team coverage this afternoon. rob nesbitt out there on market street with some of those fans. rob, can you hear us? >> i can hear you. luckily got to me early enough where i can hear you because if you look, we are about just a couple minutes away from people coming down. so like you can see like they're starting to spread the confetti fans. they got like a basketball hoop that they're suiting moves going. i start the parade. get the crowd into it and i'm seeing obviously too far away to see the actual players or not. but just, you know, people with organization have like certain things that they're shooting off into the crowd, which is pretty exciting. and as i'm talking with fans all day, guys, it is
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like so cool to hear where everyone is from. like i had a fan from seattle who drove all the way down for this parade. i had a woman who lives in san francisco. she works in texas up san antonio for this parade. they're coming from literally all over and they're sitting all over like, i don't know if you can see it. but we've got like most people. sitting on the court or bodies. that are set up for people to use the bathroom. so like when you want to talk about every see him take in in this place. these fans. all right here and they're taking up every seat possible and they're getting it if behind it telling channel 4 as well as golden state warriors. >> what they're thinking about, everybody wants to be on tv. so here's their 5 minutes of fame like i'll get obviously. >> and cited guys, they got
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the signs. we've got cold blooded. it was so fun to be in the really dab in the middle and at the intersection of 4th and market street. so it's really like the halfway point of the >> i know that jason kept saying he was in the belly of the beast. i think your in the belly of the beast there right in the middle because that is where, you know, most folks are packed and you you said somebody came in from seattle. where else have you? where else have people coming from? >> so, yeah, was the one that really stuck out for me was basically saying light. they're going to have a team anymore. wanted to golden state warriors and their own team. that is the second game. and the texas san antonio. note more familiar that. i mean, defense right? yeah, i
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neo versus seattle. i think that's a pretty for other than my favorite >> been out. she called outset. she called out the people are go. people want to get them on camera so their bosses can see. >> i actually think they want to come to the playing my best. but stand definitely an excused a we have that have called out sick to be out there. if you catch any of them out there, rob, let us know. >> i didn't call like the best assignment of the year for just be the warriors. when i posted a couple pictures on instagram and twitter, though, guys, people were unhappy with because i'm from new england, my sister station in providence, rhode island, obviously covers the celtics pretty heavily. and so as i post ago warriors, they're giving me a bit of a hard time. i'd has been a celtics fan before larry bird. so. at
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the end of the day, i got to adopt the golden state warriors because i live here now, right? so has embraced you, got to talk to a lot of fans out there, right? that's right. i legal that. >> up there. we've maybe a little bit of yeah, it looks like some already streaming over to the side here. >> rob, down on 4 th-and market. so that is just about halfway through this parade route and avoid those fans waiting anxiously he's buses to come. they have to wait a little bit longer. that. reports the tech so far, right. but you know, but it's all worth it. once the once the players reach that. >> you know, they will feel like they came out for a reason. confetti. we do have highland mills. i know 2, she
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was a was a shift. the right at the beginning of the parade on market and from highland, i believe you're standing by. their can hear us. what's going on in your little corner. >> hey, you guys. i can hear you loud and clear right now. head coach steve bruce frazier with steve kerr assistant coach mike brown. and basically the entire coaching staff on the bus. it is right in front of us in our direct line of vision. first of all, steve kerr is wearing a shirt that says knight knight on it. but i have to point that out because that is a catch phrase coined by steph curry during the season actually against the dallas mavericks, i believe was the first time he did that little night. a celebration after hitting a big bucket and see per as a black shirt on this is night night on it. also a couple minutes ago, several fans started egging him on cheering, encouraging him. 2 shot straight from a bottle of champagne and current blige them did take a childs straight out of the bottle and did so for several minutes. i was impressed not going to
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lie. so even the coaching staff getting in on the fun, you can see her right now. he's a company us and he's kind of waving it at some of the other people driving by her part of the parade of but the entire coaching staff having a lot of fun. another know something that really cracked me up as the worst coaching staff approached the front of this parade route. fans started chanting defense defense and in response source, coaching staff are up to done to cheers. they were laughing because stores coaches have harped on defense all season. they've wanted that to be this team's identity. the last several seasons when they're not getting buckets, they want to have lockdown defense to keep them in games. big proponent of being sound defensively. so of course, the crowd started chanting defense as the coaching staff approach the start of the parade and they were all cracking up. they were cheering in response and it was like a loud, loud defense. and it went on for several i thought that was so hilarious. otherwise the coaches are just having a lot of fun out here right now.
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like i said, drinks are flowing. they're all just hanging out, getting ready to hit the parade route because they're still just kind of in the waiting area before they cross that threshold over drum street where they really will hit the main portion of the crowds. fans are all glued to the buses right now waiting to see. who is up next. and we'll be making their way to the streets. the coaching staff, though, i got to tell you, guys, getting in on the fun. it they 100% earned the right some champagne. it. here they come. you guys. after tpe warriors coaches get moving the bus with the mvp warriors star steph curry's approaching the start of the parade. he is the player that all of these fans are dying to get a glimpse of it. the star of this team. well loved by dup nation. as he has been for the last decade. he has his mvp trophy. with them on the front of his bus. and damion lee,
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who is his brother-in-law riding in the same bus that is just behind it. the coaching staff they're getting ready to make their way onto the parade route. curry, highly anticipated by the fans as soon as his bus came into eyesight. i just heard a bunch of cheers. i'm like this is got to be curry. it is curry. he's at the very front of his bus doing a little dance move right now. he also has his kids with him. his wife, i should hurry on one side, mvp chance are breaking out. you guys. hit. that crowd is going to wild. steph curry's best schools around the corner. thank you so much. i love this. we're looking at actually gary payton, the second right, getting in on the crowd action. he is loving it. he hopped bus a while ago. still down there with all the fans that looks like you've got be down for some of clips, which it looks like he may be going live on instagram or something or maybe just taking a bunch of selfies with the fans there. like you said. >> they're going to wild first
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step. but even with gp, they've been going wild for the last like 20 minutes. so, it's really been a fan favorites this year. yeah. >> course. the son the legendary feet and that he's kind of fell down around from team to team. i think the warriors 6. >> 18 finally found a home with this organization where he was really able to contribute and make a difference. so >> who hasn't always know what direction his career with head. now he's got a ring. now. he's surrounded fans who know his name and he's just the greatest thing that like you said he's found a home here and that's one great thing about nation, right? they really, really well embrace the players here. we talk a little bit earlier about how klay thompson always says that the fans are you know, just what makes playing for this team. so worthwhile right? yeah, absolutely. and you can see it. i mean, it's got to be such a great feeling come out as a player, the on these buses on these trolleys and here the fans to scream
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your name screaming for this accomplishment that you put so much work into. not us to curry said in that pre parade rally not just over this past season, but over years. it's really this moment is the culmination of years of for these players and these jason, tell us do that. >> not just ready or able hear us dj set down there. right in the thick of things on market. jason. >> what's up, guys? we just saw. i can hear you guys. we have a bus coming down right now. james james wiseman and company. they were all walking out here giving autographs fans. it's a fun game. gave white money just walked back onto the bus. we're going to capture bust coming by us now. james weidman is on this. i
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got to tell you all, gary payton, he is feeling good. he told me that, right? i hear here's the bus the p two's mom up there it's a celebration. weight is emily. this is the family bust. then he beat waving at the haha. this is a fun day. when legendary pain, could be too sure at least he's really good at. this man. gary payton right feeling great. >> i got. i got repay. and let's let's let's go to this car right here. want to see who these people are. >> it is congresswoman. you
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have a fun tonight. it. here to celebrate. it's been one, you know, trying couple of years for everybody pandemic to how cool is it to forget about that for a second and just get together and enjoy a day like so much. >> have a moment of joy and celebration. we need to embrace it. and that's what everyone thank you, congressman. it take care and asked congresswoman barbara lee right there. i love it. congresswoman barbara lee. so, yeah, you know, we have a fun out here and i'm just going to let you all tell me when you want me to shut up. >> never, jason, i think he's. well. i think it his
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connection so that that the technical difficulties and tell it's time to go over. get shot there of steph curry's bus, like highland said making its way down market street. now just getting to entrance. >> of the parade, folks are going to go wild. stick with us right here on kron 4. we will be right back. we don't want you to that.
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>> welcome back. it is the
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2022 champions. sorry warriors championship parade making its way down. market street. confetti cannons going off for the last i don't know, hour and a half probably as you can see there. we've got a shot of steph curry's bus. >> his whole family there, right at the front. the fans are waiting his daughters have been through this before. this is nothing. this especially abbott for his little guy just about. >> i think he's almost 4. i only know that this is my daughter's age, it's his first all fun for wondering if you really understand what's going on, but i think so right? no, i mean, he's been around basketball, you know, over the course of his life. yeah. it's a party. you know, time how popular his dad is, right, lee, not we've got a shot head. coach steve kerr bus as well. there. that on outside dream. was dream on, but now i'm not sure. but they've they're passing the trophies around. they've got their for
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larry o'brien trophies doing tonight that's his new signature move from the season. i love it. it looks like they're just taking their time making their way down. market street, giving these players a chance to interact with the fans and a chance to really soak in the moment here. yeah. what? just so everyone knows. it's just over a mile >> parade route. so it's not very long, but they are doing a really good job. it seems of really spacing out the players and their busses and giving each one, you know, kind of time to inch along so that the fans who, you know, woke up very early to get their spot out on the parade route. they get a chance to really kind of interact, yell and maybe hopefully, you know, meet the players there that that they got up so early, going to see making it very much worth their while. and it's not just the players and fans. they've had all the warriors team members out there. some of art on foot, everyone from concession workers, warehouse workers, security guards. they're all getting a chance to it. >> participate in the action
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we've seen. congresswoman barbara lee, d we've seen oakland, mayor libby schaaf, san francisco, mayor london breed san jose mayor sam liccardo all out to rubble and this championship parade today really bringing the bay area together 100%. i mean, it is really cool to see all those elected officials come out support this team like we talked across the this is just the san francisco worries isn't just the oakland, you know, warriors. it is the entire bay area. >> that you know, pumped up this team and he's behind a nation. we've got jason, do moss out there want to head back to him because he's been catching up with a lot of these folks on the parade route. jason can hear us. >> we're in the belly of the beast. actually, all we've got another flow coming by. >> bp get behind us.
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>> looks. >> the flow coming out. we're going to go see who's on this float. okay. we've got belly up here. we've got belly. we've got a few other guys. kelly, how about telling his first year on the warriors? and there you go. look at it. he had a great playoff himself is loony right there. look at loon. no one in the nba played more games to combine louis this year. 104 games. on looney. he played at all. he's been a part of 3 championships for this warriors team and then, you know, he wanted to be on song heroes. we get
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loony right there behind us. celebration. here we see larry o'brien trophy, one of them. it would come over here. all the channing looming out. can it on looney? kerry o'brien trophy right there. see it see right there. michael whitney. standing right there. she can hear me is there's the larry o'brien. they're taking pictures with it. everybody. having a great time to spill board and a half this is it. you know, this is this is what you come here for. everyone is having such a great time out here and it's funny because it each one of these players at the unique attachment to this fan base. you heard them chanting for combined, lou. he's through so much so many
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injuries. so for him to play in 104 games this year, the most in the nba out of any player, the most out of any player. that is amazing. that's amazing. right there. we see the larry o'brien trophy. whitney holding it up most right there, his hand up. we're just having fun. and let's go over here. come on. let's walk with me. read it. we're going to talk to some of these fans. you have a good day. what's your connection to the organization, your friend, your staff or what? here's what you do. what do you guys do? don't be shot on camera. me what you got to do. the worries moniker strength in numbers. everyone contributes to winning seasons. what you guys do on a day-to-day basis for organization. he's a
12:37 pm
public education teacher, bilingual. well, there you have it. we've got teachers. we got everyone. here's celebrating this warriors when they got a little shy on me. i won't hold onto it out. it's just a fun day out here. let's talk to some fans right here. >> have you been here? what's been the funniest part so far about to celebrate everybody to be on the warriors. >> let me get away here. market street. why i signed up for the job. just got more and more people come in. i know stepping company will be here soon. what a fun day list.
12:38 pm
what do you do organization? you work at a center? that was set. that was up so we've got chase and the workers here. a look at >> d. >> to audit. you know, we've got we've kron 4 what they
12:39 pm
going to say now? that's the moniker. thanks for watching. kron 4, no other station. just channel 4 on your tv. so if you're a fan of well, we appreciate that. how long have you been here to celebrate?
12:40 pm
you've got a great spot. what's been your favorite part about that day? night or the next and where you come from? what city? it's not hear much. he really had a pin in it. all right. well, thank you so we appreciate your feet. he picked. i will, and we appreciate your viewership watches. kron 4 day here. i came vancouver, how did you become a warriors fan? a candidate? >> good for you. good for you.
12:41 pm
we've got people from canada. this is what it's about. >> the people they pay a lot of money to support this team this day for them. >> we had a little bit of a technical difficulty there with jason. but oh, my goodness. >> canada all the way from canada. i think that fan wins the prize for most traveled her, texas. we've heard driven from seattle canada. yeah, you know, there's a connection. andrew wiggins is canadian. so we can span maybe that's how she got what she had to really break through the raptors. you know, she's she's like i'm not going to be a toronto raptors fans really up to breakthrough to be a warriors fan. but good for hurricane now live on crime she's famous. now we're going take a quick break. as we wait for a steph curry for
12:42 pm
sure for him to make his way down the parade route. we're going continue checking in all and different points of this mile and a quarter roots down market street today. it is a party out there. if you're not there, you're at home watching us. glad to have you. stick with us. we'll be come?
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>> welcome back. warriors 2022 nba championship parade down market street in san
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francisco. the crowd going what's going we're joined by another member of the kron, 4 team, olivia horton, host live in the bay are new lifestyle show. so olivia, thank you for. >> coming up, talk is champions. yes. thank you guys so much for having me. it's a nice little change up here that we're that we're doing and oh, my goodness. so >> when i got off the train this morning to get into work people i couldn't believe got i again to were super early around 7. yeah, i could not believe that there are already people lining up. oh, yes. some people said they got there at like 4.30, this morning. 05:00am just waiting and the energy that they had. then i feel like somehow they've been able to sustain people going pretty crazy when you're getting off. the train was a little kid. i wasn't chaos yet. it was pretty calm. is the calm before the storm. so everyone was i saw a lot of families. i was like good for you like everybody dragging the kids out for the celebrate. i really didn't need to drag the kids out for this, though, because i feel like every time we talk to the
12:46 pm
fans, it's the kids that are really excited. some kids are like get your sons. 05:00am. i'm like you try waking up. anything at 05:00am except the warriors parade and it won't be the waking up to see steph he every single time you got to tell the keywords steph curry, there will be up and in no time like we're taking a look at some of curry's teammates here. >> yes, some of the teammates out weird. we got sarah stinson out there. she's been live all morning long, literally since 5 o'clock this morning. sarah, how's it going out there? markets states.
12:47 pm
>> you can see these big yellow a lot of these people work for the warriors. so a lot i can barely hear myself think. >> standing all along right now. got here at. and it was
12:48 pm
well worth it because look at their spot there right in the front. back to like, do you get that? can hear me. but it is absolutely incredible out here. live music. you got to lose that state. make stopped. champs right there in players got escorted back to the they said you're to line here. you've got to say it. credible
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to see this close that's why people get hear it. well, look, we got mayor libby schaaf coming up here. she's up on very stale. some fans are starting to get you to the parade route is not allowed.
12:50 pm
so i i can't really hear you guys tomorrow, but it is has showed up. and this is why they waited for hours. they could be this close to the players when they're on the route and then there will be show of force coming there. she before. i know we have
12:51 pm
surrounded by donation. i i was about to spray champagne. it. can it. san francisco
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12:53 pm
police chief bill scott. we've
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like mayor libby schaaf. >> seen san jose sam liccardo. just keeps on going on. you guys. can't believe most the state spray, champagne, everybody. >> i feel like if there's one thing i took away from this coverage is i mean, sir, as my
12:55 pm
girl, right? it's an event thank you so much. we will, of course, come back to at some point we're taking a look there on the left-hand side of your screen. finally, it's our first kind of glimpse of clay here on the on the parade route. since it all started. we know kylen mills is out there as well. she both have really good vantage points. >> of this parade, island, where are you and what do you see right now? >> onto the parade route, because we're right at the very beginning. there's no shortage of confetti down here in case you guys haven't noticed other words, most really invested in their confetti guns because it is everywhere. there was just an epic moment, though. i have to tell you guys about as klay thompson, auto porter junior's buses were approaching the start of this parade. they had to kind of sit and wait for a couple minutes like all of them do as other boats move forward while that was going
12:56 pm
on, klay thompson stopped got out of the bus with the trophy and started running the streets of san francisco. he was running this way. he was running this way here and down main. he was all over the place running up to fans taking selfies, high-fiving people waving the trophy. he just went completely rogue. he was running every single direction. fans are going absolutely nuts, especially noticed some female fan says, well, we're really, really cheering and really excited about seeing klay thompson. it was such an epic and special moment just to see him be able to interact with the fans, especially after all thompson has been through the last 2 years. it was almost 3 years ago now that he tore his acl during the 2019 nba finals and then he tore his achilles during the recovery from the acl injury. so he's gone through so much. just get back to the court this season. he says he's still not. it is true. klay thompson form. even he says he hasn't even gotten back to the point. you would like to be and however, to win a championship this season with this group is so sweet for klay thompson. talked about it all throughout the
12:57 pm
postseason. this means more because of the adversity he has faced and this group has face and you saw it was so much emotion as he was first approaching the beginning of this parade. klay thompson getting out running the streets, like i said, with the trophy, waving the trophy around. it looked like at some point staffers kind of had to funnel him back to the bus because they were about to get underway. he was just loving interacting with the fans. and there was so much pure joy. pure euphoria. as klay thompson made his way around with that trophy. so fun to watch you guys. just so special to see all of the emotions from this group. this warriors court just because of how much they've been through. they all have said it this championship means war because of the adversity they have overcome. and it's showing in the emotions here on this parade. but right now things are actually wrapping up in the beginning of the parade route. it looks like the final couple floats are going to make their way now. and, you probably be done from here. but i just have to say it was such a really, really cool moment to see klay thompson get out and interact with the fans. and, you know, just
12:58 pm
really share this experience with them. for now live in tampa. this is going send it back to island. thank you so much. it almost looks like they're emptying the confetti cans. now you are really a swimming >> i got to exactly. thank you. again, we are just we're going to be here all afternoon. like kylen said the last little of the last bit of floats have just left the entrance now it's really. for the fans for the rest of of the sub mile and a quarter. >> roots down market street. and i really want to know what the countenance of how many fans are out there. i would love dow. they were expecting up million people and wound looks of it. it looks like they're packed in their 20 deep in some people. >> last time we talked to rob nesbitt actually climbing porta potties findings and i believe rob is still out there. just getting to enjoy seeing all this rivalry. rob.
12:59 pm
>> ice or am ladies. my goodness is so excited. the players are literally like popping champagne and just like it all over people. and like you said, i'm seeing fans but limelight post. i'm seeing fans on top of awnings. maybe not the smartest thing. please be safe, folks. people up a quarter bodies and they're just excited to see their favorite players are just talking to somebody was like, i can't believe i'm seeing him up close and personal fan, too, came all the way from san diego to see your favorite team right? and that's a slight. description of this is just excitement. that's the word that says this bet. everyone's excited to see their team up close and personal at the halfway point up like market and 4th street. so this is kind of where, you know, the excitement is at the halfway point, right? like people are just kind of it
1:00 pm
seeing both sides look down one way. they see the 1st half. the great look down the other way. they see the 1st half of the it's a pretty good spot. pretty good see if i do say so myself. >> is the players gone by. you. i have grave on actually ran from off of the bus and ran up into the like standing on the barriers just like, you know, high-fiving people and like getting the crowd going. so that was pretty cool that the obviously a favorite for a lot of fans out here. obviously the mayor about oakland, mayor >> francisco, london breed. she was out here. that was kind of the 1st half. and now that e


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