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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  June 20, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> got read we are proud you know, ready. we love the warriors. and now we're also here to keep the city >> i can't do any better. can't do any better than everyone doubted warriors this >> now the like a champagne shower to get you going in the morning and into the the warriors, of course, celebrating their big nba championship victory with the fans in san francisco. talk about bringing people and doesn't like this. i know it's the team 7th title and it means a lot to more than just the warriors themselves. it's also a big win for the really is kron four's. camila barco has had the parade and has more of the sights and sounds. >> and that's a wrap for the warriors nba championship parade. thousands of people flock to san francisco to
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congratulate this team on their victory. and while the players, let's just say they were as high as the day that they won the nba championship. >> thomson gp to andrew wiggins. just some of the warriors players getting off their buses to interact with their fans. thompson showed off that golden trophy. well, jordan got his pool party going. dubnation showed up at market street to see their team parade down san francisco monday morning. some even taking a trip across the country for the festivities have been watching the game closely. and i said, okay, i think they got they're gonna do this. i'm not going back. >> and so i stayed and here i am. i'm at. >> alicia white was visiting family in the bay area from alabama during the finals. she has been tough for warriors, nba championship parades.
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>> and she wasn't missing this one. i want to see them party and i want them to see their fans like, hey, you know, you know, we appreciate you guys this warriors fans from across the world came out to see the team. any hill flew in from new zealand >> i and brittany flew in from hawaii to catch your first 4 years. nba championship parade could make it any game. so i had to be here for this moment celebrate with the team with all these fans. >> warriors fans say this season was a roller coaster, but the team proved that they were this and san francisco camila barco kron. 4 news. our sports director jason dumas was live on the parade route all day today. he was able to catch up with so many people among them, east bay. congressman barber lead to hear about her experience at the parade. >> how congress want? you have a fun tonight? it. it's been
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one, you know, trying couple of years for everybody pandemic stuff. how cool is it? >> to forget about that for a second and just get together and enjoy a day like there's so much. >> and when we have a moment of joy and celebration, we need to embrace it. and that's what everyone that. >> awesome. thank you, congressman. it take care and asked congresswoman barbara lee right there. >> and we're bringing you all the special moments from the championship parade. take a look at this. somebody brought a goat, the market street and checked it out with a steph curry jersey. not a lot of people can claim the title goat other than the goat, of stands for greatest of all time. and certainly steph curry fits that already. yes,
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he does. >> i wonder if that gold had a good hoping our 4 zone forecast as we give you a shot. looks like some haze hanging over the golden gate bridge. this find out what days far as to say, cold water, nice facilitator to bring in some of that haze. but it's not going to be like looks like for much of the week ahead. new some haze, but fog is going to kind of thin going on his logos on tomorrow morning, a mild start. we've got 54 at the coast. 63 inland, not bad by noon warming up. 91 already inland 70 at the coast. 83 by. >> the bay. meanwhile, that's only at noon by 3 o'clock 100 plus expected for those inland valleys. heat advisory in full force. 88 going on for the bay. 72 happening at the coast. we've it's going to be felt warm even along the ocean. so hot on tuesday. light winds near 90 for the bay, 100 ish or so inland. there's a little flip that happens off shore up around the north bay, solano county, maybe even the east bay got to watch out for than wednesday. some subtropical moisture works in here might start see some scattered clouds. this
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will be late in the day on wednesday, but we're watching out maybe perhaps the possibility of some dry lightning with that. that's what the watching 84, san francisco look at this the coast. 76 pacifica, 88 going on for burlingame. 92 foster city. 97 palau towed out of the south bay upper 90's at hand here. 99 or so for san jose east bay shoreline, lower 90's over the hills, add 10 degrees or so 100 pleasanton one. 0, one for livermore. one. 0, 3, walnut creek, one. 0, 6, going on for concord. the late. whoa. this is the air conditioners effort at 98 1, 0, 7 for fairfield, to santa rosa. checking out your longer range forecast again, noting some of that monsoon clouds going on here by wednesday. it looks like in temperatures are very slow to back off. take it all the way into the weekend cam. all right. thank you, dave. about 20 million more children can get in line for their covid-19 shots as early as tomorrow. the cdc gave the green light to pfizer and moderna's vaccines for children. 6
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months old to 5 years. >> some public health experts worry just how many eligible children will ultimately get vaccinated since fewer than a 3rd of the children. 5 to 11 have gotten their shots since the vaccines were available to them last year. >> in public health, you always want to keep it as simple as you can. but in this case, we cannot. we'll have to see how this plays out. it's great news for the parents because it's less likely that children will bring the virus home >> some doctors say the rollout could be more challenging because there are 2 different brands and doses. pfizer's vaccine is for children. 6 months to 4 years old and requires 3 shots over 3 months. moderna says for 6 months to 5 years of age and requires 2 shots about a month apart. the biden administration has ordered millions of doses for pediatricians hospitals and community health clinics across the country. >> and aids organization in
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southern california is calling for a return to condom use because of the rise of monkeypox. but bay area, medical experts say focusing simply on condoms is not going to solve the problem. kron four's dan kerman has more. the number of cases of monkeypox continues to rise across the globe, especially among men. >> for one southern california aids organization, that means it's time to start promoting condom use again. one of the things we're calling for today is a return to kind of use during an online news conference monday. the aids healthcare foundation referenced reports that monkeypox has been found in sea men and a handful of cases in europe. and while neither the cdc or the world health organization has determined monkeypox can spread through seaman. the aids healthcare foundation says condom. so the way to go when it comes to public health and spread of diseases better safe than sorry. i think this recommendation for condoms. >> is of an abundance of caution given that there are
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unknowns. but personally speaking as an infectious disease doctor, it probably isn't the most efficient way to transmit ucsf. infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says simply wearing a condom on its own isn't going to protect you from monkeypox. >> he says it's spread most efficiently other ways. and that's what people need to know so they can protect themselves. >> skin to skin contact with an open sore, then possibly a respiratory secretions for more than 3 hours so deep because saying prolonged face-to-face, contact, et cetera. >> chin-hong says well, cases will likely increase, most will recover without even needing treatment. he says the focus now should be on taking responsible steps to protect yourself. >> don't be intimate with anyone who's obviously sell so no, look out for people flu-like don't be intimate, but somebody was an obvious
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rash and they look like hurt. these that goes to saying anyway for these other things. and if you want reduce risk for, though, although there's less that right now condom use would be another tool that you can bring out of the tool kit. >> the world health organization is recommending those who have fully recovered from the confirmed case of monkeypox. we're a condom for 12 weeks until more is known about transmission through scene. chin-hong says that sounds like a sensible idea. in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> coming up next on kron, 4 news at 6. a special surprise from the vice president. kamala harris celebrated juneteenth today in washington. >> and the fbi calls him the master of disguise. and the rush is on to find him where this criminal alleged criminal was last spotted.
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such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. >> the fbi is searching for an alleged criminal known as a master of the skies. and it was last seen at the u.s. mexico border near san diego. authorities are asking for the public's help in tracking down this man. tyler adams. he's wanted in connection with the disappearance of a woman remains were found in tijuana believed to be hers. mexican authorities questioned the 50 year-old man and say he was uncooperative before he was released. the fbi says he's a wanted fugitive out of hawaii and is known for using more than a dozen aliases and
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stolen identities. adams allegedly frequently changes his appearance and uses to sky says. >> his hair color can be any color you can shave his head. he's likely change his clothes by now. but once again, we're hoping that those facial features somebody recognizes him. >> anyone who might have information on his whereabouts is asked to contact the fbi. >> the house select committee investigating the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol will hold 2 more public hearings this week. one is scheduled for tomorrow, according to congressman adam schiff. lawmakers will show evidence of president trump's involvement in a scheme to submit fake electoral college certifications. another hearing is set for thursday. both sessions will start at 10 o'clock in the morning. our time. >> coming up next in sports, more warriors parade coverage can't get enough. sports director jason dumas says out there with all the sights and sounds plus he has reaction from some of the players. that's next. and now kron 4
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sports. >> what a day for the first time ever. the golden state warriors down market street to a parade of 100 of thousands of rooting their name celebrating their championship. we saw a little champagne showers, players gain. we're taking selfies with the fans. we didn't have
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any incidents from my vantage point. well, a whole lot of fun. dubnation deserved. this day is a day that will go down in history for the golden state warriors. >> we kind of stone the last 2 years. i don't know if you noticed so to be able to bounce back from where we were is a pretty incredible and a testament to these guys. incredible fortitude amazing mentoring from for older guys to our younger guys. in just a beautiful, beautiful mix, everybody in the neighborhood just so excited and a standing ovation from the chef from the the waiters. everybody that's what it's about, right? there's those little winds, you shaw livingston would always tell me about the little ones during my rehab some i just will take for the rest of my life for just the small things in life that. just inspired to keep going. whether taking a picture with the. or young kid nation has
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no bounds. and we have fans from all walks of life. >> you talk about championship means more of the reality is every with every single one of them and has his own charity bite. i didn't. i was known to the entire feeling of after the game. because of that journey that this was the end and what you appreciate about the journey as the people that you go through with to know. >> what we've all been through in my brother went through here over almost 3 years. we would do as a team to try to retool regroup and rejuvenate where we had. and just like that. >> take a snapshot the last 3 that came out. you know, when the final horn sounded just because, you know, it wasn't just the work we put in last week. it was work we put in a month ago was the work that we started. you know, once we change buildings and trying to carry that that championship dna with but that motion was everything. just let it out.
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let us know that we back and that i got to the real question is what they're going to say now. >> the parade is a rat. now. the warriors and the shift their attention to the nba draft. that's later this week. you know, the nba is a 12 month a year calendar. there's always something going on after the draft. their summer league in love. biggest james wiseman may make his return during summer league. of course, we'll keep you posted. all offseason long on everything. golden state warriors. thank you for tuning in to the best coverage all season long, right? kron. 4 news reporting from market street. i'm jason dumas. kron 4 sports. >> a connecticut man received special recognition for designing the flag which is now recognized as the national flag for juneteenth as an activist in boston, ben haith created the flag back in 2000 and it has since become the national symbol for what is
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now a federal holiday, which we are recognizing today. the star at the center of the flag represents texas where the final slaves in galveston, texas, were told that they were free 2 years after the emancipation proclamation. that star is surrounded by anova or a bursting stopped. >> american people enslaved art, new people, a new star rising up over the horizon. so red, white and blue. united states calls for found out how well the for flags see our people. parts of the country. overwhelmed. >> it says he hopes that the flag can become a symbol that america can do more for all people. >> juneteenth celebrations are ongoing across the country and in our nation's capital, a very special visitor surprise. some children at the museum of
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african american history. our washington correspondent raquel martin has the story. >> in honor of juneteenth monday, vice president kamala harris surprised a lucky group of kids at the national museum of african-american history in during her visit, harris spoke one-on-one with and stressed the importance of the newest federal holiday juneteenth celebrates the end of slavery in the united states on june. 19th 18. 65 more than 2 years after president lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation, the last enslaved african americans in texas learned of their >> while several states already recognize the historic day last year, the federal government made it a national bill is passed. congress
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passed the effort with overwhelming bipartisan here is was by the president's side the day he signed the bill into law says it's important. the next generation continues to push the country forward. an advocate for freedom across the globe in washington, raquel martin are 4 zone forecast as we give you a live view outside at san francisco airport where it's nice and clear and it is for folks who traveling back home after. >> coming in for the parade, maybe fly now to what ever people come in maybe and they go. oh, my goodness. is this really san francisco to be always that's where heat wave coming our way. a heat advisory, although temperature doesn't cover the city of san francisco. >> there you have a little shot there of the east bay shoreline. the planner tonight we've got clear and warm temperatures falling to the 50's of the coast. 74 inland. that turns to 67 by the witching hour in tomorrow morning. a mild start,
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however, won't be like that into the afternoon. now we know tomorrow is going to be hot. we talked a lot about that heat advisory, solano county may extend all the way out to wednesday for you. but another little chapter in our book here. it's a little sprinkles. happening off the coast. here we get to around wednesday morning overnight. all right. big deal. now we go advance further through wednesday might be some scattered clouds. now 0.1, they may actually technically challenger highs as we get into late wednesday and perhaps later in the week. but the only concern is this coming from the southeast. it's a little that monsoon pattern potentially might be elevated thunder showers that just takes one strike. so we're hoping that we won't get anything out of that tomorrow. look at the numbers. 100 plus awfully crowded in there. the nrmbers are lots of red ink and a quick look at your 7 day forecast. again. we're popping tomorrow for wednesday got hot and scattered clouds. that's the monsoon moisture gradually retreating through the 90's. pam. >> thank you, dave. coming up, ready to welcome back. visitors, yellowstone national park says a partial reopening
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joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. >> a portion of yellowstone national park is scheduled to reopen on wednesday after last week's devastating floods. visitors will be allowed in the park's south loop on alternating days based on their license plate numbers. if the license ends with an
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odd number, cars will be allowed in on odd-numbered days of the month. even numbers or those that ended 0 can answer on even days of the month. yellowstone's north loop is closed indefinitely, though, because all of the flood damage there. >> ate. i do i can i come see us this summer. >> well, how cute is that? these are big babies holding for lots of visitors at the omaha zoo this summer at sunny and eugenia showing off their big kid skills. they are the zoo's newest mascots problem that see date. (music throughout)
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♪ ♪ >> worst father's day ever. stranded, sleeping on the floor. this mom ran out of diapers. >> before we left on the last flight, lose stomach use the last diaper. >> a woman suffers chest pains to catch a new flight. then... a crash. >> did the president tricked out bike lead to his big spell? and tragedy, the hazing ritual that led to disaster for this freshman pledge. >> now his heartbroken family speaks out. >> he didn't deserve it.


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