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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 20, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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today. jus unbelievable people running through the streets. there was. >> dream on. and yeah, you see these signs, everybody out to celebrate the warriors, nba champs once again, 4th time in 8 years. kron 4 s camila barco caught up with nation. and they came here from all over the world. >> and that's that for the warriors nba championship parade. thousands of people flock to san francisco to congratulate this team on their victory. and while the players, let's just say they were as high as the day that they won the nba championship. >> thompson gp to andrew wiggins. just some of the warriors players getting off their buses to interact with their fans. thompson showed off that golden trophy. well, jordan got his pool party going. dubnation showed up at
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market street to see their team parade down san francisco monday morning. some even taking a trip across the country for the festivities have been watching the game closely. and i said, okay, i think they got they're gonna do this. i'm not going back. >> and so i stayed and here i am. i'm at. >> alicia white was visiting family in the bay area from alabama during the finals. she has been tough for warriors, nba championship parades and she wasn't missing this one. i want to see them party and i want them to see their fans like, hey, you know, you know, we appreciate you guys doing this warriors fans from across the world came out to see the team. any hill flew in from new zealand >> i and brittany flew in from hawaii to catch your first 4 years. nba championship parade could make it any game. so i had to be here for this moment celebrate with the team with all these fans. >> warriors fans say this season was a roller coaster,
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but the team proved. >> that they were this >> and san francisco camila barco kron. 4 news. >> some worries players even jumped in there with the crowd and got up close and personal with the fans. as you saw one of them, clay. you know, clay, he's in that white shirt there with the the captain's hat. he lost his nba finals hat on his boat ride to the festivities this blew off in the wind. so captain's hat he's carrying the trophy, of course, showing it off to the crowd. everybody the closer it gets, you just goes absolutely nuts. and why not? and they were technically supposed to stay on their floats and buses. but basically nobody listen to that by the enclave. eventually was escorted by security guards back to his bus. but even the police are out there having fun. another player gp to gary payton the second. he was also a man of
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the people. and he lost his shirt early in the festivities amid the chaos, our sports director, jason dumas, us spoke with the defensive standout about how he was feeling about all the hoopla. >> yeah, i was just what you expect. >> feels right, angie, he's going to get paid a whole lot of money. this offseason. hopefully the warriors can keep him. and there's young james wiseman number. 33 high fives for everybody. minutes at 7, 1, really stood out. >> amongst the crowd, hopefully get that knee healthy and being on court contributor next year. >> you could say the dub nation is diverse when it comes their fan base in attendance, a goat today.
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>> not the greatest of all time. an actual go. as you can see, they're wearing a >> steps. number 30 jersey has some warriors they put on the this curry jersey on that go to the that the parade. this obviously implying that steph curry is the greatest of all time, although i'm not sure that particular goat can make a 3 pointer. when you think does the goat also in attendance, san francisco mayor london breed chief spoke at the pre parade. >> rally, which was a private event that they streamed for fans to see. she noted the team's first title since moving across the bay and she highlighted this moment as we emerge from the pandemic. >> it's meant so much. let me tell you because we're talking about a team and an amazing colts who are not just wonderful on the court, but they're wonderful off the court. they do a lot of great things for this city and they thought of energy just is carrying us here in the city
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after 2 hard years. and so it's time to celebrate >> and there's busy this week. the next parade should be and will take place this weekend when she's part of the pride parade. >> and as we've been talking about hundreds of thousands of people were attending the parade today and the temps, they were little hotter than usual. those 2 factors course put together, became a big health risk. san francisco fire telling us that there were multiple emergencies throughout the parade, including heart attacks, some falls, people tripping heatstroke, son, even physical traumas. they say a majority of them, though, where heat and hydration related and thankfully there weren't any major. injuries, but whether time now as we get a >> live look outside above the city that hosted the party of the day. san francisco, you see market street right down the middle. that was that was
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broadway today. all the action there and what weather for the parade? yeah, toasty day actually not so bad tonight to know that we have the timing was great on this because we have a nice on shore wind, you know, helping out you can feel kind of cool breeze coming up off the pacific. that's not to be the case tomorrow. so >> mother nature was working. and thus the 2 so here's shot of half moon bay about that. not bad this evening here, although it's going to getting warm there as well. a quick look at these winds now. we've had them on shore, as i mentioned, going on for today. we're going to lose that into tomorrow as it starts to flip a little bit offshore temporarily 70's lower 70's along the east bay shoreline. still 83 at the brentwood lot of upper 70's in the east bay. 77 for fairfield, saint helene at 82 petaluma at 64. all right. for tonight. 57 tonight for san francisco. some patchy fog, but that's about it. 60 going on for oakland. 61, san jose. so that's the starting point. these are the low temperatures over the whole region. again, upper 50's lower 60's. that's the rule.
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then for those winds we on shore little bit left over tonight. here it is offshore, which could be problematic as we're really going to see the air dry out a little bit tomorrow with all of this. so it's going to be dry and hot protecting in the far east bay and up to the north bay, too. now we do. we actually see bona fide actual east wind occur as we get to tomorrow afternoon, too, flipping over to the humidity levels at the surface. we start off things with a little marine layer a little bit shows up this tomorrow morning. then already by 9.30, you can see how it's drying out. look bone-dry does off to the east bay in the north bay. so hopefully we're not going have a whole lot of way of wind's because you add that with an offshore wind, not the best in the recipe to particular scorching hot temperatures will deal with sierra forecast. we go. 76 tomorrow. 79 for wednesday. thursday, 72 interesting with the monsoon is checking in there and on the home front technically as well those stray showers may be off the coast late tomorrow night. and then you can see the approach
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from the southeast. some scattered clouds. technically this maven break our forecast into wednesday thursday. but the i think we're really concerned about is maybe some very elevated isolated thunder showers as a possibility. here's the game plan early in the week. it's hot tuesday. light winds gonna a heat advisory for him almost the entire bay, san francisco's tech. and they're not included near 90 for the bay 100 ish inland wednesday. some tropical moisture into showed you that starts to sneak in there. some scattered clouds of your morning with that is that's what the scattered clouds are all about. then late in the week, remaining hot inland. it's going to be a slow give up, however, around the immediate that you'll get some relief with a bit of an onshore wind returning tomorrow. now, 84 san francisco. so this is what the parade would not would have had to deal with. had this happen tomorrow. 91, oakland, 99, san jose across the wider geography numbers bumping and 100 plus course we'll get more into this and the 4 zone forecast and have been extended for you to grant dave. definitely today. better than tomorrow for the parade in anticipation of tomorrow's
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heat. the city of santa clara. >> we'll be operating with extended hours tomorrow. the northside branch library and santa clara senior center locations will be open from one until 8. the city's other 3 cooling centers are running there regular hours. tomorrow. we have a complete list of cooling locations and hours on our website. kron 4 dot com. more than a dozen east bay students and teachers were injured in a bus crash. >> it happened in france on friday and now many of them are still trying to get home. amanda hari spoke with some of them about what happened. >> it terrifying. i can tell you as a teacher, this is terrifying just split second of realizing what had happened in the images from the crash should just how terrifying it was. tony martinez board felt was one of the teachers traveling with about 30 students. they're studying french and we're visiting france when they got into the accident on friday. she says they still don't know what happened. we're in.
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>> rare and a truck in the freeway. we are not sure what the circumstances where and why the trump had stopped or we really how the accident happened. but it you know, we were going full on the freeway. one of the teachers says the bus company did try to contact him. >> but he was focused on getting the students, the medical attention. they need it. and i was sitting and very back where there's no scene in front of me. >> so i flew out into the aisle and hit my face on a seat. a few rows down. i had team and for that they're like him front-man like the inside of my life. and so i still have like the students range in age from 13 to from albany, high school. >> all of the district was not associated with the trip. the students tell me most of them visited the hospital even if it was just as a precaution, even though we're under students, it. >> our to speak french but medical professionals and firefighters and stop. >> when you're so shaken up
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about this on the night that one of their french teachers was airlifted to the hospital. >> martinez board felt says she has broken bones and needed surgery. >> they don't know when she'll be able to get back to the u.s.. it's going to be a long road ahead for her. but she's expected to recover fully. everyone else has been released from the hospital. the students say many people were injured with or without a seatbelt like to highlight is not like a lap. there no like and so has a lot of the were like they said those kind of area where head like sort of at the scene for us. >> trust people like them would have helped while many of the students are home, others are still trying to get flights. at least one is stuck in france after testing positive for covid. >> amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> santa rosa police are now investigating a wild weekend of sideshows. they say they got close to 400 sideshow related calls. they started
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around 11:00pm saturday. that's what police started getting. reports of vehicles gathering from that point on into early sunday morning. they say there were a total of 7, 7 separate sideshows and then police say they were called to a different side to across town. so 8 by the time, all the sideshows we're done, there were reports of assaults and 2 vehicles caught fire. no arrests were made or vehicles impounded. but there's video. >> and if we identify any of the vehicles, their license plates will go into a local statewide database of any off in the state of california. stop them. their vehicle be impounded wherever they were contacted. and then the suspect associate with the other will be arrested. >> anybody with information is asked to contact santa rosa police. >> in other news, nearly 20 million more children can get in line for covid-19 shots as early as tomorrow. the cdc gave the green light to pfizer and moderna's vaccine for children 6 months and older. now some public health experts
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worry how many eligible kids will ultimately get vaccinated? because fewer than a 3rd of children from 5 to 11 have gotten their shots since vaccines were available to them last year. >> in public health, you always want to keep it as simple as he can. but in this case, we cannot. we'll have to see how this plays out. it's great news for the parents because it's less likely that children will bring the virus home. >> some doctors say the rollout could be more challenging because there are 2 different brands of doses. pfizer's vaccine is for children. 6 months to 4 years old and requires 3 shots over 3 months. moderna's on the other hand is for kids 6 months through 5 years old and it requires 2 shots about a month apart. biden administration has ordered millions of doses for pediatricians, hospitals and community health clinics all around the country. closer to home. one bay area county plans to take a different approach to getting this latest group vaccinated. our
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conference, theresa talked with solano county health experts about why they believe this new tactic is better for younger children. >> scared crying, child squirming from a shot. that is what solano county health officers are hoping to avoid by not setting up mass clinics as they did for other groups. this is covid-19 vaccines for those 4 and younger roll out in the county. instead they have another plan. this is a lot of county health officer, doctor much. yes. >> there really aren't many clinics anywhere that target that age group because it's just difficult to do it safely. kids you know, that there are all we don't want to traumatize them with vaccinations and they become fearful of it. she want it delivered in a in a comfortable welcoming environment. >> and the second reason the doctor explains data shows many children did not go to their pediatrician during the pandemic. so they are hoping by pointing people to get this young group to their child's
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doctor that can help their overall health. it's a door opener to make sure your child is as healthy as possible. and i think that is important. that sign we strongly recommend is that children seen by their caregiver on regular basis so we to make sure that they're reaching the developmental milestones, make sure that they're properly vaccinated. that's are healthy. the doctor says places like kaiser permanente and sutter health. >> are already booking appointments and they have extra shots just in case more are needed. >> only about a 3rd practice. 35.1%. and i know and it's been low from the very beginning. >> solano county has suffered low vaccine rates for those 5 to 11 across all demographics, including those in underserved communities. the doctor says that they continue to do outreach and hope this is different approach. can encourage more families to feel more comfortable getting vaccinated to protect against covid-19. theresa kron. 4 news.
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>> the city of gilroy has developed a way to report illegal firework activity in the area. the city has created a hotline that can be reached at any time by email or by calling a non-emergency number. the city making this announcement on facebook. they say when you do report the fireworks, you should include the address and specific location. they ask for details like the offenders names type of fireworks date and time they went off and they even want you to attach video or photos if possible. they also give you the option of remaining anonymous. it has been more than 2 weeks since water flooded a san francisco high-rise luxury apartment building displacing hundreds of people still residents at 33 to hama are left in limbo. they're not allowed to go back home. >> until july 1st, that is at the earliest kron. 4 taylor checked in with one of those residents and brings us the latest. >> every new day like.
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>> we either get contradicting information. are we learn something new? and then it's, you know, spun around more than 2 weeks after alston caldwell was forced out of his home, along with at least 500 other residents. and 33 to him and san francisco, not much has changed. still currently sitting in a hotel. i'm still no end in sight. in terms of timeline. no communication in terms of timeline of. >> of what's to come. caldwell says he and his partner have been bouncing around hotel rooms since june 3rd, when water flooded and flushed out. all of the people living at this. a high-rise since then heinze, the real estate development and management firm says they determine the cause as a water. main failure on the 35th floor which service the fire sprinkler system. they say lead to 20,000 gallons of water cascading down the building as they re store. the apartments hind says they booked hotel rooms for residents and will reimburse for added expenses like food. they keep promising reimbursement for for food and whatnot in.
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>> you know, promise is just words and tone and all that action. you know, it's it's it's become enormous financial burden at this point. caldwell says he and other residents have reached out to city leaders but haven't seen any action to solve the problem. it's truly unfair that, you know, like they're going to be the ones to hold hines accountable for this. and, you know, they they should be working for, you know, ice is. >> as citizens of san francisco and and they're not like it's just been almost it's been almost radio silent other than what's been responding to, you know, on on on twitter, residents were originally told they be able to move back in by mid june, but that date has since been pushed back to july. first at the earliest. >> i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. talk about your money now. >> now more than ever, you might be looking for ways to get more bang out of your kron four's ella sogomonian put together a shortened pretty average shopping list and she
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has a side-by-side price comparison from different stores. ella joins us live in the newsroom. ella, i'm paying because we have a lot of options here on where to shop in the bay area. both in-store and online. >> so let's take a look at a few items where you might get the best deal. now do keep in mind to access amazon's online shopping. you'll need to factor in the cost of a prime membership right now. that's about $139 per year averaging at about $11.50 per month. but it's $69 for students per year. so something to keep in mind and just a few everyday household items on this list. if you're shopping for paper towels, a 3 pack for $3.99 a trader. joe's is your best bet. compared to target amazon and safe way where it's about the same price. but you'll only get 2 girls found a steal and amazon where a dozen roles of fiesta tissue that's bath tissue cost just $2.95. $0.7 compared to $4.99 a trader. joe's or $5.40 over at safeway
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and the most expensive was around $10. a target and you're going to get more laundry done for with 26 tied. simply pods on amazon for just $4. and $0.24 shifting over to food. now target have the best deal for a loaf of white bread for just one dollar in $0.19 followed by trader joe's and amazon for $3.49 and a dozen eggs. a trader. joe's is the cheapest deal that i saw at $2. and $0.49. milk costs about the same at both trader joe's and over on amazon. that's $2.79 and say for you is the priciest at $3. and $0.29. so a lot of information there. some pretty good prices to say the least. we've put up that comparison up on kron 4 dot com. in case you missed it live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. good stuff. thanks. cell. president biden says he is seriously considering suspending the federal gas tax. >> he hopes 7 decision by the end of the week. this comes as the national average for a
9:21 pm
gallon of regular approaches. $5 of federal. >> gas tax holiday would save americans roughly $0.18 a gallon. the white house is meeting with top u.s. oil executives this week about boosting their supply in order to reduce prices. the administration is also considering whether to send americans gas rebate cards. if the tax is suspended could come in time for the 4th of july holiday. >> still ahead, lawmakers head back to capitol hill this week with the name of passing gun control legislation. and a southern california age group and stuff. but their promotion of condoms. amid the recent rise of monkeypox cases. >> we've got more on that story coming up.
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>> a southern california aids organization is calling for an increase in condom use because of the rise. it monkeypox cases, however, we talked a bay area, medical experts who say focusing simply on condoms is not going to solve the problem. kron four's dan kerman reports. the number of cases of monkeypox continues to rise across the globe, especially among men. >> for one southern california aids organization, that means it's time to start promoting condom use again. one of the
9:25 pm
things we're calling for today is a return to kind of use during an online news conference monday. the aids healthcare foundation referenced reports that monkeypox has been found in sea men and a handful of cases in europe. and while neither the cdc or the world health organization has determined monkeypox can spread through seaman. the aids healthcare foundation says condom. so the way to go when it comes to public health and spread of diseases better safe than sorry. i think this recommendation for condoms. >> is of an abundance of caution given that there are unknowns. but personally speaking as an infectious disease doctor, it probably isn't the most efficient way to transmit ucsf. infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says simply wearing a condom on its own isn't going to protect you from monkeypox. >> he says it's spread most efficiently other ways. and that's what people need to know so they can protect themselves. >> skin to skin contact with an open sore, then possibly a
9:26 pm
respiratory secretions for more than 3 hours so deep because saying prolonged face-to-face, contact, et cetera. >> chin-hong says well, cases will likely increase, most will recover without even needing treatment. he says the focus now should be on taking responsible steps to protect yourself. >> don't be intimate with anyone who's obviously sell so no, look out for people flu-like don't be intimate, but somebody was an obvious rash and they look like hurt. these that goes to saying anyway for these other things. and if you want reduce risk for, though, although there's less that right now condom use would be another tool that you can bring out of the tool kit. >> the world health organization is recommending those who have fully recovered from the confirmed case of monkeypox. we're a condom for 12 weeks until more is known about transmission through
9:27 pm
scene. chin-hong says that sounds like a sensible idea. in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> just ahead, a group of kids gets a surprise guest their juneteenth event today. we'll get a closer look at the get a closer look at the break. this burger will blow your mind? really? how? bacon two ways... cheese two ways... any more questions? try my $5.99 double bacon cheesy jack combo.
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my 100% beef burgers are seasoned as they grill. like my new double bacon cheesy jack, with double the bacon and double the cheese. it's so good, i put my name on it! the double bacon cheesy jack combo starting at $5.99. order on the jack app today. >> there's no official count, but it could be close to a million people. some say the q came to watch the madness down
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market street with all the confetti, the worry celebrations too. and people from across the bay certainly across the country. some fans even came from overseas. lot of folks out there and a lot of them needed a place to stay. in fact, the san francisco hotel industry is enjoying a boost in big business because of the parade as kron four's justine waltman tells us tonight the uptick in hotel reservations is badly needed. this was not to be missed. >> once the warriors announced for a details, hotel bookings went up in san francisco. that's according to the hotel council of san francisco with people making reservations as late as sunday night to stay overnight in the city. >> with the idea that they could wake up early monday morning to get a prime spot along the parade route. >> the warriors championship run and celebrations. also a big money for restaurants and small businesses. hotels got a much-needed boost after the
9:31 pm
last 2. very slow to us. 2 years. >> hotels that were down in the single digits or close many of some now we're we're running up in the high 60% occupancies and normally this time of year, we in the 80's, but we're starting to see some hotels get that now because of how many people are traveling. >> especially now that the international travel restrictions have the from left. and we're seeing more people come back. so >> we're getting there, but it's going to be several years before we hit a full recovery for the industry. next up, a boost in hotel bookings with pride celebrations and the pride parade >> in san francisco this weekend in the newsroom. i'm justine waltman kron. 4 news. and as you can imagine, barred another public transportation agencies were pretty busy bringing in people to the parade. >> barr tweeted out these pictures showing the line of folks waiting to buy a clipper card at the dublin bart
9:32 pm
station by about 4 o'clock this afternoon. more than 133,000 people rode bart. that's up 89% from this time last week. and check this out. this video showing port clay tripping over trolley tracks during the parade this afternoon, knocking over a woman. it all happened pretty fast. he catches himself and doesn't fall, which is good. i think considering his recent injury history, clay then stops and he helps her up. and then just keeps going. something with clay happening tomorrow day for the january 6 committee's public hearings. the hearing tomorrow is expected to focus on state officials. >> who were contacted by former president trump at the white house says he tried to overturn the election results. additional hearings will look at trump's pressure on the justice department to declare the election corrupt and on what was happening inside the white house says the violence was unfolding by the numbers.
9:33 pm
the january 6th committee hearing 7 tracked it some 20 million live viewers on opening night. at least 11 million for the first day time session and nearly 9 million on thursday. >> also happening tomorrow, lawmakers return to capitol hill in hopes of passing some gun control legislation this week. our correspondent reshad hudson has more on where the legislation stands right now. >> i will leave no stone unturned to reach an agreement. the proposal, connecticut senator richard blumenthal wants would provide incentives for states to pass so-called red flag laws and provide funding for school. safety improvements while also protecting victims of domestic violence in a number of other areas, it will real profits such as clothing. >> the boyfriend loophole, most democratic lawmakers say they would like to see the bill go further but called the agreement a good first step. >> ohio senator sherrod brown
9:34 pm
says he's glad to see republicans coming to the table on gun reform legislation. >> encouraging that at least 10 members of the senate who are addicted to gun gun. the gun lobby campaign contributions are finally starting to break their addiction. west virginia senator shelley moore capito says she's waiting for the bill to be final laws before announcing her vote. >> so i'm remaining open minded. i've looked at the framework congratulated the good work that they've done. president biden presos home state of delaware for recently banning assault-style weapons could better if you had. >> regulation. we'll firearms nationally. >> lawmakers say they're still pushing for a vote on gun safety legislation before the summer break. reporting in washington reshad hudson. >> if you plan to be in the sierra this summer, the u.s. forest service is warning of toxic algae in lake tahoe. the areas to look out for include
9:35 pm
parts of keep a beach in taylor creek, both in south lake health officials warn the shallow pools and slow-moving water promote the growth of the algae which can lead to serious illness and both people and pets folks are as not to swim in the war drink. certainly the water in those areas. >> celebrations for june teen continue nationwide. today we'll get a chance to meet the brains behind the flag after the break. >> summer solstice is only 6 hours away, but excessive heat were looking for tomorrow and a little beyond. i'll have that forecast. >> and in sports, our sports director, jason dumas, us was front and center as the warriors rolled through town, the sights and sounds from the street.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. what a day for the first time ever. the golden state warriors rolled down market street to a parade of 100 of thousands of rooting their name. >> celebrating their championship. we saw a little champagne showers, players gain. sure. at least we're taking selfies with the fans. we didn't have any incidents from my vantage point. whole lot of fun. dubnation
9:39 pm
deserved. this day is a day that will go down in history for the golden state warriors. >> we kind of stone the last 2 years. i don't know if you noticed so to be able to bounce back from where we were is a pretty incredible and a testament to these guys. incredible fortitude amazing mentoring from for older guys to our younger guys. in just a bzautiful, beautiful mix, everybody in the neighborhood just so excited and a standing ovation from the chef from the the waiters. everybody that's what it's about, right? there's those little winds, you easton would always tell me about the little wins during my rehab some i just will take for the rest of my life for just the small things in life that. just inspired to keep going. whether taking a picture with the. lady or young kid nation has no bounds. and we have fans from
9:40 pm
all walks of life. >> talk about championship means more of the reality is every with every single one of them and has his own charity bite. i didn't. i was known to the entire feeling of after the game. because of that journey that this was the end and what you appreciate about the journey as the people that you go through with to know. >> what we've all been through in my brother went through here over almost 3 years. we would do as a team to try to retool regroup and rejuvenate what we had. and just like that. >> take a snapshot the last 3 that came out. you know, when the final horn sounded just because, you know, it wasn't just the work we put in last week. it was work we put in a month ago was the work that we started. you know, once we change buildings and trying to carry that that championship dna with but that motion was everything. just let it out. let us know that we back and that i got to the real question is what they're going to say now.
9:41 pm
>> the parade is a rat. now. the warriors and the shift their attention to the nba draft. that's later this week. you know, the nba is a 12 month a year calendar. there's always something going on after the draft, their summer league in love. biggest james wiseman may make his return during summer league. of course, we'll keep you posted. all offseason long on everything. golden state warriors. thank you for tuning in to the best coverage all season long, right? kron. 4 news reporting from market street. i'm jason dumas. kron 4 sports.
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>> juneteenth celebrations continued all across the country today. the holiday marking the emancipation of slaves in the u.s. in our nation's capital. very special visitor surprised children at the museum of african american history. correspondent raquel martin has more. >> in honor of juneteenth monday, vice president kamala harris surprised a lucky group of kids at the national museum of african-american history in during her visit, harris spoke one-on-one with and stressed the importance of the newest federal holiday juneteenth celebrates the end of slavery in the united states on june. 19th 18. 65 more than 2 years
9:45 pm
after president lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation, the last enslaved african americans in texas learned of their is 7. >> while several states already recognize the historic day last year, the federal government made it a national bill is passed. congress passed the effort with overwhelming bipartisan here is was by the president's side the day he signed the bill into law says it's important. the next generation continues to push the country forward. an advocate for freedom across the globe in washington, raquel martin. >> a connecticut man receive special recognition for designing the flag now recognizes the national flag for juneteenth as an activist in boston. ben haith created the flag in the year 2000 and
9:46 pm
it has since become a national symbol for what is now a federal holiday that we are recognizing today. the star at the center of the flag represents texas where the final slaves in galveston we're finally told they were free some 2 years after the emancipation proclamation was signed. that star is surrounded by anova bursting star. >> american people were enslaved art, new people, new star rising up over the red, white and blue. united states calls for find out how well the for flags see my people. parts of the country. i overwhelmed. >> tate says he hopes the flag can be a symbol that america can do more people. a portion
9:47 pm
of yellowstone national park is scheduled to reopen on wednesday. >> after last week's devastating floods, visitors will be allowed in the park south loop on alternating days based on your car license plate number, if it ends with an odd number. well, cars will be allowed in on that odd numbered days of the month. the vin numbers or those that ending 0 can enter on even days a month makes sense. yellowstone's north loop is closed indefinitely, though, due to all the flood damage. our weather time as we get a peek at the 4 zone >> live look outside san francisco strands america pyramid. beautiful day. pretty pleasant evening. dave spahr here to canada. extrapolate. >> it's in single steps that we have for you. by the way, we're talking about the mountains. if you're headed to up to tahoe this weekend, just plan on perhaps some scattered thunder showers going on in the afternoon hours. that's happening this weekend. excessive heat is what we've been talking about. this is going to be for tomorrow with the map. looks like covering
9:48 pm
just about everybody except san francisco in the coast. and then we get into wednesday. it will be solano county, at least at this point. current checking the temperatures, brentwood still holding on day 80 most readings in the east bay in the 70's now up in the north bay nap at 75 along the saint. had a little 61 santa rosa, 74. so for the next few hours, we drop to the lower 70 69 by midnight and not going to drop much more than that as we go into tonight, those winds, they've been nice and friendly today. nice and on shore. they flip a little bit offshore in tandem with some dry conditions of the surface. that's no-brainer. no statements have been issued about a fire weather watch. talk or anything like that, lee. so it's holding off on that zone. but something to look out for with drier air. it does give you some relief, though, in combating these hot temperatures because your body like that evaporative cooling on you. but this is what it looks like at the surface. there's the marine layer tomorrow morning will look at
9:49 pm
the color is a that hannah was bone dry as you can see in the east bay doesn't last for long but in the east bay and up to the north bay. before we finally get some relief into tonight or tomorrow night, okay. future cast. this is what goes on into the future. we know to be hot tomorrow even into wednesday that string some showers out to see here. and then this flow pattern from the southeast on wednesday. it's the monsoon coming our direction a little bit. that may change the forecast numbers wednesday and thursday. but what we're really concerned about is the potential of some elevated dry lightning. 84 tomorrow. san francisco. what a difference a day makes mission district, maybe about up to 87 about the coast of daly city at 80. 76 pacifica, also half moon bay at 76. that's what happens when you don't have the surface circulation like that. 88 for burning game to the south foster city. 92 97, palo alto heading down to the south bay milpitas. 98 100 santa clara cupertino. 98. we've got the 90's along the east bay shoreline and then you go inland to gets only warmer 100
9:50 pm
plus to be filed and the various different locations. brentwood, one. 0, 7, one of the 3 for walnut creek, one. 0, 6 for concord. and we're looking at 98 99 for now been one or 2 santa rosa. these inland locations are going to hold on to that hot stuff even after wednesday. there's that's monsoon stuff. and it looks like it clears out for the remainder of the week. but we have 90 still hanging on. it looks like i'm not getting any relief until we get maybe into the weekend. so but welcome that. it is summer, right? yes, it about 6 hours. taking a live look right now at the golden gate bridge where told prices are going to increase next friday, july 1st, it is all part of a five-year fare program designed to pay. >> for the bridge maintenance and pay you will. here's a look at the new prices. the bridges fastrak toll that's going to increase $0.35 from 8, 0, 5, to $8.40. one time tolls will increase from 8.60, 80 carpool rates. those will
9:51 pm
bump up from 6, 0, 5, to 6.40. we have all the information for you on our website at kron. 4. >> a quick right back.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
>> boeing is unveiling a new plane that has one purpose
9:54 pm
making its future fleets greener. this is the company's eco a demonstrator aircraft. they're calling it. it's a converted. 7, 7, 7, which will test new technologies aimed at safety and sustainability. we have about 30 technologies on board that will track fuel use emissions testing greener materials. the eco demonstrator will be powered by a new blend of more sustainable aviation fuel and conventional jet fuel. >> ate i i can i do >> come see us. this okay. could that be any cuter? these big babies are hoping for lots of visitors at the omaha zoo this summer. >> that sunny and eugenia, they're showing off their big kids. schools there, the zoo's newest mascot and maybe even the cutest. and i i don't think that's the real places where you think.
9:55 pm
>> i know. i think those are the real that. haha. yeah. their diet. >> i wish they they with really small. yeah. paid. and somebody is having some fun in the water there. now we have a big boy. other hand we're just a day away from the first official day of summer as we've looting to in the grill is in texas are already. >> and cooling off the fort worth. zoo sharing this video of one of its guerrillas. almost you flashing a smile. sure. >> they're yeah. getting. >> hosed off. they're ready to do that in the shower. keeper do that in the shower. keeper to say that the animals, they outdoors are staying inside. but to this particular gorilla, of course, could resist the sound of >> running water to play in and pounding his chest, enjoying it immensely. that is a strong stream. almost like a fire hose. it's, you know,
9:56 pm
watched that forever. yeah, alright. that does it for kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. i told you. but we do that in the shower every day. every every don't can. empower here with some of the stories we're working on for 10 o'clock. think they have water restrictions in he would let it is run like, good running out texas. summers are like africa heights, africa hot in texas. and that though, yeah, you got a call could be pretty out here tomorrow just as it and vicki, thank you both. coming up next, at 10 o'clock, it sure seems like the entire bay area was here to celebrate in san francisco with the golden state warriors today. >> how that championship win is already affecting the city's economy as we recover from the pandemic. >> plus, covid vaccinations for children under the age of 5. the efforts being taken to ensure the process. >> well, traumatize the most vulnerable among us. those stories and more kron. 4 news at 10 returns.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news. i want to see the party and i want them to see their fans like, hey, you know, you know, we appreciate you guys doing this through. >> we do appreciate them through and through. now at 10, the golden state warriors fans celebrating an nba championship for the 4th time in just 8 years. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us this hour of kron. 4 news. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world actually gathered in san francisco today, golden state warriors cheered on once again by a sea of blue and gold. >> as people got out there to celebrate their nba champions. kron 4 s camila barco caught up with dubnation fans from everywhere. >> and that's a wrap for the warriors n


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