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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 21, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> tonight at 9 this summer has arrived to the bay area bringing with its scorching temperatures. some of the current temperatures as we speak. 94 at this hour in brentwood, 90 in concord, ridiculous heat, a particular yeah. it walking around san francisco. it's a tease. you know what? it's nice in san francisco this hour. you know, it is way hotter everywhere else. thanks for being with us tonight on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. a heat advisory still in effect in some parts of the area. let's going to start with kron. 4 meteorologist dave spahr day. >> okay. good evening, folks. getting your buddy and what we're dealing with here is the astronomical start of summer illogical calendar. we started
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june first, but this is the longest day that we will see that in terms of minutes for the whole day. this is what we have temperature wise. you just vicki and grant talking about these lofty numbers still. and in the lower 90's, the sun just sets east bay shoreline. still looking at 80's san francisco at 83. only thing is we're getting bit of an onshore wind helping out that could be a big player as we get into tomorrow. and later this week, 77 up the petaluma santa lena. 94, that sting thing here. what happens is you have a little bit of a a a thermal gradient going on. that is the cooler air settles and up above for temporary moment. you get some warmer air. the kind of settles a little bit contrast with those temperatures, some dozen or so degrees in cases like san francisco ahead of where we were this time from yesterday. double digits up in the north bay and even for the east bay shoreline tonight. how good does it get? 74 antioch, that will take it all night to get their 67 conquered livermore east bay shoreline, even in
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the mid 60's opened at 62 that some hint of that marine layer sneaking in here. 59 for san francisco. what a trip to the humidity. just a little bit here. we can kind of see the footprints of marine layer coming back there. it is its bills over the whole bay. it will bring a little bit of fog and some scattered areas say oakland and maybe richmond, but not spread all very far beyond that. and certainly across the golden gate will get that that will mix out quickly. cold high tier all the way till wednesday evening. so we have a little effort from the marine layer working here. we will have those onshore winds to the work, their magic. we're losing the winds tonight. radiational cooling at night. but the thermal gradients for those higher elevations will notice it so much. then tomorrow morning, we pick up in the afternoon away. we go. this will be an onshore wind again bringing the cooler influence. still a lofty on those temperatures. and everybody still has that heat advisory going on as we talked about. it's not top 10 that that expires tonight. we're talking warm and mild clear 60's. all those plenty of 70's we showed you 50's of the coast for wednesday. hot
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again, 100 inland is still possible locations. minor bay cooling. the monsoon trust working here in the mid layers of the atmosphere go, you'll see a little bit of that in the south bay in the east bay, parts of the peninsula late in the day about this time of the day tomorrow, relaxing temperatures rest of the week. still summer 90's inland, a teaser 70's for the bay. here's where it is. the monsoon right now in the desert southwest. it's a develops in mexico spreads the moisture into the southwest. it rains. it evaporates reins of after eights keeps moving its way up to northern california. you can see it on future cast for again for tomorrow. we'll have some scattered clouds to make note of. the only thing we're worried about is love thunder showers. please grant. >> please, please. thank you, dave. the beach the place to be today for had the ability to get out there and stay cool. barely needed a wet suit. you still do it. this was a san francisco's ocean beach today where the midday temperature was a balmy comfy. 76, no fog, no wind. so many
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people coming out early to enjoy a beautiful first day of summer. >> and we're also tracking a brush fire that's forcing evacuations in san mateo county. the fire broke out this afternoon about 2.30, in the area of edgewood road in crestview drive just west of redwood city to 80 interstate there. cal fire says that it has burned about 25 acres at last check. our first justin campbell has the latest on the fire. >> firefighters now working to put out hot spots. but most of the burning and the heavy smoke from earlier when we arrived on the scene is now >> gone. how fire tells us that this fire started around 2.30, this afternoon, multiple 9-1-1, calls. >> still too early to determine the cause. investigators are here, but they say roughly 20 acres they bought it from the ground and the air with helicopters dropping water every few minutes. they say the queen
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wasn't necessarily a factor but the heat. no houses were destroyed. for this fire was it came very close to the pga. any substation now, power was actually knocked out at stanford university for some time now. fortunately. >> one firefighter was taken to the hospital. we don't have an update on that person's condition. as soon as we get that, we will be sure to let you know. >> they say they will stay here on the scene, fighting this fire to make sure that pain all night long. was up temperatures. soon as we get an update, we will be sure to pass along. >> reporting here in edgewood, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> meanwhile, all evacuation orders have been downgraded to warnings in this emerald hills area that happened within the last hour. as you can see, all of the areas in question are now in yellow. earlier there was some read that indicated
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the evacuation order as families were asked to go to an evacuation center in redwood city kron and harry was there talking with some of the people that decided to leave. >> some people i spoke to say they evacuated strictly as a precaution. others told me they could actually see smoke outside of their house. but you can see some people are ready for the long haul. they have their campers here. bay to stay at the evacuation center as long as they may need to. from my front deck, i had a few of them. tunnels coming way up it was not the happiest site booth. west korins says she lives a 3rd of a mile from edgewood park in redwood city. >> she says she was on the edge of the evacuation area but decided to evacuate just because she could see the smoke. she grabbed everything she thought she would need just enough clothes and electronics to manage a couple of days. and i because of fire
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season, i put my important documents in a safe deposit box. she also brought her dog august was goran says, although she was grateful to see helicopters doing fire abatement. >> august was scared. she says, although the fire has reached her home, she's concerned quite nervous. but that's out of my control. we've got great. >> fire departments working together. we've got law enforcement doing everything they can and we're, you know, got a great community and we're pulling together so different. where in good hands? and just trying to be proactive. linda kowalski says she couldn't see any fire. >> but there's a lot of dry grass in her area. so i came down here to be safe rather than sorry. she says she had no air conditioning or power without a television set with no power it's hard to stay informed. >> many people tell me at this point they have no idea just
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how long they're going to be here. but they say they're ready for whatever may happen in redwood city. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> probably not limited to fire thousands of pg and e customers saying 7 tail county have also lost power. his uni says it's still investigating what caused the outage. our kron four's taylor has more now from belmont. >> well, thankfully those temperatures have started to cool off, but power and outages are still spotty in this belmont area here in del mar heights near hallmark drive. you can see that the traffic light is still out and at some of the neighboring traffic lights as well. and it's not just the traffic signals that are out. of course, more than 5,000 people in this belmont neighborhood have been without power since about 3.50, this afternoon. many customers who live here say they received alerts that the power would be back on around 7 o'clock. >> but then received a second alert that it would take longer than originally anticipated to restore the power over all the neighborhoods been abnormally
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quiet. many neighbors probably staying inside to avoid the heat from earlier. however, we caught up with a couple people who decided to get some fresh air after the ac stopped >> so said all ok, but all set is terrible. yes, our for >> all have power. and cannot to live to gas to make. and that is very uncomfortable. but get you to think that sometimes we take things for granted them. we do miss him. we do. realize that, you know, who are privilege to have them. >> the genie says the cause of the outages is still under investigation and they hope to have power restored within the next few hours in belmont, taylor bisaki kron. 4 news. >> and here's the latest outage map in the area. the red indicating more than 5,000 customers are without power. the orange means 500 to 5,000
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are without power. so they're working to get things back in order, but still a big issue tonight from pg and thanks, at least in large part of that fire. as we turn now to our covid coverage. vaccinations are finally underway for those young kids who under the age of 5 years old. yet today, parents of the little ones lined up outside the santa clara county fairgrounds to get their kids vaccinated. >> for covid-19, our kron four's dan kerman reports on that. >> we have been waiting for this for so long. this could not come soon enough. parents are speaking about the approval of the covid-19 vaccine for those under the age of peace of mind is a big part of it. >> and i think the other part of it is sending them to kindergarten in the fall to a school that has made masks you know, gave me a lot of anxiety. and so now that they have, you know, or they will be fully vaccinated by the end of august in make school a
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scary tuesday, santa clara county began administering the shot for youngsters at the santa clara county fairgrounds. >> our son is already vaccinated. really waiting for a little one to complete the family. while some still have concerns about the shot for the young ones. >> all of these parents have no reservations. and doctors say that's for good reason. we do know that even if a child work to get covid, they would actually be much less likely to get severe disease. much less likely to be hospitalized. >> and much less likely to die if they had the vaccine. parents hope others will join them in getting their kids vaccinated. they say it really is opening up the world again. we have all been in a bubble since nelson's, you know, all this time trying to be careful of who is needed to careful going forward as >> but it nice and gives us some peace of mind that, you know, kennedys go out and venturing out a little bit more back in the society. >> if you plan to get your kids vaccinated at the county fairgrounds site. remember, it's by appointment only so
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you'll need to go online first and make an appointment in san jose. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> president biden is encouraging families to get all their kids vaccinated against covid. if they're eligible today, he. is it a vaccination clinic in washinnton, d.c., where some of the first shots were being given to those little kits under the age of 5. the president says his administration has partnered with local children's hospitals and pharmacies to try to heli get vaccine shots into arms. >> it's a very historic every american can. now access to lifesaving vaccine is not a trivial infection in children. >> i mean, we already have children within that age group from the beginning, 400 of them have died. that the first. >> residential adviser, doctor fauci also said parents should not hesitate to sign up. he says more contagious strains of the virus. make it clear that the added protection of a vaccine could help save a
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child's life. >> some state lawmakers want to social media companies to be more transparent about the information pushed out on their platforms. this comes in response to recent mass shootings and other forms of violence that lawmakers say were fueled by online hate kron. four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the effort. >> surrounded by images of recent violence across the country. california lawmakers announced a renewed effort to try to hold social media companies accountable for their role. social media platforms are enabling the spread of hate racism, extremism and violence. assembly member jesse gabriel is the author of ab 5.87. the bill would require social media companies to provide quarterly reports to the state attorney general on their content. moderation policies and data on enforcement action relating to hate speech racism. this information, extremism and threats of violence and somebody puts a post that goes viral and is getting a ton of interactions and a ton of eyeballs in your monetizing that and you leave it up there for 2 weeks and make a ton of money off it and then take it down after 2 weeks. have you really helped
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us every year the anti defamation league published survey results of hate and harassment online. the group released the latest numbers today. >> 65% of those from marginalized groups including jews, women, people of color have at some time experienced. based harassment online because of their identity. >> the bill has been stalled in the senate judiciary committee for about a year. opponents of the measure include the california chamber of commerce and tech net in their last letter to the committee, the groups wrote that bad actors could exploit the content. moderation policies and the reporting requirement would be burdensome. authors of the bill say it has bipartisan support and are aiming to send it to the governor's desk in a matter of weeks. we love tech. these are homegrown technologies in the state of california. but at the same time is our public obligation as lawmakers to ensure that we have a safe environment for everyone. the bills next hearing is scheduled for june
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28th at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. san francisco police meanwhile are ramping up patrols ahead of this weekend's pride parade. celebrations. >> they say there are not any credible threats, but this all comes as some cities have canceled their pride events over safety concerns earlier this month, police in idaho found 31 men packed into the back of a u haul with a smoke grenade. they're wearing shin guards and shields. nevada city canceled saturday's pride parade after a hate e-mail was sent to council members. there. the board president of san francisco pride says the board is working closely with law enforcement and local leaders to have safety plans in place. >> in a celebratory moment, there are folks who are not on our side and we have to continue to watch and be vigilant for our community. >> the san francisco pride festival will happen this saturday and sunday in front of city hall. the parade will make its way down market street sunday, starting at 10 in the morning. it's the first
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pride parade in san francisco in 2 years. and kron four's also celebrating pride with our special love will keep us together. hosted by r very own john shrable and taylor it airs thursday night at 6.30. well, the dream of buying a home for a lot of people in the bay area. unfortunately remains just that a dream, according to zillow, housing, affordability 15 year low and now demand is starting to slow down. but first, ella sogomonian reports on these current trends l a >> vicki and grant. we're specifically talking about existing home sales in the u.s. which have now gone down for a 4th straight month. but they're still in demand because people who are able to buy would rather get a house. it's ready to go then to invest the money and the time that it takes to build. people who want to buy a house are feeling the pressure higher interest rates are hovering at an average of 5.78% and income growth is lagging behind in
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response demand and sales are slowing down, but prices remain out of reach for many who dream to own a home, according to zillow as affordability drops lower than at any time since at least 2007 financial advisor, george to charity says existing home sales are down for a 4th straight month to 5.4 million across the entire u.s.. but it's not enough for significant price drop we need about 6 months of inventory for prices to go down for home buyers and existing homes. >> so what we're really seeing is, you know, lower sales. but price increases that we get out of this report. >> as less people buy, this pushes up the cost for rent to according to zillow, a typical rental in san francisco will cost you $3,214 up by 10.3% compared to last may. so the desperation is even greater to break ground trouble is the supply chain woes are making the cost of materials more expensive. that coupled with
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the labor shortage is another hurdle for new construction. a new home sales report is expected friday. >> mean time in an effort to try and help first-time home buyers. the california legislature passed a budget this week. that includes a proposal called california dream for all. and if it goes through, it would create a billion dollar fund to help cover 17% toward a down payment for low to moderate income families. then once the home buyer would either refinance or sell that home, the state would be reimbursed for the 17% share of the home value. we'll see what happens with that live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. >> take a look at this. said coyote was spotted last night in san francisco's outer richmond. one of our producers, jake shot this video at 39th in gary. he says the coyote walked up. 39 the lincoln park golf course. presumably the hit a few well,
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they've good rates that time. >> a cigarette crackdown, the major decision being considered by the biden administration to keep more people will smoke free. plus, abject failure. that's how one law enforcement official is calling the police response. the deadly school shooting in uvalde texas. how he says the tragedy could have been stopped in a matter of minutes. but first, the money saving option that uber is bringing back for the first time since the pandemic.
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>> uber shared rides are back in select cities, including san francisco, uber x share matches writers with other people along the way to discounted rate. the service was suspended for more than 2 years because of covid. uber plans to expand this to other locations. the summer. broadway is dropping its mask mandate as the busy summer season gets underway. the broadway league announced the new policy today saying >> masks will be optional. starting july 1st, some other performing arts venues, including many off broadway theaters continue to require masks and proof of vaccination. the new broadway policy will be reevaluated every month. competition,
9:24 pm
meanwhile, is heating up for a low cost airline. jetblue airways has raised its offer to purchase spirit airlines valuing the company at more than 3 and a half billion dollars. spirit is looking at multiple airlines after agreeing in february to a merger with fellow budget carrier, frontier airlines. shareholders of spirit are set to vote on the frontier merger at the end of the month. spirit had previously opposed that jetblue deal doubting federal regulators would agree to it. >> up next on kron, 4 news at 9, the search is over for new police chief in one east bay city. we're going to introduce you to pittsburgh's at the top cop. plus, january 6 committee continuing its hearing on the violent attack. the u.s. capitol, how they say former president trump pressured election officials in key states that first the tragedy in uvalde, texas, the long list of mistakes unveiled in a hearing today that were allegedly made during the police response.
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big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. >> the on scene commander. waited for radio. pulls. he waited for shields. waited for slot. lastly, he waited for key that was never needed. >> the serving in dramatic testimony today at a special hearing in texas. one of the state's top officials blaming the failed response to the
9:28 pm
uvalde massacre squarely on the shoulders of the on scene commander. this comes as new details about the police response were released today. multiple reports say you've all day officers have the fire power. they have the equipment to breach the classrooms where? >> 21 people died. most of them young and they didn't go in for nearly an hour. kelsey kernstine has more. >> doctors had weapons. the children had none. the officers had body armor. the children had doubles that training the subject. colonel steven mccraw, the head of the texas department of public safety slamming the local police in uvalde for failing to act for more than an hour. >> to say the lives of defenseless children. >> the only thing stopping the hallway of dedicated officers from one 11. and one 12 was the on scene commander. we decided place the lives of officers for the lives of children. mccraw calling out the schools chief of police, pete arredondo who allegedly
9:29 pm
told his officers >> to stand down. it's difficult because chief heard on those not here today. >> so came in the active in that way that i can understand the thought process of someone that made several decisions with the resources that >> he had not to advance into the classroom, take the shooter down and save the kids that were still a lot of tuesday's hearing laid out a series of issues to start once the school went into lockdown, it was impossible. >> because few doors could not be locked from the inside. the gunman walked straight through across as within 3 minutes of officers arriving. they should have entered the school and save those children. another failed opportunity. the 19 mark shields arrived for added protection. mccraw says there's no excuse, in fact, preliminary evidence suggests none of the officers had even attempted to open the school doors until one hour and 14 minutes in every shield protect the shooter. you have time for shield.
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>> following the deadly columbine shooting. tactical changes were made in the way law enforcement response to active school shooters. >> in across as law enforcement failed on every count. >> mistakes were made. it should have never happened that way. and and we can't allow that ever to happen. our profession that said the set our profession back a decade. >> that was kelly kerns steen reporting for us tonight in the days and the weeks after the shooting authorities gave conflicting and incorrect accounts of what exactly happened. across shared lawmakers, everything i have testified today is corroborated. i was a quote. >> in washington, d.c., a bipartisan group of senators is trying to lock down new gun safety legislation. a democratic senate negotiator says an agreement could be out soon. no specifics have been released on a final compromise. but there are reports saying senators had to resolve language about several key issues like funding for
9:31 pm
red flag laws. the legislation lawmakers have been working towards would toughen background checks for the youngest gun buyers require more sellers to conduct background checks and beef up penalties on gun traffickers. it would also provide money to states and communities aimed at improving school safety and mental health. senators were hoping to take a procedural vote today so they could vote on the final bill before the july 4th recess begins on thursday. we'll keep you posted on their progress there. meanwhile, oakland is launching a new program to cut down on shootings today the city council approved legislation that would fund and develop a gun buyback strategy. the action comes about a week after the city and community partners held a successful guns to gardens event in east oakland. these are pictures of just some of the guns that were turned over. city. officials say that event helped remove 131 guns from oakland's streets.
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>> 2 teens from or satter in custody tonight in the east bay. they are accused of stealing a minivan in livermore. it is this gray honda odyssey. police say that they responded to a report of an armed carjacking about 9 o'clock last night on west jack london boulevard just across from the san francisco premium outlet. the victim told police that he was practicing parking and driving his dad's minivan when a silver mazda 5 pulled up next to the van. well, the victim said that one of the suspects pointed a rifle teigen at him. police arrested an 18 year-old and a 16 year-old. they're still looking for a 3rd suspect. city of pittsburgh has named a new police chief today, the city's manager named captain steve albany's as the city's top cop. albany's was born in pittsburgh and has worked. and the pittsburgh police department for the past. 25 years, he was among the top 5
9:33 pm
candidates following a nationwide search by recruiting from albany's will assume his new role on july 14th, former chief brian addington retired last month. cosby has been found guilty of sexually abusing a 16 year-old girl at the playboy mansion in 1975. >> today the la county jury delivered the verdict in favor of judy houston awarded the now. 64 year-old $500,000. no punitive compensation was awarded. today's verdict comes nearly a year after his pennsylvania criminal conviction for assault was thrown out and he was freed from prison. a passenger plane caught fire here after landing it. miami international airport. officials say the fire was caused by. collapsing landing gear mechanism on a red air flight arriving from santo domingo today, 16126
9:34 pm
people, rather, we're on board. 3 of them had to go to the hospital with minor injuries. >> elon musk is one step closer to buying twitter. twitter's board unanimously recommending that shareholders approve the proposed 44 billion dollars sale most telling twitter employees last week that he wanted to move forward with the acquisition despite he's concerned about the number of fake accounts on the platform. twitter will hold a special shareholder meeting too. vote on the acquisition in the coming months. shares of twitter remain far below musk's offering price raising serious questions about whether sale will actually go through. biden administration wants to help smokers quit under a new proposal. the fda put limit on the amount of nicotine in cigarettes and other tobacco products. the goal is to prevent people from getting addicted and therefore give smokers a better shot at quitting. the white house is hoping the policy reduces cancer deaths as well. but the plan does face some
9:35 pm
challenges. it would take a year for the fda to actually come up with a rule. plus, it is expected to get pushed back from. the tobacco industry. health officials in contra costa county are warning about large blooms of blue-green algae. >> the state water resources control board recently sampled water at discovery bay after a person and a dog got sick testing of the water revealed elevated levels of harmful algae. health officials say you should keep kids and pets on shore away from the blooms of possible and don't touch or handle algae. and the water that comes up to the shoreline. it is also on safe to drink or cook with the water in these areas where the fish or shellfish, they say caught in or near those waters. >> well, here's one way to keep your kids really active straight ahead. we're going to take you to a summer camp that combines an important lesson on fire safety. plenty of fun. >> we variety of temperatures going on tomorrow. 77, san
9:36 pm
francisco. 95, though, for open with some afternoon evening. scattered clouds will have that forecast. the giants go back and forth with the braves in wild. one. the atl sports director bus has highlights if you're ready for runs. (music throughout) wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers.
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and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the giants have lost 2 games in a row trying to get back in the win column. but they will have to do so against the hottest team in baseball. the atlanta braves capping company trying to find some consistency. they've been up and down a bit. this season was cut. this will help top of the second couple runners on austin winds toward the corner. and that is just a fair three-run home run for nothing giant. 3 rbi for 3 hits 4 rbi for when its bottom of the 3rd, the matt olson. that coming back a right to center 3 run homerun brains. take a 5, 4 lead, all son's 9th home run of the season at the center for the 4th luis gonzalez flies one center. brandon crawford is tagging. he's on his horse. but he's thrown out at the plate. however, they would review it.
9:40 pm
it's over turned, but brandon crawford gets injured in the process, knee contusion. he will get an mri. tomorrow's bottom of the 4th, one of the young stars in the majors, ronald junior. that is a second decker over there at truist park. first. that blast gives the braves the lead. 6 inning bases loaded for your strategy for my kids stretch. he slaps one to right scores. a couple runs. come on in to score. he gets he gets thrown out at the plate. however, the giants take a to set. now it's 10, a giant in the night. flores. he goes the other way for was so club for him last year showing us he still got it have a longer henri austin slater score floor as he gets thrown out at second. but not before the giants take a 4 run lead in. that ended up being all they would need. san francisco holds on to win 12 to 10 12. it was a wild one in a t all right. i'm still tired
9:41 pm
from that championship run and the ensuing parade. guess what? not time for sleep because the draft is thursday. we have to shift our attention to that immediately. the dubs have 3 picks. 28 51. 55. there has been some reports that >> they're looking to trade a few of those picks, but really who knows. we'll hear from steve kerr bob myers on wednesday. and then bob, again on thursday after the draft >> has left the building and this time it feels like for good rob gronkowski announced tuesday on social media. he's retiring from the nfl. this is the second time the 33 year-old has retired from the league did so after the 2018 season when he was with the patriots because of injuries, he has 92 total touchdowns. best 12th most in nba nba. we've been talking battle so long in nfl history. 3rd, most at the tight end position behind antonio gates and tony
9:42 pm
gonzales. all righty that and you look at sports. we'll be right back after a quick break.
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>> a nice pay about 70 bart employees are on the scene right now of a partial train derailment happened in concord. and it appears that today's hot weather may have played a role in this massive happened during the evening commute near hastings drive and david avenue, according to
9:45 pm
bart, the hot weather caused the track to, quote, curve. 50 riders were safely evacuated from the train and firefighters reported some minor injuries. witnesses on the train said the car felt like it. he's jumped off the track, a bus bridge between the concord and pleasant hill stations will run through the remainder of the night. part is also saying it will not get the service back in time for the start of tomorrow's morning commute at 05:00am least. >> on their 4th public hearing this morning, the house committee investigating the january 6th attack focused on former president trump's pressure campaign against state and local election officials. members use video testimony to. >> try to show how trump use false claims of voter fraud to fuel the pressure which they say led directly to this capitol attack. kron four's washington, d.c., correspondent jessi turnure reports. good evening.
9:46 pm
>> top officials in 2 key battleground republicans stress they voted for trump but refused to do anything illegal for him despite receiving serious threats. >> the punishment for treason. >> video showed supporters of former president donald trump got making threats of violence following his claims of red 2020 election results wishing death upon >> me that, you i'll be in jail with my mother, this pressure campaign on state and local election officials in key battleground states became the focus of tuesday's january 6 committee hearing. i just want to 11,000, 780 loves. what i knew was that we didn't have any votes to find georgia's top election official, a republican secretary of state brad raffensperger responded to his now infamous call with trump. >> telling the committee his office conducted 300 investigations into the state's election results and
9:47 pm
recount its votes. 3 times and still certified president joe biden's win. the new that we have followed the law. follow the constitution. arizona's gop house speaker rusty bowers also explained how he pushed back against trump's demands. i said you're asking me >> to do something that's never been done in history. trump's actions in georgia are also the subject of a grand jury investigation. >> what the district attorney expected to announce findings later this year. while the committee cannot charge trump with any crimes. vice chair republican liz cheney made it clear there has to be accountability. donald trump. >> did not care about the threats of violence. >> and over the weekend at a rally, trump continued to attack the committee's work and falsely claimed that he won the 2020 election in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> i'm whether time now address our 4 zone forecast give you a live look at san francisco on this toast the evening. first day of summer.
9:48 pm
>> happy solstice. longest day of the year. finally dark out there. meteorologist dave spahr with us with a check of the 4 zone forecast. the sun was overhead completely overhead at the florida straits today so that we've been maisel site there, east bay shoreline, all lit up carpet of lights, if you will going on tonight. here's a look at our temperatures. 90 brentwood livermore at this hour. 80's even on the east bay shoreline. 87 valais, whoa, where's the air conditioner here? 75 the bottle. petaluma. you've got 72 right now. now we'll get some help in the marine layer a little tonight. little bit of that fog to try to sneak in for tonight by tomorrow. yeah, it's mixed out, but at least will give us some relief overnight in some selective spots right across the golden gate and a splash on the east bay shoreline. tonight, 59 for san francisco. 62 for oakland, 65 san jose. just a little bit in the way of some patchy fog and clear mild down the south bay. what we're watching in the desert southwest is the already start to the monsoon other season for them starts
9:49 pm
about june. 15th. so we're already in that season, of course, just barely. we don't really get that until august and september, but sometimes in july when get it as well. so what we're getting in the form of some scattered clouds for the south bay in the east bay, always a concern with this because the mid layers of the atmosphere goes over the mountains causes the force up of that moisture. and sometimes you can spark off some dry thunder showers, which can be problematic. so for the wake-up planner tomorrow, cool at the coast. warm elsewhere. 68 for a lot of those inland spots by noon hot inland, 92 building building. then in the afternoon at 3 o'clock. 98 going there are plenty of see notes to be had 68 at the coast. 83 for the bay. that's going to your 4 zone forecast for tomorrow. there are some changes now compared to today. 77 in san francisco, a little better. a lot of 70's still the coast looks like the beach will be nice for tomorrow, too. looks like 79 san bruno, 89 burlingame, 90 for foster city. 83 san carlos. 99, palo alto milpitas. 89 92 campbell
9:50 pm
and 99 for cupertino, east bay shoreline. nowhere to middle 80's, but still the couple in the east bay looking at those upper 90's for tri valley to near 100 walnut creek, danville, 99, san ramon, 100, the late host, still quite warm at 83 93 for napa in santa rosa comes in at 85. there is improvement, though, later this week. it will still be summer outside. some of those scattered clouds going on tomorrow. lower 90's. by the time we get to friday into saturday, 88 there on tuesday. if you're headed to the mountains, by the way, you make a pickup or stray shower as we start to get into early next week, grant and vicki. all right. thank you, dave, did we mention it's the first day of summer and on this day, some children in the central valley had a unique opportunity to learn up close about. >> fire safety all while having a good time. good thing to learn. firefighters in roseville, they hosted a camp for kids. reporter wallace. check to that.
9:51 pm
>> with >> fire hoses in hand, these kids got the real deal today. this drill just one of several exercises, the more than 50 11 to 14 year-olds took part in throughout the day at the roseville fire. kids can't. it's super fun. that's how camp really need or describes her experience on this second day of the nearly weeklong camp at the roseville fire training center education, all and fun year to make new friends and everything educational and fun all led by firefighters as being safe in this kind of eyes firefighters. obviously, we're very cognizant of the weather on a regular basis. so we do our best have the kids learn that as well and be aware of how to handle themselves and how included in the training. a lesson teaching repelled down this 5 story. building laney, help guide this reporter through it all for 5 stories up here with make your 12 year-old lanny and laney. how many times you've done this just a day.
9:52 pm
>> 3 times, 3 port. i'm showing so we go. yeah. all what if our part about this camp? >> like classrooms heavily keep people safe limit show and the babysitting part. >> ok, so here we are repellent. what are some pointers that you have for and for anybody wants to do some repellent. >> well, first of try not to go that and to hold on to the caribbean. there's hear her advice was spot on because, well, we made it all the way down to land safely. all right. you did a great job and on this, the first day of summer, campers also learn about fire dangers and preparedness. a huge part of this cap is teaching the kids how to work with live fire and >> putting it out. >> we're always on alert year-round, but definitely with the summer. and he fires are everyday. got to be careful. we got to be safe.
9:53 pm
now firefighters are always ready to get out there whenever bells go off, what do you want people out there know about firefighters? >> that they do a lot of work to keep us safe. and that we should be more respectful to them to take away. she and her peers will keep close to them with some now to one day grow up. >> enjoy the next generation. a fireplace. in roseville, a ton wallace. >> this thing is not a researchers are calling that sting. ray, the heaviest freshwater fish on record. how much it weighs in. where was much it weighs in. where was caught? much it weighs in. where was caught? that was quick. and rewarding. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. that means i earn on my bug spray and my sunscreen. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait. i also earn 5% on travel purchased through chase on this rental car.
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>> a considered heaviest freshwater fish on record here in talking about heading ny, shutting that thing with this. it's more than you could even one sitting. that's for sure. stingrays, your jam. 61 pounds. the female was caught last week in cambodia and scientists electronically tagged and released it back into the wrist repair the next a look at that and i didn't know he lived in rivers, planning, kiss. yeah. i mean, i associate stingrays with salt water. sure, but i don't know a ton about cambodian. see what i look at that. they're going go. all right. and that'll do it for us on
9:57 pm
kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. he that. yeah. appreciate you being with us. happy first day of summer. ken and pam are here with a look ahead tonight kron. 4 news at 10 busy bless >> but it for his summer allergy season and a lot of people have that too. yeah, it's been very busy day grant. lots going they heat the fires. power outages all kinds of stuff. thank you very guys. >> so coming up. are telling you where things stand tonight with fire crews as fought that big fire that broke out on the peninsula, lead to some evacuations. >> we're live on the peninsula where those evacuation orders have just been lifted. plus, a bart train off the tracks in the east bay. dozens evacuated. some injured. the latest on that investigation and when he going to let up on this first day of summer? meteorologist dave spahr has the forecast. stay with us. kron. 4 news at 10 is next.
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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 and the first day of summer brings triple digit temperatures and sections of the bay area. the beach was the best place today to stay cool. this was


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