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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  June 22, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news. 4. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here at 04:00am on this wednesday morning. it is june 22nd. i'm james fletcher. appreciate you being here. hopefully found a way to stay cool. yesterday it was pretty warm to say the least. i know it was blistering out my neck of the woods in the east bay. john, how about today? good morning. it was a tough one yesterday. i don't know if i felt that way. this getting the sleep last night out the easiest, but today not quite as hot as yesterday. so there is that at least a bit of a silver lining. >> we're still going to be really, really warm, though. highs climbing into the upper
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90's for inland areas as warm as the low 90's for some spots right along the bay shore a little bit cooler out along the coastline where we sitting right now fairly mild morning 60's and 70's san jose, san mateo concord in pittsburgh still holding on to the 70's at 04:00am this morning never left him last night and a likely to see a couple of these numbers dropping down into the 60's that are still fairly warm. but yes, very warm. start to this morning. now, as we work our way through today, we are going to see ample sunshine continuing temperatures today will fail to reach the triple digits for most areas. there's a bit of good news because we have a lot of those triple digits yesterday and we did have some records broken as well. i've got the full forecast on what to expect ahead of us and a look back at how how we got yesterday. all still to come over to you, james. all right, john, thank you. quick check of the roads this morning. not a lot going on, as you might imagine here at 04:00am pretty light ride at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound 80. the traffic, as you can see,
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nonexistent as you make your way into san francisco. let's jump over to the san mateo bridge again. highway 92 connecting hayward in foster city on the peninsula moving just fine, both directions traveling at the limit for you this morning. let's jump to the north. the richmond, sandra fell bridge where west bound 5.80, along this particular stretch at the bridge toll plaza on the richmond side looks pretty uneventful. that's the way we like it here at this early hour. >> really the only thing we're seeing up in the north bay is a of solo vehicle accident on highway. 29 northbound, right near a mall avenue in napa. that's about it, though. they had a tow truck headed there. that should be cleared up pretty quick. final stop for you. golden gate bridge one. 0, one northbound southbound doesn't matter. you're making good time. we'll have more weather and traffic checks here in a minute. now, let's get back to the news and on the peninsula. evacuation orders have been lifted now after a brush fire broke out yesterday afternoon at the san mateo county, san mateo county area. so that fire broke out in the area of edgewood road and crestview drive. we put an indicator here on the map. it
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was just west of redwood city near interstate to 80. a new update cal fire says on twitter that it has burned about 25 acres. it's 5% contained right now on kron four's. justin campbell has more on that progress. >> how fire tells us that this fire started around 2.30, people, 9-1-1, calls. >> still too early to determine the cause. investigators are here, but they say roughly 20 acres bonds. they bought it from the ground and the air with helicopters dropping water every few minutes. they say the queen wasn't necessarily a factor, but the heat. no houses were destroyed. the concern for this fire was it came very close to the pga. any substation now, power was actually knocked out at stanford university for some time now. fortunately. >> one firefighter was taken to the hospital. we don't have an update on that person's condition. as soon as we get that, we will be sure to let you know.
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>> they say they will stay here on the scene, fighting this fire to make sure that is soon as we get an update, we will be sure to pass that along. >> reporting here in edgewood, justin camper kron, 4 news. >> well, all evacuation orders have been downgraded to warnings in the emerald hills area. families were asked to go to an evacuation center and city yesterday kron four's amanda hari was there talking to some of the folks who decided to get out while they could. >> some people i spoke to say they evacuated strictly as a precaution. others told me they could actually see smoke outside of their house. but you can see some people are ready for the long haul. they have their campers here, bay to stay at the evacuation center as long as they may need to. from my front deck, i had a few of tunnels coming way up it was not the happiest site booth. west korins says she lives a 3rd of a mile from edgewood park in redwood city.
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>> she says she was on the edge of the evacuation area but decided to evacuate just because she could see the smoke. she grabbed everything she thought she would need just enough clothes and electronics to manage a couple of days. and i because of fire season, i put my important documents in a safe deposit box. she also brought her dog august was goran says, although she was grateful to see helicopters doing fire abatement. >> august was scared. she says, although the fire hasn't reached her home, she's concerned quite nervous. but that's out of my control. we've got great. >> fire departments working together. we've got law enforcement doing everything they can. and we're, you know, got a great community and we're pulling together so different. where in good hands? and just trying to be proactive. linda kowalski says she couldn't see any fire, but there's a lot of dry grass in
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her area. so i came down here to be safe rather sorry. she says she had no air conditioning or power without a television set with no power >> it's hard to stay informed. >> many people tell me at this point they have no idea just how long they're going to be here. but they say they're ready for whatever may happen in redwood city. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> what's not only fire but thousands of pg e customers in san mateo county, as you just heard, lost power yesterday. piccini says it's still investigating the cause of that outage in kron. four's taylor per second has more on that part of the story. >> here in del mar heights near hallmark drive. you can see that the traffic light is still out and at some of the neighboring traffic lights as well. and it's not just the traffic signals that are out. of course, more than 5,000 people in this belmont neighborhood have been without power since about 3.50, for many customers who live here say they received alerts that the power would be back on around 7 o'clock. >> but then received a second
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alert that it would take longer than originally anticipated to restore the power over all the neighborhoods been abnormally quiet. many neighbors probably staying inside to avoid the heat. however, we caught up with a couple people who decided to get some fresh air after the ac stopped >> so is all ok, but all set is terrible. yes, our for >> all have power. and cannot to live to asked to make. and that is very uncomfortable. but get you to think that sometimes we take things for granted in. we do miss him. we do. realize that, you know, who are privilege to have them. >> in belmont, taylor bisaki kron. 4 news. >> this is the latest outage map in the area. the green area indicating less than 50 people are without power. the orange area indicating where
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500 to 5,000 people are without power right now. also happening this morning, bart is working feverishly to fix a section of track that caused the train to partially derail in the concord area. yesterday. unfortunately, it doesn't look like they're going to get that work done in time before the morning commute. so this will likely impact. you're right through that part of the east bay. so let's get to the video that rain. >> derailed during the evening commute right near hastings drive. and david avenue, hart says yesterday's hot weather caused the track too curve. 50 riders were safely evacuated from that train. and firefighters did report some. >> minor injuries. witnesses on the train say that the car felt like it jumped the tracks. >> basically the old par with flying right up in the air. and then like everyone was freaking out like a roller coaster, something, you know. >> bart says the opposite side of the track wasn't damage. so the route that rain will be running on that side. but it is probably going to cause
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some slowdowns today and service. well, pride events are being canceled in certain parts of the country. not because of covid because of threats, for instance, a pride dance party in nevada city was canceled this past weekend for safety concerns. meanwhile, a just a few days san francisco will be having its first pride parade in 2 years. kron four's rob nesbitt explains what's being done now to try to keep those celebrating safe. >> san francisco pride is expecting as many as 1 million people to gather on market street for the pride parade on sunday, hoping the message of love out signs that of hate. it's been a long way for pride to go from a virtual celebration to in person, rainbow flags and cheers. coming back to the streets of san francisco this weekend. while some are focusing on coming together, there are groups all over the u.s. trying to divide a rhetoric that board president of san francisco pride. carolyn, why singer says is not new in a celebratory moment. there are folks who are not on our side and we have to continue to watch and be vigilant for our
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community earlier this month, 31 men were arrested in idaho and charged with conspiracy to riot after they were found packed in the back of the u haul with a smoke grenade. shin guards and shields on their way to a pride event. >> in nevada, city, a pride dance was canceled saturday city council member daniella fernandez says there were safety concerns about the event after hate mail was sent to council members. violent expressions of homophobia. >> i'm calling council members really horrifying, homophobic memes. san francisco police say they are ramping up patrols ahead of pride celebrations in the city. >> they say there are no credible threats, but they are staff to handle all calls of service this weekend. why singer says the pride board works closely with law enforcement and local leaders to have safety plans in place. but people know where where have your state your party kind of go on to amplify that message love and celebration because we don't want to give them the validity of spending all day. talking about in the san francisco pride festival will be happening saturday and sunday in front of city hall. the parade makes its way down market street sunday starting at 10:00am. >> in san francisco, i'm rob
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nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> and don't forget, kron 4 is also celebrating pride with our televised special. it's entitled love will keep us together hosted by our own john shrable and crawford's taylor's sacking who you just saw a moment ago. it's set to air tomorrow night at 6.30. please join us for it. well, june is also men's health month and we have some daily tips that men can use to take care of their did day-to-day well-being, regular visits to a doctor are, of course, very important to check for chronic health issues that aren't obvious, especially when it comes to the early stages of prostate cancer or heart issues for men. it's important to take responsibility for checking in on yourself. so the treatable health issues don't fly under the radar. >> even when men are having a heart attack, we see them sometimes drive themselves to the hospital. and it's just i think it's just part of our culture. and i think, you know, as we go forward, i do think men are reaching out and taking more of an interest in they're preventive health and
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we really do encourage that. >> and when it comes to mental health, talking to a primary care doctor could be a great way to be connected with resources and they can provide mental health advice during regular checkups to. we'll take a break as we're coming up on 4.12 this morning. the cost of building affordable housing hitting 1 million dollars per unit. we're going to tell you what the record-setting amount means. >> for the future of building and covid shots are available for the youngest americans. now all across the country will tell you how one south bay covid center is helping families with vaccination. and lawmakers have made a deal on a bipartisan package on gun reform. why many say it's a big step forward for the country.
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>> for 15 is the time. let's get another check of the weather here with in the weather center yesterday. we know it got up to the triple digits. it was extremely hot out the tri valleys where i was to break any records, though we've broken a few of them, james. yeah, yeah. we saw some triple digits out there for some areas that usually see triple digits on at least the first day of summer as a foe broke a record yesterday getting up to 98 degrees. oakland, you tied a record at 98 as well. santa rosa and napa each up to 104 yesterday in san jose. breaking a record by one degree up degrees yesterday. so historically warm one for a lot of the bay area to kick
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off summer yesterday. here's a little bit of good news. those 3 digit numbers that a lot of us saw yesterday not going to be seeing so many of those today. temperatures are backing off the very hottest of highs today, which is definitely good news for anyone that wants to step outside this afternoon. wasn't so comfortable to be doing that know here monsoonal moisture sparking up a severe line of thunderstorms just east of bakersfield right over there in the southern sierra nevada, down along the grapevine. so if you are heading down that direction today, at least those thunderstorms are coming along with rain, dry thunderstorms this time of year. do increase your risk of fire danger. now, as far as we go right now, skies are pretty clear. and right, a little bit of that monsoonal moisture cloud cover is going to work its way over the bay later on today. shouldn't do anything for us, though, except for help to keep temperatures. just a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. so do expect a few passing clouds later on today. as for tomorrow on into
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friday, temperatures will continue to gradually be a little less hot. we're still going to be warm into the weekend. just not as warm as yesterday was nor as warm as today is about to be a heat watch in effect for solano county until 10:00pm tonight. rest of the bay area is out of that heat if you remember yesterday, almost all of us were lit up in those peach use 60's to 70's for san francisco. that's cooler than yesterday's 80's to 90's were 60's and 70's at the coastline and a range of 80's for most of our bayshore cities saying carlos redwood city down the mountain view still hanging on to the low to mid 90's today, san jose at 96 degrees for your daytime high. looking at mostly highs back into the 90's across the east bay, oakland, a cool down for you down to 82 degrees from yesterday's record breakers. i showed you at the top of the forecast now. tomorrow, friday, saturday, sunday, all in the 90's still. but look at the change from the upper 90's today to just barely making
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the low 90's by the weekend they cite cities from the mid 80's today to just the upper 70's by the start of the weekend and coastal spots from the 70's to the 60's. so generally we are seeing a cooldown that's not going to get us back to really, really comfortable weather. but it does get us back to at least less hot weather. by the time we do reach those days that you want to get back outside. back to you. james. john, thank you very much. let's quickly check the roads out there this morning. and no surprise, there's hardly any traffic out there. >> here's the bay bridge toll plaza camera where you can see traffic is moving without any issue here through the toll gates themselves. no problems on the span as you head into san francisco, the san mateo bridge, just checking the chp lot. nothing to report on either side of this bridge. so we're looking good on the east bay will look good on the peninsula on both ends of the stretch of highway 92 as you make your way across the water. we're also looking at a pretty easy ride to the north. this is our west bound 5.80, commute. as you approach the richmond, sandra fell bridge toll plaza. no problems here. and it's an easy ride all the
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way into bergen county, where our north bay commuters are finding some pretty light conditions here on one. 0, one, your ride from santa rosa all the way down into san francisco. pretty uneventful. and that's an example. fight here on the golden gate bridge. we have just a handful headlights making their way into the city this morning. more weather and traffic check in a bit. now, let's get back to the news. and some state lawmakers want social media companies to be more transparent about the information pushed out on their platforms. this comes in response to recent mass shootings and other forms of violence which lawmakers say were fueled by online hate. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what they're doing. >> surrounded by images of recent violence across the country. california lawmakers announced a renewed effort to try to hold social media companies accountable for their role. social media platforms are enabling the spread of hate racism, extremism and violence. assembly member jesse gabriel is the author of ab 5.87. the bill would require social media companies to provide
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quarterly reports to the state attorney general on their content. moderation policies and data on enforcement action relating to hate speech racism. this information, extremism and threats of violence and somebody puts a post that goes viral and is getting a ton of interactions and a ton eyeballs in your monetizing that and you leave it up there for 2 weeks and make a ton of money off it and then take it down after 2 weeks. have you really helped us every year the anti defamation league publishes survey results of hate and harassment online. the group released the latest numbers. 65% of those from marginalized groups including jews, women, people of color have at some time experienced. based harassment online because of their identity. the bill has been stalled in the senate judiciary committee for about a year. opponents of the measure include the california chamber of commerce and tech net in their last letter to the committee, the groups wrote that bad actors could exploit the content. moderation policies and the reporting requirement would be burdensome. authors of the
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bill say it has bipartisan support and are aiming to send it to the governor's desk in a matter of weeks. we love tech. these are homegrown technologies in the state of california. >> but at the same time, it is our public obligation as lawmakers to ensure that we have a safe environment for everyone. the bills next hearing is scheduled for june 28th at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. well, lawmakers have apparently struck a deal when it comes to gun reform. a new law could be passed this week. as a matter of fact. >> the bipartisan package has been at the center of debate since the deadly uvalde school shooting in texas. we have hannah brandt joining us live from dc with the latest on this. a major development. hanna, good morning. >> james, good morning. walk. this package covers a range of things from red flag. last background checks to gun trafficking. and last night the senate took a procedural vote on it were 14 republicans joined every democrat in voting to move it forward.
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>> in the weeks since the devastating shooting at a uvalde texas elementary school received tens of thousands of calls and letters and e-mails. singular message. do something. and now congress is on the brink of doing something on tuesday. republican senator john cornyn and democratic senator chris murphy announced a final deal on gun legislation is a breakthrough and more importantly, it's a bipartisan. breakthrough. the package would enhanced background checks. you've states money to strengthen red-flag laws, toughen gun trafficking penalties and expand mental health resources. democrats in the president still want to see tougher gun control. but senate leader chuck schumer cheered their farms as lifesaving progress. while it's not everything we want. this legislation is urgently needed and it seems likely to pass with support from more than the 10 republicans that will need. senator roy blunt says he takes compromise to get bipartisan work like this done was finding a place where
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people can come together and make something happen. and supporters say this package is something big, something that is. >> capable of becoming a law. something that we'll have the potential to save lives. >> and senate leadership is planning to move quickly on this package. they want to vote to pass it by the end of this week before lawmakers leave for a 2 week recess live in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> thank you very much. and we'll see what happens for. 23 is the time. we'll take a quick break. coming up next, though, on the kron 4 morning news bay area residents may soon get a surprise. her rideshare, the money saving option that uber is bringing back for the first time since the pandemic. 4.26. is the
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time. check this out. uber's shared rides are back in select cities and that includes san francisco. >> uber x share matches riders with others along the way at a discounted fare. now the service was suspended for more than 2 years because of covid concerns. but uber says it plans to expand it to other locations this summer as a way of hopefully saving a little bit of money as gas prices are going through the roof. well, competition is heating up for a low cost airline. jetblue airways has raised its offer to purchase spirit airlines valuing the company more than 3 and a half billion dollars. spirit is looking at multiple
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airlines after agreeing in february to a merger with fellow budget carrier, frontier airlines. shareholders of spirit are set to vote on the frontier merger at the end of the month spirited previously opposed a jetblue deal doubting that federal regulators. i would agree to it. see where it goes. we'll take a break at 4.27. still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news as the bay area sees record high hot temperatures. brush fires are a thing that we're getting more and more worried about. we'll tell you how firefighters are trying to stay one step ahead. >> of wildfires this summer. heidi covey: so, i have an eye disease that causes blindness. i have moments where i get a little bit sad because i just can't see things that i used to. dr. stanley taught me to trust in the lord even when you don't want to. god is such a faithful father. nothing that happens to us isn't without his eye upon it.
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>> we are back in at 4.30. let's check in with john. find out how hot it's going to be today. hopefully not as hot as it was yesterday because i've had my fill john to be just one day of summer and we're tied. we do with those triple digits anymore. and hey, we are out of the triple digits today. we're still going to be hot but not as hot. those are 3 key words right there and will continue to be a little less hot on into the rest of the week, too. so the remaining we will be more comfortable bay bridge in the distance. definitely breezy right there along the embarcadero. we do have the return of some impact today and that is good, especially results in a dip in temperatures near the coastline and right along the bay inland areas, you're still going to be uncomfortably warm in the upper 90's. >> oakland, you're at 64 right now. in the meantime, conquered pittsburgh as well as san jose still


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