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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 22, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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and good good sauce? i call them roost fries. but you might call them “hey! get your own!” try my $4.00 roost fries. order on the jack app today. >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> breaking news now at 8 o'clock. and look at this. a brush fire in san jose still burning and also causing some significant traffic delays. although the lanes are now open in that area. thank you for joining us tonight for kron. 4 news at 8. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. that fire is burning off highway 2.37. in north san jose. want to show you again some of the video from about 45 minutes ago. >> we'll see a lot of smoke causing visual problems for drivers trying to get through that area. the smoke is
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blowing right across the freeway. 2 lanes were closed for a while. all of the lanes are now back open. we're still working to learn just how many acres of fire has burned and just how it started. we are also following the latest out of solano county. that's where firefighters are working to put out a fire that has now grown to 110 acres at last check. >> it is 65% contained. fire is burning north of vacaville near the small city of winters and near the yolo county line will show you some video from that fire. this video showing fire trucks at the scene there. heavy smoke in the area. fire crews calling this the wind to fire. cal fire says several structures are in danger in that area. know. >> injuries have been reported. the winds in the vacaville area are beginning to intensify, potentially complicating the fire fight. fires also burning just west of 5, 0, 5, if you're taking 80 to try to get up toward reading, that's you. take 5, 0, 5. it's near grant avenue, though. the fire is burning in solano county is right near
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the yolo county line. and officials are warning people they may be seeing smoke of the driving on 5, 0, 5, so once again, that fire burning 110 acres. 65 1% contained at last check. evacuation orders have been downgraded now to warnings only this affects residents on when to weigh and campos lane in winters. this map shows the evacuation warning area. it is north of vacaville and east of late >> but now the evacuation is voluntary. of course, this is a developing situation and we will continue to bring you updates as soon as additional information comes into our and some tense moments in san mateo county followed by a big sigh of relief. firefighters made significant progress as a tackle that edgewood fire in the county that took place over the last 24 hours. that fire broke out tuesday afternoon during now brutal temperatures in the bay area kron four's terisa reports. we're up here in the foothills and woodside right off of maple and you got to see this
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yourself. take a look behind me. you can see all of the fire retardant that was dropped. >> out here on this street, this is just an example of the intense air attack that was in this area less than 24 hours ago. this neighborhood again off a maple in woodside. and take a look at this. we've got this video. you can see how crews are keeping hoses out here. >> just in see any spot fires pg still out here as well. several homes remain without power. we have calls into pg need to find out how many residents are affected and how long they're going to be without power. we spoke with elizabeth dance about what it was like to evacuate or home. suddenly we were in the house and suddenly we heard a big bang and all the other tree city went off. >> so we were wondering what was going on we went outside and we started seeing some really big smoke. the la copters and you know, the
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planes circling and starting to spray water. so they they did a really good job and they the kept us safe and they several fire trucks on our street. that state for, you know, for many hours. so we waited outside until we knew more. what was for why we weren't sure we would be able to get back to our house had night. >> she also shared with us how grateful her family is that crews worked so quickly. i did hear some lady who lives close to the fire had like burning grass. and i did see that some homes were sprayed with some fiery poland, but now we were fortunate we didn't have anything. so and neighbor who some surgery and he was telling. >> you know, a little bit fatigued. but again, the paramedics were there to help out. and so it worked really well. so i could have been way worse. >> this was a multi agency response. and because of that,
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they were so successful that they contain this fire to only 20 acres and no homes destroyed. here would cite theresa kron. 4 news. >> other news tonight, a man was killed during a shooting on a muni train in san francisco this morning. a second person was taken to the hospital. police say the shooting unfolded at the forest hill station just before 10:00am by the time police arrived the train and already moved on and was on its way to the castro station. and the suspect apparently fled on foot. he's described as a man wearing dark clothing and a hooded jacket. police described the shooting as an isolated incident. >> we want to assure again, our community members are lgbtq community members and those who are visiting our city from around the world for scope right. but this incident does not appear to be related to pride or targeting our lgbtq community. >> police say many of the passengers that were on the train at the time of the shooting left the scene and about as fast as they could. police are now asking any
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witnesses they haven't spoken with to reach out to san francisco police to try to help them with their investigation. extreme heat is officially to blame for yesterday's a partial bart derailment in the east bay. officials say the heat vent to were warped the track between the concord and the pleasant hill station just that. ha heart crews worked through the night and are still trying to repair the tracks returned service to normal. >> riders are still be warm, though, about potential delays. 5 to 15 minutes for dan thorn has been talking with barden catching up with the riders as well. tonight. he joins us live with the latest on the situation there. dan. >> well, ken and pam right now, the trains that are running between pleasant hill in concord or conquered in pleasant hill. our on single-use track right now in bart officials are telling us tonight that that's expected to remain that way through tomorrow. as you mentioned, crews are right now working to repair that track that was damaged by the extreme heat.
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and we talked with some riders out here who tell us that they're anticipating even more hot days to continue throughout the summer. and there feeling a little concerned about more disruptions on bart. >> barnes partially derailed train remains on the tracks between pleasant hill and concord. the disruption forcing the transit system to suspend its yellow line tuesday night. a day later, it's running trains on a single track. some riders like andre perry tell us the delays are a bit of a pain. he jumped off pleasant hill wednesday night to grab and uber to conquer. this is one stop before mine. so i'm ending. i end up having to wait for >> for a long time. just one stop away. it's just not worth part officials are telling riders to add 5 to 15 minutes to their trips repair work is taking place to fix the damage to the rail caused by this week's extreme heat. a bart spokesperson says the hot weather caused the rail to curve forcing 2 cars off of the tracks. asher the row is
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among the bart riders now worried about more problems this summer. if you heat really did cause this and is that that's all it really takes. you know, things are heating up. it's not going to get the cooler. the row also says he was not concerned about bart derailments before, but now he's a little more aware and it's honestly a little bit horrific. >> you know, seeing that it actually can happen. >> the california public utilities commission is looking into this incident that happened last night. bart, however, has not given any timeline on when these repairs are expected to be complete, but they are anticipating full 5 line service for the pride parade happening in san francisco on sunday reporting live in pleasant hill. dan thorn kron, 4 news. all right, dan, thank you for that. well, let's check in on our 4 zone weather forecast looking out over san francisco, a little cloudy of their tonight. yeah. if you took a peek earlier today,
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said kind of look like a being in the midwest or something with those storm clouds in the summer. i know monsoonal moisture. when do we ever hear of that in the bay area's like karl? the fog was a thing of the past, but he was along the coast today bringing us some much needed relief and cooler temperatures. >> 10 to 30 degrees of cooling along the coast and east bay shoreline today. so >> no record breaking heat in the forecast. but for those of you in solano county, we're still under a heat advisory that's going to remain in effect through 10 o'clock tonight, low to mid 80's for warmest inland valleys out there. even at this 8 o'clock hour. 86 degrees for concord. check out happy may nearly 30 degrees cooler at 58 degrees. you can certainly think, karl, for that tipper on at fifty-eight degrees, a downtown san francisco to oakland in the low to mid 60's. there, napa and allay in the low 70's. but fairfield in solano county, currently 81 degrees. so we are tracking that cooler forecast out there right now. 20 degrees of cooling for downtown san francisco, oakland and yes,
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even napa as well. so it's starting to make its way inland. and here's a look at this marine layer that we should be seeing this time of year, even extending into our inland valleys. instead, we're tracking mcgee monsoonal moisture that could bring us a slight threat of pop-up thunderstorms. as you can see, tracking cloud to ground lightning out there right now. just to our south in monterey county, specifically in soledad. and we are tracking it making its way northward, but not really just gilroy. staying clear of that severe weather just to your certainly going to keep an eye on this from the kron 4 weather center to see if it does inch its way closer into the south bay. but for now, we're in the clear details at what you can expect for your full forecast in your full weekend outlook in just a few minutes. ken pam, back to you. thank you. bree said today we learned fireworks sparked a four-alarm fire that burned 121 acres of land in the pittsburgh hills. yeah. concours fully juggle. talked with investigators who are trying to remind the public ahead of the 4th of july.
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>> fireworks. all of them are illegal in contra costa county. all fireworks in contra costa county already legal. even those approved by the state and considered safe and sane every 4th of july. and just on a high watch, the county fire protection district sharing that reminder with the blackened hillside in pittsburgh as the background during a news conference wednesday, fire marshal and assistant fire chief chris bachman announcing the fire that burned 121 acres here last week. >> forcing more than 2200 people to evacuate. started from fireworks with the amount of dry vegetation we're currently experiencing from the drought over the winter months. it's proven we've seen time and time again this year. >> that the fires are quickly getting very large rapidly. >> and out of control, fire officials and police are still working to track down the persons responsible for last week's fire. neighbors whose homes were threatened, want accountability if they don't get caught the community,
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continue to keep thinking that, you know, what they do is is okay. the fire protection district says the use of illegal fireworks this year is down leading up to independence day compared to last year due in part to a crackdown on illegal operations, the possession or use of fireworks can result in up to a $500 fine for each violation in pittsburgh fleet. should all kron 4 news. >> coming up tonight at 8, a man in the hospital after being attacked by a shark off the coast near monterrey. the latest on how he's doing a plus. president biden calls on congress to suspend the federal gas tax. we'll tell you just how much americans could save pump. and relaxing covid guidelines for children. we will explain why some bay area doctors say now is not the time. coming up.
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>> the same group of doctors and called for the end of mask mandates in schools nationwide is now calling on the cdc and the biden administration to relax additional covid guidelines said affect school children, but some bay area doctors say now is not the time for that kron four's. dan kerman reports in a letter to the head of the cdc and the biden administration, a group of doctors calling itself urgency of normal. >> he's calling on the federal government to revise the cdc's covid-19 guidelines for children among the proposals asking the cdc to no longer recommend vaccines for those
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under 18 in hopes that will lead schools, colleges and sports organizations to get rid of all vaccine mandates for children. i think that road conditions actually a horrible recommendation. uc berkeley, infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says no longer recommending vaccines ignores the fact that those vaccinated are less likely to be hospitalized. and i know that covid causes less serious disease in children than a dozen adults. >> but it still causes very serious disease in children during the omicron surge. we have lots of hospitalizations for children. i strongly endorse recommendation. ucsf, infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin. hong agrees. >> the cdc should maintain its vaccine recommendation for those under 18 for a variety of reasons. individual protection protection of of the increased confidence with the i'm not getting gauge
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community in the era when when few restrictions available, full urgency of normals letter maintains the emergency phase of covid-19. is over bay area. doctors also caution. the next variant could cause more disease in kids. and if that happens, getting the vaccine now will make them better prepared. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> children under age 5 in contra costa county can get the covid vaccine. health officials say shots are being offered at these county run vaccination clinics to listed on your screen. the antioch site is located at the nick rodriguez community center. parents can also take children to the richmond memorial auditorium. and in concord, there is a clinic site on oak grove road, the hours for each site i listed on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> it's a hot topic extending the controversial lottery based admissions policy at lowell high school in the city. it's a new resolution
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proposal being made it to night school board meeting today. kron four's haaziq madyun dhaka advocates with passionate perspectives on both sites. >> let's hear from some of the voices on both sides of the resolution to be put before the sf board of education by the superintendent of the san francisco unified school district that would extend the controversial into a based lottery admissions policy through the 2023 2024 school year at lowell high school. sounds like you would be against that. so why is that a bad thing? >> was the extension of the lottery missions for a little high school, a bad thing. that's that's a good question. actually. the best as the u.s. department of education is stated several times as well as policies and education were moving towards equity base model. >> that is also one of the unified school district mandates as that all of our policy should comport with equity based solutions. the lottery has proved to be the most equitable solution for black families. latinx
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families, low-income asian students with special needs, including immigrants and english language. learners was a bad thing this is a system that the the the 3 ben system that with the old system of emissions was by courts and seconded >> overall as a way to to student be emitted from many diverse backgrounds as it relates to parents and students. what is at stake for if the interim policy continues on into next year. >> it will wipe out hope of whole generation. the whole span of middle school kids from 6 to 8 race want enter low for the opportunity that they provide it. >> if school board were to go to the policy backed the impact it would have in the community is it would less
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tragedies like me who would mean a lot less. >> latinx students. i mean, a lot less immigrant students. it means a lot less students that came from disadvantage. economic backgrounds that would attend. >> you know, school district need to fulfill need to serve each and every student and make sure that we bring them the creek alum teaching that will make sure they go to potential. not just for little but every high school. now that sounds like something both sides could agree on, but >> how to make that happen. >> remains to be seen. how is it that you on for news? time now for our 4 zone forecast as we step outside and our producer said this reminded him of top gun. look at the auburn sky kind of like san diego naval air station down here. maybe you guys see tom cruise raise is standing by with a look at today's high
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yeah, i know it's very hot today, but fortunately not as hot as yesterday. so no record breaking heat in the forecast. 25 degree drop in temperatures for downtown san francisco. >> i know a lot of you twitter were very angry just how hot it was. but relief arrive today. 79 degrees. >> more than 10 degrees above average. but upper 90's for san jose even into conquered as well. 97 degrees. so flirting with that triple digit heat low to mid 80 should be your average daytime high and you're hitting that number right now at this 8 o'clock hour. so it's just an indicator of how hot it was once again today, concord, 86 degrees of dublin and livermore in the low 80's san jose in the mid 70's downtown san francisco, 60 degrees with happen. be even cooler than that. it 58 degrees. so enjoy that. oakland currently at 64 degrees with widespread low to mid 70's for most of the north bay santa rosa. 75 degrees. check out the label already cooling down into the upper 60's at 69 degrees. so when
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tracker for it tracking that cool sea breeze out there. even extending into our inland valleys finally. but we are seeing a very beautiful sunset out there live. look in the south bay of san jose and we are tracking some monsoonal moisture just to our south into monterey county. so dry for us. fingers crossed. we don't get any of this cloud to ground lightning that we're tracking out there right now in monterey county. already sparking fires in that area. and it is going to bring us. it's a very dangerous weather for those of you in monterey, specifically just north of soledad. and even along the coast as well. so if you hear thunder or go indoors, very dangerous weather details ahead, though, yn what you can expect tomorrow because fortunately, we're not tracking any of that cloud to ground lightning here throughout tonight and a lot of sunshine. but cooler temperatures heading your way tomorrow. more my full forecast in just a few minutes. back to ken and pam mabry thank you. well, to address the growing wildfire crisis, a new program is
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launching in paradise. it is aimed at helping families reduce their homes. wildfire risk. >> you may remember the town of paradise was destroyed by the camp fire. the program includes required mitigation actions, defensible landscape and an annual check in to ensure ongoing maintenance today, officials joined the institute for business and home safety at the first home to receive a wildfire prepared home designation. the city voted unanimously last week to sign on to this ordinance to improve wildfire, resilience. >> as we recover as a community, it is essential to make sure we rebuild better safer and more resilient than before to make sure we're prepaeed for whatever we may face in the future and mitigate whatever that may be. >> starting july 14th, new homes in paradise will be required to be built to the wildfire prepared home
8:24 pm
standard. >> still ahead, a date why we are not in a recession. they head of the federal reserve explains cloud for celebrating pride with our special. it is called love will keep us together hosted by our own john shrable in taylor bisacky. it airs tomorrow night at 6.30.
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>> january 6 hearings continue tomorrow. and there is word that more will take place in july. in light of new evidence, it includes documentary footage of former president trump's final days in office and new documents from the national archives committee chair bennie thompson says the panels are also received a flood of new tips since public hearings began the hearing tomorrow morning will focus on trump's efforts to enlist the department of justice to help him overturn the 2020 election. >> as americans continue to battle with high prices. the federal reserve chair jerome powell was in the hot seat on capitol hill today. powell says a recession is not on the horizon. he told lawmakers the fed's top priority is to get inflation under control. but unlike the white house, he is not solely blaming the war in ukraine. >> you know, the u.s. economy for now is strong. the spending is strong. consumers are in good shape. businesses are in good shape. inflation
8:28 pm
was high before certainly before the war in ukraine broke out. >> the fed is fighting inflation by increasing interest rates. >> coming up next on kron, 4 news at 8, a plan to try to bring relief from those high gas prices at the state and the federal level. when you might get a break from the gas taxes. plus a shark attack in monterrey. how officials are responding and the latest on the victim's condition and a plan to ban jewels when the fda is expected to take action fda is expected to take action on the fda is expected to take action on the that was quick. and rewarding. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. that means i earn on my bug spray and my sunscreen. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait. i also earn 5% on travel purchased through chase on this rental car. that lake is calling my name! don't you get seasick? we'll find out! come on. and i earn 3% on dining including takeout. so much for catching our dinner. some people are hunters. some are gatherers. i'm a diner. pow! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> president biden calling for a 3 month suspension of the federal gas and diesel taxes to help cool down prices at the pump. relief at the pump would depend on just how many gallons drivers buy and how much of the tax savings the oil companies pass on to them. but there may not be enough support in congress to get to the gas tax holiday to get that thing passed. >> we call on the company's to pass this along every penny of this $0.18 reduction to the consumers will still be able to fix our highways and bring down prices and gas. let me just say the >> is >> if the federal gas tax is suspended, the congressional research service estimates that the average household will save roughly $14 a month. president biden is also calling on states to suspend
8:32 pm
their own gas taxes or provide some relief to consumers here in california, lawmakers have just over a week to decide what they are going to do about a possible gas rebate, july. 1st marks the beginning of a new fiscal year. >> that means governor newsom would need to sign off on a spending plan by june. 30th earlier this year, he pledged to use some of the state's record surplus to issue those we base. however, disagreements between democratic leaders have prevented any plans to be finalized assembly. speaker anthony randon says that californians can expect to see something in the form of a gas rebate before october. so meantime, let's take a look at the average gas prices in the bay area. according to triple a solano county has the lowest average at $6.36. a gallon. the highest average is in napa county's $6.60 a gallon. california's average is currently 6.37. a gallon. sky
8:33 pm
high gas prices when hitting the road might have you wondering if it's time to switch to an electric vehicle? something to found sogomonian has a closer look at potential benefits from moving on to evs l a. >> gas prices may be just one reason why people would rather get an electric car. but it is certainly a driving factor with little relief in sight. drivers are turning to another option. electric vehicles also known as evs, although just about 3.5% of all sales are electric. that's an 80% jump from the year before. according to triple a nonprofit called highlights the benefits of switching to evs. >> but the savings with that if you drive a lot of miles art and media. so for people to drive a lot, let's say 2000 miles a month, they are going to save on lovely evening costs by trading in their gas park ,nd they are going to see those savings right away. i'm talking from day one. >> so the research suggests that the savings to switching
8:34 pm
to evs are immediate because electricity is much cheaper than gasoline by an average of half the cost and maintenance is less expensive because evs have about 20 versus 2000 parts in a gas powered car and powering up can be made more convenient. with many incentives, for example, california utilities offer a 30 to 35% discount for evs for low-income customers who also can qualify for a free charger with home installation under what's called the new clean cars for all program. these electric cars can be also plugged into an ordinary household outlet. 110 volts. otherwise he will have to find the nears free or cheap public charging station. that could be a bit inconvenient. and it really depends on how long you have to have your car sitting there to fully fit power up based the supercharged versus just the ordinary one. so supply chain issues at this moment by also be another obstacle right now, if you can
8:35 pm
find a new or used tv for sale here, it may cause a little bit more than usual. overall. it's something to consider for people who put a lot of miles on a gas guzzler traveling far and wide. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron, 4 news. thank you, let's check on our weather forecast. a live look outside and look at that. rolling over the bay area. i wish we had that what we got of recent. yeah. better late than never, right. i mean, we'll take it today. we certainly deserve it after yesterday's heat. so let's take a look at our bay area forecast. >> we are noticing some active weather to our south, but some weather spotters actually reporting some sprinkles in parts of the east. 8 dry for those of you over berkeley. but you could see call the fog out in the distance. but monsoonal moisture is actually streaming through parts of the south and east bay bringing fremont and pleasanton some light sprinkles out there right now. so enjoy that. certainly take that over what's happening to our south in monterey county, where
8:36 pm
they're tracking cloud to ground lightning. so very dangerous severe weather. you hear thunder or go indoors because this is already sparking fires out there in monterey county. let's hope it just stay there and eventually leaves monterey because they certainly don't need that out there right now, either just because of the very dry drought conditions that we're experiencing not just in the bay area, but even to our south in monterey, but future cast for it looks like we're going to be all clear if we do see any showers, it's mainly going to be over mount hamilton and even just a parts of the solano county as well, could see some light sprinkles. but really just drizzle overall during the overnight hours into our thursday afternoon, drier, clear conditions and cooler temperatures as well. so we are tracking cool down right now this evening conquered 86 degrees. 58 degrees. for those of you at half moon bay. so thanks to that cool marine layer. we're certainly noticing that cool down along the coast, even extending into our east bay shoreline. seeing
8:37 pm
widespread 60's there. 74 degrees of peace for fremont and san jose with santa rosa and avato. also in the mid 70's 50's and 60's overnight. but antioch still going to be toastie 70 degrees for your overnight lows and low to mid-nineties for warmest inland valleys with oakland cooling down to 79 degrees in downtown san francisco. 73 degrees for your thursday afternoon highs. and we're going to cool down by this weekend with inland relief. not really arriving until tuesday of next week when we're back in the mid 80's, right where we should be for this time of year. ken and pam, back to you. thank a breeze. a man was bitten by a shark while swimming this morning. at lovers point beach in monterey and he was rushed to the hospital. kron four's. justin campbell has the latest on his condition and what happened. >> the good news, steve bremer, the victim bitten by a large shark will survive. a fellow swimmer tells us that he usually doesn't even swim on wednesdays. but today he said it's a pretty day when he decided to jump in the ocean then was bitten by a shark. it
8:38 pm
happened around 10 this morning when a couple paddle boarding celebrating their anniversary, heard loud screams, help help help and slapping the water. >> like that. and so paul was able to get to first video from a nearby restaurant beach house at lovers point. so was another surfer jumping in the water, bringing out an extra board is believed there huge laceration bremer severely bitten in the arm leg and stomach. the last shark attack in pacific grove was in 1952. they quickly put them on the board and brought him to shore. we had to quickly cut his wet suit off of them. and amy jahns luckily is a nurse in quickly applied a tourniquet until ems arrived. thankfully due to their >> actions right place at the right time. brammer we'll survive. i'm not a doctor, but it was a very large shark. >> luckily, none of his blood vessels. we're in cheated upon that. his femur was broken.
8:39 pm
they were able to fix it does not in survive. it's just going to be along. >> a long recovery reporting here in monterrey, justin campbell kron. 4 news. still ahead, a 50 year milestone celebrating the landmark law promoting women's equality in sports and education and between crime covid and the local economy is hard to run a city these days. one recent study attempted to show which cities are doing well and which are not 2 bay area cities top the list of the worst. 2 bay area cities are
8:40 pm
8:41 pm
8:42 pm
considered the worst run in the entire state. according to a new study. >> wallet-hub looked at things such as the city's credit rating, debt, education, scores, health scores, crime rates, economy and san francisco or in the worst score in california and the second worst in the country while the quality of city services were rated fairly high in san francisco, the city's large budget and large amount of debt per capita dragged scores down. oakland ranked high on the list because of health scores which included factors such as life expectancy hall hospital capacity and covid-19 deaths. however, the city scored especially poorly for its crime rates and infrastructure issues, landing it at the number 2 spot of the worst run cities in california. that's
8:43 pm
according to the analysis. the full report is on our website. kron 4 dot com, the best-run city in california. by the way, was huntington beach in orange county. thanks to its high scores in education, health and safety. >> coming up in sports, the giants and braves go down to the wire again. sports director jason dumas has
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8:45 pm
>> in texas, the mayor of uvalde is lashing out of the state's department of public
8:46 pm
safety over its leaders. testimony about last month's elementary school massacre during a hearing before a state senate committee yesterday. the head of the department of public safety in texas called the police response an abject failure. colonel steven mccraw said officers could have acted within 3 minutes and saved lives instead of waiting for more than an hour last night, uvalde mayor don mcloughlin slammed mccraw accusing him of minimizing his own agency's mistakes that day. the mayor across officers and rangers were on the scene at robb elementary on may 24th when a gunman killed 19 children and 2 teachers uvalde as mayor also announcing that robb elementary school where all of that happened will be demolished. a new school will be built in its place. >> the mayor says you can never ask a child or teacher to go back into that school building. he did not say when the school would be torn down a similar situation happened after the sandy hook mass shooting crews demolish that
8:47 pm
school and build a new one in its place as well. >> a deal may the senate's now agreeing on a bipartisan gun violence bill teeing up the final passage as early as this week. the compromise bill includes money for school safety, mental health state crisis intervention programs and some incentives for states to include juvenile records in the national instant criminal background check system. washington correspondent anna wiernicki in washington, d.c., with more. it is a buy partisan compromise is a path for top senate negotiators say they're 80 page bipartisan, safer communities act will curb gun violence, a gun safety bill that can be described with 3 words. >> common sense bipartisan lifesaving democrats and republicans praised the bill. i think it's a significant step in the right direction. >> the bill includes millions of dollars for school safety, mental health crisis, intervention programs and
8:48 pm
incentives for states to include juvenile records in the national background check system and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says the bill protects the second amendment does not. >> so much touch. the rights of the overwhelming majority of american gun owners who are law abiding citizens. of sound not. i hope it won't pass. i mean, i hope it will fail. but missouri republican senator josh hawley says he's not convinced by the congestion is the red flag law. i don't think that we ought to be paying states. >> to develop programs to take away second amendment rights are people who have not been. >> charged with a crime who have not to get educated to have committed a crime. let alone convicted of crimes. still, the bill has the needed republican support. 14 senate republicans voted to advance the bill tuesday. >> and senate majority leader chuck schumer says a final vote will take place by friday in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. >> the fda is reportedly ready
8:49 pm
to ban jewel e-cigarettes that would remove the former top e-cigarette maker from the u.s. market. this decision comes after a nearly two-year review of data presented by the vaping company. juul has not commented and it could appeal the decision. the fda already targeted the company from marketing to younger smokers by promoting fruity flavors for the past 2 years, only tobacco and menthol flavors have been on the market. >> events today and the nation's capital marking the 50th anniversary of the title 9 legislation. first lady jill biden joined tennis legend billie jean king to celebrate the milestone law. it requires opportunities for women, man. it federally funded schools. the anniversary comes at a time of growing debate over the landmark legislation. proponents say it opened the door for millions of women to play sports and tend college. >> for 50 years, title 9 created space for girls and
8:50 pm
women to be more. >> to be bigger and brighter and stronger and smarter and more capable and courageous. >> at another event, vice president kamala harris celebrated the anniversary of title 9 by shooting hoops with some girls at american university. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the first 2 games of this four-game series between the giants and rays have been must she baseball and today was no different. let's head to truist field in why am bogle song. remember him on a couple of a world series i've taken in the game with his son ryder, top of the 4th one, nothing giants darren roughed out all of that one watches gone in left field. rough, 6th home run of the season. it's
8:51 pm
2. nothing died in house. francisco, let 3 to one going into the 9th. now 3 to 2. we'll contreras finds the gap in left. the tying run comes to score. it is 3, 3, wolf. now just 2 batters later. adam, the ball, the former he singles to center field. have a play at home and is offline. and guess what? the braves when contreras scores the giants get walk-off. get this for the 3rd time in 4 games. just a gut punch of the last rays. win it 4 to 3. the giants will play them again. more time tomorrow morning before heading back to the bay for some much needed home cooking. by the looks of some of their instagram stories. most of the players on the warriors have started their vacations. they're enjoying the fruits of their labor. i don't blame. but the coaching staff and gm, bob myers, they're already back to work.
8:52 pm
the nba draft is thursday and then free agency starts shortly after and one of the most pressing topics, the warriors, my face, this offseason is the future of andrew wiggins in jordan. poole. both wiggins em pool were in trouble. part of the warriors championship like that crazy wiggins. also often guard guarded. the opposing team's best perimeter player and but also relied upon this court pull became a spark plug off the bench and even started a good amount of games at he emerged as one of the most improved players in the nba wiggins has a year left on his deal while pool, he'll be restricted free agent next summer warriors, gm bob myers told us today that he's going to do everything in his power to keep those 2 in the organization. >> we're a long way from figuring out what andrew once and what his agent but i do know what we want. we don't want to keep them and we'll
8:53 pm
make every effort to keep both those they were huge for us. they're young. you know, andrew headache, kind of a career so nice to him experience success. he did in jordan. both of them were kind i don't the correct word is. but somewhat downtrodden place of their careers and to see them respond fantastic for them and for us and can't get much better than that resulting in the championship. so we're hoping with. >> the biggest summer sporting event in the bay is happening this weekend. the san jose earthquakes host the la galaxy for the 9th annual california clasico the southern california versus northern california rivalry game will kick off at 7 on saturday at stanford stadium. >> 50,000 fans are expected to attend. the game will be played at full capacity for the first time since 2019, which was before the pandemic.
8:54 pm
of course, earthquakes still hoping to turn around their season. they've gotten off to a slow start, 3, 6, 7, longtime quakes. field. midfielder shea salinas says a win over the galaxy would be huge for the club. >> i think the we we want to be strong at home. we started to do that. we've had some tough away games, but this game in the past has turned our season around. we have won this game before and gone on to make the playoffs. and so this is a big, big statement game. it shows our character think the atmosphere speaks for itself and you show up to this game, you're warming up. you can feel the energy. there's a lot of people there. we're going up in the u.s. you then there's people tell it's just a crowd. again, it just has a different feel. and so if you can't get up for this game, you're >> you need to check your pulse. >> one quick note from the nhl. the avalanche beat the lightning 2 to one in overtime to take a three-run lead in the stanley cup
8:55 pm
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>> that's going to do it for kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. vicki and grant are here to tell us what's coming tonight on kron. 4 news at 09:00am. thanks for cash. here's what's next on kron. 4 news at night talking about. >> lowering the amount of nicotine these got cigarette said the white house unveiling a new plan today that they say could save thousands of lives
8:58 pm
and with millions of people expected to descend on san francisco, this weekend's pride festivities. >> we're going to show you how local businesses are preparing for some of the biggest crowds in the city in years. the news is next.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news


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