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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 22, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. states. >> we either suspend the state gas tax as well or find other ways to deliver some relief. >> now at 10, president biden pushing for relief for drivers as skyrocketing gas prices show no sign of falling. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. the president also urged congress today to suspend the $0.18 federal gasoline tax for 3 months. if approved, though. >> the congressional research service estimates the average
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household would save roughly $14 a month. grant lotus joins us now live in the studio with more on the president's proposal. i guess every little bit helps right? >> that's the idea. and the president clearly wants to be seen is if he is doing something to try to help people and he needs as many wins as he can get ahead of the midterm elections. but even a lot of democrats aren't on board with. this is tough sell. the president is proposing what he calls a gas tax holiday. sounds good. you're talking about an $0.18 gas tax and a $0.24 diesel tax that currently >> goes towards the highway trust fund which your finances, most federal government spending for highway repair building mass transit and the like. but president biden is promising that if we suspend this gas tax for a few months, but that will not affect infrastructure spending. >> we'll still be able to fix our highways and bring down prices of gas by suspending the $0.18 gas tax. federal gas tax. the next 90 days we can bring down the price of gas
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and give families just a little bit of relief. i call on the company's to pass this along every penny of this $0.18 reduction to the consumers. this is there's no time now for profiteering. >> that's thing here. how much of the savings will be passed to customers? the president's proposal faces uphill odds in congress. as we alluded to many lawmakers, including some democrats are skeptical or even opposed to the idea republican senator john thune of south dakota calls it a gimmick. energy companies are scheduled to meet with energy secretary jennifer granholm tomorrow to iiscuss ways to try to increase supply, of course, to try to lower prices. we'll keep you posted on those talks. pam and ken, for now, back to you. all right. grant will here in california. lawmakers have just over a week to decide what they're going to do about a possible gas rebate july.
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first marks the beginning of a new fiscal year. and that means governor newsom would >> need to sign off on a spending plan by june 30th about a week away. he pledged earlier this year to you some of the state's record surplus to issue those rebates. however, disagreements between democratic leaders have prevented any plans from being finalized assembly. speaker anthony randon says californians can expect to see something in the form of a gas rebate before october. >> here is a look at the average gas prices in the bay area. according to triple a solano county has the lowest average at 6,036 cents a gallon. the highest average is in napa county right now at 6,060 cents a gallon. california's statewide average is currently $6.37 a gallon. sky-high gas prices when hitting the road. might have you wondering if it's time to switch to electric vehicles outdoors. ella sogomonian has a closer look at potential benefits from moving on l a
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>> well, gas prices may just be reason why people would rather get an electric car right now. but it is certainly a driving factor. the cost to fuel up is hovering just below $7 per gallon across california. >> some people are coughing up $100 to fill up their tank with little relief in sight. drivers are turning to another option, electric vehicles or evs, although just about 3 and a half percent of all sales are electric. that's an 80% jump from the year before. according to triple a more americans are buying electric. and for a lot of reasons. the pandemic and the microchip shortage seem to help that some states. >> eliminating gas powered vehicles in the future. also really motivated and is motivating large car companies to invest in electric. so for all of those reasons and likely, i wanted to pay that much for gas. people are starting to look nonprofit cultura highlights the benefits of investing in evs.
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>> their research suggests the savings to switching to evs are immediate because electricity is much cheaper than gasoline by an average of half the cost makes us which in 2 are really good. even for average driver. >> so in california, even drivers spend about $0.7 a mile on fuel. >> it debt for gas cards for like $0.21 a mile. >> it may save you from spending big bucks at a gas station charging up an electric car might not be all that convenient depending on a few things. while electric cars can be plugged into an ordinary household. 110 volt outlet. it may take a while, so you'll have to find a charging station nearby. there are 100,000 across the u.s. in the san francisco bay area. there are about 2000 listed on this map from open charge, dot org. many are free. others cost about $20 or require a membership. and some are more powerful than others. a free
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charging station may take up to 8 hours for a full charge compared to a superpower. one that would take 2 hours, but charging up an ev can be made more convenient with many incentives, depending on where you live. for example, california utilities offer a 30 to 35% discount for low-income customers who also can qualify for a free charger with home installation under the new clean cars for all program. and although it might still be cheaper to buy a gas guzzler at the moment, there are a ton of stackable tax rebates and grants at the federal state and local level to bring down the costs by up to $12,000. drivers can also save on maintenance because evs have about 20 versus 2000 parts and a gas powered car. just an example of some of those ways to save in california, low-income families can get $4500 for the purchase or lease of a new ev? and another $1500 to retire in old gas car from the cash for
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clunkers program. plus, up to $5,000 off the cost of the used ev depending on which bay area city you live supply chain issues are also a big challenge right now. so if you can find a new or used tv for sale at the moment, it's probably going to cost more than usual. but overall, it's something to consider for people who put a lot of miles on their gas guzzler traveling far and wide live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank you. ella will commuting on bart continues to be a headache for some riders in the east bay. bart officials say yesterday's extreme heat. >> then it morphed the tracks between the congo in pleasant hill stations causing a train partially derailed work. crews are still trying to repair those tracks and return bart service to normal. >> kron four's dan thorn talked bart riders. he joins now live from the pleasant hill bart station with more. dan. well, ken and pam, one note that rail bending yesterday evening.
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>> bart spokesperson tells us tonight with the temperatures being over 100 degrees out here, the rail line ended up getting up to 140 degrees that cause it to soften and then eventually created that that curve and then force those 2 cars off of it. the train tracks. but right now, trains are running between pleasant hill and concord, concord, and pleasant hill. and it's a single use track that they're using right now. bart officials tell us that riders should expect that at least through tomorrow, the crews are still working on getting all that are still working on getting an estimated timeline on when that work will wrap up. as for the riders that we did talk to today, they're telling us that they're a little concerned about the rail being able to get affected by high temperatures because we're expecting that there's going to be high temperatures throughout this summer. so there is some concerns that there may be more problems on bart this year. >> we are trained are still moving between pleasant hill and concord. but on a single track, meaning there will be
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some delay. >> i'm one day away from vacations. how it's going to take it was strides weren't writer andre perry says instead of waiting, he jumped off the pleasant hills park station wednesday night to grab an uber to conquer all because of this part rain that partially derailed during tuesday's afternoon commute. this is one stop before mine. so i'm ending i end up having to wait for >> but for a long time, just one stop away. it's just not worth that. port officials are telling riders to add 5 to 15 minutes to their trips. repair work is taking place to fix the damage to the rail caused by this week's extreme heat. a bart spokesperson says the hot weather caused the rail to curve forcing 2 cars off of the tracks. the route is among bart riders who is now worried about more problems this summer. if you heat really did cause this. and it's that that's all really takes, you know, things are heating up. it's not going to get any cooler throughout. also says that he was not concerned
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about elements before, but now he's a little more aware honestly, a little bit horrific. you know, seeing that actually can happen. >> the california public utilities commission is looking into this incident that happened last between pleasant hill and concord. bart officials have not given a timeline on when a a expect these repairs to be complete, but they are anticipating that on sunday, which is the big pride parade that's happening in san francisco that they will have full 5 line service. that's the latest here live at the bart station in pleasant hill. dan thorn kron, 4 news. dan, thank you for that. a brush fire caused some significant traffic delays earlier today in san jose. >> this is video from around 7 o'clock tonight off highway 2.37. in north san jose. you see that a huge cloud of smoke. it's a drifting over highway 2.37. causing for visual problems for drivers, 2 lanes were closed for a while.
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all of the lanes are now back open. we're working to learn exactly how big that fire was and how it started. >> and we're also following the latest out of solano county. that's where firefighters working to put out what they call the wind to fire. it has grown to more than 100 acres at last check. 65% contained. so at least that's good news fire burning north of vacaville near the city of winters and the yolo county line. cal fire says several structures have been a danger with this blaze. no injuries reported. >> and some tense moments in san mateo county followed by this huge sigh of relief that looks like the worst is over. firefighters did make significant progress is a tackle. the edgewood fire off of interstate to 8 in the last 24 hours. and the fire started tuesday afternoon during those brutal temperatures in the bay area for theresa says, brings us up to date. >> we're up here in the foothills and woodside right off of maple. and you got to see this yourself. take a look behind me. you can see all of the fire retardant that was
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dropped out here on this street. this is just an example of the intense air attack that was in this area less than 24 hours ago. this neighborhood again off a maple in woodside. and take a look at this. we've got this video. you can see how crews are keeping hoses out here. just in see any spot fires pg still out here as well. several homes remain without power. we have calls into pg need to find out how many residents are affected and how long they're going to be without power. we spoke with elizabeth dance about what it was like to evacuate or home. suddenly we were in the house and suddenly we heard a big bang. >> and all the other tree city went off. so we were wondering what was going on we went outside and we started seeing some really big smoke. the la copters and you know, the planes circling and starting to spray water. so they they
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did. a really good job and the cape and the kept us safe and they several fire trucks on our street. that state for, you know, for many hours. so we waited outside until we knew more. what was for why we weren't sure we would be able to get back to our house had night. >> she also shared with us how grateful her family is that crews worked so quickly. i did hear some lady who lives close to the fire had like burning grass. and i did see that some homes were sprayed with some fiery poland. >> but now we were fortunate we didn't have anything. so, yeah, unable who some surgery and he was feeling, you know, a little bit fatigued. but again, the paramedics were there to help out. and so it worked really well. so i could have been way worse. >> this was a multi agency response. and because of that, they were so successful that they contain this fire to only 20 acres and no homes
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destroyed. here would cite theresa kron. 4 news. >> and then edgewood fire also took out of pg and e transmission line which feeds stanford university. the university announced on twitter today that it had to cancel summer session classes conferences and day camps because of the power outage. the university says power is still out on its main campus. the school posted a statement on its web site saying it is preparing to be without power for several days. >> yeah, this is something you don't see all the time. lightning right next to a rainbow. very interesting weather conditions out there. we've been hearing about lightning all over california, at least from the southern part of the bay area all the way down to southern california. let's check in with a reese rodriguez. yeah. fortunately for us here in the
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bay area, we're tracking drier, calmer conditions. we are seeing that monsoonal moisture. >> bringing the high clouds with karl, the fog right along the immediate bay area coastline. but that's about it. fortunately, no cloud to ground lightning strikes like what they saw in monterey county, where it actually spark some fires. but now, as we're seeing light to moderate downpours specifically over soledad, hopefully helping out firefighters tonight put out those dry lightning strikes that sparked those flames. but we are seeing now as a result of that gusty outflow winds. and that's going to be an issue not just for monterey county, but san benito county from now through 11 o'clock tonight, gusting at 40 to 50 mile per hour range expected. but we're still tracking some very active weather just to the north and east of soledad out there right now. so not out of the woods just yet. but future cast for going to track that drying trend for us here in the bay area. and you do see any light showers. it's going to be just to the south
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of mount hamilton in the south bay, but drizzle that's going to be the big weather story tonight as we notice a more robust marine layer. bring us some patchy coastal drizzle, but a lot of sunshine by our thursday afternoon. but we are seeing karl, the fog out there along the coast, especially bring us some much-needed relief 56 degrees. those of you in conquer. nearly 25 degrees warmer at 79 degrees. and everything else in between has are cooling trend continues. still very pleasant. temperatures inland. san jose. 74 degrees at this 10 o'clock hour with freeman in the low 70's mid 70's for livermore and dublin. a low 70's as is nevada but petaluma 63 degrees so very unique microclimate forecast out there right now and an indicator of just how hot it got once again today when tracker for though tracking calmer winds speeds out there right now. but we are going to see a nice cooling trend, especially for coast and east bay shorelines, but far inland valleys, low to mid-nineties, not cooling down until tuesday
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that some are going to see seasonal temperatures in the mid 80's. xavier 10, that to not look coming up after the break to see if any more heat waves are coming up in a few minutes. all right. thank you. >> is for a prada. hundreds of thousands of people into the city on monday. but that's just the start of some big celebrations this week. francisco pride is expected to job upwards of a million people as the city over the next 2 days of celebrations potentially the most since 2019 and with the influx of all of those people, the city is expecting a big boost to its local businesses. kron four's sackey joining us live from the city with more on that. taylor. >> i know a lot of people felt it. all the excitement and energy back in the city. it really felt like old prepandemic san francisco with hundreds of thousands of people coming into the city. and that's just the start of that coming off. and coming off the heels of that big celebration, we also have pride for the first time in person since 2019. some say
10:18 pm
that this could be the, you know, the jumpstart that the city needs. >> the city of san francisco was overflowing with visitors, excitement and energy like it once was before the pandemic. the city back market street was alive. >> union is live downtown after the parade streets like polk street, north beach. we're just >> flush with people having a great time enjoying themselves. and by what i saw, the hundreds of thousands of people that were there, they were making a day of it has run the phone with the san francisco chamber of commerce explains. >> the warriors parade brought big boost to businesses that we haven't seen for some time. he says it foreshadows what's to come this weekend. we have to remember the san francisco is a celebratory son. people coming to san francisco from. >> great barrier, northern california to enjoy the city because we do these cool things because these cool things happen, whether they're running races like data breakers or pri, which is coming up this weekend. so we're excited and we're excited. i know.
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>> all the businesses, the hospitality business, sells people coming into town. this is all great. the san francisco after a two-year hiatus, in-person pride celebrations will also return on saturday and sunday, which is expected to draw at least half a million people. businesses in the castro district say they're already seeing the impact. we've already seen an uptick in business. the from the beginning of the more people coming in. definitely a lot more tourists coming for pride lot. a lot of people from canada. a lot of people are europe. i think it's just going to get better and better. frederick anderson has been a bartender at the 4.40, bar for 19 years. >> he says the last few have been some of the toughest, but he's hoping for what's to come this weekend in there i'm expecting to see the bars packed with people having a good time and being proud. i think all of that will be really good for the city. and i think it's going to bring a lot of business end of the senate. now.
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>> well, san francisco pride celebrations kick off on saturday morning. then we have that massive pride parade that begins at 10, 30 on sunday morning. and of course, there are a bunch of an official pride events happening starting as early as thursday. live in san francisco, taylor eisacky kron. 4 news. all right, taylor, thank you. and don't forget to join us this thursday tomorrow with our pride special effect. >> taylor bisacky who you just saw and jontre but will host is called love will keep us together. it is this thursday night tomorrow night at 6.30, after almost 2 years of intense and bitter debate. lowell high school in san francisco. >> he's going back to the merit-based admissions system. this was the scene outside the board of education building on franklin street. the city today as the school board voted, whether or not to restore that merit pay system or keep the current lottery system, friends of lull in the chinese parent advisory
10:21 pm
council held a rally to urge the school board to bring back the merit-based admissions in a split 4 to 4 vote tonight, the school board decided to restore the previous process. the vote will now apply. freshman entering in the fall of 2023. >> about 200 registered nurses in daly city will be back on the picket line tomorrow. the nurses at seton medical center last a two-day strike today calling on hospital leaders to address their issues about patient care under staffing and a chronic lack of supplies. this is their second strike since march. one nurse told us that she has not seen any improvement since then. >> pretty much nothing is changes, been no movement. and we've actually see a lot more nurses we're still working short of not only nurses, but as larry staff as well. so you know, there really hasn't been a i think at one point is kind of getting worse.
10:22 pm
>> today's strike was held from 02:00pm to 05:00pm and the strike will continue tomorrow afternoon between 2 and 5 as well. in a statement, hospital administrators said in part that they are deeply disappointed that leaders of the california nurses association will put patients and community at risk after rejecting a more than fair offer. >> we're now less than 2 weeks away from the 4th of july holiday. and officials are reminding the public that all fireworks are illegal in contra costa county today, we learned that fireworks actually sparked a fire that burned 121 acres of land in the hills of pittsburgh forcefully. chagall has details. all fireworks in contra costa county already legal. even those approved by the state and considered safe and sane every 4th of july. and just on a high watch, the county fire protection district sharing that reminder with the blackened hillside in pittsburgh as the background during a news conference wednesday, fire marshal and assistant fire chief chris
10:23 pm
bachman announcing the fire that burned 121 acres here last week forcing more than 2200 people to evacuate. started from fireworks with the amount of dry vegetation we're currently experiencing from the drought over the winter months. >> it's proven we've seen time and time again this year that the fires are quickly getting very large rapidly and out of control. fire officials and police are still working to track down the persons responsible for last week's fire. neighbors whose homes were threatened, want accountability if they don't get caught in the community, continue to keep thinking that, you know, what they do is is okay. the fire protection district says the use of illegal fireworks this year is down leading up to independence day compared to last year. >> due in part to a crackdown on illegal operations, the possession or use of fireworks can result in up to a $500 fine for each violation in pittsburgh fleet. should all kron 4 news. >> the biden administration
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unveils ambitious plan to remove nicotine from tobacco products. tonight we hear from local doctors on how much different second make. plus a shark attacked a man out swimming in monterey, in the arm leg and stomach today. how strangers quickly came to the rescue. but first, the future of title 9 as first lady jill biden, tennis icon, billie jean king celebrate the anniversary of landmark anniversary of landmark legislation th anniversary of landmark legislation th that was quick. and rewarding. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. that means i earn on my bug spray and my sunscreen. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait. i also earn 5% on travel purchased through chase on this rental car. that lake is calling my name! don't you get seasick? we'll find out! come on. and i earn 3% on dining including takeout. so much for catching our dinner.
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>> some breaking news to tell you about san francisco. police just released pictures of the man who they say >> shot and killed a man this morning on a muni train in the castro district. the suspect is described as a man wearing dark clothing and a hooded jacket. you see his face here. police say the man shot 2 people around 10 o'clock this morning inside the train between the forest hill and castro stations. one man died. another man was sent to the hospital. police described the shooting as an isolated incident. but if you know this person here, san francisco police, would like to hear from you. >> today is the 50th anniversary of title 9. the legislation that prohibits gender discrimination in federally funded education programs. first lady jill biden celebrated the occasion in washington today with women's professional tennis icon billie jean king and an all american high school track athlete, all 3 women credited title 9 for allowing millions
10:28 pm
of girls to grow up playing sports. king also added there's still a lot of work to do. >> the primary beneficiaries of title 9 have been white suburban girls. let's use this milestone anniversary to re entered right. re energized our focus on strengthening and dancing. and opportunity for all girls and women. but especially those who have been left behind by the law. including girls of color. girls with disabilities. trans athletes and all lgbtq+, you. we have to look forward. >> the first lady also praised the state department's global sports mentoring program, which is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. >> and we're tracking cooler weather for the bay area continuing through your thursday forecast. find out just how cool it's going to get far inland valleys and
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also your 10 at 10 outlook. com
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>> we could see more regulations coming to the tobacco industry. the biden administration is proposing a maximum nicotine levels in cigarettes and other tobacco products. that's right. kron four's amanda hari talk with local doctors about why this could make a life changing difference. >> they're really just saying, yes, cigarettes are here. we know cigarettes are here to stay. but if we can just limit
10:32 pm
the amount of nicotine, meaning the limit, the amount of addictive behavior, reducing the amount of nicotine in cigarettes. the biden administration says it could give current smokers a better chance to quit and prevent people from starting ucsf professor of medicine, doctor neil ben wittes says he first proposed this idea. >> back in 1994, cigarette contains maybe 10 or 15 milligrams of the king. >> but if you reduce them to half a milligram, which is what some of the studies have shown. and people don't have to keep on smoking. he says it will allow people to choose their consumption of cigarettes. >> and not be addicted to it. i asked if there's a chance people will start smoking more cigarettes to get the same amount of nicotine. and that's what a lot of research studies that look at that. >> it turns out she put them getting a little bit. people would do that. but the low nicotine cigarettes were meant the normally cause addiction are 95% lower. so people may
10:33 pm
try for a while, but then they can. so if i were to do this month, fewer presssec surgery at the open medical center. doctor jeffrey, the law to >> says he deals lot of lung cancers. some of it caused from smoking. he says that this maximum level of nicotine is put in place. >> it could save lives. i really think it's going to help. >> that younger generation pop population or the or the population that smokes of parties are, you or with drinking. the fda has also been cracking down on e-cigarettes and vaping denying marketing applications for nearly a million products back in september. >> doctor of a says these products have been more appealing to the younger generation because of all different flavors and kind of the high-tech in a way it's kind of done and paper, you know, kind of like what it actually promoting more use in kids. >> and middle school kids in high school kids. the fda is expected to make a decision that could impact the largest vaping company juul possibly removing it from shelves.
10:34 pm
doctor, a lot of says, although vaping does not have the combusted tobacco, the chemicals in vapes are still dangerous. it's causing inflammatory state belong. it's also were sitting childhood disease 100 stores like asthma amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> san francisco mayor london breed has tested positive for covid. the mayor's office put out a statement today. it says she's feeling well and we'll conduct meetings from home while she isolates reid is vaccinated and boosted their diagnosis comes just 2 days after she attended the warriors championship rally and parade in the city. at this point, we do not know if the mayor will attend the pride parade this weekend. >> children under age 5 in contra costa county can now get the covid vaccine. health officials say shots have been offered it. these county run vaccination clinics listed on your screen, the antioch site is located at the nick rodriguez community center. parents can also take children to the richmond memorial auditorium and in concord, there's a clinic site on oak
10:35 pm
grove road, the hours for each location listed on our website kron 4 dot com, the same group of doctors and called for the end of mask mandates in schools nationwide is now calling on the cdc and the biden administration. >> to relax additional covid guidelines in effect, schoolchildren, the some bay area doctors say now is not the time for that kron four's. dan kerman explains. in hopes of reducing what they called disruptions in children's education. >> a group of doctors called urgency for normal has written a letter to the head of the cdc and the biden administration calling for changes in federal covid-19 guidelines for children among the proposals asking the cdc to no longer recommend vaccines for those under 18 in hopes it will lead schools, colleges and sports organizations to get rid of all vaccine mandates for children. i strongly believe that vaccine should be recommended. ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says
10:36 pm
>> no longer recommending vaccines ignores the benefits children get from them for short will increase about a response and it's likely will prevent serious disease, a slight station and that vaccine mandates for >> diseases that kill fewer fewer children every year than covid does. but measles and i think everybody agrees that we need to protect children from measles. so i think this is just very ill-advised idea. uc berkeley, infectious disease specialist doctor john schwartzberg agrees. >> saying it's premature to make these changes, especially considering the uptick in child hospitalizations. >> during the omicron surge and while urgency of normals letter maintains the emergency phase of covid-19 is over. doctors. caution, we don't know what's ahead and where best to protect ourselves. now for these doctors to suggest that we're in a very different stage of the pandemic and don't need to worry about a
10:37 pm
lot of these things. >> it's just really inappropriate. it was and something i hope people do take part. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> new developments in uvalde, texas where 19 students and 2 teachers were killed in a mass shooting inside an elementary school. the school district superintendent announced today the district's police chief pete arredondo has now been placed on administrative leave. hernando has been under fire for his decision to not send officers into the classroom to confront the gunman for more than an hour, the head of the texas department of public safety called that decision an abject failure. parents in uvalde are pushing for aaron to be fired. >> meantime, robb elementary school where the massacre occurred will be demolished. we've all these mayor made the announcement today saying no one could ever ask a child or a teacher to go back into that school. he did not say when the school would be torn down.
10:38 pm
similar situation happened after the sandy hook mass shooting of children and teachers. crews demolish to that school and built a new one in its place. >> in florida, federal investigators are trying to determine what caused the plane to catch fire when it landed at miami international airport. more than 130 people were on the flight when its landing gear collapsed and the plane caught fire. at least 3 of the passengers were injured. the national transportation safety board says the fire erupted after the plane slid off the runway. the flight was arriving from the dominican republic and as part of the budget airline, red air parts of yellowstone national park are back open just a week after historic flooding devastated the park, an area towns, 3 of the 5 entrances reopened today with big crowds. parks nearly 100 miles south loop is open. the north loop is expected to remain closed for months. >> well, let's check on our 4 zone weather forecast. a live look outside right sofo looks
10:39 pm
pretty clear there. and rodriguez standing by with the forecast. yeah, we're definitely tracking cooler temperatures and also the return of that cool sea breeze pushing. and karl, the fog right along the immediate coastline, downtown san francisco out of the triple digits and 79 degrees. so noticeably cooler today, still about 12 degrees above average. but we certainly felt that relieved today in downtown san francisco. thanks to that. 25 degree drop in temperatures. but oakland, 80 degrees with livermore concord and even san jose trying to flirt with triple digits. but 97 degrees. but you're still well above average. but fortunately, no record breaking heat in the forecast today. so we're heading in the right direction. half moon bay, 55 degrees with alameda about 10 degrees warmer in the mid 60's with mid 70 still for san jose. very pleasant temperatures for inland valleys and still a little bit toasty for those of you in concord trying to flirt with 80's, but 79 degrees, dublin and livermore still in the mid 70's and those of you nevado
10:40 pm
and fairfax, low 70's out there at this 10 o'clock hour. so hard to believe it's 10:00pm when we're seeing temperatures still in the 70's for warmest inland valleys. but here's a live look outside in the east bay over berkeley. and you can see we're tracking barely dry conditions and some monsoonal moisture. those high clouds streaming through. but fortunately, no cloud to ground lightning threat for us here in the bay area. but overnight lows tonight still going to be warm for those of you in antioch. only cooling down into the low 70's. so just keep that in bind. but we are going to see 50's and 60's for most of the bay area for your overnight lows tonight. so enjoy the cooler temperatures and really most of you can sleep tonight. i know was very difficult for a lot of you last night with those hot temperatures and hot day. daytime highs tomorrow, we're going to see about 5 to 15 degrees of cooling. but no triple digit heat in the forecast low to mid-nineties for warmest inland valleys with concord, antioch, livermore, and even fremont.
10:41 pm
93 degrees. the warmest cities out there tomorrow. you're going to be about 8 degrees above average. remember, you should be in the mid 80's this time of year. certainly not in the mid-nineties but relief along the coastal path and be at 64 degrees downtown san francisco and oakland in the mid to upper 70's there and widespread low 90's for warmest inland valleys in the northeast. let's take a look ahead at your 10 at 10 outlook. the bad news is it's still going to be hot for inland valleys, as you just saw tomorrow. but the good news is we're gradually going to cool down. we're 10 days from now below average temperatures soar reward after all of this heat that we've been having people on the way i know it's been hot. and ken, you have a big weekend on tap. you're going to check out the king himself. elvis, yahoo. movie comes out this weekend. great weather on sunday. when you go see the movie. so you always brings the heat. all right. thank of recent. thank you very much. we need to make a clarification to a story we brought you a few minutes ago. san francisco police say the
10:42 pm
man in this picture is a person of interest. >> in the shooting on a muni train in the city. not a suspect. >> that shooting happened around 10 o'clock this morning inside the train between the forest hill and castro stations. police did described the person as a man in dark clothing actually described the suspect as a man in dark clothing. but it's not clear this is the man that they're referring to. this is a person of interest and still police would like to talk to this person. if you know who this person is. coming up next in sports, the tough luck giants come up short. sports director jason dumas. we'll show you how it all went down. >> in hot atlanta, coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the first 2 games of this four-game series between the giants and the braves has been must-see baseball today. no different. let's head to truist field in atlanta. this was another good one. ryan bogle song. remember him? giants fans taking in the game with his son ryder every top of the 4th one. nothing in till darin ruf adds to the lead. that's a solo shot. rough 6th home run of the season. it's 2, nothing giants colette 3 to one going into the 9th. now 3 to 2 will contreras. one into left field
10:46 pm
off jake mcgee, the tying run scores. and just like that, it is time now to batters later. adam duvall, the former giant. he's going to single to center office later throw home is off the mark. and guess what? the atlanta braves this one. the giants get walk-off. get this for 3rd time in 4 games. just a punch of aloft. braves win. 43 to giants. come back home on friday. they have one more against the braves. that's tomorrow. a's hosting the mariners. just another rough night at the coliseum. i feel like a broken record. i said just about every night, jesse winker homer here in the 5th to give seattle a 5, nothing lead. he had 3 rbi 3 mariners. pitchers combine 47 hit shutout a's lose 9 to nothing. they've been outscored 17 to 2
10:47 pm
in the first 2 games of this 3 game series. by the looks of some of their instagram stories. most of the players on the warriors have started their vacations. they are off enjoying the fruits of their labor. but the coaching staff and gm, bob myers right back to work. the nba draft. it's thursday and they're free agency starts just shortly after and one of the most pressing topics the warriors must face. this offseason is the future of both andrew wiggins and jordan poole. both were guns in pool were in trouble. part of the warriors championship run wiggins often guard the opposing best player and then dunks all people like this pool. he became a spark plug off the bench and even started a good amount of games that he emerges. one of the most improved players in the nba weekends of the year left on his deal while pool. he will be a restricted free agent next summer. the bank is
10:48 pm
open warriors, gm, bob myers told today that he's going to do everything in his power to keep those 2 with the organization. >> we're a long way from figuring out what andrew once and what his agent but i do know what we want. we don't want to keep them and we'll make every effort to keep both those they were huge for us. they're young. you know, andrew headache, kind of a career so nice to him experience the success he did in jordan. both of them were kind i don't the correct word is. but somewhat downtrodden place of their careers and to see them respond fantastic for them and for us and can't get much better than that resulting in the championship. so we're hoping we can get back. >> they want to run it back. all right. the biggest summer sporting event in the bay happening this weekend, the san jose earthquakes host the la galaxy for the 9th annual
10:49 pm
california clasico the socal verse newark. our rivalry game will kick off. >> at 7 on saturday at stanford stadium, 50,000 people are expected to be there. the game will be played at full capacity for the first time. 2019 before the pandemic. earthquakes are still hoping to turn around the season. it's been a rough one for them. they are 3, 6, 7, all right. that (music throughout)
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
>> and treated at a hospital tonight. that's after getting bitten by a shark while swimming. it happened this morning at lovers point beach in monterey kron four's. justin campbell has the story. >> the good news, steve bremer, the victim bitten by a large shark will survive. a fellow swimmer tells us that he usually doesn't even swim on wednesdays. but today he said it's a pretty day when he decided to jump in the ocean then was bitten by a shark. it happened around 10 this morning when a couple paddle boarding celebrating their anniversary, heard loud screams, help help help and slapping the water. >> like that. and so paul was able to get to first video from a nearby restaurant beach house at lovers point shows another surfer jumping in the water, bringing out an extra board is believed there huge
10:53 pm
laceration bremer severely bitten in the arm leg and stomach. the last shark attack in pacific grove was in 1952. they quickly put them on the board and brought him to shore. we had to quickly cut his wet suit off of them. and amy jahns luckily is a nurse in quickly applied a tourniquet until ems arrived. thankfully due to their >> actions right place at the right time. brammer we'll survive. i'm not a doctor, but it was a very large chart. >> luckily, none of his blood vessels. we're in cheated upon that. his femur was broken. they were able to fix it is not going survive. it's just going to be along. >> a long recovery reporting here in monterrey, justin campbell kron, 4 news. >> to address the growing wildfire crisis, a new program is launching in paradise is aimed at helping families reduce their homes. wildfire risk. you may remember the town of paradise was destroyed during the camp fire. the
10:54 pm
program includes required mitigation actions, defensible landscape and an annual check in to ensure ongoing maintenance town. officials joined the institute for business and home safety today at the first home to receive the wildfire prepared home designation. leaders unanimously voted last week in favor of the ordinance to improve wildfire resilience as we recover as a community. >> it is essential to make sure. >> we rebuild better safer and more resilient before to make sure we're prepared for whatever we may face in the future and mitigate whatever that may be. >> and starting july, the 14th, new homes in paradise will be required to be built to the wildfire prepared home standard. 2 bay area cities are considered the worst run in the entire state. that's according to a new study. wallet-hub looked at things such as each city's credit rating, debt, education, scores, health scores, crime
10:55 pm
rates, economy and infrastructure. >> san francisco earned the distinction has been the worst in the state and the second worst in the country while the quality of city services were rated fairly high in san francisco, the city's large budget in large amount of debt per capita drags down. its scores open ranks high on the list because of health scores, which included factors such as life expectancy, hospital capacity and covid deaths. however, the city scored especially poorly for its crime rates and infrastructure issues, putting it in the number 2 spot of worst run cities in california. that's according to the analysis. the full report you can find on our website kron 4 dot com. by the way, the best-run city in california, according to wallet hub was huntington beach in orange county, thanks to its high scores in education, health and safety. well, california is always a popular destination for summer vacation. in fact. >> it might be the most popular state to visit. a new report from all of ranks each
10:56 pm
state based on fun, analyzing things like entertainment nightlife, restaurants, a national parks and the golden state came out on top of that list, followed by florida, nevada, new york and illinois. in case you're wondering, west virginia was ranked as the least fun state. >> yeah. let's take a final check at your 4 zone forecast as we're tracking karl. the fog returning bringing us some much needed relief, especially for those of you what 56 degrees. but check out and about 25 degrees warmer. still in the low 80's at this near 11 o'clock hour. that's why you're only going to cool down into the low 70's today. everyone else in the bay area going to see overnight lows in the 50's and 60's with temperatures tomorrow about 5 to 15 degrees cooler than today. still going to be toasty for warmest inland valleys, especially conquered livermore in fremont mid-nineties there. but low 80's for those of you in hayward and mid 60's for happened, they would downtown
10:57 pm
san francisco in the mid 70's is still going to be about 48 degrees above average. but we're gradually going to cool down this weekend even through monday. but then seasonal temperatures not arriving until tuesday of this upcoming week and then below average temperatures in the low 80's 10 days from now. so it's really nice to see that relief. so they gradually cooling down heading in the right direction. but one more day of hot temperatures and we can do it ok move recent. thank you. thanks to all of you for being with us tonight. have a good night and we'll see you tomorrow
10:58 pm
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