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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  June 23, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> the breaking news that we're following is from the supreme court. the supreme court has struck down a restrictive new york gun law. yeah. that ruling considered now a major victory for gun rights advocates because it will make it harder for states and cities. >> to implement strict gun laws in public. the 63 ruling is expected to ultimately allow more people to carry guns in the streets of some of our largest cities like new york in la and boston justice clarence thomas wrote the majority opinion saying that the constitution protects an individual's right to carry a handgun for self-defense. california senator dianne feinstein has issued a statement saying in part this decision weakens gun safety
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laws in at least 8 states and could put lives at risk. the ruling comes as congress don't forget is actively working on bipartisan gun legislation following recent mass shootings in texas and new york. >> and more breaking news that we're following. the fda says the e-cigarette company juul has to stop selling and distributing their products in the u.s. jewel is based in san francisco and this decision means jewel must stop selling its vaping devices and 4 types of vape pods. this only pertains to commercial distribution of the products not to individual possession. >> all right, 9, 0, one is the time. let's get to the weather this morning as we're starting off the 9 o'clock hour with plenty of sunshine, but also plenty of clouds and much more refreshing than it has been in a couple of days, john. yes, we've been from the heat, a little less hot anyways, especially at the coast and right along the bay. you can see some of that fog still hanging out there in the bay itself. we were quite foggy from the berkeley hills right over the east bay this
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morning, starting to see more and more of that fog burning off. now. >> very foggy through the golden gate. so if you're traveling that way, right along the coastline, you're still running into it. as for temperatures pretty wide range right now. 50's at the coast 60's along the bay 70's in san jose. dublin conquered on up towards lena. well, brent, would your first spot back into the 80's 81 degrees? so depending on where you're at, it's either already warmer, actually kind of jacket where the out along the coast temperatures today will generally be a little cooler than yesterday, although still warm for inland areas. >> of the full breakdown. still ahead, john, thank you for will we still do have some fall along the golden gate bridge? if you are traveling near, take your time and use those low beams about 33 minutes to make it from 37 to the tolls heading into the city. look at this. down to under 60 minutes for your drive to traffic is improving as you're heading into the city. no buildup near the toll plaza. 13 minute drive to make it from 80 across towards one on one. and the richmond center fell bridge about 12
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minutes as you're traveling out of richmond darya. james, back to you. thank you. and a 9, 0, 2, and breaking news that we're following from overnight. san francisco police released pictures of a person of interest in a deadly shooting on muni. yeah. man was killed in that shooting wednesday morning. it was at the castro station. >> police are asking for this person that they'd like to question to come forward and talk to investigators. we have kron 4 sarah stinson following the story for us up in the newsroom. sarah. >> yeah, a 27 year-old man died at the scene in a 70 year-old man was taken to the hospital after shots rang out on a muni train. and now san francisco police are releasing photos of a person of interest. take a look for yourself. police want to speak with the man seen on your screen right now. not naming him as a suspect, but as a person of interest. now, the shooting happens just before 10 yesterday morning inside the train between forest hill and castor stations. a very scary situation, as you can imagine for muni riders. one city supervisor said in the statement that a heated
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argument happened between the shooter and victim and then 3 to 4 shots rang out. officers rushed to the castro station and found the victims in the train. the shooter fled the scene. police reviewed the video that showed the shooting and they describe the suspect wpas a man in dark clothing. investigators are hoping any witnesses will come forward to help solve this case. this morning, 7 year-old victim is recovering and is expected to be ok now. the police department really wanted to assure the community that this shooting is isolated and they do not believe it's related to pride festivities and they don't believe the shooting was targeting any specific group. this investigation is ongoing and reached out to the police to see if they than the update for us this morning. haven't heard back yet. so stay tuned for now. i'm sarah stinson reporting live from the newsroom. back to you. ok? thank you very much, sara. >> more breaking news that we're following is from overnight. there was a water main break and its cause. major flooding in concord. take a look. this is the 1500
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block of monument boulevard shortly after midnight when the water started gushing. and then you can see it basically turned this intersection into a lake and keep in mind, this is happening in the middle of a drought. so a lot of water being wasted there. it's not clear exactly how much or how long it's going to take to get a handle on this. we do know that you're going have to detour around it until the water subsides. 9, 0, 5 is the time right now. other news that we're following. yeah, also conquered, by the way, and you have to deal more of a delay. and that is if you ride bart, yeah, give yourself extra time because they're still trying to get that track. fix the warped. >> during the hot temperatures this week, it's causing headaches for many will tran standing by live in the east bay with that good morning. well, >> it just dawned upon me, james, that it's hard enough to get up early in the morning. well, now you have to get up at least 5 to 15 minutes earlier because this problem still not fix. we won't have to deal with it
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like what we saw on tuesday as far as the heat when it was like one, 0, 6, in concord at that time and cause the steel. believe it or not to work, which is why james, you talked about the derailment, but because it's still not fix, you can clearly see those people on the platform. so the trains are not coming as quickly because they're sharing instead of having 2 tracks going opposite directions that the slowdown share that tracked, let the train go by and then go by themselves. >> that's why what's going on is could be the new norm for the immediate future. so what happened on tuesday? right? there are about 60 people on a train going through the concord, pleasant hill. bart stations got so hot, partial derailment and then those people had to be treated. no major injuries. they had to be escorted off the tracks. they came out there, remove the train. they spent all day yesterday trying to fix it. did not get fix. so this is
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day 2 of a full day to try to tackle the problem. got a chance to talk to some of our writers, james and area. they said bart, yes, it was bad. what happened on tuesday. but my oh, my did. they dodged major bullet. >> it was a mess at me. i just hope they get that together because imagine if it was light. if it was like hi, all right. and it derail it would kick a lot of people. good thing. it was low way kind of failing to bush's because anything other than that, if it was high as went off the track in, you know, kind of like here. >> so he was pointing actually to that platform right there. look how high that platform is. can you imagine it dangling at that particular time? as far as what's going on, that was not the first time it has happened from time to time. bart trying to be mindful of what's going on with that moving forward. but unfortunately, in the meantime, you are caught in the middle of all this. so it's going to be hard in the morning. hard in the afternoon
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in both directions because even antioch, they have to share that track. yes, antioch is not the heavy lifting location, but still you get that situation that you have to share as opposed to 2 tracks. no timetable on when this will be complete. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. well. >> well, 9, 0, 8, is the time. let's turn our attention to the peninsula now where crews have made some pretty good progress in containing the edgewood fire burning a redwood city. it's burned about 20 acres so far. but the good news is it's 90% contained. the fire began tuesday afternoon. it was during those brutally hot temperatures there off edgewood road in canada. road. we spoke with one resident who had to evacuate her home as the flames getting closer and closer. >> timely we were in the house and suddenly we heard a big bang and all the other tree city went off. so we were wondering what was going on we went outside and we started seeing some really big smoke. the la copters and you know,
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the planes circling and starting to spray water. so they did they did. a really good job and the cape and the kept us safe. >> and the fire was stopped before it could destroy homes. thankfully pg e, though, still working to restore power to several homes in the area with no word yet on what caused that fire or when that power could be restored, which is something stanford university really wants to find out because those power transmission lines also. you know, gave power to the to the with that down. they don't have any power right now for the main campus classes have been canceled conferences, day camps for today and tomorrow also had to be rescheduled. the school posted a statement on its website saying that they're prepared to be without power for the next several days. >> that's not easy. how a brush fire cause some significant traffic delays in san jose last that was an easy 2 drive through this wall of smoke. this is about 7 o'clock off of highway 2.37. and not only was it a visual impairment, but also it had to close down 2 lanes. those are
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closed for a while. we're still lurking looking to see how big the fire got, how it started. and then we're also following the latest on a wildfire burning in solano county. firefighters working on containment lines in there, still keeping their eye out for hot spots in the wind to fire. that's because it's near winters. it has grown to more than 110 acres at last check. it was 90% contained this is burning north of vacaville near the city of winters and the yolo county line. evacuations were ordered. but those orders have been lifted. cal fire still says, though several structures could be in danger. nobody's been hurt. after nearly 2 years of intense and bitter debate. lowell high school in san francisco is going back to a merit based admission system. take a look outside the board of oducation building on franklin street where they were holding a meeting in the school board is voting inside friends of lowell and the chinese parent advisory council. they asked the board to drop the lottery system
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that they tried for a couple years. bring back the old merit based admissions and in the end, that's what the school board did. the new admission policy will apply to incoming freshmen starting in the fall of 2023. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a man bitten by a shark while swimming in monterrey. witnesses had to jump into the water to save them. we'll have their story in their own words. plus, san francisco businesses are booming because of big events coming back to town will tell you why they say this feels so good after so long. >> and today, a cooler one towards the coast, but still pretty hot inland. san jose. you're still at 94 today. oakland, 80 in san francisco, mid 70's. more on your forecast is ahead. >> and we've been tracking your busy thursday morning. commute in traffic is starting to improve. we'll have an updated look at your drive times once we get back.
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>> 9.14, the time. right now we are checking out the weather different than it has been with all the heat. look at this. what you can kind of see it. here is a little breezy this morning, but we really saw the ocean when the marine layer come in, nature's air conditioning for the bay area kick in this morning. alice, nice guys for sure. take some more we will get more to even more of it tomorrow. expect a really foggy start starting to see some seaborn enough. now the fog still visible out in the distance over the bay but
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actually covered a little bit of berkeley and oakland earlier this morning. now you've got nothing but sunshine. as for the rest of the day ahead of us, fog stays put for most of the day at the coast in through the golden gate. the rest of the bay area solid dose of sun really even growing even clear as the cloud cover brought to us by monsoonal moisture starts to diminish. come the afternoon. we've seen thunderstorms along the central coast, central valley and up into the sierra nevada. those are also going to start to diminish. so ahead of us today is going to be a slightly cooler day inland, but cooler at the coastline tomorrow fog to start again and then sunshine reappears during the afternoon. and it's going to continue to be that way through the weekend. generally just a bit cooler still hot. the further inland you get, though, if you're heading to the city for pride weekend, specially pride sunday, make sure that you're doing so with a couple of extra layers morning hours will be a bit foggy and cloudy at times. but as you know, san francisco, things can warm up quick when you're under the sunshine enough. so that mission in financial districts today we'll get up into the mid 70's 60's at the coastline
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for most areas in the 80's to 90's for really all the rest of the bay area. san carlos at 93 today, mountain view at 92 san jose at 94. then you've got dublin sitting at 93 mid 90's for concord, walnut creek and danville, closer to 80 from oakland, berkeley, of to richmond, antioch, our warmest spot yet again at 98 degrees today. no one quite getting to the triple digits, but some of us are getting close tomorrow. saturday sunday, all generally cooler than we've been low 90's inland, upper 70's to low 80's along the bay and coastal areas hanging out in the 60's rain. john, thank you for that. if you're headed into the city right now from the east bay, a little under 17 minutes to make that drive this morning. >> so traffic has been backed up earlier and now things are getting better out there. 30 minute drive as you make your way from 80 to one o one heading across towards the peninsula and the south bay. let's check on things there. a 34 minute drive starting at 85 up towards menlo park. 2.37. no accidents or delays. and 2.80, moving pretty nicely.
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still fog along the golden gate bridge. 30 minutes for you. 37 to the tolls and the richmond, sandra fell bridge about 8 minutes starting. james, back to you. >> time to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black. joining us this morning, rob, on a day where we're seeing the nasdaq in the green. nice to see that. what headlines are jumping out at you. >> we're striving for a comeback. nice to see the but don't count on it. we haven't hit bottom yet. we haven't hit panic selling. we haven't had in a company implosion, massive earning cut backs. we haven't had a recession yet. there hasn't been a flag to plant, so to speak. so missus, temporary were oversold. and that's what we're seeing. trump house in front of congress to get in today talking about the word recession. he's never brought that up last year. this time is transitory. inflation was real inflation as aggressive interest rate hikes. and now it's he's talking about potential recession. nike saying we're leaving russia,
9:18 am
ukraine. it's one person or revenues. no big deal the article than anything else for them to say at this point in time. elon musk is saying he's factors are caught in germany in taxes are costing billions and furnish a furnace of cash as they don't have enough supply to put together cars this point in time. and last year, james, we pulled in 485 billion to charities, but that's not keeping up with inflation. so inflation is giving hurting our charitable giving these days. >> wow. okay. you brought me down. you brought me way down with not but it is the way things are at the moment. we also had a breaking news story this morning. i want to pick your brain about a san francisco based juul. the fda ruling that they are no longer allowed to sell their products here in america. that sounds like a pretty big deal for them. obviously. >> yeah, it's 2 in particular, not enjoys a dominant player in cigarettes. e-cigarettes back in 2017 we would send reporters from kron out stores and cover the e-cigarette
9:19 am
boom. and we're wondering about teenagers and middle school, a school and middle school kids. they're they're smoking fruit flavor. it was advertised towards them as a safer alternative to back to speak. but that's been shut down pretty aggressively. but it hasn't really kind of messed with the under 18 crowd in the last 2 years, 2 million high schoolers and middle schoolers smoke e-cigarettes. so it's still a very big problem. if you're a parent like i am out reinvested, i think at its height, jewels worth about 38 billion. now it's worth about 5 billion. so we seemed on the right thing in the biden administration cut down the amount of nicotine that can be put in cigarettes in the future level. so trying to wean addiction off of an investment for cigarettes. i guess you could say companies like philip morris are taking it on the chin back. >> that's crazy. and then this last story really want to chat with you about, too, because we're talking about something that's and a lot of people personally, i'm renting right
9:20 am
now with aspirations of owning a home at some point. but i feel like i'm getting out pace. the cost of houses continue to get higher and higher faster than i can say for it. and my rent is also start to go up. i like to be trapped in this for the rest of my life. >> yeah, this is my son. i gave to a police officer 15 years ago. a lot of oakland when he called into my show, i said it's ok to be a renter in the bay area as long as you own some property elsewhere will bring up that advice again for you. james, is i think you can say you and your sugar book or maybe want to retire in phoenix or tampa or and stocked in our sacramento el dorado hills. you can buy a home there in rented for the next few years. it's expensive. and landlords not easy, but that's one alternative. friends are up 5.2% year over the ability to save for a down payment is hurt with inflation costs on everything from food to energy in our lives. another idea you don't want to buy out of market for retirement home and rent here would be consider what are called reax public. a real estate investment trusts
9:21 am
you can on wall street. you can e-mail me robert, rob, like show dot com we'll see a list of some ideas. reits are a way of like owning a old folks community. any evidence for the business that's there. that's painted evident. also get exposure, the real estate as well. and another thing you can do, james is really, really want to weigh is safe cash for a down payment and wait for closure. commercial certain airing on kron when they say contact an attorney to avoid foreclosure commercial. that's typically a bi sine. we get them about every 15 years on kron. i would say maybe 2 to 3 years after his session with people are having trouble paying their bills. that might be the next fight. opportunity to get in on the ground prices but not interest rates. okay. >> okay. that pick my going on there, right? yeah. that piqued my interest. that last i talked to more about that because i do feel like prices are getting so out of control and yet people are getting loans for these mortgages that i do know is that sustainable to keep those payments up, especially if there are just
9:22 am
mortgages that are eventually going to kick in with some sort of higher payment down the road weth interest rates on the way up. there's got to be something there for those that are aspiring to buy a house at some point, right? >> average mortgage costs in san jose state started the year's up $36,000 a year and servicing costs about $3,000 a month times 12 month. so that tells you it's all i know my salary to go up that much now. wow. all right, rob, thank you as always. fantastic information. >> if you have a question but if you want maybe some advice on those reached a list that he was talking about e-mail robber up like dot com. otherwise you can reach him on facebook and twitter. post your comments post your questions. post the topics you'd like him to talk about, rob. we'll see tomorrow.
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>> it's 9.24. and a man is recovering right now after he was bitten by a shark off the coast of monterey county a bit. you think a little bit know a little have shark. got a lover's point beach yesterday morning. a couple who was actually paddle boarding nearby heard him screaming. they turn to look and yeah, not only was he was bitten in the bitten in the leg and bit in the stomach. i mean, he was not in great shape, but he was out. there was nothing you note offended just swimming. yeah. it was a surfer nearby who paddled over to him got him, brought him back to shore. they did what they could to stabilize him until paramedics got there. in fact, here's one of the witnesses talking about it. >> we had to quickly cut his wet suit off of them. and i'm not a doctor, but it was a very large chart. luckily,
9:26 am
none of his blood vessels. we're in cheated upon that. his femur was broken. they were able to fix it not going in survive. it's just going to be along a long recovery. >> you know, i mean, obviously a scary situation for the for the swimmer and for everybody involved to rescue them. the last shark attack reported out there and pacific grove was way back in 1952. so it's a fairly rare occurrence. if it makes you feel any better. but times like these, when you hear stories like lot. yeah, want to get in the water and now 3 things can always you know, so. >> 9.26. right now. and coming up on the kron, 4 morning news doctor. some of them are calling on the cdc to change covid guidelines for kids in schools. we'll tell you why some local experts say that's not a good idea.
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the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> 9, 2, 8, 9, right now. checking out the weather for you. and and that a tree is blowing next to james. yeah. still breezy at your hair is staying put. i do not have much to hair spray china here with that wind and the marine layer coming in with josh. no movement on my here. don't have it is definitely breezy that winds that pushed through yesterday brought a little relief along with it. not just the marine layer that scooted
9:30 am
into the golden gate. >> which you can hardly even see this morning. but also that southwesterly wind drying in some monsoonal moisture that brought us a few clouds also helps keep temperatures a little lower. visibility has improved for most of the bay. watch it near the coast in right through the golden gate, though, as far as temperatures go, we're in the 50's at the coast. san francisco at 55 head over the bay bridge. oakland's at 64 had over the hills and you've got conquered in dublin, hanging out in the 70's while brent, what our first spot in the 80's dublin. you are getting close at 78 degrees right now. skies will become gradually sunnier in sunnier this afternoon. still hot inland, but not as hot as we have been. got more on your forecast. still ahead, tom, thank you for that. well, if you are traveling along timber all boulevard eastbound at trestle, glenn roeder, bulevar rather. >> they've got one way traffic control in effect because they've got some emergency road work going on there. so keep that in mind. if you are traveling, no as you're traveling along one. 0, one. >> heading into the city may
9:31 am
so that fremont street exit about 14 minutes for your drive this morning. let's check on the richmond center fell bridge. you had about 7 minutes. so we definitely improving as you're heading across towards sandra fell traveling along 5 81, 80 right now down to 16 minutes. 24 moving along pretty nicely. we had an earlier accident there. and let's leave you with highway 4 antioch, traveling into conquered about 14 minutes. darya. james, back to you. >> thank you, ray tonight. 31 is the time and some breaking news just into the newsroom this morning. the biden administration is moving to expand title 9 protections. the proposal is supposed to replace a set of controversial rules that were issued during the trump administration. so today's proposal includes an overhaul of campus assault rules and expanded protections for lgbtq students. it would also bolstered the rights of victims and widen colleges, responsibilities in addressing misconduct. biden's proposal is expected to be challenged by conservatives and it's expected to lead to new legal battles over the rights of
9:32 am
transgender students and schools, especially when it comes to sports. >> it's 9.31, and the same group of doctors that called for the end of mask mandates in schools nationwide is now calling on the cdc and the biden administration to relax additional covid guidelines that affects school kids. yeah. some very doctors, though, don't think it's time for that. they think these doctors are in the minority when it comes to the medical consensus kron four's. dan kerman has the story. >> in hopes of reducing what they called disruptions in children's education. a group of doctors called urgency for normal has written a letter to the head of the cdc and the biden administration calling for changes in federal covid-19 guidelines for children among the proposals asking the cdc to no longer recommend vaccines for those under 18 in hopes it will lead schools, colleges and sports organizations to get rid of all vaccine mandates for children. i strongly believe that vaccines should be
9:33 am
recommended. ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says >> no longer recommending vaccines ignores the benefits children get from them for short will increase the antibody response and it's likely will prevent serious disease, a slight station and that vaccine mandates for >> diseases that kill fewer children, fewer children every year than covid does. but measles and i think everybody agrees that we need to protect children from measles. so i think this is just very ill-advised idea. uc berkeley, infectious disease specialist doctor john schwartzberg agrees. >> saying it's premature to make these changes, especially considering the uptick in child hospitalizations during the omicron surge. and while urgency of normal slater maintains the emergency phase of covid-19 is over. doctors. caution, we don't know what's ahead and where best to protect ourselves. now for these doctors to suggest that
9:34 am
we're in a very different stage of the pandemic and don't need to worry about a lot of these things. >> it's just really inappropriate. it would advise and something i hope people do take part. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> in the north, a marin county is rolling out vaccines for children who are 6 months old to 40 years old. the county is hoping to vaccinate about 8,000 in that age range and doctors in the county are hopeful that this will protect children who before didn't have any protections. they weren't allowed to get a shot at that age. appointments are open right now and you can book them on my turn. dot ca dot gov. there are 2 different shots. the pfizer and moderna and they have different age ranges that they're allowed for. so you need to coordinate, you know how old your kit is and which shot they can get. and then where you can go. and then as far as contra costa county, there will not shots as well. they're giving shots to kids under the age of 5 at various clinics. these are county run
9:35 am
vaccination clinics. the antioch side is that the against community center. there's also a site at on oak grove road in concord or you can go to the richmond memorial auditorium and there are different hours for these go to kron 4 dot com and you'll get all the details there. >> san francisco mayor london breed incident lee does have covid tested positive according to the mayor's office. she is apparently feeling well and feels well enough to conduct meetings from home remotely while she's isolating the vaccine or should say she's vaccinated and boosted her office. want to make sure people knew that her diagnosis comes just 2 days, of course, after she attended the warriors championship rally and parade. so who knows if this will be the last confirmed positive case coming out of that or not. but this also puts in jeopardy. her participation in this coming weekend's pride festivities. she had promised to be there. but now with this covid diagnosis. that's all in question. now. 9.35. the time in the south bay, a standoff
9:36 am
between a double homicide suspect and san jose police ended with that suspect being shot and killed. police say the gunman killed a man on mount shasta drive in san jose tuesday night and then drove to modesto where police say he shot and killed a 29 year-old woman. at that point. they say he drove back to san jose getting into a police chase with chp and san jose pd. police say one point he shot several times at officers that were pursuing him. this all again ended with a standoff at a home overnight wednesday. police say at one point it came out holding a gun and that's when officers opened fire. we also learned the woman who was killed in modesto has been identified by her family as 29 year-old michelle gonzales. her mother says they're devastated. >> no a speech press. she loved everybody will look out for people. so what drives miles just to? help somebody
9:37 am
so it was very given over time. >> well, we've been able to find out from the family is at the was apparently the victim's ex-boyfriend at this point. officers say their early in the investigation. hopefully we'll find out more about a motive behind shootings. eventually it's 9.37. and after the warriors parade brought thousands of people to san francisco earlier in the week, the city is now preparing for. >> a half a million people to come in for pride celebrations this weekend. city officials are expecting that's going to really boost business again after a two-year hiatus because of covid, the in-person pride celebrations are going to be saturday and sunday and businesses in the castro district are already seeing the impact. one bar owner says that after a cup a tough couple of years. he is hopeful about all the business is going to get. we've already seen an uptick in business. the from the beginning of the
9:38 am
more people coming in. definitely a lot more tourists coming for pride lot. a lot of people from canada. a lot of people europe. i think it's just going to get better and better. >> san francisco pride celebrations and marches kick off saturday morning and the big pride parade is sunday at 10, 30. >> we'll take a break at 9.38. still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news. pride can be found on and off the court. we're going to show you how the san francisco basketball association has managed to stay around. we're so many years. plus contra costa county reminding people that fireworks are dangerous and they are illegal. we'll have more on their warning coming up as get closer to the 4th of july and the future of some of the warriors players are up. we'll tell you why. the team's general manager says he's going to fight to keep at least 2 of them in particular will explain.
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>> the nba draft is tonight and then free agency starts shortly after that. yeah. and one of the most pressing points topics that everybody's asking about is the future of some of their players are in the offseason. andrew against, for instance, jordan poole. both of them are huge during the playoffs. >> coming alive at just the right time and at the parade that the kids were wearing, like a rubber ducky floats like for pool party. yes, can have a pool party that will absolutely. so we heard from the gm who talked a bit about his efforts to try and keep at least those 2 players around.
9:42 am
>> we're a long way from figuring out what andrew once and agent but i do know what we want. we don't want to keep them and we'll make every effort to keep both those they were huge for us. they're young. you know, andrew had kind of a career so nice to him experience success. he did in jordan. both of them were kind i don't the correct word is. but somewhat downtrodden place of their careers and to see them respond fantastic for them and for us and can't get much better than that resulting in the championship. so we're hoping we can get back. >> actually, you can. you get another championship, which is why they want them back. so there you go. yeah, and we'll see who they add. the draft starts tonight at 5. we'll be watching you right back.
9:43 am
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>> it's 9.45? and we're now less than 2 weeks away from the july 4th holiday. we are and investigators are reminding the public. >> all fireworks are illegal in contra costa county you hear some places safe and sane fireworks early. but that's not the case in cocoa can not. a legal there and we learned the fireworks sparked a fire. the burn 121 acres in the hills of pittsburgh. crawfords believed to go has more. all fireworks in contra costa
9:46 am
county already legal. even those approved by the state and considered safe and sane every 4th of july. and just on a high watch, the county fire protection district sharing that reminder with the blackened hillside in pittsburgh as the background during a news conference wednesday, fire marshal and assistant fire chief chris bachman announcing the fire that burned 121 acres here last week. >> forcing more than 2200 people to evacuate. started from fireworks with the amount of dry vegetation we're currently experiencing from the drought over the winter months. it's proven we've seen time and time again this year. >> that the fires are quickly getting very large rapidly. >> and out of control, fire officials and police are still working to track down the persons responsible for last week's fire. neighbors whose homes were threatened, want accountability if they don't get caught in the community, continue to keep thinking that, you know, what they do is is okay. the fire protection district says the use of illegal fireworks this year is down leading up to
9:47 am
independence day compared to last year due in part to a crackdown on illegal operations, the possession or use of fireworks can result in up to a $500 fine for each violation in pittsburgh fleet. should all kron 4 news. >> so the fine doesn't get. yeah, the fire danger doesn't get remember, you can lose your hand. i mean, already we had in the bay area. remember the guy? >> and somebody's got damage check. and they were playing with some sort of commercial firework we don't do it. all right. let's get to the weather center. we've got john with our forecast morning, john. yeah, we know fire .pdanger is already high enough introducing all of that into it at the coast, though, some relief from the heat and dry weather. look at all that fog at half. moon bay, big change from the 80's. you had a couple of days ago. >> to start off summer that blanket a marine layer is going to be seen consistently the next several mornings. so you are heading into the city at all over the weekend. do anticipate we'll have some foggy mornings before the
9:48 am
sunshine. we're also looking at some rain and thunderstorm activity from the central valley central coast on up into the sierra less and less of this is monsoonal moisture diminishes today. that means more and more sunshine for the bay area with the departure of those clouds and also burn off of the fog. tomorrow morning. fog does return even thicker than it did this morning. likely. and we'll continue to see that through the weekend. that means for pride sunday. if you're heading into the city, make sure to be ready layers candidate in the city starting the day off with maybe the sweater and you should be able to get rid of that. come the afternoon. as far as temperatures go today will be in the 70's for san francisco in half moon bay. those of us along the east bay, mostly the 80's freeman. redwood city, though you'll be in the 90's. san jose at 94 in antioch, a very hottest spot at 98 degrees today tomorrow, saturday and sunday. just a touch cooler than today. we're still hot inland under all that sunshine, upper 70's to low 80's along the bay and 60's right along the coast right now. john, thank you for that. if you're traveling
9:49 am
along 6.80, southbound south of alma parkway, we got an accident. so you are seeing delays there as you're traveling through fremont. >> let's check on the bay bridge heading into the city about 15 minutes to make it from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit. so traffic looks a lot better than the start of the morning. still fog along the golden gate drive times have gone down from 30 now to 23. so we are seeing some improvement. don't drive fast. the san mateo bridge about 13 minutes to make it from 80 across towards one o one. let's check on the south bay one. 0 one. 85 up towards memo. park around. 33 minutes. just as you're traveling to sonny bill. and then the richmond, sandra fell bridge tolls to want to run about 7 minutes started. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of pride can be found on the basketball court. yes, you can. for 35 years. the san francisco basketball association >> has been seeing what hundreds of players come and go throughout the years has become an institution. kron four's amanda hari takes a look. >> diversity inclusion and
9:50 am
pockets are all hallmarks of the san francisco basketball association. i just took a chance and it was. as take my life. sfg ba is one of the longest continuously operating basketball leagues in the world. tony dzerzhinsk. he says he found the league for a very simple reason because i wanted to play and since 1986 didn't ski has created a place where everyone can get in the game. >> doesn't matter if you're and that is totally irrelevant as to what their sexuality as it started. a gym in the hate. >> in 99, they moved to this ship, the eureka valley rec center. well, the cornerstone of the association is basketball. kaczynski says it's lasted because it's more than that. it's the comfort of being friends with these people. you really fit. >> close to them. you go to parties with them. you go to bars with them between rising rent costs and covid-19. the league has lost members over the past few years. but
9:51 am
commissioner of the league jj said drift is determined to keep it going. he first joined the league 10 years ago when he moved to san francisco from a small town knowing that they were basketball leagues is kind of a mind low for me, but i was able to find community immediately coming in just because of that said rick knows how valuable the league can be for people looking for a community like player justin white. it was just a relief. >> you it was just like, oh, i can be myself. can play basketball. and there's a is really competitive. so like it was just really good, too. >> find a home sfg ba leaders say they're proud to play in tournaments on a national and international level. and won multiple medals, but they're even more proud of welcoming people from all walks of life regardless of race, gender or orientation for you to have a safe space. i'm playing basketball. i mean, that community amanda hari kron, 4 news and john shrable cannot play basketball, but it can host our special. >> he is hosting our pride
9:52 am
special and we're excited to actually see it tonight. at 6.30, we hope you see it, too. will be right back. frosty time is kinda like "you time", if "you time" tasted like a frosty. hey willie! can i get a hand with this? you got this brother. i know you've been working out. please, this is pretty heavy. that's why i got the small man. when it's frosty time... choose wisely. choose wendy's new strawberry frosty.
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>> just about done on the kron. 4 morning news. before we go, let's check in with olivia ward and see what's up on live in the bay today. high livia haidar you how you do in the morning. very we have an
9:55 am
amazing show coming up today as usual. some incredible guests and the summer temps been making. you want to cool off? well, how about heading to the lake? >> learn how you can become a steward of lake tahoe. plus, we're chatting with the nicu doctor who made her passions for food and travel lifestyle. hear about how her unique take on sf life has her trending. then she's an air force veteran who is taking her experience in the uniform and helping your fellow service women find out more about how her fashion line and her story of service and with all the strohg female energy in studio today. in today's viewer voice, we're asking in our question of the day, who is a strong woman? you look up to and why are you? i know you got to have an answer for this alive to oprah and serena. >> yeah. open you can't go wrong. like hazing had asked the u.s. women there in the world. thank you, olivia. thanks, daryn.
9:56 am
>> well, 9.55, now could be the perfect time to maybe catch in some whale watching. if you've been thinking about it, just head down to southern california right now because that's where these massive pods of blue whales and their babies are making her way slowly up the coast since friday. they've been spotted several times with the spectacular sightings off catalina island and laguna beach. and it's not so much that they're migrating right now. but is huge. basically, patrick patrick krill that are out there right now. so these whales are feasting that they've never had it so good. and so they're breaching their yeah. they're just having a good time. we'll watchers are soaking it all up. pretty amazing. i just because olivia asked know, you most influential my mom. all your mind. that's what you guys have to say. haha. >> now you have to. yeah, you know, our gpa, madeleine albright. okay. that one of those tops oprah, has take a
9:57 am
look at the 7 day around a forecast. well, it is a little cooler this weekend. still a little hot inland. i mean, we're still hitting the low 90's, a 70's by the bay and 60's at the coast. if you are going to the parade on sunday. >> make sure that you keep that sweater with you. at least no guarantee you'll need it all day. but we saw the fog this morning. yeah, it's likely to be the case. the next several does look to be shaping up to be a great ride. we'll see later. have a good one. without the right start to your day...
9:58 am
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