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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  June 23, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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w, you may pay zero dollars for botox®. learn how abbvie could help you save on botox®. >> now at noon juul e-cigarettes no longer legal to sell. we check in with local shops and show you the impact of the new fda ban. and gun rights advocates marking a big win after a supreme court ruling on open carry laws. more on that as legislators get ready to pass new gun reforms. and lawmakers are already pushing back against the president's plan to cut down on gas prices. we show you where things stand. >> from the bay news station, you're watching kron. at noon.
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>> hey, thanks so much for joining us on the kron. 4 news at noon. i'm stephanie lynn, our top story this afternoon, the fda ordered all products made by bay area e-cigarette company juul to be removed from store shelves nationwide. in that ruling, the fda said that jewel provided insufficient and conflict data about potentially harmful chemicals. kron four's. charles clifford live for us now with some local vendors to take a look at the business impact of all this. charles. >> yeah, you know that you can go to many corner gas stations. smoke shops around the bay area. they also juul products. and i talked to one business here in san bruno. they say if they have to pull jewel off the shelves, it could potentially put them out of business. >> along el camino, real in san bruno sits cigarettes, cheaper co-owner rifi says they are not happy with the fda's decision to ban juul
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products. it's not fair. it's definitely not fair. she says that if they have to pull these items from the shelves, it could be a devastating blow to the shop. >> at this point, i would say it's about at least 25% of our business. so and that's a pretty big roberts says that most of the jewel items that they sell go to adults who have switched from smoking cigarettes. >> to vaping, if george goes away, it doesn't leave those customers many options. they're going to go back to smoking or they're a lot of people have been calling. they don't know what they're going to do for the time being cigarettes cheaper is still able to sell juul products. but the clock is ticking, hoping to get ahead of the problem. rob us as they have decided not to restock because i'm not going to it purchase. you know, joe product that i'm not going to be able to sell and miss out on some more money. and when the band does kick in, she says her livelihood will face an uncertain future. it's going to be no adjustments. you know, this could potentially put us out of business. i mean, that's that's just the
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truth. >> all right, back live now. rob also tells me she's not seeing a run on juul products and that is because state regulations in the company limit customers to how much they can purchase in a single day. so should be you're not going to see people lining up to stock up on july. tums. but for now in some burnout, charles clifford kron, 4 news. thanks very much, charles, for that live report. >> a spokesperson for juul says that the company disagrees with the fda's decision and that the company could try to fight this in court, saying in a statement to kron 4 news quote, we intend to seek a stay and are exploring all of our options under the fda's regulations and the law which include appealing the decision and engaging with our regulator. the company goes on to share, but they remain committed to doing all in our power to continue serving the millions of an american adult smokers who have successfully used our products to transition away from combustible cigarettes, which remain available on
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market shelves nationwide. today's move coming amid a wider crackdown on the tobacco industry by the biden administration. leaders now proposing a maximum nicotine levels in cigarettes and other tobacco products. advocate seeing the new rules could prevent addiction. but we wanted to know if this could encourage people to smoke more to make up for the reduce nicotine levels. here's perspective from ucsf. >> that's what a lot of research studies that look at that. it turns out and she put down the kicking a little bit. people would do that. but the low nicotine cigarettes in a minimally cause addiction are 95% lower. so people may try for a while, but then they can. so if i were to do is a smoke, your cigarettes? >> the fda plans to issue its proposed rule next. may. happening now, federal lawmakers hold another hearing on the january 6 insurrection. this is the 5th meeting and we're bringing you the
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proceedings live throughout this noon hour. we do want to warn you, though, that some of the video you may see may be offensive to some viewers. let's listen in. it looks like we may be having some trouble pulling up. that video will try to bring that to you later on in the newscast. meantime, the supreme court strikes down a new york gun law making it harder for states and cities to restrict guns in public. this coming as lawmakers get ready to pass major gun legislation. trevor shirley has more from capitol hill. >> well, this was the court's biggest gun rights ruling in more than a decade. and it's expected to impact major cities across the u.s. including new york, chicago and los angeles, the new york law in question required someone to show a specific need for a weapon in order to get a license to carry one in public in a 6 3 ruling along ideological lines. the court ruled new york's law violated the second amendment right to
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keep and bear arms. in essence, the court says all americans have a right to carry a firearm in public in most of the country. gun owners already had little difficulty legally carrying their firearms in public. but several states, including california, have laws similar to new york's which may concealed carry outside the home or difficult. those states laws are now expected to be challenged. following today's ruling, the biden administration urged the court to uphold the new york law saying that without it more gun violence would occur. the court's 3 liberal justices, all dissented focusing on the death toll that gun violence is taking on society. it is not just wrist irresponsible, but it's downright dangerous. >> our nation is in the middle of a gun violence epidemic and instead of working to protect our communities, this court has made it even easier for potentially dangerous people to carry concealed handguns in public spaces. and it's estimated more than a quarter
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of the population live in states that will be impacted by today's ruling. >> reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. >> we want to get back to this story for you. happening now, federal lawmakers holding another hearing on the january 6 insurrection. we're showing you the proceedings live now on your screen. and we do want to warn you that some of the video that you're about to see might be offensive to some viewers. let's donald trump launched a fraudulent fundraising campaign. >> that raised hundreds of millions of dollars again, based on those same false election fraud allegations. >> we've seen how president trump and his allies corruptly attempted to pressure vice president pence to refuse to count lawful electoral votes and obstruct congress's proceedings on january 6th. and how he provoked a violent mob to pursue the vice president and others in our capital. we've the president oversaw and personally participated in an effort in
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multiple states to vilify threaten and pressure. election officials and to use false allegations to pressure state legislators to change the outcome of the election. we've seen a president trump worked with and directed the republican national committee and others to organize an effort to create fake electoral slates. and later to transmit those materially false documents to federal officials. again, as part of his planning for january 6. we have seen how president trump persuaded 10's of thousands of his supporters to travel to washington, d.c., for january 6th. and we will see in far more detail how the president's rally and march to the capitol were organized and choreographed. as you can tell, these efforts were not some minor or ad hoc enterprise concocted overnight. each required planning and coordination, some required significant
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funding. all of them were overseen by president trump. and much more information will be presented soon regarding the president's statements and actions on january 6. >> today and that's representative liz cheney. you're hearing live there now. she's speaking at the january 6 hearings investigating president trump's involvement, a to overturn the election results. you can continue watching this with streaming it live for you now on kron 4 dot com as well as kron on our mobile apps. you can head over there if you'd like to watch the rest of this streaming live now. also happening today, former white house covid response coordinator deborah birx is testifying before congress. they want to examine the trump administration's response to the covid crisis. today, doctor doctor burke said the trump administration failed to communicate the seriousness of the pandemic and undermine the nation's ability to respond. the committee already question berks in a closed door session
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last week. last october. the biden administration is moving to expand title 9 protections. that's a federal law that deals with discrimination based on gender. the new proposal meant to replace a set of controversial rules issued during the trump administration. it includes an overhaul of campus assault rules and expands protections for lgbtq students. it would also bolster rights of victims and widen college responsibilities in addressing misconduct. biden's proposal expected to be challenged by conservatives. it is expected to lead to new legal battles over the rights of transgender students in schools and especially in sports. now to a developing story. san francisco police still investigating after a person is shot dead on a muni train in the castro district on wednesday morning. kron 4 sarah stinson has the latest details now that police have released new images of a person of interest in this case. a 27 year-old man died
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at the scene. a 70 year-old was taken to the hospital after shots fired on a muni train. >> police released these photos of a man. they're calling a person of interest. police want to talk with the man on your screen, not naming him as a suspect, but as a person of interest. now, this shooting happened just before 10 wednesday morning inside e train between forest hill and castro stations. a very scary situation for muni riders. one city supervisor said in a statement that a heated argument happened between the shooter and victim, then 3 to 4 shots ring out. officers rushed to the cacandro station and found the victims in that rain. then the shooter fled. police reviewed the video showing the shooting. investigators are hoping any witntntnses will com forward to help solve this case. the 7 year-old victim is recovering and is expected to be ok. the police department wants to assure the community
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that this shooting is isolated and they do not believe it is related to pride festivities or that this shooting was targeting any specific group. this investigation is very much active. i've reached out to the lice department to get an update on the investigation but have not heard back yet. we'll contiiie to follow it right here from the newsroom. for now, i'm sarah stinson reporor ng back to you. and up next, seating on the picket lines today. what they're demanding straight ahead. >> and a man is recovering from serious injuries after a shark attacked him near monterey. >> the latest updates on that story straight ahead. and kron 4 is keeping an eye on wildfires. a look at the damage happening in our area and several fires spark up. you're watching kron 4. back in a moment. on the peninsula.
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crews make progress containing the edgewood fire burning near redwood city. >> that fire burned 20 acres and is 80% contained. the fire began tuesday afternoon during brutally hot temperatures off edgewood road and konya dot road. firefighters stopped the flames that before they destroyed any homes. the genie continues work restoring power to several structures in the area. no word yet on what caused this fire. a brush fire cause some significant traffic delays in san jose last night. look at this video from around
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07:00pm off highway 2.37. and you can see that big plume of smoke. they're making a pretty hard for drivers to see 2 lanes were closed for some time. we are working to learn how big this fire currently is and how it started. we're also following the latest wildfire burning in solano county. firefighters working on containment lines and putting out hot spots in the win to fire. this has grown more than 110 acres. and at last check, it is 90% contained. so a lot of progress made on controlling this thing. the fire now burning north of vacaville near the city of winters and the yolo county line. evacuations are now or rather back. evacuation orders are now lifted. cal fire says several structures. we're in danger. no injuries to report. let's talk about our forecast now as we take a live look outside at downtown san francisco. looking really beautiful out there. nice clear conditions. let's check in with our meteorologist for
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the latest conditions outside. >> started the day with some fog, but less and less of that gradually. if you are heading out to the coast today, do you anticipate a cool jacket where the one out there you can see the golden gate bridge a little bit shrouded in that marine layer that came to our rescue yesterday helping to cool things off just a little bit for us. obviously, the east bay at looking great. but is it feeling so great? well, we know daytime highs have remained warm despite being not as hot as we were a couple of days ago. still looking at some 8 90's, i should say, for inland spots. antioch, you're at 98 degrees today. livermore san jose conquered fremont also hanging out in the 90's this afternoon. well, oakland hayward, a little closer to those 80's and san francisco in half moon bay really tapping into that cool ocean air only in the 70's. if you are in areas like san jose, make sure to stay hydrated. venturing outside for the rest of the day. we're at 94 degrees in the south bay. i'm talking about a weekend that is gradually going to be a
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little bit cooler. have your pride forecast ahead as well. >> a water main break causes major flooding in concord. let's take a look at the scene. now. this is on the 1500 block of one man boulevard. why a lot of water on roadway there. now, witnesses say this started just after midnight and you can see the water creating almost looks like a small lake on the streets. now, keep in mind, this is happening all in the middle of a drought. it's not exactly clear how much water is flowing onto the streets right now. we have reached out to fire and water officials in that area and are working to hear back from them monument boulevard is a main street that runs through concord. and so this could impact traffic in the area. about 200 registered nurses in daly city returned to the picket lines today. >> the nurses at the medical center launching a 2 day strike starting yesterday, calling on hospital leaders to address issues around patient care under staffing and what they're calling a chronic lack
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of supplies. >> this is their second strike since march one are saying she has not seen any improvement since that initial strike. >> pretty much nothing is changes, been no movement. and we've actually see a lot more nurses we're still working short of not only nurses, but as larry staff as well. so you know, there really hasn't been a i think at one point is kind of getting worse. >> in a statement, a hospital administrator shared in part that they are, quote, deeply disappointed that leaders of the california nurses association will put patients and community at risk after rejecting and offer a more than fair offer. according to that statement. san francisco business owners getting pumped for pride weekend. the worriers parade this past week meant a huge boost for business owners. kron 4 s
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taylor bisacky has more on the excitement. >> the city of san francisco was overflowing with visitors, excitement and energy like it once was before the pandemic. the city fell back. market street was alive. >> union is live downtown after the trade street like polk street, north beach. we're just >> flush with people having a great time enjoying themselves. and by what i saw, the hundreds of thousands of people that were there, they were making a day of it has run the phone with the san francisco chamber of commerce explains. >> the warriors parade brought big boost to businesses tha% we haven't seen for some time. he says it foreshadows what's to come this weekend. we have to remember the san francisco is a celebratory son. people coming to san francisco from great barrier, northern california to enjoy the city because we do these cool things because these cool things happen, whether they're running races like data breakers or pri, which is coming up this weekend. so we're excited and we're excited. i know.
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>> all the businesses, the hospitality business is that it tells people coming into town. this is all great. the san francisco after a two-year hiatus, in-person pride celebrations will also return on saturday and sunday, which is expected to draw at least half a million people. businesses in the castro district say they're already seeing the impact. we've already seen an uptick in business the from the beginning of the more people coming in. definitely a lot more tourists coming for pride lot. a lot of people from canada. a lot of people praying europe. so i think it's just going to get better and better. frederick anderson has been a bartender at the 4.40, bar for 19 years. >> he says the last few have been some of the toughest, but he's hopeful for what's to come this weekend in there i'm expecting to see the bars packed with people having a good time and being proud. i think all of that will be really good for the city. and i think it's going to bring a lot of business into the city pride, celebrations and marches kickoff on saturday
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morning. >> then we have that massive pride parade that begins at 10, 30 sunday morning. and of course, there are a bunch of an official pride events beginning as early as thursday. also, don't forget to tune into kron four's pride special that airs thursday at 06:30pm, in san francisco to live the psac ii kron. 4 news. >> still ahead, the wnba names its all-star game starters. more on this special honor. lake tahoe community on edge after a woman is confronted by a bear inside her home. what experts say you should know if you're planning a trip up
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a scary moment in lake tahoe to tell you about. a woman comes face-to-face with a bear. >> the placer coonty sheriff's office saying that the woman came home to find a bear inside her home and was knocked over and even scratched up as the bear was trying to escape zach boetto spoke with neighbors and officials who want people to know how to navigate the situation. when bears are around. >> experts say there are about 300 bears here in the lake tahoe region. and every day a bear will make its way into a home but physical encounters like this one are rare. >> residents here in the dollar hill to neighborhood say bears roaming around our very comment. but they were shocked to hear a bear knocked over and scratched up a woman right where they live. bears. come around. you see him all the time. but for them to attack, that's just doesn't
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sound right. the placer county sheriff's office says it happened in broad daylight. reports say the woman left her door open when taking out the trash. that's when the bear walked in. and when she returned, she came face to face with a young 100 to 200 pound bear and the bear with nowhere to go plowed through and out the front door. the placer county sheriff's office is calling this a bear attack. but the bear league says calling this an attack really isn't fair to the bears. >> an attack would be an offensive meant to cause harm encounter. this was a my way. i'm i want out of here. brian says bears are just looking for food and they'll generally mind their own business. they're not going into houses to kill any people. they're going into the houses to raid the refrigerators. neighbors say visitors are coming to tahoe for vacation for the first time this year. they
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have to know how to act and live around bears lock up your different items that you have weather. if you're going to grocery >> keeping stuff in your car, whether it's a tic tac piece of gum tooth paste. >> they will find it a few them. be here in tahoe bears are everywhere. this is their habitat. >> and experts say if you're visiting, don't leave food out. don't leave even a crumb out. lock your doors. and if you find a bear inside your house, make sure it has an exit route reporting from lake tahoe, zach boetto. and good advice there. >> next at noon, should the monkeypox outbreak be considered a global emergency? why the world health organization is putting that into considered in serious under serious consideration. plus, a new professional sports team is coming to oakland. more details on what we can expect from tonight's big launch party. and taking
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oil executives to task over the cost of gas. how the biden administration is trying to ease the pain at the pump.
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happening today, the nation's top oil executives meet with the biden administration to discuss soaring fuel prices. >> energy secretary jennifer granholm will speak with officials from exxonmobil shell and chevron. this comes after president biden sent a letter to those companies just last week accusing them of
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taking advantage of the russian invasion of ukraine, keeping supply low and cashing in on record profits. oil companies saying they are producing as much as they can. biden is not expected to attend today's meeting. and president biden's proposed gas tax holiday is already meeting some resistance on capitol hill. >> by suspending the $0.18 gas tax, federal gas tax. the next 90 days we can bring down the price of gas and give families just a little bit of relief. the administration, of course, is coming up with is yet another gimmick. >> another band-aid and something they know is dead on arrival up here in congress, fish and effective administration. big new idea. >> it was a silly proposal that senior members of their own party have already shot down well under drive. >> the president called for a suspension of the federal gas tax yesterday. he's also asking states to suspend their own gas taxes here in
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california. that's $0.51 a gallon. republican lawmakers in sacramento have been pushing for that for months. but governor newsom and democratic lawmakers have so far refused instead proposing a one-time rebate. there's still debate going over the amount of that rebate, how it would be delivered and who would qualify for it. and take a look at the gas prices in the bay area on your screen there. according to triple a napa is the city with the highest average gas prices at $6. and $0.58. they're beating. san francisco was gas for nearly $0.10 cheaper at 6.49. still not too cheap, though. santa rosa, oakland, sandra fell and san jose also reporting gas prices around $6 and $0.40. sky-high prices have been the reality for a while now. but is it time to switch to electric vehicle kron four's ella sogomonian has a closer look at potential benefits for those thinking of moving on to evs.
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>> the cost to fuel up is hovering just below $7 per gallon across california. some people are coughing up $100 to fill up their tank with little relief in sight. drivers are turning to another option, electric vehicles or evs, although just about 3 and a half percent of all sales are electric. that's an 80% jump from the year before. according to triple a more americans are buying a lecture. and for a lot of reasons. the pandemic and the microchip shortage seem to help that some states. >> eliminating gas powered vehicles in the future. also really motivated and is motivating large car companies to invest in electric. so for all of those reasons and likely wanted to pay that much for gas, people are starting to look nonprofit cultura highlights the benefits of investing in evs. >> their research suggests the savings to switching to evs are immediate because
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electricity is much cheaper than gasoline by an average of half the cost lets us which in 2 are really good. even for the average driver. >> so in california, even drivers spend about $0.7 a mile on fuel debt for gas cards for like $0.21 a mile. >> it may save you from spending big bucks at a gas station charging up an electric car might not be all that convenient depending on a few things. while electric cars can be plugged into an ordinary household. 110 volt outlet. it may take a while, so you'll have to find a charging station nearby. there are 100,000 across the u.s. in the san francisco bay area. there are about 2000 listed on this map from open charge, dot org. many are free. others cost about $20 or require a membership. and some are more powerful than others. a free charging station may take up to 8 hours for a full charge compared to a super powered one that would take 2 hours,
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but charging up an ev can be made more convenient with many incentives, depending on where you live. for example, california utilities offer a 30 to 35% discount for low-income customers who also can qualify for a free charger with home installation under the new clean cars for all program. and although it might still be cheaper to buy a gas guzzler at the moment, there are a ton of stackable tax rebates and grants at the federal state and local level to bring down the costs by up to $12,000. drivers can also save on maintenance because evs have about 20 versus 2000 parts and a gas powered car. just an example of some of those ways to save in california, low-income families can get. >> $4500 for the purchase or lease of a new ev? and another $1500 to retire in old gas car from the cash for clunkers program. plus, up to $5,000 off the cost of the used ev depending on which bay area city you live supply chain
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issues are also a big challenge right now. so if you can find a new or used tv for sale at the moment, it's probably going to cost more than usual. but overall, it's something to consider for people who put a lot of miles on their gas guzzler traveling far and wide. >> last year petaluma became the first city in the world to ban the construction of new gas stations. now the city of los angeles is considering a similar move. city leaders say they are working on policies to stop the development of all new fossil fuel infrastructure. that means no more gas stations and no more oil drills. officials say they hope to see the policy move ahead by the end of the year. >> right now, if you're bart rider and you go through conquered and pleasant hill, you still need to give yourself some extra time to get to your destination. >> bart still has not fixed the track that warped because of the extreme heat on tuesday afternoon, there's only one track available for the yellow line train to antioch. so
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riders are seeing extra 5 to 15 minute delays. barr has not yet shared when they will be finished, making those repairs. and another story we're following, a man is recovering after getting bitten by a shark off the coast of monterey county. it happened wednesday morning. at lovers point beach in pacific grove, a couple who was out paddle boarding, heard some pretty loud screams. the man was bitten in the arm leg and stomach another surf or swim out to him with another surfboard and the victim was quickly put on top of that board and brought to shore and they are expected to survive despite those very serious sounding injuries. the world health organization meets today to decide if the monkeypox outbreak should be considered a global emergency. that would mean the wrist or rather the disease is at risk of spreading across more borders. the cdc confirmed so far more than through 3300 positive cases and more than 40 countries. the who said it
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did not expect to announce any decisions before friday in the u.s. health officials identified the first case of monkeypox in massachusetts and in california that are monitoring more than a dozen suspected cases. a group of doctors now calling on the cdc and the biden administration to relax covid-19 guidelines that affect school children. kron four's dan kerman reports. >> in hopes of reducing what they called disruptions in children's education. a group of doctors called urgency for normal has written a letter to the head of the cdc and the biden administration calling for changes in federal covid-19 guidelines for children among the proposals asking the cdc to no longer recommend vaccines for those under 18 in hopes it will lead schools, colleges and sports organizations to get rid of all vaccine mandates for children. >> i strongly believe that vaccine should be recommended. ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter
12:39 pm
chin-hong says no longer recommending vaccines ignores the benefits children get from them for short will increase about a response. and it's likely that it will prevent serious disease, a slight station and that of vaccine mandates for >> diseases that kill fewer children, fewer children every year than covid does. but measles and i think everybody agrees that we need to protect children from measles. so i think this is just very ill-advised idea. uc berkeley, infectious disease specialist doctor john schwartzberg agrees. >> saying it's premature to make these changes, especially considering the uptick in child hospitalizations during the omicron surge. and while urgency of normals letter maintains the emergency phase of covid-19 is over. doctors. caution, we don't know what's ahead and where best to protect ourselves. now for these doctors to suggest that we're in a very different
12:40 pm
stage of the pandemic and don't need to worry about a lot of these things. >> it's just really inappropriate. it would advise and something i hope people take to heart. dan kerman kron. 4 news >> let's talk a bit about our forecast shao way taking a live look outside at coit tower. just a little bit of a breeze out there. but otherwise looking like clear and sunny skies kron, 4 meteorologist john trail here with the details. >> well, we've been talking about how weather is gradually getting a bit more tolerable. we started summer a couple days ago with those record-breaking temps. yesterday was a little bit cooler. and today is set to be a little bit cooler yet. you can see faintly out there. the remnants of marine layer, which we had earlier today that burning off through the day today before return of it into tomorrow morning. that's going to cool us right back off into the start of your friday, too. so where are we sitting today daytime highs in the city ranging anywhere from the mid 70's admission and financial districts and are plenty of sun.
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>> to sunset district sitting in the 60's. definitely some ocean influence at the coast. >> that will keep those temperatures down. you'll get your window of sunshine out there. just not as much sunshine or warmth. this the rest of the bay, most of the rest of us are solidly going to be in the 80's to 90's, redwood city in mountain view each at 92 today, south bay temperatures. are still high. it's definitely not the one o 2 you had in san jose on tuesday, but it is a 94 and still hotter than most of the rest of the bay livermore. 96 today, union city hayward on up to oakland hanging on to the 80's. well, berkeley and richmond, you tapped into a bit of fog this morning. that's going help you keep into the 70's as that cool ocean air sweeping in to the golden gate. now vacaville 96 antioch, our hottest spot, 98 degrees. you were there yesterday as well. at least not the triple digits. santa rosa nevado also back into the nineties today. as for 7 day forecast, let's stop with our inland valleys. so today low to mid 90's. tomorrow starts a
12:42 pm
trend of mostly low 90's that will carry us through pride sunday into monday. before we get even cooler into next week. bayside cities from the 80's on average today to the upper 70's. just a few degrees cooler for friday and saturday. also getting cooler into next week. and as for the coast, you tapped into the fog today is going to be are high ranging of highs ranging from 60's to 70's the weekend ahead does get a little bit cooler. so for your pride sunday plans, as i mentioned, make sure to bring that extra layer as you head into the city. some terrifying moments caught on camera. new york police release. >> this video of officers saving a woman who falls onto the subway tracks just minutes before a train comes into the station. 2 officers were on a transit inspection when that 25 year-old woman suffered a medical emergency and tumbled onto the tracks. as you just saw there, this video shows one officer jumping down and eventually hoisting her back up to his partner just before the train rolls into the station. the woman was taken
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to a hospital and treated for a head injury. fast and good work by those police officers. 4 is celebrating pride month by bringing you lgbtq+, stories from the community. >> coming up, meet a local basketball week that played for decades. and you may have heard and seen a double rainbow. but how about a lightning rainbow? we'll have a look at a stunning natural phenomenon. and tonight, oakland launches a brand-new women's soccer team will speak with 18 read on what this
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>> happening tonight, a historic move by the city of oakland. they're getting their first women's professional soccer team. call the oakland saul really cool stuff. here now to talk more about this is one of the women who made all this possible. jenna lamb business development director, thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you for having us, stephanie. we're super excited about tonight. >> he congratulations to you and everyone involved with this is such a historic moment. really? how does it feel to be involved with the launch of oakland's first women's soccer team? >> it's super exciting. i mean, it's been kind of in the cards for us for a number of years. he's so to finally see it come to fruition and come alive, especially tonight. we drop our crest is going to be incredible. it's been like i said, the intense since 2018 when we started opener, it's
12:47 pm
sports club and we could not be more excited to extend the platform in the mission and the purpose of oakland roots. 2 women and girls in the community. >> you just mentioned the oakland roots club been if that's your all men's professional team. now you are introducing this all-women's team. so what do you think it says about the times that we're currently in that we're finally seeing this women's professional soccer team in oakland. >> yeah, i mean, it's it's finally this team will be even pre professional. so it's actually just going to fill the gap between college players and the professional level professional is, you know, the ultimate goal. but we really want to grow and build sustainably. i think it's about time to kind of answer your question. you know, there's been a few different pathways, but to have one that's going to be kind of raising the bar in terms of level of play and professionalism is really exciting and to do with community first in oakland.
12:48 pm
first is obviously hugely important to us. and that's what we intend to maintain as we build this club. >> and many of the conversations on oakland, sports also have been mostly about teams leaving the area. we know that the raiders, they went to vegas. the worriers went to san francisco and now the a's might even be leaving the area. but the oakland lutz obviously still there and they have this very passionate fan base. so in your eyes, what you think has really helped build on the team's success in oakland. >> gosh, i mean, we're nothing without our fan base. honestly. they show up for us time and time again. i think one of the reasons that we have such a connection is that we've been in the community since day one all through the pandemic since our inception. just trying to show up for the community we can to really harness the magic of oakland in the power of sport as a force for social good, which is our purpose and is still the purpose for oakland soul as well. so, you know, we're we're oakland first always this doesn't mean, you know, if you're not open, but not for you, but it really represents a set of ideals and
12:49 pm
values. >> that we strive and the grit, the hostility, perseverance are all things that people associate plant and then we try amplify on and off the field. >> and we know that there's a launch party, a big one happening for the oakland seoul tonight at 6. what can you tell us about it? i understand that there might still be a few tickets left. >> yes, yes. so this is actually going to get crest reveal. so we've been working for 9 months on building a community driven identity for this women's team. that's different than the man who wanted them to have their own unique space. so we're really excited to share that. it's like i said, evolved and developed with the help of community advisory board. that is majority women from oakland. so i'm really a community process here and it's going to be really fun event. we have mystic performing. we have mix ingredients, all theme out, dance crew. we have some incredible toasts to kind of cheers. our team as they start. and like you said there, there are probably a few spots left. i know are almost capacity about a little
12:50 pm
over. they can check out our socials for more information on that open soul at sea but you should be really fun event tonight, food drink. party. let it end. >> that's general and business development. director of the oakland, seoul, thank you so much for joining us today. and we look forward to cheering on the team at future games. thank you so much. all right. and women's basketball bay area native sabrina ionescu named one of the starters in the wnba all-star game on july 10th. she played at miramonte high school in orinda. the first player in the league to record a triple-double in the first 3 quarters. the wnba also announcing that brittney griner detained in russia since february will be an honorary all-star starter. reiner has been an all-star 7 times every season of her career. and now to the warriors. the nba draft happens tonight. free agency starting shortly after and one
12:51 pm
of the most pressing topics, the future of andrew wiggins and jordan poole, both were integral to the worriers championship run all season wiggins has been a major defensive presence on the perimeter and pool emerged as one of the most improved players in the nba wiggins still has a year left on his deal. pool will be a restricted free agent next summer. where worriers gm? bob myers says he's going to do everything in his power to keep those 2 with the organization. >> we're a long way from figuring out what andrew once and what his agent but i do know what we want. we don't want to keep them and we'll make every effort to keep both those they were huge for us. they're young. you know, andrew headache, kind of a career so nice to him experience success. he did in jordan. both of them were kind i don't the correct word is. but somewhat downtrodden place
12:52 pm
of their careers and to see them respond fantastic for them and for us and can't get much better than that resulting in the championship. so we're hoping we can get him back. >> the draft starts tonight at 5. the first round draft pick starts at 5 tonight. as we just for celebrating pride month after more than 35 years and hundreds of players, the san francisco, basketball associations shows no signs of slowing down. kron four's amanda hari shows us how this leak has managed to stay around for so many years. >> diversity inclusion and pockets are all hallmarks of the san francisco basketball association. i just took a chance and it was. as you take my life. sfg ba is one of the longest continuously operating basketball leagues in the world. tony dzerzhinsk. he says he found the league for a very simple reason because i wanted to play and since 1986
12:53 pm
didn't ski has created a place where everyone can get in the game. >> doesn't matter if you're and that is totally irrelevant as to what their sexuality as it started. jim, in the hate. >> in 99, they moved to this ship, the eureka valley rec center. well, the cornerstone of the association is basketball. he says it's lasted because it's more than that. it's the comfort of being friends with these people. you really fit. >> close to them. you go to parties with them. you go to bars with them between rising rent costs and covid-19. the league has lost members over the past few years. but commissioner of the league jj said drift is determined to keep it going. he first joined the league 10 years ago when he moved to san francisco from a small town knowing that they were basketball leagues is kind of a mind low for me. >> but i was able to find community immediately coming in just because of that said rick knows how valuable the league can be for people looking for a community like player justin white. it was just a relief.
12:54 pm
>> you it was just like, oh, i can be myself. can play basketball and there's is really competitive. so like it was just really good, too. >> find a home sfg ba leaders say they're proud to play in tournaments on a national and international level. and won multiple medals, but they're even more proud of welcoming people from all walks of life regardless of race, gender or orientation for you to have a safe space. i'm playing basketball. i mean, that community amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> and join us tonight for our pride special called love will keep us together. it airs tonight at 6.30. and we're looking at a fun weekend ahead. the east bay getting a sweet visit from hello kitty. >> stay with us. that's up next.
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>> and check this out. some lightning spotted in hollister yesterday next to a rainbow. a viewer took this very special video while a thunderstorm was happening. really, really interesting sight to see here and very beautiful as well. well, if you're looking for something to do this weekend, you might want check this out rio is hosting a pop-up cat cafe in pleasanton the hello kitty cafe truck making some summer stops in the bay area. and here's a look at all that adorable merchandise you can score. they also offer cookies and some other snacks. the
12:58 pm
truck will be in pleasanton on saturday from 10 in the morning until 7 at night and will be parked at the stoneridge shopping center. if you can't make it this weekend, it will also be in san jose at santana row on july 9th. and by the way, hello, kitty is the second highest grossing media franchise right behind pokemon. i happen to be huge fans of both. that'll do it for us here at kron. 4 news at noon. let's send things over to olivia. 44 live in the bay. how's it going? olivia? hey, stephanie, i like that. hello, kitty story there. i feel like it's been around since we were young. so yes, i spent all of my allowance at the age of on hello, just go straight to the sanrio store mom. so this must be exciting for you. very excited. pay a visit to a santana row in the coming days. have to let me know how it is. absolutely. >> well, listen, we have a great show for you today. coming up, how you can help preserve north lake tahoe by taking the responsible traveler pledge. all the details coming up. plus, we're
12:59 pm
chatting with the nicu doctor and how she started a following on social media with her creative look at the bay area lifestyle. >> then she served in the military and now she's serving up some great fashion. >> learn how the air force veteran is helping to rest for years of today. and friend of the show, greg from big bay morning. if the studio we're getting his take on the warriors win pride. and the latest news from harry styles. all that and much more coming up today on live in the bay. >> hello and welcome in to live in the bay. your daily dose of some afternoon. sunshine. i'm your host olivia horton. and around here. we like to start the show by filling you in with in case you missed it after the
1:00 pm
warriors parade brought thousands of people to san francisco earlier this week. the city is now preparing for half a million people to come into the city for pride celebrations this weekend and city officials are expecting another big boost to business after two-year hiatus, in-person pride celebrations will return on saturday and sunday. businesses in the castro district say they're already seeing the impact. one bar owner says after a tough couple of years, he's hopeful about what's to come. san francisco pride, celebrations and marches kickoff on saturday morning and the parade begins on sunday at 10:30am, michael j. fox will be honored by the academy of motion pictures, arts and science for his contributions to film and his efforts to help cure parkinson's disease. the act are set to receive an honorary oscar at this year's governor's award. the academy's board of governors selected the honorees for their nl. it indelible a little word vomit. their indelible


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