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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 23, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> a busy day for fire crews around the bay area. 5 fires all starting within a few hours this afternoon. thanks for joining us tonight for kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm ken wayne high palmore. the first fire started just before 2.30. this afternoon. the latest started just a couple of hours ago. here you can see 2 burning in alameda county. >> 2 in solano county and one in contra costa county. we are bringing you team coverage tonight. dan thorn live for us at the scenic fire near we go first to the canyon fire, which is outside pleasanton.
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that's where we find kron four's justin campbell with the latest. justin. >> yeah, they've lifted the evacuation order. if you look behind me earlier, this road was blocked off, kill care road. people could not get to their houses when they were here earlier this afternoon. but take a listen and take a look at some of the video you can see this fire burning from the mountain. top smoke coming from they are. we also take the chance to speak to people that actually had to during this time. take a listen to what one guy had to say about the evacuation. it was uncovered adrenaline might. i just raced up that graph. the calf. >> you know, our i wasn't sketch. my buys one of one of those moments your life where you just kind just get through it, i wouldn't even think about my safety. >> residents here in sun or now driving back. we've seen a lot of them that we're here in this area and this little downtown area that once they
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had to evacuate came here and they were sitting here watching as firefighters were doing what they had to do to get this fire under control. but as of right now, that evacuation has lifted as of containment. we don't know where the containment is. as soon as we get that information from cal fire on how contain this fire is, will pass that along to you for now. we're live here in snow, justin campbell kron, 4 news. justin, thank you for that. meanwhile, in contra costa county, fire crews are working through extensive mop up. >> that's at this scene of the scenic fight. you know, that fire was less said to a burned about 50 acres in the town of port costa. and that's where kron 4 dan thorn joins us live with the latest from that location. >> dan? >> ken and pam, we right now getting the latest information from the rocket fire department. and as you said, it's a 50 acres have burned, but so far there has been no containment on this since it first broke out around 2 o'clock this afternoon. thankfully, no structures have
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been destroyed, but because of the continuous dry and hot weather, fire crews are on alert. >> fire crews trying to stop fast-moving flames chewing through dry grass and brush the scenic fire. breaking out along car tina scenic drive in contra costa county. the heat and the terrain making the ground battle >> air support was brought in to help it really that that the air resources where the key, you know, that that was really the key slowing this down. crockett fire department p i o steve trotter says the entire community of port costa has had to stay on alert. flames quickly wrecked homes there thursday afternoon and nearby train service was forced to stop as the blaze moved dangerously close to the tracks. our chief officers arrived on scene. >> immediately recognize that this this fire was moving quickly just with temperatures in the wind, there was quite a bit of spotting. you know,
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they call for additional resources right away. smoke was seen for miles as a beloved across the carquinez strait, a park in the path of the fire. so wouldn't guardrails and hillsides ignite the charred area, reminding people that fire danger is here. this is going to be a busy fire season. we're prepared to that. we train for that >> you know, we're ready. it's on standby to keep our >> community safe. >> we are right now standing at the carquinez strait, regional shoreline, which suffered some dawage. some charring here on the hillsides. fire crews telling us that cal fire will be working here overnight and through tomorrow, putting out those hot spots and also doing some mop up. there has been a containment line that's still getting work done. but ford progress has been stopped. that's the latest here live between port cost in crockett. dan thorn kron, 4 news. thank you, dan. well, there are still 3 other fires to tell you about tonight. our grant
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lodes joins us now from the newsroom with the latest on those fires. grant. >> mccann will start in solano county where firefighters are battling a brush fire in the area of buena vista lane. >> and tim road in vacaville, this is burned about 40 acres. 65% containment and for progress has been stopped. crews will remain in the area for the next several hours working on containment and putting out hot spots. evacuation orders have been downgraded to warnings for residents. we'll zoom in here. you see vacaville. the area we're talking about is about 7, 8, miles north of vacaville on this map here. so you see vacaville proper. we'll zoom into the area where evacuations were. and again, they've been downgraded to warnings from orders. we're talking about the area north of can a low road here south of peaceful glen road east of dove creek trail and west of tim road here. the fire was in
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this area right there. so we'll keep you posted on that one. meanwhile, in benicia not too far from this forward, progress has been stopped on a brush fire that broke out a couple hours ago. it took place near the valero oil refinery where interstates 6, 87, 80 me that fire burned about 10 acres. crews will stay there for the next few hours to make sure it does not spark up again. and we're also monitoring what their calling the tesla fire in alameda county. it's off tesla road and coral hollow road between pleasanton and tracy. it's about 100 acres. this fire does not appear to be threatening any buildings at this time. no word yet on containment levels. there will continue to keep an eye on all of these other fires and bring you the latest details as we get to panic. and for now, back to you. all right, grant, thank you. let's check in on the weather conditions tonight. it was a warm day today and hopefully things are
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cooling off tonight. we see a little fog that always is a good sign yet. but a different situation in different different locations where these fires are burning incident. yeah, and no surprise that they happen in our warmest driest inland valley. certainly not along the coast are. we're starting to notice that marine layer. >> finally making an appearance, but it won't arrive into our inland valleys until overnight tonight. so crockett, we're tracking clear skies, 82 degrees. but check out that humidity level up to 74%. and thanks to those cooler temperatures there and calmer winds speeds. we're noticing a lot of moisture there. great news for firefighters but vacaville still in the low 90's. and as a result, relative humidity bone dry down to 22%. fortunately, wind speeds in the single digits at 6 miles per hour and pleasanton where those fires are burning in that area. relative humidity up to 46% and wind speeds 13 miles per hour. so the certainly in that area, no surprise that 2 fires have
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sparked in and around there just today alone. but when tracker for we're tracking winds out of the northwest for downtown san francisco, sustained at 20 miles per hour gusts upwards of 25 miles per hour. and we're going to see calmer conditions tonight with the exception of those of you in vacaville, still going to be breezy even by 11 o'clock this evening. but we are tracking calmer winds speeds throughout the overnight hours into your friday morning until we noticed return of those gusty winds out of the west-southwest. getting more of that cool sea breeze influence extending inland with wind gusts in that 20 to 30 mile per hour range. gusty us for those of you along the san francisco peninsula. so relative humidity out there right now, still very dry. 20th to 30th percentile range for most of our north and east bay valleys. but watch what happens as i fast for tonight when we start to see the return of that marine layer, we're going to see those humidity levels nearly double. and for those sonoma, napa up to 95%. but livermore 64%
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still a lot of moisture, though. that is going to be much needed for firefighters. poor visibility out there right now along golden gate bridge. so drive safely. but it's thanks to this marine layer that firefighters not only going to see a lot more moisture to help with pop-up flare ups. but those calmer winds also hopefully going to help give them that full containment that we certainly need in the coming hours and days back to ken and pam. >> thank you. marie said bay area health experts are issuing a warning on monkeypox as case counts continue to rise. officials are concerned with more summer travel. the cases will climb clown force rhesus us here explains best practices to stop the spread. >> but we should keep in mind is that a monkey pox is in the community and ucsf infectious disease expert peter chin. hong on how monkeypox cases are escalating like never before. but adding, there are ways to slow things down. really trying to break that chain of transmission and that to fit ways. i think about it. trying to protect yourself and
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then trying to protect others. the doctor says most cases come from prolong skin to skin contact with someone with open, visible sores. this concept that we're trying to get up out, reach and awareness to everybody. if you don't feel good, stay home. frank is with san francisco public health department, all of our surrounding counties are coming together to to work on ways to keep this >> in minimal out you know, experience is happening. this is the time now when we can stop it from getting advanced doctor peter chin-hong, as although being in direct contact is the most likely way of getting the disease. it could somehow spread. >> sexually that said, he has this advice. it's all about harm reduction. i think you want to have a honest conversation with the going to be intimate with. >> and use your generalized. you say this is what i do with everyone. i'm going to be you know how you're feeling. are
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you doing you know, and you know, you take it from there. >> theresa kron, 4 news. >> coming up tonight the senate moving forward with new gun legislation. we have the latest developments on the push for more gun control and the fda officially moving to ban one of the more popular vaping devices. the reaction tonight.
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>> the food and drug administration is ordering jewel to pull its e-cigarettes from the u.s. market. the company is widely blamed for sparking a surge in teen vaping. the fda says juul must stop selling this vaping device as well as its tobacco and menthol related of menthol flavored cartridges. but consumers are not restricted from having or using juul's products. the agency says jules research included, insufficient and conflicting data about potentially harmful chemicals leaching from those cartridges. jill says it disagrees with the fda's decision and will seek to put the ban on hold while it considers its options, including a possible appeal. meanwhile, the american lung association called the fda decision long overdue. >> the supreme court's decision today defies logic. >> another big story we're following tonight. the u.s. supreme court ruled today that americans have the right to carry guns in public for
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self-defense. the justices 6 to 3 decision struck down a new york gun law is expected to directly affect about half a dozen otherostate. and that does include california. this is the high court's first a major gun decision in more than a decade. many people who are supporters of gun reform worry that this ruling takes new york and the nation backward. >> meanwhile, this is just in the u.s. senate has voted to approve a bipartisan gun violence bill. this clears the way for final congressional approval. it comes at a time when congress is grappling with how to respond to recent deadly mass shootings in new york and texas alone. people are still mourning the recent deaths of some 31 people from mass shootings. the bill is believed to be the most far-reaching response in decades to the recent mass shootings. california lawmakers are speaking out against that supreme court move. governor newsom and% attorney general rob bonta were. >> quick to put out statements
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about the supreme court ruling saying that california will continue to lead the fight to keep people safe from gun violence. governor gavin newsom wrote, quote, this is radical decision. today's court thinks that gun regulations to be frozen in time. and if there wasn't a similar law in existence in the 17, 100's or 18, 100's, then a state can't pass it. now, no matter how important it is to protect people from the modern horror of gun violence. the governor is promising to sign 60 new gun safety bills next week, including a bill that will allow people to sue gun makers and distributors. attorney general rob bonta says he's committed to preventing gun violence by advocating for common sense gun laws seizing guns from those who are prohibited from having them ending the sale of illegal firearms through litigation against ghost gun retailers and improving transparency by expanding gun violence related data to the state releases 2 researchers. today's january 6 committee hearing focus on the
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pressure campaign from the trump white house aide at the department of justice all designed to overturn the 2020 election results. >> our washington correspondent basil john reports. >> if justice department had not done. >> enough during the 5th hearing of the january 6th committee, former top doj officials told the panel former president donald trump pushed them to overturn the election. >> it was a brazen attempt. to use the justice department to advance the president's personal political agenda. former deputy attorney general richard donoghue. >> so the department of justice looked at the president's claims of election fraud or any of the allegations he brought up. >> found credible. did you find any of them credible? >> donahue and former acting attorney general jeffrey rosen told the former president they couldn't change the election results. how did the president respond to that, sir? >> he responded very quickly and said essentially that's not what i'm asking. you do.
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well, i'm just asking you do is just say it was corrupt and leave the rest to me in the republican congressman, both top officials said the president wanted someone in charge at the doj who would do what he wanted. but neither donahue or rosen would go along with his wishes. united states justice department functions on facts, evidence and law and those are not going to change. so you can have whatever leadership you want, but the department's position is not going change. evidence also shows there was an effort by pennsylvania republican congressman scott perry to get a new attorney general in position before january 6th. the january 6th hearings will resume after summer recess. >> reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> the federal government is canceling about 6 billion dollars in student loan debt. the move affects about 200,000 people who attended for-profit schools such as corinthian colleges. it take a technical is to 10 other summer trade schools and applied for a loan cancellations. a class action lawsuit was filed against
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department of education in 2019 saying the department had ignored all of those applications. today, student loan cancellation as a result of a settlement from that lawsuit. >> weather warm days and cool nights. look at the golden gate bridge or at least the pavement of the company gave bridge. you certainly can see the towers tonight because of the faa's. something's going on out there because there's no traffic coming. southbound and northbound traffic is just creeping along. so the resort have to check that out. some might be happening on the golden gate as long as you get to your destination safely and slowly. that's all that matters, right? let's take a look at what that fog bank actually did. today's daytime highs in downtown san francisco. >> help cool us down to 67 degrees. exactly where we should be for this time of year. but for those of you in our inland valleys, specifically livermore, you actually got hotter today compared to yesterday, 20 degrees above average, flirting with that triple digit heat so that sea breeze
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and that karl, the fog didn't arrive into your neighborhood today. but tonight, it's certainly going to make its presence known. temperatures out there right now, widespread mid 50's along the san francisco peninsula coastline. 35 degrees warmer for those of you in dublin. in livermore, in the mid 80's at 86 degrees, half moon bay at 53 degrees and everything in between san jose. 77 degrees. oakland in the mid-sixties with berkeley. at 75 degrees. petaluma. you're cooler than everyone else in north bay valleys at 64 degrees. but check out nevado and fairfax and the low to mid 70's there. so finally noticing some pleasant temperatures and just a heavenly site. exactly what we need to see relief finally making its way into the bay area as this fog bank. ross is a golden gate bridge eventually going to make its way across the bay and into our inland valleys by tonight. so radar for just seeing it hugging the coastline right now. but temperatures tonight going to cool down even for antioch. 67 degrees. you've been in the 70's for your overnight lows. still going to
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be a hot one for conquered in livermore, not east bay valleys with mid 90's there. low 90's for those of you in fremont, san jose and santa rosa in downtown san francisco, 70 degrees for your friday afternoon highs. but then we're going to stay hot inland until we cool down with seasonal temperatures not returning until the middle of next week. finally in the mid 80's and then low 80's a week from today. back to you, ken and pam, but theresa, thank you. still ahead, a shark attack off the coast of monterey. the latest on efforts to track the animal responsible.
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>> a shark attack victim is recovering tonight after an attack yesterday in monterey bay. steven bremer is listed in fair condition and continuing to recover. that's according to officials at the tv dot hospital in celina or was in the water wednesday yesterday around 10:30am, in the morning. at lovers point beach in pacific grove. what happened? there was some video of a good samaritan swimming out with an extra surfboard to help bring him ashore. an off-duty nurse helped there's a video right there. and after to duty nurse help stabilize the wounds until paramedics arrived >> really active. he swims all the time. he's constantly out in the bay. it didn't surprise me that he was out there in the middle of it i just wish him all the best. i want him
8:25 pm
to get well soon have a quick recovery. >> after the attack, first responders used a drone to search the area to see if they could find the shark. but that was not successful or suffered multiple bite wounds. the department of fish and wildlife forensics lab determined that he was, in fact, bitten by a great white shark lovers point beach and see palm turnout will remain closed until saturday. at least that's according to pacific grove police. >> next tonight on kron, 4 news today, the final word on roe versus wade. still to come, we're talking with a legal expert on what we can expect. plus, 2 new covid variants detected why they are causing some concern and a driver speeding into an intersection. he's a father riding his bike with his children. the reward now
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>> abortion has been a legal right for women in the united states for nearly 50 years. but that could soon change. u.s. supreme court is expected to rule on its future at any moment. literally. kron four's justine waltman has a look at how roe versus wade came to be. >> in january, 1973, the supreme court ruled the united states constitution protects a woman's right to an abortion. the case was brought by norma mccorvey jane roe, who in 1969, was pregnant with her 3rd child. she wanted an
8:29 pm
abortion but lived in texas where abortion was illegal. her attorneys filed a lawsuit against her district attorney henry wade alleging the texas abortion laws were unconstitutional. the case went to the supreme court where the justices ruled in her favor 7 to antiabortion politicians and activists have sought for decades to overrule that decision. what is before the court now? dobbs first jackson women's health organization. the case centers around a mississippi law that would ban most abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy in may of 2022. a leaked draft majority opinion penned by justice samuel alito hinted the court is prepared to overturn roe with its final decision on dobbs versus jackson. the release of a draft opinion for a pending case is unprecedented in recent supreme court history. justine waldman, kron, 4 news.
8:30 pm
>> the case looming before the supreme court is considered the most consequential in generation to talk about its possible effect and other issues on a very busy day in our nation's capital were joined by donna crane, a political science lecturer at san jose state university. donna, thank you for you know, being with us tonight. there's so much going on. let's start with the abortion issue. it does appear that roe v wade will be overturned. it's the difficult to understand. we hear people in the legal community talk about legal precedents. this has been on the books for almost 5 decades yet. here we are facing is removal as a right for americans. >> how does that sit? how does that unfold? >> here's how it happened when roe versus wade of what became the law of the land in 1973 of the anti-abortion movement set down and mapped out a 3 decade long plan to put enough justices on the supreme court
8:31 pm
that they can eventually overturned the decision. and to do that, you need to elect presidents who will appoint anti-abortion judges and justices and you need to elect senators who will confirm that. and that's exactly what the set about doing. so this is the culmination of more than 30 years worth of strategic work. and it is worth mentioning here that one of the key architects of this 30 year plus long plan was young lawyer. i'm back in the day. and in sam alito. wright, who is now a justice on the supreme court >> donna, this seems there seems to be some conflicting rulings here by the supreme court because they just came out with his gun ruling regarding the state of new york today has a look at the abortion issue. so on in the case of abortion, they're going to rule that states can basically ban abortions within the state's california will have legal abortions. another state to like texas will not. so states have completely different rules in this
8:32 pm
country regarding abortions. but when it comes to guns, they don't have that. california has gun restrictions. new york had a gun restriction. the state. the supreme court said the states can't do that. state want that wants to have gun restrictions can implement those restrictions. is that a conflict or sears because that it's the same court. >> it's legally and logically elected officials and politicians and even judges have very inconsistent views on the concept of federal s. ah. ah, was the concept of how much power should the federal government, however, says the state government's half. and in this case, the simple explanation is, i mean, it's just very obvious, very the justices on the supreme in general have us. there's a 63 majority in favor of gun rights and there is a 6 to 3 majority in opposition to abortion rights. this is these
8:33 pm
decisions are totally inconsistent. and really just purely out space. >> again, we have several things you want to talk on this gun issue of give us a sense of how you see this playing out because that people can carry concealed weapons without a permit. and yet there's still a lot of little caveats involve. how do you see this playing out across the nation at a time when gun violence, mass killings? are you at an all-time high? >> you a friend of have defer to my colleagues who are more expert the issue of gun safety. i will mention one thing that i think it's really important for people to bear in mind. and that is the the country is on the public and the country as a whole actually very strongly in support of reasonable restrictions that assured on safety. and this is one of the areas where congress is really out of step with where the public is. and that's in large part because members of congress still especially in a sense i don't entirely
8:34 pm
represent the country as a the senate is tilted toward more conservative, more rural states. and that means generally states that have stronger views on the second amendment. so there is there has always been a disconnect and i think we continue to see that. and this is how we got to the supreme court to that. >> let's move on to the january 6 hearings set just your impression of what happened today. seems there's some explosive new details about to the former president really pushing hard to overturn the election is basically a coup. >> exactly right to cook from inside the palace, if you well, i you know, i was watching the hearings this morning was that it was said to each other if there were a plot on a television program that follow these contours. we would say this is preposterous and observing completely it's what seems to have been presented today is that the president was hole time from
8:35 pm
the day he lost the election until january 6 when he, you know, spurred an in trying to persuade the department of justice to back up his false claims that he won the election. department of justice is supposed to be independent not. his lawyers workers who work for us to people. and it's just this is watergate level conspiracy here. i've never seen anything quite like it. >> one of the things that stood out to me was when kinzinger mention the fact that there were so many people asking for pardons ahead of time and that you don't. he said you don't ask for a pardon unless you know you've done something wrong. how might that play out legally for the people who did ask for those pardons? >> i would be very nervous, very nervous. was already one of those 5 members of congress that were listed as as being on the record asking for part of i think i think there's
8:36 pm
some potential trouble coming for these members of and if not legal, that certainly feel that at all. i think one of things the committee is trying to do is to sort of separate donald trump and his top lieutenants in this conspiracy from the rest of the republican party to make them a politically untouchable. so that even legally, if someone doesn't follow them, they'll they'll just be a politically toxic and i think the hope hope is that the party will eventually back >> it certainly so it looks like the committee is trying to show, though, that everything emanated from the oval office, all of this was orchestrated from the white house. do you think the former president will be held to account criminally or otherwise? >> i would say i do think the president, the former president will kate, will pay a price politically. i do. understand from my republican friends sort on the inside party elders understand that
8:37 pm
trump is toxic. they sort of want trumpism without chop. and so i think that's one set of one set of consequences face his legal consequences. i confident would give it maybe today about a fifty-fifty chance that he faces any legal consequences. and if he does, i think they're more likely to be coming from the state government and the >> down real quick because we're out of time, of course. but i just want to go back to roll for one quick question. you said it took 30 years to build to this point to overturn roe. for those who want to keep row or something like it. will it take another 3 decades too, restore something like road? >> it will 63 antiabortion majority on the court right and the those justices that were appoint most conservative justices are because of our system will have to wait until they retire or leave office for new justice is to be we're talking about potentially a
8:38 pm
generation. donna crane lecturer at san jose state university. thank you so much for your insight. always appreciate >> thanks, still ahead, a day to top covid official testifies how doctor deborah birx says the trump administration held up its response to the pandemic. >> and never too early to plan ahead for the weekend. your sierra forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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>> donald trump's former covid coordinator testified on capitol hill today that his administration engaged in a widespread pattern of political interference in the pandemic response. doctor deborah birx spoke before a house panel about her time in the trump administration. she admitted that inconsistent messaging from the white house gave the public a false sense of security about the threat posed by covid-19. she also told lawmakers that members of the administration actively encouraged her to mislead the public. >> created a sense among the american people that this was not going to be a serious pandemic. we still are not effectively communicating the effects of this. both antiviral ys. burks has projected that 130,000 american lives could have been saved after the first wave of the pandemic. >> if the federal government had implemented optimal mitigation as she called it. >> 2 new omicron subvariants appear to be able to evade the antibody protection provided by both prior infection and
8:42 pm
vaccines. they are called ba 4 and ba 5 new research also shows these new strains contain mutations designed to target human lung cells, potentially making them more dangerous than other recent variants. the good news is that researchers say being vaccinated still provides the best protection against severe disease. next up in sports, just days after the lawyers held their ch
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8:45 pm
on the wildfires that continue to burn in the bay area tonight. cal fire says the scenic fires burning in port cost about a mile east of crockett has burned a total of 108 acres and it's 50% contained. that fire prompted evacuations earlier today. fire crews say they plan to be on the scene there, at least through the night. also, the fire burning in the pleasanton area has burned 71 acres. it is now 10% contained. >> this also from cal fire. crews are calling this fire the canyon fire. all of the evacuation orders in the area have been lifted and we're learning that the fire called the tesla fire is now at 250 acres. we're keeping an eye on developments there. fires burning out between tracy and what we see a livermore. so that's off of 5.80, out there
8:46 pm
in that area. that's the biggest fire by geography. so it looking weather wise? yeah, we're going to notice warm temperatures this weekend not just for the bay area, but for the sierra as well. >> friday eve, everyone. so we're going to see for your weekend forecast. >> warm temperatures continuing for warmest inland valleys and pop-up thunderstorms and possible seat for those of you if you're heading to the sierra this weekend. but here's a live look at san francisco international airport. and you could see karl, the fog starting to make his presence known their radar for tracking that fog bank. and it is making its way into the east bay. shoreline is well calmer conditions for those of you in the sierra. we did see some pop-up thunderstorms earlier today, calmer and drier conditions and that drying trend going to continue for your friday forecast. if you're heading out to this year, you're in luck. great weather for your friday morning and friday afternoon and evening commute. temperatures at south lake tahoe. 79 degrees with low 80's. for those of you in truckee. and we're going to
8:47 pm
see that threat of pop-up thunderstorms continuing on saturday. so just keep that in mind. if you do have any outdoor plans for this weekend, make sure to take advantage of sunday. it is going to be a warmer day, though. we're going to see 80's 90's for the 2nd half of the weekend for most of this year, about 5 to 10 degrees above average in temperatures out there right now in the bay area. still toasty mid 80's for those of you in concord. in livermore, livermore, you want it to 99 degrees. flirting with that triple digit heat. so still hot temperatures there. but san jose and fremont at 77 degrees in san mateo in the low 70's vallejo. 69 degrees in timber on currently at 59 degrees for your thursday evening. but let's take a look at temperatures tomorrow because it's still going to be hot mid-nineties for warmest inland valleys in antioch, in livermore at 96 degrees. but we're going to stay nice and cool at half moon bay at 63 degrees. so more than a 30 degree difference out there. if you want relief from the heat, just head to the beach because we're going to be in the 60's all weekend long. >> with 70's along the east
8:48 pm
bay shoreline 80's not returning for inland valleys until tuesday. and then we're going to really cool down a week from today in the low 80's. back to you, ken and pam. >> thank you, theresa, some good news for bart riders. the agency says it plans to reopen that track between concord in pleasant hill tomorrow, might recall the track has been closed since tuesday after triple digit temperatures caused part of the rail line to actually bend by the heat. it ended up derailing at least 2 cars of a bart train. the closure of the track, of course, led to delays for east bay writers. but it is about to reopen tomorrow. >> oakland police are searching for the driver who killed a father in a hit and run. and it all happened in front of his children. the crash happened last thursday night at the intersection of 14th and jefferson near oakland city hall. the victim was riding his bicycle with his 2 young children following behind him as he entered the crosswalk. the suspect hits the man at a high rate of speed and keeps going. the victim was taken to a local
8:49 pm
hospital where he later died. the victim has now been identified as 42 year-old dimitri put the law, the father of 4 was taking his 2 youngest children back to their mother's home. the driver kept on going while the young children left to try and help their father. >> he was thrown from his bicycle. one of the his son's tried to give him cpr, try because nobody else was there to help. and the other son was screaming. i mean, that was horrific. it made it so much worse for the children that this driver didn't stop and help. >> police are now looking for that 4 door black infiniti and the driver involved in the crash. they hope that releasing the video of the incident will have someone come forward with information about this. there is a reward of $10,000 for information leading to an arrest.
8:50 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> just 4 days after they celebrated a world championship down market street. the warriors drafted a first-round pick. take a listen. >> 28th pick and the 2022 nba draft, the golden state warriors select patrick baldwin junior from the university of wisconsin, milwaukee. >> good for him. patrick baldwin junior played one year at university of milwaukee, wisconsin, coming into college. he was one of the most coveted prospects in the country. but an injury-filled freshman year. the rail, his one season in college that caused his stock to drop a bit. but he's a stretch of player. he can play inside. he can play outside. you can cut to the basket and you can see he can shoot that bill. so there's a lot to work with for
8:51 pm
the warriors. exciting pick for that will be introduced to him tomorrow by the organization. the giants in atlanta looking to even the series with the braves. bottom of the second braves up to travis. grounds. it. cairo estrada can't field in. it trickles into left field. 2 runs come in to score all part of a five-run second inning. bottom of the 9th giants trailing by 2 jock peterson house and gets a hold of this one. peterson has been awesome this 16th home run of the season, but the giants within a run. but it wasn't enough. they fall. 76, they'll come back home to host reds. is that tomorrow? to the coliseum to a's hosting the mariners. looking to avoid a sweep. frankie he was masterful today in the 7th. he strikes out. you suarez. he's a strikeout of the game montage. his
8:52 pm
no-hitter with broken up in the 8th after seattle tied the game in the 9th on a wild pitch. oakland bullpen just imploded. the runner 3rd scores. and that would do it a fall despite m-ntage is stellar outing to the one they'll travel to kansas city to take on the royals for a 3 game series tomorrow. forty-niners tight end george kittle. another nfl tight ends are back for year. 2 of tight end university. and this year they're hosting an online fundraising competition that will benefit boys and girls clubs across the nation. kittle is representing the boys and girls club of the peninsula and all the proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards the club. the player who raises the most money will also receive an extra 50 grand for the boys and girls club. here is what kittle had to say during today's festivities. >> be able to be a part of an event that we can raise 600 and $81,000. plus 4 just
8:53 pm
absolutely credible. going to that to the boys and girls club of america, support them. hang out the kids all day play some games now have an outside exercise little bit. have fun. i mean, it's just a great day to be a titan, great day to be a part you know, this bridge from nation. >> my school stuff there back to the warriors. so this kid who they drafted patrick baldwin junior. he played for his dad. he surprised everyone who was like one of the top recruits in the country. you know, duke, kentucky, kansas. he said i'm going to go to university of wisconsin, milwaukee in play for my father this and he just he couldn't stay on the floor. he kept getting but like i said, there's a lot to work with. so should be a fun little journey for him. seeing out kind of there's another young college player that kind of have some big questions about his potential to a little number, 30 draymond green to gray the 35th pick in the draft. yeah. these managers know how to
8:54 pm
grow. yeah. you know that this is so fine, though, that they're at the draft in new york and like you're going to san francisco tomorrow, k 9, pack your bag. and here you go. he's probably on a private plane tonight. has a lot of money involved, right? thanks, next today, the beloved 80's blockbuster heading to broadway. when you can expect to see doc brown wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi?
8:55 pm
for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
8:56 pm
(music throughout) >> broadway is going back to the future. a new musical
8:57 pm
adaptation of the classic time traveling blockbuster is set to open on stage next year. the show will feature new music from the original film's composer. no word yet on the cast or which theater will host the adventures of marty mcfly and doc brown. >> the play has been running in london's west end since 2020 and it won an award for best new musical. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8. but our pfimetime coverage is just getting started. grant vicki standing by with the latest. all right, our thanks, pam. and ken, here's what's next. at 9. we continue to follow all these fires burning across the bay area late today. and tonight we're getting updates. >> acreage containment numbers seems like they're all over the place. we have team coverage coming up starting at the top of the hour. plus the committee investigating the january 6 insurrection held its 5th public hearing this morning. details unveiled today on how former president trump tried to corrupt the u.s. justice department. >> kron four's political
8:58 pm
expert michael yaki will be joining us live with analysis. kron. 4 news at 9 is next.
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