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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  June 24, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> well, good friday morning and thank you for waking up with this bright and early on the kron. 4 morning news. we have a very hot start to the week. it was difficult. a lot of nice to fall asleep, but we gradually have kind of crawled back into more comfortable temperatures and what you have planned this john triple has you covered? because >> it's a lot going on like the pride parade. so what's going on this weekend? a good chance to crawl out of see, maybe get venture back out there. we're still going to be hot inland. but temperatures along the bay and along the coast are a lot more moderated
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than they once were. and there's a pretty noticeable reason why we're seeing the return of some cooled ocean air. this is the golden gate bridge. you can really only see a couple of the lights there at the very tippy top of the bridge shining through the fog that is draping through the golden gate. our coast and bayshore areas this morning. fog in some spots is very dense this morning. so i do want you to take it slower. san francisco on up into the north bay, right along one o one in portions of sonoma county on to the car. kenya is east bay shoreline. portions of the south bay peninsula. all seeing some of that fog in in patches is quite dense. so do slow it down. even more of a foggy impact than what we had yesterday morning. as for right now, temperatures are in the 50's and 60's oakland, you're at 55 degrees. dublin at 65 brentwood at 71 and a few 40's up in the north bay. so quite a wide range of temperatures. north bay generally or coal dust inland areas of the east bay are our
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warmest this morning. now skies are dry for yet another day. we're already under clear skies for inland spots and you're going to be under another warm one later on today. daytime highs rise into the 90's inland 80's for many of our bayshore cities 60's towards the coastline. i've got that full forecast, including your pride forecast. still ahead over to rain. a wonderful thank you for that, john. all right. if you are late in the east bay traveling into the city about 10 minutes for you. >> on this friday morning, the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula just under 13 minutes to make that drives no major delays over there. all right. let's go ahead and check on at the richmond. sandra fell bridge now about a nine-minute drive richmond toward sander phil. still pretty quiet there. and the golden gate bridge. wow. look at that fog. 37 to the tolls. take your time as you're traveling. still around 20 minutes this morning, wildfires broke out in several bay area cities causing road closures and evacuations for
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some residents. yeah. fire crews that were across the bay area working to put out these fires on your screen. look at them yet. the canyon fire that's in pleasanton. we have that him fire. that's in vacaville and the scenic that's import costa and crockett. and there's a fire in benicia. for more on the scene fire burning between crockett and port costa. that fire has scorched more than 100 acres and was dangerously close to homes. kron four's. dan thorn has the latest for us. fire crews trying to stop fast-moving flames chewing through dry grass and brush the scenic fire. breaking out along car tina scenic drive in contra costa county. >> the heat and the terrain making the ground battle >> air support was brought in to help it really that that the air resources where the key that that was really the key slowing this down. crockett fire department p i o steve trotter says the entire community of port costa has
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had to stay on alert. flames quickly threatened homes there thursday afternoon and nearby train service was forced to stop as the blaze moved dangerously close to the tracks. our chief officers arrived on scene. >> immediately recognize that this this fire was moving quickly just with temperatures in the wind, there was quite a bit of spotting. you know, they call for additional resources right away. smoke was seen for miles as a billet across the carquinez strait, a park in the path of the fire. so wouldn't guardrails and hillsides ignite the charred area, reminding people that fire danger is this is going to be a busy fire season. we're prepared to that. we train for that >> you know, we're ready. it's on standby to keep our community safe. reporting in port costa, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> evacuation orders are now lifted 4 kill care road and signal in golden gate estates in pleasanton the area was under a mandatory evacuation for several hours thursday due
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to a wildfire approaching the neighborhood kron four's taylor is aqi has the latest for us. >> well, neighbors were given fpthe green light to re enter this area and returned to their homes near kill care and foothill roads. again, you can see behind me that any barricades are emergency crews have since left allowing people to move freely in and out of this neighborhood of you. take a look at the video of that fire from earlier. this is why neighbors near kill care road in seminole and golden gate estates were under a mandatory evacuation. you can see the white and gray plumes of smoke coming from the top of the ridge. alameda county. firefighters say it was a fast-moving fire that broke out around 2.30, thursday afternoon. firefighters say they were able to stop the forward progress of the fire at about 80 acres. and we also just learned that a firefighter was injured while battling the fire. however, they are expected to be ok. >> neighbors we spoke to earlier. we're very concerned at one point saying this is the second time they've had to evacuate within just a few years. one man we spoke with
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says he rushed home to get his cat once he heard about the evacuations. so she told there was a fight. don't give an evacuated, jumped in my truck. >> a drug back here from mountain view as fast as i could the police let me through was very i said at the rescue, cat which i did my way into the right. real quick. there's a load of police on that motor bikes up and down. checking people out, get people out of the houses. the 5. okay. we're up. there was loads of 5 engine. >> while all that was taylor is actually reporting for us now as of 09:00pm last night, that fire was 10% contained. well, fire crews are now working to fully contain the fires in vacaville and benicia. it's a county firefighters are making good progress on a brush fire in the area. one of this to light in 10 road in vacaville. the blaze has burned 26 acres and is 80% contained at last check with cal fire. the fire officials say the fire is now under control. the crews will be in the area for the next few hours. they're working on containment and put out those hot spots. in benicia for
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progress has been stopped on a brush fire that broke out yesterday afternoon in according to rondo. that's near the valero oil refinery. the fire burned 10 acres. now crews will remain on scene for the next couple of hours to make sure it does not spark again. we have video of the tesla fire burning in far east alameda county. the fire is going to 300 acres. it's 10% contained. cal fire's initial report says a car crashed into a tree and that's how that fire began. cal fire says crews were at the scene overnight and the agency will sit in new crews this morning to take over for the day. well, a tragic story. oakland police are searching for the driver who killed a father and a hit and run the crash happening in front of his children. well, the crash happened last thursday night at the intersection, a 14th and jefferson by oakland city hall. oh, wow. the victim was riding his bike with his 2 young kids following behind him when he entered that crosswalk and the suspect hits them and you can see it high
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rate speed. obviously we're not going to show that impact. the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. now the victim has been identified as 42 year-old dimitri puddles. he was the fee was a father of 4 and he was taking his 2 youngest kids back to their mother's house. the driver kept going while his children were left there to help their father. he was thrown from his bicycle. >> one of the his son's tried to give him cpr. try because nobody else was there to help. and the other son was screaming. i mean, that was horrific. it made it so much worse for the children that this driver didn't stop and help. >> well, police are now looking for the 4 door black infiniti that was involved in the crash. they hope that releasing the video of the crash will have someone come forward with more information about it. police are offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to an arrest in this case. well,
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rideshare drivers rallied in the south bay outside of the they demanded increased safety while they're on the job. and they also want the green light to form a union kron four's ella sogomonian has those details for us. >> speakers from a group called gig workers rising, held a rally in san jose on thursday. one driver says she was attacked in april by a passenger and claims the only response from lift was that the passenger would never be connected to her on the app in the future. she spoke through. an interpreter has been one of the worst thing because of my life and has. >> was we didn't develop. here's the question employees like some of that, though, want to form a union to help on that front. they are also pushing back against alleged pressure to work longer hours and demand that those companies provide adequate support and compensation to family members. when workers are killed on the job, gig workers rising released a report in april that found. >> more than 50 app workers were killed from 2017 to 2021.
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we're fighting every day to protect our workers and our working families. >> so that they have better benefits have better pay. but never did. i think we would have to ask our companies to protect their workers so that they don't die on the heavily funded prop. 22 past keeping the drivers has contracted workers in california. the company support is limited at drivers believe there is a direct link between alleged lack of and a business model set up to significantly benefit executives. workers, hospital, medical staff. you know what i'm saying? there a p like? >> there is no support from them. a few weeks ago, senators warren sanders and marcie as well as congresswoman pressley route letters to the ceos of 5 leading app. corporations demanding that they improve safety protections for workers and transparency about how many workers are hurt or killed on the job. in that letter, they said thursday is the deadline to reply. and
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it's not clear if the ceos did. >> well, that was ella sogomonian reporting for us. still to come on the kron 4 morning news. do you know how to prevent monkeypox? coming up after the break, we spoke to some local officials on how he might avoid the disease. plus, a gun violence bill is on its way to house lawmakers for a vote. we're going play what the legislation is supposed to do. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> well, officials are concerned that with more summer travel, monkeypox cases will climb. kron four's terisa stasio's planes best practices to stop the spread. >> but we should keep in mind is that a monkey pox is in the community and ucsf infectious disease expert peter chin. hong on how monkeypox cases are escalating like never before. but adding, there are ways to slow things down. really trying to break that chain of transmission. >> and they had to fit ways. i think about it. trying to protect yourself and then trying to protect others. the doctor says most cases come from prolong skin to skin contact with someone with open, visible sores. this concept that we're trying to
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get up out, reach and awareness to everybody. >> if you don't feel good, stay home. frank is with san francisco public health department, all of our surrounding counties are coming together to to work on ways to keep this in minimal out you know, experience is happening. this is the time now when we can stop it from getting advanced doctor peter chin-hong, as although being in direct contact is the most likely way of getting the disease. it could somehow spread sexually. that said he has this advice. it's all about harm reduction. i think you want to have a honest conversation with the going to be intimate with. >> and use your generalized. you say this is what i do with everyone. i'm going to be you know how you're feeling. are you doing you know, and you know, you take it from there. >> to recess stasio kron. 4 news. all right. well, a lot to take in over the summer and to protect yourself but for a lot of you are planning
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outdoor activities. a lot happening in the bay area this week. started the week with the lawyers and now we go into the weekend with the proper age on. i'm excited. is the weather going to hold up for it? market street, 2 parades, one. can you believe that? a betty. everywhere. lots of confetti. i the day. clean that up fast, though, at the worry is for. it's already a go single piece of confetti. those 2 bever clean that up. >> a look outside right now. we are seeing some cloud cover out really just some fog that has pushed right into the bay this morning. we do have some dense fog in. it's a very condensed into the bay. so as you're running into it, you will definitely noticed it. visibility issues are an issue right there along the bay shore. as far as we go with satellite and radar, it's a dry one. friday starts off with hot temperatures inland in cool temperatures near the coastline. fog pretty evident here in future cast. you can see it in the bay itself all the way into the south bay coast and into the north bay
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inland areas. you're not looking at it. so much burns off later today. we'll get a good dose of sunshine. even when does the sun all the way out to the coastline? another push of fog into tomorrow morning as we kick off your saturday and it's likely to be the same into sunday. so if you're heading into the city for pride expected, absolutely gorgeous afternoon. but if you're heading in during morning hours, make sure you're ready for a little bit of fog to kick off that day on sunday and a little bit of a chill along with it, too. as for temperatures today, 60's 70's for sf 60's and 70's at the coast and temperatures along the bay shore still in the 80's to even the 90's. redwood mountain view right at 90 degrees. this is cooler than you've been still kind of warm, though, south bay temperatures in the low 90's as well. yesterday was mostly mid 90's a few days before that it was triple digits. so we have cooled just not a dramatic cool down concord in danville at 92 while oakland, berkeley and richmond, only in
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the 70's today. gorgeous afternoon for all of you, antioch, you're still holding on to that. 98 with all you've got. but we will be looking at some nice, cool down just around the corner. so today, tomorrow, sunday remaining in the 90's inland, upper 70's to low 80's along the bay 60's of the coast. bigger changes towards next week. that's when our highs inland will finally drop into the 80's and our bayshore cities more consistently down into the 70's reyna. tom, thank you for that. a right to the city this morning about 10 minutes to make it from the maze. 2 that free muster. exit. >> san mateo bridge headed across towards the peninsula. little under 13 as you're traveling there. well, out of richmond heading across or san rafale just under 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the toes. got that dense fog going lose the use. those low beams and drive slow. still about 20 minutes. but again, take your time as you're traveling. all right. well, the time, you know, 04:18am, and the u.s. supreme court ruled that americans have the right to carry guns
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in public for self-defense. the justices 6 to 3 decision struck down a new york gun law and is expected to directly impact half a dozen other states, including california. this is the high court's first major gun decision more than a decade. you have many people who are supporters of gun reform, worry that the ruling takes new york and the country backwards. it comes on the heels of several tragic and high-profile mass shootings in new york and texas alone. people are still mourning the recent deaths of 31 people killed. well, state lawmakers are now speaking out against that ruling. governor newsom says he's been anticipating this gun really for months. kron four's rob nesbitt has more on gun legislation that will be introduced next week here in california. >> both governor gavin newsom and attorney general rob bonta were quick to put out statements about the supreme court ruling saying california will continue to lead the fight to keep people safe from gun violence. social media was sounding off thursday.
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influencers upset over the supreme court ruling that new york's requirement that a person show proper cause in order to receive a license to carry firearms in public is unconstitutional. in essence, saying all americans have a right to carry a firearm in public. senator scott wiener was extremely direct on twitter thursday saying the highest court is dangerous to the country. they want women to be able to. >> the controller of >> i guess just our and that is true to its other. governor gavin newsom joining the criticism saying, quote, this is a radical decision. today's court things that gun regulation should be frozen in time and that there wasn't a similar law in existence in the 17, 100's or 1800's. the state can't pass it now, no matter how important it is to protect people from the modern horror of gun violence. the governor promising to sign 16 new gun safety bills next week including a bill that will allow people to sue gun makers and distributors. attorney general rob bonta says he's committed to preventing gun violence by advocating for common sense gun laws seizing guns from those who are
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prohibited from having them. >> ending the sale of illegal firearms to litigation against ghost gun retailers and improving transparency by expanding gun violence related data. according to the attorney general's office, there are over 110 gun deaths each day and nearly 41,000 each year in the u.s. san jose mayor sam liccardo says the court's 63 ruling will create nightmares for urban police departments already struggling to keep city safe. and the last week several by gunshots. and we know. >> that if we could do more to be able to prevent guns from getting in the hands of criminals. and be able to regulate how those guns has asked. we would be able to keep our community safe or california stance on gun legislation seems to be working when compared to other states. according to the cdc, california's gun death rate is the 44th lowest in the nation. reporting in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> package of gun safety reforms is on the brink of becoming law after a late
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night vote in the senate legislation is now on its way to the house. hannah brandt joins us live with the very latest. good morning, anna. >> reyna, good morning. that's right. just before midnight last night, 65 senators voted to pass this gun reforms package. and today we're expecting the house to vote to pass it as well. in a major breakthrough moment, congress is pushing forward a package of gun legislation. this will become the most significant piece of anti gun violence. >> legislation congress has passed in 3 decades. the package took weeks of bipartisan negotiation between senators chris murphy and john cornyn. the final legislation will enhance background checks, funding for spin of state red flag laws and expand mental health resources. this bill includes targeted common sense measures to prevent violence. and to save lives. while respecting our constitution. but not everyone agrees. 15 senate republicans voted for the reforms. a majority voted against them, including texas senator ted
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cruz. i agree. do something but do something that works to something that will stop. >> these crimes still supporters you're celebrating. this is a bipartisan success. senator chuck schumer says democrats will keep fighting for stronger gun laws. >> but for now is a long ovemdue step in the right direction. just hours before the senate passed that package, the supreme court struck down a new york gun law. the court ruled that americans have the right to carry guns in public for self-defense. we're hoping that this is going to stop the persecution. >> of lawful legal gun owners in new york state. instead of working to protect our communities. this court has made it even easier for potentially dangerous people to carry concealed handguns in public spaces. >> and the president weighed in on both developments calling the supreme court decision disappointing but also celebrating the vote over in congress as a win saying it will make communities safer. live in washington, i'm hannah brandt.
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>> all right, hannah, thank you for updating us on those developments. well, coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, we're learning more about the victim of a shark attack in monterey county. we spoke to his former co-workers who have more to say about the
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attack victim is recovering after an incident wednesday in monterey county. >> thursday, some of the victims colleague sent well wishes for a speedy recovery. kron four's haaziq mod-yoon has that story.
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>> shark attack victim stephen rober is listed in fair condition continuing to recover according to officials at the tv dot hospital. insulate is grover was in the water wednesday at around 10:30am, at lovers. point beach in pacific grove when it happened. this is video of a good samaritan swimming out with an extra surfboard to help bring them ashore. minus teams really active. he swims all the time. he's constantly out in the bay. it didn't surprise me that he was out there in the middle of it out. john skeletor is a former work colleague of steven brewer who recently retired as a member of the tech department at monterey peninsula college. i just him all the best. i want him to get well soon. >> have a quick recovery. he received more get well wishes from the college administration. in a statement that reads, quote, faculty and stafn of around the college are expressing their desire to communicate well wishes and support for steve and his family. >> steve served as an online
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instructional technology specialist working at mpc for over 15 years before his retirement on december. 30th twenty-twenty a drone used by first responders to search for the shark was unsuccessful. gruber suffered multiple bite wounds of that it was used by the california department of fish and wildlife forensics lab to determine that he was bitten by a white shark lovers pointed see pop turnout will remain closed until saturday, according to pacific grove police has it made kron 4 >> well, still to come on the kron, 4 morning news, a water main break left several blocks in the city of concord under water. we'll take a deeper dive at the watery depths right after the break.
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