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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  June 24, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. we are not pro life pro. first. >> they could give a and never with this happened. it men were the ones having babies ever. >> now it's 6 o'clock. that was governor newsom reacting to the supreme court ruling on abortion rights. although the decision was expected, the decision to overturn roe versus wade is sending shock waves across the country. it eliminates the federal constitutional right to abortion after almost 50 years. so that being the law of the land. welcome everyone. thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm catherine heenan and i'm ken wayne. the decision by the court's conservative majority overturns the landmark roe versus wade ruling and is expected to lead to abortion
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bans. >> in roughly half the states in the country. our washington correspondent jessi turnure joins us now live from washington with the latest jesse morning awaiting that decision from the u.s. supreme >> they came like you said it was expected following his last month came drop the boy and a strange sight still part. really a lot of strong responses from both sides today. >> like the court in the washington is split over the u.s. supreme court's decision friday to overturn its decades old roe v wade abortion case, the health and life of women of this nation. now at risk, it will save the lives of millions of children. president joe biden called the 6, 3, ruling that revokes woman's constitutional right to abortion. a tragic error course decision to do so will have real and immediate consequences about a dozen states have already passed so-called trigger laws that now outlaw most abortions.
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it's a slap in the face to women. house speaker nancy pelosi said it hits, especially at the poor and people of color. she and other democrats in congress like nevada senator catherine cortez masto. so they will continue to push to pass federal laws to restore abortion rights. it matters who we elect in this country who are going to stand up for our rights or take them away. many republicans, though, including louisiana congressman mike johnson cheered the ruling and its staunchly opposed abortion rights legislation. abortion violence is the number one killer of children in america until the day. johnson and others like missouri congresswoman ann wagner called on more states to take advantage of the ruling and swiftly pass protections. >> for our vulnerable babies. >> and conservative justice clarence thomas wrote in a good fortune. also reconsider her decision. protect things like marriage. washington.
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>> jessie, thank you for that. today. governor gunman gavin newsom delivered an emphatic speech on protecting women's rights and kron four's. ella sogomonian is in the newsroom and has details on his reaction. l a. >> governor newsom was joined by other california lawmakers who denounced the supreme court's landmark decision to overturn roe v wade during his speech, the governor announced that he has signed a bill into law that makes california a safe haven for women across the country. he said his administration will not cooperate with any states that attempt to prosecute women or doctors for receiving or providing reproductive care during his press conference today, newsom slammed republican governors in other states who supported the supreme court's ruling. they're coming. >> after you next period. full stop. this is not just about women. this is not just about choice. this is not just about reproductive freedom to coming after you next. it's a serious
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moment in american history. this great divergence now. red states versus blue states. >> democrats and abortion advocates say that they want to enshrine a woman's right to choose in the state constitution, which will need to pass the legislature by june 30th and order to head to voters in november. live in the newsroom, ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank you. in the east bay. our team coverage on today's historic supreme court decision continues. kron forcefully to call met with antiabortion are celebrating this decision. >> a day and time fortune activists have advocated for going on nearly a half century deeply personal. for those with just for this ruling most their lives. i am so happy i i burst into tears outside planned parenthood in walnut creek, about a dozen people who demonstrate here weekly offering women alternatives to abortions, praising the
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supreme court's opinion on roe versus wade. >> ending constitutional protections for abortion. this is a huge victory. >> our victory. at reforming abortion. our victory is that abolishing abortion? every baby's life matters. the court's decision is expected to lead to abortion bans in roughly half the states. but pastor james cook with lighthouse baptist church in concord is not holding his breath counting on california being one of them november. gavin newsom has already said he's going to put it on the ballot. >> for the citizens of california. >> to vote abortion rights into our constitution. so it's a very short term for california in the past demonstrations outside this clinic have become so violent. the walnut creek city council adopted an ordinance creating an 8 foot buffer zone between activists and patients visiting for services council member kevin will stop by friday to make sure everyone
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remained peaceful. >> which they did. waller creek has come out strongly in support. >> of women's rights and obviously of being able to protect women as they come into clinics. but i can tell you that personally speaking, offended, i'm offended that the highest court in our nation would take away the rights of over half the population. america. this is great news. >> happy news for all of us in walnut creek police to call from new >> and we want to bring you some perspective now on the ruling from legal experts. we are now joined by jessica levinson, a law professor with loyola law just good. thanks for being with us tonight. there's a lot of legal avenues to talk about, but let's just kind of focus on the actual decision itself and what it means moving forward because there are bound to be a lot of challenges. talk about what kinds of aspects of this will create legal. going as we move along.
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>> well, many so as we know, the court today said there is no longer a constitutionally protected right to obtain an abortion. as we also know, that means this is left to the states. so states like california, as we just heard, can try and become sanctuary state and then other states red states can not only ban abortion within their boundaries but potentially try to see if they can ban their residents from traveling to obtain abortions. that's going to be one of the next big legal frontiers which is state to state in states like california saying you can come here will provide resources for you and we will not cooperate with anybody who tries to punish you for coming here. we will also see a battle on the federal level between federal, the federal government and states where the federal government. i think we'll try and make it easier to provide abortion pills. we know 50% of abortions in this country. our result of these abortion pills, some states are going to try and ban the mailing in prescription of those pills.
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and so we're going to also see a matchup between the federal government and the states. and jessica, i think would be interesting to people was the constitutional legal argument for roe versus wade in the first place. and why is the court backing away from that? >> that that's a great question. so back when roe v wade was decided, the argument basically was bit under the 14th amendment due process clause. we have this word liberty and liberty includes rights that are not written into the constitution. liberty includes the right to privacy. liberty includes the right to personal autonomy and so row really builds on a number of cases cases that protect the right to obtain contraception. for instance, and says that this right to privacy, this right to personal autonomy. it includes the right to obtain an abortion. the majority today kind of says the flip side with the right to obtain an abortion is not written in the constitution. it's not according to the majority, deeply rooted in our nation's history or tradition. and
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therefore, we do not think it should be protected by the constitution. >> the politics of this moving forward to seem to indicate the democrats are going to try to get a federal law passed in congress signed by the president that would make abortion legal again, aside from the political difficulties of making that happen. talk about the supreme court and the legal ramifications of the congress passing a law. and if it does get signed. could that be overturned by a future court or obviously by a future congress? >> well, a couple things. i mean, i don't think that's going to happen because what congress has known the senate has known, the president has known that this decision is coming and we've known this for a long time. and we, in fact, even had a leak of this decision. so there won't be legislation on the federal level in less. we significantly change the composition of the senate and the house or we get rid of the filibuster know, could that
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legislation that hypothetical legislation then be subject to legal challenge? yes, it will. and i will say that if there is a change in the composition of the house and the senate and maybe the oval office to turn red. then the federal legislation. we need to keep our eyes on is a federal ban on abortion. at that point, we don't live in a patchwork anymore at that point. no states, including california, can provide abortions. we're not there yet. but we do see in the conservative legal and political movement, people starting to talk about that. >> to what extent, jessica, do you think other legal precedents are at justice clarence thomas obviously again raising that question today. >> so the majority opinion today goes to pains to say this is just about abortion. it's not about marriage. it's not about contraception. but if you look at the rationale behind what the court says, it's hard to really believe
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this is just about abortion now right now, justice clarence thomas who says let's get rid of those other an enumerated meaning unlisted reits. justice clarence thomas is an island unto himself right now. but what we know is that today's concurrence for today's descent even can become tomorrow's majority. it's a real question as to whether or not that particular view is able to garner enough support. that's not happening right now. but i absolutely think there will be challenges. jessica levinson, law professor joining us to >> dissects this complicated legal issue. thank you for your time. we greatly appreciate it. for more facts, insight and analysis on supreme court's ruling today. you can head to kron 4 dot com. just scan the qr code you see on your screen, it will take you straight to our website. >> and coming up, why today's supreme court decision is seen as a huge red flag to the lgbtq community and the bay
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area dealing with a number of wildfires happening at the same time. we'll have the
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>> rowe recognize the fundamental right to privacy. that is served as a basis for so many more rights that have come to take. we've come to take for granted. but are ingrained in the fabric of this country. >> president biden warning the country of a dangerous path.
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now that the supreme court has overruled roe versus wade, calling the ruling a direct attack on women's rights in america. now that the supreme court has overturned roe, there's some speculation about what could be next. one of the court's conservative justices set that speculation aside and made it pretty clear in a separate opinion today that he thinks the right to same marriage should be the next to go. kron four's dan kerman has that story. caitlin and monica decided the best way to kick off pride weekend was to get married at san francisco city hall friday. it's important to be someone that >> kids wanting to grow up and get married one day and start families speed with the ones they love that. but that's a wonderful, beautiful thing and that but something to be celebrated after an intense fight, same marriage became the law of the land in 2015. >> but the president may be the supreme court's next to overturn americans are less free today than they were yesterday. and reading justice
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thomas's opinion. >> it's a road map for taking on more fundamental freedoms. so it makes one wonder what we're going to wake up to tomorrow in a separate opinion to the supreme court's ruling overturning roe versus wade justice clarence thomas wrote in future cases we should reconsider all of this court's substantive due process precedence. >> including griswold, lawrence in obergefell those 3 granted the right to obtain contraceptives, the right to contact between consenting adults and the right to same marriage. >> are there are 5 votes for this? there are not 5 votes for this. chief justice roberts is clearly not going to vote for that. at least not today. and i think justice kavanaugh who wrote a separate opinion today is not going to vote for that. but what it shows the importance of presidential elections. the presidential election is huge in the next 6 years they're going to be they can we have
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to keep fighting. >> and actually after this morning with the future unknown, married, same couples are ready to battle again, both those who just got married and those who've been together for decades. >> we do that by voting in november by getting involved in where the people who put these people on the are up for election we need to do everything. and that involves standing up and speaking up for our for our relationships, for the very dignity and lgbt people. dan kerman kron, 4 news. local leaders, of course, are all also reacting to the ruling tonight. and this is state leaders say. >> they're increasing legal protection for abortion providers and expanding access as clinics. get ready for a possible surge in patients are. grant lodes joins us now with what state lawmakers are saying about all of this
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grant. well, ken and catherine, since this news broke this morning and we've been getting reaction. >> from a lot of people that, you know, represent the bay area and certainly different states have drastically different positions on this issue. >> and the bay area, probably even within california, is one of the most progressive areas. so as you can imagine, everyone that we talked to today, they all agreed that they disagree with the supreme court's ruling from this morning. they say women's rights have been taken away overnight. representative anna eshoo, the palo alto, said she's concerned about the obstacles women will now face. >> when i think said of these justices coming to the hail for their nomination hearings and what after another. pledging to the american people? that they would honor precedent. they lied to us. they lied to us. that was a bald-faced lie. and today is said the manifestation of fat.
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>> the spoke with peninsula congresswoman jackie spear. today she raised concerns about the possibility of a nationwide ban on abortion. she's also worried about what will happen to the lgbtq community. >> not only is the abortion issue at stake around the country is at stake in california because there is an interest in having a nationwide ban. it was a justice clarence thomas who wrote in his opinion today that other issue should be on the table issues like contraception issues like lgbt rights and marriage. this is a court that is politicized in a manner that we have never seen before. >> we heard that issue addressed in the interview that catherine and ken had just minutes ago. meanwhile, house speaker nancy pelosi said today she will now work to make abortion rights. a top issue for voters in the
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midterm elections. coming up, democrats hold the slimmest of majorities in the house and senate and democrats are widely expected to lose control of the house to republicans come november. catherine can now back to you. all right, grant, thank you. turning now to other news, our wildfire coverage. several brush fires are still burning across the east bay. >> we first took a look at the testifier is burning in the area of test road in coral hollow road. this is 11 miles southeast of livermore. it's burned 552 acres right now. it's 50% contained. cal fire said the fire was caused by a car crashing into a tree and erupting into flames. this is the scenic fire. it is still burning between crockett and put a port costa. it's burned 120 acres in its 70% contained. the good news is that firefighters say they stopped the forward progress of the fire. but it was a different yesterday afternoon as flames threatened homes and smoke was seen for miles. and
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then there is this fire. the canyon fire burning off of kill care road near sunol in alameda county off 6 ad. that blaze is now 71 acres. but just 10% contained. firefighters are still on the scene trying to get full containment. this fire broke out yesterday afternoon news. the fire prompted mandatory evacuation orders for residents. we're live in the area of golden eagle to states in pleasanton and they killed care road area of sin. all those evacuation orders were lifted just before 8 o'clock last night. it was obviously a really busy day for firefighters in the east bay yesterday. kron four's rob knows but talk to the incident commander. he has more on current conditions. >> firefighters are inside this large park just north of port costa working through what they call the mop up stage. looking for any hot spots or extensions that could spark a new flame. 120 acres in port costa. now look like this black charred soil left behind from the scenic fire that started thursday
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afternoon. >> it wasn't the only one. cal fire crews were responding to 5 large fires at once in the bay area. according to fire captain david riley. it's a scenario that his firefighters train for were prepared to head to handle multiple 6 that incidences at one time. that. >> if it does occur, we do have the resources that are available and were designed as a department agency and as a mutual aid with multiple departments assistance and multiple, says that current one time cal fire says that even with multiple wildfires thursday, there were no injuries or homes damaged. crews are investigating a building that was damaged by the canyon fire in pleasanton. but don't believe it was a building that people were living in dry golden fields combined with a lack of rain over the years are to blame for the fast spreading flames. according to captain riley, just the multiple years of drought that we've been having here in california has increased a fire hazard and fire risk that we've had here in the state, which does increase the possibility for multiple insist. he says that cal fire and other fire agencies are active in
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communities working with fire, safe councils to fight hazardous areas. they then work to reduce fuel hazards to control burns and other measures while also keeping a watchful eye on weather conditions. if we look at it as the by day basis. but we also looking weekend weekend pass i'm seeing with the potential of what the weather will do increase. the fire hazard and in the area for activity in the area. while firefighters battled hotspots here, there were 2 vegetation fires that started in other areas, one in morgan hill and the other in clayton cal fire says there's no risk to the public since both fires are in rural areas away from homes in port costa. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news seems like every day we've been seeing these fires popped out to around the bay area. and lawrence is here, lawrence, and really is. >> fire weather certainly most of the time, though, and at night now you're probably hearing some of those fireworks start to go off. so going to be really extra careful. these things are so bone dry out there. now. >> you get these afternoon. sea breeze is kicking in the get the dry conditions. perfect recipe for the fires
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out there. the one exception. you've got the fog along the coastline. so really just going to kind of repeat throughout the summer. and here's the latest in the fire forecast model. and you can see things have wrapped up a little bit. you're starting to see some yellow and some orange in some of the interior valleys. you get toward the tri valley livermore valley parts of the north bay as well. and then as we take you through the night tonight, of course, those winds calm down. you see a resurgence of low clouds and fog. and so the moisture content in the atmosphere starts to rise. that means fire danger lowers. but then as we get toward tomorrow afternoon, again, here we go. those winds pick up and there you are, again, almost a repeat as we head toward tomorrow afternoon with the fire danger picking up late in the day out there. now, though, the good news is we do see that fog moving in along the coastline. that's always a good sign. the wave. well, boy, what a difference in temperatures. almost 50 degrees, some from some of the coastline, the some of the valleys we're looking at more fog on the way overnight tonight. how will that work out for the rest your weekend? we'll talk about that coming up in just a few minutes. guys, back to you. all right, lawrence, thanks very much. coming up, congress finally
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to help enhance red flag laws, money for mental health services and for making schools safer. the senate passed that measure last night. 15 republicans crossed the aisle to move the bill forward. president biden says he will sign that bill when it arrives at his desk. coming up, the supreme court stripped away the nation's constitutional protections for abortion that it stood for almost half a century. how things change, what it means for abortion. access in california will talk to an expert political expert coming expert political expert coming up. when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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