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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 27, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 and >> so fire trucks, ambulances, kinds of people came. >> now at 10 for women and one child become the latest victims of a railroad crossing in unincorporated brentwood. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm elsa caymannion in for ken wayne. 3 women were killed yesterday when an amtrak slammed into the car that they were riding in. >> this happened at a railroad crossing about 4 miles east of brentwood, a crossing that police and fire say they have had to respond to before 5 floors up next. but has reaction tonight from those who live next door to the scene of the fatal accident. >> this is the railroad crossing where a train collided with a car on sunday. those who live in the area say this is not the first time a fatal train crashes happened here. questioning if signs are
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enough air bags deployed and a crushed rear. and according to the east contra costa fire protection district, 3 women inside this car were killed when an amtrak train crashed into it to others in the car were taken to the hospital in critical condition. gilbert somerhalder lives next door heard the ambulances driving by his house sunday afternoon. >> and when i went out, saw them going back there. then they saw what happened. so the fire trucks, ambulances, police hope kinds of people came according to contra costa coroner's office. the 3 women who died are 41 year-old julia mondragon and 72 year-old maria nieves of dixon as well as 51 year-old mercedes rigoletto of antioch. it's not the first time a person has been killed at the railroad crossing were balloons and flowers were set up prior to sunday's crash. there's a memorial there on the railroad tracks where i think about 3 or 4 years ago, young fella. >> i think the i think he lived back there and he died in same thing with the automobile accident there with that rain battalion chief with the east contra costa fire protection district craig goes and says 3 of the 80 passengers on board the train
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were injured in the crash. that happened on private property. this really not protect arms and flashing protected by stop summer holder who worked as a firefighter for 52 years says more should be done to stop traffic on the private road when trains are coming, arms that come down. i think that. >> should that way people because most of the time, i think people don't realize. >> they come from the cities and they're used to going across river tracks that have arms that come down. the crash is under investigation by the bnsf railway, a police officer with the railway was posted at the railroad crossing monday, but a spokesperson was unavailable for comment. rob nesbitt kron, 4 news. >> this is the second amtrak crash in today's 3 people were killed and dozens more were hurt after a train traveling from los angeles to chicago derailed. investigators said that it trains struck a dump truck at a public crossing near the northern city of mandan that caused 8 of the
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train's cars to come off the tracks and fall onto their sides. someone inside the truck and 2 people aboard the train all died. nearly 250 others were said to be on the train during the crash. house speaker nancy pelosi commented on the crash saying my heart goes out to all those affected by today's horrific train derailment in missouri. well, there are no words that can console those grieving lost loved ones. it bring them comfort that so many americans pray for them on this tragic day. in southern california, commuter bus overturns in el segundo, injuring more than a dozen people. police say the bus driver clipped the driver of a big rig while they were unloading the truck critically injuring the truck driver. >> that's reportedly when the bus over turned 6 others were taken to local hospitals with injuries. another 13 people were treated on site. and now to an uncertain future for a south bay amusement park. that has been a family favorite for
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decades starts going to disappoint a lot of people. but california's great american santa clara could be shutting down because the property was sold today. >> kron four's justin campbell has that story. >> and great america won't be closing for another 11 years. but people that we spoke to here say it's a long time away, but they are still sad to hear the news know that place close to mid america. >> with this kind scaled around picking up his daughter and her friends at great america coming here in a while. >> but we broke the news to them. the park will be closing in 11 >> cedar fair sold the land for 310 million dollars to a bay area. real estate company. no word on what they would do with the property. the city of santa clara says they were just informed and cannot comment on the economic impacts or benefits. but for the meantime, next 11 years, cedar fair says they will
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continue to operate the park under a long-term lease. then close the closer places for an amusement park. >> for and it may be it may not be like the actual part, oregon memories that you make definitely lose one. >> but moon. she will have to drive to the nearest amusement park, 6 flags in vallejo. and that's what it's like for their front. yeah. reporting in santa clara, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> how many police arrested a berkeley woman they believe started 2 fires on a hillside on sunday. 31 year-old megan straw was arrested suspected of arson. the security guard made the call to police after that fire erupted at around 3.30 yesterday on the west side of albany hill below interstate 80 homes in the area had to evacuate. straw was booked into santa rita jail and an investigation is underway. so anyone with information is asked to call the police. several fires burned along highway one. 0,
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one near san antonio road and sanitary landfill. the nevado fire grew to about 135 acres and is now 100% contained. police say that northbound one 0, one is now open to traffic in all directions. however, the north side of by san antonio road off-ramp remains closed at this time. i believe still on that first highway. but it did extend at some point to highway 37 smart train services are back up and running, but it reduced speeds and there were no evacuation orders. there and on the peninsula, fire crews have fully contain the edgewood fire that's been burning in san mateo county for nearly a week. that fire broke out last tuesday. and briefly threatened some homes. it burned about 25 acres and caused power outages in the area, including at stanford university. so classes had to be canceled there for a few days in the california clasico match up was rescheduled for september. well, unfortunately, in santa rosa in the sonoma county area, the
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sheriff's department there confirmed that one person died because of the roads or fire. firefighters were able to put that one out. it is now fully contained. the fire grew to 63 acres that roller road and con field road. no word on what caused fire either. as police are now investigating that as well as the death. no word on who that person was. >> in the north bay benicia is asking its customers to voluntarily really reduce their water use by 20% over a baseline from the year 2020. this comes as the ongoing drought affects the city's water conservation efforts. the city council will evaluate the water saving report after 90 days if the voluntary water saving strategy is not effective, the city will likely issue a mandatory order on water saving for all customers. a live look outside tonight. looking out at the skyline in san francisco and i guess a little foggy out there. you see the transamerica pyramid that. some fog hanging out of it
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starting to come in and cool. some things down for us. kron 4 meteorologist lawrence karnow has a look at what we can expect ahead. yeah, that's what we really need. is that fog to really come in that moisture level that moisture content up in the atmosphere? >> kind of suppress the fire danger around the bay area. we have another hot day, especially inland again today seeing that sea breeze, though, kicking in the nfl, august are to make its way back on shore tonight. >> the winds start to back off a little bit. we have some 20 even some 30 plus mile hour gusts around the bay area. but now we're sitting at 10 in the san francisco, just a general sea breeze of 8 in snow. mo re the fire in the bottom 7 mile an hour winds. so not as strong but tomorrow afternoon. guess what? we're going to watch those pick up again. here's our fire weather forecast model and you can still see some elevated fire danger in some spots. well, inland parts of the north of the east bay and county and parts contra costa and alameda counties as well. but as we head through the night tonight, of course, you see that moisture content in the atmosphere on the increased that sea breeze. we get the fog moving inside the bay. and
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so really tomorrow morning, we start out kind of quiet out there. but by the afternoon everything starts to blow up again. you can see especially inland, not dangerous fire conditions, but definitely elevated. you see the areas in yellow in the areas in orange, you get some parts of the bay area in the bottle area also. and you can see that the east and the north bay, once again, some elevated fire conditions developing late in the day. and that's just what we see with that sea breeze kicking on shore. we need more. the fog, low clouds and that marine layer is going to start to deepen. and that is some good news at you. see that little swirl out the coastline up in the gulf of alaska. that is an area of low pressure that can help move the ridge of high pressure that's been sitting over the west coast further on shore. that's going help to deepen that marine layer as deep sons instead of getting to find the coastline office and start to shoot across the bay of his deep enough, we'll start to make its way into the interior valleys, too. so humidity is going to be on the rise tonight. we're seeing that already at 96% of the san francisco. as we take you to the night tonight, a nice see breeze going to bring that moisture level way up. even in
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the napa valley. you're talking about almost 90% by tomorrow morning. but by the afternoon that start to back off again, all of us and we start to talk about in the teens. so that's where the fire conditions get dangerous to get the winds going. you get the very dry conditions. see all the way down. 11% in santa rosa by tomorrow afternoon. so that goes along with that healthy sea breeze kicking in the winds diminishing overnight tonight by tomorrow morning. just a light, gentle breeze. but by the afternoon, again we'll start to pick up on some of those gusts. you see some gusts over 2030 miles per hour around parts of bay area. and that's what it's so dangerous for this time of year. you get those spot. fires started especially the afternoon hours. get those winds howling around the bay area and certainly dangerous to move those long pretty quickly as well. i'm happy about the fog. yeah, i know. bring on that looks like the trend is going to take us in the 4th of july. we'll have more on that. your 10, 10 forecast coming up. it's >> well, if you feel like you're swatting away a lot more pests than this time last year, you may not be alone rising temperatures because of climate change are creating
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the perfect conditions for mosquitoes in particular to start reproducing early and for longer periods of time. >> they in. that is to rain and not just in the united states but entire war. so some ideas out of the case in precipitation. some of ideas are precipitation. >> and the situation may continue to get worse data collected by the united nations shows last year was one of the 7 warmest years on record. and there are some serious health risks involved. the cdc, in fact, has listed mosquitoes as the world's deadliest past because of its ability to spread disease. other news now protecting children from accidentally overdosing on fentanyl. that is the goal behind a new effort in the south bay to combat what leaders are calling a growing threat. kron four's charles clifford in san jose with a closer look at the new plan there. >> fentanyl is a manmade opioid. it is very dangerous.
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just a little tiny bit can kill a person so far here in santa clara county this year. 41 people have died from overdosing on fentanyl. now there's a new effort under way to keep kids from dying county supervisor cindy chavez says that over the next few months the county will study the idea providing nor can in fentanyl test strips to schools across santa clara county. >> nor can can be used to treat someone who may have overdosed on fentanyl and tess trips can be used to test other drugs to see if at all is present by making these items available at schools. the county hopes young people have access to tools that can save lives. what would be better is if people didn't take the illegal drugs, that would be best. but since people are, we want to make sure that >> we're saving as many lives as possible, particularly for young people that are really not knowing what they are ingesting and the more we can do preventive work, educate provide the tools to families, schools and youth. >> i think the better off we are in terms of bending this curve and reducing the number of of young people that are
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dying or overdosing. there are no known cases of any students dying from fentanyl on a school campus. but that is where kids congregate in. the hope is that they will pick these items up. >> and use them elsewhere. chavez says the county will not force schools to provide nor can or the test strips. each school is going to have to make this determination for themselves were not were not dictating. we just want to make the resource available. chavez says she hopes that by late summer the county will have a better idea of what is possible and what it will cost with the county would like to do is make this resource available as early as we can in the fall in santa clara county, charles clifford kron, 4 news >> well, after federal investigation, that amount piracy union high school district in marin county has been ordered to take several steps to ensure they're not discriminating against their students. the investigation determined that the district violated title 9 rules by inadequately reporting allegations of based harris mann and 2017, 2018 when a
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transgender student was allegedly harassed by another student. the u.s. department of education posted a 5 page resolution agreement outlining the steps the district must take before federal officials will close the case. one of those steps includes providing up to $5,000 to reimburse the family of the transgender student for past counseling services. you can find the full agreement on our website. kron 4 dot com. in national news. the supreme court sided with a former washington state high school football coach. >> in a 6 to 3 decision, justices saint joseph kennedy had the right to pray on the field immediately after games, kennedy claimed that the bremerton school district violated his religious freedom by telling him he couldn't make these kind of public displays of prayer. the district argued it was trying to avoid the perception that the school was endorsing a religious point of view. justice neil gorsuch wrote the majority opinion saying the first amendment protects such
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expressions up to 10 million children across the nation will not have to worry about where their next meal will come from this summer. today president biden signed a bill that extends the pandemic program for free breakfast and lunch into the next school year. child nutrition waivers were enacted at the beginning of the pandemic. you might remember. >> and we're set to expire this thursday. now they are fully paid for. president biden and other g 7 leaders are continuing their summit in germany where they say they are closer to capping the price on russian oil. it is the latest plan in the push to hit the russian economy in response to that country's invasion of ukraine. russia is the world's 3rd largest oil producer. meanwhile, ukrainian president zelensky talked with the leaders saying that he hopes the war will be over by the end of this year. g 7 leaders say they will support ukraine quote, as long as it takes along with the war. the g 7 is expected to work
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towards agreements on climate issues and keeping the global economy stable. ukrainian leaders confirmed at least 11 people died and dozens more are feared killed or hurt. >> after russian missile struck a crowded mall in central ukraine. some reports say more than 1000 civilians were inside of the shopping center at the time of the attack footage from the scene shows flames and huge plumes of black smoke pouring out of the building. this is on the heels of an attack just yesterday when russian forces reportedly sent several missiles into kiev, at least 2 residential buildings were hit. firefighters battled flames while crews rescued people inside. officials say that one person was killed and at least 4 others were hurt, including a 7 year-old girl in that blast. the city's mayor says that this was an attempt to intimidate ukraine ahead of the g 7 summit in germany. nato's secretary general says the military alliance wants to
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multiply the strength of its rapid reaction forces by 8. >> that would bring the team from 40,000 right now to more than 300,000 soldiers. the force allows a nato to deploy troops quickly to defend allied nations. nato members will vote on the proposal at the summit in spain later this year. this week, the secretary general also said nato nations are planning to pledge more military support to ukraine for its war against russia. and today, wnba star brittney griner appeared in a court near moscow. >> her trial on cannabis possession charges will begin friday. that's about 4 and a half months after police arrested her at an airport when she was returning to play for a russian team, she will remain in custody for the duration of her criminal trial. that's up to 6 months criner could face 10 years in prison if convicted. >> the house committee investigating the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol has set a surprise hearing for
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tomorrow. the panel is citing, quote, recently obtained evidence for this last minute edition of the hearing. witness testimony is expected no additional details have been released yet. the committee had planned at least 2 additional meetings for july, but nothing for this week until now. the hearings have largely focused on former president trump's alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election. a group of local clerks is demanding more protection and aid from congress following a wave of violent threats against election officials nationwide. >> dc's raquel martin reports. >> boy, have we changed. our byron says when she became a michigan county clerk, she never imagined how disinformation would dramatically reshape her role. i remember the clerk's office being quiet and many people not even knowing who their clerk was. will she has not received direct threat since the 2020 election. she says her colleagues across the country have been bullied.
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>> attacked and hope grass. the problem was highlighted last week by arizona and georgia officials before the january 6 committee is the new >> pattern or a pattern in our lives to worry what will happen on saturdays because we have various groups come by and do nothing anymore. i don't want to go anywhere because alive. we just need people have our back and local clerks from across the country are calling on lawmakers to better protect election officials. >> combat this information and help recruit election workers to replace all those who quit after the 2020 election. and it's a bipartisan message. justin roebuck, also a michigan county clerk says new funds are needed before 2020 for me. the resource on the ground now and we need to be proactive about things. michigan democratic senator gary peters says lawmakers are listening. we are discussing how to provide resources to make sure that people security for themselves and for their families. >> kansas republican senator
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roger marshall says he has not heard from local officials in his state, but if we can get communications from them, will do my best to get them whatever they need in washington. raquel martin. >> still ahead on kron, 4 news at 10 and oakland sideshow. and one person dead. what happened and the charges that driver now faces and in the wake of the u.s. supreme court's decision to overturn roe versus wade states are acting quickly to an act. abortion bans. >> now there are new legal battles over just how far the state fans can go. plus, the world health organization says we can lower the alarm on monkeypox. the latest health guidance is coming up.
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>> welcome back. the food and drug administration will have a meeting tomorrow to discuss whether it's time to offer new covid-19 booster shots this dall that are modified to better match. the new variants. this comes as moderna and pfizer have tested updated shots against the super contagious omicron variant. if the advisory panel decides to recommend the modified booster shot. a final decision is expected to come within days after that. experts say the challenge is to decide if the updated boosters offer good chance of curbing another surge when there's no way to predict which variant will remain the main threat. the summer season is here. and that means largest social event out back
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and in a big way, we've seen them here in the bay area in the past few weeks. but with that now comes the possibility of covid surges. >> from pi we get pride weekend to the warriors nba championship parade. san francisco hosted 2 mega events just 6 days apart. also, starring grove is back and the alameda county fair is bringing hundreds of people together every weekend until july. things appear to be getting back to normal since the start of the pandemic. however, a local doctor we talked with today says it's important to keep using best practices. >> i'd say, you know, you need to be smart about being outside in crowds. the outside, first of all, as a good thing because there's not a lot of outside transmission. all that when you look that's at scenes like like the pride parade and stuff, even though there are a lot of people wearing masks that was happy to see. you know, those are the sorts of situations which can transmission can take place. going to be outside big crowds, wear masks, but for social distancing when he he get a chance and you know, and
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avoidance is a is a perfectly reasonable strategy. but being outside is huge. that's up that that's going to be a primary strategy as well as vaccination and and, you know, occasional use of masks to prevent transmission. >> face mask can now come off again inside most buildings in alameda county. that decision went into effect on saturday. alameda county was the only one to reinstate the mask mandate after saying a surge in covid cases. of course, we'll continue to track infection rates. and the advice from the experts. >> the world health organization says monkeypox isn't a global emergency at this time, but they do recommend that country's carefully tracked outbreaks and closely monitor how they spread so far. the who says monkeypox outbreaks have been reported in more than 50 countries adding that the virus is endemic in some african regions and has been neglected for years. even though monkeypox isn't a
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global emergency controlling the spread still requires a rapid response. more than 3200 new infections have been found in about 40 countries that had not previously reported the disease. >> coming up, president biden wants to suspend the gas tax, but he is facing push-back. why some republicans on capitol hill say this plan will solve the problem. and we've got some ball moving in along the golden gate bridge. much more to come. we've got your 10 10 forecast next.
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>> welcome back. oakland police said a person was killed at a side show yesterday morning. take a look at happened near 54th avenue and international boulevard. police say the for pedestrians were hit and when officers got there, they found one man hurt and unresponsive as well as 3 others with minor injuries. we learned that the person who died at the scene was from hayward. >> the pedestrian that was struck in, unfortunately lost his life as a result of this was not involved in any sideshow activity. he was there with peers to be friends or or or relatives. and this incident affected him. obviously. the collision was a collision that happened at a really high-speed cars into that's been around. unfortunately, he happened to be on the curb where a vehicle and
10:30 pm
>> officers found a 19 year-old oakland resident behind the wheel of a nissan. he was detained by police and is now facing charges of vehicular manslaughter. an administrative investigation is underway to determine if the 2 officers at the scene were involved in the incident in any way. the 3 other victims were taken to a local hospital and are in stable condition. pam. >> a san francisco police officer is in custody facing fraud charges. police chief bill scott announced today that an internal investigation from 2019 revealed while off duty officer adam each acclaimed a vehicle damaged in a crash was not insured and took money from the victim's compensation for the damage. the chief says also made fraudulent representation to his insurance company by pretending to be with a san francisco police sergeant at the time the show has been with sapd for 15 years. one person was hurt in a police shooting of allay according to police, the incident started as a traffic stop in
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fairfield. the driver did not stop and led officers on a chase. police say during the chase the driver started shooting at officers. they used a spike strip to stop the car in valais whole. the driver was wounded in a gunfight. the suspect was taken to a hospital is expected to survive. no officers were hurt. the driver has been identified as patrick hall and officers say he will face charges. >> 46 people have been found dead in a tractor trailer in what is presumed to be a migrant smuggling attempt over in san antonio, texas. a u.s. official says 16 others in the truck were taken to hospitals and among them were for children. the fire chief says that the patients were hot to the touch and dehydrated and no water was found in that trailer. >> california voters will decide in november whether to guarantee the right to an abortion in the state constitution. state lawmakers gave final approval today to a
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measure that would put the issue before the state's voters. it is the latest counter measure aimed at the u.s. supreme court's decision to overturn roe versus wade. governor newsom says he has signed an executive order to further protect abortion rights for women. take a listen. thank you. mistress next. this new action. >> will help ensure women coming from other states are safe here in california. this state, california will not hand over patients who come in to receive abortion or opreproductive care. california will not cooperate. make this clear. we will not cooperate with out of state investigations. are politicians trying to extradite doctors in california who provide care out of state patients here. we also invest. >> we'll continue covering the impact of the supreme court ruling throughout the night.
10:33 pm
in fact, conservative states are acting quickly to enact abortion plans after the supreme court struck down federal abortion rights that setting off new legal battles over help for state fans can go our washington, d.c., correspondent alexandra limon reports. >> the supreme court decision to strike down federal abortion access is setting off more court battles. i anticipate will be more debate and discussion. some state abortion bans have no exceptions for rape or incest and some conservative states are also looking to make it illegal for their residents to travel to other states to get abortions or to ban abortion pills received by mail. we don't have to do much in terms of the federal government to make sure people's freedom to travel. >> is exercise because that's a constitutional right. secretary of health and human services. heavy of the saddest says the biden administration won't allow states to exceed their legal authority. we're
10:34 pm
going make sure that those rights. >> for america's women to access a medication, abortion continue for. >> the governors of california, oregon and washington issued a joint commitment to protect anyone seeking abortions in their states and give emergency funding to abortion providers. we will not 8. we will not bet. and their efforts to be punitive to fine and create fear. planned parenthood says it's been working to expand capacity in states where abortion remains legal. we have always seen patients. we've never asked them where they're continue to do that. and dozens of locally elected prosecutors, including in states with new abortion bans say they won't use limited criminal legal system resources to criminalize personal medical decisions. >> in washington, alexandra limon. >> let's take a live look outside as we look ahead to the 4 zone forecast. this is a gorgeous view of the night time along the embarcadero and
10:35 pm
not a cloud in sight. not much fog for now, our chief meteorologist is keeping an eye on some tropical storms, right? yeah, kind of interesting. you know, a lot of people call a vacation now you want to go to kabul. well, guess what, this that time of year we got to watch out for some of these storms. >> not a hurricane. this a tropical storm and you see how close kabul is not that far away. in fact, close enough that the waves from the storm system pounded the coastline. the see some big-time swell out there in the baja, california. but the good news is this storm system looks like it is going to continue to weaken. this is celia right now. a tropical storm with sustained winds of 40 miles per hour moving west northwest at 10 miles an hour now the latest track is going to continue to take it away from land. and that is some good news. it will move out and some open waters there and some cooler waters, too. and that should be just enough to weaken the storm system and fall apart. now, what gets really interesting, especially as we get a lot of part of the summer months. this is sometimes the type of system that will see that will fall apart. we'll get in trained in the circulation patterns in the atmosphere in office. and
10:36 pm
we start to see some of that subtropical moisture moving into california. we start talk about thunderstorms. that's not going to be the case for it looks like that it's just going to fade away in the pacific. the meantime, though, out there tonight, we are seeing some patchy fog along the coastline making its way toward sfo right now. but it's just kind of air out there right now. but you're going to watch that marine layer deepen in the coming days as we're going to see high pressure kind moving eastward. and that's going allow the atmosphere to kind of loosen up. that means we're going to see more fog pushing further and further on shore. good news is air quality looking great from the coast of the bay all the way to the valleys for tomorrow afternoon. overall, we've got a couple systems that will begin to track a little for further to the north of impact. our weather a whole lot as that ridge of high pressure can weaken. this trough is going to get a little bit closer as we head toward tomorrow. that's going to bring with it. some cooler air, at least along the coastline. stay hot as you head to some of the valleys. but i think one more day of 90's inland watch as temperatures backing off tomorrow. temperatures generally in the 60's and san francisco. you've got 50's
10:37 pm
60's co side with that patchy fog kind of hugging the coast all day long inside the bay. you'll find lot more sunshine about 70 degrees in redwood city. a lot of 80's in the south bay by tomorrow afternoon is on the warm side. there. then you still see some hot 90's in the tri valley as we get into walnut creek and concord. you're looking at temperatures there in the 90's as well about 76 in richmond, 87 in benicia tomorrow about 85 in the napa valley. clear skies there while back out toward the coastline. you got some patchy fog and again, that sea breeze picking up toward the afternoon. and that will start to cool things down late in the day. next few days speaking a cooldown will see these temperatures actually running below the average as we get into thursday and friday and into the weekend, a few more clouds coming our way to. so these temperatures are going to come way down. looks like into the holiday, which is on monday. the downside is you get that fog the positive side. the fire danger will be reduced. thank goodness. yeah. yeah. all right. thank you, lawrence. >> 4th of july holiday weekend. quickly approaching and as well as mentioned. it is expected to be a busy time
10:38 pm
for travelers. in fact, triple a says it is expected to be the second busiest for traveler since the year 2000. nearly 48 million americans are expected take a trip for the holiday. many of them traveling by car experts anticipate this thursday and friday will be the busiest days on the road as commuters leave work early and mix on the road with those holiday travelers. instead, triple a says july 3rd and july 4th will be the best days for traffic. anaheim is one of the top domestic destinations for the holiday season, adding to traffic on the roads here and in southern california. president biden is calling on congress to suspend the federal gas and diesel taxes for 3 months. >> the suspension would save drivers for a flea $0.18 per gallon. but some lawmakers on capitol hill are hesitant to support it. republicans argue that a gas tax holiday is just a temporary fix and would take away money that states rely on for infrastructure. the highway trust fund gets its money from the federal. >> revenue from the gas
10:39 pm
immediately would be cutting off funding to roads and bridges. >> the biden administration is also asking congress to transfer money from the treasury to cover the costs of these infrastructure project. the president is urging congress to take up legislation to suspend the federal gas tax when lawmakers return from july 4th recess. >> today, california lawmakers started digging into the details of the plan to send money to taxpayers to help everybody deal with rising inflation and high gas prices. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains when you will see that money. >> it will still be several months before you see that relief. newsom's administration says those payments will start going out in the fall will help pay for gas, you know, pay for food. california lawmakers begin formal hearings monday on the state's 307 billion dollar budget plan that was finalized by democratic leaders sunday night. the budget includes a 17 billion dollar relief package in response to rising gas prices and inflation, part
10:40 pm
of which would provide refunds back to taxpayers. single taxpayers earning less than $250,000 a year would get between $200 to $350 payments, depending on how much they make couples earning less than $500,000 a year would be eligible for payments between $200 and $700. additional payments would be provided to taxpayers who claim dependence. >> with those payments also based on income newsom's department of finance said monday the payments will be distributed through direct deposit and debit cards in october. at the end of the day where helping families across the state of california belief whether they have a car or not. >> you can use that money to cover any kind of expense. the relief package also includes a pause on the state's $0.23 per gallon sales tax on diesel fuel for a year. republicans monday questioned why pause that tax and not the state's $0.51 gas tax which will increase another $0.3 friday. they also criticize the lack of transparency in the process
10:41 pm
of developing the budget plan right now, are frustrated that they're going we and this process, unfortunately at the screen >> lawmakers are poised to pass this plan by thursday before they leave for a month long summer recess at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 bart riders are also bracing for a price hike. fares are going up starting this friday. the increase was originally set to go into effect back on january. 1st. but it was delayed by 6 months. the cost of a one-way ticket will go up between $0.5 and $0.50 on average tickets cost $0.15 more systemwide money from the fare increase will go towards parts operating budget. that money will go towards cleaner trains. more police and new train cars the record high gas prices. more people are switching to electric vehicles every day. but all those lithium batteries are causing new concerns for firefighters who are responding to fiery crashes. nancy loo has that report.
10:42 pm
>> is a tesla, this recent fire in a sacramento junkyard happened 3 weeks after this. tesla was involved in a crash. it's high voltage lithium ion batteries kept reigniting. it took 4500 gallons of water to cool things down and finally put out the flames. in a typical gas powered vehicle. fire crews can often extinguish the flames with less than 1000 gallons, but they need these high voltage lithium-ion batteries are susceptible to something called thermal runaway and uncontrollable self heating state. >> once they reach this point, it takes copious volumes of water in order to cool and extinguish these types of fires. the challenge for common fire departments as that we simply do not carry that amount of water on our apparatus. lieutenant tanner morgan is with the grand prairie fire department near dallas. right now we're in the crooks were at that critical
10:43 pm
point. >> where consumer-driven world we live in is pushing these vehicles out and the fire department is playing catch-up. >> are we prepared right now? i don't think so. the national volunteer fire council is among the agency sounding an awareness alarm, especially since high voltage lithium-ion batteries are also out there on thousands of buses and delivery vehicles in rural areas, especially on interstates where there are no hydrants. this is going to create a logistical issue for emergency response agency says they're going to have to shuttle the water up that they need to handle these emergencies. >> well, certainly something to consider that was nancy loo reporting for us tonight. still ahead on kron, 4 news at 10:00am, venters? >> introduce a new way to signal for help in the wilderness tiny robots that could soon be flying to your rescue is farce of the czars. 7th inning doesn't the a's in the big apple? our sports director jason dumas has the blow by coming. going to be.
10:44 pm
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10:46 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> enter today with the worst record in major league baseball. they were in bronx taking on the team with the best record in major league baseball. this could get ugly. let's go to the bronx. see how it all went down. it was a rainy day in new york city.
10:47 pm
but despite the downpour to finish early enough to get some baseball in 3rd inning days got off to a great start that elvis andrus, he clears the bases with one swing of the bat a's lead. 41 3 rbi double for bottom of the 4th, juan carlos stanton. so this live. he got a hold of that one solo shot. his 18th of the season. 5, 2, ways. then pitch today's fall apart in the 7th first we get a wall. then sean murphy, he called for catcher's interference with judge at the plate. then the next batter get hit by a pitch load the bases that another catcher interference. this time was staying at the plate and forces a run in now is 5 to 4 to then josh donaldson. he gets a couple. rbi is right there. and just like that, the take a 65 lead. madness wasn't
10:48 pm
over. jose trevino. that warning track power right there, bounces off the wall. 8 to 5 yankees now 10 batters come to the plate in the inning in the yanks score 6 times in that inning alone lose 9 to 5. alright, sticking with baseball. we have some all-star voting returns in for position players and jock peterson is right in the mix to be a starter. he is 3rd right now among all nl outfielders, which would make him the final started out there. he had a little more than a million. the dodgers mookie betts and the braves ronald acuna junior. they're the other 2 nl outfielders. they lead the league of votes with more than 2 million. each. we just saw aaron judge in the highlight before this that north county native from linden, he leads all mlb players with 2 and a half million votes so far probably going to win the a l mvp. as
10:49 pm
for the a's, no. shocker here. none of their players lead any position races right now. it looks like kyree irving. he's coming back to brooklyn after all hoopla, a whole lot of nothing. that's why didn't pay it. no mind. >> the seven-time all-star will opt in to us. 36.5 million dollar option with the team next there could be worse choices. you know, 36 million guess. i'll take it. this is good news for the warriors. if you want say so urban could have joined the lakers. i don't think anyone would golden state really would have cared all that much. la was evidently the only team that showed any interest in irving. now he had a trim to us season last year. he only played in 29 games cause he refused to get that covid shot and in new york city that was a no, no, he was not allowed to play. so brooklyn. he's coming back. enjoy them. some more nba news. john wall appears to be
10:50 pm
headed to the clippers. reports have him accepting a buyout from the rockets, then signing with this clip 3, john. well, having played in about 2 years, hopefully he can get healthy when he was healthy. he was very good. the clippers now have reggie jackson and john wall as their lead guards. high risk, low risk high reward type of move for the clippers. all right.
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
>> scientists at proving that they are among the most innovative engineers of our time. they have just created minuscule flying robots that resemble fireflies the tiny machines glow in a variety of colors as they're flying, which allows him to be tracked on your smartphone. the robots were designed. this is what's important. they're as a way to allow people to signal for help. they weigh just about the same as a paper clip in the future. the team is hoping to make it so that you can turn the lights on and off while they are fine. surely resembling a firefly. after 2 years of being dropped from the top spot, vienna, austria is now again, the world's most livable city. according to the economist. >> each year the publication ranks 173 cities around the world based on things like health care crime, infrastructure, access to green space and political stability, copenhagen, denmark ranked as the second most
10:54 pm
livable city followed by zurich, switzerland. >> calgary, canada and vancouver, canada. can actually have 3 cities in the top 10 last year's winner was auckland, new zealand and it went from first place to 34th place this year. and now when it comes to a vacation, california is always a popular destination, of course, but it might be the most popular state to visit too. a new report from wallet-hub ranks each state based on how fun they are. so they consider things like entertainment and nightlife, restaurants and national parks. the golden state came out on the top of the list followed by florida, nevada, new york and illinois. in case you're wondering, west virginia was ranked as the least fun state. california's largest lumber company announces that is going to close public access on as far as land because of wildfire concerns. >> sierra pacific industries says extreme drought conditions of prompting the company to close its forest starting on july. the first
10:55 pm
the company owns more than 2 million acres of land across california. all right. again and washington, the farsi usually open to the public for hiking, biking, fishing and hunting. but the closures could last through till fall. the oakland police and fire departments are teaming up to collect or unwanted fireworks. you can find firework collection barrels at 6 fire stations. >> oakland police department wants everyone to know that all fireworks. even those marked as safe and sane are illegal. the department will issue fines ranging from $1000 to $10,000 along with possible jail time. so if you want to report someone and illegal possession of fireworks called opd is tip line at 5, one. 0, 2, 3, 8, 23 73. well, it's check and see if we'll even see the fireworks. >> and that's always the big question in this time of year, whether that fog my mess it up. and there's a pretty good chance of seeing that fog moving in. the comes in that low of the golden gate bridge. that means place like pier. 39 going to be a little
10:56 pm
difficult, but that marine layer is going to lift here over the next couple days and he's going to push that cool air further and further on shore. temperatures around the bay area right now. still warm inland. it's 73 degrees in concord, 70 in livermore. even 79 in antioch. lot of 50's 60's around the bay. but that fog has started to creep up on shore right now. we're goieg to see more of that overnight tonight in the coming days tomorrow. maybe not so much high pressure going to weaken a little bit. but i think as we get toward wednesday and thursday afternoon. really see that on shore. push low clouds and fog begin to make their way on shore. maybe even drizzle out along the coastline overnight tonight. and tomorrow morning, you wake up to some of that patchy fog, then really that fog just kind of hangs out near the coastline all day long and then start to surge back on shore. a little more robust as we head in toward tomorrow night and into wednesday as well. temperature wise numbers going to break down like this overnight lows going to be a general in the 40's and the 50's tomorrow on, you know, the mountaintops little bit warmer that. but by day, you've got some hot weather still inland. still some 90's in places like concord and
10:57 pm
livermore about 83 degrees in san jose. 75 in fremont. 73 in hayward. and about 90 degrees in napa. so you've got some hot weather away from the coastline. but out toward the beaches plan on the fog and some cool numbers there in the 50's and the 60's the next few days. those temperatures coming down across the board highs only in the 70's as we head into the first day of july on friday and the weekend as we head into holiday looks like those temperatures stay below average. but yeah, that fog definitely be a factor as we head in toward the 4th of july. feel like that's the case. every it is where the heart forecast for >> thank you. good night, everybody.
10:58 pm
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