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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  June 29, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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on kron four's. dan thorn is here too. tell us more. yeah, really sort of an unfortunate situation considering the age of the suspects ran teenage boys getting involved in this type of crime. >> well, anyway, san jose police say that this happened early sunday morning on south 7th in east reid streets. investigators saying that the victim was inside of his car when for teens wearing masks, approached him and demanded his car and personal property at gunpoint after the alleged robbery. the 4 juveniles then drove off in the stolen car. about an hour later, patrol officers found the stolen car with the teenagers inside near coleman avenue and highway 87. the officers also found a loaded privately made gun at the scene. police say 3 of the 4 juveniles were also involved in previous robberies and carjackings from earlier this year. that 4 juveniles out wreaking havoc in our city >> with a firearm, a very dangerous situation on top of that, you know, they already have priors were on probation
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for committing the same acts. obviously something needs to change. it's not working a couple of months after committing those carjackings are and another one. >> investigators say all of the 4 teenagers range in ages from 14 to 17. they're booked in juvenile hall tonight. anyone with any information is urged to call san jose police pam and catherine, back to you. thank you, dan. >> in the east bay robberies at gunpoint, arson break, ins assaults. these are just some of the struggles business owners and oakland's little saigon say they face regularly and they say they are fed up the asian community has banded together to make their voice is stronger and as a way to survive this morning, more than a dozen business owners called on the city of oakland to allocate money for community safety. they say they have felt neglected for a long time now and they need money to buy high-definition cameras as well as help with beautification projects and
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other efforts to curb the violence and the crime in the neighborhood. >> they're very brazen criminals around this area. but yet you don't. have the support of the city. get, you know, and that's what we're asking for. we're asking for, you know, a lot of services. team. directed towards this area to help us because we do need help. >> this issue will be heard at the oakland city council budget meeting tomorrow morning. bart police have arrested 2 people in connection to a shooting at the west. oakland bart station that sent. >> one person to the hospital that happened saturday afternoon. police say an officer spotted the 2 men at the montgomery station last night. 28 year-old selwyn lopez, a 19 year-old jesse soto guzman are facing a string of charges. the victim of the shooting is expected to survive. >> the city of san jose unanimously repeal the ban on low writing or what some call cruising. it has been prohibited on city streets for
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the last 30 years. in the 1960's, the 19 in the 1960's, the slow driving display of cars was made famous by the tuc civil rights movement. but then in the early 1990's, a lot of cities including san jose put local ordinances into effect, turning this into a crime. >> i was pulled out of my car, sat on the curb surge, had my car search right and realized that i had an ability to to to deny that. and this was happening regularly. not just to me, right, but just to to loretta community out there and to people like myself that had nothing to do with gangs or drugs or violence or criminal activity. and now, right, we get to celebrate the fact that's not going happen with. >> officials say police have not issued fines for cruz and in the last 20 years. but for people in the latino community, it is about more than just that for city council members at city hall who voted unanimously for the repeal of the ban. it is about being able to continue the culture without it being
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considered a crime. >> all right. time to take another look at the forecast and this lovely and the foggy view. this is the view from mount tam and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with what's ahead. you guys like that fog. we've got plenty of that working its way onshore. yeah. going to cool us down and bring all those temperatures well below the average. and of course, that's going to back off on some of the fire danger around the bay area, too. and you see that fog bank now entering inside the bay looking from the berkeley hills and is deep enough. now you see that there that it's going to push well on shore. also bunefit of that nice ocean breeze. we get that beautiful, fresh ocean air, all the weight of our valley. so looking good from the coast all the way inland as we head toward tomorrow afternoon with some of that patchy fog. and we're going to see plenty of it. watch the push overnight tonight than always get the strong. but tonight you're going to be sepsis. the an exceptional push, low clouds and fog not only in the bay in the valleys, but all the way through the delta in the sacramento valley by tomorrow morning. so usually when you get that kind of push the
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marine there takes a while longer to burn it off. that means you get some cooler temperatures outside by the afternoon. that will camp back out toward the coastline like a dozen the summer days and then begin to move back on shore on thursday night. but temperatures will take a hit again. 50's and 60's in the san francisco coast side will keep their and low 50's and the 60's. got mid 60's in the millbrae and burlingame tomorrow afternoon. so running a little bit cooler than the average mileage make way down the central bay warm in the south bay. but 70's couple low 80's in the places that had temperatures sneaking into the 90's, the hovering in 70's by tomorrow afternoon. so a lot cooler than it has been some heat coming your way and it will be the case over the next few days. we're going to watch as temperatures tumble as a trough of low pressure kind of moves in along the west coast. that's going deep in the marine layer, cool. the atmosphere means and fought more fog. low clhuds coming our way through the holiday weekend and a partly cloudy 4th of july. thank you, lawrence. the migrant death toll in texas has risen to 53 now and what could be.
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>> the deadliest human smuggling incident in recent u.s. history. that's according to officials in texas. the victims from mexico, guatemala and honduras were found on monday inside a sweltering abandoned semi truck in san antonio. 2 mexican nationals have been charged with illegal possession of firearms in connection with the case. a 3rd man described as a u.s. citizen and the truck driver is also facing charges. and there are reports that he was high on meth amphetamine at the time of his arrest and that he pretended to be a migrant in order to avoid capture. >> developing now, federal investigators are releasing an update on the deadly amtrak crash near kansas city, missouri. so far they have ruled out problems with the brakes. now they're trying to determine how fast the train was moving when it plowed into a dump truck at a railroad crossing. 4 people were killed. 150 people injured. it was a steep crossing at the
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point of the crash that is considered a possible factor. the train was heading from los angeles to chicago when it derailed. the 4 people killed include 2 sisters from kansas. >> nexus 6, an attacker from the 2015 terrorist massacre in paris has been sentence. details on how he obtained the highest sentence in france. >> and it's happened again. another visitor to yellowstone gets a painful reminder not to get too close to the wild bison. there. it's started. somewhere between a cuddle
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>> officials in ukraine say that they have secured the release of 144 soldiers who were captured by russia, the release part of a prisoner exchange of included 95 soldiers who defended mary steel plant. most of the prisoners in bad shape reportedly badly wounded. some had been shot or burned. some had broken bones that lead to amputation. russia has not commented publicly on a prisoner swap. president biden attended the second day of the nato summit in madrid today where he announced plans to increase the u.s. military presence in europe. that includes establishing a permanent headquarters in poland, sending more fighter jet squadrons to great britain
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and he wants more air defense and italy and germany. all of this part of the response to russia's invasion of ukraine. >> the only surviving attacker from the 2015 terrorist massacre at the bataclan theater and other sites in paris has been convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. and that is the most severe sentence possible in france. and it's very rare. the chief suspect faced charges over the attacks which killed 130 people. the islamic group isis claimed responsibility for the attack. the judge in a special terrorism court found him guilty of murder and attempted murder. >> house speaker nancy pelosi received communion at the vatican today along with her husband and they met with pope francis. she is catholic but has been a little long time focal supporter of abortion rights last month. the san francisco archbishop said that she would be barred from receiving communion in his diocese until she and sir
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public support for abortion. >> runaway, bad aids. the giants as they try for a split against the detroit tigers wasn't enough. kylen mills has wasn't enough. kylen mills has highlights coming up. ♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that.
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don't touch my piano. on our 4 zone forecast. a live look outside tonight at sfo. what's >> kind of foggy? >> yeah. and we're looking at sfo. boy, there been a lot of
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stuff and that sfo that happens a lot of yeah. >> foggy. yeah. there's one thing to say the last couple years with covid there just haven't been as many people traveling. we haven't had all those delays at sfo. so, yeah, a lot of folks moving around now, though, right there. get ready to go so out there. you've got that fog. you know, that could be a recipe for some problems out at sfo. here's the good news. yeah. how about that? no delays at sfo with the fog out there right now. no delays in oakland or san jose at this hour as we're looking good outside temperatures over the past. 24 hours. yeah, they're taking the hit a good 10 to 30 degrees cooler in some parts of the bay area. numbers outside right now. your cool 50's along the coastline. still some warm 70's inland, a place like livermore and cochran. you get some 80's. well inland brentwood and also the pittsburgh, a cool 59 with that sea breeze really kicking in the petaluma more fog. low clouds going to be moving on shore overnight tonight and that will press well into the interior valleys. in fact, all the way into the central valley. high pressure that have been dominate. our
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weather being replaced by this trough now of low pressure and there's another wave of energy that's going to begin to move in. you can just see the next front getting a little bit closer as we head in toward tomorrow afternoon. but that will be a factor as we get the weekend and probably on the 4th of july as well. temperatures for tomorrow plan being a cooler day. i think most highs topping out in the upper 70's in the warmest parts of the bay area. you'll see a lot of 60's around the bay pop. some 70's in the santa clara valley while out at the coastline. grab your jacket. it will be cool of fog. stick around all day long to maybe some drizzle in the morning as well. highs there only be in the 50's and the low 60's looking out over the next few days in the holiday. we're going to cool down the temperatures right through saturday and sunday. we may warm up just a little bit on the 4th of july. still expecting partly cloudy skies for the fireworks. thank you very much, and visiting yellowstone with his family. >> was attacked by a wild bison this week and it is the second such incident and only about a month. another park
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visitor took video of that incident supporter rudabeh shahbazi has the story. >> for the second time this year, a visitor at yellowstone national park getting a little too close for comfort video footage from a park goer showing the man and his family just feet away from a wild bison when the animal decides to charge that man, a 34 year-old from colorado swooping in to keep a child from being mauled. but then getting gored himself. the person who recorded the incident claiming the man who was ultimately pummeled was the one who got the bison riled up in the first place. he was later transported to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. this was the second such episode to take place in yellowstone this year last month, the 25 year-old woman thrown 10 feet into the air, suffering a puncture wound and other injuries. after getting too close to a bison herself. park rangers say the animals are known to be unpredictable and have injured more people in the park than any other animal.
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people familiar with their behavior like ohio bison rancher kerry star say they're also incredibly fast. they're they're so powerful. you look at him and you think they're big and they're down and they're slow. >> but they can run like 35 miles an hour as people, you know. >> we need to be mindful of the fact that even though they look like there, you could walk up and pet one because they're really afraid of people you really shouldn't. >> yes, they are not pets. that was rudabeh shahbazi reporting for us tonight. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> welcome into sports. the san francisco giants getting busy today looking to win a game over the detroit tigers for the second straight day in the second game of a three-game set. the giants see a man named griffin celebrating his birthday at the ballpark with some of his buddies. bottom of the first evan longoria. tribes want the opposite way to right. >> that's a though,
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>> it's all a blast. makes it one. nothing. giants 3rd inning. this is different when gloria shattered his bat hits a grounder, shortstop. yikes. the pack goes right at him, too. and there you can see javier baez steps on the battle trying to make the throw. we can't make it top. the 6, 1, 1, tie. eric kasey hits it deep to left. it's just over the wall for 2 run. homer re one tigers. that was the difference. the giants lose 3 to 2. they split the mini series with detroit. >> they have tomorrow off and host the white sox beginning on friday. meanwhile, the a's in the bronx taking on the yankees looking to avoid the sweep top the first runners at the corners for stephen piscotty. that hearing room rips rips one into left will go all the way to the wall one run scores. here comes loriano. he slides in for this for a stake in early 2. nothing lead. bottom of the
6:51 pm
frame 3, nothing a's this 0. one on for aaron judge. he takes cole irvin deep to left. no doubt about it to run. shoppers, 29th homer of the season. yankees within a run. bottom of the 3rd 2 on for giancarlo stanton. he takes this one the other way caring. well, it is gone. yankees take the lead on stanton's 19th home run of the season. it is fall 5 to 3. they've lost 9 of their last 10 games open will now head to seattle to take on the mariners for 4 game set beginning tomorrow. and if you're already missing basketball season, no need to worry. were some early team already in action center. james wiseman practiced with the team today. however, he will not play in the upcoming california classic. this state will host the kings lakers and heat summerly teams for a round robin south showcase of chase center starting on saturday, worst california classic coach seth who person was right to practice. they just want to rush his return to live game action. wiseman has dealt with several
6:52 pm
setbacks following this case repair surgery last april. the team also announced that newly selected car ryan brolin's won't play in some early because of a stress fracture in his right foot that was discovered during his onboarding medical evaluation. >> meanwhile, coaches are hopeful wiseman will be able to play later on in las vegas. >> he's just kind of started his build-up of playing live again. so want to make sure he practices and he practiced today and was able to go through stuff today. and so for him to get some practices. and it was the first time of the first time is really going live rather than have that first time being a game. so in a normal buildup we would have in the season we would do some practices and you know, five-on-five scrimmage stuff before we throw him into a game. and so that's kind of what we use the next a little bit of time with with the goal of getting them ready. then the play alive in game starts and the this whole year and a half like i want a lot about myself as a person. >> i went through a lot trials and tribulations, but i'm hearing now. so we practice.
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but today feel great. i feel good out there with with the guys and just >> just everything about it. i was feel good. just planning or >> warriors superstar steph curry trading in a basketball from mike in just a couple of weeks. that's right. yes. pn announced today that he will host the espys coming up on july. 20th, the show honors the top athletes and moments in sports from the last year, curry's up for 3 awards, including best male athlete. he said the statement that he looks forward to delivering an exciting show for that should be a lot of fun. curry, very deserving. if he does win the best male athlete of the year award. that's all we have for sports for now. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> kylen, thank you very much. coming up us, real drama side of the tennessee highway. but you see there dependent happily family welcoming a new happily family welcoming a new addition sooner than expected. i was injured in a car crash. happily family welcoming a new addition sooner than expected. i had no idea how much my case was worth.
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>> a miracle baby is the newest addition to a very fortunate family. a woman had to give birth basically on the side of a tennessee highway. she was in a car. chelsea storm son, a felt or contractions beginning. so she and her husband and her do allow or midwife. they made the decision to head for the hospital, but there was rush hour traffic that turned into a big problem after some panicking. they realize they weren't going to make it. they pulled over and that's when the father called 9-1-1. the
6:57 pm
doula helped deliver the baby. the baby is named jovi. we think that's a little boy and jovi. the mother, everybody doing just fine. >> nashville home to a new bouncing baby boy, we'd like to place in fuss is all about saying this 7 we go bought a buck and hello. calf recently made his very energetic public debut with the nashville zoo. his legs moving so quickly. they barely touched the ground. a little guy's name is road and he is the second successful birth at his kind at the zoo since 2017. he's so it baby some animals. good way to end the show. that's right. that wraps up kron 4 news at 6. have a good night. that was quick. and rewarding.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: cassidy under fire. the speaker don't be surprised if they come after cassidy hundreds and very hard. >> seemed tape for you to speak of what she said happened inside the presidential suv. >> with the secret service is saying today. then, day of reckoning for singer r. kelly. his sisters show their support. >> as his victims come forward. >> announcer: and july 4th travel warning for you if your flight is canceled. >> your guide for the best time to leave and head home. >> announcer: plus... serious firework accidents on


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