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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 29, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. can do? >> people because they don't trust. you don't feel like. >> you're listening to them order to care about your kid. we're talking about racism. >> now at 10, many parents in oakland, outrage tonight after the city school board decides against a reopening some schools that are slated to close. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news tonight at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan in for ken wayne. >> the oakland school board met tonight to vote on a resolution to reopen schools already set for closure. that list includes parker elementary grass valley elementary carl monk elementary school. the final vote came down within just the our kron. first, amanda hari has the latest.
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>> the oakland school board will go forward with its original plan to close several schools. the board voted against a resolution traverse. the initial decision. some outraged parents began yelling at the board members. i am here by recent from the meeting. >> the meeting had to be called to a one-hour recess because of all the commotion before the vote, people commented for hours in support of keeping the schools open. the that serve black and brown students. >> because their central, the public all. >> and your decision is up to students, parents, community members, teachers stopped employees. >> especially in east oakland, the vote on the reversal of school closings was initially slated for the back end of the meeting. multiple people asked, move it up, say get home to their kids. board member mike hutchinson push to move it to the t 7 up in the agenda. so we do ask folks to wait here until 12, 30. >> to address the resolution that they're making a
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presentation on the board agreed to move it up after public comment. a group of parents from parker elementary presented and pleaded with the board to keep their school open, even put together. >> a presentation to try explain to you about how much we want to keep our schools, how much it means to us, how much it's needed in the community. some board members spoke about the rationale behind the closings, including long-term funding and individuals yelled over them trying to. i'm trying to i was asked to give my i don't need to. as i said, it's really difficult in this format because people are just shouting behind almost all of the public comment throughout the meeting was about the school closures. every community members spoke in support of keeping the schools open. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> members of oakland's vietnamese community are asking city leaders for more safety measures. more than a dozen business owners found little saigon gather today saying that they're experiencing verbal and physical assault, robbery and vandalism regularly. they say
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that they have felt neglected for a long time and they're fed up. they say, getting more financial assistance with support in the city budget could bring some relief. >> they're very brazen criminals around this area. but yet you don't. have the support of the city. get, you know, and that's what we're asking for. it. we're asking for, you know, a lot of services. team. directed towards this area to help us because we do need help. >> the oakland city council is expected to talk about the possible funding at its budget meeting tomorrow morning. >> we have been learning more details about the deadly weekend crash in oakland that involved a sideshow. oakland's police chief says 19 year-old arnold lunn aldi took part in a sideshow sometime between late saturday night early sunday morning. police say he sped down international boulevard afterwards crashing into 4 man who'd been on the sidewalk. one of those men died to oakland police
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officers chased flown all the before the crash happened. kron four's gayle ong has the latest on the 2 officers and the public do. >> at this apartment interest there at a news conference wednesday, oakland police chief leronne armstrong says 2 officers are in an extended administrative leave for their involvement responding to a fatal crash early sunday morning. >> took action immediately monday. we brought forth this investigation to the public regarding his fatal collision. the crash happened around 02:00am sunday. >> at 54th and international boulevard according to opd 2 police officers were chasing a 19 year-old driver from oakland who they say was racing away from a sideshow at speeds reaching nearly 100 miles per hour. investigators say that's when the teenager lost control and crashed into several parked cars and a motorcycle before hitting for pedestrians, killing one of them. a man from hayward chief armstrong says the problems of sideshows and speeding are only growing as well as
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traffic safety. chief armstrong did not go into specifics into why the officers were put on leave but only said there is an internal investigation underway and that investigators are reviewing several video and taking statements from witnesses. the police department they saw violations of the policy, their series. >> sure that this investigation is thorough, complete half of all they have many of you hold them accountable. >> gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> a 77 year-old san jose woman is in custody. she is accused of setting her house on fire which led to her husband's death. investigators say this woman, rebecca set fire to her home on chemical. it drive just before 4 o'clock saturday morning. while both she and her husband were inside, the crews rescued her husband from an upstairs bedroom, but they say he suffered from severe smoke inhalation and died a few days later. police want you to take
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a close look at this surveillance video. san francisco police say the man seen running stole a car battery from business on terrible street near 32nd avenue and seriously injured. a store employee on the way out. the incident happened back on may. the 28th about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. police are still looking for this suspect. he's described as about 5 feet, 6 inches tall, 170 pounds with wavy dark hair. if you recognize him, you're asked to contact san francisco police. the california department of justice is investigating a data breach at the agency that lee's the personal information of hundreds of thousands of gun owners in the state. and we first told you about that data hack last night on kron 4. >> california's attorney general rob bonta released a statement today. he is acknowledging the lake kron four's. dan thorn is here in the studio with a more. concerning for those gun owners out there and they're working to get to the bottom of this. so
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>> the fresno county sheriff's office was actually the first to announce the data breach at the states justice department. it happened on monday during the justice department's update of its firearm dash portal. something went wrong and then ended up revealing private information including names, addresses and drivers license numbers of californians who were granted or denied concealed weapons permits between 2011 and 2021. well, today, the head of the agency, california attorney general rob bonta released a statement that reads in part this unauthorized release of personal information as an act that unacceptable minute falls far short of my expectations for this department. make knowledge the stress this may cause those individuals whose information was exposed. i'm deeply disturbed and angered onto faces a reelection in november and his republican opponent, nathan hochman, criticized bonta's leadership. well, having the private data of citizens specifically concealed. >> people who have been able to get concealed carry weapon
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permits user judges. this is law enforcement. these are domestic violence victims who are able to apply for that permit to then put that information on the internet and allow anyone to have access to someone's private data and their address. again, that is one of a tremendous failings of an attorney general and his office. the fact that they quickly tried to take it off, didn't a race. the air. so i'm hoping that there is an investigation of the, know, department of justice of rob bonta to find out how this happened and make sure it would never happen again. >> well, again, bonta says that his department is investigating the data breach. he also says the agency will be contacting affected individuals and providing them resources. pam and catherine, back to you. thank you, dan. >> new at 10, the house committee investigating the january 6 capitol riot has issued a subpoena. 2 former white house counsel pat
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cipollone cipollone has been linked to meetings and which lawyers debated strategy to overturn former president trump's election loss. cipollone is said to have raised concern about the trump effort to overturn the election at one point, even threatening to resign. the subpoena came one day after former white house aide cassidy hutchinson gave new details about trump's behavior on the day of the insurrection. the supreme court is expected to announce 2 major rulings tomorrow. one of them on the environment. the other one on immigration, 2 decisions were released today and one the court ruled that oklahoma and the federal government do have the authority to prosecute crimes that non native americans committed against native americans on native land. also, the justices decided a former texas state trooper can sue the state over his claim that he was forced out of his job when he returned from army service in iraq. and along
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with those rulings, supreme court justice stephen breyer will officially and his 28 year career on the high court tomorrow, breyer was born and raised in san francisco. he graduated from lowell high school, attended stanford for his undergraduate degree. he was appointed by president clinton, joined the supreme court in 1994. and you're looking at federal judge ketanji brown jackson, who was confirmed in april to succeed breyer. she will be the first black woman on the court when she is sworn in. reportedly that happens tomorrow. >> it has been nearly a month since a water main failure flooded. all 35 floors of an apartment building at 33 to in san francisco. but tonight, nearly 500 of those that building are still in limbo, unsure of where they will stay next. city supervisor matt dorsey and the building's owners held a town hall tonight. but as kron 4 say that the sacking explains the
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town hall left. many of those residents even more frustrated. >> this has been a really financially stressful time for and my partner and folks, the building having different the cost tyler patterson lives at san francisco high-rise. 33 to hama. >> but hasn't been there for nearly a month since a water main failure sent 20,000 gallons of water. >> cascading down. 35 floors of the building forcing nearly 500 people to evacuate immediately for the first time city supervisor matt dorsey hosted a town hall meeting wednesday night with city housing committees in the real estate management firm hines that owns the building to address concerns and provide updates dorsey's office. tonight, kron four's request to join the meeting saying it was only for residents but didn't provide an explanation. why when asked a dog and pony show really showing off their strategy to for communication, which >> isn't adequate law. folks go without responses. hines originally targeted residents to return by july. 1st but now
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say that date is pushed back as of july. 6 hind says they'll no longer pay for hotel accommodations. pines continues to prioritize profits over the lives of the residents. patterson says residents will re occupy the building in phases lasting august through october. >> residents will have to find short-term housing or they can choose to terminate their lease if they seek short-term housing without reimbursements. hines says the wave 100% of their rent. however, if they're seeking reimbursements, time says they'll pay up to $300 per day, but tenants will still have to pay 50% of their rent each month at a building. they're not allowed to occupy. i don't think they had always get you very far. with the short-term in san francisco at all. >> so it's going to disruptive come july 6 when they make start to front the costs for their children. housing patterson says many are now scrambling to find a place to live with a fast approaching deadline in san francisco. taylor bisaki kron. 4 news.
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>> a wildfire in the sierra nevada has grown to more than 900 acres. you're looking at the rice is fire. this began tuesday in nevada county as a building fire. but then it spread to nearby brush an this is an area full of very dry brush because of the drought we learned tonight that at least one building has been destroyed. containment now is at 10%. we will bring you any new developments in the bay area. a brush fire broke out in antioch today and damaged an abandoned mobile home. >> the fire broke out about 3 o'clock this afternoon about one mile west of highway one. 60 crews did manage to contain it within about 30 minutes. the cause is under investigation. well, let's take a live look outside tonight. looking at things look pretty good. yeah. and the lawrence joins us in lawrence, that a lot of fog, which bringing down fire danger again. yeah, that's really good news actually headed into the holiday, the 4th of july. >> people got the fireworks
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out there, but going to see more fog on the way we're seeing that making its way across the golden gate bridge into the bay. now bumping up. part of the east bay hills to you can see right here, company. look from the east bay. you can see some of that fog while deep now and it's going to push all the way the interior valleys overnight tonight. so we're going to see the most impressive run of some fog we've seen in quite some time. temperatures are already showing some results, though, of that stronger marine push. >> and that brought down the temperatures. finally, some of that marine air working its way, even the interior valleys to your 11, 30 degrees cooler places like concord in livermore to dublin, the tri valley. santa rosa, you're down 12 degrees, but all around the bay area. these temperatures began to fall. so instead of seeing those hot 90's, we're in a much more reasonable, low 80's in the livermore at 81. 82 in concord, 80 in santa rosa in the san francisco kind of flirt with fog and some sunshine throughout the day kept temperatures there in the low 60's. 66 in oakland, 74 pleasant in san jose. but that on shore breeze continuing its
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really going to ramp up. i think overnight tonight and tomorrow morning we're see that the surge, low clouds and fog well to the interior valleys, but not only here along the california coastline is the marine layer starts to deepen. that means going allowed to make its way further on shore. so we'll see more fog all along the coastline, making its way in the coastal valleys and may even make its way all the way in the sacramento valley by tomorrow morning. so big change in the weather pattern now. high pressure kind of scooting eastward. all of a sudden you start to see that trough of low pressure carbon itself out along the coastline. and that means we're going to see some of that cool air work its way further and further on shore in the coming days, actually going to these temperatures probably below average as we head into the holiday weekend. still, it's going to be hot spots inland. no getting around that. still, 99 degrees in a fresno. 99, bakersfield about 90 even in sacramento. but in the sacramento valley may just start out with a couple of patches of fog early tomorrow morning. 80's in los angeles about 72 degrees in santa barbara. overall, though, yeah, expect more.
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this more low clouds and fog. maybe some drizzle along the coastline overnight tonight to watch the push here. models already picking up on the fog, making its way inside the bay bumping up into the east bay. and then all of a sudden you start to see a surge right through the delta into the central valley. that is an extremely strong push, low clouds and fog. so with that in mind, it will take a little bit longer for to burn off. that means expect cooler temperatures by tomorrow afternoon. you'll see that sunshine inside the bay by the afternoon fall kind of camping along the coastline. then by the evening that fog starts to surge back on shore. and all of a sudden we start to talk about more fog making its way well on shore. so not the best news, i guess, folks that want the heat waves. but if you want suppression of fires. let's fire danger around the bay area. more fog. yes. sorry that. that's number one. yeah. thank you well, the summer travel season is in full swing and the major bay area airports are expecting large number of passengers over the july 4th weekend at the same time, remember, there are staff shortages from pilots to
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flight attendants. >> air traffic controllers and that's making the summer travel season a nightmare for a lot of people. kron four's. dan kerman reports from sfo with what you might expect and the days ahead. >> with summer travel season is already in full swing with people jetting off to both domestic and international destinations and the 4th of july around the corner, it's only going to get busier. we've had several days this month in which we've seen over 68,000 people departing through our security checkpoints in a single day. we think we're probably going to hit that same number again on thursday and friday leading into the july 4th holiday this year. that means being more prepared than ever. >> because so far it's been a summer of flight cancellations. but flightaware saying more than 20,000 flights have been canceled. >> just since memorial day. >> the industry is down thousands of pilots and thousands of flight attendants. so they're working to hire people, but literally can't happen fast enough that coupled with fewer flights,
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most of which are now fully booked can be a recipe for disaster, especially over the holiday weekend. we're going for a wedding. so we didn't have much choice in what we can to go. i try not to overthink. it was an effort to get all the 5 kids pac. 10. >> i'm here. so we're just going for the best travel experts say if you haven't booked your flight yet, your best bet is to go nonstop and take the first flight of the day. if you've already booked in your flight is canceled. there are specific steps you should take when you're trying to rebook a flight. >> use the app also message the airline on social media reach out and then get in line at the customer service rebooking desk as well. so you want to tackle you want to use every tool in your tool belt to try to be the first to get rebooked? because remember, you're competing against everyone else on that plane whose flight was just cancel. experts say it's also a good idea to know what other airlines fly to your destination in case your flight is canceled. >> that all translates into bringing your patients with you to the airport. also for a
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domestic flight. you want to arrive 2 hours early, 3 hours. if you're taking an international flight at sfo. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> well, the 4th of july is also the time for fireworks, so-called safe and sane. fireworks are on sale in parts of the bay area. although experts are reminding everybody that they are very dangerous. the knights of columbus is one of 15 nonprofits in dublin selling safe and sane fireworks. then sun boy, jay z says that parents should pay attention to the product's labeling to determine if the fireworks are appropriate for their families. >> you have here is a rating system. >> so for being the highest one being the lowest. so when it says for that means some knocks him out of color, 3 is average amount. a height and noise on this morning's 3 average matter noise. it's a good diving system. if you have younger kids,syou want to
10:20 pm
keep it on the lower noise like that. but you like something a little colorful. >> the consumer products safety commission says more than 60% of fireworks related injuries treated in emergency rooms happened in the month around the 4th of july. local doctors are urging families to attend professional fireworks shows. >> a pet owners know this, but fireworks can be very stressful for your pets. they are sensitive to loud noises. they're often just terrified by the sounds. experts say it is best to leave them safely indoors. and if you can't be with them, at least leave on a tv or radio at high volume. >> keep them inside and make sure that if the worst should happen, they have identification on them. multiple forms of identification are both color with up to the information on that as well microchip. if you are unsure about how your and most going to react if at all
10:21 pm
possible staying with is is is preferable and being able to be there as a comfort to them needed. >> some animals feel the need to hide and they say you should make sure there's a safe place where they can do that. and kron 4 has you covered on the 4th joined live in the bay host olivia horton. as we bring you the firework shows in san francisco, concord, more and san jose. >> kron four's july 4th live monday night at >> a new vaccination plan for americans tonight as monkeypox cases spread across the country and here in the bay area. >> also, we have seen local delays and cancellations of bay area airports. but look at this mess. this is time just keep you in suspense for this baggage nightmare is happening. >> but first, low riding is legal again in san jose. after decades of legal fighting. why
10:22 pm
advocates say it is important to keep the culture alive.
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>> an historic comeback in the south bay, a decades old ban on lower. it is now gone. and san jose. >> kron four's justin campbell shows us how the mexican american community is responding to the return of cruising. >> we do the right with david in his 63 chevy impala.
10:25 pm
>> with air suspension and of course, it wouldn't be a low right or without the classic white want tires along. so can now get crews in san jose for the first time. >> since 1986 2. >> something the we always knew was unjust. >> polacco says he hasn't been pulled over recently, but that wasn't always the case. when i was younger, you know, we've got pulled over. >> you know, and sometimes. rally to a checkpoint and then given tickets that were really just. >> police have not issued fines for cruising in the last 20 years, but for people in the latino community like councilmember peralez, it's about more than having been pulled over dozens of times for cruising in downtown. >> right. it was majority of latinos in our community because number one, that's that's part of our culture that you've got. council member for alice was behind the initiative to remove the cruising ban was put in place in the 80's to stop crime but was too broad in targeted all
10:26 pm
low riders indiscriminately. hispanics paralysis as prohibiting cruising, became. >> a tool for racial discrimination. so that's why he fought hard to in the ban. polacco now more than excited to keep the culture alive. we just can continue to do. it's not going anywhere that said that before and he won't be hitting any good he'll be cruising legally without any worries. >> driving down the road. >> make kids smile. hoping to bring a new generation into cruising and low riders reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> stone kron, 4 news at 10 will be stay rooted in oakland, a critical vote tomorrow on the future of the team's proposed ballpark. plus, we continue to track a major wildfire burning more than 900 acres in nevada county. but first, how the u.s. government is now changing its response plan to
10:27 pm
monkeypox as cases continue to spread across the country. and we've got some low clouds and fog working its way on shore right now. how might that affect your day tomorrow and the holidays? we'll talk about it coming up. your 10 is next.
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>> now at 10, 30, we are tracking cases of monkeypox growing across the country. yeah, it is generally spread through close or intimate contact. it is rarely deadly.
10:30 pm
the number of monkeypox cases in the bay area is climbing at last check. san francisco county reported 16 cases 5 being reported in alameda county, one in santa clara county. also one in san mateo county, solano county, none. and we today we're waiting for updated information from are in and contra costa counties. >> take a look at this, though. this is the production line of the vaccine that governments around the world hope will bring an end to the global surge happening. cup mom, monkeypox cases. the vaccine is called in the united states. it uses a weakened form of the virus which causes the disease which is similar to smallpox and monkeypox viruses, but is less harmful. the cdc is now recommending this vaccine for anybody who may have had close contact with someone else infected with monkeypox '04 but reports on the local vaccine supply and who is able to get it?
10:31 pm
>> the 2 dose monkeypox vaccine is called janae owes. the u.s. government will be allocated. 56,000 doses of the vaccine right away. and another 240,000 doses in the coming weeks. san francisco has already received doses of department of public health in the city says they've received 360 doses of the vaccine to distribute to their health system. partners, ceo of the san francisco aids foundation, doctor tyler to mir says there's a large interest for the shots at the foundation health clinic where there has been 6 suspected cases of monkeypox have received fewer than 100 doses and we would need something like 6,000 doses. >> to serve all those that come into clinic. a lot monkeypox patients usually experience fever, body aches, chills, and fatigue. more serious cases. look like this. doctor peter chin-hong says the rashes and lesions calmly start in the genital area after a few days and he moved to the face and inside them out and then to the arms and to the palms. the cdc expanded their vaccine recommendation
10:32 pm
for monkeypox to people who think they may have been exposed. >> doctor chin-hong says anyone can get monkeypox, but a large number of cases are being reported among men. he describes monkeypox is having a long incubation period of up to a month compared to covid, which is commonly just a few days. usually we think about the vaccine preventing something this only in the future. but in the monkeypox case is actually almost acting like a drug because of that long incubation period. doctor, tamir says that testing supplies for monkeypox are just as limited as vaccine supplies. >> he says that there's a national shortage of the specific type of swab used to collect samples that are sent to the state lab in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> you can find more information on monkeypox on our website. kron 4 dot com. just scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. it will take you to a page with the latest information on the disease. emergency response and a monkeypox case tracker. but we
10:33 pm
will soon be one step closer to learning the fate of the oakland a's. a critical vote tomorrow will determine whether the howard terminal is determined to be suitable for the team to build a new waterfront park. and it does seem that been talking about this for ever. but for most of the leaders are on board. >> some still argue the process is moving too quickly. kron four's terisa stasio has the story on thursday. the san francisco bay conservation development commission or b cdc will vote on whether to approve the waterfront project. >> by removing the poor designation from howard terminal. do we have sufficient cargo capacity to grow our ports in the bay area? without that howard terminal land? all signs point to a yes vote on thursday with commission staff previously recommending to remove the designation. oakland mayor libby schaff says that the new ballpark is a no-brainer. let's stop using it as a parking lot. let's get 18
10:34 pm
acres of beautiful public parks on that waterfront. of course, the ballpark, great jobs and a desperately needed supply of affordable housing. thursday's vote is just one of many hurdles to calm. the a's will also need approval from the state's land commission. department of toxic substances in control. not to mention 1 billion dollars in oakland, taxpayer money. the team argues the project will spark an uf economic development to create those taxes in the first place. and mayor schaff agrees it will be a money maker for oakland, not a money taker. however, not everyone is on board but a time when oakland is struggling to find solutions to urgent issues. >> including homelessness, affordable housing crime and keeping our schools open. i support open voters right to vote on how the city should spend a massive investment. well, public funds, especially if it benefits a private
10:35 pm
develop. >> councilmember noel gallo, whose district includes a call. sam has introduced legislation to place a measure on the november ballot, letting residents decide where their money should go. fellow council member carol 5 has made similar pleas saying if a ballot initiative sinks a project, so be it. a vote on the measure is scheduled for next tuesday. and it's not clear if it will get the majority votes. it needs to pass some local advocates say that they don't want to see the city given to the team's demands. everything that costs money for the city that has to be taxed goes to the ballot. >> that's and that's that. that's a standard thing. say they would stay 20 years. when the sea level rises and the athletics move inland, will the remaining inhabitants of mister fischer's luxury housing beg us to build them. a new seawall for protection. others are quick to point out
10:36 pm
that oakland has been through this process before and got burned. so just like the raiders when they were offered almost a billion dollars. >> by the state of nevada, we have to tell them we're not giving our public dollars. >> to fund a private business owned by billionaires. we're in the same situation here with the a's. >> kron, 4 news reached out to the a's but did not get a response. we have talked with the a's president dave carroll in times past. but he was not in support of having the ballot measure in november. we are going to continue to watch this issue very closely. in the newsroom. theresa kron, 4 news. >> in san jose for teenagers are accused in an armed carjacking case. police say the boy stole a car early sunday morning and south 7th in the street. police say the teenagers then led them on a chase before crashing their coleman avenue and highway 87. investigators say 3 of the 4
10:37 pm
suspects were also involved in other robberies and carjackings earlier this year. >> that 4 juveniles out wreaking havoc in our city with a firearm. a very dangerous situation. on top of that, you know, they already have priors were on probation for committing the same acts. obviously something needs to change it's not working a couple of months after committing those carjackings are and another one. >> all 4 boys were taken to juvenile hall and police say anybody with information about that case or a similar incident. he's being asked to call san jose police. >> take a look at this. an early morning explosion and fire leveled a home damaged at least 2 others. this happened in victorville about an hour's drive northeast of los angeles. look at that. investigators say a woman was flown to a trauma center with burns. there's no update on her condition. an injured dog was also taken away by animal
10:38 pm
control officers. the cause of this blast is still under investigation. >> now to the latest on the wildfire in nevada county called the rice is fired. spurned more than 900 acres at this point. it is 10% contained. mandatory evacuations are under way for people living in the area. but when it shed reports from outside the nevada county library, one of the evacuation centers for this fire. >> big bear attack on the rise as fire continued all day and into the night. >> to just incredible aviation, aerial and ground resource. initial attack, an extended attack assault on this fire. >> all the difficult work of battling this blaze from above and below on foot in steep terrain is paying off. so i do
10:39 pm
have some good news about today. >> we are definitely far from being out of the woods, but we have shown some significant progress this evening. chief brian estes says the fire has burned 904 acres and firefighters have 10% containment, which is really positive. but the fast-moving flames did destroyed much in its path. >> 24 hours after the rices fire began, this is the kind of devastation it left behind. many vehicles scorched down to the frame and many structures that look like homes burned to the ground. >> firefighters returned to the black in the areas to ensure there were no flare ups overnight. flames spread to the bottom of the yuba river drainage that the goal was to prevent it from jumping the uber river and the county. right now. the fire is 100% holding. >> in nevada county. >> north's and one resident john grows spent much of the day checking on properties, assessing the damage and
10:40 pm
giving updates to fellow residents. he described his feelings as he pulled up to find his home survived. just grateful. thankful. >> neighbors, homes destroyed. >> and thankful enough that. they stage at our house. >> and save their homes and structures. he says the work he and his family has done around their home made all the difference. stay fire. smart. >> do i or prep during the winner? spend for 5 hours a day. >> chain sawing weed-whacking being fire smart. do you think that would help save your your home 100% in nevada county rowena shaddox kron. 4 news and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is back and you're tracking the weather conditions in that area. >> yeah. >> you know, it's been so hot out there lately. they've been talking 90 triple digit heat, the foothills. and you throw that on top of the drought conditions we're already seeing. so some of our fog. yeah, they need and they're going to get some. i think
10:41 pm
that's going to really help out. in fact, we're starting to see a change in the weather pattern in around that fire. seymour of a southerly flow here as we go into steve moore that a marine air work its way well on shore. so kind of pushing the fire from the south and all of a sudden now start to see the wind switching around last couple of hours coming out of the north, the northeast as we're seeing some of those winds blowing the 6, 7, miles an hour. but the winds will calm down overnight tonight and that reena layer is going to push its way well on shore to the sacramento valley. we're already seeing a significant on shore trend here and that is going to carry with it. all that moisture from that fog well inland. and that's going firefighters help to suppress the fire from spreading as fast in the coming days. so cooler weather is on the way in the sacramento valley to not to be cold by any means are back in the 90's again tomorrow. but the temperatures are going to be coming down over the next few days and into the weekend. more clouds moving in along the coastline. now you see that sea breeze generally bring in that moisture back on shore. in fact, watch what it does around the bay area overnight tonight. it's tomorrow
10:42 pm
morning. you really see that humidity on the rise to 90 plus percent by tomorrow afternoon. of course, starts to back off a little bit as you'll see the numbers dropping down in the 30's and 40% tiles and some of the valleys but get that moisture making this way back on shore. that will help whole lot in the coming days. right? kind of interesting here. we're getting close to the 4th of july and usually expect these to be nice and quiet. we've got this area of low pressure developing off the coastline. watch what happens. this is saturday watching happens. we get to the 4th of july. boy, it just rolls right off the coastline. i think it's going bring us a couple of passing clouds. i think it will bring us some cooler air out of the gulf of alaska. that may be just enough to mix south low clouds and fog and so could actually turn out to be very nice. a 4th of july weather wise. so partly cloudy skies. just a couple of patches of coastal fog. i don't think a real true fog bank outside temperatures. we'll be running probably a little bit below the average for this time of year in the 50's and the 60's right around 9 o'clock for all the festivities. all right. around the state tomorrow, you're still talking 90's in the central valley about 82 degrees in los angeles about
10:43 pm
66 in the monterey bay. temperatures around the bay area. tomorrow. we've got a lot of numbers looking good. if you like the cooler weather. in fact, instead of those hot 90's, you still have warm 70's, upper 70's inland tomorrow about 75 degrees. mostly sunny in the afternoon in san jose. 69 in fremont about 66 degrees in oakland and about 58 degrees and foggy and half moon bay over the next few days or 10. yeah, we've got those clouds rolling on in. the temperatures continue to drop their saturday and sunday on monday that los rules off the coastline, bringing partly cloudy skies. but i think the 17 that real big fog bank that what's that thing settles in? i mean, it's hard to see the fireworks at all. once that fog it, you're like i think that actually put a little lift in the atmosphere. it should be a good day for the 4th of july. ok? thank you, >> all right. can you recognize him? is coldplay frontman chris martin ahead, how he surprised one unsuspecting couple planning their wedding. >> and next in sports, the giants try for split against
10:44 pm
the tigers. head of the turnout. kylen mills has highlights coming up.
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the giants trying to close the month of june with a win at home over the detroit tigers, young griffin celebrating his birthday at the ballpark with some of his buddies. looks like a lot of fun out there for bottom of
10:47 pm
the first a love story of on the opposite way to right back. that's a the solo blast makes it one nothing. 3rd inning. this is different. >> flood gloria shatters just that. it's a grounder to shortstop. that also goes right to short your can't make the throw after stepping on it. you saw there. ouch. that could have been dangerous. 70 talked to 6 to left eric haase. he hits it deep to left it's just over the wall for a 2 run home run free. one tiger sweet. that was the difference. the giants lose 3 to 2. they split the mini series with detroit next. they host the chicago white sox beginning on friday. just over the a's in the bronx. taking on the gang kings, looking to avoid the sweep top the first runners at the corners for stephen piscotty. he rips one into left. it will go all the way to the here comes ramon
10:48 pm
lauriano. he slides in for the a stake in early 2. nothing lead. bottom of the frame 3, nothing a's won on for aaron judge. he gets a nice piece of this fall. that's no doubt about a 2 run shot for his 29th homer of the season. yankees within a run. bottom of the 3rd 2 on for giancarlo stanton. he takes this one the other way. kerry as well. i hear yankees take the lead on stanton's 19th home run of the season. baseball 5, 3, they've lost 7 of their last 10 open will now head to seattle to take on the mariners for 4 game set beginning on july. 1st. >> if you're already missing basketball season. well, don't worry. there were some really team is in action center. james wiseman will not play in the upcoming california classic this weekend. that's what we learned from the team just recently, golden state will host the kings heat. >> and lakers summer league teams for round robin south showcase of chase center starting on saturday. worst california classic coach
10:49 pm
percent. weisman looked great practice. they just don't want to rush his return to live game action. wiseman has dealt with several setbacks following meniscus repair surgery last april. the team also announced that newly selected guard ryan rowlands won't play in summer league because of stress fracture in his right foot that was discovered during his onboarding physical. meanwhile, coaches are hochul. wiseman will be able to play later on in las vegas. >> he's just kind of started his build-up of playing live again. so want to make sure he practices and he practiced today and was able to go through stuff today. and so for him to get some practices. and it was the first time of the first time he's really going live. resident have that first time being a game. so in a normal buildup we would have in the season we would do some practices and you know, five-on-five scrimmage stuff before we throw him into a game. and so that's kind of what we use the next a little bit of time with with the goal of getting them ready. then the play alive in game starts in the summer this whole year and a half like i want a lot about myself as a person.
10:50 pm
>> i went through a lot trials and tribulations, but hearing now. so we practice and but today feel great. i feel good out there with with the guys and just just everything about it. i was feel good. just planning there. >> by the way, a quick mention, we're superstar steph curry will host the espys coming up in late july.
10:51 pm
i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. so i got cards for birthdays, holidays, graduations, i'm covered for everything. which reminds me, thank you for driving me to the drugstore. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> grass at golf courses needs to be perfect for play. but of course, we're in a drought and that's forcing some golf courses in southern california right now to cut back on their water. use. kimberly cheng reports from griffith park. >> part of the phase 3 water conservation ordinance customers are limited to watering 2 days a week and this applies to both residential and commercial customers. large landscape areas. we work out a special schedule for them, but they also have the same restrictions to reduce their water use. how are the water restrictions impacting your golf course? >> well, right now at the golf course, we use gray water dwp is on setting an ordinance for the golf courses. we haven't told exactly what that is yet. a facility supervisor at griffith park golf course. the city-run facility says the you're okay with recycled water. they also started making water saving changes in the past few years. we have using turf reduction
10:54 pm
>> placing the sprinkler heads on different areas. if they're not being used. >> also we were using drought, tolerant plants. and we've got to do. we've got to do. there's more important things in golf late. >> being able to drink water and take as long as he's open. it's great when it was closed for 7 weeks during covid. that was a huge problem for me. it was really sad and depressing. i do think it's a good way to get a little exercise and have a little open space that it's not pure concrete in according to la dwp commercial customers using recycled water are exempt from the ordinance. the use of recycled water offsets the demand and makes drinking water available for customers. more than 85% of the city on golf courses are recycled water. so they're they're they've done a great job of making themselves drop proof. >> according to the la times are are 37 golf courses in dwp territory. recycled water is used to irrigate 11 of them. most of those are municipal courses in griffith park. kimberly chang.
10:55 pm
>> all right. take a look at a real travel mess. you're looking at video from monday. this is toronto's airport showing some of the heaps of luggage left at the baggage claim area. the problem, everything from staff shortages to mechanical problems. a toronto newspaper is reporting that there have been big baggage problems here for the past couple of months. well, a soon to be married. couple got a surprise performance from one of their favorite singer is just imagine they were in a bar in england talking about their official wedding song and had no idea that cold play front man. chris martin was listening in and then this happened. >> that's right. martin hopped on the piano and belted out sky full of stars after
10:56 pm
learning it is their wedding song. the stump couple. thank the singer for his impromptu performance in the best early wedding gift ever. and lawrence is not going to sing for us. oh, my gosh. can people clicking their channels right now? let them do. has one last look at the weather that we've got that fog that is moving on shore spreading in the bay as we speak. more of that to come the next couple days. >> and yet we're going to see some cooler temperatures outside numbers out there right now. generally in the 50's around most of year. but the clouds already beginning to bounce up against the east bay hills and pushing further on shore. high really school east were nowhere to be found will be under low-pressure regime over the next couple of days. and that is going to bring with it more clouds. in fact, boy, the marine layer is going to be something else by tomorrow morning. i think it makes its way all the way into the sacramento valley right through the delta. and you can see the green be picked up on the models here. expect some patchy drizzle out along the coastline overnight tonight. you may be experienced some of that already more than on the way for tomorrow morning. by
10:57 pm
the afternoon. of course, the breaks back toward the coastline that because the surge back on shore as we head in toward tomorrow evening, temperature wise numbers going to be down a little bit tomorrow, but very comfortable in most spots running a little bit below the average for this time of year, put on some upper 70's, the valley 78 degrees in napa. 73 in playoffs. 79 in caulk or you've got a lot of 60's and 70's inside the bay up to the coastline. those temperatures in the 50's and the 60's temperatures continuing to cool off as we head into the holiday weekend, 4th of july, partly cloudy skies should be pretty nice food good night, everybody. good night.
10:58 pm
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