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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  June 30, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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your home. with hgtv home by sherwin williams paints and cabot exterior stains. get $10 off 1-gallon cans or $40 off 5-gallon pails. just in time for the season. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> and happy thursday to you and daria and i'm james. we've well, the final day of june, the very last day of the month, on the july that you feel about you and suddenly this summer's over. i mean, the you know, that's how it goes. i think the months move in threes like feels like it's racing sure. does so that cold last night suddenly yeah. got john with the john. yeah. that cool down only continues. guys. we're starting off july. unseasonably cool. just around the corner. >> temperatures falling into the low 70's at our warmest on
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into saturday and sunday. your first couple of days of july, there, last day of pride month to got quite tower lit up in those transitioning rainbow colors. and we are seeing a little bit of gray overhead in san francisco, some of us in the north bay in the east bay hills are in the midst of some fog and low gray, too. so be mindful of that as you make your way out of house and on into work this morning. 50's for current temperatures. we're at 50 and timber on oakland, alameda at 56 degrees. dublin hayward, fremont at 57 right now. now temperatures will remain fairly cool into the afternoon, even with sunshine coming back out in full force today. i'm talking all about this last day of june forecast and you're start of july just around the corner, as for our bridges were still doing great bay bridge. you're still below 10 minutes. i mean, it's early. so this is what's to be expected. let's just hope we can keep that around san mateo bridge or at a solid 12 minutes as you've been all morning thus far, richmond center fell still at 7 and the
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golden gate. you're under the fog, which is good news, meaning visibility is a okay as you make your crossing back to you. >> thanks a lot of 5, 0, one and a lot of parents in oakland are outraged this morning because the school board voted to continue with its plan to shut down the number of schools in the fall. yeah. among them are parker grass valley and carl, be monk elementary and harry was at last night's school board meeting where members considered a resolution to keep some of them open. >> but in the end, rejected it. >> the oakland school board will go forward with its original plan to close several schools. the board voted against a resolution traverse. the initial decision. some outraged parents began yelling at the board members. i am here by recent from the meeting. >> the meeting had to be called to a one-hour recess because of all the commotion before the vote, people commented for hours in support of keeping the schools open. these folks that scare black and brown students.
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>> 4% the >> and good decisions at that. we are it. parents, community members, teachers stopped employees. >> especially in east oakland, the vote on the reversal of school closings was initially slated for the back end of the meeting. multiple people asked, move it up, say get home to their kids. board member mike hutchinson push to move it to the t 7 up in the agenda. so we do ask folks to wait here until 12, 30. >> to address the resolution that they're making a presentation on the board agreed to move it up after public comment. a group of parents from parker elementary presented and pleaded with the board to keep their school open, even put together a presentation to try explain to you about how much we want to keep our schools, how much it means to us, how much it's needed in the community. some board members spoke about the rationale behind the closings, including long-term funding and individuals yelled over them trying to. i'm trying to i was asked to give my i don't need to. as i said, it's really difficult in this format because people want to
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shout hours behind almost all of the public comment throughout the meeting was about the school closures. >> every community members spoke in support of keeping the schools open. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> well, today we will be one step closer to learning the fate of the oakland a's. a critical vote this afternoon will determine whether the howard terminal location is a suitable site for the team to build their new waterfront ballpark and city leaders like the idea not everybody is onboard. kron four's terisa stasio has more. >> on thursday, the san francisco bay conservation development commission or b cdc will vote on whether to approve the waterfront project by removing the poor designation from howard terminal. do we have sufficient cargo capacity to grow our ports in the bay area? without that howard terminal land? all signs point to a yes vote on thursday with commission staff previously recommending to remove the designation. oakland mayor libby schaff says that the new
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ballpark is a no-brainer. let's stop using it as a parking lot. let's get 18 acres of beautiful public parks on that waterfront. of course, the ballpark, great jobs and a desperately needed supply of affordable housing. thursday's vote is just one of many hurdles to calm. the a's will also need approval from the state's land commission. department of toxic substances in control. >> not to mention 1 billion dollars in oakland, taxpayer money. the team argues the project will spark an uf economic development to create those taxes in the first place. and mayor schaff agrees it will be a money maker for oakland, not a money taker. however, not everyone is on board but a time when oakland is struggling to find solutions to urgent issues. >> including homelessness, affordable housing crime and keeping our schools open. i support open voters right to vote on how the city should spend a massive investment of
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public funds, especially if it benefits a private develop. >> councilmember noel gallo, whose district includes a call. sam has introduced legislation to place a measure on the november ballot, letting residents decide where their money should go. fellow council member carol 5 has made similar pleas saying if a ballot initiative sinks a project, so be it. a vote on the measure is scheduled for next tuesday. and it's not clear if it will get the majority votes. it needs to pass some local advocates say that they don't want to see the city given to the team's demands. everything that costs money for the city that has to be taxed goes to the ballot. >> that's and that's that. that's a standard thing. say they would stay 20 years. when the sea level rises and the athletics move inland, will the remaining inhabitants of mister fischer's luxury housing beg us to build them.
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a new seawall for protection. others are quick to point out that oakland has been through this process before and got burned. so just like the raiders when they were offered almost a billion dollars. >> by the state of nevada, we have to tell them we're not giving our public dollars. >> to fund a private business owned by billionaires. we're in the same situation here with the a's. >> kron, 4 news reached out to the a's but did not get a response. we have talked with the a's president dave carroll in times past. but he was not in support of having the ballot measure in november. we are going to continue to watch this issue very closely. in the newsroom. theresa kron, 4 news. >> happening today, history is going to be made on the supreme court when judge ketanji brown jackson is sworn in as the newest member of the high court that make sure the first black woman to serve on the nation's highest court.
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the swearing-in will happen at the 9 o'clock hour this morning. just moments after justice stephen breyer officially announces his retirement and indeed retires after nearly 28 years on the bench. during today's ceremony, judge jackson will cite 2 oaths that are required of supreme court justices and she will be joining 3 other women on the court, which makes this the first time that 4 women will be high justices in this country. we will bring you the ceremony live when it happens. happening right now about 30 homes in a kensington neighborhood are without water this morning because of a water main break. that's in the area of oberlin arlington avenues in kensington. the police department says that break caused a sinkhole which led to flooding and push debris into the roadway. crews have been working all night trying to get this fixed. they expect those repairs to be finished sometime this morning. for your health this
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morning. we are tracking cases of monkeypox across the bay area and the numbers are going up. >> it's generally spread through close or intimate contact. it's rarely deadly. but the number of cases here in the bay area is climbing at last c eck. san francisco county reported 16 cases. there were 5 reported cases in alameda county, one in santa clara and san mateo counties and solano county at this point has no reported cases. we're still waiting for updated information from are in and contra costa counties. we also have video of the production line making a vaccine for monkeypox. it's called janae oce and the cdc is now recommending the vaccine for anyone who may have had close contact with an infected person. kron four's rob nesbitt takes a look at our local supply and who is able to get it? >> the 2 dose monkeypox vaccine is called janae owes. the u.s. government will be allocated. 56,000 doses of the vaccine right away. and another 240,000 doses in the coming weeks. san francisco has already received doses of the monkeypox vaccine. the department of public health in the city says they've received
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360 doses of the vaccine to distribute to their health system. partners, ceo of the san francisco aids foundation, doctor tyler to mir says there's a large interest for the shots at the foundation health clinic where there has been 6 suspected cases of monkeypox have received fewer than 100 doses and we would need something like 6,000 doses. >> to serve all those that come into our pets clinic monkeypox patients usually experience fever, body aches, chills, and fatigue. more serious cases. look like this. doctor peter chin-hong says the rashes and lesions calmly start in the genital area after a few days and he moved to the face and inside them out and then to the arms and to the palms. the cdc expanded their vaccine recommendation for monkeypox to people who think they may have been exposed. >> doctor chin-hong says anyone can get monkeypox but a large number of cases are being reported among men. he describes monkeypox is having a long incubation period of up to a month compared to covid, which is commonly just a few days. usually we think about
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the vaccine is preventing something this only in the future. but in the monkeypox case is actually almost acting like a drug because of that long incubation period. doctor, tamir says that testing supplies for monkeypox are just as limited as vaccine supplies. >> he says that there's a national shortage of the specific type of swab used to collect samples that are sent to the state lab in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. and you can find more information on monkeypox on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> scanning a qr code will take you to a page where we put together some of the latest information on the disease along with emergency response that we've seen and the monkeypox case tracker. if you're interested in looking at that. >> it's 5.11. still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news firefighters are working to put out a fast growing wildfire in nevada county. we're going to take a look at the progress so far. and finland and sweden are about to become nato members will explain the historic move in a
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because its specially formulated to protect your clothing from damage in the wash. like fading, stretching and pilling. woolite has a first of its kind formula that keeps today's fabrics looking like new. woolite damage and darks defense. >> we're back at 5.14. the rice is fire in nevada county has burned out just over 900 acres. it is 10% contained this morning. so that's the latest update on the numbers.
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it's burning about 8 miles southwest of the north san juan. there are about 250 structures threatened right now. so far none have been lost. so at least some good news. firefighters have, i should say 5 firefighters have been hurt fighting this fire cal fire planes and helicopters spent a lot of yesterday focusing on protecting the community's of dobbins, oregon house and bullard's bar cal fire is hoping to have the fire fully contained by sunday. we'll see if they can get that done. >> happening now, the city of mountain view is implementing more water restrictions after changing their water. emergency shortage condition to stage 2 homeowners are now only allowed to water their lawns twice a week. the city says people with even addresses they can water lawns on tuesdays and fridays. and if your address is odd, then your days are mondays and thursdays and you're also not allowed to wash your car or any paved surfaces. and less
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use a bucket. but you can't be out there spraying the holes all over your driveway. also, can you back up for a second about the decorative water fixtures as want to get that you cannot feel any decorative water fixture. so that means not just a pool but a pine and latest unless there are animals an animal's drinking out everything else. so like the fish get water. if you have something you just don't have enough water for any of the other stuff now. all right. 5.16 is the time we've got john stand by the weather center with a look at our forecast for this final day of june. as we look out towards the beginning of july already, john. yeah, looking at july and looking at it on a much cooler know we would have loved to see this cool down. >> come along with some rainfall. but that is not the case. this time around. so at least we are getting a break from the heat as we round out this month. your view outside of the east bay clearing up pretty quickly. actually low cloud cover sitting well above the bay area for the most part. so only a couple of spots. >> we're looking at lower visibility and i'm looking at you, the north bay for that.
5:17 am
as for the rest of the bay area, skies clear up really nicely more so at the coast than they did yesterday, you'll still hold out your fog and gray longer at the coast and the rest of the bay area, though, inland areas down into the 70's for the most part today and believe it or not, we're getting actually even cooler into your holiday weekend ahead of us as this cool air mass really takes hold another cold front to the north and west of us is good ensure that this cooldown last for more than just a couple of days would love to see that cold front come along with any chance of precipitation. all it's going to do for us. those results in a few clouds later this weekend into independence day on monday. today's daytime highs 50's and 60's and san francisco and at the coastline. temperatures along the bay shore in the 60's to 70's and elsewhere in the bay 70's to just fairly low 80's. this is much cooler than yesterday was san jose that 77 is going to feel really good it. 75 oakland, ublin. i-74 in
5:18 am
san leandro up to richmond all in the 60's. that's well below are are usually are as we round out june antioch in vacaville are warmest spots, but only at eighty-four degrees today, tomorrow's temperatures will be just a couple of degrees cooler really cooling further into saturday and sunday when inland highs as that next cold front pushes through cool. only be in the low 70's monday for the 4th of july. looking great and looking comfortable with highs in the 70's as well. as for the bay bridge, you're still hanging out below 10 minutes to make your crossing there. 8 minute drive across it. san mateo bridge, no changes from when my last check was with the 12 minute drive. still, richmond center fell having yet to pick up with a 6 minute hall and the golden gate bridge. 18 minutes from 37 to the tolls. fog sitting above you. so that means visibility is doing all right. james. thank you very much, john. 5.18, is the time oakland city workers will be protesting today outside city hall as contracts expire.
5:19 am
>> 3 unions representing more than 3,000 city workers are going to be rallying and picketing outside of city hall across the city of oakland. the fact there are 700 unfilled full-time job positions. city workers are advocating to staff up oakland by making the city more competitive employer. the protest is set to start at noon. speaking of protests, there's one set up to try and save the mills campus. it will be happening today. the save the mills college coalition met with attorney general rob bonta on tuesday to address the acquisition of mills college by northeastern university. the coalition says that the trustees of the college failed to meet their responsibilities and left hundreds of students in financial distress on unable to complete their degree. a class action lawsuit has been filed breach of contract. the protest will be at mills college presidents football field starting at 5.30, this evening. >> it's 5.19, and police want you to take a close look at the surveillance video, the
5:20 am
man that you see here running is suspected of stealing a car. sorry, not stealing a car, just a car battery. he's holding the battery right there. this is from business on terrible street near 32nd avenue. he seriously injured a store employee on his way out. and this happened back on may 28th around 3 o'clock. if you know him or who he is, where he is, the police would like to hear from you. in a historic move. finland and sweden are about to become full members of nato. a major defense force in the world. reshad hudson joining us live from dc with more on what this means. >> for the u.s. good morning were shot. hey, good morning. president biden says the u.s. is beefing up its military presence in europe as a way to deter russia. and it comes 2 more countries are set to join the nato alliance. >> but nato's board need it now than it ever has been in a major blow to russia. nato has
5:21 am
officially invited finland and sweden to join the alliance together, our allies. we're going to make up sure the nato is ready to meet threats all directions across every donate land there in the >> the group is expected to approve finland and sweden's up locations after turkey dropped its objection. nato leaders expect the final ratification to move quickly. we will make our presence is that we are able to defend the including, of course, feet long. and the the u.s. is also increasing its military presence in europe as the war drags on. we're going to continue to adjust threat. >> close >> ukrainian president volodomyr zelensky asked nato for more aid and weapons but that assistance may not come at the speed. he would like it to. we know people can go, quote, false fuel council
5:22 am
surprised. doc, thanks and nato is also increasing the number of troops on standby to more than 300,000 reporting in washington. reshad hudson, back to you. all right. thanks for shot. 5.21, is that i'm coming up on the kron. 4 morning news. a busted pipe is keeping several people from. >> getting back into their homes in a san francisco apartment building will tell you why they're frustrated with the city's response to what's happe
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>> we're back at 5.24. and it's been nearly a month since a water main failed and flooded. all 35 floors of an apartment building in san francisco, but nearly 500 of the residents are still in limbo, unsure where they're going to stay next covers. taylor bisacky has the latest. this has been a really financially stressful time for and my partner and folks, the building having different the cost. tyler patterson lives at san francisco high-rise. 33 to hama. >> but hasn't been there for nearly a month since a water main failure sent 20,000 gallons of water. >> cascading down. 35 floors of the building forcing nearly 500 people to evacuate immediately for the first time city supervisor matt dorsey hosted a town hall meeting wednesday night with city housing committees in the real estate management firm hines that owns the building to address concerns and provide updates dorsey's office. tonight, kron four's request to join the meeting saying it
5:26 am
was only for residents but didn't provide an explanation. why when asked a dog and pony show really showing off their strategy to for communication, which >> isn't adequate law. folks go without responses. hines originally targeted residents to return by july. 1st but now say that date is pushed back as of july. 6 hind says they'll no longer pay for hotel accommodations. pines continues to prioritize profits over the lives of the residents. patterson says residents will re occupy the building in phases lasting august through october. >> residents will have to find short-term housing or they can choose to terminate their lease if they seek short-term housing without reimbursements. hines says they'll waive 100% of their rent. however, if they're seeking reimbursements, hines says they'll pay up to $300 per day. but tenants will still have to pay 50% of their rent each month at a building. they're not allowed to occupy. i don't think they had always get you very far. with the short-term in san francisco at
5:27 am
all >> so it's going to disruptive. come july 6. we may make start to front the costs for their children. housing patterson says many are now scrambling to find a place to live with a fast approaching deadline in san francisco. taylor bisaki kron. 4 news. >> right. as gas is starting to go down, those prices are starting decline. will a gas tax is about to be tacked and get a 10% off rebate with the purchase of 4 or more eligible samsung appliances at lowe's. like the samsung bespoke refrigerator with customizable and changeable door panels. this 4th of july find the color that fits your style.
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>> it's 5.29, and we're checking out the weather for you. things really changed in my neck of the woods. so winds picked up super windy and kind of cold last. yeah. and this morning we're waking up to kind of what we saw yesterday. we got some low clouds overhead. the breeze not so bad, but it's cool. it's cool out there. so what's going to be next, john? even cooler guys, which is wild. we're starting july. it shouldn't be this way. but >> i think we're happy. it's this way because we're getting a break from the heat that we've been seeing plenty of lately for inland areas low great over the east bay. right now, visibility has been fined for most of us. once you head up in the hillsides, though, that's where the cloud cover is hanging out where you could be running into a few spots where visibility falls below a quarter mile. as for our current temperatures, it's pretty much 50's everywhere you go this morning, the way. how at 55 oakland, 56 berkeley. you're at 53 degrees. currently now skies will remain dry despite all
5:31 am
the changes in this forecast, including multiple cold fronts that are dropping in and keeping us cool for the foreseeable future. your full breakdown on this forecast is still ahead. as for our bridges right now, you're still looking great. we are seeing conditions still below 10 minutes out there on the bay bridge. love to see that san mateo bridge holding up at 13 minutes where you've been all morning and the richmond center fell sitting under that gray at 7 minutes to make your drive the golden gate bridge. similarly, under the cloud cover. so you're not driving through it. and 18 minute drive from 37 to the tolls. daria, thanks a lot, john. 5.31, it for your money this morning. filling up your gas tank today. >> is a good idea because starting tomorrow you're going to actually pay more. yeah, we've got an increase in the california gas tax set to go into effect at midnight. >> kron 4 sarah stinson live in san francisco. sayre just warmer. starting to see the numbers turn our way. we're going go right back up.
5:32 am
>> we just can't get a break. i mean, we're heading into the holiday weekend. gas prices down for once right here in south san francisco are actually seeing the cheapest prices. i personally seen while go on the hunt and this is below $6, 5.69. so if you need gas today's the day to get it. and here is where you should get it. apparently gas prices, you know, have been going down. and but unfortunately, we have a guest act that says set to go into effect tomorrow that will tack on nearly $0.3 per gallon on to the prices at the pump. discussions are that's just bad news we are not it not for this one. now, as we reported earlier in the week, democrats and republicans at the state capitol, they want to suspend the gas tax for one year and give people money to keep up with inflation. the budget plan, though, has not been finalized yet. and even when it does, the gas tax wasn't supposed to be suspended until october. 1st and they would
5:33 am
suspend it for a whole remember, the plan also includes giving you money, which would give you give some families up to $1000 depending on how much you make and how many kids slash dependents. you have. but tomorrow also marks the start of california's new fiscal year. so hopefully the budget agreement gets approved as soon as possible that gas tax goes into effect tomorrow regardless. so get your gas today. check out what prices people are paying at the pump right now. and we can compare to last week really prove to you that they have gone down because it's hard to believe still very high napa. today's paying $6.49 on average. and last week it was $6.58. you can see a list goes down. san gas on average went down $0.8. oakland's went down $0.9 and it just continues. so gas prices are, in fact going down. but then now we have this gas taxes adding nearly $0.3 to it per gallon. so people are hurting right now.
5:34 am
this is definitely not going to be good news to people who are hitting the road heading to work. but gas up today, unfortunately, hopefully you have a a full tank for the holiday weekend. if you're driving darya. james, as i've talked to many people out in the field to gas stations, people tell me they're not going anywhere they can for now. send it back to you. yeah. and i can at electric car, but i can go share of it. >> free though. the summer travel season is in full swing. wherever you choose to go, maybe you're going to take a flight. >> they are expecting a lot of people to do that. airlines are dealing, though, with staff shortages and that means it could be difficult because they're looking for enough pilots. flight attendants, air traffic controllers and that could make your plans a nightmare. kron four's dan kerman has more. >> the summer travel season is already in full swing with people jetting off to both domestic and international destinations and the 4th of july around the corner, it's only going to get busier.
5:35 am
we've had several days this month in which we've seen over 68,000 people departing through our security checkpoints in a single day. we think we're probably going to hit that same number again on thursday and friday leading into the july 4th holiday this year. that means being more prepared than ever. >> because so far it's been a summer of flight cancellations with flightaware saying more than 20,000 flights have been canceled just since memorial day. >> the industry is down. thousands of pilots and thousands of flight attendants. so they're working to hire people, but it literally can't happen fast enough that coupled with fewer flights, most of which are now fully booked can be a recipe for disaster, especially over the holiday weekend. we're going for a wedding. so we didn't have much choice in what we can to go. i'm trying not to overthink. it was an effort to get all the 5 kids pac. 10. >> i'm here. so we're just going for the best travel experts say if you haven't
5:36 am
booked your flight yet, your best bet is to go nonstop and take the first flight of the day. if you've already booked in your flight is canceled. there are specific steps you should take when you're trying to rebook a flight. >> use the app also message the airline on social media reach out and then get in line at the customer service rebooking desk as well. so you want to tackle you want to use every tool in your tool belt to try to be the first to get rebooked? because remember, you're competing against everyone else on that plane whose flight was just cancel. experts say it's also a good idea to know what other airlines fly to your destination in case your flight is canceled. >> that all translates into bringing your patients with you to the airport. also for a domestic flight. you want to arrive 2 hours early, 3 hours. if you're taking an international flight at sfo. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> 5.36 the time in the east bay. we're learning more about a deadly crash of a sideshow in oakland over the weekend. at a news conference yesterday, oakland police chief leronne armstrong said the 2 officers are on an
5:37 am
extended administrative leave now for their involvement in responding to that crash sunday morning. according to police, those 2 officers were chasing a driver who they say was speeding away from a sideshow. that chase reached speeds of nearly 100 miles per hour. investigators say that's when the driver lost control and crashed into several parked cars and hit for pedestrians. one of those pedestrians died. chief armstrong didn't say why the officers were put on leave, but that there is an investigation underway. >> time now is 5.37. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a local organization is helping lgbtq immigrants flee their countries will get here. how they helped a man who decided to leave his home country come here. and doctors are warning people about setting off fireworks on the 4th of july, even if it's as safe and sane. we'll tell you why it's not.
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5:41 am
country is on the wrong track. 79% described the economy as poor. this poll shows only 39% of americans approve of president biden's leadership overall, 60% say they disapprove. the poll comes as inflation is driving up the price of gas and food among democrats. 43% disapprove of president biden's handling of the economy. it's 5.41. we'll be right back. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do.
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without the right start to your day... your morning could hit a wall. that's not the door. i got it! belvita breakfast biscuits are baked with slow-release carbs and provides steady morning energy to help you rise and thrive. fireworks going to be great to look at the sky and see, i'm not so great if you set them off yourself because even safe and sane fireworks are illegal in parts of the bay area. much of the bay area. so experts are reminding you of how dangerous they can be. the knights of columbus is one of 15 nonprofits in dublin, selling safe and sane fireworks in the owner says that parents should pay close attention to the product's labeling to determine if the fireworks are going by are appropriate for families. >> but you have here is a rating system. >> so for being the highest one being the lowest. so when
5:45 am
it says ford, that maximum amount of color, 3 is average amount. a height and noise on this one 3 average matter noise. it's a good diving system. if you have younger kids, you want to keep it on the lower noise like that. but you like something a little colorful. >> so just to, you know, a note of caution, the even in alameda county where you can buy them, he's describing they're not all great for kids. more than 60% of firework related emergencies treated in emergency rooms happen in the month of 4th of july because of 4th of july of so it even like if it's legal, you may not want to do it. your county and then definitely don't. >> in alameda take county where it's illegal and the rest, the bay area want to do that. and if you're going to catch the fireworks show like the professional one, san francisco, for the police department is telling you don't go to treasure island this year. >> like maybe you have done in years past because like last year, they're still doing construction on the ala because we know they're
5:46 am
rebuilding and constructing a bunch of new stuff and look seat prime example. a lot of the parking that used to be there along the waterfront looking at san francisco, not there anymore because of all the construction equipment. so don't had their thinking. you're going to get a good view because everything's very limited right you know, we're just talking treasure island, so beautiful. but and you love the views, but maybe not for the the best view is going to be on your couch. yes, you know, i don't tell like a party pooper, but you do get to see all of the fireworks happening all around the bay. >> without trying to figure out. >> how am i going to get there? am i going to see? am i gonna park where my going about you can i get out of this? parking lot overly a sound like a real through one year i did. this ever felt fireworks which, you know, they were fine. but it took me an hour and a half to get out. sure. and yeah, if you want watch it on kron your home immediately the fire and you shut off the tv and go to bed. i mean, at 9, 39, 45 tune in
5:47 am
any way. 09:00pm monday night. our kron, 4 party all right. let's get over to the weather center. john is keeping an eye on the forecast this morning. and also at times, looking ahead towards the 4th. the fog is always an important factor. half the time. i'm out anyways on thinking about is how come it's hey, if you watch it at home, it's nice and cozy in temperature controlled, too. >> and it is going to be a cool 4th of july around the corner. not so warm this time around is we're already seeing that cooldown taking shape yesterday and 2 today and staying that way. big cloudy over the south bay. in fact, this cloud cover moving in across the bay area. going to be seen for a lot of us this morning for the most part of staying above the base of his abilities been holding up a okay. it's those hillsides in the north bay and east bay where you're running into it a bit. today's daytime highs even cooler than yesterday and it or not, we're actually going to be even cooler into your holiday weekend. these next several days. daytime
5:48 am
highs only in the low 70's inland, multiple cold fronts just steering their way into the west coast. they're not pushing any sort of rain our way, but a few clouds here and there and the noticeable cool down is exactly what we have really over the course of this next week. so where highs today 50's 60's for sf and at the coast. temperatures along the bay shore in the 60's to 70's and at her very warmest today, really low to barely mid 80's san jose at nice. 77 for you. fremont. 73 degrees. livermore. one of those 80 degrees spots. well, oakland at 67 walnut creek. that 75 is going to feel so good compared to where we've been and the aac in vacaville, our warmer spots. 84 napa and santa rosa at 79. and like i said, we're actually getting even cooler with saturday and sunday. the very cool us. today's only low 70's inland in 60's consistently by the day, you can see a few clouds here and there, but no chances of rain in your forecast. as for the
5:49 am
bay bridge, it's been looking great all morning long. that drive times gone up one or 2 minutes. but we are starting to see the metering lights turn on now. so i'm expecting that backup to start forming really at this moment. you're kind of watching it for of actually 9 minutes to get you across it. as with the san mateo bridge, a 12 minute drive right now. it's been steady all morning long. richmond center fell easy goes across that span and you're also looking at an easy drive across the golden gate this morning. dari thanks, lynn i-49 and on this final day of pride month, we're highlighting the important work of the lgbt asylum project. yeah, it's an organization in san francisco with the mission of helping immigrants who are seeking a better life. >> kron 4 sarah stinson has their story. >> hundreds of people who identify as lgbtq flee their countries every year coming to the bay area for safety. but it's immigrants don't get approved asylum. they get deported only to face persecution or sometimes even death in their home country
5:50 am
for simply being themselves in. >> 70 countries, it is still illegal. so the lgbtq and in time of those countries, it is punishable by kun shan units from turkey who moved to san francisco in 2009 as international law student. and i always known that i was a game and i knew that it will be very dangerous for me to all my boyfriend's friend, which >> i couldn't do in public. so. >> i decided to like a con all asylum seekers. hope for a better life when coming to america. >> but when they get here, it quickly becomes expensive and difficult to get approved. only 13%, all on the represented. >> the applications are successful in the united states. no representation is given to you through the process and likely i was a lawyer myself and i was able
5:51 am
to present my case properly to the u.s. government. >> and it got approved. i'm a u.s. citizen now, but i knew that. >> i have to be more. that's con co-founded the lgbt asylum project in san francisco. >> in 2015 to represent others seeking safety. so they don't have to. >> go back to those countries where it could be harmed or even killed for being who they are or who they the lgbt asylum project continue to help people in the peak of the pandemic. we were able to out 338 as you get to keep plus immigrants in the united states and in 2021 to this number went up to 531 khan says they give science pro bono help. so they, too, can experience the freedom. he describes feeling in the castro when he first moved here. i want to see flags. i want to see the couple's. i want to see laser beams and transgender people. and i yes,
5:52 am
i belong here so that law and that feeling i'm just is is is lifesavers. and that's what the lgbt asylum project works to save as many lives as possible. i'm sarah stinson reporting kron. 4 news. 5.52. is the time. we'll be right back.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
>> but 54 and take a look at this. a hotel in the sky. one scientist says it could be a reality for real. this is 3 d when rendering of it. >> it's for a sky cruise. >> and it would be operated by nuclear power. >> shopping mall. >> gyms. the whole thing. and it would even james, it was even serve, serve as a mother ship and there be a little planes in there that would then take you to okay, okay. we're getting a look at that. look at this tower ok? well, you know, i love architecture. so building is cool it. how does it take off and land? well. >> according to the developer says because it's run by nuclear fusion, it would never have to land. it could be up in the sky for years at a time before it has to come down like a stray spaced. it's like a flying cruise at this point. it only exists in 3 d models like this. there are some out
5:56 am
there who claim that this defies the laws of physics. they're crazy. >> wait, so is so why are we? i mean, is well, son, is it a study in design? we're not he's designed it. and rice pushing to have this but clearly it's going to take a lot of science that cost, you know where you do it. you do in the movie. how cool is that? just watch a movie with this like he could design this for a movie and then we could act like it's real. not be fun, i yeah, we'll see. all right. coming up. and i'm a big fan. of course, the technology like kind of doubtful about this anyway. coming up. >> the oakland school board voting against reopening several schools that slated for closure. we're going hear from some pretty angry parents and community members. >> about last night's bo. the oakland a's might now might know their fate, maybe by the end of today. we'll have more on that. coming up. the howard terminal. is it going to happen? and finally this morning, a vaccine maker says
5:57 am
that they are ready to meet demand for the monkey pox vaccine. a closer look at local supplies in a minute. okay. you don't know this. but behind you reading this, there's a giant bird. >> you can see it here, but it's it's over your shoulder jamile. we' >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly. >> tech: alright, all finished. >> dad: wow, that's great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ clamp it, grab it, ♪ ♪ almond shake it, shake it, ♪
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♪ shake it and collect it. ♪ ♪ sort it, chop it, ♪ ♪ chop it, smooth it, ♪ blend it, blend it, ♪ almondmilk it. ♪ ♪ that's what it is. ♪ ♪ silk almondmilk. ♪ ♪ milk of the land. ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> and the 6 o'clock live. you get to see something amazing. >> what is wrong with this
6:00 am
picture now that right behind me darya james and big bird, our co anchor. looking at we think you know, this is was a great aaron. this is a blue and he's landed further show. >> maybe he'll stay with us all morning. >> perhaps we'll see about a fan actually with it set up. okay. he's all he's turning into some sort of a giraffe. >> this is amazing. i think he wants the weather forecast. maybe we should go to the web. this is morning. he looks some prehistoric beasts and how cool on a thursday. >> and if you are getting outside this morning, you can see similar gray views as to what we're seeing with the here and there in the distance. not a lot of sunshine piercing through thi


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