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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 4, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news and that breaking news it is being reported that the person of interest responsible for opening fire into a crowd killing 6 people, injuring. >> dozens of others at a 4th of july parade in illinois has been found and taken into custody. thank you so much for watching. kron. 4 news at 5. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm ken wayne in for grant lotus tonight. july 4th is meant to be spent celebrating the birth of america with friends and family. instead, today's date like so many others this year. >> has been marred by gun violence. this time shots
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ringing out at an independence day parade. and just now we are learning that police have arrested. 22 year-old robert the 3rd, he is the person of interest in the deadly attack. it happened in the highland park suburb. that's about 25 miles north of downtown chicago. witnesses say it took a few seconds to understand actually what was happening with some of the sights and sounds from the parade itself happening at the same time shortly after the parade started around 10 o'clock this morning, it descended into a chaotic scene. news nation correspondent kaylee be son talked with some of those people there and she has their story. >> it's just a very scary and traumatizing experience. >> minutes after a 4th of july parade kicked off in highland park, illinois shots rang out. hundreds of parade goer, some visibly bloodied running in a panic, leaving lawn chairs and other belongings behind. i've never heard my mom or my sister scream like in my life.
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and i hope i never do again. one father tells us the lengths he went to keep his child from the gunfire. >> but i think it was he reloaded. and then that's when i. grabbed my son i ran around the corner and i put him in a dumpster with garbage dumpster. nasa people stay there with him. >> authorities say the suspected gunman, robert the 3rd apparently climbed to the roof top of a building along the parade route and rain downed shots on to the unsuspecting crowd. the deadly shooting leaving dozens injured, including a handful of children. many families that were at the parade say they feel blessed to be we're really lucky that. >> everyone who was with us was okay and that we didn't see something worse. then what we saw. but, you know, it's you never think it's going to happen here. and then it does. >i again, that was kaylee, be sun reporting for us tonight. president biden says he shocked by the violent shooting at the parade in
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highland the president calling it another example of senseless gun violence and says there's more work to be done. >> you are what happened. or what happened today. >> but each day we're reminded there's nothing guaranteed a modern democracy. nothing guaranteed about our way of life. to fight for it. defended and earn >> in june, the president signed a bipartisan gun safety bill into law. the most significant gun law signed in nearly 3 decades today. he vowed to keep fighting to end the epidemic of gun violence. that's been sweeping the country. the mass shooting in illinois raises concerns about the safety of 4th of july events and other parts of the country, including here in the bay area. our kron four's rob nesbitt reached out to city and county law enforcement to see what they're doing keep people safe during the holiday. joins us now live from the newsroom. rob, what are they saying? vicky, going
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into the weekend, we received info from several police departments that more officers will be on patrol during the 4th, a mass shooting in a chicago suburb tells you why that's important. >> 6 dead and dozens injured in a mass shooting monday during what was supposed to be a celebration. and we're grieving for them. >> and their families, members of our community who came out to celebrate together and it's ted faced this terror police in highland park, illinois, searching for the gunman who opened fire during an independence day parade through downtown by all means at this point, this appears to be completely random. >> so with that, there have been questions that have been coming in our event safe tonight. it's a question we posed to law enforcement in the bay area preparing for their own 4th of july celebrations. a parade ran to the city of fremont starting at 10:00am the police department there telling kron 4, quote, as with all special events, we conduct a thorough threat assessment range for tightened security measures and have a comprehensive incident action plan in place. public safety is our utmost priority and we take any
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possible threat or suspicious activity. seriously. san francisco police are preparing for a fireworks event at fisherman's wharf. they also increase staffing during the holiday saying, quote, we are working with federal, state and local partners to ensure the safety and security of 4th of july celebration, events and officers will be visible and attentive at all events. we have not identified any threats at this time and encourage anyone who sees anything suspicious or out of the ordinary to notify the sfpd immediately. if you see something, say something and report it. a number of elected officials and politicians has spoken out about the mass shooting, including house speaker nancy pelosi saying, quote, >> americans hearts are broken by the senseless gun violence in highland park today as innocent families were celebrating this all american holiday. we pray for all those who have lost loved ones and for the entire community forever scarred by the shooting reporting live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron, 4 news. thank you, robin. many bay area fire and police departments are urging
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residents not to call 9-1-1 if they hear fireworks in their neighborhoods. >> calls for fireworks on the 4th of july can actually overwhelmed the emergency system. so instead, those in san jose and san francisco are being asked to call 3, 1, 1, this will keep emergency lines open for active fires are life threatening situations happening tonight in the south bay 4th of july, fireworks will light up the skies over san jose in about an hour and a half or so. kron four's. justin campbell joins us live as we countdown to the big show tonight. justin. yeah, that's right. it's a big deal. we're on top were at the convention center. we're on the balcony. the city hasn't done fireworks in 2 years. they're getting prepared. all let you see where right here, our dan boulevard. >> they blocked it off. we're seeing some small street vendors that are coming down here. getting prepared for tonight. thousands of people that are expected going to start around 7 o'clock at discovery medal in fireworks.
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those fireworks will start off at 09:30pm, tonight. this city is saying that you can bring your dog, just make sure that if your dog is on a leash there also day music will start. it will be jazz music around 7 o'clock. so they're asking that you come down. >> around that time to start filling the street. but thousands of people expected to be here. people that i spoke to earlier. so excited because they have not seen fireworks in 2 >> years. and one thing i want to mention it is very hot outside. so if you're coming outside here, make sure you bring a bottle of water to come out here and enjoy the fireworks. we will be out here live all night for now. we're live out here in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. all right, justin in the east bay officials are ready for concord's annual live fireworks display tonight.
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>> the events were canceled back in 2022, of course, due to the pandemic. but in 2021, the fireworks show at the pavilion until the show was paused after 2 small grass fire sparked. this is the picture from mount diablo high school where spectators can gather to watch the show tonight. this year the fireworks will launch from the high school's football field. >> idea is just to be a low key. find evening for everyone to come out. bring your bike. it's bring your chairs. and we just a great time. >> the gates open at 06:00pm and fireworks start at 09:00pm. the event is free to watch. and you can celebrate the 4th of july from the comfort of your very own home as well. we'll be broadcasting fireworks show shows happening live all across the bay area. this year's july 4th live is hosted by live in the bay host olivia horton. it starts tonight at 9 o'clock. several bay area cities held their 4th of july parades a little earlier today. one of the celebrations taking place in alameda is promoted as the
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longest parade in the nation with the route of 3.3 miles parade antique cars in the u.s. coast guard hit the street. city officials expected roughly 60,000 people to attend the welcome return. after the 2 year pandemic hiatus, california attorney general rob bonta and his wife assembly member mia bonta also attended this year's parade. >> good for god. bless you. god bless you. and not is america. >> outlets no 4th of july parade returned today. thank you very much. is the first time the event has been back full scale since before the pandemic has so many others. the kiwanis club of san ramon valley in the city of danville. and then putting this parade on since 1975 when elvis was still alive. this year's theme is celebrating local olympians to recognize community members have taken part in the olympic movement. people watching the parade said they've been waiting for this kind of celebration to
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return for the holiday. and we're very happy to be back. >> it's awesome to be here. we have we've all been trapped at home for the last couple of years. so it's great to actually see everybody out. all the balloons are out all the all the army is over here see the police dogs walking around. it's great. it's great to >> the city of danville estimated about 30 to 40,000 people attended the event. there are about 100 different groups that participated in that parade. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow that this does sonder did. he was shaking his head. yeah. yeah. you just wish you could just take it easy on a holiday, right? whys but step behind that over that. that is a big concern right now. not only that, we've got an actual area of low pressure that's spinning off the coastline and that could really make for some interesting weather. so here's the very latest. you see some of that fog bouncing over the marin headlands right now, the tops of the or the bottles, the that round 7 that the 700 feet or so looks like around 800 feet. that's about as low as it gets you see one little stretch moving right
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across the bridge. we hope it doesn't come in that lower. that will be a major problem tonight. look what spinning off your coast line. very unusual to have low pressure center out there. but here you go. you've got that low center. they're bringing all those clouds and toward the bay area that will race on shore as we head through the evening hours. so we're certainly not going to be cloud-free for tonight. the hope is that we keep those bases up on those clouds high enough that doesn't greatly affect your fireworks displays right now. here's the very latest. you see the clouds all around the bay area scattered about right now. the on shore breeze continuing very muggy, feel to it that southerly wind fire forecast for tonight as we take you through the night you start to see those clouds begin to move inside the bay and even by 8.30, or so this evening. yeah, a lot of folks start to get the fireworks going. but there you go. some of that patchy fog stretching along the coastline into the east bay, even by that time as well as we head through the night. more of that on the way, 9.30, or so more. the display start to show up around the bay area and yeah, that cloud cover will continue to move in plan on some clouds out there. some muggy conditions. temperatures in
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the 50's and the 60's. all right, lauren, thank you. coming up on this hour of kron, 4 news, a sideshow in leaves 2 people hospitalized. >> what about the investigation that is now underway and san jose gets ready for its 4th of july. fireworks show. a live report coming up. >> and when we return, a shooting in sacramento leaves person dead, injures 4 other people. what we're learning about the man who lost his ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is approved to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. got any room in your eye?
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is dead. 4 others injured following a shooting in downtown sacramento. >> tonight, we're learning about the person who died. his name was greg ne g grimes, who's an assistant football coach for inner come high school. he also played there when he was in school. >> jeannie nguyen joins us now live from sacramento. the latest on the investigation there. hi, jeanne. >> begin have man's family calls him naji. and his mom tells me today that he was just having a good night out with his friends here last night. not thinking that it would be his last night out. >> we can and i'm trying is all de pere grimes can do now after she found out her only child was killed during a night out just before 2 this morning. sacramento police say a shooting happened right outside a nightclub near 15th and l street in downtown. when officers got to the scene, 5 men were shot. one of them did not survive that man. 31
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year-old greg naji grimes not use our only child. >> so that just. that just makes this. all the more painful, a football player at inter come hy. he went on to continue his athletic career at boise state. >> but when he came back to sacramento, his mom says he wanted to give back to his roots. >> he wanted to be able to be involved with the students there. he started working with the special program. then he started coaching that the line he was given that opportunity. >> a spokesperson for unified tells us grimes was an assistant football coach and instructional assistant right here at inter come high. the district is also sending his friends and family. it's heartfelt condolences and he j the players. the coach, current head football coach reginal harris. >> tells fox 40 all of this makes him angry. when is it going to take somebody?
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>> to take the initiative? control these guns. >> just 4 hours before he was killed grimes, his mother says she got the chance to tell him she loves him, that my heart is like it's all broken. >> i was so >> love a word that was a constant reminder in the grimes household. >> he always chilled me. you know, dad, i love you, you know, and always tell them now as you i love you. >> now, grimes also leaves behind a 4 year-old son, a spokesperson for boise. i for boise state tells us the entire the entire boise, state football family is a sad to hear grimes has passed and that he will be missed live in downtown sacramento. jeannie nguyen found more senseless tragedy. thank you. jeannie nguyen reporting live for us from sacramento. 2 people are in the hospital tonight after
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a sideshow in the north bay. want to show you some video of that sideshow took place at. >> bw william's drive and lewis brown drive and the late last night around 10:00pm gunshots were reported shortly after a person walked into a local hospital with sunshot wounds, that person was taken into surgery and is expected to survive. a second person arrived at a local hospital after he was reportedly hit by a vehicle during the sideshow. that victim was listed in critical condition with a number of different injuries. both incidents are currently under investigation by police. >> whether time as we get a live look outside right golden gate bridge in the only reference in a little bit earlier who see those clouds just coming over the hill there, you know, you know where they're headed and they can adjust the height of the explosion. yeah, to a certain point that right. if the clouds get to love it, yeah, it gets below 500 feet. we got some major problems. we got some good news, though. >> fire danger is lower
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tonight. yeah, yeah. that was much moisture. and right. he got the clouds rolling in. now you see the out toward the golden gate bridge starting to move on by mostly cloud deck. so far right around 700 feet or so. but you see the bridget hours, they're beginning to severe and that that means of those running below 746 feet. so that in so far it is broken but likely to continue to move in here over the next couple of hours. it has been a muggy day outside today. 68 degrees. it's if it's 71 right now in san mateo. 71 in hayward, 78 in dublin, 74 degrees in napa. you probably felt that mugginess throughout the day today as we've had this more of a southerly component win. and that's the reason why said little swirl off the coastline. really cool looking system somewhat unusual for this time of year to rolling along the coast. but here it is. this came through in the middle of wintertime. we talking about significant rain event. but right now just some clouds and just more clouds rolling in. maybe a little drizzle. we get a factor in your weather for tonight's viewing of some of those fireworks outside up
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there. now you can see skies are fairly broken. that on shore breeze continue to run. roll back on shore. the winds coming up out of the south and that's going to that muggy feel in the atmosphere. here's the forecast model overnight tonight. we have seen some drizzle in the north bay. already some reports will likely continue overnight tonight as we head through the night tonight, your fireworks viewing lot of clouds rolling into the bay and some of the valley's already by 9, even 10, 30 or so you can see some clouds and then you start to see the model's pick up some drizzle along the coastline. but really the most of that drizzle going to come late tonight early tomorrow morning. it could get very wet. we could be talking about a 10th of an inch of a drizzle around parts of bay area near the coastline, especially in the north bay plan being very damp. start your day for tomorrow morning, guys, back to you. all right. thank you, lauren. still ahead, a terrifying crash at formula one race in inland to the piece of equipment and is credited with saving the drivers lights. and up next, protests erupt in ohio after police released dramatic body camera video of the deadly officer involved shooting.
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>> 1, 4, news at 5 continues after the break.
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learn how abbvie can help you save on qulipta™. >> now, latest out of akron, ohio, the city's mayor there has declared a state of emergency after protests over the police killing of jayland walker officials say the protests were peaceful at first but they grew violent as night fell and some damage has been done. the city's 4th of july fireworks display has also been canceled. this comes in response to the newly released body cam video of
5:24 pm
that shooting that took walker's life. police now say more than 90 rounds were fired. >> at him the they thought he had a gun. >> jack shea has the latest on the investigation and how family members are reacting. >> 6 minutes after the chase began. it ended when jalen walker stopped his car and jumped out of the passenger seat. he then began to run officers chase jaylin walker to a parking lot. a short time later, 8 officers fired an estimated 90 rout. we're told jaylin walker was hit at least 60 times and the attorney for the walker family says some of the shots were fired after the 25 year-old was on the ground, the police chief of akron says the 8 officers involved in the deadly shooting have not given
5:25 pm
formal statements to apd investigators, but he says during a walk through at the scene right after the shooting, they told a supervisor that they opened fire because they perceive that the movements of jaylin walker indicated that he posed a threat to their safety. each officer independent of each other related that they felt that mister walker had turned. >> and was motioning in moving into a firing position. but the attorney for julian walker's family says on thursday the police chief indicated that he saw no evidence on the videos that the 25 year-old was posing a threat before the officers opened fire. >> as he's running away, what is reasonable to gun him down? >> that's not usual. the attorney for the walker family revealed on sunday that at the time of the pursuit and the shooting jaylin walker was quote, obviously in pain as the result of an accident earlier this month that claimed the life of his fiance, a gold wedding ring was found next to the gun and
5:26 pm
magazine in his car. what has happened to him about that time that he would flee the scene? >> he would act in the manner that he did in that way with the be indicative of some distress, some fear, something that he was going. don't know. we're going hopefully jewel that find >> again, that was jack shea reporting all 8 officers involved in the shooting been placed on administrative leave. police say they do plan to release all of the body camera video that was captured by those officers. >> coming up in michigan, airshow turns deadly when a jet powered semi truck crashes at 300 miles per hour. but officials believe may have caused the accident. and a supreme court martial is calling on state leaders to better protect conservative supreme court justices will have details ahead. and up next, san francisco getting ready for its annual 4th of
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>> countdown is on for fireworks to light up the celebrating 4th of july city and county of san francisco is hosting its fireworks show near pier 39. and that's where we find kron four's amanda hari with a preview, of and everybody looking up to see if the clouds are going to give us a break here. >> yeah, i did see there is some cloud coverage right now. so it is a little bit hard to see stuff, but it's not that bad yet. and i know that i spoke with the man who's putting on the fireworks yesterday and he told me
5:30 pm
they're hoping things will be ok and people be able to see what's going on. >> but if you take a look at this video, you can see what things look like down on the embarcadero. lots of people walking around celebrating the 4th of july. there are vendors open and they'll be out throughout the night. i'm at the pier. 39 parking structure right now. it's not quite full yet, but it is very close. many people are here early for the fireworks show. so if you're not down here yet, you're going to want to make your way down here soon. yesterday i did as just how many fireworks we're going to see. i couldn't get an exact number, but i was told it is going to be a lot and the fireworks show should last about. 22 minutes, i'm going talk to some people who are around here waiting for the fireworks show and i will have that on kron. 4 news at 6 live in san francisco. amanda hari kron. 4 news, a before we we


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