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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  July 4, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> breaking news out of suburban chicago. a mass shooting in highland park, illinois. police say the person of interest in the deadly 4th of july mass shooting is now in custody after a brief chase, 6 people were killed. more than 2 dozen others injured when a gunman opened fire and an annual 4th of july parade. police identified 22 year old robert the 3rd as the person of interest in this incident. >> police released the mug shot along with pictures of the getaway car. good evening on this independence day, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. hundreds of people scramble to take cover in that chaos in the usually quiet suburb of chicago. highland park is roughly 30,000 residents. it's about 35 miles north of downtown chicago. reporter kailey peace and explains more on how all of this unfolded. >> it's just a very scary and
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traumatizing experience. >> minutes after a 4th of july parade kicked off and highland park. illinois shots rang out. hundreds of parade goer, some visibly bloodied running in a panic, leaving lawn chairs and other belongings behind. i've never heard my mom or my sister scream like in my life. and i hope i never do again. one father tells us the lengths he went to keep his child from the gunfire. >> but i think it was he reloaded. and then that's when i. grabbed my son i ran around the corner and i put him in a dumpster with garbage dumpster. nasa people stay there with him. >> authorities say the suspected gunman, robert the 3rd apparently climbed to the roof top of a building along the parade route and rain downed shots on to the unsuspecting crowd. the deadly shooting leaving dozens injured, including a handful of children. the manhunt for is now underway while many families that were at the
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parade say they feel blessed to be we're really lucky that. >> everyone who was with us was okay and that we didn't see something worse. then what we saw. but, you know, it's you never think it's going to happen here. and then it does. >> again, police have taken cream ale into custody. he is a person of interest in this case. meantime, president biden says that he is shocked by the violent shooting at the parade in highland park today. the president called it another example of senseless gun violence and added there's more work to be done. >> what happened? or what happened today? each day we're reminded there's nothing guaranteed a modern democracy. nothing guaranteed about our way of life. to fight for it. defended and earn >> in june, the president signed a bipartisan gun safety bill into law. the most significant gun law signed in
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nearly 3 decades today. he promised to keep fighting to end the epidemic of gun violence that has been sweeping this country. >> house speaker nancy pelosi released a statement on twitter that reads in part, americans hearts are broken by the senseless gun violence in the highland park today as innocent families are celebrating this all american holiday. we pray for all those who have lost loved ones and for the entire community forever scarred by this shooting. >> well, the mass shooting in illinois raises concerns about the safety of other 4th of july. celebrations for has been reached out to city and county law enforcement in the bay area to find out what they're doing to keep people safe during the holiday celebrations. rob joins us live now with more. rob. >> and going into the weekend, we received info from several police departments that more officers will be on patrol during the 4th, a mass shooting in a chicago suburb tells you why that's important. 6 dead and dozens injured in a mass shooting monday during what was supposed to be a celebration.
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and we're grieving for them. >> and their families, members of our community who came out to celebrate together and it's ted faced this terror police in highland park, illinois immediately begin searching for the gunman who opened fire during an independence day parade through downtown by all means at this point, this appears to be completely random. >> so with that, there have been questions that have been coming in our event safe tonight. it's a question we posed to law enforcement, the bay area preparing for their own 4th of july celebrations. a parade ran to the city of fremont starting at 10:00am the police department there telling kron 4, quote, as with all special events, we conduct a thorough threat assessment range for tightened security measures and have a comprehensive incident action plan in place. public safety is our utmost priority and we take any possible threat or suspicious activity. seriously. san francisco police are preparing for a fireworks event at fisherman's wharf. they also increase staffing during the holiday saying, quote, we are working with federal, state and local partners to ensure the safety
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and security of 4th of july celebration, events and officers will be visible and attentive at all events. we have not identified any threats at this time and encourage anyone who sees anything suspicious or out of the ordinary to notify the sfpd immediately. if you see something, say something and reported oakland police will have more officers staffed, especially around downtown lake merritt, west and east oakland chief leronne armstrong referred to last year's 4th of july as 24 hours of chaos. that included a massive sideshow and 7 shootings. though the highland park shooting has been described by local police there as an isolated incident. other departments are using it as a reminder to the public to reach out to law enforcement. if you see something suspicious at any events reporting live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you, rob. well, barbecues and family gatherings all day today for the 4th of july all over the bay area. >> and most celebrations tonight will likely center around fireworks in san francisco. big crowds will be gathering to watch the show on
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pier 39. and that's where we find kron four's. >> amanda hari with the excitement that is building amanda. >> yeah, there is a lot of excitement here. we're still more than 3 hours out from the fireworks show. i'm at the pier. 39 parking structure and it is very full right now. people walking through all the time and there are a lot of people down on the embarcaiero below me. if you take a look at this video, you can s e some of those people right now. they are waiting for those fireworks in these fireworks are put on by the city of san francisco. >> and produced by pyro spectaculars by souza. i spoke to the producer yesterday. he told me he couldn't give me an exact number of fireworks, but it's a lot and people are in for a great show. i spoke to one man that tells me he drove more than 3 hours to be here for this. >> let's see where i come from. it's a. >> it's very hot over there in the valley. so it's about 10105 degrees. so we wanted to
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come out here. bring the kids all you have a good time. see the 4th of july fireworks and just spend some family time. >> i got here about an hour and a half ago and there wasn't too much traffic on my way. >> but it does appear more and more people are getting year. so if you're not here yet, you're going to want to make your way down here. there's a lot of excitement. a lot of food vendors. it looks like down below. so a lot to do. if you want to come out here, there is a little bit of fog rolling in. we do have that on another camera. i'm not sure if we can pull that up, but there is a little bit of fog. but i was told by the producer it will still be a great show, even if it is a little fog in it just kind of looks like lit up clouds. it will still be very cool. and it's part of the charm of the san francisco fireworks show live in san francisco. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> all right, amanda, thank you for that. tonight in san jose, fireworks will light up the skies and a few hours as well. cowboys justin campbell joins us live as we count down to the big show there. justin.
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>> oh, yeah, they're getting ready here. they started shutting down the streets at 3 o'clock. we are on the balcony here at the convention center. what a view that we have all have a photographer, rudi garcia pan off, you can see below us is that our wind in there's some people that are starting to set up. they're asking the city that you a little bit after 7 o'clock, people are coming now. you can see they have their picnic they add they are getting ready to watch the show. music will start that discovery medal at about 7 o'clock. and then an hour and a half later, the fireworks show will start. it has been 2 years since the city of san jose is put on fireworks. that show is expected to last for 25 minutes. thousands of people expected here on the streets. there are some small street vendors selling little things. but if you're coming out here tonight, bring a bottle of water. it's very hot outside. make maybe not just one bring too also pats anything that
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you want to stay cool there. also, the city is saying that you can bring your dawn, but importantly, make sure that you bring your dog stays on. at least that's what the city is asking. but if you're coming down here tonight is expected to be a wonderful night. the weather is looking good that fireworks show again starting tonight at 9.30, we will be here to capture those images and bring it to you for now. we're live here in downtown san jose. where you live near. so whatever we're going to be here to watch this, this show. >> all right. just so, justin, of course, in san francisco, they're dealing with the possibility of fog. so how's that how the skies there? you said the weather is good, the skies pretty clear. >> it's really clear up. plane just flew over me. you could probably i've heard it, but it we're not seeing any fog or not do some clouds, but so far, i think if you're going
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to be out here for the show tonight, it is going to look great. no fog, just a little clouds, but everything's looking good. it campbell reporting live. thank you. >> meantime, thousands of people turned out to watch the 4th of july parade in sonoma. the parade wound its way around the historic sonoma plaza in the heart of town. it is the first such parade since the start of the pandemic. this is a hot air balloon float that went through. it featured dozens of classic cars marching bands and floats in addition to the parade, food drink in-game. boost in my music filled the plaza. later tonight, the attention will shift to the nearby field for a fireworks show that will last about 45 minutes. the fireworks are presented by firefighters sonoma volunteer firefighters association. and of course, you can celebrate the 4th of july from the comfort of your own home. we will be broadcasting. the fireworks shows happening live all across the bay area tonight. >> this year's july 4th live is hosted by live in the bay host olivia horton. it all starts at 9 o'clock tonight.
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>> we have some more breaking news to tell you about. this is out of the city. firefighters are working to put out a 12 acre fire in the twin peaks area. firefighters say it is a one alarm fire right now. there are no threats to any buildings despite what you see on the screen, the fire is behind those buildings. officials are asking drivers to avoid twin peaks boulevard. near panorama as they continue to work. that fire will keep you posted throughout the night. now to our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside and a big wide shot of san francisco. now we're talking about fireworks and now we're talking about another fire so many of over the last week. yeah. and fired fire danger actually down today just as had so much drizzle. so much moisture in the atmosphere. but anything's going to burn if you get to a flame on top of some of the brush out there, certainly a fire could start again. we're seeing the some of that now. but >> here comes that fog. here's something else we're dealing with tonight. when you know that fall. almost right on cue coming right to the golden gate bridge right now. you see
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the top the tower here. so it is coming in beneath the tower announced that means about 500 feet. that cloud deck is currently coming in right now. more that on the way. >> as we head into the evening hours and there you go. here's another look at it. as you look toward the golden gate bridge. you've got that cloud deck coming in. boy did want to see coming in this low. hopefully the mix that out just a little bit. but it, of course, will be better viewing away from pier. 39. but if you're anywhere around the bay, you're going to be affected by this guy off the coastline. that center low pressure that has been spinning around and made for a very muggy day around the bay area. now the clouds begin to surge on shore and overnight time or those clouds will be moving. in fact, likely going to see some drizzle as we head around the bay area, especially along the coastline, but not just your ordinary drizzle event. with that low off the coast, we could see as much as a 10th of an inch of drizzle up toward the coastline. that's all we see it. some storms we have in california, but looks like tonight. yeah. those clouds partly cloudy, moving in just in time for the fireworks. thank you, lawrence. coming
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up, the desperate search for 3 bay area men who may have drowned in the delta will have the latest on the efforts to find them next. >> ohio police released new body cam video showing the moments leading up to the officer involved shooting that left a young black man dead shot dozens of times. the latest on the investigation coming up.
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>> tonight, there is a state of emergency in akron, ohio, after a weekend of protests. this all comes after a black man was shot to death by police. the police chief says the medical examiner found the jaylin walker may have been shot as many as 60 times. and right now there's an ongoing investigation into the number of times he was shot, whether he was armed and if he had a weapon and fired it in the direction of police or to ryan in has more on the new body cam footage and what we have learned from the investigation. protesters out on the streets in akron, ohio, and now a state of emergency in place. many in the community outraged after jaylin walker was shot by police at least 60 times. >> based on the video, i anticipate that number to be a lot of rounds were fired monday, june 27th akron. police say they tried to pull over. 25 year-old jayland walker for a traffic violation. but when he continued to drive, police began a pursuit. officers report a gunshot coming from
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his vehicle. police also say they spotted a flash from inside the car. the chase continued before walker jumped out is ski mask and began to run. officers followed a short time later, 8 officers opened fire. officers have not been able to provide a statement yet. i am reserving any sort of judgment. until we hear from them. each officer independent of each other related that they felt that mister walker had turned. >> and was motioning and moving into a firing position. but police say walker was not armed at the time of the shooting. investigators say they found a gun and a magazine round inside walker's vehicle akron city council is standing with. >> we're standing you to make
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sure that there and to do all 8 of the police officers involved have been put on administrative leave. the ohio bureau of criminal investigation is conducting an outside review. >> brian entin, newsnation. >> a tragic accident in napa county. a father drowned while trying to rescue his son from drowning at lake berryessa. witnesses say 35 year-old marcia low perez of san pablo went into the water about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon to try and save his young son. the boy managed to survive. but paris, unfortunately was not able to make it back to shore. he is the second person to drown at lake berryessa in less than a week. >> in sacramento, rescue crews are searching for any signs of life after a group of oakland men went missing after trying to save a child from drowning in the sacramento delta reporter grew saying has the latest on the search. >> tonight, the search continues for 3 missing people near the 3 mile salute break in sacramento county in the
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air and on the ground as family friends watch 2 guys. >> don't go away. and though the guy's without. >> that with chris wallace says he has been friends for years. the 3 men from oakland who have been missing, he identified them as good steal reavis edwin perez and in the low get here. it's you know, the farming isn't what role is. says the up and coming to the spot. a brennan island state recreation area for years coming. everybody, july 4. you've you know, the time being. you've got into this you know, is because every year of coming to you. >> officials say a total 5 adults were fishing on the river bank and a child was 20. and then the child again to drown. and then all 5 adults went into the water to seep the kit. 2 came out of the water, but the other 3 get this is an unguarded swim be so we do not have lifeguards on duty. credit island is only open during weekend for day use in boat launch. officials
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say after they exhausted all search efforts, then they switched to recovery. and the winds have been whipping here pretty good all day and has some occasions. it's been close to 20 miles per hour, but you can see the effect it's had on the water. at some occasions. it's been causing those many waves in officials say that is what makes it dangerous making just for difficult swimming conditions out here with what was meant to be a celebration on this 4th of july weekend, leaving friends and family unsettled watering does look relatively inviting. but the current is misleading and unfortunately part of the cause for the incident today. >> again, that was scare poll saying reporting for us, a friend of the missing men said none of them were wearing life jackets. >> several cities in southern california had to cancel their fireworks shows. that's because the company that was supplying the fireworks was raided by the state fire. marshal authorities say expo shows ink was unlicensed and in possession of fireworks that had counterfeit states seals. >> the company claims all the fireworks in their possession
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were legally purchased. some cities got creative and are providing drone shows tonight instead of fireworks, restaurants all across the country continue to navigate problem started by the pandemic from staffing shortages to overworked employees. markie martin has the story. >> they usually say like post-pandemic diners are getting used to the staffing shortages but owners art, that house gets overwhelmed with tickets. we're looking at a 30 minute to get time so high washers and they want to come in there. what the half hour. 45 minute shift. >> and then we break on our and they don't come back but not having enough people isn't the only problem. whiskey that we can't even get a hold of that. we still have all the time. the prices are all just drastically changing shifting by the day. sometimes. >> it's such an issue that some restaurants or at least temporarily throwing in the towel. the original huff
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browse steakhouse in austin has been open for 85 years, but is taking the entire summer off. owners say they will be back in september when things have cooled down and this restaurant in arizona announcing a 2 week break over the 4th of july on their facebook page. i don't know what means. taco owns la duty in dallas. any famously hired on robots to help support his understaffed servers were very reach on sunday night and we'll awfully poor by tuesday because we're already spent all the money of the weekend. >> he loves the idea of shutting down. but for him. it's just not feasible. the one thing you don't want to do is give the opportunity to work for your own staff to start looking for another job because we team 5 minutes. they do find that although one. >> again, that was markie. martin reporting for us tonight. coming up, san jose police cracking down on sideshows in that city.
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woolite damage and darks defense. >> get ready to pay more to mail your mail. united states postal service is raising the price of forever stamps to $0.60 adds $0.2 more than the current price of other prices are also going up, including for letters, domestic postcards and international letters. the price changes set to go into effect on july. the 10th tesla saw a dip in deliveries last quarter after one of its largest factories was shut down due to covid restrictions in china in its 2nd quarter. tesla manufacture 258,000 vehicles. that's down from 305,000 produced in the 1st quarter. the drop is being blamed on an extended lockdown in shanghai and supply chain constraints. the situation also talked speaks to the importance of tesla's shanghai factory to its overall business. tesla has been working on getting manufacturing and delivering up delivery up to speed its 2
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new factories. one in texas, the other in germany. coming up, a shooting in sacramento leaves a person dead and 4 others injured. what we're learning about the young man who >> lost his life. that's coming up. plus a sideshow of the lay home leaves 2 people in the hospital. the investigation is now underway. >> it sounded like a lot of gunshots. and now the sudden it went from remember him? >> plus, a person of interest now in custody in that deadly mass shooting at a 4th of july parade near chicago. we're going hear more from witnesses about what they saw in the middle of that chaos we
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continue to follow that breaking news out of illinois. a 4th of july celebration turned into chaos and confusion when a gunman opened fire. 6 people were killed as many as 30 others were injured. that shooting happened in the chicago suburb of highland park. tonight we've learned the 22 year-old robert the 3rd is in custody. >> following a manhunt that lasted several hours. he is being called a person of interest at this time. officials tracked him down on a highway just north of chicago. meanwhile, witnesses to the shooting are now describing what they saw. >> he reloaded and then that's when i grabbed my son i ran around the corner and i put him in a dumpster with garbage dumpster. nasa peo


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