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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 5, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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are back for 30 is the time on this day after the 4th of july heading back to work for a lot of >> let's find out what is going to be like outside as you hit the roads. good morning, john. yet it is monday for some of us, but you can remind yourself that is actually tuesday and maybe four-day work week this week. >> which may make gray skies
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that we have noticed a little bit more this is your view from the east bay hills, the low clouds that we have pushing in across the bay there. they can contact with those hills and that you can't see much from them. most of us across the bay, though, are actually seeing pretty good condition, striving to work a little bit, misty towards the do watch for some wet spots out that direction. current temperatures are mostly in the 60's with all that cloud cover sitting overhead didn't see a lot of temperature lost during overnight hours and us this really warm start that we're in the midst of dublin livermore as well as redwood city and hayward, each at 66 degrees. oakland, you're sitting at a cool but comfortable. 65 from the 60's to just the 70's today. we're in for a day that doesn't bring a whole lot of changes. first, temperatures go and stays pretty cool overall considering what time of year we're in skies will decrease gradually through the day. setting us up for a lot of sunshine towards the late afternoon. as far roadways go, you know, it's going to be a lot busier out there today than it was yesterday. already
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more cars on the bay bridge than we saw yesterday. but you're also rolling at the limit. no issues just yet on the bay bridge, san mateo bridge starting to pick up a bit. but a 13 minute drive for you. richmond center fell 7 minute drive and nothing holding me back there. golden gate bridge. a little bit of a listen to the roadway. watch for some misty spots out along the coastline. back to you, james. all right, john, thank you. 4.32 is the time and bay area city leaders are fed up with illegal sideshows after police broke up multiple. >> sideshows around the bay area over this holiday weekend. one of them ended with one person being shot and another hit by a car proffers taylor shares what city leaders are worried about now. >> the side show in the late pope continued from sunday night into monday morning in the area of lewis brown drive indeed, wgn's track. i hope police say. >> multiple shots were fired, injuring at least one person. he was taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to
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survive. however, a second person is in critical condition after getting hit by a car during the sideshow. meanwhile, down in san jose, police say more than 200 cars took over the intersection of south 10th street in elm for a side show saturday night. frustrated and disappointed. but i appreciate the work our police departments doing to help us crack down on the community is fed up. >> it's unacceptable for those who think it's >> fonder or enjoy a ball. it's it's not. it's dangerous. people die at the show's regularly with confiscating guns. san jose city council member matt mahan says >> the city is continuing to crack down on illegal sideshows. >> and we'll prosecute drivers, spectators and promoters to the fullest extent. police say they made 7 arrests from this scene and for various weapons and firearms charges. they also issued nearly 500 citations for violations, including spectating officers say they also impounded 5 cars. some folks to slow learners. but we are getting a handle on this.
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we've actually seen. >> the number of sideshows come down by about 50% from last year. and that that marks the beginning of u.s. prosecuting promoters, people on social media promoting the show's before aggressively doing. we've got pending litigation against promoters. >> mahan says the city is also moving forward with design changes, including speed, bumps, roundabouts and narrow streets and some intersections known for frequent sideshow activity despite the city's efforts, mahan says he's concerned about continued sideshow activity during an already busy holiday for emergency responders. some more about what happens tonight. i worry about ensuring that everybody gets home safely. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> 4.34 is the time several people suffered life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car in san francisco last night. we have video from the citizens app. it happened just before 06:00pm on 8th avenue and
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lincoln boulevard. police say a car rear ended another causing it to crash into a bus stop. 3 people were taken to a local hospital for injuries. police haven't yet made any arrests. the fire broke out yesterday in san francisco's 2 acres in size. it started on twin peaks boulevard right near port told drive and that intersection. you can see the smoke here. the fire is now fully contained. so that's the good news. no buildings were in danger. no injuries were reported. the fire department did tell people, though, to close their windows because of the small amount of smoke that was produced. governor gavin newsom has a new campaign ad that's airing in florida that, well, the move is renewing questions about his potential plans for future presidential runs. perhaps it's also fueling the flames in the national political rivalry. we have our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. it's independence day. let's talk about what's going on in america. governor gavin newsom's reelection campaign dropping its latest
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ad on 4th of july. but instead of speaking to california voters, the ad is airing nearly 3,000 miles away in florida on fox news cable zones across that state freedom. it's under attack in your state taking aim at florida governor ron desantis and his efforts to ban abortion limit free speech in class and tighten voting restrictions. >> desantis has been considered a potential front-running republican candidate for president in 2024. for join us in california. we still believe in freedom. the ad setting off political fireworks and raising questions about newsom's future beyond california. steven maviglio is a democratic strategist. i think it's a really smart investment may for $100,000. she's getting million dollars worth of national publicity. >> you know, there's a lot of buzz these days about joe biden not running again, will run. and i think gavin newsom surrounding what's his name and that running and that this is one way to guarantee that. but newsom has recently said he has subzero interest in running for president. i think the governor smart enough to realize his name is still on the ballot this year to run
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for governor of california. and even though it's going to be a cake walk. >> i think he doesn't want to take that for granted was voters. so it's just something to say. i mean, anybody spend 5 minutes with the guy knows he has. you know what? i'll was looking at that oval office. meanwhile, desantis has not directly responded to the ad. his campaign spokesperson told cnn gavin newsom might as well let a pile of cash on fire. >> pass the popcorn for his desperate attempt to win back the california refugees who fled the hellhole he created in his state to come to florida newsom's attack on desantis. the latest chapter in a growing political rivalry in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> well, 4.37, news for your money now. some good news, actually, for drivers around the state as gas is getting slightly cheaper, the price at the pump is actually been dropping for 19 consecutive days. triple a shows that california drivers are paying an average of $6.23. a gallon now, which is $0.7 lower than it was last week. but that's
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still nearly $2 more per gallon than this time last year. the decrease in price comes despite a gas tax increase of nearly $0.3 last friday. so here's a look at how much we're paying around the bay area. gas in santa rosa is a few cents higher than the state average. now at $4.29. a gallon. san francisco's at 4.33, you can see san jose is hovering right around 6.24, and oakland is 6.20, 9. well, in an effort to avoid rolling power blackouts, california may start tapping fossil fuel plants. right now the state is getting most of its energy from renewable resource sources during the day. but there's not enough storage to run off solar power once the sun goes down and some environmentalist groups think that state didn't act fast enough to build up renewable resources to prevent this potential. reuse now fossil fuels. well, here is some promising news for drivers of electric cars to worry about running out of charge before getting to their destinations. researchers at
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the university, california say they've created lithium ion batteries that travel longer on a single charge. regardless of whether the weather is hot or cold outside batteries that get too hot or too cold have shown to perform poorly like slow charging. and we know that in cold climate areas, there's no word yet on when these batteries would be commercially available. but the research continues and it looks like they are making progress. tesla, by the way, saw a dip in deliveries last quarter after one of its largest factories were shut down because of covid restrictions in china. it's the 2nd quarter numbers that we're talking about. and in that quarter, tesla manufactured 250,000 vehicles. that's 47,000. less cars produced than they did in the 1st quarter, although it was right. pretty much right in line with expectations. the drop is being blamed on that extended lockdown that we saw the shanghai plant and its supply chain constraints. the situation also speaks of the importance of tesla's shanghai factory to its overall business. tesla has been working on getting manufacturing and delivery up
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to speed at those 2 new factories that have just launched in texas and germany. we'll see if those start making up the numbers. well, in other news this morning, what's 4th of july without competitive hot dog eating right? well, the annual nathan's famous hot dog eating contest returned to coney island after having to change locations these past couple of years because of the pandemic. michelle ross was there catching all the action and reveals if world champion joey chestnut was able to defend his title. >> an american holiday tradition is back at nathan's famous flagship restaurant in coney island and thousands of people were there to see it in person. the nathan's famous 4th of july hot dog eating contest has a clear favorite for the men's competition. we're excited to see joe on. could be our next president. >> exciting. watching me. quickly. it's amazing. with 10 minutes on the clock,
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competitors must eat as many hot dogs and buns as they can to win. this like central american positivity is to celebrate everything and there's no better place the new york. >> there's no better place in new york in coney island after eating 76 hot dogs and buns last year. world champion joey chestnut seeks to set a new record but he faces a big hurdle with an injury or ruptured times. >> for the women's competition, mickey the number one ranked female in the world is back after missing last year's contest because she was pregnant. reigning champion michelle lesco aims to keep her title. despite falling short of her personal. best of 48 dogs and guns pseudo came out on top with 42, her son and husband to competed in today's men's competition there to celebrate the win it so special. i started this is a single person and then i met the love of my life, competitive eating. and now if a kid together, so we get to do this all family i never thought the competitive eating
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can bring so much meaning to my life falling short of his personal record. joey chestnut finish top 63 hot dogs in spots but still taking home. the metal grate when again, 15 it's awesome. and of course, the hot dog eating contest is a cherished tradition. but so is the annual donation to the food bank for new york city. >> nathan's famous donates 100,000 hot dogs to the organization to fight food, insecurity. >> in coney island, new york, michelle ross, news nation. >> always fun to see joey eve, isn't it 4.42? is the time. coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news in front of their largest crowds of the season. the a's left fans very happy on independence day. we'll have the highlights.
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>> 4.45 is the time and 4th of july celebrations are ending and a lot of people are flying home. and the question, of course, is how long will it take them to get there as the country is dealing still with flight delays and cancellations. those issues are being blamed once again on staff shortages. in some cases, bad weather is also playing a part with charles watson with the a closer look. >> this holiday weekend turning into a travel nightmare for many across the country as thousands encounter flight cancellations and delays. i was flying with delta and they cancel my flight has on board or nothing. a surge of travelers
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returning back to airports in prepandemic numbers. this holiday, according to tsa, nearly 2 and a half million people were screened at airports across the country on friday. that's the highest checkpoint volume since february 2020, even though the high volume of travelers was expected. airlines have struggled to keep up with demand due to over scheduling and staffing shortages that are short staffed. we can check in and get in there. and tom, so we're just waiting for more people to come in ahead of the holiday weekend. delta proactively issuing fee waivers allowing those who had flights over the weekend to rebook on a different flight without an additional fee to the airline. also reportedly offering passengers $10,000. in one instance, if they volunteer to offer up this seat on an overbooked flight for life, we are was some of the lucky ones, not delay. many travelers just hoping to make it home. we're hoping the plane is there. one we're ready to get on it for pilot to fly that we get out on time because we've got to get back and get back to life. well, let's get another check of the
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forecast here locally. we're dealing with the no real inclement reports. john, good morning. yeah, thankfully all is ok out here in the bay area. we're just looking at cooler than average temperatures which >> i'm pretty sure most of us for the 4th of july did not mind at all really comfortable feel yesterday. keeping that around for a few more days to quite hours. still in the spirit with the red, white and blue out there sitting under some low cloud cover this morning. but right, not really talking sort of fog that should be holding up too much. we are in the midst of some sprinkles to the north of the bay area. but the bay itself remains dry aside from some misty spots near the coastline have to head up towards your weekend reading, start to see any of those widespread sprinkles. the low pressure area that tracked through yesterday, bringing us some of this cool weather that we're in the midst of is really sitting across the region, helping to continue to push out that high pressure ridge that would be keeping us so hot and dry and we're just continuing to see this nice cooldown. unseasonably cool as
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we make our way through this week. as far as winds go, not all that windy of a day yet again. pretty similar to yesterday. cloud mostly cloudy. start to the morning and then skies starting to clear into the mid afternoon by the finish of the day today, we'll still have our clear skin dish annes of the day on into tomorrow morning. another push of clouds followed by clearing towards the latter part of your wednesday and so on and so forth through thursday and friday, too. we won't really start to see a warm up until the very end of the weekend. so for the time being, we're just keeping this really nice, comfortable stuff around 60's and 70's for sf today. 60's at the coast. and for the most part, the really the rest of the bay area, it's going to be pretty solidly in the 70's redwood city saying carlos palo alto at 77 south bay, temperatures among our warmest a few very low 80's. well, san jose at 77 degrees. fremont union city in the mid 70's hayward. only at 72 dublin, danville, walnut creek. it 77
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today, richmond in oakland at 71 degrees. a few low 80's for pittsburgh in antioch while nearby fairfield and vacaville only at 78 79 nevado in petaluma at 75. and 74 today. so some really comfortable stuff out there as we make our way through the rest of the week, even into the weekend. keeping that comfortable stuff around won't be until sunday and monday, the inland areas start to see 90's and triple digits again. as far as our bridges go, you can see that we do have the bay bridge looking nice, an empty only a 7 minute drive across that so far, james, don, thank you very much. for 49 is the time. and in sports, the a's looking to turn their luck around on independence day with a large home crowd. >> a season-high about 24,000 at the coliseum. bottom of the first elvis andrews with this big swing helping the a's. take the lead with a score of 3 to 0. and with the help of ramon lauriano and stephen hoyt in the later innings, the a's got the win. final score. 5 to one. the crowd loved it.
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you can see him sporting there. the red, white and blue a's hats for the 4th of july. all in all. pretty fun game to watch for the hometown crowd. game 2 is tonight at 6.40. all right. let's move on to the giants. they were taking on the diamondbacks in arizona. top of the first giants taking the lead, making it 2 to 0 looking good. but the diamondbacks wasted no time retaking control and by the end of the game, they walked away with the win 8 to 3 the final score. the giants have lost 5 straight now. they'll play later tonight at 6.40. well, a teaser has been released now for the final episodes of better call saul, which returns this month. plus, the minions are back in breaking box office records. we've got sam rubin with more in this morning's entertainment report. >> now, this is been a reunion years and years in the making or going to see the final episodes of better call saul. and when we see those final episodes we will see or at least we've been promised to see a regional breaking bad
4:51 am
stars. bryan cranston and aaron paul opposite bob odenkirk. now just to bring you up to speed. and there are some time ships involved here. better call. saul started after breaking bad, we learned that saul was actually originally a lawyer named jimmy mcgill. jimmy became saul and now at least this is where we think we are saul back on the run. he's working at a cinnabon in omaha, but >> he's been to too. >> it is. you. jason. i saw. >> i am super in better call. saul returns next monday. those final episodes start on july. the 11th now to
4:52 am
fireworks at the box office. they're still counting what can best be described as minions money minions, the rise of grew breaks box office records total taking worldwide over 200 million dollars locally here in the u.s. nearly 128 million dollars and more money coming in. this probably makes grew. the most popular character played by steve correll since michael scott from the office. steve, here now talking about this incredibly popular creation. and phil. >> drew wants to be a villain, but like a true villain is somebody who is ultimately not a very good person. and i think at his core grew is a very good. her son is a good dad. it's a good husband, not calling me that. there's just a sense of joy to the whole thing. it's just. you know,
4:53 am
from from top to bottom, everyone involved with these movies is just having fun. trying to make something that's enjoyable. and ultimately kind does look like a fun one. that is your entertainment report here in hollywood. >> i'm sam rubin. very cute for 50 threes. that time will be right back.
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>> what is going on out in left field. we have a streaker. what is going? >> yeah. haha. it's so ballpark. take down really after that streaker ran onto the field here at the home of the portland pickles of the west coast league. and dylan, the pickle. clobbered the guy held him down to security, was able to put some handcuffs on him. so i guess the lesson learned. >> that guy. >> don't run onto the field important. want to get wrecked by a pickle. that's the takeaway. our disney could soon lose its exclusive rights to its most iconic character. the copyright for mickey mouse himself is set to expire in 2024. he first appeared back in the 1920's and has become both the most recognizable animated character and the mascot, the symbol for
4:57 am
disney's media empire, but intellectual property on artistic work expires. 95 years after its first publication. and disney hasn't said if it plans to file an extension on that copyright once it expires, anyone wishing to use the character will have well not have to request permission or pay a copyright charge. however, disney does still have a trademark on the characters. they have some control. i'm pretty sure they'll find a way to secure. >> the trademark and copyright laws for making house. we'll see. coming up in the next hour as the nation celebrated the 4th of july, firefighters had to battle fires here in the bay area will have more details on that coming up in a live report. and over the holiday weekend of violent sideshow in valais leaves 2 people in the hospital. we talk about the investigation now underway and a person of interest now in custody in that deadly mass shooting at the 4th of july parade near chicago will have the latest on that investigation as well.
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pre-rinsing your dishes? you could be using the wrong detergent. and wasting up to 20 gallons of water. skip the rinse with finish quantum. its activelift technology provides an unbeatable clean on 24 hour dried-on stains. skip the rinse with finish to save our water. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> and thanks for joining us on the day after the day after what barbecue parade, only a fireworks, very case. you didn't. but of course, no fireworks. no thought, yes, i heard them a few of them start to go off as i went to bed,


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