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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 5, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> today, the lake county state's attorney's office hes charged robert crimo the 3rd with 7 counts of first-degree murder. >> tonight at 5, we begin with a major development in the investigation into the mass shooting at that 4th of july parade yesterday in illinois, authorities have announced charges against the young man who they say started shooting from a rooftop, killing 7 people and injuring dozens of others. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron, 4
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news at 5, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. the shooting happened in highland park. it's a suburb north of chicago. and tonight that community continues to mourn the loss of life. the 7th victim died a little earlier today and a little over an hour ago, prosecutors announced the 21 year-old suspect has been charged with 7 counts of first-degree murder. reporter kareen wynter has more now on the investigation. everyone's pretty shaken. >> preplanned attack weeks in the making. i suspect intent on taking as many lives as that's according to investigators confirmed that 21 year-old gunman robert, the fight around 70 rounds into this highland park for a crowd killing 7 people and injuring dozens of bystanders during the attack. >> rima was dressed in women's clothing and investigators do believe he did this to conceal his facial tattoos and identity and help them during the escape with the other
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people who are fleeing the chaos. >> cell phone video captured the chaos as gunfire erupted at the festive event as families celebrated the july 4th holiday. thousands of people descended in the suburb about 25 miles from chicago. 23 sick remote began firing shots from a rooftop. >> it's a shooter and authorities eventually detained cream out after a brief chase as he fled the crime scene and rhys to his mother's home nearby. that's when tips began to pour in from community members with one resident spotting crimo and contacted police who found more alarming evidence inside his car inside the vehicle. there was a second rifle located indications is that was purchased by creemos. well, among the 7 victims killed jackie son time a former preschool teacher and nicholas toledo. this photo obtained by the chicago sun-times, a faeher of 8 who was in his late 70's and was visiting his family in
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illinois from mexico. highland park's mayor said she doesn't believe crimo was previously known to police until yesterday and confirmed she knew the suspect. i know him as somebody who was a cub scout when i was the cub scout leader. and it's one of those things where you step back and you say what happens, how does somebody become angry, this hateful? i think of all these wonderful people coming out with the families to celebrate the 4th of july. >> american this debt and then to have this mass shooting take place. sadly, this is becoming an american tradition, too. >> that was kareen wynter reporting for us tonight. robert crimo. the is set for a bond hearing tomorrow morning. officials haven't confirmed a motive in this case. >> tonight, we're learning more about some of the victims of that shocking july 4th mass shooting in highland park. she's now we know some of the identities. 7 people killed in the mass shooting, the 7th victim died at the hospital earlier today. you have 64
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year-old katherine goldstein. 35 year-old arena mccarthy. 37 year-old kevin mccarthy, parents little toddler. 63 year-old jacqueline some time. and you have steven strauss, an 88 year-old who was still taking the train into the city, still working at age, 88, all of them from highland park. it's a suburb. north of chicago. also 78 year-old nicholas toledo, who was visiting from mexico, was killed. as for the dozens of injured, 26 of them are receiving treatment at local hospitals. their ages range from 8 2.85. we mentioned nicholas toledo, who had been in illinois for a few weeks visiting family from his native mexico. he was shot and killed at the scene. a gofundme page created in his honor, describes him as a father of 8 and a grandfather too many. and there's jackie
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sun high. a preschool teacher and longtime staff member at the north shore congregation. israel. >> it was a preschool teacher, you know, minutes or synagogue as well and our religion and to come out here and then lose your life like this. it's word is just tragic that i have unfortunately. >> the people of highland park, of course, reeling from this devastation. faith leaders in that city are holding a prayer vigil tonight in honor of the victims. >> back here in the from san francisco, police officers were injured early this morning while trying to break up a rowdy crowd. this happened on 20th and harrison streets in the mission district. police say the crowd throwing glass bottles and fireworks at the officers. you can also see a fire burning in the middle of the intersection. police did eventually clear the crowds from the street. no arrests have been made. so cisco police had their hands full after multiple shootings
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occurred around the city last night. the first took place on market and powell where a street performer was shot. she sustained non-life-threatening injuries. the vehicle involved took off right after the shooting. police are still looking for that suspect. the second shooting happened in the bayview near ingles street and underwood avenue. that is where a 14 year-old girl was shot while watching fireworks. she is expected to physically recover and then the 3rd shooting taking place in the south of market neighborhood on bridge street near 3rd. and brian, after an employee confronted a suspect who entered a business. the suspect shot the employee and then took off the employee suffered non life threatening injuries here. san francisco police are asking anyone with information on any of the shootings to contact them. and in oakland, police are investigating 3 homicides there that happened across that city during the holiday weekend. oakland police chief leronne armstrong making the announcement today. you also says a 3 year-old little boy
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is in critical condition tonight after being shot in the torso. >> due to the injuries are officers elected to immediately transport the child to the hospital in their patrol vehicles for treatment? medical staff advised us that had the officers not elected to transport this child in their vehicles. this child would not have survived his injuries. the child is currently listed in critical but stable condition we're investigating the possible involvement of a relative in this particular shooting. >> also last night, 5 people were hurt by celebratory gunfire following a last night a's game and fireworks show. police say all 5 of the victims were on the field or in the stands at the coliseum at the time. their injuries are considered non-life-threatening. that fire and evacuation warnings for a brush fire in solano county have been lifted tonight, but the fire still created. >> a scary situation for residents who are forced to
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evacuate their homes earlier today. what they're calling the nelson fire started in it force those orders from president nez because of the landowner. what quickly pack up and leave his home. he joins us now live from fairfield with an update on. >> what the conditions are out there right now. >> vicki, the nelson fire burned about 22 acres of this hillside. behind me, the fire chief for the corps, delia fire protection district tells me that forward progress of the fire has been stopped and that firefighters are here now working to the mop up stage is looking for and putting out any hot spots. >> the nelson fire spared members of the public from injury and no homes were damaged. but one firefighter was injured while battling the flames. according to chief dave carpenter with the core delia fire protection district, a stable. but but he is heard in the north. was jury ball falling. jury heard is back. chief carpenter says it was a 4 alarm with cal fire
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assisting from above with air drops. that's all retardant. larry welch owns the land where the fire took place and lives just across the street with his wife. his neighbor was the first to notice the fire tuesday morning. he saw the smoke. >> so he drove down and call the fire department. welch says the land has been in his family for more than 100 years. used to be a quarry run by his grandfather. >> he's never surprised by wild fires and evacuations. 57 years living here. yeah, it's happened before. chief carpenter says the fire moved west to east with strong winds making it difficult for firefighters to get ahead of the flames. and the fire was reported on the side of the road. >> before our first engine got here just down the it had already come probably 3 acres, 4 acres after a few hours, his crew was able to stop forward progress and residents like welch were able to return to their homes, thankful for the hard work of the men and women in yellow. we're very thankful. that would just go on control. >> especially with the wind around here. so, yeah, they work really hard. they do.
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chief carpenter says that firefighters are keeping a watchful eye on the northeast corner of that hillside. that's just over my left shoulder in that area. he says there's a lot of unburned fuel in that area. he says that he hopes to have the fire 106, 100% contained. >> by morning reporting live in fairfield, i'm rob nesbitt. kron 4 news. thank you, rob. last week the open a stadium project was kept alive when the san francisco bay conservation and development commission voted. >> to remove the howard terminals designation as a port priority use area, meaning it no longer has to be a used for port related activities. but now the a's are facing yet another hurdle, the possibility of a public vote. our first and current reports. >> the mayor is leaving office of the end of the year. there's going to be a new council we really have between now and the end of the year to get this sorted out. >> he's president dave kaval made it clear last week. the a's want the city council to vote on their howard terminal
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waterfront ballpark project before the end of the year. but there could be another roadblock at tuesday's city council meeting councilmember noel gallo proposed letting the public decide with an advisory vote during the november election during a public hearing, speakers were ublic vote were from and their beliefs. >> we deserve the right to vote whether to use our federal, state and local county city public dollars for this project or not. is a money grab that used to get most of the but $4. more than 11,000 open residents who signed a petition in support of the ballot measure. the oakland a's stadium should be built at the >> different structures already what are you afraid of? people have our say? >> but those opposed to a public vote say this is simply a stalling tactic designed to kill the project is proposal to put howard terminal howard terminal project initiatives. a point. >> we know it's point
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embarkation of public outrage by opponents to delay the project. please don't honor this. talk you. a city council members. >> are the ones that have been voted into office to make the decisions you've been doing a great job. don't delay this anymore. this is something it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. i hope our city council does not delay anymore. >> we certainly don't want to see this project go away. a decision by the council is due later in the evening. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> coming up, a new omicron subvariant posing a threat for a summer surge. would one infectious disease expert is saying about how concerned we should be and the city of san leandro looks to address a shortage of police officers. a proposal being considered tonight city council meeting. also the electorate fire in amador county explodes in size overnight, forcing evacuations there. we'll have a live report and an evacuation center update when we return.
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i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. little muggy around the bay area gets a clouds finally party in the afternoon to get ready. th
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>> the electorate fire burning in amador county has now grown to about 3,000 acres this afternoon. officials have expanded evacuation orders says thousands of people are now without power. and we want to welcome a monica de and she joins us now live from just
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outside of pg and e powerhouse night while firefighters battled this monica. >> where does it stand at this hour? >> make a grant that dozens of family were out here by vox beach yesterday trying to celebrate the 4th of july when a scary situation broke out for them. the fire the electorate fire began near this area and those families were quickly ushered into a powerhouse just off this road. >> scary just being with my kids. i was crying. i was hysterical. and i was shaking for a while there. what started as a family day down at the river quickly took a turn, looked over and there is a smoke cloud that smoke cloud causing concern for families like them. a cool us. and then we saw people drive in drive into the right and their physical. what they must be going out. the way you can get out, though it's a dead akuila
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says an outdoor county sheriff's deputy told her they 50 others, including families with young kids, were also second side is really smoke in there. and you have 2 young kids. i mean, were you worried at all was going? yeah, i was worried about that. they were going to going to. it's not. i was worried about me or my husband. i mean, >> you know, we had people offer us masks and they gave them to the kids. mccool felt trapped as a mother. she just wanted to get her 5 year-old daughter and one year-old son home safely. finally around 10:00pm. they got the green light driving down this road, surrounded by flames. but they didn't do a really good job, stopping it. >> and that family is happy to
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be back home tonight and thankful that those first responders were able to keep everyone that was here last night. safe reporting live from m north county when he died and a kron. 4 news. all right, monica, thank you for that. and the reporting live for from and the door county. >> i mean, well, contra costa fire fighters believe illegal fireworks led to the loss of a home in pittsburgh last night. fire crews responded here. >> 2 reports of a fire on lynbrook drive when they showed up. they found the house engulfed in flames. nobody was injured, but she rita wilson and her family have now been forced from their home. she says they were inside when her son noticed the house was on fire, although they heard fireworks going off in the neighborhood, they do not know exactly how their house caught fire. >> i mean, it was all around going offside owned. it wasn't necessarily my neighbors or anything, but we heard them all around fall. >> according to the contra costa fire districts, there were nearly 80 fires over this
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holiday weekend, which they know is actually slightly fewer fires than the same time period last year, although the 4th of july may be over. % officials are reminding people that fireworks are illegal and they're asking folks not to use them in order to try to prevent more fires. but who's listening? because a lot of people were set them off last driving home last night. i mean, all the official fireworks displays and come to a close. but the whole bay area, which is lighting up. >> right into the wee hours, something you know, we did catch a break on the weather really played a big role. lot fire danger down. yeah. a lot of moisture out that we have that fog out there. one again, we have a lot of drizzle to start out the day today. and that's really been a very helpful, though, suppressed the fire due to fog begin to make its way through the golden gate bridge right now as we speak. and we'll see a good run at it again. so that, again, will bring all that moisture to the interior valleys, keep the fire danger down. i mean, the hill still brown. i mean, they can still burn. they just won't burn as rapidly temperatures. 77 degrees in san jose right now. 75 in palo alto. you've got 66
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in pacifica, muggy there. 67 degrees in san francisco. 75 in napa and 72 degrees in petaluma kind of a mixed bag off the coast. i remember we're tracking that cold front yesterday. that factor into the 4th of july forecast. now you've got the low that is still headed toward california in the bay area. that low going to move overhead tonight, bringing with it more low clouds and fog and shoving a further on shore. we're m% going to see a really good run. fog and more drizzle in the forecast overnight tonight. just some patchy fog out there right now. kind of broken after a very great day specially coast side stepped outside this yeah, kind of muggy out there. the dew points running very high right now. so feel very humid all around the bay area. mostly sunny, as we head toward the 8 o'clock hour, although we're going to see that low cloud deck continue to move on shore. in fact, here we go. watch what happens overnight tonight. there you go shoot all the way into the central valley. a very deep push to the low clouds and fog expect. that's the way you wake up. but you're not going to finish that way by tomorrow afternoon. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few
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minutes, right, lawrence? tonight, the san leandro city council is going to consider a proposed proposal to pay its police officers an additional $20,000 just to retain them. >> city leaders say the department is over 40% vacant, meaning there is an active deployable staff of less than 60%. all officers, dispatchers and command staff would be eligible for the pay incentive, which would be made in 3 payments over the next 2 fiscal years. officials say the money would come from the salaries not being paid to those vacant positions. still ahead, west nile detected in the south bay. the area set to receive treatment to try to avert. >> prevent further spreading. >> and it's still 4 months away. but we now know the 7 pvoters are going to see on th november ballot. what voters will be as
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okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ >> decisions, decisions from abortion rights to sports betting voters will be weighing in on several proposed changes to state law come november. >> ballot initiatives actually are officially set for the upcoming year. and our ashley zavala breaks them down. >> california voters will weigh in on 7 ballot initiatives this year. the propositions qualified either because of action the state legislature took or the citizens ballot initiative process. the first you'll see on this year's ballot as proposition one relating to abortion. it asks voters to amend the state constitution
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to guarantee the right to choose abortion and contraception. the next 2 propositions are expected to be this year's big ballot box fight on sports betting proposition. 26 allows federally recognized native american tribes to operate sports wagering plus roulette in dice games on tribal lands while proposition 27 would legalize online and mobile sports wagering allowing californians to use sites like fanduel and draftkings supporters of prop. 26 opposed this measure. proposition 28 would provide additional funding for arts and music education in all k through 12 public schools, including charter schools. for the 3rd time voters will be asked to weigh in on another attempt to regulate dialysis providers with proposition. 29. similar initiatives failed in 2018 and twenty-twenty. this year's version requires a physician, a nurse practitioner or a physicians assistant with 6 months relevant experience to be on site during treatment at outpatient, kidney dialysis clinics. proposition 30 would boost funding for 0 emission
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vehicle infrastructure, including incentives to buy the cars and charging stations. it would increase taxes on those with personal incomes of over 2 million dollars by 1.0, 7, 5%, last, but certainly not least contentious proposition. 31 aims to halt a state law from going into effect that bans the retail sale of some flavored tobacco products across california. the legislature approved the ban in 2020 in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> a desperate plea from wnba star brittney griner. the letter she sent to president biden from behind bars in a russian jail. and the new general manager for the san jose sharks makes history today. his journey as he becomes the nhl's first person of color to hold that position. also, the calls for stricter gun laws growing louder after the tragedy and illinois. yesterday we're live in the nation's capital after the break with more on how
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>> here in the u.s. gun violence spiked over the holiday weekend. according to the nonprofit gun violence archive mass shootings took place in 9 states on the 4th of july alone. according to the latest data, 65 people were injured by gunfire and 9 people were killed, at least shooting on the 4th happened in highland park, illinois, here where 7 people were killed and dozens were hurt. >> the alleged gunman has been
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charged with 7 counts of first-degree murder. the white house has ordered flags to be flown at half-staff to honor the victims of yesterday's shooting in illinois. kron four's washington, d.c., correspondent raquel martin joins us now live from the nation's capital. raquel, how are people in washington responding to yet another mass shooting? >> grant, vicki, good evening. what we know that president biden and the vice president are among the course of democrats now calling for a ban on assault weapons. that's after today. we heard from law enforcement that the gunmen at this shooting was carrying an ar 15 style gun. >> my team was just at the very beginning of the parade route, illinois democratic congressman brad schneider with at monday's july 4th parade in highland park when the shooting began, the moment was shattered and lives destroyed. schneider represent the now morning community in washington. he says the shooting makes clear congress must do more to keep guns out of the


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