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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 5, 2022 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> now it's 6.30, in the u.s. gun. violence spiked over the holiday weekend. according to the nonprofit gun violence archive mass shootings took place in 9 states just on the 4th of july. according to latest data, 65 people were injured by gunfire and 9 people were killed. as we reported the deadliest shooting on july 4th happened in highland park, illinois. that's where the 7 people were killed and dozens of others were hurt. >> that gunman in that mass shooting has been arrested and is facing 7 counts of first-degree murder. investigators say the gunman
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their fire more than 70 rounds with an ar 15 style gun. he dressed as a woman to blend into the crowd and hide his tattoos as he tried to escape police after the shooting. investigators say the gunman use the high powered rifle to spray bullets from atop a commercial building into the crowd below that had gathered for the holiday parade. more than 30 people were wounded. authorities say the shooter spent several weeks planning this assault. renewed calls today for stricter gun control laws following the deadly mass shooting there. the white house is reiterating its desire for congress to ban assault weapons. this comes just days after the president signed an historic bipartisan gun control bill. despite the forward movement on the issue, many advocates are still pushing for more democratic congressman brad schneider, who represents highland park, was at that 4th of july parade yesterday when the shots rang out. >> my team was just at the very beginning of the parade route. the moment was
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shattered and lives destroyed. i support a ban on assault weapons. these are weapons of war. >> dozens of republicans voted against the gun control legislation most claiming restricting a constitutional freedom would not solve america's gun problem. >> an investigation is underway in philadelphia after a highway patrol officer and a sheriff's deputy was shot during a 4th of july concert. there. the officer was grazed on his forehead. the deputy shot in the shoulder. both men were simply providing security for the concert. they have since been released from the hospital. no arrests have been mape in their shootings here in the bay area. san jose police arrested a 15 year-old boy for having a ghost gun. it happened over the weekend while officers were conducting fireworks enforcement in the alviso neighborhood. >> the teen was booked into juvenile hall. police said, quote, 15 year-olds have no business with concealed guns.
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a 19 year-old vallejo man has been arrested on suspicion of >> shooting and killing another man earlier this year. police say damian jones junior had previously been identified as a suspect in the killing on friday. officers pull jones over in an unrelated traffic stop and they took him into custody without incident. he's accused of shooting and killing le proud briggs of allay back on march. the 18th an investigation continues. happening now, the san leandro city council is in a meeting discussing a proposal to pay its police officers. >> an additional $20,000 just to retain them. city leaders say the department is more than 40% vacant. that means there is an active deployable staff of less than 60%. officers, dispatchers in command staff would be eligible for the pay incentive which would be made in 3 payments over the next 2 fiscal years. officials say the money would come from the salaries not being paid to those vacant positions. we'll bring you the update when the
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city council makes its decision. >> let's check on our 4 zone forecast this evening. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza area and traffic very light at this hour chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here. things are slowly drying out, but there's some big around the this the time of year they can see really significant, whether it's kind of rare this under that's actually forming right now. this is a widespread wind event storm and along boundary here you see a sliding on by making its way. all the dakotas now into iowa right now. and we're seeing some major windy conditions along that path, 80 90 mile an hour winds. look at all the reports of all the wind damage in along that area. so they've seen toppled trees. what a mess. it's going to be and probably going to be that way for the next couple of hours here. as the sun sets, it should begin to lose some of that energy. but this is an extremely damaging storm making its way across the country right now. all right. let's take a look at another major storm system. one, this one is bonnie bonnie spinning
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around out there right now off the coastline of mexico. you can see out polk not too far away begins a big-time waves along the coastline. you can see the current track, though, and it's a good news is is a major hurricane. it is moving away from the mainland right now. a category 3 storm sustained winds of 115 miles per hour moving west northwest right now at 15 miles per hour. do currently taking on this track, expected to move into some cooler waters and fall apart by the end of the week. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. from abortion rights to sports betting voters will weigh in on a number of proposed changes to state law come this november. the ballot now officially set for the upcoming election kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala breaks them down. >> california voters will weigh in on 7 ballot initiatives this year. the propositions qualified either because of action the state legislature took or the citizens ballot initiative process. the first you'll see on this year's ballot as proposition one relating to abortion. it asks voters to
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amend the state constitution to guarantee the right to choose abortion and contraception. the next 2 propositions are expected to be this year's big ballot box fight on sports betti26 allows federally recognized native american tribes to operate sports wagering plus roulette in dice games on tribal lands while proposition 27 would legalize online and mobile sports wagering allowing californians to use sites like fanduel and draftkings supporters of prop. 26 opposed this measure. proposition 28 would provide additional funding for arts and music education in all k through 12 public schools, including charter schools. for the 3rd time voters will be asked to weigh in on another attempt to regulate dialysis providers with proposition. 29. similar initiatives failed in 2018 and twenty-twenty. this year's version requires a physician, a nurse practitioner or a physicians assistant with 6 months relevant experience to be on site during treatment at outpatient, kidney dialysis clinics. proposition 30 would
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boost funding for 0 emission vehicle infrastructure, including incentives to buy the cars and charging stations. it would increase taxes on those with personal incomes of over 2 million dollars by 1.0, 7, 5%, last, but certainly not least contentious proposition. 31 aims to halt a state law from going into effect that bans flavored tobacco products across california. the legislature approved the ban in 2020 in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news next on kron. 4 news at 6. president biden honoring some vietnam war veterans. how those men risk their lives to save others. singer r kelly is off of suicide. watch now how the reversal happen. ahead.
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>> to the latest developments in the war in ukraine. the u.s. and other allies say they are trying to help ukraine meat is most urgent needs while also offering assistance with longer term rebuilding projects. meanwhile, as russia and that's us further into ukraine's each an eastern region. the mayor of sloviansk of an ace slogan east is telling residents to evacuate. that city has come under heavy russian shelling over the last few days. it is believed to be a major target of president putin as russia looks to gain control of the entire donbas region. >> wnba star brittney griner
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has sent a handwritten letter to president biden asking him not to forget about her and other american detainees in russia. she wrote, quote, i'm terrified i might be here forever and quote, griner's representatives shared the letter with the public right are also asked the president if he can do all he can to bring her along with other americans home from russia. griner's wife, cherelle griner says the white house is not doing enough to secure brunt of britney's release. russia detained the 31 year-old basketball star back in mid february, accusing her of having a vape cartridge filled with hasheesh oil in her luggage at an airport near moscow. in sports, the sharks have a new general manager and the higher also makes nhl history. helen mill
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>> some 4th of july travelers are just now returning home after a tumultuous weekend at airports across the country. airlines canceled more than 2200 u.s. flights this holiday weekend. and more than 25,000 flights were delayed. more than 9 million passengers passed through the nation's airports between thursday and sunday. t ace tsa reported a peak of 2 and a half million on friday. that is a pandemic era record. experts say travel demand recovered faster than airlines expected. at our 4 zone forecast. as we give you a live look at to where the airline action is in the bay area. one of the many ways
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sfo. right. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with a travel forecast. yeah, traveling around the u.s. as we mentioned, has been a little here in the bay area. you know, they haven't been too bad even with the fog. >> which is somewhat surprising. usually get some fog at sfo. you're already talking about some delays, partly cloudy skies, westerly wind there. still 70 degrees outside. no delays at sfo can say that for the rest of the country. in fact, if you're traveling across looking at some delays now, laguardia airport also into chicago. sunlight the laser things are opening clear again, that big storm system moving across the country's midsection that's causing some air conditions, obviously. but all around the bay area. tomorrow, we're going to very good air quality outside is we've got that nice, fresh ocean air that will continue to sweep on shore. you'll see it here. all the clouds rolling in overnight tonight even into the central valley. patchy drizzle again showing up around the bay area, especially along the coastline. little swirl begins to move in as we head in toward thursday and friday. and that's going to be enough to ramp up that marine layer, keep it around. i think a
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little bit less, though, as we head in toward friday and over the weekend, temperatures will start to get a little hot spots. not tomorrow, though we've got 50's and 60's account on into san francisco. it will be another wet night along the coastline plan on some drizzle overnight tonight and into the morning hours tomorrow, out toward the beaches, you'll find a little more sunshine by the afternoon as you make your way in the millbrae and burlingame, 72 degrees should be sunny in the afternoon in redwood city. starting out with patchy fog in them, then much of the south bay, but lots of sunshine by the afternoon and it will waem up just a little bit. i think inland, even if we start out some gray skies early on 70, some low 80's by tomorrow afternoon where the warmer spots, maybe about 82 degrees in fairfield back toward the coastline, though, keep it in the 50's and the 60's and the next couple days. we slowly watch those temperatures marching up into the weekend that started to get hot 90's on sunday and into monday. president biden recognize for military heroes today giving them the medal of honor. the gestures meant to thank them for >> unique acts of bravery during their service. our
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washington, d.c., correspondent hannah brandt takes us inside this special ceremony. >> the medal of honor is the nation's most prestigious decoration for military service. and president biden says each man earns the award by going beyond the call of duty. >> they stood in the way of danger. rush, everything, literally everything to defend our nation and our values. the president awarded the medals to the late staff sergeant edward can shero specialist 5 dwight birdwell specialist 5 dennis. we ge and major john duffy. and he recounted how each of them risk their lives to save fellow service members during the vietnam war. more than 50 years ago. but time is not diminished. are astonishing bravery. >> they're self the system putting the lives of others ahead of their own and the gratitude and we as a that the president says the recognition is not only well deserved, but also long overdue. >> we're setting the record straight. were upgrading the awards of 4 soldiers to perform acts of incredible
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heroism. >> president biden says congress helped make this moment happen by ordering interview of historic actions by asian americans, native americans and pacific islanders who served in the vietnam war to make sure all our country's heroes are acknowledged ensure that united states. >> lives up to our promises. through those who give their best for our country will always always people are best to you. >> president biden also took a moment to honor woody williams, a veteran who died last week. he was the last surviving world war, 2 medal of honor recipient at the white house. i'm hannah >> and by the way, major john duffy who received the medal of honor in washington lives in santa cruz. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the san jose sharks made history today when they announced my career as their next general manager. greer is the first black gm and the nhl's 105 year history. greer,
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most recently was the hockey operations advisor for the new york rangers. he previously served as an assistant coach of the new jersey devils from 2018 to 2020 and was a scout for the chicago blackhawks in 2014 to 2018. we're spent 14 seasons playing in the nhl before retiring in 2011 sharks. president jonathan becher said greer is leadership and desire to win or 2 qualities that made him stand out. the organization is looking to turn things around after 3 disastrous seasons finishing 22nd 26022th and 29th in the leak. where says he's ready to do just that will also appreciating this historic moment. >> it's something i'm extremely proud of. you know, my job is to do the best i can for the san jose sharks organization. and if i do that, hopefully opens the door to it to give other opportunities to other minorities to. get in front office positions and lead a team down the road as well. i don't have a timetable on the coach, but it's definitely something you know, probably starting today. wells.
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supreme. why have we have list together? will start reaching out, trying to make contact with the people would like to speak with. >> where is big james wiseman chase center watching the final game of the california classic worries versus heat. check out this it has is between the legs of miami defender in soccer that school did not make quinndary weatherspoon finishes for 2 of his 14 points. moses moody catches the heat. defense napping with this backdoor cut in the he has 13 point lead. however, the heat pulled away us a product jamari who yang getting in on the action inside and gets a layup here. he had 13 points. heat win it. 94 72 words, go '03, of the california classic about some really begins this friday. las vegas weisman is expected play at some point, you know, >> it seems like anything. steph curry touches turns to pull even the jerseys on his back, the jersey, the baby-faced assassin more during game one of the nba
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finals recently sold for more than $203,000 101 visitor made its people battled for the garment and be options. however, that's not even close to the most expensive jersey. a kobe bryant jersey from his rookie season sold for nearly 3.7 million dollars. >> onto the tennis court, novak, djokovich joke events trying to advance to semifinals at wimbledon. >> he actually dropped the first 2 sets economic center. and frustration was apparent from the joker's, the shoulder checks, campfires, camera. but the number one seed cape storming back, winning the next 2 sets. >> then in the 15 males to create candid winner falling to the ground, spectacular stop match points center hits the nats djokovich wins the final set 6 to 2 advances. semis. >> rafael nidal hopes to join and adult place on wednesday morning. that's all we've got
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: the oswald connection. the fourth of july suspect's obsession with jfk's assassin. his bizarre where's waldo get-up the shocking video. is he descending into madness? and just revealed. he was dressed as a woman. then, the little boy lost in the chaos of the massacre. >> the frenzied search for his family. >> announcer: and lucky lily. a bullet grazed her face. plus, the quick thinking dad. >> he looked around for a safe place to hide the boys and he found, of all places, a metal dumpster. >> july 4th jitters in the wake


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