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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  July 7, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> good morning and thanks for waking up to. i'm glad that you did that. you are too. yes, possible today. absolutely. you're up early enough to catch us here at the 06:00am hour let's get nice and bright outside. but still a great once again this morning. >> ok, well, let's see what's going to happen later. john will getting sunnier. that's for sure. from the great to a lot of sunshine later today that a little less of that muggy feel as humidity is not going to be as much of an issue today. your view outside right now, the market arrow sitting under the gray that most of us across the bay are currently seeing. temperatures did fall a little bit furthes last night. and part of the reason of that can be attributed to and it's not so moist out there. so just starting the day, little bit cooler ending the day on a really, really comfortable note ahead of us, some 70's and 80's to look forward to today, but not lasting, talking big changes towards the weekend. in your forecast, let's get a look at our roads still holding up just fine at the bay bridge where you are looking at a 10 minute drive across it. no metering lights. yep. you know, when those get
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turned on, that's when we'll start to see your backup. san mateo bridge, 12 minute drive over it. the richmond center fell at 7 minutes holding steady and the golden gate bridge doing great under gray skies. but no fog for you. james and ari. >> thanks a lot of time. 6 o'clock right now and the bodies of the 3 oakland man who jumped into the delta to try to save a relative who appeared to be drowning. those bodies were found. yeah, they were fishing on granite island, recreational area on sunday when an 8 year-old began struggling in the water. and that's when they all jumped into the river. >> to save that child, the sheriff's office says that that child was eventually rescued. but 3 of those 5 adults who jumped in didn't make it. that's so tragic, iun't it that they all wanted to help? and 3 didn't make it. the rio vista fire departmenf says they pulled bodies from the water on tuesday. first responders want to remind everyone that the water >> can be stronger underneath and it appears from the surface.
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>> people travel from sacramento, the trouble for the bay area. the come to this area, fish and a look at the water and the surface, it appears to be called. they let their guard down a little bit and then they end up in the water and they realize how strong the currents are. >> and we're told none of the 3 men were wearing life jackets and that, unfortunately, isn't the only drowning that happened this week. yes, a 9 year-old as well. a boy died yesterday and drowned in apartment complex swimming pool in mountain view. we've >> these drownings serving as a reminder that water safety is very important as we head into the summer months and a lot of families are going to be enjoying pools for sarah stinson. >> live with that part of the story. sarah. >> james darya. that's right. we've got a warm weekend ahead of us. we've got hot summer months ahead of us. so this drowning of a 9 year-old boy, it's a sobering reminder to be extra careful when in the water, not only with your kids, but you yourself as
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well. let's take a look at maps. you can see where this drowning happened in mountain view at an apartment complex. it happened yesterday around 4 in the afternoon at the 1800 block of and an airy edmond, merry way in mountain view. the boy was found unresponsive in a pool 9-1-1, dispatchers told the caller to do cpr until paramedics got there. the child was taken to hospital where he tragically died. the mountain view police chief says this is completely devastating. the whole department is thinking about the family involved. detectives are still trying to figure out how the boy, what all happened. but police took the time to hand out some water safety tips, which are always good to go over as we do head into more summer months. let's take a look. it's important to supervise your kids closely while they're in the pool or any body of water more closely than you could even imagine these things happen quickly, lou, cpr, this could really see anyone's life, especially
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at a pool or body of water where there is no lifeguard use a buddy system always swim with someone to swimming spots that have lifeguards when possible. but system is actually very helpful for people with medical conditions who are trying to enjoy a good swim. have your kids wear floaties when they're in the pool, especially if they do not have basic swim skills. and if you're in those open waters always wear a life jacket, know the risks and weather conditions of that day. now the drowning of a child is a parent's worst nightmare. more children, ages one to 4 years old, die of drowning than any other cause of death size, birth defects and this is, again, just a very sobering reminder to everyone be extra cautious as you're out there, trying to have fun live out here at a swim center where, of course there's a lifeguard. but even so those tips are very helpful. all right. james, back to you. >> all right. a terrible way to be reminded, but it's really important. thank you, sir. >> you know,
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>> all right. so those were the scary moments where a bullet narrowly missed an east bay couple driving on 5.80. they were caught apparently in the crossfire of this freeway shooting. again, glass flying where crawford, taylor sec actually spoke to them about what happened. >> you >> terrifying moments as bullets flew across i-580, while garrett mason and his fiance were leading oakland to drive to pleasanton a couple weeks ago. >> i noticed the vehicle in front there passenger got outside of there window. basically we're sitting. and their passenger side window facing backwards and then literally a second later, you hear about 4 gunshots. i believe one of which went to of this vehicle. mason says the stray bullet entered his passenger side window. >> just barely missing his
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fiance. >> and exited out the back window shot without he says it was a close call, but they're both physically okay. jason says he saw the 2 suspect vehicles minutes before the shooting began in broad daylight approaching the freeway. a vehicle. >> kind of us off at a four-way stop. >> and at that point. that he got onto on-ramp line, the vehicle behind me was also on my tail. those 2 vehicles then broke off and started the and weaves through traffic. he says the suspect shot at a black mercedes car for smaller car, possibly a hyundai. usually the guy getting shot at his car might have been hit because in the the new words quite heavily. >> but that that just the and trying to you know. >> the content mason says he filed a police report and is unaware of any other cars affected amid a rising freeway shootings. governor gavin
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newsom recently announced that alameda and contra costa counties would receive dozens of freeway cameras in the fall. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> 6, 0, 6, is the time in the south bay. 3 people in san jose are in custody after a months-long investigation into the city's 8th homicide of the year. 26 year-old ricardo padilla was arrested in oakland. 28 year-old joycelyn jose. and 31 year-old daniel macias was arrested in redwood city. all 3 now face homicide charges for the death of 28 year-old lucas torres. back on april. 16th, a motive is still under investigation, but police say at the time of the shooting, the victim in all 3 suspects went to a block party or some sort of altercation happened. in light of the recent deadly mass shootings that we've seen all around the country. senator alex padilla is hosting a roundtable focused on gun violence and it's going to happen this
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morning. they're going to discuss ways to address gun violence in california and also discuss the latest gun bill that congress just passed and how it aims to improve. the situation is called the safer communities act and it's supposed to improve background checks, help states implement red flag laws and invest in mental health services and more. that round table is virtual and it starts at 10 o'clock this morning. ok? >> well, san francisco mayor london breed is likely getting close to appointing a replacement for former district attorney jason bean, who you'll recall lost his job in a recall election. the mayor's pick will have to run in november than in order to hang onto the job. political analyst michael yaki says this is going to be a tough task for the mayor to come up with a choice that will make most voters happy. he says in his mind it's basically a 50, 50 chance that chase would a very well run again to try to get his job back. so whoever the mayor picks has to be somebody who can take him on potentially in november. michael says the bottom line is this is going to be a lot
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for the mayor to have to weigh. >> it's a very precarious political tightrope for the mayor because while and i said this an election night. people didn't like what the fact that we can came in as store where he was and never left. you never. he never moved to the center of all. you can do it like most politicians do, which is to figure a way to expand your base and she someone who has that knowledge and can can be in the center but also acknowledge the progressive ideas. that attendant entered believing they they believe in second chances. we believe and rehabilitation. this is this is not something where you just have someone who's going to say i'm going to be tough on law and order expecting to win an election in just a few in november. >> so whoever the will name. >> you know, it's anybody's guess now. michael says he has a couple of gases. one could be supervisor kathryn,
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stephanie, but he thinks that if that were the case, the mayor would have made that announcement by now. other names include former deputy da brooke jenkins. michael yaki says that that the one drawback might be the fact she's never run for office before. there's also longtime prosecutor nancy tung and former police commission member joe ally over a nice. there are some of the names also being floated as possible replacements. we will see what the mayor decides. 6.10, is the time. and now that a major cannabis tax is gone. the cost of buying marijuana is going down. >> the state got rid of the code of ation tax while making adjustments to the budget. the cultivation tax was more than $10 per ounce. medical cannabis attorney robert ray says that taxes like the cultivation tax resulted in the loss of customers. for many growers. >> it was almost impossible for small size cultivators to make a living at it and instead just deal with their neighborhood drug dealers instead.
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>> the bill eliminating the tax will also freeze the excise tax at 15% for 3 years after which the rate could be adjusted to replace money lost by the elimination of the cultivation tax. >> 6.10, is the time breaking international news. british prime minister boris johnson has resigned following days of defections and in his own party crippling his ability to govern. johnson has been in power for almost 3 years now, despite several controversies, including office parties that broke pandemic lockdown rules. and that seems to be the straw that broke the camel's back. johnson has appointed a new cabinet. he will remain in power until a new prime minister is selected. at 6.11. we'll take a break. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. >> hospitals across the bay area are bracing now for another covid surge. as one variant becomes dominant. we'll have that breakdown for you made while there's growing pressure on the biden administration to do something about the rise of violent crimes across the country.
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coming up after the break, we're going to see how the department of justice is responding. >> and today is eventually going to get pretty sunny. as for right now, we may be gray, but look at the 60's and 70's little compliment that sunshine later on. nurse mariyam sabo
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>> 6.14 right now. and can you still fit of the tail end of the big container ship? pink tanker ship coming into port. all the stuff that you want to costco is now just drive. finally arriving just yeah.
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the shipping delays, though. >> that's a real struggle. bill waiting on some stuff. but anyway, we've got john to the weather is actually jon's got another vantage point of that very same tanker a little bit of it. yeah, that's why we have the shipping delays there. painting it wasn't as it's made. it is kind of cool, right? also got the pink a little piece there at the exploratorium. what we've got this morning is gray. otherwise it's not the brightest of mornings just yet, but we will sit under some sunshine this afternoon. nice across the bay today. dried out across the north coast who already dry yesterday. low-pressure area still incurring in this cooler air mass that's been sitting in place for over a week now. high pressure ridge does eventually win out this weekend, though, from saturday into sunday, a big change of pace to be expected. so enjoy the weather. well, it's nice and comfortable. winds are not a huge factor. today. 15 to 20 miles per hour gusts a lot like yesterday was cloud cover president this morning, but less and less of it towards the afternoon. much like
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yesterday, bright skies to cap off this thursday on into tomorrow. a little bit of gray to start, but not as much as today. skies will grow clear a little quicker tomorrow and friday and saturday, the last of our comfortable once before sunday really brings the heat along with it. as for today, 60's for san francisco and or coastal spots, 70's for most of the rest of the bay. burlingame, a nice 71. we've got redwood city and san carlos and 74 south bay temperatures. you're staying out of the 80's today and enjoy it. san jose at 76 got to love that. pleasant to that. nice. 77 livermore. hughley at 78. well, the creek right at 78 degrees as well. oakland, san leandro, upper 60's barely making the low 70's right along the east bay shoreline will antioch in vacaville, our warmest spots in the mid 80's mid-eighties. this up will continue to see it or warmest friday and saturday then come sunday and temperatures spike well over 10 degrees up to the mid 90's. triple digits. not something we want to talk about, but got to get ready for a monday and
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tuesday. prepare for that heat and the heightened fire danger along with it. bayshore in coastal areas will see as much of a dramatic change remaining in the 60's to 70's bridges this morning holding up well, 11 minutes from the maze to fremont street. the bay bridge, the san mateo bridge. you just under some gray skies. but hay traffic's doing just fine. richmond center fell staying below 10 minutes and looking at the golden gate bridge. also very clear all the way up and down one '01, 1, one marin county had some issues the past couple of days with some really significant backups. you have nothing slowing you down this morning, james. all right, john, thank you. 6.17 is the time the gunman who killed 7 people during the 4th of july parade in highland park, illinois, not only confessed to the attack but told police he actually thought about launching a second mass shooting. >> hours later, brian entin explains. >> highland park parade shooter robert crimo in court on 7 murder charges and denied bond as disturbing details about what he had planned
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investigators say after he shot dozens of people at the 4th of july parade, he then drove more than 2 hours to madison, wisconsin, where he considered another attack. police say he had another gun in his car and 60 rounds of ammunition. he did see a celebration that was occurring in madison. >> and he seriously contemplated using the fire army and his vehicle to commit another shooting. >> police say crimo said he didn't do it because he didn't prepare enough. meanwhile, we're learning more about red flags in his troubled past. police called to his home 2 times in 2019, including a violent threat he made about killing people. but still he was allowed to buy 5 guns, sir. the shooter passed 4 background checks despite these reports of an attempted suicide. and the fact that he said he wanted to kill everyone and had this knife collection. how is that possible in a state with some of the strictest gun laws and how frustrating is that for
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you? so a couple things i made these comments yesterday that i think we need to increase our awareness about the red flag law. we can certainly get you the details of that red flag law. we have a little bit of information about that today. a just released police report details highland park police is interaction with the shooter in september 2019. >> it says robert stated that he was going to kill everyone in a redacted name was afraid to go home due to the nature of this threat and had a collection of knives in his bedroom. >> police talked to crimo and say he told them he wasn't going to hurt himself or anyone else. law enforcement says because the shooter's family did not press charges or request the weapons he would later by be taken away as part of the red flag law. the troubling incidents did not impact him buying guns. could the police have made that request, though, if the family didn't says the police went out to the home, could they have it on a case by case basis? and we depend on the individual information. >> that they had at that time, despite the police calls in the violent online videos and the troubling paintings on the side of the house and images obtained exclusively by news nation. the shooter's angele
6:20 am
telling news nation's adrian bankert on morning in america. this all came as a shock. >> i even knew about the incident and i had no idea about and, know, we told but did you have any sense that bobby was disturbed in any way or or less 2 years? well, as the month and i saw no signs of trouble. so questions towards me and the whole break. so on those low for me, those little signs, i saw nothing. mission to do this. shootings like this and parades at schools. the biden administration is coming under increasing pressure to do something about gun violence in this country. ring down the violence. >> we have alexandra limon joining us from dc with the very latest on the efforts there. alex.
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>> james and darya. good morning. the biden administration says it has been working to try to combat violent crime and that a recent 30 day operation that was carried out by the u.s. marshal service resulted in a large number of arrests to violent criminals, including 3 suspects who are wanted in connection with the mass shooting in philadelphia. >> the justice department says in june federal law enforcement arrested 1500 violent criminals through something called operation north star, which is an example of our efforts to protect our communities from violence, a violence. attorney general merrick garland says the operation focused on criminals wanted for the most serious offenses, including homicide in 10 major u.s. cities. this mission or anti violence crime initiative. >> that we've had in place since the beginning of 2021, however, officials say the country continues to deal with
6:22 am
crime issues, notably with ongoing mass shootings. most recently a gunman opened fire from rooftops on the cloud celebrating independence day in highland park, illinois. >> so far authorities say 7 people have died 20 minutes from the house. i grew up just another horrific reminder. >> violence leave the gun violence that we face. authorities say that gunman has now confessed to the crime and he had ar 15 style weapons. president biden and vice president harris are renewing their calls to ban assault weapons. and that's a call that lake county state's attorney eric rinehart echoes. yeah, a band of these types of weapons. >> between 1994 2004. everything shows that these types of horrifying devastating incident went down during that time. >> but right now there appears to be little to no desire among republican lawmakers to ban assault weapons. however,
6:23 am
last month congress did pass several new gun laws, including expanding background checks and providing money as an incentive for states to pass red flag laws. also increase funding for mental health reporting live in washington. alexandra limon. thank you, alex. time now 6.22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news and east bay woman is thanking neighbors. >> who helped and chris ukrainians who are fleeing the world. we're going to show what she was able to do in poland. nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin.
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>> 6.25 is the time in the east bay and read the woman back from poland where she was helping ukrainian refugees escape the war and cheese thanking her neighbors who helped to raise the money to make that journey happened so that she could help those in need when the war started. serie a started a gofundme page to raise money so that you could travel there and help the people fleeing the war. she raised more than $12,000 with the help of her neighbors and spent 2 weeks in poland in may, volunteering with a multicultural center that helped distribute clothing and food, toiletries and medicine for free. she says she's grateful to everybody who donated to the cause and she made sure to present them with sort of a telling of her experiences there. >> $2000, a pay raise $2000 point. we'll be able to make such a big difference. and
6:27 am
then i thought $5,000 is the money kept on coming in sometimes from total strangers because the people that you see here tonight forwarded the appeal on 2 friends who forwarded it to friends, etcetera. so we ended up raising almost $13,000. >> so she had a presentation for them about all that she experienced a did while she was there. she says the money helped fund relief efforts for several organizations there in ukraine. plus, it paid for an ambulance to go to a hospice center in western ukraine and to van loads of food to feed people at hospitals and a children's centers. >> and just ahead, the fda is making it easier for people to get their hands on the covid-19 pill packs of it on live with whe
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>> and we're a look at the weather. nothing remarkable today. know i look to the city from the distance and so quite nice, partly view. well, there you go. >> so enjoy it while it lasts. john's been warning us plenty about the heat wave that we're going to experience come the end of this weekend. let's get get the latest from that was center now. good morning, john. and then we got 3 more days of the nice stuff we've got spoiled lately with temperatures that have been comfortable for inland areas, especially >> today, tomorrow, saturday. these are the days to get out there before sunday gets here with a big warm-up low gray hanging out over the bay. but you can see that brightness
6:31 am
there in the distance. this is going to burn off quicker than it did yesterday and what we'll have today's abundant sunshine and even less muggy feel in fact, are cooler temperatures this morning can partly be attributed to the less moist atmosphere allowing temperatures to fall a little further overnight. why we're in the upper 50's this morning in mid-fifties across the north bay. all be breaking down. more of what you can expect as we start the weekend. and of course, the warm-up in the next week. still ahead, as far as our ridges go, we're still grates. 13 minutes at the bay bridge. you just saw the metering lights turn on. so that backup is now forming. but you're pretty typical stuff as you make your crossing there. as for the san mateo bridge unchanged since my last check with you in just a few more cars. but you're still at the limits. your drive times that affected richmond center fell bridge below 10 minutes to make your crossing there. and the golden gate bridge looking great. still consistently has been bad over and the past couple of days. but i've got good news for you this morning. nothing's holding the app as you get through marine into the city. darya james.
6:32 am
>> thanks a lot. 6.31, let's talk. covid cases are rising and that has local doctors closely watching the emergency rooms in the icu capacity. yeah, i do want to get to full crop forcefully to call shows us what they're seeing as again, covid cases are spiking. >> fortunately, the hospitalizations of in the icu utilization has been extreme advice. president of clinical affairs for john muir health doctor. nick, my kids says 32 hospitalized patients are being treated for covid-19 at the system's hospitals in concord and walnut creek. adding that 3 patients are in the icu. those numbers mirror what the hospital has experienced the last month, which doctor mike is says is manageable. this is where we want we want to get enough people vaccinated that there was nothing unity amongst the community that we knew we were going to be able to to weather the storm so that even u.s. infection rates went up. >> people wouldn't be a zone. that's kind of where we are right now. kumar is president and ceo of dignity, health
6:33 am
saint francis memorial hospital and saint mary's medical center in san francisco. >> he says the icu capacity at both hospitals has reached 70%. we've definitely got capacity, both medical center. so we're not in a surge capacity like we saw in january. we're just seeing a higher percentage of our patients actually come into hospital. that, by the way, happened to have covid as well. ucsf says 56 hospitalized children and adults have tested positive for covid-19 and its facilities in mission bay and oakland. >> that's a 7% drop from a month ago. statewide covid-19, related hospitalizations are up 40% since the first week of june. >> and the number of covid-19 patients admitted into intensive care units has increased 34% during the past month. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> and if you do get covid now it's going to be easier to get the covid pill. yeah. the fda announcing the pharmacist can now begin prescribing the
6:34 am
covid pill paxlovid. we've got kron four's camila barco standing by outside a pharmacy in burlingame with that story. good morning. camila. >> good morning. you guys previously only doctors and physicians could prescribe the covid-19 pill paxlovid. but now people can go to a pharmacist like the ones that cvs and walgreens and get the pill prescribed by those pharmacists and deiah. james, this is a game changer because doctors say that this bill needs to be taken as soon as possible for it to be effective. now paxlovid is pfizer's covid-19 pill and the pill is normally prescribed to people who have covid-19 and are at risk of getting terribly sick. but doctors like i said, should be to say that it should be taken within 5 days at the start of symptoms for 8 to be helpful. now people will be able to have more access to packs of it because more pharmacies are now able to prescribe the pill. but in order to get that bill, people need to bring in
6:35 am
some paperwork to those pharmacies. patients is show their recent health records like blood test also a list of any current medications that they're taking this way. pharmacist can determine whether someone who has covid-19 is eligible to be prescribed. pat summitt packs of now they don't have enough information as an alternative. pharmacist can also talk with the patient's doctor. there have been tested to treat sites and this allows people to get tested for covid and if they are sick, health care workers at those sites could prescribe treatments for covid. now expanding the test to treat program to include pharmacists could add thousands of additional options for patients and darya. james cvs health and walgreens. they have about 19,000 of those locations combined. so instead of now calling a doctor or making an appointment going to that appointment. and i'm having a doctor check on the covid-19 symptoms. if you do think you have covid-19 symptoms, you can walk inside a pharmacy
6:36 am
like cvs and walgreens. talk to a pharmacist show that paperwork and maybe then you will be able to be prescribed paxlovid send it back to okay, that good information. thank you, camila. and when it comes to covid, the cdc has now added 3 new destinations. >> that are at high risk for travel for a covid reasons tamala, morocco and sweden are now among the nearly 115 destinations that are on the list of places with high covid transmission rates. almost half of the places monitored by the cdc. they say are at a level 3. if you're traveling to any of the destinations on the covid list, the cdc recommends that you be up to date on your vaccines and they say if you're not vaccinated, you should travel to those places. in an attempt to avoid another nationwide baby formula shortage. the biden administration is working to help for manufacturers. stay in the u.s. market for good. the fda is going to help the producers meet existing
6:37 am
requirements so that they can keep selling their formula here in the u.s. those manufacturers are currently selling formula temporarily because we've had such a shortage. the agency is going to be hosting meetings and provide producers with a point of contact to assist them and make the application process more efficient. the white house says that by this sunday their efforts will have brought in more than 43 million bottles worth of infant formula into the u.s.. >> in the east bay, neighbors in danville on alert now following a string of recent crimes in the city. one of them was robbed in front of trader joe's last friday. police say 3 people robbed a man at gunpoint. officers arrested the group of robbers. 2 of them turned out to be teenagers. the other is 18 years old, but residents are still concerned. they're asking for a lot more police presence in danville. >> police in danville now i see. that they parked cars occasionally, which helps people slow down and look,
6:38 am
which is good. i don't know. maybe get out here more like on bicycles that the more presidents that way. >> well, there was a park danville police vehicle in that parking lot. shoppers say it's been there a while before last friday's robbery. san francisco assemblyman phil ting has announced a 30 million dollar grant to help stop crimes against the asian american pacific islander community. that money. we'll meet greater services for victims. more senior escort programs, mental health programs and additional activities that promote greater cultural understanding the asian american legislative caucus will also be using that money to fight anti-asian hate crimes over the next 3 years. just so we're very, very excited to see >> the grants go to many of our largest community organizations also working in large coalition, really proud of the coalitions that have come together to really work together to fight. >> ap, i hate.
6:39 am
>> yes, some of the groups already slated to get grants include the commission on asian pacific islander american affairs and the coalition for community safety and justice assembly member team is also working on a bill to get law enforcement agencies statewide to adopt official hate crime policies. >> it's and new revelations now in the mass shooting that happened in uvalde, texas. it turns out the gunman could have been stopped according to a report, an officer armed with a rifle asked his supervisor for permission to shoot the gunman after seeing him walking toward the school. >> but within moments he was gone. john lowe, washington has the very latest. >> according o this alert report, this all happened quick. the officer apparently turned to a supervisor asked for permission to shoot the gunman after seeing him walk toward the school, the rifle. then when he turned back around, it was too late and the gunman wasn't there anymore. report actually said the officer should have just taken the shot. i quote, a
6:40 am
reasonable officer would conclude in this case based upon the totality of the circumstances that use of deadly force was warranted. texas code does allow deadly force if an officer thinks it's necessary. according to the report the officer thought he might miss fire and hit the school instead hurting children. something else shocking that came out this report. there was also another officer who was near the gunman before he entered the school. this officer reportedly didn't see him as he was speeding into the parking lot. and according to alert, have the officer and driving more slowly or even parked and approached the school on foot. he would have had a better chance at seeing the gunman and possibly stopping him. now, there are some major issues here that alert pointed out outside of what we've already talked about. one, there were teams of officers at both ends of the hallway. this would have created a, quote, crossfire situation into officers did approach the doors. the gunman started firing, but then backed up which goes against alert code saying officers are expected to, quote, assume
6:41 am
risk and save innocent lives. and now it is worth noting that alerts as they did think officers went into the building quickly and moved toward sounds of gunfire but lost momentum once they were fired at. >> it was washington with that report. the shooter ended up killing 19 students and 2 teachers. >> well, today is set to be another one of our cooler than average days. it's a grey started as a where visibility and not so great right now. but skies and clear quicker than they did yesterday. setting us up for some 70's and 80's later on. enjoy it. sunday gets here with some 90's. your forecast ahead.
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>> 6.44 right now getting close in and really like more into fire season now. and there's a new tool to help keep us safe. yeah, hopefully can save some lives. it's called the watch duty app and it was launched last year in the north bay announced. >> in its use across the entire state. >> here's how it works. was created by hillsborough man as a way for people to stay in touch. an up to date with what's going on with wildfires in the area. about 30 people are monitoring the content posted by citizens and they're posting real-time updates from emergency services. >> it's just the. >> someone texting their friends about the fire on
6:45 am
their property and now to have a new price and value to the rest of the world and first responders. so we can really see where that the fire lines and parameters are. >> so it's like a network, you know, a network of neighbors helping out source of information. right? and this app currently has more than 100,000 people users. the app creators, they have plans to expand it to into california and be in the near future. okay. >> well, on that note, let's find out more about the weather as we're getting ready to enter into what's going to be a pretty warm stretch beginning tuesday and beyond. that's not good for fire risk. i know we all need to be prepared, yeah, we absolutely do. guys. i mean, we've been seeing fire sparking up lately with humid conditions and cooler than average conditions. so as we move into sunday and then especially next week is daytime highs inland. >> rise well into the 90's and triple digits with some much drier air in place. that means fire danger is going to become more and more critical this morning seeing some low clouds over the south bay right here.
6:46 am
cloud cover is not going to last as long as it did yesterday. we're in for a solid dose of sunshine all across the region. dry across the north coast as well. we're still in the midst of this nice dip in the jet stream. keeping us cool for the time being today. tomorrow saturday, the last of these cooler days, winds much like yesterday, not too much of a factor. 15 to 20 miles per hour gusts for the most part and cloud cover this morning. couple spots of drizzle in the east bay hills as well as near the coastline where we're seeing some dense fog this morning towards the afternoon today. lots of sunshine. enjoy it much like you did yesterday. hope less of a muggy feel today to on into tomorrow starting the weekend with some great during the morning. sunshine through the afternoon. saturday will be much the same with a grey start and then sunshine towards your saturday afternoon. the last day that we'll see highs maxing out in the 80's. today's daytime highs 60's for san francisco and at the coast. while temperatures along the bay shore in the 60's to 70's. in fact, most of us across the
6:47 am
day will end the day in the 70's saying carlos redwood city in palo alto, each at 74 south bay, temperatures mid to upper 70's. you're dodging the 80's today in the south bay with only a few spots actually reaching 80 degrees like concord, right at that number, walnut creek and danville in the upper 70's. well, san leandro to berkeley in the 60's mid-eighties that are very warmest. that's antioch in vacaville. well, napa and sonoma back in the upper 70's today. really nice day for you tomorrow and saturday, a lot like today, mid 80's that are very warmest. then comes the mid-nineties very quickly on sunday and triple digits by monday and tuesday. that's going make our warm today relatively cool. bayshore in coastal areas won't see as dramatic of a warm-up but will also be nearing 80 degrees by the bay on monday. as for roadways this morning, bay bridge looks good. we're at 12 minutes now to be during lights are on. but really resulting in a minimal delay there. it's actually quite light for your thursday would expect that more so on friday, but maybe a few more of a
6:48 am
seven-year lee weekend planned san mateo bridge, 13 minutes as well for you. richmond center fell up to 13 minutes now. nothing holding you up. once you get through the tolls and the golden gate bridge at 20 minutes from nevado down to the toll plaza and looking pretty clear overall with cloud cover over you rather than foggy, be driving into darya. and james, thanks a lot, john, at 6.48, let's talk sports and the giants trying to break that losing streak. yeah. the a's also facing toronto. we've got kron four's ken wayne with the highlights. >> the giants needed to win in the worst way in arizona. >> gabe kaplan company trying to get off the the slide that things weren't looking good early on. second inning, alex thomas singles to center off alex com. 2 runners score 4, nothing d'backs. that looks familiar. 8th inning now for 2 with a runner on pinch-hitter darin ruf. he skies one deep to left. that's gone for a 2 run shot. look at this. giants tie it up. it's now 4 to 4 top
6:49 am
of the 9th inning bases loaded for austin slater. here we go. says he suspects is the other way, too right. mike is strength ski. brandon crawford, both score giants are leading. 74 going into the bottom of the 9th. it's 75 the d'backs. get this. they load the bases to get sam long. strikes out. jordan luplow on the nasty curve ball right there. 3, the game is over. the giants. pull it out. they win. 75 snapped their longest losing streak since 2019 at 6 games. let's go. the other team in the bay area. the a's going for a season-best 3rd straight to 3 straight shots at the coliseum. the kids taking in a ballgame top of the 4th. the a's. nick allen makes a great diving stop throws to first. >> sir james could probably in. he likes it. game was scoreless going into the 6th inning in the 6 ramon lauriano deep to center. gone for a solo shot. it's his 6th of the
6:50 am
season. one, nothing a's. top of the 7th. the jays finally get to the pitcher matt chapman, the takes him deep to left center. it's gone. 13th homer for chappy. it's tied. 1 one. an inning later, bo bichette full system. ingle acevedo pitch down the left-field line. and it's gone for a solo blast to one toronto. and that's all it would take. that's a difference of blue jays win 2 to one. the a's hosts the astro's on friday. the cleveland browns have agreed to trade quarterback baker mayfield to the carolina panthers. cleveland will get a 4th or 5th round pick in 2024. depending on mayfield's playing time. mayfield, the number one overall pick in the 2018 draft at a record of 28 30 in 4 seasons with the browns, the signing of embattled qb deshaun watson prompted the move. the trade closes the door on the most likely landing spot for jimmy
6:51 am
garoppolo in carolina. but it could open the door for him with cleveland. if watson gets a lengthy suspension, otherwise it looks more likely than ever that the forty-niners might have to release jimmy g outright. finally, former san jose shark and a show defenseman brian marchment. he passed away on wednesday at the age of 53. the former enforcer was in montreal for the nhl draft as a scout for the sharks. no cause of death has been really san jose released a statement that reads bryant's lifelong love of hockey was unparalleled and he was amongst the most dedicated physical and fiercest players to ever play the game. he spent more than 20 seasons with the sharks organization. 334 games as a player and 15 years as a member of the shark scouting department, most importantly, brian was a loving son, husband and father. it is 6.51. we'll be father. it is 6.51. we'll be right back. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing
6:52 am
and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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♪ shake it and collect it. ♪ ♪ sort it, chop it, ♪ ♪ chop it, smooth it, ♪ blend it, blend it, ♪ almondmilk it. ♪ ♪ that's what it is. ♪ ♪ silk almondmilk. ♪ ♪ milk of the land. ♪ >> 6.54 right now and take a look at this spider. does it remind you of any famous mustache mascots? >> and i got to tell your head a little cam tilting where that black mark on the belly that white belly, a lot of people think it looks like the mustache on the pringles logo. >> it does look like a mustache. yeah. oh, yeah. pringles mister in fact. pringles is now petitioning to
6:55 am
have this spider's official name changed. >> to become the pringles fighters spider out. so the feeling to the this is cited what is or acknowledge e 9 other groups as well to have this officially changed. in fact, they've got a change dot org petition going on. not a lot of people signed a just yet. it's going to be a tough road because the spider has been named what it's been named since like the 1800's. so it's the kidney garden spider, officially in 18. 86 is when it was officially designated with that name. and i don't know some things are hard change. >> yeah, it was a why would i want like i don't want to think of spiders when i bite into a prank. i know i don't like the >> all right. maybe this some entertainment news for you. and if you like stranger things. well, turns out the creators of the show have signed a deal to create a new stranger things. spinoff series will be called stranger
6:56 am
or think is the strangest and they're also looking at a stage play too all set in the world of the original show. so we shall see. they're looking beyond stranger things to the king of horror himself. stephen king, they're working to adapt one of or novels to into a series. they're like the thinking of the talisman. one of his works is something they can adapt so well stuff, right? or the stephen king, some fall cleaning. and there's a whole lot more coming your way. apparently. >> 66 right now and coming up in the next hour, california just remove the cultivation tax on cannabis makers. what does that mean for cannabis buyers? >> and a couple caught in the crossfire on the freeway. a bullet barely missing them. we're going to play this video for you. we're going to hear from them as they talk about that moment. they almost going to die. we'll be right back. well, and recent drownings to or shading light on the importance of water safety. we've got a heat wave coming. lot of families will be taking kids to the pool into the
6:57 am
beaches. we'll have those warnings and those tips coming up in just a moment.
6:58 am
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>> and happy thursday. the yuan darya and james, as we're waking up this morning at 07:00am to a brighter and brighter conditions, although still pretty cloudy as we head out this don't worry will be long before we get more sun. and you probably even one just now. i know by the weekend, sunday, monday and tuesday of next week, especially that's what we're going to be looking at, maybe too much of that sunshine warming us up from the 80's that are very warm us today tomorrow and saturday. >> to the 90's and triple digits just a few days away from now. so enjoy what we've got. we've got the great this morning. sunshine will make its appearance towards the afternoon a little quicker than it did yesterday. even and rain-free really comfortable day day to day less muggy than yesterday was and that lack of moisture in the air, at least last of it has allowed temperatures to fall a little bit further than they did yesterday morning. but at this time yesterday we're mid to upper 60's what we falling back into the mid to upper 50's. a lot more usual morning lows across the bay area. now we will be talking that big change in your forecast. still to come. so stay with us for that.


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