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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 7, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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waking up this morning at 07:00am to a brighter and brighter conditions, although still pretty cloudy as we head out this don't worry will be long before we get more sun. and you probably even one just now. i know by the weekend, sunday, monday and tuesday of next week, especially that's what we're going to be looking at, maybe too much of that sunshine warming us up from the 80's that are very warm us today tomorrow and saturday. >> to the 90's and triple digits just a few days away from now. so enjoy what we've got. we've got the great this morning. sunshine will make its appearance towards the afternoon a little quicker than it did yesterday. even and rain-free really comfortable day day to day less muggy than yesterday was and that lack of moisture in the air, at least last of it has allowed temperatures to fall a little bit further than they did yesterday morning. but at this time yesterday we're mid to upper 60's what we falling back into the mid to upper 50's. a lot more usual morning lows across the bay area. now we will be talking that big change in your forecast. still to come. so stay with us for that. as
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for our roadways this morning, pretty one great at the bay bridge. we've got the metering lights on now, but that doesn't necessarily guarantee of a backup. and as you can see, there really isn't one only 14 minutes. get you across kind of wondering why it's so empty. maybe some of us took the day off. as for the san mateo bridge, a 13 minute drive across it looking good as well. richmond center fell only 12 minutes and looking great at the golden gate. 2 fog is sitting above us. the low cloud cover not interfering with your visibility. james and ari. thank you very much, john. 71 is the time and the bodies of 3 missing oakland man who jumped into the sacramento river to save a child. >> have now been recovered. now 5 adults and all were fishing on brandon island, recreational area on sunday when an 8 year-old relatives started struggling in the water and all the adults, jumped in the river to save the child. they did save the child, but only to adults successfully saved themselves. 3 didn't return to the shore.
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the rio vista fire department says that they ended up pulling those 3 bodies out from the water on tuesday and first responders want to remind people that the water can be stronger underneath and it looks from the surface. >> people travel from sacramento, the trouble for the bay area and the come to this area, this and a look at the water and that the surface, it appears to be called. they let their guard down a little bit and then they end up in the water and they realize how strong currents are. >> so the sad thing is that the child lived, but those 3 adults died trying to save him and they say none of them were wearing life jackets. and that's one thing that, you know, officials are advising it warning and reminding everybody going to be on the water protect yourself, wear a life vest in. this unfortunate was not the only grounding that we're following this week. in fact, a 9 year-old boy died yesterday. this time in an apartment complex pool. >> in mount view. yeah. and this is something that we're following this morning because we want to get the word out from officials as we hit the
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summer months. a lot of people are going to be swimming. kron 4 sarah stinson has a live report. sarah. >> yeah, that's right. this is such a sobering reminder to parents that have to be so careful with your kids in the pool closer than you can even imagine because it happens so quickly. i mean, even though pool like the one behind me, a swim center with a lifeguard. >> you have to be extra careful. let's talk about what happened with this tragic drowning of a 9 year-old boy. and take a look. we have a map for use. you can see where in mountain view this happened. it happened yesterday at 4 o'clock in the afternoon at an apartment complex on the 1800 block of n merry way in mountain view. the boy was found unresponsive in a pool 9-1-1, dispatchers told the caller to do cpr until the paramedics got there. the child was taken to the hospital where he later died. the mountain view police chief says the entire department is thinking of this family saying this is devastating.
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detectives, of course, are trying to figure out what led the boy to droning what will happen. but they took the time to release some safety tips to police about what you can do to to stay safe in a body of water. as we head into the hot summer months. first of all, it's so important to supervise your kids closely. as i said earlier, while they're in the pool or whatever type of water there in learn cpr, this could really help save anyone's life at the pool, especially a pool where there is no lifeguard use a buddy system always swim with someone, choose swimming spots that have left guard lifeguards when possible. have your kids wear floaties when they are in the pool, especially if they do not have those basic swim skills and even so and if you're in open waters always wear a life jacket, know the risks and weather conditions of that day. we just heard the last story of the dangers of not wearing a life vest and how dangerous that can be. and daria, james, i mean, just to put in perspective why those tips are so crucial. the cdc
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reports children ages one to for the most common way. reason for their death is actually drowning. that's the most common way that children one to 4 die. so it's so important that you adhere to those tips and be safe as we head into these hot summer months. i'm sarah stinson reporting live. we'll send it back to you. all right. thanks a lot, sarah. >> you >> okay. so what you just saw, there was the moment where a bullet narrowly missed an east bay couple that was driving along interstate 5.80. the couple says they were apparently caught in the crossfire of a freeway shooting. you can see just how terrifying it was with their dash camera capturing the entire think robert taylor per sackey actually had a chance to speak with them about what happened. >> you >> terrifying moments as bullets flew across i-580, while garrett mason and his
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fiance were leaving oakland to drive to pleasanton a couple weeks ago. >> i noticed the vehicle in front there passenger scott outside of there window. basically we're sitting. and their passenger side window facing backwards and then literally a second later, you hear about 4 gunshots. i believe one of which went to of this vehicle. mason says the stray bullet entered his passenger side window. >> just barely missing his fiance. >> and exited out the back window shot he says it was a close call, but they're both physically okay. jason says he saw the 2 suspect vehicles minutes before the shooting began in broad daylight approaching the freeway. a vehicle. >> kind of us off at a four-way stop. >> and at that point. that he got onto on-ramp, the vehicle behind me was also on my tail. those 2 vehicles then broke off and started the and weaves
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through traffic. he says the suspect shot at a black mercedes car from smaller car, possibly a hyundai. usually the guy getting shot at his car might have been hit because in where it's quite heavily. >> but that that just the and trying to you know, >> the carpet mason says he filed a police report and is unaware of any other cars affected amid a rising freeway shootings. governor gavin newsom recently announced that alameda and contra costa counties would receive dozens of freeway cameras in the fall. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> it's 77 in the south bay. 3 people are under arrest in san jose after a months long investigation into the city's 8th homicide of the year. 26 year-old ricardo padilla was arrested in oakland. 28 year-old joycelyn velasquez was arrested in san jose. and 31 year-old daniel macias was arrested in redwood city and now all 3 are facing homicide charges for the death of 28
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year-old lucas tourists who was killed on april 16th. they're still investigating the motive. but police say at the time of the shooting, the victim in all 3 suspects went to a block party where some sort of altercation happened. in light of the recent deadly mass shootings that we've seen all across the country. senator alex padilla is hosting a roundtable discussion focused on ways to reduce gun violence. the discussion is going to be looking at ways to address gun violence in california and touching on the latest gun bill that congress just passed and how it can help is called the safer communities act. and he's supposed to improve background checks, help states implement red flag laws, invest in mental health services and more. the roundtable is virtual and it's this morning. it starts at 10 o'clock. >> well, san francisco mayor london breed is likely getting closer to appointing a replacement for former district attorney jason with
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dean who lost his job in a recall election. the mayor's pick will have to run in november in order to hang onto the job. political analyst michael yaki says it's going to be a difficult task to come up with someone who we'll make most voters happy. in fact, he thinks it's a coin toss. whether chase up again will run again to try to get his job back. so whoever the mayor picks jackie says will have to be someone who can take him on. he says the bottom line is there's a lot the mayor's going to have to consider. >> it's a very precarious political tightrope for the mayor because while and i it's an election night. people didn't like what the fact that we can came in as store where he was and never left. you never. he never moved to the center of all. you can do it like most politicians do, which is to figure a way to expand your base and she someone who has that knowledge and can can be in the center but also acknowledge the progressive ideas. that that
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ended tend to believe and they they believe in second chances, we believe andrea billet, asian, this is this is not something where you just have someone who's going to say i'm going to be tough on law and order expecting to win an election in just a few months in november. >> so who will breed name has been being successor? well, yaki is guessing it could be supervisor catherine stefani, although he thinks she would have made that move by now. other names include former deputy da brooke jenkins. michael says the one drawback, though, may be that she's never run for office before. longtime prosecutor nancy tung and former police commission member joe alioto. very nice are also some of the names have been floating as possible replacements. >> it's 7.10, and now that a major cannabis tax is gone. the cost to buy marijuana is going down the state got rid of the cold of ation tax while making some adjustments to the budget. the cultivation tax was more than $10 per ounce. medical cannabis attorney robert raich says that taxes
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like the cultivation tax resulted in the loss of customers. for many growers. >> almost impossible for small size cultivators to make a living at it and instead just deal with their neighborhood drug dealers instead. >> the bill eliminating the tax will also freeze the excise tax at 15% for 3 years after which the rate could be adjusted to replace money lost by the elimination of the cultivation tax. >> so breaking news overseas, we have british prime minister boris johnson resigning this morning following days of defections in his own party, which has crippled his ability to govern. johnson has been in power for almost 3 years, despite several controversies, including office parties that broke pandemic lockdown rules. johnson has appointed a new cabinet and he says he'll remain in power until a new prime minister is selected. we'll take a break as we come up on 7.12 this morning. still ahead on kron 4 morning news
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hospitals across the bay area are bracing for another covid surge. >> as one particular variant becomes more and more dominant. also, an app is helping people stay updated on the latest with wildfires that are burning and this information is coming
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>> 7.14 right now and we are enjoying the weather before the heat wave days that we let's say today is wednesday.
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so thursday, friday, saturday gets 3 more days. that right, john? >> yeah, 3 more days. the at least nice stuff before 90's and triple digits. get here for inland areas which don't feel so nice anymore. we may be great this morning, but we can be thankful for continued side of that. nice cool down. we've been in the midst of and the cherry on top of today is the fact that humidity is going to be so noticeable. so less of that muggy feel as you venture out to enjoy the afternoon. just gray at the embarcadero. otherwise it is dry out there across the region. some of our east bay hills and coastal areas, a little more socked in and the seeing some sprinkles to drizzle. but you also have near the north coast, although conditions of dried out up there, too, dip in the jet stream in place. currently with us today tomorrow into saturday after that, your high pressure ridge builds back in and this is going to result in consistently much hotter conditions, especially inland for the rest of the forecast. after sunday. now, winds today, not as much of a problem as we saw earlier this week. pretty similar to
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yesterday, 15 to 20 miles per hour gusts out there. so we're putting a lot of factors here. one of the things we're repeating as a grey start followed by sunshine later on clearing out just a bit quicker today than it did yesterday. tomorrow morning. more fog, but a little less of it than today in clearing even quicker for your friday. so friday and saturday will offer plenty of afternoon sunshine to enjoy those 70's and 80's under. as for temperatures today, it 60's for san francisco. another beautiful day in the city. 60's at the coast of window of sunshine out there for you as well. well, 70's for most of our bayshore city. some of our spots seeing carlos redwood city in palo alto at 74. really nice for san jose at 76. all the santa clara valley down into the 70's today. pretty similar across the east bay livermore, a great 78. same for you in walnut creek, concord, one of our spots reaching the low 80's and are very warmest spots, antioch, in vacaville into the mid-eighties center fell at 77. great for you, too.
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tomorrow saturday continue to enjoy this nice weather. then comes the inland heat starting on sunday with some mid 90's and triple digits likely for some cities by monday and tuesday, at least are bayside in coastal areas will stay moderated by the cool ocean air only in the 60's and 70's. as for the bay bridge, his pen. almost a surprisingly easy morning for you. we do have the metering lights on. believe it or not. you can see cars slowing down ahead of that. but that's not resulting in any sort of backup. think we've got a lot of work from home people today. 13 minute drive across it. as for the san mateo bridge, a 13 minute drive for you as well. just a little back up there at the richmond center fell bridge. sure about the only backup we're seeing on any of our bridges and the golden gate bridge. 21 minutes from novato down to the tolls. james. john, thank you. 7.17 is the time and for your money this morning, one of the quickest ways to get the job lately. >> he's been to announce on social media that you've been laid off and major retailers
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are also having their own big sales to to compete with amazon prime days. we've got jane king standing by live at the nasdaq to explain. good morning, jane. >> yes, hi, james. i feel you want to be a lot of credit card action going on next week. we've got target walmart best buy macy's, others all planning their own sales days to compete with amazon prime days next week. so targets t deal days will run july 11th to the 13th. walmart's like 12 to the 13th as well. not the number of job openings slipped from a record high employers advertised fewer jobs in may amid signs that the economy was starting to get weaker, although overall demand for workers remain strong effect there. nearly 2 job openings for every unemployed person and despite a robust labor market, layoffs have been increasing in recent months, especially among tech companies. but according to the wall street journal, many of those laid off are going to social media to talk about it. and had surprising success finding new work that way. now career coaches advise the job seekers who post about it
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online. steer clear of bitterness. signal an appreciation of their time and their former employer and say they're excited to find a new adventure. and tsa officers have stopped over 3,000. firearms are passing through security checkpoints just in the first 6 months of this year. on average agents have stopped 17 firearms at checkpoints every day. now at this rate gun confiscation, airports are set for a record high this year live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to you. that is an incredible number to think about it. airports chain. >> thank you very much. >> 7.19, and happening today. some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment and politics. we'll get the nation's highest honors the medal of freedom. alex caprariello has the details. >> today president biden will present the presidential medal of freedom to 17 leaders from the worlds of sports politics and entertainment. it's the nation's highest civilian honor given to those who have made exemplary contributions to our country. the list
7:20 am
includes simone biles, the most decorated olympic gymnast in history. she's also a prominent advocate for the mental health and safety of athletes. children in foster care and victims of assault. gabby giffords, the youngest woman ever elected into the arizona state senate in a survivor of gun violence. she co-founded an organization dedicated to gun violence prevention fred. greg, one of the first black members of the alabama state legislature since its reconstruction as an attorney, he represented rosa parks, the naacp and martin luther king junior. sandra lindsay, a critical care nurse from new york and very first american to receive a covid-19 vaccine outside of clinical trials, sister simone campbell, a catholic leader and a prominent advocate for economic justice, immigration reform and health care policy and posthumous awards will also be given out to steve jobs, the co-founder of apple and ceo of pixar whose
7:21 am
inventions change the way the world communicates. and also john mccain's former u.s. senator and presidential hopeful who was also awarded a purple heart with one gold star for his service in the u.s. navy in vietnam. >> other recipients of the presidential medal of honor include u.s. women's soccer star megan rapino and oscar-winning actor denzel washington. >> it's 7 21 and in the east bay and or woman is back from poland where she help ukrainian refugees escape the war. >> and she is thanking the neighbors who helped to raise the money for her journey when the war started. sorry, ussery hyman started a gofundme account to raise money so that she could go to poland and help people fleeing the war. she raised more than $12,000 with the help of her neighbors. time is spent 2 weeks in poland in may volunteering with a multicultural center that helped to distribute clothing, food, toiletries, and medicine. and she says she's grateful to everyone who
7:22 am
helped. $2000 a pay raise $2000 point. we'll be able to make such a big difference. >> and then i thought $5,000 is the money kept on coming in, sometimes from total strangers because the people that you see here tonight forwarded the appeal on 2 friends who forwarded it to friends, etcetera. so we ended up raising almost $13,000 and all of that money helped to fund relief efforts for several organizations in ukraine. plus, it paid for an ambulance to go to a hospice center in western ukraine and to van loads of food to feed people in hospitals and children's centers. >> well, coming up on the kron, 4 morning news there is growing pressure on the biden administration to do something about the rising violence that we're seeing in cities across the country. we're going to see what the department of justice is doing in response. we'll be right back.
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>> it's 7.25. and as we get further into wildfire season, there's a new tool now to keep people safe. yeah, it's called the watch duty app and it was launched last year in the north bay and now it's beginning to spread across the entire state. the service basically was created by man in healdsburg. >> and it was meant to be a way for people to stay connected. and up to date on the latest with wild for
7:26 am
information that was coming in from a lot of different sources right now about 30 people are monitoring the content which is posted by citizens. >> and they're also pushing real-time updates from our emergency services. >> it's just the. >> someone texting their friends about the fire on their property and now to have a new price and value the rest of the world and first responders. so we can really see where that the fire lines and parameters are. >> right now the app has more than 100,000 users and the creator's plan to expand the use of this in california. >> just ahead, the fda is making it easier for people to get their hands on the covid-19 pill paxlovid. >> on live with where and how you can get it. introducing our most durable exterior paint. that helps protect against dirt and grime. take on your next project with hgtv home®
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by sherwin-williams everlast exterior paint & primer.
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>> 7.29 and we want to take a peek outside. you can see airport looks a pretty good. you we can't make up the san bruno hill. so still a little look great with low clouds out there this morning. let's see how things are going to shape up today. hi, john. yeah, definitely great this morning. but we get the clear skies later on today. and today is going to be really comfortable. one less humid than yesterday. so less of that muggy feel to it. and also a little sunshine a little bit quicker for you today. low gray over san francisco. can't miss it. looking out there for most of the bay area this morning. but
7:30 am
we do have a solid dose of sun to look forward to later today. now, one sign of at least less humid conditions temperatures falling a little bit further. this morning. we're in the 50's for most of the bay area compared to yesterday's mid to upper 60's at this point. so less muggy already. and as we move into the afternoon, that's just going to be the cherry on top. those 70's and low 80's that we can look forward to. i'm talking a much warmer sunday monday and tuesday of next week. still to come in your forecast, we've got really good news. bridges this morning. look at this. the paper hardly a backup there at the toll plaza in this is getting to the height of your morning commute right here. so it is an easy day to be heading into the city. i'm sure that is very welcome news for those of you that are looking at heading over that bridge here soon. san mateo bridge, 13 minute drive for you. also rolling at the limit. just a little bit of a slowdown before the tolls at the richmond center fellp but you're still moving on through golden gate bridge. 25 minutes from 37 to the tolls. overall, things looking good this morning. back to you. thanks a
7:31 am
lot, tom. all right. some breaking news this morning. basketball star brittney griner has pleaded guilty. >> to drug possession and smuggling charges. and these are pictures of griner walking into her trial earlier this morning. according to russian media griner, said that she had acted unintentionally because she was packing in a hurry. she was detained in february after vape canisters with canada's oil were allegedly found in her luggage. she faces up to 10 years in prison. she'll be back in court later this month. but political insiders say that there are rumors that this guilty plea may be needed in order to perform a possible prisoner swap. at some point, we'll see if that happens. >> it's 7.31. and let's give you the latest with covid now. hospitalizations are rising again statewide. the numbers are up 40% in the first week of june. yeah. and the number of covid patients admitted to intensive care units also went up by 34% during this past month. >> here in the bay area, health officials say the situation is manageable at
7:32 am
this point in san francisco, the icu capacity at dignity health's saint francis memorial hospital in saint mary's medical center is right around 70% in the east bay. 32 hospitalized. patients are being treated right now for covid in john myhre facilities in concord and walnut creek with 3 patients in the icu. those numbers mirror what the hospital has experienced over the last month. hospitalization numbers actually been reasonable. someone in the last search that we had, our biggest challenges tenants stopped. >> okay. well, ucsf says the 56 hospitalized children and adults tested positive for covid at its facilities in mission bay and oakland. that's a 7% drop from a month ago. >> and if you do get covid now it's going to be easier to get the covid pill to treat it. yeah. the fda, in fact, announcing the pharmacist can now begin prescribing paxlovid with the crop coming up. our co live outside a pharmacy in burlingame to explain. now, this could be good news for people who do come down with covid camila.
7:33 am
>> yeah. this is a game changer for people who do have covid before today. people with covid and who wanted paxlovid. they could only get prescribed by doctors and physicians but now state license parma says are able to prescribe the pill, too. and like i said, this is a game changer because people need to take this pill in order for it to be effective within a matter of days. now paxlovid is pfizer's covid-19 pill and they are given to people who have covid and who may be at risk getting terribly sick. now, doctors say the pill needs to be taken within 5 days at the start of symptoms for 8 to be helpful. so now people will be able to have more axes to packs of because more pharmacies are now able put to prescribe the pill. but in order to get it, people need to bring in some paperwork and to the pharmacies. patients the show, their recent health records like blood test a list of any
7:34 am
of the current medications of that taking this way. pharmacist can determine whether someone who has covid-19 is eligible to be prescribed path of it. now, if they don't have enough information as an alternative pharmacist to talk with the patient's doctor places that people can get it is at cvs and walgreens. cvs health has been providing people with covid vaccines and now they are able to provide people living in a statement kron 4 cbs representatives say, quote, we're pleased that the drug that the food and drug administration recognizes the clinical capabilities a pharmacist and are currently evaluating their guidance and actively working to expand access for patients by positioning our pharmacist to assess patients and prescribe oral antivirals as appropriate. now, cvs health has already has already provides covid-19 care at more than 1000 clinics inside drugstores and deiah james, half of it is now another thing that they're able to
7:35 am
offer to covid-19 patients. so like i said, a game changer for people who do have covid-19. they no longer have to call their doctor schedule that appointment and go into their doctor's office. they can now walk into a pharmacy and talk to a pharmacist in this way. it is much quicker and making get cured and relieve ourselves from this covid-19 symptoms. much quicker will send to and quicker is better when it comes to treating covid. thank you very much, camilla. and when it comes to traveling, there are destinations to stay away from because of covid. and the u.s. has just added 3. the cdc >> has added guatemala, morocco and sweden to the list of nearly 115 destinations that have high covid transmission rates. almost half of the places monitored by the cdc are now at a level 3. so they're saying that you should think about, well, don't go if you're not vaccinated is what they say. and if you are going to go, you need to me up to date. >> with your vaccines because they have a lot of covid in
7:36 am
these places. you go to the cdc's website for the full list. >> in the east bay, neighbors in danville are on alert now following a string of recent crimes in the city. one of robberies happened just outside of trader joe's last friday. that's when police say 3 people robbed a man at gunpoint. now officers did end up arresting that group of robbers and turns out 2 of them were teens. the 3rd was 18 years old. residents, though they're still concerned and they're asking for greater police presence. now. >> police in danville now i see. >> that they parked cars occasionally, which helps people slow down and look, which is good. i don't know. maybe get out here more bicycles. that be more presidents that way. >> well, there is a park danville police vehicle in the parking lot there at the trader. joe's shoppers say it's been there for a while even before last. friday's robbery. >> in the wake of the shooting that happened at the 4th of
7:37 am
july parade near chicago. the biden administration is now facing even more pressure to stop gun violence most recently a shooting in philadelphia as well. alexandra limon tells us. >> what the white house plans to do about this. >> the justice department says it has been working to combat violent crime and that a 30 day operation carried out by the u.s. marshal service resulted in a large number of arrests, including of 3 suspects in connection with the mass shooting on philadelphia's south street. >> the justice department says in june federal law enforcement arrested 1500 violent criminals through something called operation north star, which is an example of our efforts to protect our communities from violence. attorney general merrick garland says the operation focused on criminals wanted for the most serious offenses, including homicide in 10 major u.s. cities. this mission or anti violent crime
7:38 am
initiative. >> that we've had in place since the beginning of 2021, however, officials say the country continues to deal with crime issues, notably with ongoing mass shootings. most recently a gunman opened fire from rooftops on the cloud celebrating independence day in highland park, illinois. >> so far authorities say 7 people have died 20 minutes from the house. i grew up and it's just another horrific reminder. >> violence leave the gun violence that we face. authorities say that gunman has now confessed to the crime and he had ar 15 style weapons. president biden and vice president harris are renewing their calls to ban assault weapons. and that's a call that lake county state's attorney eric rinehart echoes. yeah, a band of these types of weapons. >> between 1994 2004. everything shows that these types of horrifying devastating incident went down during that time. >> but right now there appears to be no appetite among
7:39 am
republican lawmakers to ban assault weapons last month congress did pass new gun laws that include expanding background checks and encouraging states to pass red flag laws as well as dedicating more funding to mental health in washington. alexandra limon. it's and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. more help is on the way to stop crimes against the asian american community. >> we'll tell you what's being done. plus, we'll tell you what's being done by the biden administration to try to help students with their loans. and after the break,
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>> let's talk sports. in baseball. the giants we're able to finally bring an end to their losing things didn't start out should say it looked good early when the diamondbacks are didn't look early because i'm backs. took the lead off the bat. it was 4 to nothing in the second but then things turned around. >> after all, while it finally end inning, darren ruff had a 2 run home run and the game was tied at 4. but, you know, we didn't need to wait until finally. they won in the 9th inning with a score of 75. so now they'll travel san diego. they'll take on the padres. >> as for the a's they were taking on the blue jays and the a's are the ones who took the early lead in this one. unfortunately, they just couldn't hold on to it. yes, so look good. but then suddenly the blue jays took the lead and they won it 2 to one. the a's have the day off and then they host the astros tomorrow then big. yeah, i fact.
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♪ hi. [ chuckles ] when you see things differently, you can be the difference. capella university looks at education differently. our flexpath learning format lets you set deadlines and earn your nursing degree on your schedule. make your difference with capella university. and earn your nursing degree on your schedule. was not chilly this morning. so if you run out without a jacket, i think should and none of us are going to be chilly. did you do okay? i mean, you know, going into the garage, know you now is 5 this
7:46 am
morning. no issues for him out of the weather center about your job. i i did good as well didn't bring a jacket today. >> but i also just have a quick little pound weight use. but, you know, garage right of the our landlords have their stuff and there's parking for us for yeah. garage in california called storage. forget the car. >> but yeah, if you're heading outside this morning, it is about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. so you're going to notice the chill. >> that cooldown is partly because we're a whole lot less muggy, allowing temperatures to fall back into the 50's this morning rather than the mid to upper 60's which were unusually warm yesterday to start. you can see the gray that we have overhead. gray skies will continue for much of the morning, but we are in for a nice clear up towards the afternoon. no showers across northern california either. so we are in for just a generally drier, but just as comfortable day ahead, morning fog today gives way to all that sunshine later on. and just a comfortable in the 70's
7:47 am
and 80's winds much like yesterday, 15 to 20 miles per hour gusts for the most part, not an exceptionally breezy day and skies clearing a little quicker than they did yesterday tomorrow morning. expect less of a dose of fog, mostly poor peninsula and even portions of the south and east bay, not as foggy for the north bay to start your day on friday, skies clear out a little quicker tomorrow and saturday morning, one more dose of fog during the morning. and then one last day with 70's and 80's for your highs before temperatures climb really quickly into sunday. as for daytime highs today, 60's in sf and at the coast. as for bayshore cities, mostly 70's, really, really beautiful stuff for foster city down through mountain view in the mid 70's today. also so nice for the south bay, all of the santa clara valley falling into the 70's today. same for the tri valley livermore at 78 hayward up to oakland and berkeley in the 60's. well, concord on up towards antioch, vacaville and fairfield in the 80's, our
7:48 am
warmest of spots. santa rosa at 79 with center fell at 77. tomorrow's highs as well. saturday is in the mid-eighties at our warmest then look at sunday mid 90's and triple digits by monday and tuesday. not so enjoyable. any more inland starting on sunday. so get ready to enjoy fully the next 3 days before the warm-up and enjoy this drive across the bay bridge. it's unusually calm out there. we do have the metering lights on, but things are not backed up in the least bit a 12 minute drive across the span looking absolutely beautiful as you're heading into the city, san mateo bridge, 13 minutes and at the limit, richmond center fell a little slow down there at the toll plaza. but then you'll pick back up speed as you make your way across the span, golden gate bridge. it's 26 minutes from novato down to the tolls. back to you. thanks. 7.48. is the time the gunman who killed 7 people during the 4th of july parade in highland park, illinois. not only >> confessed to that attack but told police he actually was thinking about launching a
7:49 am
bond as disturbing details about what he had planned investigators say after he shot dozens of people at the 4th of july parade, he then drove more than 2 hours to madison, wisconsin, where he considered another attack. police say he had another gun in his car and 60 rounds of ammunition. he did see a celebration that was occurring in madison. >> and he seriously contemplated using the fire army and his vehicle to commit another shooting. >> police say crimo said he didn't do it because he didn't prepare enough. meanwhile, we're learning more about red flags in his troubled past. police called to his home 2 times in 2019, including a violent threat he made about killing people. but still he was allowed to buy 5 guns, sir. the shooter passed 4 background checks despite
7:50 am
these reports of an attempted suicide. and the fact that he said he wanted to kill everyone and had this knife collection. how is that possible in a state with some of the strictest gun laws and how frustrating is that for you? so a couple things i made these comments yesterday that i think we need to increase our awareness about the red flag law. we can certainly get you the details of that red flag law. we have a little bit of information about that today. a just released police report details highland park police is interaction with the shooter in september 2019. >> it says robert stated that he was going to kill everyone in a redacted name was afraid to go home due to the nature of this threat and had a collection of knives in his bedroom. >> police talked to crimo and say he told them he wasn't going to hurt himself or anyone else. law enforcement says because the shooter's family did not press charges or request the weapons he would later by be taken away as part of the red flag law. the troubling incidents did not impact him buying guns. could the police have made that request, though, if the family didn't says the police went out to the home, could they have it on a case by case basis? and we depend on the
7:51 am
individual information. >> that they had at that time, despite the police calls in the violent online videos and the troubling paintings on the side of the house and images obtained exclusively by news nation. the shooter's angele telling news nation's adrian bankert on morning in america. this all came as a shock. >> i even knew about the incident. and i had no idea about and, know, we told but did you have any sense that bobby was disturbed in any way or or less 2 years? well, as the month and i saw no signs of trouble he showed russians towards me and the whole break. so on those low for me, those little signs, i saw nothing. mission to do this. >> it's 7.51 and san francisco assemblyman phil ting just announced a 30 million dollar grant to help stop crimes.
7:52 am
>> against the aap i community. the money will mean greater services for victims. more senior escort programs, mental health programs and additional activities that promote greater cultural understanding the asian american legislative caucus is also that he used the money to fight anti-asian hate crimes over the next 3 years. >> just so we're very, very excited to see the grants go to many of our largest community organizations also working in large coalition, really proud of the coalitions that have come together to really work together to fight. >> ap, i hate. >> some of the groups already slated to get grants include the commission on asian and pacific islander american affairs and the coalition for community safety and justice assembly member taking is also working on a bill to get law enforcement agencies statewide to adopt official hate crime policies. and the biden
7:53 am
administration is proposing new rules to give student loans a little more leeway. if you get behind, you can't make a payment. one part of the plan would set new limits on interest accrual unpaid interest would not be added to the balance of the borrowers. total debt and the plan calls for protection for borrowers defrauded by for-profit schools. that lider took advantage of students. the new rules if adopted, would take effect in july of next year. it's 7.53. we'll be right back.
7:54 am
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>> 7.55 on the clock and good news for fans of the netflix mega-hit stranger things the creators have confirmed they are putting together a stranger things, spinoff series. so we've got teat to look forward to. there's also a stage play in the works that will take place in the world of the original show. so they're trying to branch out with this stuff and they're actually going beyond the stranger things property, too. they're turning to the king of horror himself. stephen king, they're working to adapt his horror novel. the talisman into a new series. so look for that to be on netflix at some point. if you enjoy the spookiness of the stranger, things. i don't you just fine. no, i i know minority because some people didn't. they like
7:57 am
to be scared the lake. it looks like there could be more of that. you paying to go to scary movies the only way to feel alive, think you're going to die. but you're not. >> 76 right now coming over the next hour, california got rid of the cultivation tax on cannabis makers. >> and we'll tell you what that means for cannabis buyers. plus, a couple caught in the crossfire on a bay area freeway and we can actually see the glass fly when the bullet hit windshield. plus, recent drownings shedding light on the importance of water safety. we'll tell you what you need to know to keep your family safe this summer.
7:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> and thanks for starting your day with us. i'm darya and i'm james. 08:00am. is the time still gray out there for a lot of but enjoy it because all that's going to change for us. come the end of the weekend. yeah, we just have a few days of a temperate weather and then it gets pretty hot, yeah, it's back to the heat guys. that all arrives on sundays here. exactly right. a few more days of the good stuff before we get to that. >> that's so comfortable stuff, at least for inland areas. you're east bay hills can't see much the low gray that we have across the day is shrouding some of our hillsides for both the east bay and peninsula. and then up and down the coastline in these spots and don't be surprised we're a bit. if you see some drizzle and


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