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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  July 7, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> and now to the latest in ukraine. russia has east to their offensive in the eastern ine today. russia's defense military says that their soldiers are being given time to rest while president vladimir putin is warning that his force is, quote, haven't even started anything in earnest soldiers may be taking a break from fighting on the ground, but shelling has continued ukrainian officials confirming vicki that 9 civilians were killed in the eastern part of that country. >> on thursday. >> and help first responders, the city of san jose is sending more than a million dollars in equipment. kron four's rob nesbitt reports now on how it will help in the many disaster zones in ukraine. >> 133 days of war in ukraine have left many parts of the country looking like this buildings have standing in. the death toll rising. it's why san jose mayor sam
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liccardo stood next to lifesaving equipment thursday that will be sent to the country to support those many families. >> every day we're under assault, russian military. and nowhere is lifesaving need more right now than ukraine. the self-contained breathing apparatus is air packs and mask mounted regulators will help firefighters in ukraine responding to hundreds of disasters and fires every day. >> equipment donated by the san jose fire department. >> is equipment that is warning provide bree double air in an atmosphere that is immediately dangerous to life and help. san jose's donation will be distributed by the relief organization over ukraine founded by nick below gorsky who grew up in eastern ukraine. an area that has come under heavy shelling while russian forces advance on the ground family still in ukraine and i i'm in touch with them every day. >> from all the looks of it, you pay is in this war for a long time since russia invaded in february, nova ukraine has donated more than 22 million
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dollars in aid to ukraine. a majority of that spending has been dedicated to lifesaving medical aid with their most recent aid coming from the south bay. we're standing with the ukrainians. >> and will continue helping save lives and every help weekend to ukrainians in the robber nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> coming up, wnba star brittney griner pleading guilty to drug charges in a russian court legal expert paula canny joins us live
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>> detained wnba star brittney griner has pleaded guilty to drug possession charges in russia. >> she entered her plea today on just a second day of her trial. griner has been in custody since february after authorities say that she had cannabis oil in her luggage at a moscow airport. graner faces up to 10 years in prison. but her lawyers said today they're hoping for the most lenient sentence possible insisting. >> this is all a big mistake, but there is much more. you know, a lot of complex factors that place here, political issues, news nation correspondent paul gerke explains. >> brittney griner pleaded guilty to drug possession in moscow. thursday. kreider will take it the 2 time olympic gold medalist and wnba star has been detained in russia since february when she was arrested at the airport to vape cartridges containing
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less than a gram of hashish oil combined were found in her luggage. griner admits the carts were hers, but her lawyers insist she did not intend to commit a crime. she said that it was intentional approach to to russia. >> because she was in a in a hurry. she was packing. it's believed griner's guilty plea may help expedite her return to the united states. which would be welcomed with open arms by britney's wife cherelle, who laid bare her broken heart bring brittany home rally in phoenix. >> i can't rest as her humanity. it's been stripped from her. i can't rest as her safety is in question. i honestly can't rest until she's home. >> president biden spoke with shero wednesday and has exchanged written correspondence with britney in an off camera briefing. the white house insisted that the president is doing all he can. he receives daily updates about the status of for
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negotiations to secure brittney's released and the u.s. government continues to work aggressively using every available means to bring her home along with other wrongfully detained americans. >> gerke reporting for us tonight. there are fears very real fears russia could use griner's a bargaining chip to try to negotiate the release of high profile russians in u.s. custody griner's next court date is set for july 14th. we now welcome our legal analyst paula canny paula. >> good news, bad news. i mean, everything we hear about the court and >> russia's that 99% end up being guilty anyway. so >> through i mean, as long as you understand that the russian system, there's no moral error correlation to american legal system. that's a good starting point. and you're absolutely right. 99% of the people in charged with a crime or convicted and those
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that art, the prosecutor appeals and the acquittal as first. so it's like 0, 3, 6, people were found not guilty. so i think it's important to recognize what she pled to what britney griner, but 2, it's drugs, not drug smuggling, and it is a significant distinction and it's way less back. but kuz smuggling and it, you know, presupposes like this and tench the do this bad bank. the u.s. government has said she is wrongfully detained, that she's being used as a political. but what you know, really interesting to me about this is that. she's there. she had to go to russia to make money. she made million dollars a year. there. she only made $228,000 on the minimum lake salary. i mean, it's so crazy. the disparity and salaries among wnba players in nba players, lebron james makes 41 million dollars. know, a year the most
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that any w nba player can make is, you know, this $228,000, the average team salaries like 1.4 million dollars right? come on, kerr warriors. let's call it out. so like raise the pay of the women athletes and they don't even have to going to, you know, russia earn money to pull you right. in fact, this craze and megan got the medal of honor today at the white house for getting equal pay for soccer player. so >> certain i you're correct that it is a unfair from the pay scale. that is why she was there. but why she is still there is largely if not entirely. >> political. do you think that, you know, there is a worst-case scenario where the u.s. doesn't broker a deal for griner's release it and did this guilty plea today actually roll into motion the process for getting her back
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home. >> i think the plea today. up the process because i and the russian system, somebody can be held up to 18 months without bail pre trial before their trot and the and the other thing about the right to legal system. when you enter a plea of guilty a dozen and the case, the trial still goes on. they will still talk about, you know, what's going on? the case was continued to july 14 to for britney to make an explanation to the court. you know how it is that she forgot that she had these vape cartridges and to make her case why she didn't intend any smuggling. well, i was. and am innocent mistake why she didn't want to right a lot. but it's like apples and oranges. one is the russian judicial system, which is quite harsh. and then the other is american negotiations trying to get her out from
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brittney griner out from under the russian judicial system, whether it's a prisoner swap or any of that, i guarantee if that was, you know, lebron james or tiger woods or, you know, any guy, we would have figured out how to get that guy out of there and don't even get me started about conditions of confinement up women in russian prisons really horrible just really, really top. okay. so show i hope that the government does something to get her out. but cars. she deserves better than this of calls athletes. this are better than this that have to go to flight basketball to make a left. so, paula, she wrote a letter. >> directly, it president biden to get involved it is complicated because obviously it's very political and given what's going on in ukraine and also our understanding is the
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swap for who they like to trade her out for is is very on. even though the swap is for, you know, the so-called merchant of death, right? bad dude, arms dealer. yeah. arms to terrorists. so what are the chances that she's coming home? >> well, any maybe the state department will be able to broker a deal that includes brittney griner. there's 2 or 3 americans. the guy you're showing right there has been held since 2018. and maybe that's the russian guy. that's right. but there's reckons right now in russian prisons who are deemed to be wrongfully detained. so maybe they'll put a package deal together and it was a prisoner swap. but again, it gets complicated. but kuz, you know, we don't want to be negotiating. this kind of things because in a weird kind of way, can it hurt? it can courage sort of hostage taking
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also rests and the like. but i mean, every other american playing basketball and russia. as soon as the invasion of ukraine was able to return home. britney's griner is the only it, you know, american athlete, latin. and that's because they were able to you know, these criminal charges against her. but i mean, it's super crazy because now debate cartridge isn't a crime in the united states. erin, most of the states, it's still up crime in some states, but it's complicated. i mean, a sovereign nation does happy authority to make it feel to full to have marijuana, you know, be to possess it a crime. and that's what you know, russia stunt in many states, texas, it's a crime. i mean, britney griner could be in trouble in texas for having it. so who knows? you know what, what? lace and store. but it's super unfortunate and
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super tragic. like i said, if this was a well connected, gender conforming guy, i'm pretty sure that they would have figured out a way to get her back home. but i mean, look at britney griner. she's so awesome. she's 6 foot 9, 2, time gold w nba champion. they won the championship in 2021, but she's definitely a note. and gender non-conforming, woman all up. but she is an awesome basketball player and i think we ought to do more to get her out of there and get her back in the united states bank here and and pair. russia and payer. well, exactly. just like you guys get paid similar late. i was sure. yeah. ask football player fall no, i.
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>> always great talking with paula canny legal analyst and our new agent. so thank it clearly looks like russia trying to create diplomatic leverage here and and how this plays out is going to be fascinating. but >> clearly you want to get brighter and the other's home. make sure she's helped asap. yeah. >> other news coming up. we say goodbye to yet another. >> hollywood great. unfortunately. how the entertainment world. it's remembering a beloved actor. and a historic move in the nfl. we're going to tell you with the raiders di
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>> the las vegas raiders have broken another barrier for the first time in nfl history. a black woman will lead an nfl franchise. sandra douglas morgan was named the new raiders president today. she previously served as vice chair of the las vegas super bowl host committee and also lead nevada's gaming control board. the raiders, sir, no stranger to making history. the team previously employed the first hispanic and black head coaches in the nfl. but this appointment comes amid a turbulent time for the franchise. morgan will be the 3rd raiders team president in less than a year. the previous president claims he was fired for reporting a hostile work environment to the nfl. >> actor james caan has died. a statement from khan's family says that he passed away last night and no cause of death was given. khan had a long and
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have 2 lanes still closed on southbound one. 0, one. one of those one lane has reopened since we've gone on the air forward. progress has been stopped. that is the good news. seems like crews are just kind of dousing hot spots, but it is still smoking. evacuations had been occurring. people went door to door. but again, firefighters seem to have a handle on this fire and we'll continue to update you on this throughout the evening. i'd always a good sign when they're stopping the forward progress. yeah, you know, weather conditions out there for the weekend. yeah, but we start warming up and i think fire danger is going to start to be elevated. i think as we get. >> a lot of part of the weekend into next week outside. right now we've got that on shore breeze. we've had that fog. we've had drizzle again. and here you go. beautiful evening out there right now. and just a couple batches of fog moving in along the coastline. temperature-wise number still very nice out the door. it is 79 degrees. some warm in livermore right now. still 83 in concord. only 61, though,
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in pacifica. 63 in downtown san francisco in still warm 79 in santa rosa. onshore winds continuing right now that will carry with a more low clouds and fog for tomorrow morning. but by the afternoon, i think a little more sunshine and the temperatures are going to start to heat up now we're talking mid 80's inland. maybe couple 90's begin to pop up in places like napa getting close in santa rosa lost a home on some 60's along the immediate coastline. next few days, we're going to watch those temperatures warming up to the here we go by sunday. probably some 90's popping up in the interior valleys than getting close to triple digits on monday. staying pretty toasty through tuesday as well. we'll have more news when
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>> and that wraps up kron. 4 news at 5 to being with us this hour. stick around a lot. more news ahead tonight on kron. 4 news at 6. ken and pam are here with that grant. thank you. thank you very much. we'll start with some breaking news. there's been a shooting on 5.80, in castro valley. we'll have details on that coming up. also ahead tonight at 6, it's been a tumultuous ride. complaints about crime and then a recall campaign out tonight. san francisco has a new district attorney. we have announced the ba 5 covid variant is so dominant and so risky. doctors now say we may need to go back to mask even while
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