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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 8, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning. and thanks for spending a little bit of your friday daria and i'm james. yes, 07:00am waking up to some sunshine this morning at clear skies which we haven't seen in a while. it tells us the weather pattern is changing. yeah, you can see it come in. it's going to get hot job. it is guys. big
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changes ahead of us especially into sunday monday and tuesday. we're saying hello to the 90's again for inland areas. >> not a fun. hello. maybe as we haven't missed those hot temperatures. i don't think looking out there in san francisco skies are beautiful. in crystal clear, we're seeing that for most of the bay area this morning. and we've got a nice day ahead of us. just a few degrees warmer than yesterday. was we start the weekend? right now we're in the 50's to low 60's petaluma. you started the morning earlier on in the 40's. so it's been one of our cooler mornings. fairfax are 49 degrees right now. as for the latter part of the day, things warm up pretty quickly. i'm talking all about what to expect for your weekend. still to come in your forecast, bridge is holding up really well. bay bridge looks beautiful under that sunshine. only 11 minutes to get you across it haven't had many issues to speak of across the bay and hoping it stays that way. 14 minutes across the san mateo bridge under bright skies. just your normal back up there at the richmond center fell bridge 11 minutes to get you across it. and the golden gate bridge 20 minutes from novato to the tolls.
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daria, thanks a lot. 7 o well, let's get to the breaking news out of japan. japan's former prime minister be was assassinated while giving a campaign speech. yeah, he was actually airlifted to a hospital, but officials say >> it was too late. it stopped breathing. his heart had stopped. tom dempsey takes a closer look at what happened. captures the moments. former japanese prime minister shinzo is shot during a campaign speech in western japan on 2 loud booms can be heard and picture show a collapsed and bleeding. while security officers tackling nearby name to the ground. the camera footage shows what appears to be a taped up weapon just feet away later identified by police as a homemade shotgun. they later got rushed to the hospital by helicopter before medical crews announced his death later on. police say the
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suspected shooter remains in custody, identifying him as a man in his 40's who lived in this city where the attack occurred. and a former member of japan's self-defense forces. investigators later described the man as being dissatisfied bay and wanting to kill him. to know that i will step down as japan's prime minister in september of 2020, but serve as a power broker in japanese politics domestically. he was known for revamping japan's economy and attempting to rebuild the country's military force abroad. he was japan's most well-known political figure solidifying in further expanding u.s. japanese relations. 7, 0, 3, and happening today, san francisco's new district attorney is going to be officially sworn in in city hall. mayor london breed naming former prosecutor brooke jenkins has chase somebody. it's replacement with kron 4. sarah stinson live for us in the newsroom. >> with more on the story. good morning, sir. >> that's right. both brooke jenkins was a prosecutor who actually left the district attorneys office while chesa boudin was in office. and then
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she joined the recall campaign. so you may recognize her from those efforts today. we will see her get sworn in by san francisco mayor london breed as our new d a jenkins quickly became one of the main faces of the recall efforts in interviews and tv ads and that she vows to deliver on things that was criticized for leaving behind. mayor london breed chose jenkins to replace after a historic recall ousted him from office in june. jenkins join the da's office in 2014 and was the designated hate crimes prosecutor as well as she worked on assault and homicide cases. she later left her job to join the recall campaign criticizing how boudin was handling some cases. jenkins promised to prioritize prosecutions of violent crimes. burglaries, property crimes, and the city's open air drug market. let's hear from mayor london breed and then we'll hear from jenkins herself. >> town ability injustice. balance of fairness. is what
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made her stand apart. accountability does not mean that we reject a full reform. we can have responsible reform. and accountability both at the same time. and i doubt to this city to balance both in the pursuit of justice and safety for all. >> dean's office, the relationship between the da's office and the just in the san francisco police department was rocky. but jenkins says she hopes to mend that relationship while also holding officers accountable for any misconduct. the police officers association says it's ready to turn a new page with the d a we reached out to chesa boudin's team for comment but have not heard back yet. jenkins will be district attorney until november, but she will have to convince voters to keep her in office as others will be on the ballot running against her should be sworn in by mayor breed today at noon at city hall, something we'll continue to fall throughout the day.
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for now. i'm sara stinson reporting live in the newsroom. back to you. >> thank you very much, sara. >> well, 75 is the time the city of los altos has a new police chief. >> angela ever it will be taking on the role starting on august first, replacing the former chief andy kaliyah retired at the beginning of the month. now, everett has more than 25 years experience in policing and law enforcement. most recently she served as deputy chief for bart. at least one person is hurt after a shooting on highway 5.80, yesterday. it happened on the eastbound lanes. it's 100 64th street. that's in the castro valley area. california highway patrol says a witness called 9-1-1 to report the shooting. but by the time police got there, they couldn't find the car or the victim. but later, a gunshot victim did walk into even medical center. we're told that person should survive their injuries. police now investigating what led up to that shooting. >> oakland police say it turns out a 6th person was hurt at
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the a's post-game fireworks celebration on july 4th. the police chief says that bullet fragments from celebratory gunfire hit 5 people at the stadium and then a t tothem yes we don't know how significant the injuries that person are. one person died after being hit by a caltrain train in mountain view. it happened last night at the san antonio caltrain station. the there are about 50 people aboard the train, but nobody was hurt on the train. the person who died. we have no word on this fatality happened. but we do know it is the 5th fatality for counting of the year. >> well, 9 year-old boy who was injured in a commuter train crash last month has died from his injuries. a gofundme page that was set up by the family or for the family says that julian needs of dixon died this past wednesday. he and 3 others lost their lives when an amtrak train smashed into a car on june. 26, this was an unincorporated brentwood. that accident also killed 3 women,
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including the boy's mother and grandmother. all of the victims are in the car. nobody on the train was hurt. in the south bay. sunny balwani, the former president of theranos has been found guilty of defrauding patients and investors and now he faces up to 20 years in prison for charles clifford recap what happened in court. >> ramesh balwani, the former coo of theranos has been found guilty of 12 counts of defrauding investors and patients. he now faces potentially decades in prison. thursday afternoon, romesha ball one. he walked out of federal court in san jose, but his time as a free man is coming to an end moments earlier, a jury found that guilty of 10 counts of federal wire fraud and 2 counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. he showed little emotion as the verdicts were read. now faces up to 20 years in prison. >> his conviction comes 6 months after former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes was also found guilty of 3 counts of criminal wire fraud. and one count of conspiracy to commit
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wire fraud. both holmes and balwani were accused of defrauding investors and misleading patients by claiming that their company theranos had created blood test that could quickly diagnose a variety of ailments. in reality, the company's tests were unreliable following thursday's verdict, stephanie hines, the united states attorney for the northern district of california, said she believed that justice had been served. we are gratified. by the jury's hard work and a 10 and f to the evidence percent. we appreciate the verdict. and look forward. to sentencing proceedings after leaving court on thursday about one in his legal team declined to speak to the press, but one is scheduled to be sentenced in november. meanwhile, elizabeth holmes, who is also facing up to 20 years in prison, is scheduled to be sentenced in september, both balwani and holmes remain free on bail. but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> some san francisco supervisors are calling on governor newsom to take action
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against pg and it's because of pg e's role in recent wildfires that were both deadly and destructive kron four's. dan kerman takes a look. the number of wildfires linked to pacific gas and electric increases year after year. and now. >> a member of san francisco's board of supervisors says enough is enough. >> the genie's asking me in terms of the way poor form safety measures neing caught for ya and that we have seen time and time their information has not been a public eye has not been at chance parents to a supervisor. connie chan has authored a resolution calling on the governor. >> to not renew the utility safety certificate in 2023. and fund a study, a non-profit corporation known as golden state energy, which could take over the operation of gas and electric service. we need a governor to really paul's in start thinking about what does it take for us to make sure
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that when california have power, we're also not at the expense of their lives prior to the resolutions introduction thursday. >> community advocates staged a rally in front of city hall to support the measure. has killed over 100 people. >> parched thousands of homes. wasn't millions of californians and caused billions of dollars of damage or communities. the time to act is now. and the governor to reject life and to turn. >> san francisco's government audit and oversight committee passed the resolution and it now goes to the full board of supervisors if passed, if their july 19th meeting, the measure will be sent to the governor and the state agency that needs to sign off and pg and e's wildfire mitigation plan. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> into a starbucks sending 2 people to the hospital will tell you how it all happened.
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>> and skies a lot brighter this morning than they have been so far this week. we are going to see a lot of sunshine today and a bit of a warm-up from where we've been earlier on some upper 80's and even a couple of low 90's, a sign of things to come come sunday monday and tuesday. your forecast is ahead. you know folgers as a homebrew... but let's hear it for our hometown. one, two, ready, play. ♪ no, no, no, no, no, no, not me! ♪
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♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that. >> some 14 right now and the king tides are expected to
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come back to the bay area next week. the national weather service is warning you because they cause some flooding to low-lying areas. the usual suspects, the embarcadero, some coasts and beaches trails and parking lots and lots mill valley is a prime suspect. usual place that gets flooded out. look out for the signs will be posted. you'll see temporary sign saying don't park here. >> don't ignore it. don't park there. you might find your car little soggy when you get back. now. but on the plus side is going to be a million degrees out. so you might want a little water may be a good a little way through a puddle never hurts when it's a triple digit day. what we are looking at 90's, at least especially come sunday monday and tuesday. >> and even today, antioch in vacaville, touching the 90's for the first time all week where we're sitting right now, san jose looks beautiful. we've got clear skies across the bay area to kick off this friday morning on a very pleasant know, hopefully get a chance to get out there and enjoy it this morning. this weekend's a bit of an up and down cold front sitting to our
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west is actually going to help to drop temperatures. a few degrees tomorrow. so where is today's a little warmer than yesterday? tomorrow gets a little cooler. and then we really see temperatures spike into sunday monday and tuesday as high pressure starts to win out winds. a little calmer today during evening hours. tonight, though, they'll start to pick up as cooler air passes into the bay area. we are going to see a few clouds this morning as you can see out there, though, not a lot of them skies abundantly clear this afternoon. a few more clouds tomorrow morning. again, not much of an impact here and then more sunshine into your saturday or sunday, staying dry throughout the course of your forecast. today's highs in the 70's for san francisco 60's along the coastline. you will get sunshine out there, although foggy right at the coast this morning, 70's and 80's for bayshore cities back to 80 degrees for saying carlos down through mountain view while the south bay looking at low to mid 80's for your highs and the east bay, anywhere from the 70's state east to livermore, you're back up to eighty-four after yesterday's
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upper 70's oakland and san leandro. at 75 a couple of 90's. as i mentioned in antioch, in vacaville, that sign of things to come on sunday monday and tuesday, which our hottest days for inland spots. we'll see. daytime highs slipping a few degrees after that bayside in coastal areas won't see as noticeable of a warm-up highs here will remain in the 60's and the 70's as for a bridge is still great. we did not see a backup at the toll plaza yesterday at the bay bridge. it looks like today shaping up to be much the same friday light for you. a 13 minute drive across the bay bridge. san mateo bridge. also at 13 minutes. little back up there at the richmond center fell bridge. but now holding you up much only a 12 minute crossing in just a bit of cloud cover sitting above the golden gate darya. >> thanks a lot, john. 7.17, for your money this morning. a locally based company is benefiting from the more casual pandemic workplace and the latest monthly job numbers were just released. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more. hi,
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jane. >> the heidari a happy friday of this jobs number better than expected. so 372,000 jobs added last month. it was about 100,000 more than the average expectation. the unemployment rate stayed where it's been for 3 or 4 months now, 3.6%. we saw a leisure hospitality, manufacturing, especially leisure and hospitality, really hard hit during the pandemic. continuing to add jobs. while the average long-term mortgage rates eased a little bit again this week. now, the federal reserve, of course, raising interest rates. but those are short-term rate hike credit cards and car loans. the longer term rates like mortgages have actually been falling on worries about a slowdown or even recession. and walmart making its in-home delivery service available to walmart. plus customers for an extra 7 bucks a month for $40 a year. now the service brings groceries and other goods from your local walmart inside your home, even inside your fridge if you have something needs to be cold. now that monthly cost doesn't account for some of the things you need to buy like a compatible. $50 level.
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smart lock where jeanne automatic garage door opener and levi's reported another upbeat quarter. it says it's benefiting is casual friday now stretches over the entire work week and many offices. levi's also says customers are buying its baggy and high waisted jeans for social events. live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king who? the baggie and highway state. if you're short, you can. i'm in a bag. can't wear that. well, us. so my daughter is 13 and they were the highways. that stuff. yes, sets the in it and then this with the short and then the show you their short pants and >> these kids these all right. it is 7.19 president joe biden expected to take executive action to protect. >> access to abortion rights. that's according to 3 people familiar with the matter. they say the president is looking to formalize instructions to the department of justice and health and human services to push back on efforts to limit the ability of women to access
7:20 am
federally approved abortion medication or to travel across state lines to access clinical services. the executive order will also direct agencies to work too educated medical providers and insurers about how and when they're required to share privilege, patient information with authorities. the order comes 2 weeks after the supreme court overturned roe v wade ending the federal right to abortion access. meanwhile, the concern continues to grow about whether women will lose access to other things like contraception, talking, condoms, birth control. all of that is up in the air right now. that's prompting a north bay representative to take action to try to protect contraception is with a new bill with kron four's justine waltman with the story. >> when it overturned, roe v wade, the supreme court suggested it should consider past rulings that recognize the right to birth control. north bay representative mike thompson tells kron 4 news because of that he felt compelled to co introduce the protecting access to
7:21 am
contraception act would prohibit states and local governments are taking any action that truncated individual right to contraception. >> this includes the sale purchase or use of any birth control medications. iuds, condoms, and even plan b, the bill would also autdorize private citizens and the u.s. department of justice to take legal action against any parties that violate the bill. contraceptives are other medically sound. safe and they're effective. >> and i believe anyone wants access to them should have that representative thompson wants congress to vote on the bill during the next session. i'm justine waltman kron. 4 news. it's 7.21. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news love take the bar. >> but in wine country, that's not very wine. tasting ish is it? but this one is pretty cool. we'll take a look.
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we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most.
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and protect tribal sovereignty love taking bars. who doesn't? >> themed and sometimes of the coolest joins in the city to hang out. everybody just relaxed. it's just something you might not expect to see in wine country. the libya as takes us to one in dine and dish. >> only when you now you don't necessarily think t be known. now. like when you're tired, a
7:25 am
wine tasting you go, go. here you friends. yeah. this is will lounge in think 2 key with a twist where locals and tourists partake of taking drinks food, an ambience. >> it's a cross between disneyland traders, sam and pirates of the caribbean. their report holes with mermaids who swim and of course, ghost pirates with magical treasure chest. and for those with a thirst for rum centric drinks like the one what shareable bowl why not? >> joel, the market will with topical concoctions like write about. >> this is batten down. the hatch. >> complete with paper umbrella. there's the ever-popular flaming scorpion bowl to share.
7:26 am
>> they com as they saw wonder why, of course you want this way and put ladder to accompany your for him. this is the need again. that's the spam lighter proprietors. bring experience from the granddaddy of tiki bars. trader vic's. >> so why will for you ask why it's the name of uncle wilford who worked as a bartender in honolulu back in the day. and as they say here in wine country, cheers, aloha and >> i'm in vicki liviakis kron. 4 news. >> just ahead, gas prices are going down on live with how much it'll cost you to fill up your tank after the break. this burger will blow your mind? really? how?
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>> welcome back 7.29. taking a look at the weather here at the airport sfo. it looks pretty nice. yes, the sun is out. we can see the hills in the background, which we couldn't see yesterday or the day before that. this is true. and i think the sunshine's going to be all over the bay and a big way for the next several days. it isn't warming us up, especially later this weekend, sunday, monday, tuesday, high temperatures back to that as we go for a lot of our inland areas today, we'll see a couple of 90's, but only for antioch in
7:30 am
vacaville. the rest of us. some 70's along the bay shore and 80's for inland spots. really, really nice morning sunshine. unlike yesterday when we're still great at this point. now we are in the midst of some 50's for current temperatures. even a couple of 40's earlier this morning in the north bay said keep the light jacket on hand. san jose pittsburgh, brentwood in concord are spots in the 60's right now. i'll be breaking down our warm up into the start of next week, especially and the rest of your forecast as for bridge is still looking great. yesterday, the bay bridge was beautiful all morning long. hardly saw back up and so far this morning has been just that same way for the maze to fremont street. that's a 13 minute drive. same drive time over the san mateo bridge and looking bright over the richmond center fell a bit of a back up through the tolls. but you'll speed right back up when she get golden gate bridge. 20 minutes from nevado down to the toll plaza. there. darya and james, thank you, john. we'll check in with you later. 7.30, right now. and we've got to talk about happen in the south bay. a car
7:31 am
went right through a starbucks in cupertino is pretty incredible to see. the santa clara county sheriff's office says 2 people were hurt. we have kron four's dan storm and now with a look at how it all happened. >> well, there's still a lot of cleanup that needs to happen here after that car smashed into the starbucks on homestead road. >> around noon thursday, deputies telling us that 2 people that were hurt were inside at the time and it's still unclear what caused this crash in the first place. shattered glass and broken tables at a mangled starbucks in cupertino. >> the culprit, the driver of this dark blue bmw pictures showing the car park in the store front after a frightening crash injured. 2 people inside starbucks customer emmalyn reid says she heard the commotion around noon thursday a little shocked, right? because i'm expecting to happen in your neighborhood. >> now it's going for walks up to safe. but the noise earlier today was about santa clara county. deputies say the driver was not injured and is
7:32 am
cooperating with their investigation. it's not known if the 2 people who were hurt were customers or employees. i just hope everyone's okay. it's scary. i know accidents happen but hopefully everyone's okay. >> a man and his son came back to the store to retrieve a mountain bike that was warped in the wreck. customers looking for their coffee fix found they're going to have to wait until a lot of cleanup takes place. i mean, i feel bad for the people working there. and and yeah, so hopefully it'll. >> get back to normal. >> we're still working to get more information from the santa clara county sheriff's office about what happened here. and it's still unclear when the starbucks is going to reopen. but some of the cleanup workers believed it will take a couple of days reporting in cupertino. dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> 7.32, and for your money, we might be paying a little less for gas before long. a crude oil prices seem to be coming down a little bit, which could hopefully mean lower gas prices at the pump.
7:33 am
triple a, in fact, says the average price for a gallon of gas is down about $0.30 since its peak. a record last month with you've got 30 down to go. this. it show you all high. they still are. yeah. camila barco is live in burlingame with a look at the prices high. camilla. >> good morning. you guys. so yeah, $0.30 out. take it. some drivers will to gas prices are slowly going down. and here in millbrae we are actually noticing a drop in those gas prices here at this valero gas station. you can see that it is about $6.9 if you pay with your credit card and if you pay with cash, you get a deal. $6.3 sons if you want to pay a gallon of gas, i'm like you guys say we've about a $0.30 drop in gas prices and the state's average. it's about $6 and $0.14. here's how the bay area compares a gallon of gas in santa rosa is the same as
7:34 am
california's average. it's a little more expensive in san francisco, but the price drops to $6.18 in oakland. and it's even lower in san jose at $6 and $0.12 now. right now, sandra fell as the cheapest place to get gas in the bay area. it will cost about $6.9. but if you go to napa, you'll find gas be as high as $6. and $0.35 now. gas prices, they follow oil prices. triple a says that falling oil prices have contributed to lower pump prices in the last month. gas has gone down between 25 to $0.40 a gallon here in the bay area. it all depends where you fill up. but one driver tells me that the price prices here at the pump are still too hot. >> nice too in 20 years. i was. so there's i mean, it's great me when i moved here was like a dollar back them. so no, see this kind stuff now. so it's great for i'm not happy at as i know couples do too much should be 3.60,
7:35 am
minutes. okay. this ticket pricing can work to still make money. >> besides, it's so high. >> well, daryn, james, i think we're all waiting to see the day that gas is 3.50, a gallon right now. we're still paying a little more than $6 a gallon. but the good news is that we're seeing these gas prices drop instead of going up. and if you are headed out this weekend, maybe it's a good time to fill up your tank. i'll send it back to you guys. >> my much camilla, 7.35. right now monkeypox is raising more concerns now around the bay in california. there are 100 cases confirmed statewide and half of those are here in the bay area. and now the san francisco aids foundation is trying to play a role in fighting the spread. the ceo of the foundation is sounding the alarm. >> and we're really have a caning urgently to get at least 1000 of the jenny vaccine. and the next 30 days into our hands. so we can try
7:36 am
and the that curve new infection. >> the san francisco public health department is expecting to get more doses of the vaccine soon. and they're also trying to increase awareness of the spread of the disease. >> well, as covid cases continue to rise in california, health experts are now recommending you wear a mask while inside and outside. if you're in a crowd, the omicron subvariants of ba 4 and ba 5 seem to be immune to the antibodies that you make when you get a vaccine or when you've been infected previously, doctor john swartzberg says it would be smart to wear snug fitting mask if you're in a crowded space outside. >> right in your space. and you are you can be at substantial risk. and that's a city where right now given the amount of virus circulating and these very transmissible subvariant. i would have a mask on in that circumstance. >> yeah. health officials say that if you plan on going to a large gathering, you're going want to take a rapid test
7:37 am
before you meet up with your friends because if you test negative but still feel symptoms, you're going want to isolate. take a few more tests in the few days that follow to make sure one of them doesn't come back positive. 7.36. is the time. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. first responders in ukraine struggling as that war rages on. we're going to get. >> the latest on a million dollars worth of much needed supplies and support coming from san jose. so we'll have that full story just in a minute. plus, a scary moment during the giants game. a player had to be taken off the field in a stretcher. we'll talk more about what happened. >> and lots of sunshine out there already later today will keep that around. add up a couple of degrees more than we did yesterday. san jose. 82 for your high oakland and san francisco. solid 70's. couple of 90's today, but even more them into early next week, the them into early next week, the full breakdown is ahead. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers
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that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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>> 7.40 is the time in the south bay. san jose international airport will be getting 10 million dollars from the biden administration to update terminals. the money is coming from last year's infrastructure bill includes nearly a billion dollars for airports all over the country. but 10 million of it is coming to san jose international where the airport says that that money is going to be used to bring its facilities into compliance with the americans with disabilities act representative zoe lofgren released this statement about the funding saying that they're going to use the money
7:41 am
to make the airport a lot more accessible to travelers. she says people with disabilities should be able to travel in excess. airport amenities equally. >> san jose city leaders are in the process of signing a lease with the vta to create a safe parking program for people who are living in their vehicles are evs. it would provide a temporary designated location for parking and access to basic needs. the santa teresa light rail parking lot will be able to accommodate 45 to 60 arby's and they would as services like restrooms, water and trash on that site. the program will likely start in october. it's 7.41. we'll be right back.
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>> we're back talking sports and after snapping their six-game losing streak in a come from behind win wednesday night. the giants began a series with san diego hoping to chalk up another one. but >> they didn't get they did not win. but look at this. this was in the later innings for the padres. this is when things got a little bit scary and you can see the crash that happened there in the outfield left fielder jurickson profar got a need to head in areas. he's walking off the field to collapse raise. so that's when i said now bring the stretcher
7:45 am
out. we're going to protect him. but the next race on he did give that sign there to the crowd that he was still, you know. yeah, spirits were up. yeah, kind of. schuch shook everybody. even on the field. giants. yeah, as you see went down to defeat. who want to score going to play again tonight? we'll see if they can't get win with first pitch at 6 the las vegas raiders made history. they hired the first african-american woman in the position of team president in nfl history. >> and there she is, sandra douglass. morgan comes to the raiders after serving as vice chair of the las vegas super bowl host committee. and she also led nevada gaming control board. douglas morgan is a las vegas native and she does have a connection to the nfl are has been played for the vikings and the cardinals. yeah, well, she joins the team, obviously as the franchise's trying to come back for months of controversy. douglas morgan says she wants to bring transparency to the organization. >> it's no secret that this organization has faced the recent challenges. but i want
7:46 am
to be clear, i'm not here to sweep anything under the rug or avoid problems or concerns that need to be addressed. the fact is i accepted this role because i believe in the promise of the raiders, i believe in the future of the raiders. and i believe in this organizations, tenants of integrity, community and most of all commitment to excellence. >> and if i were named president anything, i would make you call me misses president. madam a venue. i club of that might be the only qualified to be president up. let's get over to the weather center. john, the president of our forecast center. good morning. going to be secretary of of the well, it is nice and clear out there this morning. you can see that we do have clear skies all the way up to the coastline. actually, just a little bit of low gray out in the distance. >> definitely a difference where we've been earlier this week as we make our way through the weekend. we've got lots of changes. this cold front sitting to our west is
7:47 am
going to help us actually to cool down a little bit. tomorrow said today, we're a little bit up tomorrow or a little bit down and then really climbing into sunday, which is easily the hottest day of the weekend. so if you want a cool day, tomorrow is a good option. although today is going to be plenty a pleasant as well. winds from the coastline pushing in. it is actually going to be a touch calmer during daytime hours. winds will pick up a late afternoon into tonight as cooler air sweeps through. as for today, abundant sunshine already tomorrow, a few clouds to start the morning, but much like today, not a whole lot to be blocking out the view of our clear skies and lots of sunshine towards tomorrow afternoon. good day to get outside tomorrow. fully enjoy it. because sunday the heat is on and stays with us for much of the rest of the forecast, especially sunday, monday and tuesday. as for today, 70's in sf 60's at the coastline and 70's 80's for the bayshore burlingame at 74 right at 80 degrees from san carlos through mountain view into the south bay. temperatures yesterday were only in the
7:48 am
70's today. it's back to the 80's for us. same for the tri valley on up through walnut creek and concord. well, hayward san leandro and oakland at 75 beautiful day along the shoreline. antioch in vacaville, our first 2 spots in the low 90's barely getting their side of things to come for sunday monday and tuesday. as you see, there will be well into the 90's inland, less dramatic, a warm-up for bayside in coastal cities in these areas. temperatures will be a few degrees warmer but still remaining comfortable. as for our roadways looking great. it is truly friday. light out there. no backup whatsoever at the bay bridge. you've got a very smooth drive over it. as for the san mateo bridge, 14 minutes to get you across it. little backup at the toll plaza at the richmond center fell but only 11 minute commute across the span and the golden gate bridge stairs of a little low clouds sitting overhead but not blocking out your view as you make your crossing, james. john, thank you. 7.48, a quick note out of the north bay. if you're going to be driving in marin county this weekend, you're going to
7:49 am
>> be mindful of a major closure to get to plan around it starting tonight and lasting for 57 hours. crews are going to be repairing northbound lanes of one on one bet een the robin williams tunnel and the avenue off-ramp. caltrans says you can expect these repairs to delay traffic for up to an hour. they're going to be detours in place. crews are replacing a damaged drainage system. that work should be finished. they say by 7 o'clock monday morning. >> it's 7 49 and in the south bay donation coming from san jose is helping firefighters respond to disaster zones in ukraine. kron four's rob nesbitt takes a look at how it works. >> the city of san jose has packed up more than 1800 pieces of equipment to provide firefighters and ukraine with breathe a bull air and protect them from toxic life-threatening smoke. 133 days of war in ukraine have left many parts of the country looking like this buildings have standing in. the death toll rising. it's why san jose mayor sam liccardo stood next
7:50 am
to lifesaving equipment thursday that will be sent to the country to support those many families. >> every day we're under assault, russian military. and nowhere is lifesaving need more right now than ukraine. the self-contained breathing apparatuses air packs and mask mounted regulators. >> will help firefighters in ukraine responding to hundreds of disasters and fires every day equipment donated by the san jose fire department that will help protect the health of ukrainian firefighters. who are working so hard to save lives and protect their community every day. >> san jose's donation will be distributed by the relief organization over ukraine founded by nick below gorsky who grew up in eastern ukraine. an area that has come under heavy shelling while russian forces advance on the ground. my family still in ukraine and i i'm in touch with them every day. >> from all the looks of it, you pay is in this war for a long time since russia invaded in february, nova ukraine has donated more than 22 million
7:51 am
dollars in aid to ukraine. a majority of that spending has been dedicated to lifesaving medical aid with their most recent aid coming from the south bay. we're standing with the ukrainians. >> and will continue helping save lives and every help weekend to ukrainians and relief is also come in the form of military equipment. so far the biden administration has transferred more than 7,000 types of small arms, 50 million rounds of ammunition. and more than 1 million grenades and artillery rounds to ukraine. >> reporting the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> in the east bay, new link scooters are available now outside of bart stations in berkeley, super pedestrian is the organization that teamed up with bart to provide 250 of these scooters. the transit agency says the scooters are going to help people get to their destinations after taking a ride on the train. you can book them and see if the stations have any available on the bart app. so it's fully integrated. they're already being offered in other cities to around the bay. so keep an eye out.
7:52 am
>> we'll take a break at 7.51. we'll be right back.
7:53 am
7:54 am
we're back at 7.54. here's a cute story for curious bear cub w% found itself in trouble. >> and a home in tahoe. >> cameras caught him clinging
7:55 am
to a window sill. there's is trying to get back outside to his mom and his sibling. >> northern california's bear league says the family of bears was able to get into the house and then mama and the one cub got out. but this little guy got stuck in a back bedroom that looks like when the door shut behind him. a neighbor heard the mama bear crying and calling for help. and that's when they called their league, which jumped in and saved the day. >> so we had to get the bear cub down and then we had to scoot him out after we opened the slider and said mama is common way right there. we've he's on his way. then we push him over to the doorway and he saw his mom any round out. >> very cute. kevin. our director says the pair cup state because that that was just a strike. cheesy >> the league says must have known everything to be ok because she waited patiently on the deck, didn't make a
7:56 am
fuss and waited for the little bear cub to come running out. so everything's fine. the families back together again. we'll take a break at 7.55. coming up in the next hours, san francisco mayor london breed. >> naming brooke jenkins has the new district attorney for the city were going tell you more about what that means for san francisco. plus, san francisco supervisors are calling on the governor to get rid of pg and e what they want to replace it with. well, they've got a thought on that can tell you more about that in a minute. meanwhile, the co-founders of theranos have been found guilty of fraud. we're going hear how many counts he may be facing now as we await sentencing.
7:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're ,atching the kron 4 morning news >> and a happy friday. thanks for waking up with dari and i'm james. we're going to start this hour off with a check of the forecast because as we look outside shaping up real nice here on a friday morning, it sure is. and all weekend we're going to get sunshine, johnny upped the ante a bit by sunday. we might be tired of it because it's going to be in the 90's with that. sunshine did find a little gray right at the coastline. but even then you're still getting some brightness peering through their already the coast. you'll get some sunshine this afternoon as well. really most of the rest of the bay area, you're under bright skies at this moment. and that's warming temperatures already more and more of us are in the
8:00 am
60's now. palo alto, san jose hayward and oakland. each in the low to mid 60's. brett, what you're at? 66 in pittsburgh getting close to 70 already. i've got more on your forecast to come, including that sunday, warm up that you'll need to get ready for. as for our bridges, not a lot to get ready for its nice and easy out there that make your crossing over the bay bridge. much like yesterday. not a single back up there at the toll plaza. 13 minutes to get you across same drive time over the san mateo bridge at 14 minutes and bright skies over the richmond center fell. you briefly had a slowdown through the tolls that's gone already. and it's only 8 o'clock golden gate bridge, 20 minutes and starting to see more sunshine through the golden gate. daria. thanks a lot, john. 8 o'clock in the breaking news out of japan where japan's former prime minister blue. >> he was assassinated, shot in the back while giving a campaign speech. yeah, he was airlifted to the hospital but >> didn't make it. we've got tom dempsey now with more on what happened.


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