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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 8, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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and 60's. we're starting to see some 70's now conquered pittsburgh. brentwood are for spots climbing to those warmer temperatures and we'll see some 80's in the same spots later today. all get to all those details for planning out your weekend. still to come, let's get a look at our bridges which have been an easy start for any sort of commuting out there bay bridge. we had no backups yesterday and we continue that trend all morning long today. only 10 minutes to get you from the maze to fremont street san mateo bridge, 13 minute drive across the span. lots of sunshine over the richmond center fell and surprise. surprise. there's the sun over the golden gate. 2 from novato to the tolls. 21 minutes, daria. >> thanks a lot, john. 9 o'clock. and let's get back to the breaking news that is coming out of japan. japan's former prime minister bay was assassinated while giving a campaign speech. he was airlifted to the hospital, but it was too late. he had been shot in the back. tom dempsey has the latest.
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>> new video this morning captures the moments. former japanese prime minister shinzo is shot during a campaign speech in western japan on friday. 2 loud booms can be heard and picture show a collapsed and bleeding. while security officers tackling nearby name to the ground. the camera footage shows what appears to be a taped up weapon just feet away later identified by police as a homemade shotgun. they later got rushed to the hospital by helicopter before medical crews announced his death later on. police say the suspected shooter remains in custody, identifying him as a man in his 40's who lived in this city where the attack occurred. and a former member of japan's self-defense forces. investigators later described the man as being dissatisfied bay and wanting to kill him in of a step down as japan's prime minister in september of 2020, but serve as a power broker in japanese politics domestically. he was
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known for revamping japan's economy and attempting to rebuild the country's military force abroad. he was japan's most well-known political figure solidifying in further expanding u.s. japanese relations. >> and the u.s. has sent its condolences for what happened, wishing the family and the country the best to stay trying to recover from that assassination. 9, 0, 2 is a time right now. today san francisco's new district attorney is going to be officially sworn in in city hall. mayor london breed named former prosecutor brooke jenkins as chase of a dean's replacement. prop 4. sarah stinson is live in the newsroom with more. sara? >> daria, that's right. brooke jenkins is in and chesa boudin is out. jenkins was actually involved in the recall campaign of teen after leaving her job as a prosecutor at the district attorney's office today, we'll see your sworn in as san francisco's next district attorney jenkins quickly became one of the main faces of the recall efforts in interviews and tv ads and now
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she vows deliver on the things that was criticized for leaving behind mayor london breed chose jenkins to replace beating after a historic recall ousted him from office in june, jenkins joined the da's office in 2014 and was the designated hate crimes. prosecutor who also worked in the assault and homicide units. she later left her job to join the recall campaign p% criticizing how booting was handling some cases. jenkins promised to prioritize prosecutions of violent crimes, burglaries, property crimes and the city's open air drug market. let's hear now from mayor london breed and from jenkins herself. >> count ability and justice. balance of fairness. is what made her stand apart. accountability does not mean that we reject a full reform. we can have responsible reform. and accountability both at the same time. and i
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doubt to this city to balance both in the pursuit of justice and safety for all. >> the relationship from the da's office and that between da's office in the san francisco police department has been rocky, but jenkins says she hopes to mend that relationship and also make sure that she holds officers accountable for any misconduct. the police officers association says it is ready to turn a page with the new d a reach out to chest dean's office. of course, we want to hear from him and his thoughts on this. his replacement. we haven't heard back it. jenkins will be sworn in today at noon and we will he we will see that live here on kron. you can always keep up with us. we'll be covering it all day. daria. all right. thanks a lot, sarah. >> time now is 9 o 4 and the city of los altos has a new police chief. angela, every yet we'll take on the role starting august. first, she replaces chief and eagle, a retired at the start of the month. every at has more than
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25 years of experience in policing and law enforcement. most recently she served as deputy chief for the bart police. at least one person is injured in a shooting that happened on highway 5, 80 yesterday in the eastbound lanes at 164 street, the castro valley areas where it happened. a witness called in to the chp and said there'd been a shooting. but when officers got there, they couldn't find a car or a victim. but later, a gunshot wound victim walked into the even medical center. they have non-life-threatening injuries. it's 9, 0, 5 right now. and a 6th person turns out was hurt during the a's post-game fireworks celebration on the 4th of july. the police chief says that bullet fragments from celebratory gunfire hit 5 people at the stadium and then a 6th victim reached out to police and said they had been hit. but we don't know how severe the injuries are. it's
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9, 0, 5, right now. and breaking news this morning, president biden is now speaking before signing an executive order aimed at protecting abortion access. let's listen to what he's saying. president. >> many president history. we still more jobs in the past 3 months than any administration in the 40 years. i know times are tough. prices are too high. families are facing the cost to let me cringe. but today's economic news confirms the fact my economic plan is moving this country in a better direction. the unemployment rate is near historic low of 3.6%. private jobs are at a record high gas prices still way too high have fallen out 25 days in a row. and this week we saw the second largest single-day increase in gas prices in a decade. we still have a lot of work to do and not suggestions. lot more work to do. but i am suggesting we're making significant progress. the program is working. now,
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the vice president's second center and deputy attorney general monaco. i want to talk about an executive order. i'm signing to protect reproductive rights of women in the aftermath of the supreme court's terrible extreme. and i think so totally wrong. had a decision overturn roe v wade. and both formalize actions. i announced right after the decision as well as adding new measures today. let's be clear about something from the very start. this was not a decision driven by the constitution. he said, again, this was not a decision driven by the constitution. and despite those justices, a majority said this was not a decision driven by history. you all probably chance to read the decision. then the scent. the majority rattles off laws from the 19 century to support the idea the road was just orica. it was a historic anomaly because states outlaw abortion in the 18 80's toward the aunt. but
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that's just wrong. the truth is today, supreme court majority that is playing fast and loose with the facts. even 150 years ago. the common law and many state laws did not criminalize abortion early in pregnancy, which is very similar to the viability line drawn by room. but the dobbs majority north, that fact and the dobbs majority, nor is that many laws are enacted to protect women at the time when they were dying from unsafe abortions. this is a horrific reality. rose sought to end. the practice medicine should not. so i should not be frozen the 19th century. so what happened? the dissenting opinion says this clear, as you can possibly say, it used to, quote nor facts nor added to to provide any new reason to reach a different result in row. in case you didn't. and that's has changed. excuse at
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all that's changed. is this court and of course, all these changes this court. i wasn't about the constitution and the law. was about a deep long in tipp city toward row. and the broader right to privacy. as the justice wrote in their dissent. and i quote. the majority is overrule roe and casey for one and only one reason because is always despised him. and now it has the votes to discard them, end of, quote. so what we want to see wasn't a constitutional judgment. it was an exercise in raw political power. on the day the dobbs decision came down. i mean, amount what i would do, also made it clear based on the region in the court, there is no constitutional right to choose only the way to the only way to fulfill store that right for women. this country is by voting by exercising the power at the ballot explain. we need
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to additional pro-choice senators and a pro choice house to kind of as federal law. your vote can make that a reality. i know it's frustrating. a lot of people very angry with the truth. is this and it's not just me saying it. it's what the court said when you read the decision, the court has made clear. it will not protect the rights of women period. after having made the decision based on a reading of the document that was frozen in time in the 18 60's. when women didn't even have the right to vote. the court now now protect practically dares the women of america to go to the ballot box, restore the very rights. they've just taken away. one, the most extraordinary part of the decision in my view is the majority writes, and i quote, when it comes to quote now from the good, the majority women are not without electoral or political power.
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it is no word if the percentage of women who registered to vote and cast a ballot is consistently higher. the percentage of the men who do so and that, quote, repeat a women are not without electoral and or political are or may be precise, not and or or political power. that's another saying the eu, the women american determine the outcome. this issue. i don't think the court for that matter. republicans who for decades have pushed extreme agenda, have a clue about the power of american women. but they're about to find out, in my view, it's my hope and strong belief that women will, in fact, turn out in record numbers to reclaim the right should have taken from them by the court. let me be clear. well, i wish it had not come to this. this is the fastest route available. i'm just stating the basic fundamental notion, the fastest way to restore road is to pass a
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national law codifying roe, which i will sign immediately upon its passage. i'm at my desk. we can't wait. stream republican governors. extreme republican state legislators and republican extremists in the congress overall, all of them have not only for it to take away the right. there are rights, but they're now determined to go as far as they can. now, the most extreme republican governors and state education of taking the court's decision as a green light to impose some of the harshest and most restrictive laws seen in this country in a long time. these are the laws not only put women's lives at risk, these the laws cost lives. what we're witnessing is a giant step backwards and much of our country. already the ban in effect in 13 states. 12 additional states are likely demand choice in the next coming when the coming weeks. and the number of the states, the laws are so extreme.
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they've raised the threat of criminal penalties for doctors and health care providers. they're so extreme that many don't allow for exceptions, even for rape or incest. me say that again, some of the states don't allow for exceptions for rape or incest. this is some of the match and harder. it's already happening just last week reported 10 year-old girl. was a rape victim. i-10 years old. and she was forced to have to travel out of the state to indiana. to seek to terminate the presidency and maybe save her life. that last part is my judgment. 10 years old. 10 years old. rape, 6 weeks pregnant, already traumatized was forced to travel to another state. imagine being that little girl. just serious. just imagine being a little girl. 10 years old. there's anyone believe that
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the show hires majority view that that should not be able to be dealt with. we're in any other state in the nation. the 10 year-old girl should be forced to give you birth. 2 child. i can tell you what i do. i can't think of anything as much more extreme. court's decision already received by republicans in congress as a green light to go further and pass a national ban. national a percent is there's no right to privacy should therefore not protected by the constitution. so left up to the states. and the congress where they want to do. and now where republican friends are talking about getting the congress to pass a national ban. the extreme positions and are taking some of the states. now only right to choose.
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we'll be illegal nationwide if in fact they succeed. let me tell you something. as long as i'm president, it won't happen. it's all be doing. so the choice is clear. if you want to change the circumstance for women and even little girls in this country. please come out and vote. when 10's of millions women's vote this year, they won't be a little millions and millions of men. re taking up the fight alongside them to restore the right to choose and the broader right to privacy and this nation which did not exist. and the challenge from the court. 2 american women and men. this is a nation. the challenges go out and vote. well, say there's an election november vote vote vote. consider the challenge accepted court. but
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in the meantime, i'm signing this important executive order. i'm asking the justice department. that much like they did in the civil rights era to do something. do everything in their power to protect these women seeking to invoke their right in states where clinics are still open to protect them from intimidation. to protect the right of women to travel from state prohibit seeking medical attention. she needs to state to provide that care, protect a woman's right. 2 fda approved federal drug administration approved medication that's been available for over 20 years. the executive order provides safeguards to access care. a patient comes in emergency room in any state in the union. she expressly and experiencing life-threatening miscarriage. but the doctors going to be so concerned about being criminalized for treating there. they delay
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treatment to call the hospital lawyer concerned the hospital will be penalized for doctors provide lifesaving care. it's outrageous. i don't care what your position is. it's outrageous. and it's dangerous. that's why this executive order directs the department of health and human services, hhs to ensure all patients including pregnant women and girls, experience pregnant, experiencing pregnancy loss, get emergency care. they need under federal law. and the doctors have clear guidance and their own responsibilities and protections. no matter what the state, no matter what state they're in. the executive order protects access to contraception. and i'm about to sign. justice thomas himself said that under the reasoning of this decision, this with justice thomas said his concurring opinion. that the court should reconsider the constitutional right to contraception to use contraception, even among married couples. what century?
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used to be case? coke you can purchase a great wall, which is the current constitution late 60's. he said a married couple. in the privacy of their bedroom. could not decide to use contraception. right now in all 50 states and the sugar company. before double care act guarantees insurance coverage for women's health services, including including free birth control. the executive order directs hhs to identify ways to expand access to reproductive health services like iuds, birth control emergency contraception. and equally important executive order protects patient privacy and access to information. which
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looking at the press assembled for me probably know more about it than i do. i'm not a tech guy and learned. right now. when you use a search engine where the app on your phone. cummings collect your data. they sell it to other companies. share with law enforcement. there's an increasing concern that extremists governors. and others. we'll try to get that data off of your phone, which is out there in the ether. to find what you're seeking, where you're going and what you're doing with regard to health care. talk about no privacy. no privacy in the constitution is no privacy. this executive order as the ftc to crack down on data brokers. private information to extreme i do sell private information to anybody. it provides private health information. it protects private health information states with extreme loss. the
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executive orders transit coordination of the federal level. it establishes a task force led by the white house department and the department of human services focus specifically on using every federal tool available to protect access to reproductive health care. you know, we close this. the court is committed to moving america backwards. with fewer rights, less autonomy and politicians invading the most personal of decisions. remember the reason decision? has an impact. much be on roe. the right to privacy. generally. marriage equality. contraception. so much more is at risk. this decision affects everyone. unrelated to choice beyond chores. we cannot allow an out of control supreme court. working conjunction with the extremist elements of the republican party to take away
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freedoms and our personal time. choice we face as a nation between the mainstream in the extreme. between moving forward and moving backwards. between alone politicians most personal parts of lives. protecting the right of privacy. yes. invented in our constitution. this is a choice. this is a moment. moment restore the rights have been taken away from us. and the moment to protect our nation from the extremist agenda. that is antithetical to everything we believe as americans. i'm going to sign this executive order. >> and so here you see the president now going to sign the order that he just briefly outlined what it would do in. basically controlling what
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could control in reproductive health for women or what's left of it after the supreme court overturn roe v wade a court that the president just said was. >> out of control and that that extremists >> republicans were taking advantage of that. and then he was outraged and enraged when he referred to specific case of how this affects women saying it affects men and married couples as well and urging everybody to get out and vote will be right back.
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>> welcome back, 9.24, we've got some clouds at the coast this morning. half moon bay looking nothing like san jose is just the opposite. nice sunshine for really most of the bay area. at this point. it's been a clear morning of the week thus far and today, although a little warmer than yesterday, we're set up for an actual cool down tomorrow as this next cold front slides in tomorrow is the last of our cooler days before heat really builds into the weekend skies clear today, few clouds tomorrow. then we clear right back out towards tomorrow afternoon. today's daytime highs will be in the 60's at half moon bay, but 70's 80's, even a couple of 90's elsewhere, antioch in vacaville are very hottest in the low 90's, oakland and hayward. perfect at 75 for you today. sunday, monday and tuesday. our hottest days of this forecast. we'll see temperatures easing off the gas pedal little bit after that bayside in coastal areas, a little less dramatic. a warm-up remaining in the 60's to 70's. stay with us. we've got plenty more still to come
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shop the lowe's bath to style & save event now.. in store and online. >> now and for your money this morning, the price of crude oil is dropping and that should mean we'll see the prices at the pump continue to go down, according to triple a already guess has been down $0.30 now since it hit a record high last month. kron
9:29 am
four's camila barco is live in burlingame to check the prices. they're high camila. >> good morning. deiah. 30 will take it here in millbrae. we're seeing those gas prices drop. take a look at this valero gas station a month ago, a gallon of gas here was about $6.20 something sense. now, as you can see, it's $6.9. if you pay with your card. but the drivers that i've spoken to say that they would still like to see the prices continue to drop. >> yes, this is good, what's good about it? to be up in a drop in gas prices has joe cheerful in the last month, gas has gone down between 25 to $0.40 a gallon in the bay area. good everything goes the president ford expensive or not. those triple a says falling oil prices have contributed to lower pump prices. >> and sandra has noticed he's paying less to fill up. his
9:30 am
tank is to do was 5, 7, and i today going on other things saying so this good for driver. despite lower gas prices, though, bay area drivers are still paying more than $6 for a gallon. that's about the state's average, which is $6.14 so much to when one hears. >> i was. so there's i mean, it's crazy when i moved here was like a dollar back them. so no, see this kind stuff now. so it's great for here's how the bay area compared to the rest of california a gallon of gas in santa rosa is $6.14. >> it's a little more expensive in san francisco, but the price drops to $6.18 in oakland. it's even lower in san jose at $6.12 but never says he's not cheering like volavola just yet. not happy at as i know couples do too much. >> should be 3.60, minutes. okay. this ticket pricing can work to still make money. happy everything goes the president ford faces so expensive. nowadays. to testing. stand by.
9:31 am
>> now, the bad news is that we're still paying about $6 for more than $6 for a gallon of gas here across the bay area. big are the good news is that drivers are stills are seeing the prices at the pump go down instead of going back up. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot, camilla, 9.31. we'll be right back.
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9.33, in the south bay. a car crashed into a starbucks in cupertino. >> the santa clara county sheriff says 2 people were hurt. however, dan thorn takes a look what happened. >> well, there's still a lot of cleanup that needs to happen here after that car smashed into the starbucks on homestead road around noon thursday. deputies telling us that 2 people that were hurt were inside at the time and it's still unclear what caused this crash in the first place. >> shattered glass and broken tables at a mangled starbucks in cupertino. the culprit, the driver of this dark blue bmw pictures showing the car park in the store front after a frightening crash injured. 2 people inside starbucks customer emmalyn reid says she heard the commotion around noon thursday a little shocked, right? because i'm expecting to happen in your neighborhood. >> now it's going for walks up
9:35 am
to safe. but the noise earlier today was about 10 o'clock or a county deputies say the driver was not injured and is cooperating with their investigation. it's not known if the 2 people who were hurt were customers or employees. i just hope everyone's okay. it's scary. i know accidents happen but hopefully everyone's okay. >> a man and his son came back to the store to retrieve a mountain bike that was warped in the wreck. customers looking for their coffee fix found they're going to have to wait until a lot of cleanup takes place. i mean, i feel bad for the people working there. and and yeah, so hopefully it will. >> get back to normal. >> we're still working to get more information from the santa clara county sheriff's office about what happened here. and it's still unclear when the starbucks is going to reopen. but some of the cleanup workers believed it will take a couple of days reporting in cupertino. dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> monkeypox is raising more concerns around the bay right now. more than 100 cases
9:36 am
statewide. our confirm and nearly half of them are in the bay area. now, the san francisco aids foundation wants to play a role in fighting the spread of the virus. the ceo is sounding the alarm. >> and we're really have a caning urgently to get at least 1000 the jenny vaccine and the next 30 days into our hands. so we can try and the that curve new infection. >> the san francisco help public health department is expecting to get more doses. the vaccine soon. it's 9.36, right now. and other news that we're following this morning as covid cases rise in california, health experts are now recommending that you wear a mask while you're inside. and even if you're outside, if you're in a big crowd, the omicron subvariants ba 4 and ba 5 continue to seem to be immune to the antibodies bodies that you get. if you've already had covid or if you're
9:37 am
vaccinated. doctor john swartzberg says that it would be smart to wear a snug fitting mask if you're in a crowded area, even if you're outside. >> right within your space. then you risk and you are you can be at substantial risk and that's a city where right now given the amount of virus circulating and these very transmissible subvariant. i would have a mask on in that circumstance. >> they say if you plan to go into a big gathering that you should take a rabid, a rapid test before you meet up. and even if it's negative. but you feel symptoms, you should go. he should isolate and take a few more test results as well. 9.37 is the time. a scary moment during the giants game. a player had to be carted off the field in a stretcher. we'll tell you what happened after the break. >> and today is shaping up to be a little warmer than yesterday. was highs climbing back to the 80's across the south bay mid 70's for oakland
9:38 am
and san francisco. beautiful afternoon. already. nice out there. the heat is on the latter half of this weekend, though. i'll get your forecast after the break.
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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. >> it's 9, 40 and in the south bay, san jose international airport is getting 10 million dollars from the biden administration to update the terminals. the money comes from last year's infrastructure bill. that
9:41 am
includes about a billion dollars for all airports around the country. the san jose airport is going to use the money to bring its facilities into compliance with the american with disabilities act. a south bay representative zoe lofgren released this statement about the funding saying they're going to use the money to make the airport accessible for travelers. she said that people with disabilities should be able to travel and access airport amenities equally and san jose city leaders are in the progress. our a process that is of signing a lease with the vta to create a safe parking program for people who are living in their vehicles are arby's. it would provide a temporary designated location for parking and access to basic needs. the santa theresa light rail parking lot. we'll be able to say to accommodate a 45 to 60 arby's and there will be services on site restrooms, water, trash. the program will likely start in october. it's 9.41. and we'll be right back.
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and protect tribal sovereignty want to check the weather before we go going friday and it's going to be a great weekend. if you like the heat. >> and even if you don't, because we do have a couple days here job exactly a little bit for everyone this weekend area. today. we're up a few degrees tomorrow. we'll be back down actually. and then
9:45 am
the heat really arrives on sunday and stays with us into monday and tuesday says just got to choose your timing based on what you like. >> as far as what we've got this morning, it's been are clear this morning so far this week, a little breezy out there, but that doesn't hurt. when temperatures start to rise like they are, you've got some cloud cover at the coast. not so much elsewhere, though, see that cold front to our west. that's going to dip back in tomorrow and he's going to drop temperatures a little bit further. so tomorrow is our very last day of cooler than average weather highs inland only in the low 80's. you're going to like it compared to where we're getting to on sunday unless you love that heat, in which case you're going to be looking forward to sunday winds from the coastline around 15 miles per hour. right now, winds do pick up towards the latter half of the day as that cold front slides in. that's going allow us that bit of a cool off tomorrow before temperatures warm up into the tail end of the weekend. as for future cast sunshine today. a little bit of cloud cover to start the day tomorrow, but it's not going to last for long skies will clear out really nicely through the rest of your day. on saturday and sunshine.
9:46 am
maybe a little too much of it on into sunday as temperatures start to rise so much as for highs today, 70's for sf 60's right along the coastline and temperatures for the bayshore anywhere from the 70's to the 80's. mostly with saying carlos down the mountain view right at 80 degrees south bay. you're in the 70's yesterday. but today it's pretty solid low to mid 80's for you. fremont on up through oakland still in the 70's, great day along the bay shore. livermore up to conquered. in the meantime, starting to get a little hotter conquered, especially up to 87. there's antioch in vacaville are only 2 spots to actually reach the low 90's. today, a sign of things to come starting on sunday and lasting through tuesday that 3 hottest days of your forecast tomorrow. the coolest, if you want to do some inland activities may be hiking. mount diablo. that will be your most favorable one for something like that wednesday and thursday won't be quite as hot as the start of next week will be as for bridges, bay bridge looks great. we did not see a single back up at the toll plaza today and only a light one
9:47 am
yesterday. so i think some of us got the early weekend in san mateo bridge, a 13 minute hall across it. and looking at the richmond center fell bridge below 10 minutes in the lots of sunshine at the golden gate bridge a minute ago. anyway, it's the fog is at the back in now, though, sitting above the bridge, though. so you're not looking at a visibility issue. daria. >> thanks a lot. 9.47. right now. and if you're going to be driving in marin county or to or from the tween marin county and specifically san francisco, there's going to be a major closure because if you're going from san francisco up are in on the north side, this will affect you tonight. and for to 57 hours, crews are going to repair the northbound lanes of one. 0, one between the robin williams tunnel and the rodeo avenue off-ramp. and they think that this is going to be a delay of maybe even an hour that you need to a lot for this and you'll probably be able to deep tour. that's what i would do. the replacing damaged drain system and
9:48 am
they're saying it will be done sunday. i mean, time monday morning at 07:00am. so as i look at that, if i was from over the golden gate bridge, i just get off at the very first right after the observation the the bridge parking and you go down sus leader that way. and you avoid the tunnel and you avoid that area of one. 0, one. and i think that's what everyone is going to do, which is probably why they're saying it's an hour delay. >> in the east bay, new link scooters are available outside of bart stations in berkeley, super pedestrian teamed up with bart and they're providing 250 scooters. the transit agency says the scooters will help you get to your destination after you take a ride on bart and you can book them and see if the stations have any other availability for you. just look at the bard app. they're already being offered in other cities around the bay. you can add berkeley now. well, let's talk giants that one good. let's just bring up that they did snap their losing streak. but last night they were in san diego and they weren't
9:49 am
able to manny machado, though, not one out of the park and this was a solo home run. the problem with this one is watch what happens. this country padres left fielder jurickson profar. watch him go down. he gets in need of the side of the head. he was going for that fly ball is kind of slow and then he tried to get out these walking off and he collapsed, and that's when they brought in a stretcher and they carried him off. they stabilize and actually with this morning, this is going to can you can see as he went off and give the fans a a fist in the air say he was going to ok, the giants lost game 2 to one. they can play again tonight at 6.40. the god of thunder is back this weekend. movie critic dean richards takes a look at the new store. >> we're new movies this week. there's marvel's latest thor love and thunder. that isn't
9:50 am
sure if it wants to be a slapstick comedy or a slick action movie. it's the 4th movie in the thor franchise. so it's not surprising that they're trying out some new things to try to keep it fresh. but here the went crazy with new things, specifically a heavy reliance on screwball slapstick, even flippant comedy completely ignoring the age old rule. less is always more. the movie starts serious with an explanation of why the film's villain, gore, the god butcher is so upset. he is beautifully played by oscar-winner christian bale single-handedly delivering the only really compelling scenes in this movie. but then the comedy fest begins. marvel movies usually deliver a sprinkling of laps. but here they poured it on almost like a spoof of itself overpowering the elements that usually make marvel movies, thoughtful, exciting and compelling. chris hemsworth is back in his god of thunder. now, god of comedy
9:51 am
mode. natalie portman returns as his love interest. jane foster, who in dealing with their own personal health issues. miraculously takes on the persona of the mighty thor now wielding the legendary hammer with an over-reliance on 80's. heavy metal music has its soundtrack. the movie tries to shift gears into a more traditional marvel mode. but it's too little too late and not before an embarrassing scene with russell crowe as the mythical god. zeus complete with the much talked about chris hemsworth. but scene and unnecessary sideshow. distraction trying to make you forget how empty this film really is. no, the temps that romance and the heart and real action film excitement all there, but they're just so hard to take seriously. thank goodness for christian bale. he is a standout this disappointing dean's list. c hope you have a great weekend in chicago and dean richards. >> sorry, dean, my producer richard gives it an a and so i say i want to try check out
9:52 am
for. we'll be right back.
9:53 am
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>> 9.54 almost done here for a friday morning on the kron 4 morning news. but let's check in with the olivia horton and she's going to tell us what's coming up on live in the bay today. high livia. >> good morning. how's it going? happy friday to you to. oh, my goodness. we have another exciting show. fridays are always awesome. coming up today on live in the bay, we're taking a look back at some of our great guests that we had this week. we met the
9:55 am
local shoe designer who has worked with kylie jenner, megan fox and even carrie underwood. flor de shared how you can get your hands on a pair of the shoes for yourself. then we met the artistic director and one of the actors from the latest production from the bay area, children's theater. hear how this performance is perfect for the whole family and the inspirational story. a local musician ken newman. well, he's raising money for the homeless here in the bay area. we learned more about his organization blanket the homeless, which hatteras ferry inspired for today show for our question of the day, we want to know how to hugh give back. go ahead and scan that qr code in answer could be read live on live in the bay later on today. daria, how important is it to give back? it's very to my arms at how i get back. but he's just it. it gives back to you. let me put it that way. when you give it comes right back. and so it is amazing. but you said you it's
9:56 am
flashback friday. and what? what excited me live in the bay this whole week. >> was finding out that your secret singer, i'm so excited about that. now i know that about you every day. every time see hear. hear you sing that's ok? that's ok with me. i put it out there and i figured, you know, we'll see how goes, ok, any opportunity is saying you take it. thanks to olivia and have a great weekend and it is a great show and let's take a peek before we go at the 7 day around the bay forecast because it is going to be pretty toasty on sunday. but today and tomorrow looks pretty nice. john. >> weekend, aria, which you know, is a crowd pleaser for everyone, i guess to take your pick which day you want to step outside. so today you'll notice it's a little warmer. i think the first thing everyone notices actually sunny okay, right of tomorrow. we actually have a little bit of a cool down. so if you want to get out there like mount diablo hike only going to be low 80's. nice an end cooler than
9:57 am
today. that than today because yesterday was pretty warm. i must say it started and so it was so cool this week. now we're like, wait, it's hot. so a little up and down and then way a sunday, monday and tuesday will be in the 90's inland. but we are staying in the 60's and 70's near the bay the coast. so if you need to get out of the 90's, you actually can find relief in areas like oakland or san francisco. and it doesn't last forever by wednesday and thursday, we're kind of cool things back down again. yeah. so it's just kind of a three-day ships by exact. all right. well, >> that's it. have a great weekend. we'll see you back on monday.
9:58 am
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