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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  July 8, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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he says he's out out the bottom line in the letter. musk says the company twitter is just not complying with the contractual obligation to give information surrounding. >> fake accounts on the platform. okay. this all comes after the social media company held a call yesterday to discuss the matter to discuss this matter. we now welcome scene that he ensure in. >> i have to wonder, was this ever real deal in musk's mind? >> you know, that is a great question. i know for sure that it was a real deal in the board of directors to twitter's mines because their job is to make sure that the shareholders get the most value that they can. that's literally their jobs. and what elon musk offered 44 billion dollars before. by the way, the market kind of started to tank was what they believe to be the best deal that they could get. they still believe it's the best deal. and now
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they have said that they're willing to take him to court to make sure that he pays for this. >> i guess you have to pay a billion dollars if. he loses that, that the deal well out. so there's a billion dollars breakup fee, which is what the to come. you know, he and twitter agreed to when this first started and those break up these existing essentially too. >> force the marriott, if you will. but there's a issue that exists, which is that twitter really has been spending the last few months being trashed by elon musk. he's gone all over twitter at that tweeting about how terrible the company is, how awful the executives are. and now also a claiming in this letter that he sent to the sec and 2. >> it's a twitter that he believes they're lying about critical data about how many users on the platform, which, by the way could be its own legal ball of wax. so it's really kind of rough situation for everybody involved. lot of
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drama this is how does this bode for twitter? in the scheme of things? not that that is a key question as well. a lot of the people who are way smarter than me say that this is a catastrophic thing for them. you know, if you want us to spend so long trashing the company. >> so it be having to try and kind of limp along without him would be really rough. at the same time, there are a lot of people at twitter who are really not excited to work for elon musk. so it's kind of a lose lose for everybody which is kind of what social media feels like for everybody anyway. so here we are. >> in in the news business were all over twitter. i know you are. but the majority of the people in this country don't use twitter, instagram and facebook are much more popular. so if you're at home, you see all this brouhaha. why should ordinary people care about this deal? >> i mean, it is something great to eat some popcorn while watching. let me tell
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you, i think really what's important to remember is that while twitter has a very small audience compared to facebook and instagram and tiktok, the reality is that its influence on the political world, particularly but also the world's of news is we discussed entertainment. sports are very outsized. and so while we while lot of people may not be following even roll their eyes, very rightly at the idea of the company. the truth is that it has impact and that is why we keep close eye on that. >> you talk about free speech and you know, trump was banned still is banned. you talk about stuff like that. i so. >> yeah, i mean, it's beyond that to write a lot of the political world surrounds twitter when people use twitter for campaigning, it is used for policy announcements. as you pointed out, president trump and all the stuff that happened with them. and by the way, he used the responses he got on twitter. we will use all this and some of the books that came not from people like
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bob woodward is that we learned that he the reactions he got on twitter in policy literally world defining policy was happening on twitter. >> so let me go back to the first discussions because that became kind of kind of first and foremost. everybody's talk about this merger and that's what elon musk was saying. and then now he's backing up because the dollars sign. so which one was it >> well, i mean, it certainly he argues that he got involved here because he worried about free expression, any constitutional lawyer will tell you that the interpretation elon musk was giving was quite askew and that we've explained a lot of that. i've seen that. but the bottom line is now he says that, you know, we all should go in the trash bin because it he claims twitter has not been honest about how many users on its platform, which again, is a thing that he's he's claiming that this company is
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doing. >> so musk is going to presumably move on either pay a billion dollars fine or not, and he can do that. clearly for people who use twitter and for the politicians who rely on it to get their messages out, etcetera. what do you think is the fallout from all of this? >> i honestly, i mean, this is one of those big shrug og moments. i really don't know what's going to end up from all of this. you know, there's a lot of sense that twitter's influence in the world may have hit its peak, but there's also a very good argument to be made that this is the one stop along a very long of twitter impacting the world. and we're just watching a crazy circus as it happens. >> all right. well, thanks for helping us with the crazy circus in and explaining it to just use a shrug emoji. get us through yeah. and think you so
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much and have a good night. that's the insurer seen that. >> appreciate his time. as always. coming up, what would you do for a steph curry autograph? down and give me how many with warriors star made one of his fans do for his john hancock and bay area drivers. finally seeing a little bitfof relief. why prices the hopper? >> starting to debt.
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for your
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money. this friday, the price of crude oil is dropping, which means that the price of the pump >> is certainly should be following suit. according to aaa, the average price for a gallon of gas here in california is down $0.30 since hitting a record high last month. so here in the bay area, drivers may actually be seeing a decrease of up to $0.40 a gallon despite lower gas prices. drivers say they would still like to see the prices continue to drop. >> i'm not happy as i know couples do too much for in years. i was. so there's i mean, it's crazy when i moved here was like a dollar back them. so no, see this kind stuff now. so it's great for that. >> so here's how the bay area compares to the rest of california. a gallon of gas and santa rosa is $6.14 little more expensive in san francisco. but despite everything he has. >> the price does drop to $6.18 one sure. in oakland. >> it's even lower in san jose
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at $6.12. >> still ahead, some say president biden's executive order to protect abortion rights is not moving the needle much at least here in california. but others say it california. but others say it will. they tell us why. after my car accident, california. but others say it will. thi wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most.
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and protect tribal sovereignty east bay abortions at planned parenthood clinics have not been affected by the supreme court's recent reversal of roe
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v wade are forcefully to call reports now from walnut creek. and that's where anti-abortion rights activists say. >> president biden's executive order will not do much in california, but we'll continue to encourage out of towners to seek abortion services here. >> in the 2 weeks since the u.s. supreme court texans for abortion. they can come from anywhere. pastor james cook has noticed more visitors to the planned parenthood clinic in walnut creek. i've noticed in the last 2 weeks, especially on fridays doubled in value abortions at this clinic are scheduled on fridays. cook says he expected it would get busier here noting governor gavin newsom's commitment to supporting safe access to abortions. the against president biden's executive order easing some restrictions to abortion, medication and travel for those who have to leave their own state to have the procedure. >> but he's grateful the president's order cannot
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restore the right to an abortion in states where it is already outlawed. we are a republic. >> it's a rule by the people, not by whether whether you agree with them. and i think everyone has a story. it's not really up to anyone else. decider, judge, passer by rosemary disagrees with pastor cook and other antiabortion activists, weekly demonstrations at the clinic. >> and their attempts to stop women from seeking services committee story before they pull into a driveway and make a decision that they battled and they tortured themselves with you know, they had it. live with that for the rest of their lives and that's between them and god is not between eu and got in a statement praising president biden's executive order and denoun1ing the supreme court's overturning of roe versus wade. planned parenthood, northern california ceo gilda gonzales says her organization will, quote. >> continue to ensure abortion services are available to anyone coming to us from within california.
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>> or from other states, we believe in the fundamental right of all people to make their own personal decisions about their fertility future and family in walnut police. call from games. >> money tonight, california is going into the insulin, manufacturing business. governor newsom says the current price of insulin is a quote, market failure with many americans struggling to pay out of pocket costs that can reach $500 per month for the drug newsom has approved a budget that allocates 100 million dollars for the state to create its own insulin. he says he plans to sell it at a less expensive price close to at cost. newsom says many americans experience out of pocket costs anywhere from 300 to 500 doc dollars a month for this strike. containment on the electra fire burning right now in amador and calaveras counties has increased. >> now to 65%. at last check. more than 4400 acres have
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burned in the incident to date. no homes or structures have been damaged and the number of structures still threatened has decreased from 1200 structures down to fewer than 900 authorities lifted. many of the evacuation orders tied to that fire letting people like that couple returned home. they say this wildfire reignited memories of the 2015 butte fire were several people in the same neighborhood lost their homes. the couple says they're thankful for their neighbors who rushed to their door when this fire started monday. >> my neighbor come over and i knew there was a fire. but this is our got to get out of there is coming this way again. >> the stable overihere in his some and a friend. they've taken all my pictures off the wall. >> well, the couple says they're happy to be back home. they know they're prepared to evacuate again if they have to. and there is still a long
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wildfire season ahead. of course. tonight, there's new concern over the clarity of lake tahoe's infamous water. a new report by uc davis shows the lake's water clarity was 61 feet last year down 2 feet from 2020. it's the second lowest level since measurements started in the 1960's. while lake tahoe has historically clarity, level of more than 97 feet. that number has declined dramatically in recent decades, king tides are expected come back to the bay area next week. that's according to the national weather service. >> king tides usually cause flooding in low-lying areas of the bay like the embarcadero. you see there and off the coast and beaches, the highest tides. those are forecasted. for wednesday. >> lawrence is here with us. lot of people may be getting away. it's the summer holiday travel season. that's right.
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why not get that summer weather looks like it's going to be nice as we head into the weekend. temperatures, are going to start to get hot in the 2nd half forecast for you out toward the sfo right now. we've got that fog moving in over san bruno mountain. you see the breeze out there blowing as well. cooling off no delays at sfo, oakland or san jose. at this hour looking good in the monterey bay. watch out for some low clouds and fog in the morning. and i think it's going to hug the coastline. >> you get monterey get the pacific grove. that's where get very gray about 63 degrees and some patchy fog in carmel valley, though, sneaking in some sunshine about 17 about 73 in santa cruz. southern california got lots of 70's, even some 80's. and hey, if you make your way into pasadena, you may hit 90 degrees. so a variety of temperatures there as you start out, some patchy fog giving way to sunshine and the high country. no fog to speak of just plenty of sun all day long. and some very nice temperatures in the afternoon. 78 degrees in southlake. all 79 in truckee in a hot 90 degrees in reno. stick around for the weekend. the
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temperatures going very just a little bit republican, a warm-up some on sunday and much warmer, getting close to 90 degrees as a very warm day at lake on monday. and then back in the bay area that fog surging back on shore right now. and that will be the story overnight again tonight. little thicker tonight and a little bit lower as it begins to move inland. the high pressure going to start to build in a compressed that marine layer. that means these temperatures at least inland are really going start to warm up right now. we've got that cool fog and 58 degrees in half moon bay. still, 77 over the hill in redwood city. 82 degrees in little more. 86 still very warm and conquered. 86 in pittsburgh are friends of brown would look at the 91 degrees in the north 89 degrees in saint helene, 83 in santa rosa and 70 degrees feel the sea breeze now in petaluma, low clouds and fog go ng to begin to move on shore overnight tonight. not going to be as thick, although and got some thick fog out toward the beaches again. and then tomorrow breaks up, leaving behind lots of sunshine away from the coastline. that's going to heat up in a hurry. this temperatures looking very nice numbers breaking down like the
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60's in the san francisco, but a lot of 60's out toward the coastline with that fog kind of flirt with the coastline all day long as you make your way inside the peninsula. mid 70's as you head toward redwood city that about 80 degrees in san jose east bay. temperatures up in the mid 80's in many spots by tomorrow afternoon. looking like a very nice, warm day. maybe the 90's you make when the vacaville back toward the coastline and got that cool sea breeze and the fog. but getting hot on sunday near triple digit heat on sunday into monday. cooling down a little bit on tuesday. looking good. thank you, laura down and give me. >> how many? this guy wanted? steph curry's autograph and the nba finals mvp decided. if the fed wants it, he's going to earn it. kerry's in south lake tahoe playing in the american century celebrity golf tournament and he made that guy do 30 push-ups before he would sign kerry's jersey. guys been working out. he completed the task, got the
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signature. got a little greedy, though and asked if steph could also sign it. she can cook on the jersey as well. you know for and you find the celtics fans had some fun with that. and then they lost no report. if kerry got around to making that other requests happen. but yeah, down to give you 30 because his number 30, so course makes sense next up. >> getting a taste of the tropics in wine country. you bet. it's coming up in tonight's dine. and dish?
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>> the bay area loves its to keep bars windy. and you can find some of the coolest joints in the city here and well beyond. well, be on. so. >> taste of the tropics in wine country tonight on dine and dish i'm taking you to will friends. it is the first and apparently only tiki bar in napa. >> only is you don't necessarily think t be known. now. like when you're tired. a wine tasting to go. go here. you reference. yeah, this is will lounge in think 2 key with a twist where locals and tourists partake of taking drinks food, an ambience. >> it's a cross between disneyland traders, sam and pirates of the caribbean
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airport holes with mermaids who swim and of course, ghost pirates with magical treasure chest. and for those with a thirst centric drinks like the one what shareable bowl and you would like >> of arc and about the tropical concoctions like bout this is batten down the complete with paper umbrella. >> there's the ever-popular flaming scorpion bowl to share. >> they calm as they saw wonder why, of course you want this way and put ladder to accompany your for him. this is the need to the spam lighter proprietors. bring experience from the granddaddy of tiki bars. trader vic's. >> so why will for you ask why it's the name of vocal wilford who worked as a bartender in honolulu back in the day. and as they say here in wine country, cheers, aloha and
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>> had my right. that's yeah. i'm good yeah. good friday night story that it is and kron 4 news at 5. is still time to head up there have a lot more ahead. fox 4 news at 6. catherine and ken are here. cheers to that okay. to invite map of what? what's not to like? looks coming up at 6 o'clock. meantime, she is officially on the job we're talking about. change comes. >> sworn in. today's san francisco's new district attorney. a promise to keep the city safe and do a better job. she says that her former boss plus a public health failure. what's the reaction from local lawmakers to the biden administration's response to the ongoing monkeypox outbreak? we look at just how prepared we are here at home. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. the news at 6 coming up next.
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>> fromethe bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. man. i saw it. i was like, yeah, our house is probably going to burn down here like it's jumping. >> now it's 6 residents describing those tense moments before they were forced to
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evacuate their homes because of a fast-moving brush fire in morgan hill. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. fortunately, firefighters were able to get a handle on the flames. they say ford progress has been stopped. however, mandatory evacuations are still in place. cal fire tweeted out a photo of what's being called the arm speed fire. this is a long arms be road and sleepy valley road unincorporated morgan hill, just a few minutes away from the morgan hill community park about 5 acres have burned. the fire 10% contained 20 homes in this area are under mandatory evacuation orders. people living on arms be road to sycamore avenue, hearty lane and to way of been told to leave their homes. and there are road closures in that area. >> there's an evacuation center that's been set up at the morgan hill community center on monterey road. cal fire says emergency personnel are supporting evacuees with water and food right now. a fire ne


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