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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 12, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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chris come home. >> this is the first time we got to speak out, and it feels very enlightening. ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. here we are with cases rising vaccines. sparse. >> and urgent action by our federal public health institutions. absence. >> now at 5 with monkeypox cases surging in san francisco. health officials say they don't have the resources needed to support the community. the department of public health in the city says it's been begging for more monkeypox vaccines. but without response from the cdc. good evening, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm catherine heenan in for grant lotus today on the steps of city hall, the city's health
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director along san francisco supervisor blasted what they say is a week federal response kron four's rob nesbitt. talk to someone who spent the last 2 days waiting in lines trying to get a vaccine. he joins us live with more. rob, that's got to be frustrating. it is kathryn. i start to see the posts online. >> of long lines and monkeypox vaccination sites in san francisco starting friday. those waiting for their first dose 2 doses. hope that the city's request for more will be approved. eager to get the monkey pox vaccine. jake lar waiting in this long line at san francisco general hospital monday afternoon. he was eventually told that all shots were spoken for before making it inside, make up a line in front of us and fed. >> you guys have to go. the folks who i know we're just in front of us who didn't stay in the line. i think that in almost 2 and a half hour. >> he returned tuesday to this waiting 2 hours just to schedule an appointment for later in the afternoon that are trying to do the right
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thing. >> get vaccinated protect themselves the community. i think it's just been really frustrating. response director of the san francisco department of public health doctor grant colfax says >> his request of the federal government for more shots have gone unanswered. we're literally our federal partners to provide more vaccine so we can get into the arms of people who need it. most doctor colfax has requested enough supply to vaccinate at least 35,000 people who are most at risk supervisor rafael mandelman introduced a resolution tuesday calling on the cdc and department of health and human services to purchase and distribute more shots. this should be a preventable public health crisis criticizing the federal health plan to distribute 800,000 vaccines by the end of summer and 2 million by the end of next year. numbers that don't fly for those waiting to do their part in stopping the spread. it's impossible to get a vaccine here. >> what's it like in arkansas? what's like mississippi like that? it just, you know, baffles me.
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>> since june, the san francisco department of public health says it's received around 2800 monkeypox vaccines as your should be. more than 95% of those to community clinics and sites in the city reporting live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> thank you, rob. and we are seeing more cases in the bay area. in fact, san francisco is now approaching nearly half the numbers in the whole state of monkeypox. more than 100 cases confirmed in california. san francisco reporting 60 cases. that number is expected to climb in coming weeks today, santa clara county reported 9 cases. the san francisco rate is higher. then the rest of our bay area counties and seemingly as always, we're waiting to hear back from health officials in marin county. >> and now to our coronavirus coverage, all of the bay area now in the high covid community levels, which means the cdc is recommending you mask up in indoor spaces. this comes as public. health
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officials say 2 highly contagious omicron subvariants are causing a spike in cases all across the u.s.. cdc says the ba 4 and ba 5 subvariants are responsible for more than half of the new cases around the country and with the uptick in covid cases hospitalizations. they're also on the rise. federal health officials are talking about expanding the second booster shot to those under the age of 50. our kron four's dan kerman has more. >> that threat to you is now. >> during a white house briefing on covid-19, the government's top infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci said with the highly transmissible ba 5 variant now surging americans must take steps to protect themselves. if you are not. >> vaccinated to the fullest, namely you have not gotten your boosters according to what the recommendation on that. you're putting yourself at an increased risk that you could mitigate against by getting vaccinated. currently
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only those 50 and older are eligible for the 4th jab. >> but during the briefing, officials confirmed they're looking at opening up the second booster to all adults. i know that the fda is considering this looking at it. >> i know cdc scientists are thinking about this and look at the data as well. i think making available is very reasonable. >> uc berkeley, infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says well, the top priority should continue to be vaccinating older americans and those with underlying conditions. he says there are those under 50, he believes should get the second booster if they become eligible. >> the people who are critical to the functioning of society should go. doctors, nurses, for example. other health care workers, first responders, people who very high risk of getting infected should give it serious consideration. working in a grocery store as clerk, for example, we are inside all day with the public in other settings like that. i
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think those folks should give serious consideration. the final decision lies with the fda with approval. >> from the centers for disease control. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> san francisco police are investigating a home invasion robbery that sent a victim to the hospital happened just before 02:00am on will see street. police say 3 men got into the house. one of them hit the resident with his gun. they took jewelry. they took cash. the person hit by the gun was taken to a hospital but is expected to survive. no arrests have been made. >> and i'm committed to making sure that we restore accountability with respect to drug dealing in san francisco. >> she says she is committed to change. and san francisco, the city's new district attorney announcing her plans again to promote public safety. brooke jenkins was a key player in the effort to recall her predecessor, her former boss, a chase up today
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and she has signaled that she will probably take a radically different approach to that role. kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >> without further ado, our district attorney. but jenkins. >> francisco's new district attorney brooke jenkins held a media availability in the tenderloin and brought her tough talking tough on crime, new attitude to address safety concerns attributed to that heals open air drug market. >> and i'm committed to making sure that we restore accountability with respect to drug dealing in san francisco, the new da aims to take a different approach from recall district attorney chase aboudi regarding how her office will handle plea deals from drug dealers. i'm aware of the data that only 3 offenders were required to to plea to drug sales charges in the year 2021. and i do see problems there. and so i want to know what types of offers are on the table. >> on the cases that are currently in our office so that we can craft a policy
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that promotes more although san francisco is a sanctuary city for immigrants, it appears the consequences for breaking the law will be applied to everyone regardless of immigration status in the new district attorneys office. i'm sensitive to the immigration issue. >> my father is from el salvador. he's not a citizen of this country. and so i understand why it's important to to take that into account. but at the same time, we cannot allow our residents to die on the street of overdose. we have 45 overdose deaths in may. 33 of which were from fentanyl it's, you know, without holding those who sell fence and all accountable. >> the director of the tenderloin housing clinic, randy shaw likes what he's hearing from the city's new top cop. >> let's hope that today is the start of change because the people that tend to line working class multi racial community should not be a continuing zone for open air drug dealing.
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>> district attorney brent jenkins met with people who live and work in that end line to get their input on the solutions they would like to see which she says is a key part of how she will measure success in see whether the policies that we're implementing are making a difference. that is going to be the measuring stick of how we're doing in san francisco haaziq kron. 4 news. the suspects in the trader joes parking lot. robbery in danville were reportedly involved in another armed theft. that's according to contra costa county district attorney's office. >> the da is filed 3 felony counts against 18 year-old leon calf, a fountain in connection with armed robberies that took place in walnut creek and danville. fountain entered a not guilty plea in both cases. the da's office states that the robbery, a trader joe's in danville, was organized by a local game. billy released video of the deadly uvalde texas school shooting work. 21 people were killed. it is out
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and we do want to warn you that video is hard to watch. it does show the gunman entering the classroom and police arriving on the scene. reporter keely be some has more. >> this is a first look at the extended video of uvalde school shooting from inside robb elementary school at the beginning of the video. the gunman has crashed his car and was shooting at the school from the outside. that's when we hear screaming and teachers calling >> about a minute later, we see the chilling image of the gunman in school with his weapon. the gunman turns down a hallway. a child comes within feet of him appears to
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walk in his direction. however, the gunman fires into a classroom and the child runs >> just minutes later, police are inside the school at that classroom door ready to confront the gunman. but he opens fire on them. first, forcing them to retreat back down the hole where they would remain in a defensive position for nearly 80 minutes from there. we know police began treating the situation with as a barricaded suspect, not an active from there, we know police began treating the situation as barricaded suspect not active shooter situation. >> that >> was reporter keely be sun
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reporting. the gun industry can no longer hide a strong words from governor newsom. today he was signing a bill allowing californians to sue gun manufacturers. that bill written by san francisco assemblyman phil ting. it allows people to sue gun makers and sellers for the harm caused by their products. the governor says the bill puts power in the hands of the people to hold that to a hold the gun industry accountable. >> the gun lobby well spend millions and millions of dollars by not politicians to shield themselves from any liability today, california is going to change that. >> according to the giffords law center, california is ranked as the top state in the nation for gun safety. gun deaths start 37% lower than the rest of the country. coming up, has the red hot housing market cooled off leading into summer? what a new report shows us about. >> home sales here in the bay area. i'm meteorologist
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lawrence karnow. couple clouds begin to move in right now. some cooler days are ahead. explain. coming up next.
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oh that's my bad! unplugging. when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours. >> we continue to monitor the wildfire at yosemite. it is still threatening ancient sequoia trees, burned fire has now scorched more than 3200 acres. it is just 22% contained. fueled by hot and
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dry weather. smoke is just pouring out of the national park, reaching up here to the bay area and propping some air quality advisories. the flames are also inching pretty close to an iconic grove of sequoias, which is a another concern. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the conditions out there, lawrence. yeah, a little hazy. a near half dome. the fire located south of this area. but, you know, you can imagine some of the people going up there to enjoy. >> the beautiful you some of the valley and seeing some of that haze from some of the fire out there. so there's been a shift in the wind today and that's been fortunate for the bay area that's kept much of that smoke away. and i think that's going to continue that way for at least another day. but that fire continuing to burn. you'll see some of the beginning to rise early in the morning. you see this plume of smoke here. you see which way it's headed, attended due north right up across the sierra nevada. that breeze across parts of the park as well as the eu, 70 valley and then up in the sierra nevada, too. but the bay area so far, a kitchen little bit of a break. in fact, the smoke for that
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system, you can see all that smoke headed north right now and you see the brown and red there. that is the thick of smoke in forecast models. you watch as we take time getting more of the south westerly component of the wind and all of sudden that sends it really up for the tahoe area then almost directly eastward as we head throughout the night tonight and tomorrow morning. and i think that will be the case. we've got a trough of low pressure moving along the coastline and that will vastly effect the direction of that smoke. the same time at the surface here, we've got a sea breeze kicking in a westerly component that's bringing that nice, fresh air off the ocean water. so really, we're looking pretty good. and you've got some nice air quality for most of the bay area. one of the center's in mill valley start to show some moderate amounts of plude's but otherwise looking good outside in the forecast for tomorrow. looks pretty good, too. we're going to see that on shore breeze continue. of course, we start now with low clouds and the fog by the afternoon. you're seeing lots of sunshine and couple patches of fog lingering along the coastline. so good air quality looking like the bay area
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tomorrow as we get the weekend, things begin to change. the weather pattern begins to shift a little bit. and as long as that fire burns, of course, that wind changes direction that could bring that smoke right back in the bay area. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. the sizzling east bay housing market cooled off leading into the summer. >> there's new information showing that there were more homes for sales this past june compared to last year, the kron four's felipe go. reports of buyers might be reluctant to jump into the market with so much uncertainty. >> in the economy. >> a summer slowdown in the east bay housing market leading sellers to drop prices. there are some signs for hopes for buyers in this market. the bay east association of realtors says there were more than 1000 more homes for sale last month compared to june 2021. and although year to date sales prices in the east bay remain historically high spokesperson david stark says the median sales price dipped 12 and a half percent from may to june. homes are staying on the
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market longer than this time last year. and compared with the last few years. >> and a big reason is buyers are they're uncertain about what the future holds. >> home sales typically slow down in the summer when families take time off from work and school. this after inventories in a year to date low in the winter. but stark says buyers are sitting on the sidelines because rising interest rates have driven them out of the market and they are willing to wait for better opportunities. during 2019 prices actually stabilized for the first time about 10 years. >> and we could be heading into a a similar market where there's actually some price stability, homes on the market little bit longer. little bit more negotiation between buyers and sellers some opportunities for buyers are going. and market data shows san ramon, dublin and newark have the highest percentage increases in homes available for sale over the past year. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> san francisco, animal care and control is currently at
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capacity and full of lost dogs. they've actually taken in 23 dogs in just the past. 24 hours. and they sure could use some help. earlier today we spoke with director of san francisco animal care and control virginia donahoe about what people can do to help. >> great time to adapt. right now. dogs are free. we are also full on small animals getting pigs and rabbits. so their prices are greatly reduced. so if you're looking for a pet. please don't buy one of these coming into the shelter and adopt. staff members at the shelter are asking for people to hold off on surrendering dogs for the next week. the staff says if you know of anyone. >> missing a dog police encourage them to look at sfa ccs, lost and found center online. >> still ahead, police in california trying to find out the identity of the person believed to be tied to shootings at as many as 4, 7.11, stores and falls into a
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>> a bodega worker is facing a controversial murder charge. his name is jose alma. he's out on bond after, you know, he stabbed and killed the man that came behind the counter to confront him. he is
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claiming self-defense. but the da's office calls it murder. now today owners are defending him saying this is all about safety reporter color aroma has the story. >> new photos of bodega worker jose alba show the scars left behind from his confrontation turned deadly at the blue moon bodega in hamilton heights alba was slashed in the arms by the girlfriend of austin, simon after alba killed 37 year-old simon and what his attorneys are calling self defense. the graphic confrontation was caught on surveillance. 61 year-old alva step. 37 year-old simon after he cornered al behind the cash register angry because his girlfriend ebt card was denied. alba is home with an ankle monitor after a weeklong stint on rikers island facing a murder charge. head of the bodega owners association francisco marc. they bailed him out. got to keep pressure. we have to keep fighting because, you know why this happened or says he's known for years. well, alba quietly awaits his fate, making sure
5:25 pm
that there is justice for mister we want to see mister alba. >> united bodegas of america is calling on the manhattan district attorney to ensure the safety of bodega workers facing dangerous situations across new york city. the video speaks for itself and everyone knows that this man didn't go out that morning thinking he was going to kill someone. >> but his life was in danger. and all he did was defend himself. so we are hoping that bragg makes the right moves. >> district attorney alvin bragg said his office's investigation is ongoing with another court appearance, july 20th. >> that was kala rama reporting for us tonight from new york. >> now to developing news out of southern california. a police are searching for a gunman wanted in connection to a string of shootings and robbers at 7.11 stores. police
5:26 pm
have released these photos of the suspect. they say the robberies all happened in the span of about 5 hours early monday morning. 2 people were killed in the shootings. 3 other people were wounded. an american tourist recovering now after falling into the crater of a volcano in italy. it happened at mount vesuvius over the weekend after the 23 year-old man accidentally dropped his phone while taking a selfie and then he scramble down parkway into the crater, reached for it and fell local guides are able to repel down and rescued. the baltimore resident he had, we're told just a few cuts and bruises, but he is now facing charges for going way off trail into that crater. up next, we're going break down today's january 6 committee hearing >> member of the oath keepers is saying about the moments leading up to the violence. plus, amazon prime day. it's kicked off what you should know about potential scammers targeting shoppers and our chief meteorologist lawrence
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and help californians committee wrapped up another public hearing about the circumstances surrounding the capitol riot. the committee hammered away. >> at its claims that this was an attack orchestrated by former president donald trump and the trump incited his base to storm the capitol after his speech on january 6th. >> we need know from you that
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you are with them, that he does not do it now while he is commander-in-chief, we're going to have to do it ourselves later in a much more desperate, much more blood. the war. >> the committee played video clips to rallies just before the insurrection were members of the oath keepers were seen meeting with long-time outside a trump adviser, roger stone. they even warned in one video clip that quote will be back in january while challenging law enforcement officials outside a protest among those testifying today, stephen was one of the rioters also testifying, a former spokesperson for the oath keepers. >> i think we saw glimpse of what the vision of the oath keepers is. it includes violence. it includes trying to get their way through lies or deceit within actually plan to go down there. >> you know, we went basically to see the stop, the steal rally and that was it. >> so why did you deci


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