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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 13, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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my tribe has lived on this land for 12,000 years. we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most. >> and that wraps up kron. 4 news at 9 and kron. 4 news
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 is more positive cases of monkeypox pop-up. san francisco is running out of his short supply of vaccines. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. the department of public health says it has requested. 35,000 more vaccine doses from the federal government. but >> if and when that will arrive is not known. this come to san francisco is reporting 68 cases the most in the bay area. marin county health officials now say they are looking into 2 probable cases. >> tonight's the city of
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berkeley has teamed up with a local business to provide monkeypox vaccines. the goal is to focus on people. >> who are at higher risk nationally monkeypox cases have been reported primarily in sexually active and bisexual men. and as kron four's, dan thorn reports, the demand vaccines is there as hundreds of doses were distributed today. >> a line stretched for hours outside of steam works bats in berkeley wednesday, the private men's gym with help from the city, the county and the state's public health departments is offering vaccines to combat the spread of monkeypox. these are just some of the hundreds of people who received doses what people really need to know about monkeypox is that it's low >> to the general population of last year in gauging and higher. >> risk activities. berkeley, public health spokesperson math, i says the venue was selected because of its association with high-risk activity. the private gym advertises skin on skin contact between members and
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communal saunas. the goal for local health officials is to target people involved with these types of activities. you're trying to get to people who >> may not have heard about. it may not know that there's a vaccine. you're trying to make sure that people can get access by and in environments that there might be at high risk vaccine availability has become a growing concern in the bay area. and demand has remained high. berkeley public health says they're trying to meet that demand, but vaccine rollouts from the federal government are happening in phases for those seeking a vaccine. steam works. bats has at least 3 more clinics scheduled. >> reporting in berkeley, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> quest diagnostics will begin testing for monkeypox. the company developed a new pcr test that allows patients to check themselves for infections. that test is available nationwide. the lab plans to ramp up its testing capacity to 60,000 samples per week by the end of this month.
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questions also checking the cdc's orthopox virus test plans to make that available to health care providers in the 1st half of next month's. >> another big story tonight, inflation in the united states. it has reached a 40 year high. the bureau of labor statistics reported today that consumer prices surged 9.1% in june. the report shows prices are up for everything ranging from food to rent with rising energy and gas prices contributing the most to the surge. here's a look at some of the numbers from the labor department. as you can see here, gas prices up 60%. airline fares up 34% higher dairy products are up. 14% rent is up 6%, which is the biggest increase since 1986, some financial experts say this could prompt another big interest rate hike by the federal reserve. meantime, president biden calls the inflation report, quote, unacceptably high, but he has these numbers are already out
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of date because they do not include the recent 40%. $0.40 drop in gasoline prices since mid june. in effect, many analysts agree. >> as fears over economic uncertainty hit wall street. some tech companies have seen their tuck, a stock prices plunge and some companies in silicon valley are now cutting staff kron four's justin campbell reports. tesla, the latest tech and automotive company to announce layoffs, a california regulatory filing shows the company will be laying off 229 employees from its san mateo office. they are replacing the people that are paying more money to us and the tale of people doing the same job in buffalo, new york. >> so that's a cost cutting measure. bob o'donnell is the ceo of tech knowledge. this research, a technology market research company. he says tech companies are adjusting their staff level because of their economy. tech companies who have big plans for the growth that they have been enjoying are finally realizing they
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need to readjust those plants as things have started to slow down. netflix laid off 300 people in june. google ceo announced on tuesday hiring will focus on engineering, technical and other critical rules. a leaked memo from facebook shows the social media company is looking to we doubt low performers. facebook, however, told kron 4, no layoffs are planned. that has nothing to do with the economy. it's just being, you know, used right now is an example of companies. >> even coming in those sorts areas. o'donnell says he perceives tech companies continuing to focus on hiring only people with specialized skills. engineers, computer programmers, but operational people in advertising or marketing may get slashed list. things get a little tighter. what they're doing is they're saying, hey, maybe we need to look at this through handle. so the operations peas for this group as well and they're doing that. o'donnell says as people are being laid
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off, tech companies are still hiring. it's a big sector for us growth and he doesn't foresee a heightened unemployment numbers for the bay area. it's just, you know, slowing down a bit and shifting around reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news state attorney general rob bonta is putting law enforcement on notice over illegal evictions. he says the justice department's housing strike force has had reports of landlords trying to evict tenants by changing the locks. >> shutting off water or electricity, even removing their personal property. bonnen announced new guidance today. he says law enforcement has a legal responsibility to intervene when called on to resolve a dispute between a landlord and a tenant. >> law enforcement should advise the landlord or other persons involved that it is a misdemeanor to force tenants out a rental property and should instruct them to allow the tenant back into the home. law enforcement should advise the landlord to seek legal advice if they have an issue
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with the tenant or evict the tenant. >> onto says the only lawful way to evict a tenant is to file a lawsuit and wait for the court to order the marshall to carry out the eviction. >> meantime, a bay area judge says the california department of housing and community development must stop tonight. applications for covid relief money. while the denials are under review. the judge's order comes after tenant advocate groups sued the state alleging that it wrongly denied tens of thousands of applications. >> first was hacking has more from one of the attorneys representing tenants. >> we're hoping that what this lawsuit eventually results in as the tenants can know why they were denied so they can fix it. jack eason area, senior attorney with alliance of californians for community empowerment, represents thousands of tenants in a lawsuit against the state. they argue the state unfairly denied and withheld money from low-income renters. who applied for covid-19 rent relief, money or organization
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have been seeing a lot of denials that spurious. we've been seeing tenants denied and they weren't told the reason they were being denied or they were pretty sure that they were eligible. >> but they were still denied. we know that as of right now about a 3rd of all applicants to the program have been denied. alameda county superior court judge frank roesch order that the california department of housing and community development. >> immediately stop denying requests for rental assistance and any rejected applications issued in the last 30 days be put on pause until he holds a hearing to review the rental assistance program, its practices and appeals process in order to >> issue this the judge had to rule that there's a likelihood that the case will succeed, meaning that there is a likelihood that the state violated the due process. that's right of thousands of tenants across the state. while the program ended in march an airy says thousands are still waiting for checks
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or application approval. think that everybody should check on their application and the where it is in the process that they've been waiting to hear back. they can call the state hotline number. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> now to the washburn fire burning in yosemite national park. the fire has burned more than 3700 acres. containment is actually down compared to previous reports. it's now at 17%. despite the growth of the fire, experts say there is some hope for the giant sequoias ecologist believe the 2000 plus year old trees will survive. sprinkler systems have been installed in the mariposa grove area to keep the ground in the trees, moist in the north bay, the herman fire that burned 115 acres in benicia is now 80% contained. that fire started in the area of lake herman road and channel road. firefighters say they plan to be in the area for the next several hours, working working on strengthening containment lines. and of course, putting out the hot spots. aneesh officials say no structures are threatened and no
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evacuations have been ordered. but lake herman road is closed in both directions. we'll continue to follow the developments to bring you the latest as it comes in. >> an air quality advisory in contra costa county will stay in effect through tomorrow. the bay area air quality management district extended that advisory because of the marsh fire. it has been burning since may. the contra costa county fire protection district says the marsh fire started in a homeless encampment in bay point. it has since burned into large amounts of pete in in accessible areas underground. the fire protection district says peat fires are notoriously step in to fight and are often left to burn themselves out. >> he his spell every single day. you know case, gets annoying after a while. >> contra costa, health services is also monitoring the situation and has also issued a health advisory. officials are asking older adults, pregnant women, children and people with respiratory conditions to
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avoid outdoor activities. so for more on the air, quality issues is check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. yeah, we're kind of see that smoke settle in and around the fire. think the worst times the day in that area probably in the morning when the winds kind of calm down. >> that that smoke will just kind of settle in and around that area. tonight, you can see east that fire that smoke is touched off. some are centers now looking a very poor air quality in around the rio vista area of the brentwood part of the air quality. they're eating at the haze of building up from the fire there. but the rest, the bay area, you've got a lot of green and we're looking good that on shore breeze kicking in right now. and of course, twat helps to keep our air nice and clear. but the forecast for tomorrow looks promising air quality expected to be pretty good, except i think in and around that area into pittsburgh and parts of bay point, a look at the good air quality outside across the area. but a benicia. yeah, they've fighting that fire today and that also concerned that burning in a very difficult place. you've got the lake herman road here. you can see and just to the north and you've got channel road
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right here. and here's the fire that's burning some very dry brush in that area. and of course, occurring in the afternoon with some of those winds start to gust. you have some winds gusting over 20 miles an hour and still pretty breezy out. there are those winds beginning to calm down. now down about 15 miles per hour. but yeah, they're not the only ones. of course, we're tracking where the fire was. and you can see pittsburgh there, some gusty winds to 25 miles per hour. but that wind is blowing that fire or the smoke from that toward the east. so that's why they're seeing places where you see some of that smoke showing up in rio vista. the smoke line is really traveling in that direction. so east of that fire are going to still continue to see some of that smoke traveling in that direction. as we head throughout the night tonight as that sea breeze will continue to blow out side that will carry that smoke in that direction. but overnight, the winds are going to calm down tonight. that smoke is going to settle in and around that area. so yeah, shut the windows, you know, closed doors be prepared. you like to see some more of that smoke i mean, those people fires mean you get that in the ground in that the fight, those things right like is so awful. not fun, ok?
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>> thanks. lines. >> san jose police found an underground bunker filled with stolen goods and guns, including 3 shotguns. it had been reported stolen from the business this morning. the bunkers along coyote creek at wolf creek drive in a homeless encampment. police say people were living there. it was partially residents is as it seems right now, 5 of the individuals arrested were using as residents. >> that being said, the majority of the property was discovered there was stolen property. >> police say they arrested 6 people on charges of felony possession of stolen property, burglary and weapons charges. a birthday celebration turned deadly overnight in oakland. there was a shooting just steps away from the fox theater. a man was killed. 2 women were injured. kron four's dan kerman reports. >> after celebrating his birthday, a man was shot and killed down the street from oakland's fox theater early wednesday morning. 2 women he was with were wounded in evidence markers and shell casings filled 19th street near telegraph.
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>> it's just unfortunate that this is happening in a joiner, owns the feel more adult store just down the street from the shooting. she feels the violence in the uptown neighborhood. >> is increasing making it far more difficult for those who visit live and work there. >> then coming across, you know, war zones are bullet holes to get to work. and it's not say oakland police were unavailable for an interview and if not said how many suspects they're looking for or if they know the motive for the shooting. joyner says while more police presence is part of the answer. so is personal responsibility personal accountability. if i were a parent to talk to my child percent accountability for the teachers out, there were also, you know, first responders for a lot of this as well as personal accountability of the services that people need in the community like we all have to work together. it's a customer service. our community are citizens of the city of oakland are definite first customers and we need to remember that. dan kerman kron, 4 news.
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>> and east bay doctor is back at home from overseas where he help ukrainian refugees who are fleeing the war torn country. he says many of them were treated for health problems, linked to anxiety and some were injured such as an elderly woman was hit by shrapnel who had a broken shoulder on first. also the morning and talked with him and she joins us now in the studio with his story. must be remarkable and we keep hearing about these everyday people, civilians who are targeted by russian forces, either inside malls or even in their own homes. >> so you can imagine just how heartbreaking this was for him to see firsthand. and you can see video. the doctor examining one of about 200 patients and he saw in the span of just one week. doctor larry percent flew to poland and first stopped at a convention center in warsaw. >> we're about 1000 ukrainian refugees are being housed. he said many of them had infectious problems related to being grouped in that space. he also suffered from medical issues t
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needed surgery, but he couldn't provide that. he explains that the work was limited to comfort a checkup and providing basic mets to a band-aid. basically a temporary fix. >> we show up. we do what we can. as you do. more of this in the organization gets in here and does more of this. hopefully find out where you fit in the system and you can help people get the care that they need overtime. but its wartime, it's chaos. it's not coordinated. there's no system. you know, the reason that where there's precisely because these people are getting care and they haven't seen doctors and months for trying to find a sweet spot of filling in the river where we can actually do something and help. people in a way with the medications we have. in a
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>> so let the doctor doctor percent says he really could have used the help of a nurse to take blood pressure and administer needles. and he recommends more people to travel abroad to help out. he linked up with a group called es s f a french acronym for rescuers without borders. >> the world economic forum estimates about around 6 and a half million people have fled from ukraine to neighboring countries since russia invaded in late february. i personally have some friends, a mother and daughter who actually took a backpack, ran for their lives and cross into moldova, romania, then through mexico and into los angeles. but pam and ken, of course, that's not every day happy ending for a lot of people out there. >> you mentioned that he actually uses they take vacation time to go and help the ukrainian. that's right. he only got a call about 2 days before he had a planned vacation to europe and then fit in that time to help people out. >> and then get some rest
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afterward. and this is first time back to poland. he actually had ancestors who moved to the united states and he was the first in the family to finally visit that country. >> under these circumstances, yes, yeah, i yeah. thank you. >> i mean, i'm a trans people exist by asked, are you if your car you about when are you having pregnancy? see you, billy. a testy exchange between a berkeley professor and republican senator and now shining a light on a broader effect of abortion rights. it go beyond women. plus, lawmakers sounding the alarm on one of the world's most popular apps. >> what they want the fcc to do to protect people's privacy. and when on vacation, you want sunshine and drinks. not covid, but it could happen. what you need to know happen. what you need to know before you take off. my tribe has lived on this land for 12,000 years. we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours.
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while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most.
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and help californians travel is back after many people put the brakes on trips because of the pandemic. but >> health experts are warning people to be prepared to deal with the latest highly contagious omicron variant has come for us to resist reports on the best practices travelers can take to blunt the effects of getting covid while they are away from home. >> if you are leaving on a plane soon or any other type of travel for some summer fun. health experts say enjoy also plan ahead. in case you get covid. >> who can help you? how do you contact public health? how do you contact a physician? what are what are the things
10:25 pm
that you're going to be? doctor john swartzberg is with uc berkeley school of public health. so we're dealing with a very, very contagious form of his first 4 were contagious than any of its previous iterations since this pandemic began. so with that data point to the doctor says get your plan in place. >> the time to think about we do if you get covid is now when you're well a year ago, there wasn't that much you can do besides go to the emergency room now you can get tested. you can test yourself at home. if you're turned positive. you know, every county has a system where you can get paxlovid. if you're counting a candidate for that. but he says if you have tested positive and planned to fly home, even want to go to the airport, infect other people, you know, to be on plane and infect other people. so >> you have to be responsible, even if you really do need to and want badly to get home. if not too far, you could drive home and have the windows open
10:26 pm
and mask to try not infect other family members or friends. >> he also says this. the data is showing the vaccines work helping to prevent hospitalizations. but avoiding is the best medicine. >> what some people get second, you know, we're seeing a lot of people get a 3rd infection. unfortunately, what we're seeing is that these people get a second infection. it mean not be just like the first one. it could be better. it could be the same or it could be worse. each time we get a subsequent infection. the date is now showing that you're putting yourself increased risk for long-term complications to recess stasio kron. 4 news. >> coming up, we're following the latest on a crime spree that targeted 7 11 stores in southern california. tonight we hear from some of the victims and how the convenience store chain is getting involved in the investigation. plus, governor gavin newsom in washington, d.c., this week. why some political analysts say the trip is more about
10:27 pm
spotlighting california and the overturning of roe versus wade also affecting the transgender community. we hear from local advocates next. >> and we've got some clouds rolling in but not blocking out that supermoon, a man. it is super tonight. we'll talk about that. you're 10 10. it's coming
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>> they're also trans men who are capable of pregnancy, as well as non-binary people who are capable of pregnancy. so this isn't really a women's
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rights issue. it's a we recognize that this impacts women while also recognizing that it impacts of groups. those things are not mutually exclusive. senator holly. >> a testy exchange that has gone viral. this happened during a senate hearing yesterday when a berkeley law professor clash with missouri republican senator josh hawley on the effects of restricted abortion rights while abortions are often listed as women's healthcare. women are not the only people who may need one. >> some trans men trans masculine people and non-binary people can also become pregnant. kron four's amanda hari talk to a leader in the trans community about the importance of inclusive language. >> visibility is really important. also just even knowing that our existence that we exist and that our community needs access to these types of health care treatments and procedures shedding light on the fact that not everyone will need an abortion identifies as a woman.
10:31 pm
>> executive director of the san francisco office of transgender initiatives. how says some trans men trans masculine people and non-binary people will need the procedure, health care access or trans people. it's already so fraught and so complicated, procedures like abortion that are considered women's health because it really already just by how we need that type of care. tuesday. berkeley law, professor chiara bridges, heads with senator josh hawley during a senate hearing about the impact of reversing roe versus wade. she used the phrase people with the capacity for pregnancy. the senator then asked her if that's women, she explained that it could be trans and non-binary people as want to recognize that your line of is and it opens up trans people to violence by not recognizing. now you say that i'm open people of violence by asking whether or not women
10:32 pm
are folks are going to pregnancy. so i'm one i want to note that one out of 5 transgender persons have attempted suicide. >> so i think it's important my line of questioning because we can't talk about it because denying that trans people exist and pretending not to know that they exist on 9. that means people exist by asked, are you if your car you about when are you having pregnancies? i asked about his reaction to this exchange. professor bridges was on plane. >> and was a great example of what it looks like to stand up for a community that is misrepresented or raced. we are very small proportion. comparatively of the people who will be impacted by this. but we also will impacted disproportionately bebeuse we are already sexperiencing so many barriers to healthcare. says he worries about trans the le having access t t care they need. >> especially after the supreme couou's ruling even twenty-twenty to where we are more visible than ever before. we arstill literally fighting just to be scene and
10:33 pm
to be heard as who we are. amanda hari kron. 4 news debates continue on capitol hill on women's abortion rights today. the senate committee on health education, labor and pensions. >> heard witnesses talk about the impact of the supreme court's decision to overturn roe versus wade. n washington senator patty murray called the effect of the ruling, quote, barbaric and puts women at risk of not getting the health care they need. >> and republicans post-roe s rld health care providid aren't sure when or even if e they will be able to treat a top to patients without being sent to prison. some have already been instructed to observe patients until they have an stable, vital signs before acting basically sit on your wohands until women are at dire risk before you can do was medically necessary. >> many republicans disagree that ababtion resictions put women's lives in danger, saying all states allow abortion to save the mother's
10:34 pm
life. rerereblican senator roge marshall from kansas is also ca calling efforts to protect access to contraception, unnecessary. >> an ohio man has been charged with a 10 year-old girl. her case drew national attention because she had to travel out of state next door to indiana to get an abortion because of ohio state law. investigators say the 27 year-old suspect has admitted to the assault. he was arrested yesterday. he has not yet entered a plea. a group of activists and community members from highland park, linois and uvalde texas llied on capitol hill today. hundreds of people affected by the recent mass shootings in those communities gathered to make an emotional appeal to lawmakers to ban assault weapons. some supporters and family members of the victims share their stories. >> her cause of death gunshot wound to the head. >> a little girl and fought there at e school. ows you
10:35 pm
can no more. i promise you. i promise you. you do not want this to happeneno you. some democratic lawmakers came out in support of the group. they agreed that the recent gun control legislation was a small step and a ban on assault style weonwill make the country. >> safer. now to o developing story in southern califoia. 7.11 is offering $100,000 reward in connection to a string of deadly armed robberies at ththere's stormy a 2 people were killed. 3 others injured. monday reporter carlos saucedo talk to victims. crime spree spanning multiple counties believed to have started in the valley early saturday right now when i everything going yeah, and know a husband and wife still traumatized after being robbed at gunpoint inside their young these donut shop in granada hills. surveillance video showing the suspect waiting outside the store, making his move once a customer leaves.
10:36 pm
and when he saw me on the game, just point to get when he saw media people >> didn't sayyyyomething like, you know, where is the money way? you say this map shows saturday's armed robberies in the san fernando valley. police say 2 donut shops and to 7.11 stores were hihihi >> along the woodley corridor, one customer describes the aftermath at one of those 7.11 stores. and i walk in both of cash registers were wide open and that raise. >> we're on top of the counter completely empty and the poor guy who i usually see getting my coffee just like deer in the headlights. i mean, and he's i just got robbed. the guy had a gun. and you just brought me in. was on my kind are trying to determine if the suspect in the valley crime spree is linked to series of robberies and deadly shootings. that happened monday at 7.11 stores. > an ontario upland riverside brenna la habra and santa ana. 2 people were killed and 3 others wounded. this may or
10:37 pm
may not be linked to that. but we're looking at this is possibly being someone local at this time. one of the victims in la habra was shot in the face while in his car in the parking lot. his family said he was there to buy doughnuts and milk 2 victims. rob saturday called the suspect a professional robert. but in the you know, this is a blend of guy say that means no city a safe. they're moving all over the place. i mean, anywhere in southern california could be hit next. >> the suspect is considered to be armed and dangerous and could possibly strike again. 7.11 is encouraging stores to close overnight. again, they're offering that $100,000 reward reporting in grenada hills. carlos, i'll settle. >> now to the 4 zone forecast. we're going to show you the supermoon buck pretty is a supermoon for real lawrence. will be a full charge. it's
10:38 pm
been really need to watch it. rise up over the bay tonight. the clouds have minutes thick outside. and so we have a pretty good look at it for much of the bay area. but the supermoon rising just after 9 o'clock tonight and there it is, the brightest moon of the year and the close proximity just over 222,000 miles away. and it's because it's so close. we're seeing a rise in the tides as well. it was good old king tides are once again a rolling in and you're going to see the tide reaches maximum tonight about 11:38pm tonight. so looking at some coastal flooding inside the bay in and around those areas of low lying areas. watch out for that tonight. until about 2 o'clock in the morning. and then again tomorrow night. once again, we'll come back right into the weekend. so that's going to be on and off as we head through the next couple of days. we're looking at low clouds and fog beginning to move on shore. but really it's more patchy out there for tonight. and that's why we've got a good view of that king tide, high pressure over the 4 corner states going to start to build back into the bay area. so the just really lift a little bit. here you go as it begins to
10:39 pm
build in the temperatures, start to heat up in the central valley into parts of the east bay, especially and eventually over the weekend, temperatures get warmer just about everywhere you go. but that fog again moving in overnight tonight is going to be a little more scattered. so probably going to see some drizzle along the coast and a very patchy early tomorrow morning that the true fog bank all the way the central valley, like we've seen over the past few days them by the middle of a that breaks up even along the coastline. just some patchy fog into the afternoon. temperature wise numbers still going to be very similar to san francisco, mainly in the 60's there. coast side in the 50's and the 60's inside the bay. 68 some sunshine in millbrae in the afternoon. 71 sunny and stop foster city. you're going to see a lot of 80's in the south bay by tomorrow afternoon. a warm there. they were pushing the upper 80's as you head well inland livermore pleasanton about 88 walnut creek. 18 conquered temperatures through right to the delta looking nice and toasty. but back along the coastline, little bit cooler, a little breezy toward tomorrow afternoon and the next few days we're going to watch these temperatures changing room watching. get a pretty hot, i think inland on
10:40 pm
saturday and sunday, probably saturday being the hottest of the weekend ahead then will cool things down. and next week, 10, 10 showing temperatures returning below average in the middle of next all right. thank you. hoping the move tonight. yeah. haha. okay. >> well, governor newsom in washington, d.c., this week. he got an award today for california's financial investments in public education. and he met with administration officials say that they talked about issues including gun safety, abortion, climate change and homelessness. governor newsom's washington trip is just the latest reason. a lot of people believe he is carefully stoking his image with national political ambitions in mind, including a possible run for president. >> the governor has denied any interest in the white house and is up for reelection in california. history was made today on capitol hill, civil rights leader and trailblazing educator mary mcleod mccloud
10:41 pm
with the news. now, the first black american in the collection of the national stature, terry hall or statue represents florida. it was unveiled in the capitol building. she became an influential black teacher and civil and women's rights leader. >> she led voter registration drives after women gained the right to vote in 1920. and so as an advisor to 5 u.s. presidents, mary mcleod nasa just keeps on giving a new images released from the james webb space telescope will take a closer look after the break. and in sports, the giants looking to take 2 out of 3 from the diamondbacks. kylen mills has the wild finish mills has the wild finish co my tribe has lived on this land for 12,000 years. we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the giants looking to follow up their explosive offensive performance last night with more hot hitting in today's series finale against the diamondbacks. bottom of the 7th giants trailing 3 zip infielder. brandon belt changes that with one swing in the back. i'm here to straightaway. center bell ets the giants on the board with a solo blast. bottom of the 8th now giants down just to run. wilmer flores sends this ball on or ride high and deep to goodbye for us. ties it up. and we've got a brand new ball game on our hands. bottom of the 9th bases loaded for brandon crawford. he lines it to right field. arizona's
10:45 pm
daulton varsho couldn't handle it. felt scores the winning run. oh, captain my captain. what a night for him. giants walk it off for 3 will host the brewers for 4 game set beginning tomorrow. let's head out to the lone star state. the a's also looking to win their series against the rangers. bottom of the first, just trying to stop the bleeding. texas infielder brad miller with the open to loriano the effort but just can't make the play 2 runs come in to score. miller, however, is thrown out at second trying to stretch that into a double that caps off a 5 run. first inning call the paramedics. the a's need to be revived. this season, oakland falls 5, 2, they're now tied with washington. >> for the worst record in baseball. oakland has the day off before heading out to houston to take on the astros on friday to the california clasico the earthquakes in la taking on the galaxy in the
10:46 pm
14th minute wakes up one nil some short passes in the box. jeremy, to see scores to extend the quakes lead to to what a finish. 40 minute. marco has a tough angle into the far post. just gets it in san jose. up by 3 at halftime. the galaxy to make a second-half push. however, the quakes hold on to win this 1, 3, to a huge win for san jose in the rivalry game. their season still alive. bill. come back home to host the houston dynamo on sunday. the rumor mill really kicking up today about a possible reunion between kevin durant and the warriors. many free agency signings and trades across the league are on hold. while the nba waits to see where kd will land. >> fox sports is reporting that league sources say steph curry has reached out to durrant. >> meanwhile, espn insiders reported today that the warriors are in discussions about a possible trade curry is open to it, but it's likely
10:47 pm
it will actually happen. the news first broke 2 weeks ago that durant requested a trade from the nets. espn previously reported that katie's preferred destinations are the phoenix suns in miami. heat. one of the faces of the san jose sharks is gone at least from san jose. the team announced today that defenseman brent burns has been traded to the carolina hurricanes. the sharks are sending burns and hl four-lane peterson to carolina. in exchange for stephen lawrence going prospect at to mocking yemi and a conditional 2023 third-round pick burns has 3 years left on his contract with an 8 million dollar value. the sharks, 14 34% of that contract, meaning son of some of burn salary will still count towards san jose salary cap. however, burns has been with the sharks for the past 11 seasons. the 37 year-old is the 6 time nhl all-star. he also was awarded the norris trophy given to the league's top defenseman in 2017.
10:48 pm
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10:50 pm
>> the highly competitive housing market is we're experiencing right now is pricing lot of would-be homebuyers out, you know, one group in particular that's being hit hard. u.s. veterans trying to take advantage of a government loan program designed for them. nichole berlie has the story. >> it's a setup that's typically favorable for both parties. veterans looking to buy homes backed by the government, home loan service are not required to make a
10:51 pm
down payment and benefit from controlled closing costs. sellers have the assurance that financing is in place at the time. offer is made. but in this highly competitive housing market veterans relying on the va loan program are losing out increasingly seeing homes going to conventional borrowers. who financing program is a wonderful benefit for our veterans who very powerful in that you don't need a down payment. >> you also don't paint annual mortgage insurance face. the problem is that in this current market, it's hard to utilize. there's very low inventory. strictly low inventory relative to historically strong demand that historically strong demand, which includes a new wave of millennial homebuyers, allowing sellers to cherry pick from the best of multiple competing and competitive offers. it's also created an environment in which buyers are willing to waive traditional parts of the home buying process like property appraisals in order to speed things up. veterans using the
10:52 pm
government home own service don't have the same luxury appraisals for one are required by the va and problems with the program in the past. still linger in the minds of sellers and lenders today. unfortunately, in years past there were problems getting appraisers or problems with texas fees or or closing a on time last month, lawmakers sent a letter to the va secretary asking that the agency modernize the loan process to make home ownership more accessible for u.s.. vets. the group claiming about one in 10 beds are currently forced to change loan products during their housing search compared to the one in 100 conventional borrowers. >> that was nichole berlie reporting. >> the mount diablo unified school district will stay the way it is. today the state board of education rejected a walnut creek neighborhoods proposal to split the district families in the north gate community first proposed the move in 2017. it would have allowed 5 schools to leave the
10:53 pm
district and form a new one. the board of education says it found that they failed to meet required legal criteria and there was no compelling reason to create a new school district. >> a south bay school district is now the first in california to screen its student athletes for heart conditions. the campbell union high school district is partnering with a local nonprofit to screen students in grades 9.11 for any heart abnormalities or conditions that could lead to serious health problems. the nonprofit is named after kyle john taylor, a district's graduate who died of sudden cardiac arrest in 2019 despite being healthy. the screenings are fully funded by donations. the district's superintendent telling kron 4 in a statement, quote, we have championship-winning teams throughout our district. so we know they are competitive and push the field, giving their all but they shouldn't be giving their life. the mega millions jackpot is at
10:54 pm
480 million dollars right now and could grow even larger by friday's drawing. no one matched all 6 numbers in yesterday's jackpot. the winning numbers for last night's china for 7, 10. 45 64 and the mega ball. 12. the jackpot on friday shine has a cash option of 276 million dollars. and take a look at this. the james webb space telescope sent back incredibly detailed images of space and it also capture some stunning new pictures of jupiter. webb snapped these pics of jupiter to test its performance tracking movement, moving targets. they were taken using the telescope's near infrared camera at 2 different wavelengths. each wavelength uses a different filter and the exposure time was just 75 seconds. which is impressive. the experts say you can pus the great red spot and make out the band's across the gas giant. these images help
10:55 pm
researchers discover that the telescope's ability to track fast-moving objects is actually better than expected. >> oell, that a black bear there apparently overstayed his welcome a security camera from a home in massachusetts capture the bear trying to cool off in a backyard fish pond. but less than 2 minutes later, a koi carp was frantically darting around and kind of kicked the bear out of the pond. said to that for you. the homeowner apparently installed the security cameras after bears had repeatedly been going to cool off in the fish pond and they also ruined the vegetable garden. parents will be lawyer big. i mean, they can be big fish if they sure can. yeah. >> people thought he would thought that was an easy snack. and here's a man and his love of this civil rowan, lots of stuff, road like crazy right now. a lot of fun. but
10:56 pm
we're going to see warmer temperatures ahead. so you got your garden going. it's going to be looking good as we've got more sunshine on the way out there tonight, though, the clouds are moving in toward the sfo right now and into the bay to but it's not going to significant of a cloud push overnight tonight. so i think we'll see a little earlier break off that can lead this warmer temperatures outside right now, a comfortable 63 degrees in san jose under mostly clear skies. maybe a look at the supermoon there. 62 degrees in fremont. 61 clear in lemore. 63 degrees in cocker. check on antioch. still, 72 degrees. very nice and comfortable for this time of the evening coastal areas. yet the fog is rolling back in likely going to see some drizzle along the coastline to temperatures. they're running in. the 50's was pretty wet out there early on this morning to i think tomorrow afternoon, these temperatures going to start to warm up, especially inland. i think some places pushing near 90 degrees in place like and the act in the conquered a little more. you're looking at those temperatures near 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon. lots of 70's, some 80's into the santa clara valley back toward the
10:57 pm
coastline, keeping the 50 in the 60's with that patchy fog. but your tenant him look like it's going to be hot as we head in toward the weekend. some of these temperatures soaring near 100 degrees on saturday, at least inland, not too bad along the coastline will cool down a little bit on sunday. and then i think slowly watching a school. but then we're going to see the temperatures really kind of take a dip toward the middle of next week. again, i think these temperatures likely to head well below the average as we head in toward the middle of next thanks, lawrence. thank you for being with us. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. good night.
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