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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 18, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> tonight at 5, a fight turns into a fatal shooting. and now a manhunt is underway for the person who shot and killed a man at a local bowling alley. thanks for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 5, everybody. i'm grant lotus and ella sogomonian. that shooting happened at the granada bowl in downtown livermore saturday night. >> the victim just 28 years old crowd for syriza stasio is at the bowling alley. she joins us now live with new details. theresa. >> a grant to ala. we have a picture in from the livermore police department that we want to show you right off the top here. take a look for yourself
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and you can see this person. his name is roger aleman garcia. he is 27 years old. he is a convicted felon with a criminal history, including assault with a deadly weapon. he is prohibited from carrying a weapon based on his criminal background. now we have another picture to show you right now. this is one of the victims in this case is is antonio vargas. he was 28 years old and he died saturday night when this shooting erupted. now, throughout the day, people came by the bowling alley laying out flowers, paying their respect to the vargas family. and here is what we're learning about this crime scene. police say that it was around 06:00pm saturday night when they say that the .uspect garcia got into a fight inside granada ball here on first street livermore. police say that evidence shows that garcia got into the fight. it became physical and then he pulled out a gun. he shot several times. 28 year-old antonio vargas was fatally shot. 2 other people nearby were
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struck. first responders were able to get to them to the hospital. there is no word right now about their conditions. but we do know it is an all out effort to track down garcia. the bowling alley has been shut down for the past day and a half. it just opened this afternoon at 4 o'clock. now we want to pay attention right now to this live picture out here in front of the bowling alley. you can see for yourself. the people have been coming out here. that's the owner on the right side with a black t-shirt. he's been talking to people. he is very shook up about what has happened out here. this is a very family friendly bowling alley. it is been an institution out here in the east bay for quite some time. nothing like this has happened before. so you can imagine that everyone out here is extremely upset. again, we're going to put that picture. the suspect, garcia on our facebook, twitter and make sure that you take a look at also on kron 4 dot love and grant. back to you.
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>> all right, teresa stasio live for us tonight in livermore. thank you for that. new law happening right now, there are major delays on bart after officials say a person was hit by a train near the hayward station. barr says the person enter the trackway just before 4 o'clock this afternoon. trains have been stopped between bayfair and south hayward in the berryessa richmond in millbrae directions. bart officials say riders can use ac transit while their crews try to resolve the situation. ac transit is accepting bar tickets. tonight is fair. no word on when service will be restored for bart. it is unclear why exactly this person went on to the tracks. >> oakland police are searching for 2 suspects after a man there was gunned down yesterday. this happened just after 11 in the morning on 13th avenue just a few blocks away from san antonio park field. according to police, the 2 suspects approached the car of congo long and tried to carjack him. the confrontation
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led to an argument and then that led to gunfire. when police arrived to the scene, van have died from his injuries. oakland police chief leronne armstrong says this homicide is an example of a much bigger problem. >> but unfortunately, this tragic incident that happened. yesterday to midst of all. was one that i think. really, you know, brings to reality of what happens when we don't have the resources to be everywhere that we're being asked to be. >> there were 3 homicides reported in oakland this past weekend bringing the total number of people killed to 64 this year to compare. there were 72 people killed by this time last year 2021 was actually one of the deadliest years in decades for the city of oakland. >> a bombshell announcement this morning. antioch police have arrested 23 people in connection to various crimes. they call it operation. don't mess around nearly 2 dozen people were taken into custody after arrest warrants were issued last week for a variety
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of crimes, including homicide, assault and robbery. city leaders say many of the suspects came from out of town antioch mayor lamar thorpe had this to say. >> the message is very clear. if you come to antioch after you committed a crime, you will be found. you will be arrested and you will ultimately be prosecuted. and again, i can't reiterate that message enough. and i can't reiterate the message to people who create the safe harbors those that commit crimes elsewhere. you will be responsible for this as well. >> this is all part of a push the city made last year. antioch police and the state department of justice partnering together to try to improve policing with in antioch city limits. >> a number of lgbtq today to demand more action to combat monkeypox. the gathered outside of the san francisco office of the u.s. health and human services building to
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urge the federal government to do more with vaccinations, testing and treatment kron four's rob nesbitt with at that protest and joins us live. rob, what do they want to see happen? >> ella protesters say that hhs had plenty of time to prepare for monkeypox. they're angry over a lack of planning, but even more upset with how the federal government has responded during the last 2 weeks. >> the time to stop monkeypox is not in the summer of 2023. it right. >> every speaker who took the megaphone monday afternoon echoed the same sentiment with monkeypox. we need more vaccines. the san francisco department of public health says around 4100 doses of the vaccine will be arriving this week after they requested 35,000 doses political director for equality, california tom temprano says hhs needs to do more to meet the need. the vaccine supply being provided to counties like san francisco and counties across the state by the federal government simply
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inadequate from a lack of vaccines to the frustrations felt by those waiting in long lines last week, protesters let their voices be heard. senator scott wiener says the fda has signed off on millions of doses of the monkeypox vaccine in denmark to be sent to the u.s. and that san francisco needs to be prioritized to get its fair share. people need to have easy access to this vaccine that we need to make sure focusing on the most impacted communities. other concerns, a lack of testing and the difficulties people are feeling to get treatment. michel roux pay with the harvey milk. lgbtq democratic club is a survivor of the hiv aids pandemic. he questions why there's been a lack of response from the federal government when it comes to monkeypox. there's seems to be this stigma attached to it. to think that because lgbtq populations are primarily being affected, that this is lgbtq issue. we know that it is not. >> organizers of today's protest announced a new way that you can stay up to date
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with monkeypox and vaccine availability. they say you can do that by texting the word. prevent monkey monkeypox 2, 5, 2, 8, 8, 6 reporting live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thanks, rob. meanwhile, in the south bay, the santa clara county public health department is partnering with the billy to frank lgbtq community center to host a town hall about monkeypox. they planned to tell people about the virus, how it works, how it spreads and how to protect yourself from getting it. they're also going to explain the county's response to monkeypox. >> the town hall is thursday at the community center from 06:00pm to 08:00pm. data from the cdc shows california has 266 cases of monkeypox. 86 of those were reported in san francisco. that makes up more than 32% of california's cases. and for the latest info on the disease, including a monkeypox case tracker and information about vaccinations where you can get them. you can scan this qr code and it will take you right to kron 4 dot com.
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>> not our fire coverage. we begin in contra costa county where forward progress has stopped on a blaze that burned dangerously close to buildings. the deer fire has charred 30 acres along deer valley road and marsh creek. firefighters were able to protect the structures in that area. >> firefighters in the north bay were able to contain a fire near marine city. you see smoke for that one. the fire started just after 3 o'clock this afternoon near northbound one. 0, one traffic on that part of the freeway was down to one lane between for dale and marin city. some residents in sausalito were told to shelter in place, but firefighters have lifted that requirement. they have asked people, though, to try to avoid the area as crews continue to mop up. >> and in pittsburgh, firefighters are monitoring hot spots on a fire that burned in the area of alta vista. firefighters say that it burned the same area of a previous fire from last night. that fire started at around
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11, 30 and burned 40 acres and forward progress has been stopped there too. there's actually an air quality advisory that's been extended for eastern contra costa county through tuesday. and we have chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now for more details spot. fires course we have the hot weather the weekend. high pressure kind of sitting overhead. >> things are starting to change a little bit. air quality should be improving, but again, nothing got a lot of yellow around the bay area this afternoon. you can see taken off the sensors quite a bit here all the way into the south and the san jose and fremont oakland also live more as well and real this to. >> yeah, you're seeing some of the haze out there to see air quality moderates, not really poor but moderate amounts of blues building up outside tomorrow. we're going to see a stronger sea breeze kick in. but even that being the case, i think we still could see some air quality issues at least inland, a moderate amounts of plumes expected in parts of the east bay, the rest, the bay area right now looks good and we'll see how things go after that. but really all depends on the weather. we get a big dome of high pressure sitting over head that is going to trap a lot of love plude's right now on the surface where we live
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right now. you've got some fog that is racing back on shore right through the golden gate bridge. more of that on the way. in fact, the seabreeze kind of kicking in now we had a hot weekend in spots. we have some triple digit temperatures reported inland. now things are beginning to cool off as high pressure weaken somewhat and that's going allow for stronger on shore, pushing low clouds and fog. and that means the temperatures likely to cool down just a little bit. we'll talk more about that in the rest. your weather coming up in a few minutes. looking forward to it. thank you, lawrence. >> were people in the bay area and across the state continue to get infected with covid-19 and now wastewater is giving us a murky window into what exactly is happening. experts say that the current surge is approaching what we actually had seen in the winter and might end up even worse. kron four's dan kerman reports. with more and more at-home testing. case counts aren't what they used to be in terms of accuracy. >> now it turns out murky wastewater is actually giving a clearer picture of what's happening. but what we can tell from the wastewater said they really were in the midst of a large surge, like many parts of the state in santa
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clara county, wastewater samples are approaching where they were during the winter outbreak in january with one concerning difference. it's definitely going on longer than what we saw during the initial omicron surge in january. i think this. >> idea that we have that this is all over and again, you know, we don't need to. worry about it is just wrong. we need to be wearing and we need to be careful. >> that means getting boosted avoiding large crowds and masking when indoors. but it also means once infected not emerging from isolation to quickly people are shooting the virus much longer than 5 days down. everybody certainly been a lot of people were some people out to 10 days. some people, even more than 10 days. uc berkeley, infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says even though the cdc says if you feel well after 5 days, you can come out of isolation as long as you're wearing a mask, he says that's based on old science. he says a negative test is a safer way to go and will help keep the
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virus from spreading the safest thing for everybody to do is to come out of isolation when you're well. and when you have a rapid test that's negative. dan kerman kron, 4 news. still to come. not your typical wedding crasher. >> yikes. historic swells in hawaii almost ruining a couple special day. how they were able to weather a storm. >> plus, police are warning people about a string of robberies in an east bay city. what's being done to help people and keep them safe while they're out and about out with the old san francisco's new district attorney has fired more than a dozen staff members. what that could mean for young people in the criminal justice system.
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>> we have new information just in about a story we brought you earlier this hour. officials have just announced that a person has died after being hit by a train near the hayward bart station. that collision is causing major delays. trains have been stopped between they fare and south hayward in the berryessa richmond in millbrae directions. bart officials saying riders can use ac transit as crews work the situation ac transit will be accepting bar tickets as fair. it's unclear when bart service will be restored at this time. we also don't know why this person was on the tracks and we don't know the exact situation regarding how they
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were hit by the train but will continue to bring you new information there as one person has died today on bart tracks. >> well, more than a dozen employees or fired by the san francisco's new district attorney brooke jenkins. but staff turnover is not uncommon when a new da takes office. this is typical of a crowd forces spoke with one of the recently fired attorneys about what this could mean for juvenile justice reform. >> 15 staffers were recently terminated by san francisco's newly appointed district attorney brooke jenkins. according to a recent report. so when it comes to me personally, what i'm most worried about is that recall that kids under this new district attorney, i spoke by phone to 28 year-old ryan he was former sfda chase aboudi does first new higher into the juvenile unit where he worked for the past 2 years. that is until he was fired for reasons. he says he still can't quite put his finger all
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i can say. >> is that i am. i was a regular attorney in the office right? i had no power to make decisions. only that i had ever been vocal about. she could have to the progress we made in the juvenile justice system. and i was fired the next district attorney. >> but the city and county of san francisco, brooke jenkins, it was in this sf gate up. it written before jenkins was appointed. that could ask mayor london breed to please take consideration of the juvenile units accomplishments with choosing bloodied successive. >> he cited his work and programs like on the company, children's assistance, community assessment referral center and the make it right program, which he says helped drastically reduce recidivism rates and increase the city's juvenile hall population by 57%. i stood up and i asked london, bring. please. >> make sure you appoint
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somebody that will at least keep these programs and this progress alive. and then i was part of the political massacre. >> foreshadowing what he is concerned will be a system heavy on locking up juveniles as a primary deterrent to crime. the whole point of the juvenile justice system is rehabilitation and i'm worried that it's tough on crime mentality that she's is going to into the juvenile justice space when the focus should be helping these kids. so we're not feeling the school to prison pipeline. i reached out to the da's office to give her a chance to address these concerns of standing by for reply in a previous statement regarding staffing change, brooke jenkins wrote in part, quote. >> i promised the public that i would restore accountability and consequences to the criminal justice system while advancing smart reforms responsibly. >> my new management team, which will include the addition of 3 women of color
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with decades of prosecutorial experience at the highest levels will help our office deliver on that promise. o, quote, in san francisco haaziq met you kron. 4 >> and walnut creek. you can expect to see more police in the downtown area because of an uptick in robberies. thieves have recently been targeting that area and snatching up personal items like jewelry. the police department is asking people to be aware of their surroundings so that they don't become another victim. walnut creek pd say that they are working with other law enforcement agencies to add extra foot patrols in the popular shopping district. well, still ahead, an incredible story. a woman wakes up from a coma after 2 years and names for alleged attacker. >> a shocking revelation ahead.
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>> about this medical marvel out of west virginia where a woman solves her own attempted murder mystery. police say after being in a coma for 2 years, that's just incredible. want a palmer was actually left for dead inside her own home. >> after a brutal attack and she suffered some serious head trauma. so with no weapons on the scene, no leads and no witnesses to the crime. police feared that that case will turn cold. but >> palmer then woke up from the coma. she identified and pointed police in the direction of her attacker. she
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says it was daniel palmer. her brother kron four's correspondent sloane glass. has this crazy story. >> to say she was lifeless would be. >> will be a pretty good description since june 2020 want a palmer has been fighting for her life in a coma. we got she and the slumped over with massive amounts of facial and head trauma clearly been stricken many, many times with some sort of you know what we believe to be an edged weapon of some sort. >> early indications were could have been a machete or a hatch some fashion. what followed was a 2 year mystery. >> with no eyewitnesses or video finally solved late last week, calmer woke up and identified her brother daniel, as her attacker. you know, as a neurologist that does a lot of legal work. you really got to dive into how aware and cognizant is this patient coming out of a coma. >> to truly give information
5:25 pm
that's accurate. and i'm not saying she is that she isn't. but she's just waking up out of the severe neurological and saw for 2 years. she may be seeing me brother based on a remote memory she had, which is 2 years old. that just happened. the flicker of brain. you just don't know. he's now been charged with attempted murder. >> wanda palmer is living with assistance working on her speech and mobility is doctor chad domain is a neurologist who we asked what it would be like to wake up from a coma after 2 years. you're waking up from a coma. it's like your brain is activated again, right? >> and so it's almost like a brand new awakening. so as you wake from a coma, you don't always have the things that you had before the coma. so a lot of the memories you had before. a lot of the emotions, a lot of the personalities could have been destroyed. >> should be a fascinating child. that was sloane glass reporting for us tonight. by the way, the percentage of people who wake up and make
5:26 pm
full recoveries after being in a coma is very low around one percent. but experts say the fact that wanda palmer is already speaking is a good sign for her future. >> coming up, protecting mothers of color. details on the push for maternal health perform in a post-roe world. >> also amid concerns of more fundamental rights being taken away, lawmakers on capitol hill introduce a new bill to try to protect marriage. and after the break, a live report from the nation's capital with details on another push from lawmakers. >> this time to expand the size of the supreme cou if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer.
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>> in the aftermath of several controversial decisions. some lawmakers say it is time to reform the supreme court. >> yeah, they want to pass a law to add more justices to the high court. hannah brandt is in washington, d.c., to explain why. >> grant, good evening in just the past couple of months, the supreme court has made some really impactful decisions on abortion, access, gun control and climate change and they're controversial rulings have really outraged some democrats. >> we can't vote him out. and so what we have to do. we must expand the court. congressman hank johnson and senator ed markey are pushing legislation to add 4 seats to the supreme court. they say that could restore balance to a court they believe is too
5:30 pm
conservative leaning. they're just getting started. he threatened right-wing justices have already undermined justice. >> well, millions of americans, george washington university professor matthew dallek says legally congress has the right to change the court. nothing in the constitution says anything about. >> how many members have to spring court. but with his divided this congress is right now, i don't really see a path now. >> maybe. >> several years from now or 10 years from now. you know, who knows? right now, the legislation doesn't even have enough democratic votes to pass the house and it would have an even tougher time passing the senate. but congresswoman bonnie watson, coleman argues they have to keep pushing to get it done. >> some might think what we're proposing is extreme. i think that it is reasonable. the response because the moment that we're in right is extreme. >> there is some precedent for this throughout its history. the supreme court's eyes has been changed 7 times, but the


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